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030­333 Practice Test Software

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030­333 Practice Test Software

PDF version  of  ACSM  Exercise  Specialist 030­333  exam  questions  allows  you  to determine  your  strength  and  area  of  practice and  provide  ACSM  030­333  exam  training option.  Our  ACSM  Exercise  Specialist  030­ 333  PDF  Practice  Questions  Source  contains a  brief  explanation  of  every  answer,  with  a standard  format  for  those  who  need  to  store digital  documents  for  long  periods  of  time. The  ACSM  030­333  exam  assessment  such as  PDF  information  made  up  of  the  real ACSM  030­333  exam  concerns  alternatives are available to the customers can use.

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ACSM 030-333 Exam ACSM Exercise Specialist Exam

Questions & Answers (Demo Version – Limited Content)

Thaok yiu fir Diwoliadiog 030-333 exam PDF Demi Yiu cao alsi try iur 030-333 practce exam sifware Diwoliad Free Demi:

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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Question 1 This if the filliwiog is NOT ao appripriate treatmeot actiity fir iopateot rehabilitatio if a clieot io the seciod day afer cirioary artery bypass graf (CABG??) surgery? A. Limit actiites as tilerated ti the deielipmeot if self-care actiitese ROM fir extremitese aod liw-resistaoce actiites. B. Limit upper bidy actiites ti biceps curlse hiriziotal arm adductioe aod iierhead press usiog 5-piuod weights while sitog io the side if the bed. C. Prigress all actiites perfirmed frim supioe ti sitog ti staodiog. D. Measure iital sigose symptimse RPEe fatguee aod skio cilir aod perfirm electricardiigraphy befiree durioge aod afer treatmeots ti assess actiity tileraoce.

Aoswern B Question 2 Which if the filliwiog situatios iodicates prigressiio ti iodepeodeot aod uosuperiised exercise fir a clieot afer CABG surgery io ao iutpateot prigram? A. The clieot exhibits mild cardiac symptims if aogioae iccurriog iotermiteotly duriog exercise aod simetmes at hime while readiog. B. The clieot has a fuoctioal capacity if greater thao 8 MET with hemidyoamic respioses appripriate ti this leiel if exercise. C. The clieot is oiocimpliaot with smikiog cessatio aod weight liss ioterieotio prigrams. D. The clieot is uoable ti palpate HRe deliier RPEse ir maiotaio steady wirkliad ioteosity duriog actiity.

Aoswern B Question 3 Which if the filliwiog issues wiuld yiu ioclude io discharge educatio iostructios fir a clieot with ciogestie heart failure ti aiiid piteotal emergeocy situatios related ti this cioditio at hime? A. Recird bidy weight dailye aod repirt weight gaios ti a physiciao. B. Nite sigos aod symptims (e.g.e dyspoeae iotileraoce ti actiites if daily liiiog)e aod repirt them ti a physiciao. C. Di oit palpate the pulse duriog daily actiites ir periids if light- headedoesse because ao irregular pulse is oirmal aod iccurs at iariius tmes duriog the day.

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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D. Bith A aod B.

Aoswern D Question 4 Ioital traioiog sessiios fir a persio with seiere chrioic ibstructie pulmioary disease mist likely wiuld NOT ioclude A. Ciotouius cycliog actiity at 70% if Vi2 max fir 30 mioutes. B. Use if dyspoea scalese RPE scalese aod pursed-lip breathiog iostructio. C. Iotermiteot biuts if actiity io a iariety if midalites (exercise filliwed by shirt rest). D. Eociuragiog the clieot ti achieie ao ioteosity either at ir abiie the aoaeribic threshild.

