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Window and door sealant tape specialist ISO Chemie is continuing to invest in supporting its network of UK distributors with a new CPD presentation held at the opening of Passivlux’s latest branch.

The move saw ISO Chemie’s UK sales and operations manager Andy Swift at the window supplier’s Brighton branch, where a new Velfac, Unilux and Solarlux showroom has been opened for trade installers and specifiers across the South of England, who use ISO BLOCO and Hybratec multi-functional joint sealing tapes on installations to protect windows from thermal loss.

Delivered onsite and forming part of CPD training, the well-attended Brighton event covered advice on effective window installation techniques, and how to identify and rectify air leakage.

A large amount of heat is lost from a building through the gap between the windows and the surrounding wall, as thermal imagery clearly shows. This gap is necessary to allow for the natural expansion of the window frame throughout the year, what isn’t necessary, however, is the loss of heat.

Doors and windows account for almost a quarter (21%) of the total air loss of the average house, and adding the joints between walls, floors and ceilings brings the figure up to 50%. Many argue that airflow is desirable, however Andy Swift explained that you can eliminate 50% of heat loss while still retaining some natural air flow.

The statistics illustrate that in most residential properties, heat losses are overwhelmingly replaced by artificial heating rather than through solar energy or internal warmth. This means that reducing heat losses in the home is paramount in the battle to lower energy consumption.

ISO Chemie’s CPD programme is intended to advance knowledge and understanding of airtightness and related issues, enabling specifiers and installers to improve the design and construction of buildings and boost their technical and product expertise.

“Unfortunately, thermal sealing around windows is not specified by law in the UK,” Andy Swift said. “That is why ISO-Chemie, whose gap-sealing tapes and solutions provide effective resistance against heat loss, is getting the word out there through support for initiatives like this showroom opening. The message is clear, not only are the right products needed for the job, but also the right installation. Hence the need to go beyond simple marketing and into the realm of in branch education.

“It’s great to see a company taking installation seriously and ensuring their installations - and not just the windows - have the best thermal and air-tight performance.”

Guidance on the latest airtightness products and sealing solutions was also covered, which includes details of ISO-CHEMIE’s range of gap sealing solutions ISOBLOCO WIN2WALL and BLOCO-ONE.  Up to 70% cost savings can be achieved when using these tapes for high performance window sealing, rather than the current three component systems.

More at www.iso-chemie.eu/en-GB/home

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Now in stock and ready for immediate delivery


Stelrad’s range of radiators are aesthetically designed to perform with the future in mind. All radiators, including current and new models are fully compatible with low temperature heating systems and are in stock for immediate delivery.

Stelrad have the radiators to meet your installation, specification and contract needs.


Large range of sizes, styles, colours and high output radiators

Compact with Style Vertical
Find out more at Stelrad.com


As the UK’s foremost wood panel product supplier, West Fraser manufactures several grades of CaberMDF to meet the wide variety of demands across the construction and related industries, with these ranging from creating architraves for door surrounds to highly detailed decorative profiles and heavier duty uses.

The timber specialist’s CaberMDF Trade is suitable for general purposes where simple profiles are required, as is its Trade MR ; while the moisture resisting properties will suit humid conditions in bathrooms and other wet areas.

The Pro is ideal for the volume manufacture of various mouldings such as door panels, skirtings and architraves, while the Pro MR can be used in atmospheres where moisture is prevalent such as in kitchens and bathrooms. Then West Fraser’s CaberMDF Industrial is the most versatile type overall as it can meet most technical requirements, including facilitating deep routed profiles for membrane-pressed PVC doors, as well as designs which require advanced routed profiles as well as receiving high quality painted finishes.

To summarise the West Fraser options: CaberMDF is available in five main grades: Trade, Pro, Trade Moisture

Resistant, Pro Moisture Resistant and Industrial. Colour is meanwhile used as a means of identification between the MR and non-MR grades and does not correlate to the boards’ other performance parameters. Trade, Pro and Industrial grades are the traditional ‘sandy’ colour, whereas Pro Moisture Resistant and Trade Moisture Resistant are distinguished by a green hue.

