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The next level of modular industrial connectors.

Han-Modular ® Domino ModulesRobust technology for industrial transformation.

The first modular connector with a hybrid module configuration

■ Smaller and lighter connectors allow space savings of up to 50%

■ Compatible with components of the Han-Modular ® series, the market standard for modular industrial connectors

■ Flexible and scalable to the respective need

■ Sustainability through consistent modularisation

■ Reduction of installation times by combining several individual connections

One Range. No Limits:

SWIR lenses for demanding imaging application 4 JULY 2023 Triennial event, Interplas, celebrates 75 years 12 |3 Experience the Future of Packaging at London Packaging Week 2023 6 Rotzinger Develops Innovative Adaptive Packaging Machine Enabled by CoreTigo’s IOLink Wireless Solution 30 Why a Strategic Partnership is the Perfect Medicine for Permedica 34 To speak To a member of The Team please call 020 805 09659 or email

SWIR lenses for demanding Imaging application

For imaging applications that are difficult or impossible to perform using visible light, such as agricultural produce sorting, materials recycling and inspection of printed circuit boards – Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) offers a solution.

Resolve Optics is a leading supplier of SWIR lenses designed specifically to provide optimal performance in specific wavebands in the 900 nm to 2300 nm range. This not only allows for a simpler more optimised design, but it also enables higher performance in the required wavebands. Where applications require good optical performance throughout the SWIR spectral waveband - Resolve Optics additionally offers focus corrected SWIR lenses that deliver unmatched resolution and colour correction ensuring that you get the best possible image from your camera or sensor. In addition, these lenses offer the benefit of removing the need for constant refocusing to achieve optimised, high resolution images at all SWIR wavelengths.

For further information on application optimised SWIR lenses please visit or contact Resolve Optics on +44-1494-777100 /



Innovative Liquid Flow Measurement Solutions


• Excellent accuracy and repeatability

• Measure low to high flow ranges


• High chemical resistance

• OEM bespoke design capability

REQUEST A QUOTE TODAY +44 (0)1935 812790

|5 July 2023 ENGINEERING PDATE Fluid Carr ying Flexibility Swivel Joints Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY | UK Articulated Pipework Torsion In Hoses Rotating Cylinders Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond. Vacuum to over 20,000psi Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable. Tel: +44(0)1663 735003 E-mail:
Titan is a leading design and manufacturer of innovative end user and OEM high-performance flow meters, used within a wide range of environments and applications. Flowmeters
Gear Flowmeters
• Compact, robust, reliable
06| July 2023 ENGINEERING PDATE Visitor registration is now open. To register to attend, please visit

Experience the Future of Packaging at London Packaging Week 2023

London Packaging Week is back with a bang, and this year’s edition promises to be bigger and better than ever before. As a co-located event featuring exhibitors from four show areas, namely Packaging Première, PCD, PLD, and Food & Consumer Pack, it’s the ultimate platform for packaging businesses to showcase their products.


London Packaging Week attracts a highly targeted audience of professionals from the UK’s luxury, beauty, drinks, and FMCG markets. It takes place on the 21st & 22nd of September at the renowned ExCeL London Exhibition Centre. This event is not to be missed if you want to place your business at the forefront of the packaging community.

What can visitors expect to see at London Packaging Week? Well, it’s not just your typical tradeshow. In addition to the impressive showcase of exhibitors, there is an inspiring line-up of speakers across two days. Day one speakers include Marisa and Teddie from Perfect Ted, who will take to the Food stage from 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm for their talk: Game, Set and Matcha! How PerfectTed is bringing a new wave of energy to the healthy drinks movement. Then from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm, visitors can catch Akash Mehta on the Beauty stage discussing the importance of ‘mindful business’ in the beauty industry. Following that, from 1 pm to 1:30 pm, attendees can hear from Roger Saul on the Luxury stage as he shares his talk: From one bag to another - a British icon’s journey


from luxury handbags to a luxury farm. From 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm, Jaume Ferras, the Global Creative Director of The Macallan, will take to the Luxury stage and offer invaluable insights into the world of premium whiskey. On day two, from 1 pm to 1:30 pm, Liz Earle MBE, the multi-brand beauty and wellbeing founder, will also share her inspiring story.

Meanwhile, Jamie Laing and Ed Williams, founders of Candy Kittens, will engage in an exclusive live interview from 1:15 to 1:45 pm. Additionally, the event will feature talks from Joanna Stephenson, Managing Director of PHD Marketing, Paul Jenkins, Founder of The Packhub, and speakers from Nestle and WRAP. And the showstopping, not-to-be-missed ‘Plastic Bank on The Big Question’, which will enable crucial discussions on packaging throughout both days

Thanks to this impressive line-up, London Packaging Week has become synonymous with bespoke workshops, engaging seminars, and prestigious awards; all focused on shining a light on the latest packaging developments and

industry insights. The showcase is a trusted platform for sourcing packaging solutions and connecting with new suppliers - and is the place to be if you want to stay ahead of the game and establish meaningful connections within the industry.

What can exhibitors expect? More than just showcasing products, London Packaging Week is about creating value and driving business growth for its exhibitors and attendees. In 2022, more than 2600 key decision-makers and representatives from over 2000 brands attended the event. This impressive turnout demonstrates the trust and importance placed on London Packaging Week within the industry. Engaging with various brands, from multinational corporations to independent startups, allows you to boost your visibility and acquire new customers. The event acts as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, fostering a dynamic environment that can fuel the growth of your packaging business.

London Packaging Week offers a unique platform to connect, learn, and thrive, whether you’re a packaging supplier, specifier, buyer, or designer. The event facilitates knowledge exchange, keeping you upto-date with the latest packaging trends and technologies. So, mark your calendars and make sure you don’t miss London Packaging Week 2023. It’s the ultimate opportunity to showcase your products, network with industry leaders, and discover the future of packaging. Be part of this dynamic event and position your business at the forefront of the packaging community. London Packaging Week is where innovation meets collaboration, and the packaging industry comes alive.

Visitor registration is now open. To register to attend, please visit

BVC IV62 Cordless Industrial Vacuum - Eliminate Trailing Cables.

