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All Stelard radiators are fully compatible to meet with the requirements of the newly updated Part L Documentation, with the intention of reducing carbon emissions, increasing the energy efficiency of both domestic and commercial properties, and future proofing for low carbon technology.

Stelrad’s range of high output radiators are aesthetically designed to meet your needs, now and in the future.

Compact 900

Not just any rad. Stelrad.



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Compact with Style K3 Compact Vertical Planar K3 Compact K3
CONTENTS September 2023 CONTACT US HOME-DESIGNER AND ARCHITECT Get Peace of Mind with a JCT Home Owner Contract Resources for homeowners doing building or renovation work © STOCK.ADOBE.COM Available in hard copy or online Place your order today. Visit: www.jctltd.co.uk/category/home-owner-contracts To speak to a member of the team, please call 020 805 09659 or email hello@homedesignerandarchitect.co.uk Pronteau HotKey® by Abode, shortlisted for an SBID Design Award 2023 Housebuilder Technology Shorewood Homes completes first project under Paragon’s Green Homes Initiative 6 8 14


All West Fraser’s Oriented Strand Board (OSB) products are manufactured using selected fibres of timber that are laid in cross directional layers and mechanically pressed to form a structurally-engineered panel, designed for construction and other industrial applications.  OSB is viewed by many as the natural successor to plywood because it is more eco-friendly, is home produced and far more affordable, while it contains none of the voids or knots which have historically weakened plywood.

As the boards are essentially formed from individual strands of softwood, some may question their strength and durability, especially if exposed to inclement weather, but this is a misunderstanding of OSB’s characteristics.

West Fraser’s SterlingOSB Zero OSB3, for example, is BBA-certified, as well as approved for load bearing in humid conditions – being manufactured to EN300 and EN 13986.  However, if being used outdoors for extended periods, it can be painted or varnished, plus it can also be treated to protect against fungal and insect attack.

Technological advances mean there is no need to sand OSB boards anymore, as West Fraser is now able to produce them to industry leading tolerances.  The latest boards offer an exceptionally smooth surface, making it an ideal substrate which is easy to work with.

If a floating floor is specified, the installer should ensure that battens for the substructure are appropriately spaced at 400mm centres beneath 15mm boards and up to 600mm for the 18mm version.  SterlingOSB Zero boards come in both square edged and tongue and groove (T&G) format, which can be used for roofing and timber frame construction, as well as flooring – making the whole SterlingOSB Zero range infinitely flexible in use.

Check out the West Fraser housebuilders’ page uk.westfraser.com/housebuilders for useful downloads and product information.

For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit uk.westfraser.com



From high end quartz surfaces to traditional stone or granite, kitchen countertops are the focal point of any modern home. The foundation of kitchen decor, a luxury countertop sets the tone and feel for an entire space.

Kitchen countertops have been steadily evolving, but there’s a new material on the block set to boom in the latest interior trends. Instead of the standard grey quartz or shining laminate, homeowners are on the hunt for a sustainable option that can also add a statement.

Experts are seeing more options from sustainable sources, including hard wearing glass worktops. These can be an alternative to the conventional quartz or other mined materials and offer a more planet-friendly makeup.

One such product that is created from recycled glass is ecorok™, crafted by Diamik Glass. Made using waste glass that would otherwise have gone to landfill, taking up to 4,000 years to break down, ecorok™ is created using only responsibly sourced glass which is crushed down, sized and colour sorted ready for use. A unique recipe for a material that is quickly becoming the perfect solution to creating a space that feels calming and luxurious.

“White or grey are standard choices for kitchen counters,” says Diamik Glass MD Michael Pickup. “We wanted to create a luxury alternative that would stand out and be sustainable.”

For Michael, the ingenuity and green factor of a material should not be compromised when creating a feeling of continental luxury into your home. With a background in manufacturing, the Diamik Glass team has been able to produce something new, bespoke and environmentally conscious.

“Glass takes an extremely long time to naturally break down,” he adds. “Sustainable design is becoming increasingly important as the world faces the challenges of climate change and resource depletion.

“The team and I have worked with recycled glass for many years, striving to produce high end decorative surfaces that offer something entirely new to a vibrant market.  The years of investment mean we can now offer a new, sustainable material that doesn’t compromise the interior design edge.”

Handmade in Leeds, Michael and his team use a range of glassware products that allows them to create different colourways, depending on what coloured glass is recycled at the time, for a truly unique and bespoke finish.

To date, Diamik Glass has worked with architects, joiners and construction professionals to secure impressive contracts with brands, including Bombay Sapphire, where the team created a bespoke surface using the iconic blue coloured bottle.

Produced by a robust set of specifications for each commission means each carefully crafted sheet of ecorok™ produces virtually no waste, making it a more efficient product for work surfaces, as well as the only truly sustainable option.

For more information about Diamik Glass, please visit: www.diamikglass.co.uk



We speak with Leanne Stansfield, Marketing Manager at Abode, as the company’s collection of Pronteau HotKey® 4 IN 1 instant hot water taps is shortlisted for an SBID International Design Award 2023, named a finalist in the KBB Product category…

“With the first stage of the judging process now complete, our Pronteau HotKey® Collection now seeks your support as the Public Vote is now open and accounts for 10% of the overall score.

