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“The industry estimated that every outdoor seat was worth up to £6,000 a year to businesses in extra revenue " / / 01352 740 164 BO OK A F R EE SI T E V ISI T
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July 2023 eat.drink.sleep

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Sheltered outdoor areas can increase revenue by 40% Use the revenue calculator on our website to discover the potential / / 01352 751 889 allproductsavailablewith zerodepositleasingoptions
caféculture CafeCulture Ltd, 6 Edith Road, Orpington, Kent. BR6 6JQ Call us on 0800 917 526 or drop us a line at Outdoor Hospitality Products We are an independent supplier of outdoor hospitality goods based on performance, style and value. We believe in supplying goods that look good, are well made and extremely durable through season after season. Our outdoor products include: • Planters with real or artificial plants • Tables and chairs • Windbreaks and barriers • Jumbo parasols • Awnings and shelters • Lighting and heating • Restaurant screens • and more! Welcome to the July 2023 issue of Eat.Drink.Sleep / / 01352 740 164 BO OK A F R EE SI T E V ISI T New Year, New Revenue? The industry estimated that every outdoor seat was worth up to £6 000 a year to businesses in extra revenue July 2023 eat.drink.sleep To speak to one of the team, please call 020 805 09659 or email

Border Biscuits The perfect coffee pairing

Border Biscuits is a trusted and well-loved accessible premium brand that provides operators with a selection of individually wrapped biscuits and biscuit bars that offer a taste of pure quality – perfect for hotel rooms, cafés and hospitality outlets. With over 30 years’ experience creating delicious biscuits, Border is featured in 90 million occasions per year, with 40 million of these taking place in OOH1

Make a lasting memory with in-room refreshments:

With budgets and finances tight, consumers are looking for quality where they can, so it’s important that hotels maintain the little touches to enhance a guest’s experience. Ben Baldwin, Foodservice Channel Manager for Border Biscuits says, “It’s important that operators go above and beyond when it comes to providing in-room refreshments, for example. With 60% of all biscuits consumed alongside a tea or coffee2, it’s key to include a range of hot beverages and a comprehensive biscuit selection in each room along with the hot drinks selection.”

Ben Baldwin adds, “At Border, we know how special biscuit moments alongside a hot beverage can be, which is why we provide a treat that is more than just an everyday biscuit. Our variety of mouth-watering flavours including Butterscotch Crunch, Divinely Chocolatey Cookies, Light & Buttery Viennese Whirl, Golden Oat Crunch, and Light & Buttery Shortbread Rings, means our

biscuits are universally liked – from children to grandparents. They are specifically chosen in response to the most popular flavours we know guests love, whilst also holding well under different temperatures. Our individually wrapped biscuits are available in boxes of 48 and 100, perfect for any hotel size.”

As well as enhancing the in-room offering, Border can also help operators increase profits across the wider business. For example, if there is a bar area or coffee lounge on-site, individually wrapped Border Biscuits can be added to hot beverage menus creating a package, to appeal to guests who look for a sweet treat to enjoy with a tea or coffee, increasing spend per head.

The opportunity:

• In 2023, whilst budget pressures are coming into play for consumers, we’re seeing that people still want to treat themselves outside of the home, with a biscuit and coffee pairing remaining an affordable indulgence when visiting hospitality outlets, such as cafes.

• Recent research found that 45% of consumers consider eating out a “fundamental activity” in their lives3 Despite the cost-of-living crisis, two in three adults (64%) said they would find it difficult to stop eating and drinking out, with seven out of ten stating that consider eating and drinking out as a treat4

4 coffee EAT. DRINK. SLEEP July 2023

Dipping Into Trends

1. Trusted, well-known brands

Stephanie Hickford, Brand Manager for OOH says, “We are a recognisable brand within the OOH sector and consumers are also looking for trusted, well-known brands as they look for reassurance from their purchases – essentially, they want a biscuit that they know won’t disappoint with their coffee.” For OOH operators looking to increase profits, it’s important that they consider stocking our well-known quality brand to compliment key consumption occasions.

2. Health

is on the agenda, but consumers seek comfort

Consumers are still seeking indulgence but with a more balanced approach. Many are now choosing more carefully as they look for biscuits that are ‘worth the calories’ when they do indulge in a café, for example. Stephanie adds, “On top of this, we’re seeing people turn to trusted and familiar products when treating themselves out of home, offering reassurance but also delivering on comfort.”