A cordless or battery powered Industrial Vacuum Cleaner has usually meant either a low-powered hand held or back-pack unit or a heavy and clumsy machine with several heavy on-board “leisure” batteries, that take a long time to charge, and may not have enough performance to be wholly satisfactory.

Quirepace have re-invented the battery powered Industrial Vacuum Cleaner by combining the well proven mid-range BVC IV60 with Honda’s revolutionary new eGX battery powered engine. The BVC IV60 is usually a 1-2kW electrically powered unit utilising the extremely robust BVC YP series multistage exhauster unit.

The Honda eGX electric engine is designed to replace petrol engines in the 2.5hp class and provides more than adequate power to run the BVC YP3 exhauster unit at full design speed. This new machine is designated BVC IV62 eGX.

The Honda eGX variable speed drive allows the operator to set the run-speed for the optimum performance for the job in hand. At full power the IV62 eGX has a runtime of 30 minutes, and at slower speed this can be extended to over 2 hours. The eGX fast charger provides 80% charge in 1 hour and 100% charge in 1.5 hours, making

continuous running possible with spare batteries.

The BVC IV62, as standard, is provided with the 3-stage filtration dry product tank consisting of a paper sack collection, microfibre main filter and 3rd stage HEPA filter. This configuration is suitable for most dry-product collection applications, and the unit may be configured as both M-Class and H-Class rated units.

Optionally, alternative collection tanks can be specified for applications that require, for example, a wet collection tank, or are better suited to a drop-tank rather than paper-sack collection. As is usual with BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners there are a wide range of tool and hose options. IV62 is configured to use either 51mm or 38mm hose and tool sets depending on the application and the nature of the product to be cleaned.

The BVC IV62 eGX makes it possible to clean up the


industrial workplace without the hassle and hazard of trailing cables and appropriate power outlets. Instantly available power combined with a large collection volume means that it has never been easier to maintain the cleanliness of the workplace, and of course, enhance the health and safety of the environment for the benefit of all.

The BVC IV62 eGX is also ideally suited for use with high-level cleaning equipment. To coincide with the introduction of the BVC IV62 eGX, Quirepace are simultaneously introducing a range of carbon fibre high level cleaning poles configured for use with BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. The pole sets and tools allow highlevel cleaning up to 13m from the ground. Again, the ability to carry out cleaning operations without the risks associated with trailing power cables is a significant benefit to safe operation in the busy industrial environment.

BVC equipment (the original British Vacuum Cleaners) are manufactured by Quirepace in Fareham, Hampshire. UK Manufacture means that spares and support are readily available, and, as usual, BVC UK manufactured machines and components have a 5-year parts warranty. The IV62 eGX has been tested and approved by Honda. The eGX engine and battery, whilst not directly covered by the BVC extended guarantee are directly warrantied by Honda under their global warranty and service-centre scheme. In the UK this provides a 3-year warranty on engines and 2 year warranty on batteries and chargers.

For more information or to book a demonstration of this revolutionary unit contact Quirepace on 023 9260 3700 or

Quirepace Ltd


Triennial event, Interplas, celebrates 75 years

Interplas, is the UK's definitive and leading plastics event and brings together the full range of technologies, materials, processes from across the plastics sector.

Celebrating 75 years of Interplas, the 2023 edition will see over 500 exhibitors present solutions, products, machines and ideas from across the entire spectrum of moulding and forming as well as materials, automation, contract manufacturing and supporting technologies including software, testing, inspection, surface treatments and much more.

Over 12,000 attendees, predominantly from the UK manufacturing community will attend to discover solutions to their challenges, to make connections and source the latest technologies and innovations.

Alongside the show floor a world class Interplas Insights conference programme will take place encompassing a wide range of current themes important to the plastics industry. With over 40 sessions and 70+ speakers scheduled to present, the conference promises to deliver a captivating line up of sessions that will empower visitors with the latest insights through thought provoking presentations and dynamic panels.

Highlights from this year’s agenda include:

Digitalisation for Sustainable Manufacturing:

• The Importance of Industry 4.0 in the UK Plastics Industry to Jaguar Land Rover

• Achieving Sustainable Plastic Products with DataDriven All-Electric Injection Moulding – Bloom in Box

The Road to Net Zero & A Circular Economy:

• What the Industry is Doing to Tackle Plastic Pollution – Plastic Bank

• Top Tips for Plastics Processors to Achieve Net Zero –Tangram Technology

The Future of UK Plastics:

• The Big Debate: Reshoring and Contract Manufacturing – Panel in association with British Plastics & Rubber Magazine

• Innovations Changing the Polymer Sector – Panel in association with UK Circular Plastics Network & Innovate UK KTN

The Introducing Stage will complement the Interplas Insights Conference, providing further specialist insights into the future of plastics technology as well as technical know-how. There will be a wide variety of subjects covered from moulding and forming, materials, automation, software, testing, inspection, and more.

Throughout the event, attendees will get the unique opportunity to meet with influential speakers in an initiate and collaborative setting. To enhance the on-site networking, the official event app will have the ability to offer personal recommendations using an AI powered matchmaking algorithm. In addition to this will be a dedicated networking area next to the conference theatre.

You can register for Interplas by visiting Interplas 2023 will take place at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, UK from 26-28 September 2023. Visit for more information.

Advanced corrosion protection for automation and engineering industries

Corrosion is a serious problem for industry and governments worldwide. Corrosion costs both private and public sectors vast amounts of money to repair or replace mechanical, electrical and electronics components.

Failures caused by corrosion can range from being an annoyance to being catastrophic and failure of a component could affect the entire system. While all metals corrode, due to various reasons, there is no simple or single solution to the overall corrosion problem. However, there are some proven ways to prevent corrosion and failures caused by corrosion, thereby reducing or eliminating associated costs and increasing safety.

A vast amount of the annual cost of corrosion can be saved by using SuperCORR A corrosion inhibitor, which was specifically designed to lubricate and prevent corrosion in electrical fittings and connectors, electrical harness assemblies, electrical and electronic switches, close tolerance and dissimilar metal components, lighting connectors and sockets. It is a nonflammable “self-healing” ultra-thin film lubricant with a proprietary corrosion preventive compound that will not harden or crack.