So, what makes Pronteau HotKey® a worthy winner? We believe our patented HotKey® technology is the safest way to dispense steaming hot water, offering a range of contemporary 4 IN 1 taps offering 75 - 98° instant filtered steaming hot water, regular hot and cold functions, and the addition of fresh filtered cold water. The Pronteau HotKey® collection includes swan and quad spout monoblocs and unique 3-part designs and is available in 5 beautiful finishes: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matt Black, Antique Brass and Brushed Brass.

The discreet Pronteau HotKey® fob can be hidden out of children’s reach, placed high up on a magnetic surface like an extractor or fridgefreezer, or on the back of the tap for optimum safety. Hidden inside the tap body, a proximity sensor detects when the HotKey® is nearby, activating the boiler to pump steaming hot water through a separate central channel to the spout and without it, the tap becomes an ordinary 3-way mixer.

As well as this safety benefit, HotKey® is also great for anyone with dexterity difficulties or conditions such as arthritis, as users avoid the need to push down, turn or slide the handle mechanism in order to trigger the instant hot water.

The PROBOIL.4E boiler is our latest boiler introduction, and has been designed exclusively for the Pronteau HotKey® collection. The huge advantage of this model is its size, as it is compact enough to fit within a Belfast/Butler sink base unit while delivering up to 100 cups per hour, thanks to its generous 4L capacity. In addition, it has colour coded push fit connectors for easy install, as well as intuitive digital displays with temperature control and a filter life indicator for the ultimate in end user convenience.

If you believe Pronteau HotKey® is a worthy winner in the KBB product arena, then please take this opportunity to have your say and VOTE HERE.

Everyone is invited to take part in the public vote, so colleagues, clients, friends and family, now is the time to show your support for our revolutionary Pronteau HotKey® Collection of 4 IN 1 instant hot water taps, which are steaming, stylish and safe.

The public vote closes on 11th September at 5pm (BST). Each entry will undergo an exhaustive three-tier judging process by panels of leading

Pronteau HotKey® Profile 3-part Antique Brass


AWARD 2023

industry experts for both technical content and aesthetic creativity, evaluating essential elements such as compliance with the brief, budget, health & safety and fit-for-purpose design.

The winners of the SBID Awards 2023 will be announced at the prestigious awards ceremony at The Landmark London on Friday 3rd November, where finalists will get the unique opportunity to meet other top-tier professionals from the design industry, all representing excellence in global design.”

For further information, please contact Abode: t 01226 283 434, e info@abodedesigns.co.uk, w abodedesigns.co.uk & pronteau.co.uk

Pronteau HotKey® Profile 3-part Chrome Pronteau HotKey® Profile Monobloc Matt Black

Housebuilder Technology

Tapping into this potential is, of course, nothing new for housebuilders, but is there an opportunity for the sector to now think bigger? Bathroom manufacturer, Geberit, undertook a nationwide poll of UK homeowners to find out how they use technology in the home and their willingness to invest more in homes with smart solutions. In a new specialist report, Geberit has partnered with realtor Grant Bates to explore the findings in more detail and look at what the untapped potential of the bathroom space can offer housebuilders. Here, Sophie Weston at Geberit, explains.

The hotelisation of the home has had an enormous impact on the residential property market in recent times. The pandemic has, of course, played its part, with homes transformed into multi-functional spaces that are part gym, office and sanctuary. Indeed, we looked at the impact of this in our new report ‘Why Bathroom Technology is a Smart Choice for Housebuilders’ and what this means for the expectations of today’s homebuyers. Grant Bates, realtor at Hamptons International and contributor to our report, sums it up neatly thus: “Leaving home is a choice, not a necessity for occupants.”

The end result is a buyer whose main consideration is prioritising day-to-day enjoyment of life and one willing to pay a ‘convenience premium’. As Grant points out, “…the practicality and convenience of the home are as important as the interior design.”

Smart expectations

Developers are, naturally, responding to these growing expectations and ensuring that homes are “… using the latest technology to accommodate a new world with a focus on self care, hygiene and flexible space.”

Today’s consumers have lived through some of the biggest technological changes in the home since the Industrial Revolution, embracing the consolidation of electrical appliances and gadgets into fewer, smaller and connected devices.

There is no doubt that some spaces do lend themselves to smart innovations more obviously than others. Think Bluetooth enabled white goods, smart fridges and touchless taps in the kitchen, for instance. Likewise, as Grant points out, many home office spaces are increasingly “akin to a professional YouTuber or influencers. Lighting, backdrops and high performance web cams are all a necessary part of any work from home set up as remote meetings replace the commute to the board room.”

In fact, when we commissioned a YouGov poll of 1,200 UK homeowners to seek their views on technology and smart devices in the home, the most popular spaces to see such innovations featured were the living room (70%), followed by the kitchen (34%) and home office (29%). Trailing behind at just 2% was the bathroom.

It’s clear, then, that some areas of the home are advancing more rapidly than others when it comes to technology, and the bathroom has evolved at a relatively slow pace. Perhaps this reflects the fact that housebuilders do not typically offer the same range of specification options for the bathroom as they might do for, say, the kitchen.

Yet, we must not underestimate the significance of the bathroom in our lives. For instance, research by Geberit in 2018 found that nearly three quarters of us struggle to find time to relax and, in the quest for some respite, the bathroom was the most popular place of escape. Homeowners are increasingly looking for a sanctuary in their home. If a spa is the brief from your buyers, could technology hold the key to unlocking this? And are your buyers willing to pay more?

Convenient investment

We put this question to our respondents. More than a third (35%) told us that they would be willing to pay more for a new home with technology and four in ten of those polled believed that there could be more technology in new homes.