3. Stock a variety of popular biscuits alongside hot beverages

Stocking a wide range of popular flavours will help operators cater to all taste preferences and minimise waste. Stephanie says, “We know from our research that over a third of consumers enjoy shortbread biscuits, whilst the second most popular biscuit variety is the chocolate cookie (30%).” Operators should stock Border’s mini-pack range, which includes both Shortbread Rings and Chocolate Cookies, to cater to consumer’s preferences.


Having strong sustainability and community commitments

Despite the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, sustainability is still on the radar for many consumers. In fact, products making ESGrelated claims accounted for 56 percent of all growth over the past five years according to a 2023 study by McKinsey and NielsenIQ. British shoppers are particularly attuned to plastic, local produce and animal welfare.

Stephanie finalises “We have worked hard to offer OOH operators products that align with what consumers are looking for.” In 2019, Border Biscuits outlined its commitment to eliminate 90% of plastic from core retail packaging and was among the first in the sweet treats category to proactively change its packaging to achieve a positive environmental impact. This move will roll-out into 2022, where Border Biscuits will make further changes to this pact.

From stock to success - Ben Baldwin shares his tips and advice for hoteliers when it comes to merchandising.

• Trade Up: Encourage customers to trade up with a price promotion on a hot beverage and biscuit, providing both value and the chance to enjoy a moment that matters.

• Multi-site positioning: Think strategically about where you display packaged biscuits in your outlet. As well as by the till, positioning near hot drink stations or other on the go snacks could help to increase basket spend. Combining as part of a meal day can also boost sales.

• In-room offering: Stocking complimentary biscuits alongside your in-room hot drink offering is a great way to build positive associations with your guests. Biscuits could also be cited in communal areas where hot drinks are served to elevate guests’ overall experience on your premises.

5 coffee EAT. DRINK. SLEEP July 2023 1Based on Border sales stats – 2022 2Market Measures - Border Consumer research 2021 3CGA by NielsenIQ Cost of Living Consumer Pulse (1,000 GB&I consumers) August 2022 4CGA by NielsenIQ Cost of Living Consumer Pulse (1,000 GB&I consumers) August 2022
If you would like to find out more information about our range and stockists, please visit

Italy’s Cafè Barbera eyes UK franchise expansion

The Naples-based coffee chain is seeking to partner with multi-unit operators to open up to 30 franchised stores in the UK by 2033.

Italian coffee chain Cafè Barbera is seeking to open 30 stores across the UK over the next 10 years as it commences operations with a new franchise partner in the country.

Naples-based Cafè Barbera opened its first UK outlet in July 2022 in Cobham, Surrey, and currently has two sites in development in Bicester and Barnes, according to its website.

The coffee chain’s UK sites are now being managed by a new franchisee after Sania Group, which opened the Cobham Cafè Barbera store, entered administration in April 2023.

Speaking to Propel, Managing Director Elio Barbera said the new, unnamed, franchisee will develop five outlets in Surrey. Barbera expects 30 Cafè Barbera outlets to be open across the UK by 2033, he added.

The new stores will comprise both Cafè Barbera’s standard format outlets alongside its new Caffè Barbera mini concept, which, at 270sq ft, will enable the coffee chain to scale its presence in shopping centres, commercial buildings, universities, offices areas and transport hubs.

“The existing Cafè Barbera Cobham and the upcoming Cafè Barbera Barnes, which is expected to open in September, are managed by a new operator who will develop five outlets in the Surrey area. We expect to open 30 outlets all over the UK in the next five to ten years and are looking for mainly area developers, so groups interested in expanding more than one unit in a specific region [or] city of the UK,” Barbera told Propel.

Cafè Barbera operates 40 outlets across 16 countries, with the UAE currently its largest market with nine stores, followed by Ghana and Iraq with five Cafè Barbera outlets each. The coffee chain also has outlets in Egypt, Sudan, Morocco and Jordan.

With its first store in Palestine set to open in July 2023, Cafè Barbera is also planning to launch in the Philippines, Malaysia, Greece, Georgia and Bangladesh.