SuperCORR A is a unique and proprietary formulation with longlasting, anti-corrosion inhibitors providing a superior lubrication coefficient and protection against moisture, wear, general and fretting corrosion, static electricity, corona, and other electro migration problems. The non-flammable film is only 7

microns (0.007mm) in thickness, is not a wax or oil-based product and is formulated without sulphates, chlorides, petroleum-based material, or halogens, to meet the EU RoHS directive. It is unexcelled in preventing failures caused by corrosion.


• Extremely long-lasting, specially formulated and proprietary anticorrosive inhibitor.

• Eliminates premature failure of components created by moisture, general or fretting corrosion.

• Prevents deterioration and contamination on all surfaces of electronic and electrical equipment and mechanical close tolerance moving components.

• Reliability increased, maintenance intervals increased and costs reduced, manufacturers save costly warranty service calls or product re-call.


• Industry approval from:  NASA, Boeing Aircraft, Bombardier, Embraer, Lear, Gulfstream, Hawker-Beechcraft, Cessna, Raytheon, Polish Airforce, Northrop-Grumman, Royal Navy and Royal Norwegian Air Force.

• Exceeds Mil C 81309 Corrosion Prevention Compounds.

• Approved in US Tri-Service Corrosion Manuals.


Please visit our website for information about other uses and applications for SuperCORR A

For more advice, please telephone us on +44 (0) 20 8281 6370 or use our website contact form.


Energy costs are interfering with business ‘as usual’

Standards and regulations are increasingly putting the focus on environmental protection and more effective energy management. Industry has the goal of saving energy and actively reducing CO2 emissions.

In production environments comma it is also important to reduce costs through energy savings comma thereby assuring a lasting competitive advantage. PROFIenergy contributes actively to environmental protection. With PROFIenergy, PIUK is now making its own contribution to environmental protection through the careful management of automation resources. This standardisation of an energy saving profile for automationthe first to be accomplished anywhere in the world - involved field device manufacturers, machine builders, and plant operators as an integral unit, all of whom will benefit from its deployment.

Based on the international communication standard PROFINET, PROFIenergy commands can be used to switch PROFINET field devices into energy saving modes in a coordinated manner - and do so across vendors independently of device types. At the conclusion of the pause, the field devices are again available and ready for operation on a reliable basis.

Please find more information in our PROFIenergy marketing brochure!


PI UK supports training courses run by HMS, who are a PI Training Centres (PITCs), authorised by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International to deliver certified courses leading to internationally-recognised PROFIBUS or PROFINET accreditation.

On-site or Online

Many of HMS’s courses can be delivered on-site at customer premises for groups of 6 or more, they can also be delivered online. Check the listings in the link below for further details.

If you are interested in on-site or on-line training, please contact us directly via the link on our website

Follow this link to find out more about the content, pre-requisites and Learning Outcomes of the Certified training courses.

PI Certified training – a must for anyone designing, installing and maintaining PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks.


Additive manufacturing (AM) is crucial for manufacturers today because it enables the production of highly complex and customized parts that are difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional manufacturing methods. It offers increased design freedom, faster prototyping, reduced material waste, and the ability to create ondemand, decentralized production networks, all of which contribute to enhanced efficiency and competitiveness in the modern manufacturing landscape. AM has long disrupted the prototyping stage of product development, but recent advances in speed of operation, improved materials, and optimization software, now see AM becoming a disruptive force in production scenarios.

High-end, precise motion control systems are critical for the accuracy of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies due to their ability to deliver precise and coordinated movements of components. In AM, layer-by-layer deposition or selective laser sintering/melting requires precise control over the motion of the build platform, printhead, or laser. The accuracy of these movements directly affects the final dimensional accuracy and quality of the printed parts. With the right motion control systems, manufacturers can achieve tight tolerances, ensuring that each layer is accurately positioned and aligned, resulting in precise geometries and dimensional accuracy.

“Furthermore, precise motion control systems play a crucial role in minimizing errors, defects, and inconsistencies in the AM process”, says President of ALIO Industries Bill Hennessey. “Any deviations or inaccuracies in the motion can lead to misalignment, overextrusion, or insufficient material deposition, compromising the integrity and quality of the printed parts. High-end motion control systems offer advanced feedback mechanisms, such as encoders or sensors, that provide real-time position feedback to the control system. This feedback enables closed-loop control, allowing for immediate adjustments and corrections during the printing process, thereby ensuring accurate and consistent deposition of material layer by layer.”

As AM transitions from a prototype to a production technology, the importance of precise motion control solutions increases significantly. In prototyping, the focus is often on creating functional proofs-of-concept or small-scale models, where tolerances and accuracy requirements may be more relaxed. However, as AM evolves

into a production technology, the need for precise motion control becomes paramount.

In production-scale AM, there is a higher demand for consistent and repeatable quality across large quantities of parts. Precise motion control ensures that each layer is accurately positioned, minimizing dimensional variations and maintaining the desired geometries throughout the production process. This level of control becomes crucial in achieving tight tolerances and dimensional accuracy, which is essential for meeting the specifications and requirements of end-use parts.

Moreover, precise motion control solutions play a vital role in optimizing production efficiency. As AM is adopted for production applications, speed and productivity become key factors. Precise control over the motion of components allows for optimized path planning, reduced unnecessary movements, and faster deposition rates. This increased efficiency leads to higher throughput and costeffectiveness in production scenarios.

Hennessey concludes, “ALIO Industries serves as a crucial one-stop-shop for all positioning requirements in AM applications, offering a comprehensive range of motion solutions. Our diverse portfolio, including XY-stages, 6D Hybrid Hexapods, gantries, and fully assembled motion solutions, caters to the varied needs of AM practitioners, simplifying the selection and integration process. By providing a single source for positioning components, ALIO streamlines procurement, ensures compatibility, and facilitates technical support, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and reliability for AM system developers and operators.”


State-of-the-art technologies for automotive testing

Targets from the Paris Climate Agreement require the world’s industrialized countries to massively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Now, most vehicle manufacturers throughout the world have introduced zeroemission electric vehicles, in order to meet various government mandates.

The consequent rapid development of ever more advanced electric vehicles requires increasingly sophisticated testing procedures.

Modern vehicles have a multitude of sensors and electronic systems that interact with each other and require precise tuning. In order to meet the challenges, the use of state-of-the-art simulation and test systems in the automotive testing sector requires vibration and shock resistance in addition to high contact reliability.