There is clearly, therefore, a desire to see more innovations in new build and a willingness to pay the so-called ‘convenience premium’.

But let’s return for a moment to the bathroom, where only 2% of homeowners rely on smart devices or technology. The sanctuary of the home. Are housebuilders missing a vital opportunity here? “Bathrooms are critical to selling a hew home,” Grant points out. “For housebuilders there is a clear opportunity to improved saleability through bathroom design, specification and technological integration.”


The good news for housebuilders is that bathroom technologies are generally fuss free solutions. When we asked our respondents what bathroom technology they would expect to find in a new build, odour extraction (39%) topped the list, followed by orientation lighting (34%). More than one in four (28%) expect to see touch-free flush plates and one in five (22%) believe that shower toilets should be a common feature.

Of course, such innovations are nothing new for manufacturers. Geberit’s AquaClean Mera shower toilet incorporates a number of such smart features from odour extraction and built-in orientation lighting to a warm air dryer and user recognition. Infra-red taps, meanwhile, such as Geberit’s Brenta and Piave products remove touchpoints in the space for a premium hygienic finish.

Lighting, too, can provide a simple way for housebuilders to add perceived value across projects. Geberit’s Option Plus and Acanto mirror cabinets have integrated USB ports for charging devices and LED bathroom mirrors can create discreet (and flattering!) lighting. Indeed we can expect to see manufacturers continue to innovate with future designs likely to display the news and weather or stream a favourite television show.

It’s worth remembering, however, that technology in the bathroom doesn’t always have to mean connectivity and automation. With new builds getting smaller, housebuilders must meet the challenge of creating attractive and practical bathrooms. Wallhung toilets and sanitaryware create the illusion of space by lifting products from the floor and can open up greater design flexibility across projects.


So what are housebuilders’ attitudes to this? We spoke to a number of individuals from across the sector to better understand their attitudes to technology. The results further highlight the appetite for continued growth in home technology solutions.

All our respondents agreed that UK new build homes could feature more technology and the vast majority intend to enhance their specification offer in the coming years. Drivers for doing so included differentiation from competitors, brand reputation and meeting buyer demand to help expediate sales. Most of the respondents do currently feature bathroom technologies and plan to install additional innovations in future projects, recognising the importance of technology in attracting buyers and adding value.


“Developers should be focusing on the wow factors, the principal suites, entertaining spaces and bathrooms,” advises Grant. “If any buyer is choosing between two similar schemes, they will opt for the product that makes their everyday life better and smart technology does just that.”

There is clearly a growing expectation from homeowners for more smart innovations in the home as personalisation and technology becoming more important to buyers. Perhaps the bathroom can provide the answer. It’s time for housebuilders to widen their scope to take advantage of buyer demand.

To download the report visit https://www.geberit.co.uk/technology


Now in stock and ready for immediate delivery


Stelrad’s range of radiators are aesthetically designed to perform with the future in mind. All radiators, including current and new models are fully compatible with low temperature heating systems and are in stock for immediate delivery.

Stelrad have the radiators to meet your installation, specification and contract needs.


Large range of sizes, styles, colours and high output radiators

Compact with Style Vertical
Find out more at Stelrad.com


It’s time to add New York University’s new $1.2 billion mixed-use superbuilding to Manhattan’s pantheon of structural marvels.

Welcome to John A. Paulson Center, a 23-story, 735,000 square-foot building that reimagines the scope and scale of higher education in an urban setting. Imagine, for example, a city block-sized building housing 400 first-year students, dozens of NYU faculty and their families, nearly 60 classrooms, 70 instruction and practice rooms, and a 350-seat theatre.

That’s just for starters. Below grade is a wonderland of athletic and sports facilities, including a six-lane pool, varsity arena, squash courts, track, four-court gym, and wrestling and fencing rooms.

To make this vertical, campus-in-the-sky concept work with New York class and style, the architectural team of Kieran Timberlake and Davis Brody Bond inverted design convention. John A. Paulson Center reverses the expected building vocabulary by pushing foot traffic to the transparent perimeter, classrooms to the core.


Interior walkways are drenched in natural light and showcase the outside buzz and vibrancy of Greenwich Village. Conversely, outside strollers are greeted to a building animated by color, art, and the energy of NYU in motion. John A. Paulson Center is the architectural embodiment of the college experience.

Making all this transparency and openness possible, of course, is glass:

Textured Façade . Rather than monolithic planes of glazed cladding,

the structure adds a distinctive texture with staggered setbacks and angled wedge panels tailored in shape and placement to amplify daylight harvesting and reduce glare. Inside, wedge panels double as inviting window benches to chat, study, or take in Village life below.

Bird Friendly Glazing . Environmental considerations are a foremost concern for the LEED Gold-targeted project. Among them: Safeguarding the local bird population. Today it’s estimated that up to 230,000 birds die each year in New York due to glass collisions. John A. Paulson Center may be one of the city’s safest glass clad buildings, thanks to sintered glass with enough frit and pattern design to alert flying birds.

Fire-Rated Glass … Everywhere . In fire rated areas such as exit corridors, stairwells and occupancy separations, low-iron fire resistive glazing tested to ASTM E-119/UL 263 was used for vision and transparency. Life safety is paramount.