When decorating MDF, oil-based paint is best as the material is less absorbent and customers like the quality of finish which can be achieved on the very smooth surfaces that machining leaves. Then in terms of fixing, most types of screws can be used, although the best results are obtained with parallel thread screws.

All wood-related products – including MDF - create dust when sawing, drilling and machining, so appropriate PPE, including masks, and good ventilation are vital. Another health and safety consideration for the sector is the effects of formaldehyde content: where, reassuringly, CaberMDF complies with all the requirements of the latest E1 definition for the chemical when tested according to EN120.

For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit uk.westfraser.com




Located in a secluded cul-de-sac in the heart of Notting Hill, the Clanricarde Gardens project is a striking two-bedroom apartment that combines period charm and contemporary functionality, with stunning flooring by leading wood specialists, Havwoods.

The design brief was to renovate and modernise the property with highquality materials, whilst enhancing the original period features, such as the high ceilings and beautiful bay windows.

Designer Furniche London has used the incredible amount of natural light to their advantage by introducing a neutral colour palette of off-whites, greys and soft earthy tones, which as a result, provides a larger sense of space.

Championing sustainable flooring solutions across their portfolio, Havwoods’ contemporary and textured Fendi 13 Prime engineered boards from the Venture Plank were chosen and used throughout the home. A key design decision was to lay the flooring diagonally across the room in order to add width and length. This technique was continued throughout, giving the sense of a much larger property. The boards are particularly appealing due to their variation of dark and light tones, which not only add a design element to the space, but also a contemporary aesthetic.

In the open-plan kitchen and living space, a midcentury modern style has been incorporated, consisting of curved accent pieces, abstract artwork, layered materials and dark-stained wood, all of which contrast beautifully against the Fendi Prime boards.

The same flooring continues on the first floor in the corridors and into the modern farmhouse-style bedrooms, showcasing how versatile and beautiful the planks truly are, no matter whether it’s a contemporary or traditional home.

With an array of flooring to perfectly complement any home, Havwoods’ varied collection combines the best of style and functionality, offering both traditional and contemporary designs in a range of colours and patterns.

info@havwoods.com +44 (0)1524 737000


We speak with Dan Biddle, Product Manager at Abode, regarding the company’s exclusive collection of Pronteau hot water taps offering a range of leading-edge styles, finishes, technical features, and fit options...

Pronteau HotKey® Profile 3-part 4 IN 1


“As luxury in the home continues to be redefined by the next generation of home buyer, the desire for a convenient kitchen, which is supported by the latest multi-functional taps has become top priority. We are therefore keen to convey why Pronteau is the instant hot water tap of choice for trend-oriented design briefs that incorporate the latest technologies able to suit a wide variety of customers.

The Pronteau difference is founded on three core lifestyle elements: a superior style, heightened level of safety and ergonomic operation. The collection sits alongside the premium range of designer sinks and taps by Abode, and offers a high-spec range of 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 instant hot water taps to ensure we provide a fully comprehensive product offer for the UK wet zone.

In fact, breaking away from generic forms and functionality has become a key part of specifying a hot water tap, now placing new emphasis on how compatible a design is when paired with a particular interior style. So, whether your client is a traditionalist at heart, loves the evolving nature of contemporary design or prefers more industrial-style schemes, there is a Pronteau hot water tap able to complement their style of kitchen furniture, home appliance and hardware for a truly signature look.

Ideal for homeowners who want classic style with contemporary convenience, ProTrad is available in 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 models, alongside three high fashion finishes - Antique Brass, Chrome and Brushed Nickel. Quintessentially classic by design, ProTrad is designed to sit perfectly in a traditionally styled kitchen scheme and is inspired by the bestselling Astbury and Ludlow collections also by Abode.


Incorporating the look and feel of the professional kitchen has prompted a greater appetite for industrial-style interiors where mixed materials are met with more urban design qualities in the kitchen space. Upcycled raw elements and designer details are taking this type of design to the next level and knurling has become a popular technique for introducing texture into an industrial style scheme. Industria 3 IN 1 instant hot water taps capture this trend perfectly, designed with two diamond knurled lever handles and matching spout collar to provide a direct contrast between the smooth body of the tap and functional elements. The deep knurling also helps to provide extra grip if your hands are wet and soapy, and the insulated 180° swivel spout ensures maximum flexibility for the busy family kitchen or keen cook.