Source: World Coffee Portal

Protecting the Environment with Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainability is a pressing issue in the specialty coffee sector, and with demand for more sustainable coffee continuing to grow, it is essential that industry professionals and stakeholders limit their environmental impact as much as possible.

This includes coffee shops and roasters. In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of cafés and roasters implementing more socially and environmentally responsible business practices. However, it can be difficult for consumers to spot a truly sustainable coffee shop or roaster.

The term “sustainability” has become a buzzword in recent years, but it is important to have a clear definition of what it means. The Brundtland Report defines sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This definition can be broken down into three key areas: environmental, social, and economic.

There are many ways to improve sustainability in the coffee industry. Some of these include reducing energy consumption, improving coffee farmers’ income, minimizing waste production, reducing carbon emissions, and improving gender equity, particularly at farm level.

When we talk about sustainability in coffee, many people focus on production and export. This is because millions of smallholder

6 coffee EAT. DRINK. SLEEP July 2023

coffee farmers live below the poverty line and are unable to sustainably support their families. Additionally, in certain producing countries, women and girls disproportionately carry out most of the physical labor associated with coffee farming, yet receive less financial responsibility.

In terms of environmental impact, there are some pressing issues that need to be addressed in the production and trade of coffee. These include deforestation, incorrect application of fertilizers and pesticides, loss of biodiversity and habitats for local wildlife, and pollution from wastewater.

However, beyond coffee production and shipping, roasters and coffee shops also have a responsibility to minimize their environmental impact and be more socially conscious. Some researchers estimate that global coffee shops’ energy consumption accounts for 45% of the industry’s carbon emissions.

It is clear that sustainability is an important issue in the specialty coffee sector. By implementing more sustainable business practices, coffee shops and roasters can help to protect the environment, improve the lives of coffee farmers, and ensure a sustainable future for the coffee industry.

Consumers are becoming more socially and environmentally conscious, and this is reflected in their purchasing habits. A recent study found that one in three UK adults have stopped buying products because of ethical or sustainability concerns, and 40% of those surveyed choose to buy from brands that have environmentally friendly practices and values.

There are many reasons for this change in consumer behavior, but one of the biggest is growing concerns about the impact of climate change. The coffee industry is particularly vulnerable to climate change, as changes in temperature and rainfall patterns can lead to lower coffee yields.

Individual consumers can take steps to reduce their environmental impact by using reusable cups, reducing their use of single-use items, and buying sustainably-sourced coffee. However, coffee shops and roasters also have a responsibility to enact more sustainable business practices.

Some coffee companies are already making progress in this area. For example, some coffee shops are offering discounts for customers who bring their own reusable cups, and some roasters are using recyclable or compostable packaging.

However, there is still more that can be done. Coffee companies need to be more transparent about their sustainability practices, and they need to set realistic targets to reduce their environmental impact. They also need to be careful not to engage in greenwashing, which is when companies make unsubstantiated claims about their sustainability credentials.

By taking these steps, coffee companies can help to protect the environment and ensure a sustainable future for the coffee industry.

7 coffee EAT. DRINK. SLEEP July 2023

A touch of class: Stannah helps modernise historic entertainment venue

It can be said that every entertainment venue has a sole purpose: to transport its patrons into another world where their cares can be forgotten, if only temporarily. For those venues that wish to transport their guests to a bygone era of glitz and glamour, it can be challenging to strike the right balance between modern conveniences and historic preservation.

Lifts are a regular focus of this challenge in heritage buildings, and Blackpool Winter Gardens is no ordinary building. First opened in 1878, this Grade II Listed 3,000-seater entertainment complex has entertained countless millions throughout the history of the popular Lancashire seaside resort town. Like any other building with more than one level, the requirement to safely and reliably transport people from one floor to another, especially those with limited mobility, is an essential one.

The challenge

One of the lifts at the Blackpool Winter Gardens, located right next to the historic Opera House theatre, had been in desperate need of repair for a long time. Used to transport patrons up to the upper Circle and Balcony seating areas, it is an essential piece of infrastructure to allow step-free access to these sections. The existing OTIS passenger lift dated back to somewhere around the 1950s was only safely able to carry 4 persons or a maximum load of 380 kg, and looked very dated with its plain oak panelling. Since the lift could not be repaired due to some of its components becoming obsolete, it had been long out of service until Stannah was selected to complete a replacement.