Ordinarily fire resistive ASTM E-119/UL 263 compliance means using opaque materials like sheet rock. However,

that’s a disruptive barrier to daylight flow and visual wayfinding. SAFTI FIRST’s director of architectural promotion Mike Augustine worked with design team in the early stages of the project, providing pre-design details and budget numbers. “Achieving maximum transparency with fire resistive glass & framing became a key design feature in these high traffic areas such as corridors, stairwells, vestibules and athletic areas including the pool.” Because aesthetics was also an important design consideration, SAFTI FIRST provided low-iron SuperLite II-XL 120 in GPX Architectural Series Framing for the 2 hour walls and low-iron SuperLite II-XL 90 in GPX Builders Series Doors for the full vision 90 minute temperature rise doors.

The lifting of the ‘opaque veil’ is especially transformative in below-grade facilities, offering surprisingly robust illumination and visual connectivity between spaces. Fire resistive glass manufacturer SAFTI FIRST, a U.S. company, proved instrumental in helping the architectural team achieve their design intent without risking life safety. SAFTI FIRST’s fire rated products are widely used throughout John A. Paulson Center.

Slated for a spring 2023 opening, John A. Paulson Center promises to transform the New York University campus.

Solutions to Domestic Repairs

A company is only as good as its support sta so at the Magicman head o ce in Brighton, there are dedicated teams of technical experts and call handlers ready to help customers 6 days a week.

Magicman have repair technicians available nationwide so there is always someone ready to help customers in their local area. However the story doesn’t begin or end there, they are supported by dedicated teams of friendly call handlers and technical experts at Magicman’s head o ce and call centre in Sussex. There are specialists in every department ready to help with General Enquiries, Desktop Analyses, Insurance Claims, Bookings and After Care, six days a week.

Customers can upload photos and a few details about their damaged items through Magicman’s ‘Get an Estimate’ form on our website, company Facebook page or FREE APP for iPhone and Android devices. Technical experts with years of experience in the eld, carry out a Desktop Analysis to determine whether a successful and lasting repair can be carried out.

An estimate is then dispatched based on time needed to carry out works. This means that for most customers a site visit is not necessary, speeding up the bookings process and avoiding call out charges.

Suppliers of Specialist Repairs to Wood












Burns Stains

....and much more, just ask!

For a free estimate visit magicman.co.uk/get-an-estimate/ or get our FREE app available for Apple and Android smart phones

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Shorewood Homes has completed the first project under Paragon Development Finance’s Green Homes Initiative.

Consisting of eight family houses over two sites, Shorewood’s Winchester development has achieved an Energy Performance Certificate rating of A - with the company using the latest materials and construction techniques to produce homes that minimise their environmental impact.

Paragon’s  Green Homes Initiative  aims to support SME housebuilders developing new domestic properties with the highest energy performance standards. Under the scheme, developers delivering homes with an Energy Performance Certificate rating of A will receive a 50% reduction on loan exit fees.

The initiative is designed to support the UK Government’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and reducing emissions by 78% by 2035. The Future Homes Standard, from 2025, will require new homes built to produce between 75% and 80% fewer carbon emissions.

The deal was led on behalf of Paragon by Relationship Director Toby Burgess.

Shorewood Homes is a leading property development company, focusing on Winchester and the wider Hampshire area. The company aims to create sustainable homes which fit well within the traditional environment of Winchester, with period-style features.

Richard Wickins, Director at Shorewood Homes, said:  “We’re delighted that our Chilbolton Avenue development is the first project completed under Paragon’s Green Homes Initiative. We are proud to deliver a development of exceptional quality and of the highest energy efficiency, benefitting occupiers’ energy costs and the environment.

“Over the course of the project we have developed a strong relationship with Toby and the development finance team; we share their passion for the environment and value their understanding of our business.”

Toby Burgess, Paragon Development Finance Relationship Director, said:  “With Shorewood’s latest development achieving the highest energy performance rating, I’m delighted that they will benefit from Paragon’s Green Homes Initiative exit fee discount.

“Providing funding to support the creation of energy efficient homes is not only of huge importance to the environment but it will also help reduce energy bills for homeowners. I look forward to working with developers throughout the country to deliver further projects under our Green Homes Initiative.”



Users can enjoy a seamless and immersive light syncing experience when gaming or watching a movie, even via native apps such as Netflix and Disney+. The app supports all image formats such as 8K, 4K and HDR 10+.

“This is an incredible milestone in Philips Hue’s home entertainment journey and our ever-evolving partnership with Samsung. We are proud to offer more immersive and personalized experiences with our new Philips Hue Sync TV app and look forward to bringing this new way to enable surround lighting to living rooms across the world,” says Jasper Vervoort, Business Leader Philips Hue at Signify.

Philips Hue is all about personalization, and the new Philips Hue Sync TV app offers various customization features: users can set the intensity of the syncing experience, adjust the brightness of the lights, select video or game mode, enable auto-start, and more. Philips Hue users can

create the best home theater experience by creating an Entertainment area in the Philips Hue app on their mobile device — they can select the lights they want to sync, and then drag and drop them to the right place and height in relation to their TV.

“We’re excited to bring the Philips Hue Sync TV app to Samsung TVs together with Philips Hue,” says James Pi, Head of Experience Planning Group, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “This innovative app offers our users a new way of experiencing TV content by immersing themselves in their favorite movie or game. It brings entertainment via our TVs to a whole new level.”

The Philips Hue Sync TV app will be able to be installed directly on TVs from 5 January, with support for Samsung Smart TVs built in 2022 (Q60 model and above). However the app is not free and will cost 129.99 euros. The app can be purchased and downloaded on individual TVs from the Samsung TV app store.