The ideal choice when maximising space in the kitchen, we also offer a vast range of contemporary instant hot water taps, available in 5 on-trend colourways and 2 spout choices to complement any style of home. Sleek and simple, Pronteau contemporary designs can be easily installed on an island unit or against a splashback with maximum style on a minimal footprint.

Specifying Pronteau also means no hidden costs as everything is included from the tap and boiler through to the filter cartridge (with scale control as standard) and mounting option integrated within the boiler. Flexible too, each model within the PROBOIL boiler range is compact enough to fit under a Belfast or

Apron Front sink, which has become a key feature of the classic country kitchen and more recently, modern Shaker style schemes that demand the same level of functionality and design precision.

Versatile by design, Pronteau is also multi-generational thanks to a range of technologies like our patented HotKey ® collection, which features a range of 4 IN 1 instant hot water taps with the young and old in mind. For instance, our HotKey ® collection opens up Pronteau to a new set of homeowners living with dexterity problems or arthritis; especially when compared to competitor designs which offer a less ergonomic mode of operation. The steaming hot water is operated by a magnetic HotKey ® which is placed on the front of the tap.

For optimum child safety in the home, the HotKey ® fob can then be hidden out of children’s reach, placed high up on a magnetic surface like an extractor or fridgefreezer, or on the back of the tap for optimum safety. Steaming hot water can only be dispensed when the HotKey is in the operating position at the front of the tap. Hidden inside the tap body, a proximity sensor detects when the HotKey ® is nearby, activating the boiler to pump steaming hot water through a separate central channel to the spout and without it, the tap becomes an ordinary 3-way mixer tap.

As water safety continues to be the UK’s number one priority when specifying hot water taps, Pronteau taps deliver 75-98° filtered steaming hot water via a

Pronteau ProTrad 4 IN 1 Antique Brass

specially designed dual-stage handle as standard. Users simply push the left handle down and then pull it forward to release the steaming hot water with ease and optimum safety and control.

Quality assured, Pronteau by Abode offers a range of WRAS approved steaming hot water taps, all regulated and approved under the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme having undergone extensive testing to ensure these taps do not cause waste or undue consumption. What’s more, all components within the Pronteau hot water tap system are also WRAS approved; an essential accreditation that demonstrates Abode’s commitment to designing compliant products for the kitchens of tomorrow.”

For further information, please contact Abode:

t 01226 283 434, e info@abodedesigns.co.uk, w abodedesigns.co.uk & pronteau.co.uk

Pronteau Industria 3 IN 1 Black & Brass Pronteau Propure 4 IN 1 Matt Black


It’s time to add New York University’s new $1.2 billion mixed-use superbuilding to Manhattan’s pantheon of structural marvels.

Welcome to John A. Paulson Center, a 23-story, 735,000 square-foot building that reimagines the scope and scale of higher education in an urban setting. Imagine, for example, a city block-sized building housing 400 first-year students, dozens of NYU faculty and their families, nearly 60 classrooms, 70 instruction and practice rooms, and a 350-seat theatre.

That’s just for starters. Below grade is a wonderland of athletic and sports facilities, including a six-lane pool, varsity arena, squash courts, track, four-court gym, and wrestling and fencing rooms.

To make this vertical, campus-in-the-sky concept work with New York class and style, the architectural team of Kieran Timberlake and Davis Brody Bond inverted design convention. John A. Paulson Center reverses the expected building vocabulary by pushing foot traffic to the transparent perimeter, classrooms to the core.


Interior walkways are drenched in natural light and showcase the outside buzz and vibrancy of Greenwich Village. Conversely, outside strollers are greeted to a building animated by color, art, and the energy of NYU in motion. John A. Paulson Center is the architectural embodiment of the college experience.

Making all this transparency and openness possible, of course, is glass:

Textured Façade . Rather than monolithic planes of glazed cladding,

the structure adds a distinctive texture with staggered setbacks and angled wedge panels tailored in shape and placement to amplify daylight harvesting and reduce glare. Inside, wedge panels double as inviting window benches to chat, study, or take in Village life below.