From compact circular connectors to flexible modular connectors and mass interconnect solutions, the ODU product portfolio offers every connector variant required for this rigorous application - see brochure

Also, if preferred, customers can receive the complete system solution from a single source with a dedicated point-of-contact project manager.

ODU can provide answers to all your technical concerns, such as:

• Which connectors provide absolutely reliable results for end-of-line testing?

• Are there customizable interfaces for hardwarein-the-loop simulations?

• Can high voltage and current be transmitted with uncompromising user safety?

• What should be considered for in-vehicle test equipment?

Latest - ODU has published a new downloadable white paper entitled ‘Contact Technologies for EV Charging Applications’.

|17 July 2023 ENGINEERING
ODU-UK Ltd tel:
0330 002 0640

Simplicity itself: Temperature and humidity logging with T&D’s new log-EZ TR32B

The newly designed log-EZ TR32B is the simplest and easy-to-use wireless data logger for temperature and humidity monitoring. This small, affordable handy device with built-in sensor is suitable for home and office use in any everyday environment.

Redesigned with Bluetooth communication functionality, the new model is compatible with smart devices and cloud computing, making it even easier to manage temperature and humidity.

After inserting a single AA alkaline battery, the new log-EZ TR32B is ready to start measuring and recording temperature and humidity without any further setup requirements.

Device configuration, data collection and graph viewing can be done via “T&D Thermo” - a free and easy mobile application available for both iOS and Android.

The data retrieved by the mobile device can be uploaded to the free, cloudbased "T&D WebStorage Service" which is accessible at any time and from anywhere.

Main Technical Specifications for T&D log-EZ TR32B Data Logger:

• Internal temperature sensor (thermistor, 0 to 50 °C)

• Internal humidity sensor (polymer resistance, 10 to 90 %RH)

• Accuracy: ±0.5 °C / ±5 %RH (at 25°C, 50%RH)

• Resolution: 0.1 °C / 1 %RH

• Recording interval: 15 choices from 1 sec. to 60 min.

• Communication interface: Bluetooth 4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy)

• Communication time for full logger download: Approx. 15 sec.

• Battery life approx. one year

• Dimensions: H 36 mm x W 85 mm x D 36 mm

• Weight: Approx. 40g

For further information, please visit:


New Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection website launch

Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection, a global leader in gas and flame detection solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, featuring updated informational content and a user-friendly interface.

The website is designed to provide an enhanced experience, including improved accessibility and mobile compatibility. It introduces new content on a range of gases, including H2, CO, O2, NH3 and more, helping users understand the potential risks associated with each gas and how to detect them.

In addition, the site includes detailed information on the company’s range of gas and flame detection products, such as detectors, controllers and alarms, making it easy for users to find the right product or service for their specific needs.

The new website is designed with a responsive layout, ensuring that it looks and functions seamlessly on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Moreover, it is further improved with intuitive filtering options, allowing users to easily find the products they need without wasting time scrolling through irrelevant items.

“We are thrilled to launch our website, providing our customers with efficient navigation. With proven reputations for quality and reliability, our dedication to safety now goes further.” said Marion Defasques, Global Digital Communication Developer of Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection.

“With our updated comprehensive content and smart design, we are confident that our users will find the information they need quickly and easily, creating a more pleasant and productive browsing experience.”


and to take advantage of informational content and intuitive filtering options.


Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection’s new website to learn
more about gas and

Supporting UK Manufacturing Supply Chain Solutions

For further information about GTMA, and how we can assist with supply chain requirements, please contact

A wealth of precision engineering supply chain partners

The essential tool for Zone 0 Explosive Atmospheres • • Certified to ATEX, IECEx, UKEX for Zone 0 and NRTL for Class 1, Division 1 • 3 measuring modes for corrosion, various materials and through-coat measurements
Manual Measurement Mode allows gates and gain to be configured to suit your application
Live A-Scans and B-scan for visual verification
4 quick function keys for easy control
Comprehensive data logging for easy reporting The Cygnus 1 Ex Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is a rugged, intrinsically safe instrument designed for taking thickness measurements in Zone 0 explosive atmospheres. LNG/LPG TANKERS STORAGE

What’s new?

• 80% of stand space already sold

• Powell Electronics confirms headline sponsorship alongside Wurth Elektronik and Solid State Supplies

• Dassault Systemes returns as gold lounge sponsor and sponsor for The Engineer conference and Eureka conference

• Mouser Electronics confirm lanyard sponsorship

Design Show!

Previous exhibitor, Adam Miller, Field Sales Engineer from Ineltek commented on last year’s show:

“The resurgent Engineering Design Show exceeded expectations. Ineltek’s stand had a steady stream of relevant visitors from a variety of technology businesses. The two days flew by; we never reached the point where we had to kill time visiting other stands. EDS is back with a bang!”

The Engineering Design Show (EDS) returns to The Coventry Building Society Arena on the 11th – 12th of October 2023. This two day exhibition has been curated specifically for design engineers and will bring together over 200 suppliers, thousands of products and all the latest industry innovations.

The exhibition is set to be jam-packed with hundreds of stands already booked. Exhibitors include Moons Industries, Technosoft, Telsonic, Smallfry, McLennan, Thermal Vision Research, Etal, Quickparts, Hoover, The Robot Studio and Reliance Precision and many more!

Alongside the exhibition, visitors can attend 30+ hours of free conference sessions and workshops, bringing together the biggest names in the industry. There will also be ample space for one-to-one meetings and time to network, with the dedicated gold lounge, sponsored by Dassault Systemes, a central café and a drinks reception held at the end of the first day.

EDS has everything to support UK design engineers in 2023. Register your interest here to be the first to find out when registration opens and to keep abreast of all the latest show news:

Interested in exhibiting?

Exhibiting at EDS is a fantastic way to maximise your organisation’s exposure to the UK’s design engineering community. For more information, visit and find out how we can tailor your package to meet your exact requirements.