The new Philips Hue Sync TV app synchronizes Philips Hue smart lights with everything that’s shown on your Samsung TV.
+44 (0)20 8760 0900 info@dernier-hamlyn.com www.dernier-hamlyn.com WE’RE LOOKING AT THINGS A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY


In order for a fire evacuation to be safe, everyone should ideally be out within 2 minutes of the alarm ringing or the fire starting. This short span of time is crucial –and can be all that stands between life and death. And yet, in fire drills up and down the country, businesses struggle to get their staff up and out.

To help workers understand just how little time there is to safely evacuate their building, we compared a safe fire evacuation time with the time it takes the average Brit to make a cup of tea — milk and sugar included!

Making a cup of tea takes, on average, 4-6 minutes — twice the amount of time it would take to safely evacuate a building. To boil 1 litre of water takes roughly 2-3 minutes and, when you factor in brewing or ‘steeping time’ (at 2-3 minutes again), we can safely say that the perfect brew for our nation of tea-lovers takes around 5 minutes on average.

But what about other workplace activities?

To further illustrate our point, we looked at the global and national averages for other common workplace activities, finding that, in the time it takes to safely evacuate a building, you can carry out any one of the following workplace tasks:

• Read through 9 emails

• Power up your laptop 4 times

• Print a 40 page document

• Let 8 phone calls ring until voicemail

• Download approximately 40 word documents*

*Assuming an average document size of 26kb and a minimum download speed of 25Mbps.

See? The time needed to get out of a burning building safely is deceptively quick, but can make all the difference.

Fire evacuations

Organisations should be carrying out at least one fire drill per year and recording the results. They should also keep the results as part of a fire safety and evacuation plan, and be trying to improve their evacuation speeds year on year to guarantee the safety of their employees.

Looking to improve the fire safety of your building or organisation? Fire Seals Direct offer a comprehensive range of passive fire protection products — from fire seals to fire door closers – which can help delay the spread of fire.

Beautifully handcrafted furniture from the experts in comfort COMMERCIAL | RESIDENTIAL | HOSPITALITY Fully compliant contract range available Express delivery in as little as 2 weeks Bespoke manufacturing service Generous and competitive discounts To open a trade account please call 0345 241 1509 or email trade@sofa.com


Tailored office providers, WorkWell, is celebrating 50% occupancy pre-let, following a £500,000 investment to redevelop the Leeds-based 18-century manor.

Purchased by the Corrigan family in 2002, Brookfield House has been the home to Leeds-based businesses for the last 21 years. Currently undergoing an extensive renovation, the office space is set to open in September 2023 and is already signing up new customers ahead of its launch.

Located next to Brookfield Court on Selby Road, the renovation of Brookfield House will create access between the two impressive red-brick office buildings, and will feature new office space, an open plan kitchen, a new reception and additional meeting space including two new meeting rooms and a 16-person boardroom available to the public for corporate bookings.

Oliver Corrigan, Managing Director at WorkWell, said: “Brookfield House has proudly been a part of the WorkWell portfolio for many years, and my family has personally farmed the area for 50 plus years, so we’re thrilled to be able to create a greater future for the building while respecting its incredible past.

“At WorkWell we’re proud to offer a different way of working with Leeds businesses. Our approach is not just about offering an office space with four walls. Each office park within our portfolio perfectly balances aesthetics with functionality, to create a purpose-designed office space which aligns with our member’s company values and purpose.”

Designed by northern-based creatives, Ekho Studio, the former manor house will combine impressive aesthetics with performance-enhancing technology and will feature 9,000 square feet of workable space set amongst 100 acres of accessible countryside.

For more information on WorkWell and to book a viewing of Brookfield House, visit: www.workwelloffices.com



Back and better than ever for the 12th year, the Surface Design Awards are now open for entries. Organised by Surface Design Show, the Awards highlight the work of industry’s leading architects and designers, judged by professionals in the same design sectors. The Surface Design Awards aim to celebrate and promote excellence in material innovation from across the UK and around the globe.

The Awards receive global recognition, attracting 130 entries from 12 different countries, displaying the most impressive use of materials in, and on, architectural and interior projects from around the world.

The 2024 Awards are to be judged by an expert panel, co-chaired by Charlotte McCarthy, Head of Interiors at Heatherwick Studio and Nimi Attanayake, Director & co-founder of NimTim Architects. The judging panel is made up of architects and interior designers, all of whom have made a name for themselves in the industry. Some of the panellists alongside Charlotte and Nimi include Carly Sweeney, the Director of Universal Design Studio, Chris Laing, an Architectural Designer, Activist, Consultant, Founder of Signstrokes and Deaf Architecture Front and Gurmeet Sian, Architect and Founder of Office Sian.

Working together, the judges will determine the 2024 Award winners in eight categories: Commercial Building, Housing, Landscape + Public Realm, Light + Surface, Public Building, Temporary Structure, Architectural Photography and new for 2024, Product of the Year Award.

Last year, 43 projects from 10 different counties were selected as finalists for the 2023 Awards, varying from an office in Haryana Sate in India, to a temporary installation in a pedestrian park in

Jiaxing in China as well as projects in the UK.

The judges were impressed by the high quality of entries and made an unprecedented decision to crown two entries as the Supreme Winners. Monc by Nina & Co with Smile Plastic, London, UK and Glade of Light by BCA Landscape, Manchester, UK were both enthroned as the Surface Design Awards Supreme Winner 2023.