Bird Friendly Glazing . Environmental considerations are a foremost concern for the LEED Gold-targeted project. Among them: Safeguarding the local bird population. Today it’s estimated that up to 230,000 birds die each year in New York due to glass collisions. John A. Paulson Center may be one of the city’s safest glass clad buildings, thanks to sintered glass with enough frit and pattern design to alert flying birds.

Fire-Rated Glass … Everywhere . In fire rated areas such as exit corridors, stairwells and occupancy separations, low-iron fire resistive glazing tested to ASTM E-119/UL 263 was used for vision and transparency. Life safety is paramount.

Ordinarily fire resistive ASTM E-119/UL 263 compliance means using opaque materials like sheet rock. However,

that’s a disruptive barrier to daylight flow and visual wayfinding. SAFTI FIRST’s director of architectural promotion Mike Augustine worked with design team in the early stages of the project, providing pre-design details and budget numbers. “Achieving maximum transparency with fire resistive glass & framing became a key design feature in these high traffic areas such as corridors, stairwells, vestibules and athletic areas including the pool.” Because aesthetics was also an important design consideration, SAFTI FIRST provided low-iron SuperLite II-XL 120 in GPX Architectural Series Framing for the 2 hour walls and low-iron SuperLite II-XL 90 in GPX Builders Series Doors for the full vision 90 minute temperature rise doors.

The lifting of the ‘opaque veil’ is especially transformative in below-grade facilities, offering surprisingly robust illumination and visual connectivity between spaces. Fire resistive glass manufacturer SAFTI FIRST, a U.S. company, proved instrumental in helping the architectural team achieve their design intent without risking life safety. SAFTI FIRST’s fire rated products are widely used throughout John A. Paulson Center.

Slated for a spring 2023 opening, John A. Paulson Center promises to transform the New York University campus.

Solutions to Domestic Repairs

A company is only as good as its support sta so at the Magicman head o ce in Brighton, there are dedicated teams of technical experts and call handlers ready to help customers 6 days a week.

Magicman have repair technicians available nationwide so there is always someone ready to help customers in their local area. However the story doesn’t begin or end there, they are supported by dedicated teams of friendly call handlers and technical experts at Magicman’s head o ce and call centre in Sussex. There are specialists in every department ready to help with General Enquiries, Desktop Analyses, Insurance Claims, Bookings and After Care, six days a week.

Customers can upload photos and a few details about their damaged items through Magicman’s ‘Get an Estimate’ form on our website, company Facebook page or FREE APP for iPhone and Android devices. Technical experts with years of experience in the eld, carry out a Desktop Analysis to determine whether a successful and lasting repair can be carried out.

An estimate is then dispatched based on time needed to carry out works. This means that for most customers a site visit is not necessary, speeding up the bookings process and avoiding call out charges.

Suppliers of Specialist Repairs to Wood












Burns Stains

....and much more, just ask!

For a free estimate visit magicman.co.uk/get-an-estimate/ or get our FREE app available for Apple and Android smart phones

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Shorewood Homes has completed the first project under Paragon Development Finance’s Green Homes Initiative.

Consisting of eight family houses over two sites, Shorewood’s Winchester development has achieved an Energy Performance Certificate rating of A - with the company using the latest materials and construction techniques to produce homes that minimise their environmental impact.

Paragon’s  Green Homes Initiative  aims to support SME housebuilders developing new domestic properties with the highest energy performance standards. Under the scheme, developers delivering homes with an Energy Performance Certificate rating of A will receive a 50% reduction on loan exit fees.

The initiative is designed to support the UK Government’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and reducing emissions by 78% by 2035. The Future Homes Standard, from 2025, will require new homes built to produce between 75% and 80% fewer carbon emissions.

The deal was led on behalf of Paragon by Relationship Director Toby Burgess.

Shorewood Homes is a leading property development company, focusing on Winchester and the wider Hampshire area. The company aims to create sustainable homes which fit well within the traditional environment of Winchester, with period-style features.

Richard Wickins, Director at Shorewood Homes, said:  “We’re delighted that our Chilbolton Avenue development is the first project completed under Paragon’s Green Homes Initiative. We are proud to deliver a development of exceptional quality and of the highest energy efficiency, benefitting occupiers’ energy costs and the environment.