Hundreds of exhibitors are already confirmed for this year’s Engineering
Interested in exhibiting? Get in touch with HEADLINE SPONSORS THE UK’S BIGGEST EVENT DEDICATED ENTIRELY TO ENGINEERING, ELECTRONICS AND EMBEDDED DESIGN 11-12 October 2023 Coventry Building Society Arena Join thousands of design engineers this October! Source the latest products, services and innovations available to the sector. Register your interest today. @EngDesignShow #EngDesignShow Interested in Exhibiting? Visit the website to find out more.
REMBE® Pressure Relief and Explosion Safety. © REMBE® | All rights reserved

50 years of REMBE With empathy and heart, at any time and worldwide

After fifty years of business, people often look back at the history, at old pictures, brochures and reports. But in REMBE’s anniversary year things are different, because here (today just as 50 years ago) it is the people who shape the corporate spirit and make REMBE what it is today.

Stefan Penno, Chief Executive Officer REMBE GmbH Safety+Control explains: “We trust each other, see the best in people and believe in each person’s individual strengths. Because humans are what matters to us.”

Bernhard Penno founded the company in 1973 as a sales office for rupture discs – initially as a one-man business in his garage at home. Just a few years later, new rupture disc designs were being manufactured in the company’s first production hall. In 2005, Stefan Penno, the son of the company founder, took the reins of the business. Today, REMBE employs 340 “RFM” (REMBE family members) in over 90 countries and with 10 subsidiaries.

To mark its anniversary year, REMBE has come up with some “special activities” . This year’s celebrations are entirely in keeping with the above motto. They will start with an international REX conference for all RFMs worldwide. After a long break due to the coronavirus pandemic, the conference can finally resume this year at the newly renovated company headquarters in Brilon, Sauerland. This will be followed by the REMBE Family Day, thus ensuring that the anniversary year will be commemorated in style.

REMBE rupture discs and explosion protection systems safeguard processes in all industries around the world and help to save lives every day. REMBE wouldn’t be REMBE if we didn’t think outside the box, says Stefan Penno. With this in mind, several initiatives have been launched in

recent years. For example, the RFMs involved in the REMBE green initiative are looking for improvement potential, determining which environmental aspects could be given greater attention to benefit customers and partners, and evaluating ways to ensure natural resources are handled responsibly – and are thus making a small contribution to protecting our planet.

After the REMBE WeltWald was launched last year as a major project of the initiative (8 hectares of forest are being reforested here), there is another campaign for the anniversary. 50 years - 500 trees.

For more information:



Sponsors and Partners: Hosted by:

Live Demos Innovation Discussion Training
networking exhibition for the lifting equipment industry #liftex2023
Packed show floor of lifting equipment and services
21-22 November Exhibition Centre Liverpool

LiftEx 2023 Come to Liverpool for

LiftEx 2023 , the free-to-attend flagship event of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), will be held on 21-22 November 2023 at the state-of the-art Exhibition Centre in Liverpool, which is located on the banks of the city’s world heritage waterfront, gateway to one of the world’s most famous ports.

The leading networking event for the lifting industry is set to be better than ever and is proud to have the support of sponsors Rope and Sling Specialists (RSS), Delta Hoisting, Royal Van Beest and LHI Magazine.

An exhibition floor packed with major lifting suppliers offers the perfect opportunity for attendees from multiple markets, to gain vital lifting related knowledge and insights, as well as an opportunity to meet LEEA members and discuss ways they can help achieve best lifting practice.

Lifting is an essential function in many supply chains including Oil & Gas, Construction, Ports & Maritime, Logistics, Offshore, Manufacturing, Automotive, Utilities and Entertainment. All of these sectors

rely on a broad variety of cranes, hoists, platforms, cradles and their associated chains, ropes, slings and other lifting equipment – and not forgetting services such as inspection, maintenance and training.

The Lifting Equipment industry is constantly evolving with the onset of new materials, innovative ideas, better ways of doing things and the inclusion of modern technologies. A comprehensive portfolio of solutions to improve productiveness and efficiency while also ensuring safety for end users in all sectors will be on show.

It is vital that leaders responsible for procuring lifting equipment and services in any of these markets fully understand the risks, consequences and legal obligations, as well as being able to filter good practice from the bad. A series of informative speaker sessions at LiftEx, delivered by the LEEA team and industry experts, will discuss topics of recent interest, issues, trends, and recruitment strategies. There will also be learning and development as well as hands-on training sessions to give visitors the chance to top up their knowledge.

All of this makes a visit to LiftEx 2023 essential to catch up with suppliers, view demonstrations and explore the latest solutions from the industry’s top vendors.

And, of course, on the evening of 21 November 2023 – Day One of LiftEx – the fifth annual LEEA Awards ceremony will be held at the Rum Warehouse in Liverpool, which promises to be the Lifting Industry’s party of the year.

See the many exhibitors already confirmed at the exhibition website, which also features a film of highlights from the 2022 show and there are news bulletins on what’s coming up in 2023. A floor plan is also featured for interested exhibitors. Requests will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis, so please contact Leah Phelps on +44 20 3488 2865 or at to secure a sponsorship package or a prime position at the exhibition.

For more information, visit


Rotzinger Develops Innovative Adaptive Packaging Machine Enabled by CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless Solution

Rotzinger, a leading provider of packaging & cosmetics machinery solutions, and CoreTigo, a provider of Industrial Wireless Automation solutions, are excited to announce their partnership and collaboration. CoreTigo's IO-Link Wireless products and technology have been integrated into Rotzinger's advanced packaging machinery, resulting in new and advanced capabilities that are driving maximum flexibility, throughput and sustainability.

Rotzinger, a Swiss group of companies, with a mission to continuously optimize product flow for its customers, offers first-class solutions, services and software for a variety of industries such as pharmaceuticals & cosmetics and food & beverage. Rotzinger was asked by a leading food manufacturer to develop an adaptive secondary food packaging machine that meets very high demands of throughput along with the ability to support multiple package and product variations, all on a single machine. The machine is based on a multi-carrier smart conveyer system which requires doing actions on products while in constant high-speed motion. Cables were not a possible option for such a complex and highspeed task, nor were conventional wireless solutions.

By utilizing CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless based products which were designed specifically for wireless control and monitoring in factory automation, Rotzinger could now wirelessly control grippers on the movers without needing additional external robots, cables or other types of equipment.