To welcome and encourage entries from both small and large practises or projects from around the world, the Surface Design Awards are free to enter. All shortlisted and winning entries will benefit from recognition on multiple platforms –through judging panel exposure, social media, the Surface Design Show website as well as the physical show itself taking place in February, where a huge community of thousands of architects and designers will gather.

The closing date for Surface Design Award entries is Friday 29th September 2023.

Judging will take place mid-November 2023 and finalists will be notified by late-November. The eventual winners will be announced on the final day of the Surface Design Show at London’s Business Design Centre on Thursday 8th February 2024.


tollgard.com +44 (0)20 7952 6070 Tollgard Showroom, Grosvenor Waterside, Gatliff Road, London SW1W 8QN info@tollgard.com +44(0)20 8067 2123 First Floor, Centre Dome, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, London SW10 0XE Extraordinary Pieces from around the World.


Following on from its successful launch last year, the Sustainable Design China Summit returns for 2023. The event, an evolution of Design China Beijing, is held at the Beijing

Exhibition Center from 21-23 September 2023 and is a mustvisit for designers, architects, developers, and decision makers looking to design a sustainable future.

Thanks to a change of venue, the event organisers are this year able to expand the exhibition area. In addition to the Sustainable Design China Summit, the event will also feature a must-visit mix of exhibitors showcasing sustainable products and materials, technology and other innovation solutions plus specially curated installations and features.

The Sustainable Design China Summit will focus on innovative, nature-positive solutions and material uses for the built environment. It will focus on circular regenerative strategies, and ground breaking net zero design concepts that also perform well to guarantee real, sustainable innovation.

A total of 3,500 Sustainable Design China Summit attendees and over 10,000 exhibition visitors will participate in thought-leading talks and workshops. They will have the opportunity to explore an exhibition space full of eco-focussed products with the opportunity to forge key partnerships with architects, designers, local and national government professionals plus development and education specialists.

There are six key themes over the three days.

Day One – 21 September Designing a Sustainable Future & Circular Design Matters

Day one will open with the theme of Designing a Sustainable Future including an opening session by Orianna Fielding, Chief Sustainability Advisor, Sustainable Design China Summit plus a session on Sponge Cities featuring Allan Zhang, CEO of Shui On Xintiandi Limited and another on the theme of Nature Positive Design Biodiversity where Mario Cucinella, Founder and Creative Director, Mario Cucinella Architects will be speaking. Sessions that afternoon are focussed on the theme of Circular Design Matters and include discussions on the Circular Economy Boosts Carbon Peaking Carbon Neutrality featuring Zhu Dajian, Distinguished Professor of School of Economics & Management, Director of the Institute of Governance for Sustainable Development, and Vice Chairman of University Academic Committee at Tongji University.

Materials Designer and Curator Chris Lefteri, who also has a material installation at the Sustainable Design China Summit featuring100 different design materials will speak about Sustainable Materials on the first afternoon of the Summit. A panel discussion entitled: How to Create Sustainable Design Products that Engage and Connect with Consumers? will also take place in the afternoon with panellists including Alex Sun, Vice President, Envision Digital/GM of Carbon Management Business/ Chief Sustainability Officer and Zhao Xin, Vice President, Yili. There will also be a session on The Impact of Sustainable Business Models on Design moderated by Dr. Lu Jianzhong, board member of Global Reporting Initiative GRI with panellists including David Zhang, the China CEO of Oatly.

Day Two – 22 September On the path to Net Zero & Towards A Greener FUTURE

Day two will begin with sessions looking at the theme of On the Path to Net Zero including an examination of How Scientific and Technological Innovation Promotes Zero Carbon Cities Planning and Design by Dr Zhang Yalong, Executive Director of SISD (Science-Innovation Institute of Sustainable Development, Shenzhen). John Haffner, Deputy DirectorSustainability of Hang Lung Properties will discuss Carbon Negative Construction and there will be a panel discussion on How to Balance Economic and Ecological Benefits in Zeroenergy Building, moderated by Haizhu Zhou, President of Urban and Rural Planning Institute of China Construction and Research Institute with panellists Raymond Yau, General Manager – Technical Services and Sustainable Development at Swire Properties, Jesper Jos Olsson, Group CEO and Founding Partner, White Peak and MK Leung, Director of Sustainable Design, Ronald Lu & Partners. The theme of Towards a Greener Future, held in conjunction with the BRE will include a welcome speech from Gary Zhao, General Manager of BRE China. There will be a talk on International Exchange andIntegration of Advanced Concepts of Green and Sustainable Buildings from Chong Meng,Director of the Green Buildings Research Centre at the China Society for Urban Studies, as well as a talk on Green Building Case Studies by Angus Li, Senior Associate Director of Savills Property Services (Beijing) Co. Ltd and Henry Yang, Managing Director at Haskoll.



Day Three – 23 September Holistic Hospitality & The Empathetic Workplace

The Holistic Hospitality theme will be examined through sessions on Hyper Local Design with Tina Tang, The Tang Hotel and EOSO hotel founder and designer Aoyama Shuhei.