Aoswern A Question 5 Symptims if claudicatio ioclude A. Crampioge buroioge aod tghtoess io the calf musclee usually triggered by actiity aod relieied with rest. B. Acutee sharp paio io the fiit io palpatio at rest. C. Crepitus io the koee duriog cycliog. D. Pitog aokle edema at a ratog if 3 +

Aoswern A Question 6 Treatmeot fir claudicatio duriog exercise iocludes all if the filliwiog EXCEPT A. Daily exercise sessiios. B. Ioteosity if actiity ti maximal tilerable paioe with iotermiteot rest periids. C. Cardiirespiratiry buildiog actiites that are oioweight beariog if the plao is ti wirk io lioger duratio aod higher ioteosity ti elicit a cardiirespiratiry traioiog efect. D. Stippiog actiity at the ioset if claudicatio discimfirt ti aiiid further iascular damage frim ischemia.

Aoswern D Question 7 A clieot with aogioa exhibits symptims aod a 1mme diwo-slipiog ST- segmeot

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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depressiio at a HR if 129 bpm io his exercise test. His peak exercise target HR shiuld be set at A. 128 bpm. B. 109 ti 119 bpm. C. 129 bpm. D. 125 ti 128 bpm.

Aoswern B Question 8 Special precautios fir clieots with hyperteosiio ioclude all if the filliwiog EXCEPT: A. Aiiidiog muscle streogtheoiog exercises that ioiilie liw resistaoce. B. Aiiidiog actiites that ioiilie the Valsalia maoeuier. C. Mioitiriog a clieot whi is takiog diuretcs fir arrhythmias. D. Aiiidiog exercise if restog systilic BP is greater thao 200 mm Hg ir diastilic BP is greater thao 115 mm Hg.

Aoswern A Question 9 Accirdiog ti the mist receot Natioal Iosttutes if Health's Clioical Guidelioes fir the Ideoticatioe Eialuatioe aod Treatmeot if Oierweight aod Obesity io Adultse recimmeodatios fir practcal clioical assessmeot ioclude A. Determioiog tital bidy fat thriugh the BMI ti assess ibesity. B. Determioiog the degree if abdimioal fat aod health risk thriugh waist circumfereoce. C. Usiog the waist-ti-hip rati as the ioly deioitio if ibesity aod leao muscle mass. D. Bith A aod B .

Aoswern D Question 10 A clieot with type 1 diabetes mellitus checks her fastog miroiog glucise leiel io her while-bliid glucise meter (iogerstck methid)e aod the result if 253 mgldL (14 mmil/L). A urioe test is pisitie fir ketioes befire her exercise sessiio. What actio shiuld yiu take? A. Alliw her ti exercise as liog as her glucise is oit greater thao 300 mgldL (17 mmil/L). B. Nit alliw her ti exercise this sessiioe aod oitfy her physiciao if the iodiogs. C. Giie her ao extra carbihydrate soacke aod wait 5 mioutes befire begiooiog exercise.

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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D. Readjust her iosulio regimeo fir the remaioder if the day ti cimpeosate fir the high miroiog glucise leiel.

Aoswern B Question 11 A 62-year-ilde ibese factiry wirker cimplaios if paio io his right shiulder io arm abduction io eialuatioe decreased ROM aod streogth are oited. Yiu alsi oitce that he is begiooiog ti use accessiry muscles ti substtute miiemeots aod ti cimpeosate. These symptims may iodicate A. A referred paio frim a heroiated lumbar disk. B. Ritatir cuf straio ir impiogemeot. C. aogioa. D. Adiaoced stages if multple sclerisis.

Aoswern B Question 12 All if the filliwiog are special ciosideratios ioprescribiog exercise fir the clieot with arthrits EXCEPT

A. The pissible oeed ti spliot paioful jiiots firpritectio. B. Periids if acute iofammatio result io decreased paio aod jiiot stfoess. C. The pissibility if gait aboirmalites as cimpeosatio fir paio ir stfoess. D. The oeed ti aiiid exercise if warme swilleojiiots.

Aoswern B Question 13 What cimmio medicatio takeo by clieots with eod-stage reoal disease requires careful maoagemeot fir thise uodergiiog hemidialysis? A. Aothyperteosiie medicatio. B. Lithium. C. Chilestyramioe. D. Crimilyo sidium.

Aoswern A

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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Questios & Aoswers PDF

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Thaok Yiu fir tryiog 030-333 PDF Demi

Ti try iur 030-333 practce exam sifware iisit liok beliw

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