“Stannah was the ideal choice for the replacement of our Opera House passenger lift, which had been out of service for over 12 months. Working with Stannah has been so easy, and constant communication was kept from start to finish.”


The client

Winter Gardens became a popular trend in the late 1800s in numerous seaside resorts and spas and were so-called because they offered the possibility of extending the fun and entertainment of the summer season into the cold and darkness of winter. The Winter Gardens entertainment complex in Blackpool includes a theatre, ballroom and conference facilities and has been rebuilt and added to many times over the decades. The Opera House is one of the UK’s largest theatres and continues to attract some of the world’s biggest touring shows and events to Blackpool. The iconic theatre has seen a host of famous stars on its stage since it first opened in 1939, including Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and Shirley Bassey.

The result

The project manager from Stannah, Lee Mahoney, worked in close collaboration with the Winter Gardens’ head of maintenance Phil Jackson to design a lift that would complement the iconic architecture and decor of the first and third floors. Stannah also designed the brass plates on the landings to give a glamorous look to the control panel with its retro push buttons.

Stannah provided a new Xtralift passenger lift, which is much more energy efficient than its predecessor. It

offers a capacity of 8 persons or a maximum load of 630 kg. The branch managed the installation as a turn-key service.

Although there were some challenges involved in the installation process, such as large heating pipes which had to be removed in the shaft, and having to avoid noisy works during opera and cinema shows on certain days, these issues were worked around with good communication on both sides. The installation was completed in 8 weeks.

“Stannah has been great to work with from start to finish. They have impressed us so much that I am once again working with them on our replacement program for another two lifts.”

Philip Jackson, Head of Maintenance, Winter Gardens Blackpool

With its 150-year history, Stannah truly understands the importance of heritage, and with their Stannah Promise, also live up to their company values on a daily basis to offer Blackpool Winter Gardens the perfect mix of quality, safety, sustainability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

9 EAT. DRINK. SLEEP July 2023


Eden Furniture offer a number of Italian manufactured sofa and armchair sets with matching coffee tables.

Choice of three colours and cushion options.

Look on our website at the Ashcott, Yeovil and Ilminster Sets

Rustic Vintage Style Furniture Range Truro Range

Eden Furniture has a massive selection of Indoor, Outdoor & Poolside Furniture. Our Harrogate and Truro Ranges have become increasingly popular with their rustic and rural charms. The Harrogate Range is available in dining and bar height with complimentary stools and benches. The Truro Range is also in dining and bar height with dining stools and benches. Both ranges are made to order so almost any size is achievable.

F U R NITU R E Call: 01527 519580 E: Warehouse & Showroom Unit 16 Padgets Lane, South Moons Moat, Redditch, Worcs B98 0RA |
Shipston Armchair Non Wood Slats 2.1m Parasol Range Of Colours Salford Chair In Antique Grey or White
CLASSIC TIMELESS outdoor furniture
Terrace Chair Non Wood Slats


This month we’re turning the spotlight on American craft beer and American-themed food to help generate incremental sales over the key summer period.

Beer has a wider flavour spectrum than almost any other beverage and the different ingredients, flavours and mouthfeel of beer makes it the perfect partner for foods with a high fat content and strong flavours. American craft brewers pioneered the global craft beer movement back in the early 1980s and such beers are worth stocking for their quality, complexity and creativity.

Unlike wine, beer is carbonated making it effective at scrubbing the palate clean and leaving the mouth feeling refreshed and ready for the next mouthful.

Typical American themed craft beer and food pairings are:

BBQ style meats such as pulled pork, ribs, brisket, burgers – load with toppings or sauce but remember the strong, intense flavours of red meat will work best with a porter, stout or brown ale that exhibits a similar level of intensity. Grilling meat encourages the Maillard reaction, ie. caramelisation of the surface also found in roasted malts used in dark beers.

Fried Chicken – pair with an American IPA containing a high level of bitterness that will cut through the fried batter. The more hot and spicy the fried chicken the more intense you can go with the beer.

Mac n’ Cheese – a perennial favourite amongst Americans and the perfect partner for a crisp, snappy pilsner. The high carbonation and subtle bready flavour notes of the beer will cut through the rich dairy content of the sauce leaving the diner refreshed and craving another bite.