There will also be a session on Zero Waste Hospitality and Mars Tang, Engineering Director, Hilton will speak on Holistic Wellness Strategies plus there will be a panel session on How Hotels are Blending Design and Technology for a Greener Tomorrow, moderated by Lucky Chan, President, Celebrity City Hotel Group with panellists including Cody J Allen, the China Managing Director of Stey. Finally, the theme of the Empathic Workplace will be explored through sessions on Creating the Positive Workplace Experience by Design with contributions from Qing Ye, Chairman, Shenzhen Institute of Building Research Co Ltd. A session on Flexibility and Wellbeing in the Workplace will feature Patricia Viel, CEO & Partner, ACPV Architects and Antonio Citterio. Speakers at The Agile Workplace session will include Freck Qin, Principal and Studio Director, Gensler.

Sustainable strategies require ongoing commitment from all of us, both individuals and businesses to continually strive for better, carbon positive solutions in everything we do and all we consume. Sustainable Design China Summit brings together thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers of sustainability in the world of architecture and design to make this happen.

Zhuo Tan, Show Director of Sustainable Design China Summit says, “We are proud of what we achieved in the inaugural edition of the Summit and will look to build on that success, providing a unique platform for senior decision makers to take part in discussions, network and make new connections in the world of sustainable design.”

Orianna Fielding, Chief Sustainability Advisor, Sustainable Design China Summit adds, “Having a structure in place to enable the making of continuous improvements towards your corporate sustainability goals by setting positive environmental targets and measuring and reducing carbon emissions, should form the cornerstones of every company’s core values and business strategy. www.sustainabledesignchina.com



material and hygiene properties, these materials are lending themselves to lifestyle-friendly wash zones, able to withstand the pressures of a modern-day kitchen.

Extremely durable, granite sinks are on the rise due to being a low maintenance option which is heat, stain and scratch resistant. Naturally providing an anti-bacterial surface for enhanced hygiene, granite sinks are available in a huge range of colours, sizes and styles with 2023 embracing darker shades of black and grey, and either undermounted or inset installation for a flush finish.

1. Style

The kitchen revels in three style trends this year with Scandinavian design, new traditional, and a confident use of colour coming out on top.

Gaining popularity in the early 20th century, the latest Scandi interiors are exploring softer, natural design elements which promote a balanced aesthetic and greater sense of wellbeing. By definition, the 2023 Scandi kitchen is founded on toptier originality such as taps with real beech wood handles, subtle painted finishes, and engineered sinks with clean, minimalist lines.

The new traditional trend is focussing on a decorative presentation of quality raw materials with straight knurled hardware becoming the next big thing in taps. Defining lever handles, spout collars and even door fronts, quality metals carefully etched with straight lines are now giving the traditional kitchen access to this popular technique, which last year saw the diamond-cut pattern represented heavily in the industrial kitchen.

Colour continues to be guided by nature, with this year’s palette welcoming a confident use of accent colours across the finishing touches in 2023. Stand out colours in subtle shades of pink-red and calming grey-putty hues will emerge this year and introduce new life to the kitchen mixer tap.

2. Sinks

The latest sinks are now being specified in a range of contemporary materials with ceramic and granite proving popular in 2023. Thanks to the sheer variety, strength in

Ceramic is answering demand in the classic kitchen with a new twist being a modern-day splash of colour in 2023. The much-loved butler sink is now equally at home in industrial-inspired kitchens. as well as more traditional farmhouse schemes offering a generous depth for soaking pans and bakeware. This year, two-bowl options remain a luxurious choice and premium manufacturers also offering one and half bowl models will be an increasingly popular way to give you a dedicated wet zone for food prep or handwashing to support hygiene.

3. Hot water taps

Experiencing huge levels of market growth, controllable 75-98º instant filtered steaming hot and cold water is now considered in 40% of all new kitchen installations with 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 models coming to the fore and demonstrating a huge range of features, benefits and styles. For example. unique switching technology delivers an extra layer of safety with key fob-style controls which must be in place to activitate hot water boilers. These magnetic

This month, Paul Illingworth, Design Manager at Abode reveals 5 Key Kitchen Trends helping to the shape the UK wash-zone.
Pronteau Prothia 3 IN 1 Monobloc Swan Matt Black Steaming Hot Water Tap Pronteau Industria 3 IN 1 Monobloc Matt Black & Antique Brass Steaming Hot Water Tap

devices are just one example of how the 2023 kitchen will be embracing beautifully designed brassware to fully support multi-generational households, the fastest-growing family type in the UK.

The ‘one size fits all’ chrome hot water tap is now a thing of the past as the increasing desire for customisation in the 2023 home means this must-have item is available in contemporary, traditional and on-trend industrial style designs. In fact, 2023 will definitely be the year of the hot tap as the market is extending its offer to include exciting new combinations of classic and cutting-edge designs in a range of atypical, combination finishes.

4. Workflow

Managing workflow at the sink to optimise efficient food prep will be a big part of the work zone this year, so look out for integrated accessories such as chopping boards, colanders, and flex racks so that the essential food prep tool kit is designed to fit the sink perfectly for a much better user experience. Larger style formats have become a popular choice in high utility kitchens, providing ample space to wash

generous sized pots and roasting pans, rinse fruit and vegetables, and help with essential food prep and deep cleaning. This trend will include a fresh look at pull-out taps and hand sprays which will add more convenience when rinsing and cleaning.

5. Sustainability

There’s no doubt that sustainability by design will be the beating heart of the 2023 kitchen as premium products go to the next level to play a key role in the face of inflation, higher utility bills and the global climate crisis. Hero products will include flow limited filtered water taps to enhance family health and wellness while reducing the consumption of bottled water and helping more households to go plastic-free.