“Over the course of the project we have developed a strong relationship with Toby and the development finance team; we share their passion for the environment and value their understanding of our business.”

Toby Burgess, Paragon Development Finance Relationship Director, said:  “With Shorewood’s latest development achieving the highest energy performance rating, I’m delighted that they will benefit from Paragon’s Green Homes Initiative exit fee discount.

“Providing funding to support the creation of energy efficient homes is not only of huge importance to the environment but it will also help reduce energy bills for homeowners. I look forward to working with developers throughout the country to deliver further projects under our Green Homes Initiative.”



Users can enjoy a seamless and immersive light syncing experience when gaming or watching a movie, even via native apps such as Netflix and Disney+. The app supports all image formats such as 8K, 4K and HDR 10+.

“This is an incredible milestone in Philips Hue’s home entertainment journey and our ever-evolving partnership with Samsung. We are proud to offer more immersive and personalized experiences with our new Philips Hue Sync TV app and look forward to bringing this new way to enable surround lighting to living rooms across the world,” says Jasper Vervoort, Business Leader Philips Hue at Signify.

Philips Hue is all about personalization, and the new Philips Hue Sync TV app offers various customization features: users can set the intensity of the syncing experience, adjust the brightness of the lights, select video or game mode, enable auto-start, and more. Philips Hue users can

create the best home theater experience by creating an Entertainment area in the Philips Hue app on their mobile device — they can select the lights they want to sync, and then drag and drop them to the right place and height in relation to their TV.

“We’re excited to bring the Philips Hue Sync TV app to Samsung TVs together with Philips Hue,” says James Pi, Head of Experience Planning Group, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “This innovative app offers our users a new way of experiencing TV content by immersing themselves in their favorite movie or game. It brings entertainment via our TVs to a whole new level.”

The Philips Hue Sync TV app will be able to be installed directly on TVs from 5 January, with support for Samsung Smart TVs built in 2022 (Q60 model and above). However the app is not free and will cost 129.99 euros. The app can be purchased and downloaded on individual TVs from the Samsung TV app store.

The new Philips Hue Sync TV app synchronizes Philips Hue smart lights with everything that’s shown on your Samsung TV.
+44 (0)20 8760 0900 info@dernier-hamlyn.com www.dernier-hamlyn.com WE’RE LOOKING AT THINGS A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY




Mirrored brass is a finish we will see across all lighting in the new year, from accent pieces to statement pendants. Engagingly opulent and glamorous, its natural light-reflecting qualities deliver a classic yet contemporary look, helping to reflect light around the room. Our Torsa chandelier features suspended brass discs at opposing angles that work together to highlight this dynamic and multi-dimensional material.


Large and sculptural chandeliers are here to stay in 2023. Homeowners are seeking unique pieces for their homes that create maximum impact and lighting will be the focal point of any room design. Beautifully crafted, oversized and extravagant light fittings like our Halti and Kuulas pieces will take centre stage.


From unusual shapes to innovative materials, there is an increased desire from customers looking to be more daring in their design choices. There will be a demand for unusual and eye-catching light pieces that challenge the everyday and are show-stopping art forms in themselves – such as our Helmi light, inspired by a fishing trip to Finland.


Our homes will continue to feature nature-inspired design. Sculptural lighting inspired by the natural world - such as our Inari chandelier which is inspired by Lake Inari in Finland – adds a welcome softness and fluidity to interiors.


The company has introduced a contemporary new sustainable cushioned sheet vinyl offer (Styletex Deluxe) and launched an additional contract carpet range (Designer Tweed). It has also added an 80/20 wool twist to its portfolio (Franklin Twist) and refreshed its ever-popular Designer Knight Tile offer.

Styletex Deluxe, which replaces Designertex, includes a choice of 22 colourways in on-trend wood, stone and tile designs with a textile backing made using 100% recycled material. It means in an average kitchen or bathroom (approx. 17m2) fitted with Styletex Deluxe, there are 100 recycled plastic bottles of which 10 are saved from going into the ocean.

Ideal for refurbishment and new build projects, the felt backing reduces ambient noise, provides thermal insulation and is also tolerant of slight imperfections in the subfloor, saving both time and money.