S’mores – a typically American sweet treat of marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two Graham Crackers (flat, hard, cinnamon flavoured biscuits) and perfect paired with a smooth, full-bodied barrel-aged stout bursting with chocolate malt flavours

Cherry/Apple Pie or Cheesecake– offer a beer that’s tart and tangy with a hint of acidity to balance the rich, sweetness of the dessert. If possible, serve a fruited lambic or Kriek that uses the same fruit as that of the dish to finish on a lighter note.

American craft beer is available through national wholesalers or on line from Athletic Brewing, or the Cascade Club Many of the American craft beers available in the UK are recent medal winners from World Beer Cup 2023, the biggest and most competitive beer contest in the world.

Chefs and restauranteurs are invited to make use of the free resources available on or

11 EAT. DRINK. SLEEP July 2023

Kärcher Professional UK Launches Buy Back Scheme

The purchase of cleaning machinery is an investment for most businesses, with a business case required to justify the outlay. That’s why Kärcher Professional UK has announced its new Buy Back* initiative, whereby commercial customers can trade-in their old cleaning machines for a discount against the new equipment, saving money on the purchase and safe in the knowledge that Kärcher will responsibly recycle the outdated model.

Kärcher prides itself on its outstanding customer service package, which features live support, expert engineers, machine repairs and loan machines to name a few. The new Buy Back scheme will enhance this existing Kärcher service offering with a completely new opportunity for customers to benefit from.

The initiative includes not only older Kärcher models, but also legacy machinery from other manufacturers. The only stipulation is that the customer is purchasing the same category machine they are trading in, for example a scrubber dryer traded in for a scrubber dryer. Once the new machine has been delivered, the old one will be transported to Kärcher HQ to be reviewed and categorised before following one of two routes. Either removal to the

Kärcher Used Equipment site for refurbishment, re-selling or donation, or, if not in a state of economical repair, it will be responsibly stripped of component parts, separated and then recycled through approved partners.

To take advantage of Kärcher Buy Back or find out more, customers should contact their Kärcher representative to register interest.

Paul Bensley, Sales Director at Kärcher UK said, “Utilising the latest cleaning equipment has a direct impact on the efficiency of cleaning processes and team productivity. While we are very aware that businesses may hesitate to buy brand-new equipment, we believe the results will make it worthwhile and hope our Buy Back scheme will help make the purchase decision easier. As well as upgrading their cleaning arsenal, customers can enjoy easy and sustainable disposition of their old equipment, while realising some of the value of their legacy asset. We very much hope our Buy Back scheme will give companies the impetus to improve and enhance their cleaning machines.”

For more information, visit for more details or call 01295 752099


The Keg Champion Awards honour bars, breweries and restaurants that embrace the benefits of reusable steel kegs and casks

The Steel Keg Association (SKA) is honouring the inaugural 2023 Keg Champions for UK today, World Refill Day, in celebration of pubs, bars, breweries and restaurants embracing the remarkable benefits REUSABLE steel kegs and casks deliver; sustainability, efficiency and a fresh experience most consumers can’t get at home.

The 2023 Keg Champion Award recipients for UK in seven categories comprise:

1. Stonegate Pub Co - National restaurant

2. Bundobust - Regional restaurant

3. St John Restaurant - Local restaurant

4. Adnams - Large Brewery (100,000+ hl)

5. Purity Brewing Co - Midsized Brewery (10,001 –100,000 hl)

6. Toast Ale - Small Brewery (fewer than 10,000hl)

7. The Tap House Notts – Draft Innovation

Stainless steel kegs’ reusability and 30+ year lifespan make them the ideal circular choice for pubs, breweries, bars and restaurants. The Steel Keg Association created the Keg Champion Awards to recognise hospitality leaders’ sustainability programmes and the positive impacts of steel kegs on the beverage industry.

Dan Vorlage, Executive Director of the Steel Keg Association and MicroStar Logistics’ VP of Global Marketing, comments: “We

were blown away by the response to the first Keg Champion programme. Over 3,000 breweries, pubs, bars and restaurants were nominated! While this is really about celebrating all of the keg champions out there, we’re proud to raise a pint to our inaugural recipients, each a standard bearer in their category. They were distinguished by their commitment to sustainability and to delivering differentiated consumer experiences. Importantly, we also have a shared belief that this is not the culmination of an awards programme, but just the beginning. Cheers to these winners and all of the keg champions out there.”