Manufacturers are upping their game by creating and promoting initiatives for disposable products such as recyclable water filters to make it as convenient as possible for us all to reuse and recycle single use items. As public demand for more information about how environmentally friendly kitchen components are, 2023 will see more businesses openly discussing how they operate to deliver the best for their staff, customers and the planet. For further info, please contact Abode: call 01226 283 434, email info@abodedesigns.co.uk, visit www.abodedesigns.co.uk, www.pronteau.co.uk and www.proboil.co.uk

Pronteau HotKey® Project 4 IN 1 Monobloc Brushed Brass Steaming Hot Water Tap Pronteau ProTrad 4 IN 1 Monobloc Antique Brass Steaming Hot Water Tap System Sync Stainless Steel Sink & Pronteau Industria 3 IN 1 Brushed Nickel


Elica, the marketing-leading Italian designer of cooker hoods and extractor hobs, will be bringing its show trailer and a number of brand-new appliances across Europe to Brewhouse Yard in the heart of the action at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week.

The show trailer will be the first opportunity for UK designers, kitchen studios and interior designers to see LHOV, a brand-new product that integrates hob, hood and a revolutionary extractor oven in a single appliance.  The design of LHOV will complement and enhance modern kitchen design, whilst providing extraction that removes vapours and odours not only from the hob but from the oven as well. The extraction system has been discreetly hidden, while the oven is positioned under the hob at the perfect height for ergonomic use.

Among other highlights will be:

NikolaTesla Unplugged  the latest extractor hob which brings together the elegance of the hugely successful NikolaTesla Switch and the benefits of analogue control. NikolaTesla Unplugged is controlled through fixed clickrelease knobs with analogue touch and feel which provide instantaneous and intuitive access to all its features.  All elements are incorporated into a boldlined appearance, developed to intelligently separate the cooking zone from the control area

The new range of  VIRTUS  ovens and  RATIO  hobs which fuse high performance and Elica’s uniquely elegant design language.

Veritas - Elica’s brand new built-in wine coolers

The Elica show trailer will also display many more of the iconic NikolaTesla extractor hobs and of course a selection from Elica’s huge range of discrete ceiling, ultra slim wall-mounted and minimalist built-in cooker hoods able to satisfy the requirements of every plan and style of home.



Cosentino Group, a global leader in the production and distribution of innovative and sustainable surfaces for architecture and design, presents their new immersive collection Dekton® Onirika.

Onirika is the latest collection from Cosentino Group’s leading innovative ultracompact brand Dekton®, which has been designed alongside international interior design powerhouse, Nina Magon, creating a one-of-a-kind surfacing collection.

Inspired by marble patterns and immersive living, the stunning series showcases eight daring and luxe colours: Awake, Lucid, Somnia, Neural, Trance, Vigil, Daze and Morpheus, which embody sustainability, forwardthinking innovations, and timeless elegance. Onirika represents a powerful journey where boundaries between dreams and reality become blurred.

Onrika Neural combines elegance and structure to bring an overall feeling of wellbeing into a space. With fine, pale veins crossing the marbled pattern, the design creates an eye-catching neural network. It is best suited for bright, neutral spaces with soft textures, light colours, and wooden or metallic accents.

Onirika Lucid displays many shades, reflections, and glints of colour to become an illuminative surface best combined with wood, grey and gold shades, and frosted glass. Onirika Morpheus features the same tonality as Lucid, but in Dekton®’s unique Velvet Texture finish.

•30• kitchen design

Onirika Awake is a re-interpretation of the precious Paonazzo stone. It features thick veins of light greys, exquisite oxide terracotta, and a hint of subtle, inky blues. This iteration pairs beautifully with white, neutral tones, lightwood, and golds of any shade.

Onirika Trance features warm fine streaks that move between oxides and fade to reddish gold, combining perfectly with reddish oak wood and darker walnut tones. Blue furniture and warm golds bring sleekness to this vibrant colour.

Onirika Somnia boasts captivating details of warm oxide browns and whites that merge under a grid of thin lines. It is perfect teamed with warm dark woods, frosted glass and textured metal

Onirika Vigil recreates the popular Calacatta structure but with thick veins in gradients of light and dark greys, matched with a subtle touch of gold. This is a classic colour that is easy to combine with warm and cold hues, wood, metal and clean concrete. Onirika Daze features the same tonality as Vigil, but in Dekton®’s unique Velvet Texture finish.

Nina Magon said of the creation of Dekton® Onirika, “When working with the product development team, we realised we’re not attempting to mimic any existing natural stone. With Dekton technology, we are able to create our own colours and structures,

bringing to life something that is unique, beautiful and irreplaceable. The purpose of Onirika is to showcase the versatility of Dekton. We want all designers, architects, and people around the world to see that the product is not only a book matched worktop with a waterfall, but can also be used on walls, ceilings, facades, outdoor spaces, and more.”

Carbon neutrality has been achieved for the entire life cycle of Dekton®, covering Scopes 1, 2 and 3, from the extraction of the raw material and the calculation of the direct and indirect emissions from its production cycle, and those derived from its use, to the end of the product’s life. Thanks to its unmatched hardness, strength and durability, Dekton® is perfect for use in both outdoor and indoor applications, such as façades, floors, wall and furniture cladding, kitchen and bathroom worktops, shower trays and washbasins. Available in various thicknesses and large format slabs, Dekton® is the perfect solution for any project.


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