Designer Tweed is a 100% polypropylene, heavy commercial, two-ply tufted carpet range available in four and five metre widths. It is a hard-wearing, easy care cut pile twist available in a patterned tweed design. The 12 warm, cool and bold colours are suitable for domestic and commercial applications. Ideal for high traffic areas, it is also bleach cleanable.

Wool rich Franklin Twist comes in 40oz and 32oz options offering a durable carpet choice for all areas of the home. Available in 10 natural colours it comes in four and five metre widths, bringing both quality and affordability together under one umbrella range.

The company’s hugely popular Designer Knight Tile Collection has also been refreshed and updated and now includes two fashionable, staggered chevron wood effect options. In addition, there are six wood effect planks designed to reflect the grain detail of natural timber and five stone effect tiles, reproduced with a lightly textured

surface. Offering all the attractions of wood and stone without the practical drawbacks of natural materials, the PU coated vinyl tiles and planks are exceptionally durable.

Said commercial director Louise Walters: “Following the recent launch of our Apollo Plus Volume 2 and Hometex Volume 2 ranges, we are now rolling out the next tranche of our new and updated flooring collections. It represents the culmination of many months of work and development to ensure our total offer remains on trend and within budget.”

Designer Contracts operates nationally. As well as flooring, the company provides blinds and curtains, furniture and lighting, and operates a show home interior design service division.


Designer Contracts, the UK’s largest flooring contractor, has swept the floor with a raft of new and refreshed carpet, vinyl and LVT collections.


The Tonbridge-based company offers a comprehensive range of training initiatives that will develop knowledge and skills in waterproofing practices, as well as deliver long-term value to attendees and continually raise the standard of work.

Whether you’re interested in receiving a RIBA-approved double-points CPD presentation or taking one of the company’s Newton Training Courses, they can offer useful information and training that will be hugely beneficial.

Newton School of Waterproofing

Newton Waterproofing offers comprehensive training courses covering all aspects of waterproofing in accordance with British Standard 8102:2022, in partnership with the School of Waterproofing.

From an intensive one-day Type C Waterproofing and Pumps course to a half-day Newton Overview, a selection of training courses is available to industry professionals covering all aspects of waterproofing.

Additionally, Newton’s state-of-the-art training facilities include a pump room with various pumps and control panels for trainees to practice on, and an outdoor space to learn how to spray-apply liquid waterproofing products.

The main training room also has a full-size cross section of a Newton Type C cavity drain membrane installation for a visual representation of how all of the Newton products work in conjunction with each other.

PCA Structural Waterproofing Apprenticeship

In addition to its own School of Waterproofing, Newton works in association with the Property Care Association (PCA) to offer six months of on-site assessment for individuals taking the PCA Structural Waterproofing Apprenticeship.

Designed for new entrants into the structural waterproofing industry, this apprenticeship aims to develop and expand the knowledge of its trainees in specialist techniques of structural waterproofing.

The first three weeks of the apprenticeship are held at the PCA Training Centre, and will include courses covering a background into structural waterproofing, the preparation of all forms of waterproofing, handling of materials and tools, as well as legislation and health and safety in the workplace.

The 18-month apprenticeship is then divided into two sections, with the first 12 months involving off-site practical training, and the following six months involving a supervised on-site assessment taking place at employer level.

Once the final six months of on-site assessment has been successfully completed, apprentices will be awarded with a Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Sub-Structure Work Occupations (Structural Waterproofing).

Newton Waterproofing also works in close association with the PCA to host the CSSW examinations at its training facilities. Trainees will be able to take part in a four-day intensive CSSW course, as well as a two-day examination preparation, before taking on the examinations.

Newton Waterproofing Managing Director Warren Muschialli comments: “We’re incredibly proud of our School of Waterproofing, as well as our association with the PCA. At Newton Waterproofing, we have a commitment to ongoing professional development and to helping keep architects and specifiers up to date with current waterproofing best practice.

“If you’re interested in the skills and training we have to offer, speak to us today – we’d love to help.”

For more information, visit www.newtonwaterproofing.co.uk.

Within the world of waterproofing, professional development is an ongoing process, and as the UK’s leading distributor of waterproofing products, Newton Waterproofing places high importance on education.
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