In addition to winning a coveted, iconic green Keg Champion Award (physically, the biggest award in the history of the food and beverage industry!), the Steel Keg Association will donate £7,000 to benefit seven charitable organisations chosen by the 2023 Keg Champions.

To learn more or get involved email or visit

13 EAT. DRINK. SLEEP July 2023
14 EAT. DRINK. SLEEP July 2023

What is Ayurvedic cuisine?

Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine from India. It has been effective in almost all diseases. Ayurvedic herbs, lifestyle modifications and dietary changes are the main tools that Ayurveda deploys while treating any health condition or even while maintaining health.

Ayurveda comprehends vegetables, grains, meat, spices and all the other eatables from an Ayurvedic perspective. It understands how a particular vegetable or grain will have benefits on human health. That makes food ingredients medicine in itself. With this knowledge, you can design a particular food plan for a disease. This food plan or ayurvedic cuisine involves specific ingredients as well as specific ways of cooking that will be beneficial in particular conditions. Ayurvedic Cuisine is a speciality cuisine that caters the health needs through food and the associated lifestyle. This style of cooking is similar to Indian cuisine yet, way different.

We are a team of experts in the field of Ayurvedic cuisine, Ayurveda and healthcare. We are committed to introducing healthy, palatable and sumptuous food in the form of a variety of recipes that every health enthusiast will enjoy.

Undergoing any wellness treatment is a process of healing physically as well as mentally. This deserves specific foods that will adjust to the process they are going through.  Ayurvedic cuisine can help achieve these purposes. They start enjoying food that is gut-friendly, healing, calming, energizing etc. as per their needs.

We accomplish our passion for healing through Ayurvedic Cuisine. We provide training to the restaurant team and extend online support for a while.

This includes –

• Knowledge about this system of traditional medicine,

• Benefits of dietary ingredients – meats, vegetables, grains etc.

• Ayurvedic ways of cooking

• Ayurvedic principles of food

• How we can make other cuisines ayurvedically appropriate

• Certain healthy replacements from an Ayurvedic perspective.

This can be beneficial for all the restaurants, and health resorts who are working in the field of wellness, fitness, healthcare etc.

Making first impressions count

This month we spoke to Stephanie Hickford, Brand Manager for OOH, at Border Biscuits on the importance of offering a selection of complimentary items in room and how this can have a positive impact on guests. Going above and beyond

We know it’s important for hotels to maintain the little touches that enhance a guests’ experience, such as offering a selection of complimentary items in-room. It’s all about creating a memorable experience from start to finish, and these small gestures can really help to have a positive effect on guests and encourage repeat custom.

We know that majority of guests (91%) say that complimentary items in their room make their stay much more memorable – it ultimately creates a home from home experience, so adding additional touches will elevate their stay. What’s more, over half of people (57%) say they also enjoy complimentary refreshments upon arrival during the check-in process – another way to make a great hotel stand-out from the crowd.

Meeting guests’ expectations

Recent Border research shows that 96% people said they expect tea, coffee, and biscuits to be part of a complimentary package upon their stay. With this in mind, we can firmly say there is a need for operators to really consider their inroom offering to meet this expectation. Guests are also looking for quality where they can, as budgets and finances remain tight. Therefore, it’s important that hotels maintain the little touches such as using accessible premium products to enhance a guest’s experience. Going that step further and offering these brands will ultimately provide a memorable treat for customers.

How to further profit opportunities

In the UK, nearly half of guests (49%) will enjoy biscuits in their hotel room, so we know that it’s a worthwhile investment for hoteliers, as it also brings opportunities to increase profits across the wider business. For example, if there is a bar area of coffee lounge on site, hoteliers should add biscuits to beverage menus so customers can enjoy delicious Border biscuits again – just as they did in their room.

How we can help

As the UK’s number one premium biscuit brand in the OOH channel1, Border really is a go-to brand in the hospitality sector. We’re a familyowned business that has been operating in the channel for 30 years, which gives us a complete understanding on what flavours and formats are most popular and how to really enhance your guests’ stays.