This innovative machine design results in reduced changeover time, machine footprint reduction, maximum capacity, and full flexibility to support multiple product and package types. These ultimately result in greater sustainability, as less energy, space and parts need to be used within a machine. The number of machines decreases as well, since this allows for one machine to handle various products and package designs.


An example of this machine in action and the benefits gained from the collaboration of Rotzinger and CoreTigo can be found in this video:

“We are delighted to partner with CoreTigo and to integrate their IO-Link Wireless products and technology into our advanced packaging machinery.” States Andreas Graf, Rotzinger PharmaPack CEO, “This partnership has allowed us to provide our customers with even more advanced capabilities and benefits, resulting in adaptivity, increased productivity, and sustainability.”

“Rotzinger is a leading company in the packaging machinery industry, and we are proud to have our IO-Link Wireless technology be part of their innovative machinery.” Says Eran Zigman, CoreTigo CEO. “The collaboration between CoreTigo and Rotzinger is a perfect example of how technology can be leveraged to meet the evolving needs of the industry.”

Partnerships and developments such as demonstrated by Rotzinger and CoreTigo are creating a fully connected ecosystem that enables real-time control and monitoring at any stage of the manufacturing process. Machines and production lines are enabled with more flexibility and an optimized design to improve operational efficiency and productivity. Such a packaging machine with IO-Link Wireless is breaking barriers that exist today with machine communication, and enabling solutions and designs that were not possible before.


Why a Strategic Partnership is the Perfect Medicine for Permedica

Business has been growing so quickly for Italian medical implant manufacturer Permedica that it can barely keep up with demand. However, a new strategy for its CNC department, in partnership with Seco Tools, has started to make a powerful increase to its productivity.

The global market in medical implants is booming. One estimate says that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2022 and 2030 will be 5.4%, increasing the overall value from $95.1 billion to $145.6 billion.1

Over the past decade, this constant upward trend has seen Italian-based implant manufacturer Permedica transform itself

from being a well-respected name in its native market to becoming an international business. The company now has subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, India, Austria, South Korea, Australia, and France, with plans for expansion to the UK and US in the pipeline. Export now makes up 60% of its €35 million annual turnover.

34| July 2023 ENGINEERING PDATE Machining of the Femoral
1 Medical Implants Market Size to Surpass USD 145.6 Bn by 2030 (

‘Extreme productivity challenges’

But Permedica’s rapid growth has posed what the company’s Sales Manager Federico Perego calls “extreme challenges” to its productivity.

“Many distributors, partners and surgeons love our products for their design and quality, so they keep demanding more and more. Unfortunately, we can’t keep up with current demand, and how the CAGR rate is increasing in our sector,” says Federico, the son of Permedica’s founder and President, Marco Perego.

Initially, the management tried to address this by increasing resources.

“We were trying to solve the problems internally by investing in more people for our company and streamlining the training process to perform a better method of manufacturing,” says Federico.

“However, it was a problem of multiple issues that characterise our complex operational structure. And the family nature of our business makes it important for us to solve problems because we haven’t got the time or resources to do everything.”

Close collaboration between Federico Perego, Permedica and Matteo Foglietta, Seco Tools

A turning point for productivity

The turning point came when the parent of one of the company’s distributors suggested a meeting with Seco in 2022. That began an improvement journey, and a partnership, that continue to gather momentum to this day.

After an initial assessment of the factory by South Europe Cluster Manager Steven Bell, Permedica and Seco Tools Italy agreed to start a pilot to address a key productivity bottleneck in Permedica’s CNC department that was creating problems for the supply chain in its hip cup products.

“One of our machines could not operate at night due to the programming and the kinds of tools we were using. The material was overheating, which was stopping the machine and meaning that it couldn’t be programmed to operate automatically during the night,” Federico explains.

“Due to Steven being so clear and practical in his assessment of the problem, and because he had a team and a structured proposal to manage the issue, I automatically trusted them with a pilot. Steven and Seco were always very direct in relation to the issue and in proposing a better solution. They didn’t make a promise they couldn’t keep, and they didn’t just try to sell us tools. Instead, they helped us to solve what was an important issue for Permedica.”

One of the Seco Tools Italy team working with Permedica,

Manufacturing Transformation Manager Matteo Foglietta, adds, “We were able to address swarf issues that were a big problem for the night shift.

“So Permedica has gained not only more productivity in terms of a shorter cycle time, but also an increase in capacity of the machine during the night in the unmanned shift. This is also thanks to the global competence from our innovation hub that we can bring to the customer side through the local and technical expertise here in Italy.”

Federico Perego estimates that this initial success has helped to increase Permedica’s productivity by more than 40%. Now further initiatives, including the installation of tool vending machines to help with warehouse management, are underway.

“So far, we are very satisfied,” says Federico. “There are still headaches to solve, but I hope we can continue with this great start and achieve important things together because there is a lot of complexity in our business, and we need many resources to support this. Permedica is reacting to the help being provided by Seco by placing more orders for tools, so it’s a win-win relationship.”

He adds, “This is just the beginning of a partnership we are going to create together because our intention is to grow our business as much as possible – there is huge potential for us. And for Seco the medical sector in which we operate is one of the strategic areas where it wants to grow. I think that there are all the bases for a long-term partnership.”


Summer Update: Guardtech blaze a trail at home and abroad over the past six months

SUMMER has arrived and the sun continues to shine on the Guardtech Group – who are enjoying a hot streak both at home and on foreign shores.

Turnkey construction arm Cleanroom Solutions and modular specialists Guardtech Cleanrooms are currently working on seven significant projects between them, including large builds in Germany and Switzerland.

The Group completed a 60sqm ISO6 & 7 Electronics Testing modular in Ireland in May and shipped a 20sqm ISO8 Automotive Isopod Rapid Cleanroom to a client in Morocco last month, having already provided a customer with 30sqm & 45sqm ISO7 Electronics Isopods in Denmark in the spring.

This is all alongside a 60sqm ISO7 Research & Development CleanCube Maxi that was constructed at Guardtech’s UK manufacturing facility and then delivered to Sweden, ready for immediate deployment.

The Group unveiled brand-new websites for portable solution CleanCube ( and Cleanroom Solutions ( earlier this year and are delighted to reveal a new subsite for Guardtech Cleanrooms has just been launched at www.

It all adds up to another highly fruitful – and busy – six months for the Haverhill-based cleanroom kings and queens.

“We’re riding the crest of a wave,” says Commercial Director Mark Wheeler. “From the projects completed so far this year, both in the UK and beyond, to those we’re currently working on, it’s been truly inspiring to see all our fantastic teams pull together and achieve excellence across the board.”

Among those completed projects in the past six months are a 300sqm ISO6 Medical Device facility in Staffordshire, 140sqm ISO8 Optical cleanroom in Kent, 12sqm ISO7

Injection Moulding bespoke Isopod Rapid Cleanroom in Gloucestershire, 200sqm ISO7 Micro-electronics modular in Cambridge, 12sqm ISO7 Critical Systems Engineering Isopod in Manchester and two innovative 3sqm ISO7 ‘mobile airlock’ Softwall Isopods for Medical Moulding in Burton-on-Trent.

“We’re delighted with the high standards we’ve continued to set so far this year, but there are plenty of big jobs to tackle and we’re all relishing the challenge.”

The Guardtech Group projects currently under way include a 400sqm ISO8 Research & Product Development facility in Cambridge, 100sqm ISO7 & 8 Research & Development in Surrey, 1800sqm ISO8 Aerospace facility in the South of England, 125sqm ISO5 & 8 Research & Development controlled environment in Devon, 100sqm ISO5 & 7 Research & Development laboratory in Staffordshire, 300sqm ISO5, 6 & 7 modular cleanroom for technology innovators in Germany and a 130sqm ISO8 modular cleanroom for Electronics manufacturing specialists in Zurich.

All this activity in the same period that Guardtech’s Commercial Team have attended exhibitions across a variety of sectors – with shows including Medical Technology UK, Making Pharmaceuticals, the Cleanroom Technology Conference and Med-Tech Expo, as well as the likes of Medical Technology Ireland, SEHTA Expo, Lab Innovations and more still to come this year.

“It’s been super-busy for sure,” adds Mr Wheeler, “but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re also moving into our new premises imminently – a brilliant, fresh and dynamic new office space that reflects where we’re at as a business right now.”

For more information on the Guardtech Group, visit, call 0330 113 0303 or email

Head to to check out the Group’s new specialist modular construction website.

Cleanroom design & build experts on a hot streak as projects continue to rack up in all areas of the business.

Emerson to showcase solutions that shape the future of industrial burners at THERMPROCESS 2023

(Hall 10, Booth A12)

Global technology, software and engineering leader Emerson will exhibit new, globally approved combustion products that significantly improve fuel train safety, reliability and performance at THERMPROCESS 2023. Visitors to Hall 10, Booth A12, can view the company’s complete fuel train capabilities and comprehensive Floor to Cloud™ portfolio of ASCO™ combustion valves and innovative Movicon™ automation solutions for heating equipment controls and automation.

At the Emerson booth, show attendees can view the company’s comprehensive portfolio of safety shutoff valves, which feature some of the highest flow capabilities in the market, energy efficiency and global regulatory compliance. Emerson experts will also demonstrate how their capabilities can handle sustainable alternative fuel and can lead to a net-zero burner solution using hydrogen, biogas, biomass and biodiesel technologies.

In addition to combustion products, visitors can also engage with rugged hardware and advance analytics software and learn how they control heating equipment as well as visualize thermal process data for end users.

Product highlights:

The suite of Floor to Cloud products on display includes safety devices, firing equipment for solids, burner controls and automatization hardware and software.

ASCO Series 158 Gas Valve Bodies for Motorized Actuators

The ASCO Series 158 Single and Monoblock Valve Bodies provide a new globally approved combustion safety shut-off valve option for burner applications that improves safety and reliability while enhancing flow and control. With the highest flow rate, best close-off pressure and highest BTU rating in the industry, the compact valves are designed for use with the ASCO Series 159 Motorized Actuator. Used in combination, this system meets global approvals with certifications from UL, FM, CSA and EN161 and is the only biodiesel-compatible valve in North America.

For more information, visit:

ASCO Series 159 Motorized Actuator

Offered in On/Off and High/Low/Off construction, the ASCO Series 159 Motorized Actuator is a gas valve actuator for gas burners featuring dual internal control valves for repeatable positioning. When the actuator is mounted to a Series 158 valve, position indicators on both sides of the actuator show the open or closed position of the valve. Used in combination, this system provides a globally approved safety shut-off solution for a wide range of applications, including boilers, furnaces, ovens, dryers, incinerators, thermal oxidizers and other heating systems.

For more information, visit:

ASCO Series 290D Pressure Operated Piston Valve

The ASCO Series 290D is a high-pressure safety shut-off valve for gas burners designed with a highly reliable fluid control mechanism engineered for exceptionally safe shutdown. The valve has a long lifetime and helps reduce fugitive emissions and minimize risk to workers and the environment.

For more information, visit:


ASCO Series 215 High-Flow Gas Shut Off Valve

An aluminum-bodied, lightweight gas safety shut-off valve for gas burners, the ASCO Series 215 is a high-flow, low-pressure solution. The pilot-operated construction works from zero pressure differential with resilient soft seating for tight shut-off. An optional long-life design that eliminates metal-to-metal contact is also available, extending life up to 20 million cycles.

For more information, visit:

ASCO Series 040 Gas Shut Off Valve

The ASCO Series 040 are highly reliable, low-pressure gas safety shut-off valves for pilot or main control of small commercial and industrial gas burners found in generators, heating equipment and ovens. Mountable in any position, these valves are designed with two-way, normally closed operation. They are also provided with 1/8-inch NPT upstream and downstream pipe taps with plugs for routine testing.

For more information, visit:

ASCO Series 030 Solenoid Valves

Ideal as a low-pressure safety shut-off valve for small or pilot gas burners, the direct-acting ASCO Series 030 Solenoid Valve is easy to install and offers a 15 psi (1 Bar) maximum differential. Available in brass or stainless steel, normally open or normally closed and pipe sizes 3/8 through 3/4 inch, these valves are widely used for dispensing, collating, vacuum holding, tank draining and gas shut-off applications. The normally open version is well suited for gas venting.

For more information, visit:


Movicon.NExT HMI/SCADA is a highly modular, highly scalable platform that goes beyond SCADA to provide burner control and solve complex operational problems in thermal processing plants. Among Movicon.NExT modules, Movicon Pro.Lean™ provides performance data and analytics for evaluations of OEE and Movicon Pro.Energy™ measures and tracks consumption, while the advanced Movicon NExT.AR solves operational problems through visualization tools that allow personnel to evaluate previously unreachable equipment. For maximum flexibility, Emerson also provides Movicon WebHMI, an HTML5-based visualization tool that can be used as a stand-alone HMI product running on Windows or Linux operator panels, or as a Web Client for Movicon.NExT SCADA applications, as well as Connext™, an industrial protocol gateway.

For more information, visit


Explore electronic component solutions by Eaton.

Electronic components such as supercapacitors, inductors, varistors, TVS diodes, SMD fuses, miniature fuses, PTC polymer fuses and fuse holders, among others, are indispensable elements of electrical and electronic circuits – they ensure stability, protection and control of electrical parameters. In this article, we present a brief overview of components by Eaton.

Passive components

• Supercapacitors

• Inductors

• Varistors


• TVS diodes

Fuses & protective components

• SMD fuses

• Miniature fuses

• PTC polymer fuses

• Fuse holders

Passive components


Eaton is an international company that specialises in the design and manufacture of equipment and components for a variety of industries, including telecommunications, automotive, medical, defence and aerospace. An important division of Eaton includes electronic components such as power and EMC magnetics solutions, overvoltage and overcurrent circuit protection, supercapacitors, sensors and terminal blocks products which are used in a multitude of applications, including power supply for telecommunications systems, automotive safety systems, medical devices, etc. The company is certified under the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System. International awards and certificates are clear evidence that the products developed by Eaton meet the latest safety standards and quality requirements. What is more, Eaton manufactures the Bussmann™ series of products which include fuses and protection devices.

Capacitors are some of the most common electronic components. They belong to the group of passive components, whose function is to store electrical energy. This process is carried out using two plates separated by a dielectric, in the electric field of which the energy is stored. The Eaton product range includes a rather specific type of capacitors – supercapacitors. They are a variation of electrolytic capacitors and are capable of storing large amounts of energy. Supercapacitors combine the characteristics of regular capacitors and rechargeable batteries, charging speed being their remarkable advantage. TME offers supercapacitors with capacitance ranging from 100 mF to as much as 3 kF, with operating voltages ranging from 2.5 V DC to 51.3 V DC. Moreover, these elements are characterised by a low resistance value (ESR) of 1.7 mΩ to 75 Ω and a leakage current in the range of 1 µA to 26 mA. Supercapacitors, depending on the model, are housed in various types of casings, which also differ in terms of lead spacing.


An inductor, like a coil, is an electronic component whose function is to prevent or limit sudden changes in electrical current without power loss in AC circuits. Inductors take the form of a wire wound on a magnetic core and are used primarily in noise suppression filters or DC/DC converters. Eaton supplies surface-mounted (SMD) inductors in both standard wire-wound and common-mode versions. These components are characterised by a range of parameters such as inductance (from 22 nH to 120 mH), operating current (from 68 mA to 78 A), saturation current (from 69 mA to 123 A) and resistance (from 360 µΩ to 150 Ω).These inductors are available in a variety of housing options.


A varistor can be described as a resistor with a non-linear, voltage-dependent resistance characteristic. In these small components, the resistance decreases as the voltage increases, so they can be used as overvoltage protection elements. When overvoltage occurs, the varistor will absorb all the energy, and thus get damaged irreversibly, so that the remaining part of the circuit can remain intact. At TME, you will find Eaton varistors designed for surface mounting (SMD). They are made in several housing variants, from the smallest 0402 to the largest 4032. The most important parameter of this type of element is its rated voltage, which in this case ranges from 16 V to 240 V.

Read the full article here

VC121060J121DP SMD multilayer varistor. XV3550-2R7307-R 300 F SNAP-IN supercapacitor. HCMA0503-150-R SMD wire-wound inductor.

Repaving the road to engineering: International Women’s Day 2023

Bringing more women into STEM roles is critical to building teams with diverse knowledge sets; however, Wendy Zvelig, VP of Engineering at Fluent Commerce, shares that the obstacles often begin with the recruitment process itself: ‘Women are often socialised to hold themselves back, doubting their abilities when confronted with requirements or job descriptions. I experienced this challenge when building my engineering team at Salesforce, where I noticed that the applications primarily came from men with similar backgrounds.

‘By confronting unconscious bias, facilitating professional development opportunities, and reevaluating traditional norms, organisations can spearhead the change needed to create a more diverse and inclusive engineering landscape.’

This change in the recruitment process is a thought shared by Mini Biswas, Specialist Team Unit - Operations Lead at Node4, who explains, ‘One key thing that is relatively easy to change and will make a huge difference is the terminology used in job adverts. It needs to be simplified and friendlier in tone. You don’t need to be a technical whizz or have an engineering degree to enter the field but so often we see them listed as a candidate ‘must have’. In this day and age, there should be more use of words like ‘flexible’, ‘remote working’ and ‘willing to develop’, which will make the roles more approachable for women.’

The benefits of ensuring diversity in engineering teams remain overlooked. As Hugh Scantlebury, CEO & Founder of Aqilla, elaborates, ‘Diversity in engineering is crucial in ensuring that technology, infrastructure, and software represent and meet the needs of all future users. To that end, we should feel optimistic about the growing number of girls studying STEM subjects. But we must ensure they are encouraged and supported in the workplace too.’

However, as Scantlebury identifies, ‘Nearly 40% of women with engineering degrees either leave or never enter the profession — the majority citing the genderstereotypical ways they are treated.’

On this International Women in Engineering Day, organisations must look closely at their recruitment processes to break down traditional barriers and enable a more inclusive culture. Wendy Zvlig concludes, ‘By confronting unconscious bias, facilitating professional development opportunities, and reevaluating traditional norms, organisations can spearhead the change needed to create a more diverse and inclusive engineering landscape.’

Industry leaders share their knowledge by spotlighting the traditionally flawed hiring processes, showcasing the need for greater Diversity in STEM for Engineering Update.
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