1Bidview 24/04/2023 & Brakes 52we 30Apr23
If you would like to find out more information about our range and stockists, please visit





This summer De Kuyper Liqueurs is inviting bartenders and customers to discover their ‘colourful cocktail vibe’, perfectly matched mood-based cocktails.

Launching on 30th June, the new campaign channels De Kuyper’s vision to Own the Cocktail for the trade and the consumer. By simply pairing trending and classic cocktails with moods and moments, De Kuyper inspires every individual to find their perfect serve for any occasion.

The multi-channel campaign featuring the ‘Colourful Cocktail Vibes’ creative and the perfect range of De Kuyper Liqueurs to celebrate any summer drinking occasion includes PR, Social Media, Influencer, Digital, On and Off trade activations and Amazon amplification.

The campaign will run for 13 weeks and will be brought to life through various activations throughout the summer period:

Consumers visiting Stonegate, Marstons and Mitchells & Butlers will be invited discover their unique ‘Colourful Cocktail Vibe’ through a personalised quiz here. Accessible on menus and online, the quiz has been designed to unlock consumers cocktail personality, matching their mood and the occasion with a recommended De Kuyper serve.

What’s more, De Kuyper is offering exclusive deals now until the 31st August through Matthew Clark, where the brand recently launched its 70cl liqueurs and newly created syrups. With any purchase, operators receive a free ROS driving kit, including cocktail recipe inspiration booklets to gift customers ordering De Kuyper cocktails.

• Point of Sale activations include branded glassware, cocktail shakers, jiggers and strainers along with menu clips, A frame and tabletop chalkboards and posters that will help bring Colourful Cocktail Vibes to life.

• Retail partnerships online and instore with Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons including interactive quizzes via QR codes and promotions to drive ROS

• 9-10th September: De Kuyper will showcase its colourful cocktails alongside renowned Michelin-star chefs at The Home of Food festival at Lord’s cricket ground. Festival attendees will have the opportunity to book a Cocktail masterclass with De Kuyper’s Global Brand Ambassador Max de Smit and create their own ‘Colourful Cocktail Vibe’

• 30th April to 30th September: The first De Kuyper cocktail terrace with Delta by Marriott in Liverpool launches. This vibrant space will be open until the end of September, offering bespoke cocktails throughout the summer.

Godelief van Erve, De Kuyper’s Global Marketing Director said, ‘We’re excited to be bringing our Colourful Cocktail Vibes campaign to the consumers via social/ digital media and on-trade & off-trade activations this summer, with a variety of vibrant and delicious serves, perfectly matched to suit any mood or occasion. Whether it’s a refreshing Blue Lagoon, a sophisticated Kir Royale or fruity Passionfruit Martini, there’s a serve to suit everyone’s cocktail vibe. With over 325 years of distilling experience and a commitment to use the best possible quality ingredients, we create the best liqueurs that we know bartenders and customers love using in their cocktails.’

Bright pink, intense pool blue or a radiant orange: it’s not just the fashion world that’s going colourful this summer. Discover your #ColourfulCocktailVibe.



Celebration Vibes? Enjoy a Kir Royale.


• 20 ml De Kuyper Crème de Cassis

• Top up with champagne or prosecco

Preparation: Add all ingredients to flute glass. Add ice. Stir gently to mix ingredients. Garnish if desired and serve.

Vacation Vibes? Enjoy a Blue Lagoon.


• 40ml De Kuyper Blue Curaçao

• 20ml Vodka

• 20ml fresh lime juice

• Lemonade

Preparation: Fill a long drink glass with ice. Add De Kuyper Blue Curaçao, vodka and lime juice. Top up with lemonade and stir gently. Finally, garnish with a slice of orange and serve.

Party Vibes, Enjoy a Margarita


• 20ml De Kuyper Triple Sec

• 40ml Tequila

• 20ml fresh lime juice

• 5ml sugar syrup (one barspoon)

Preparation: Fill a shaker or a large screw-top jar halfway with ice. Add all ingredients and shake vigorously for one minute. Strain into a margarita glass and serve immediately. As a garnish, a slice of lime on the glass is recommended.

Fruity Vibes? Enjoy a Passionfruit Martini.


• 40ml De Kuyper Passionfruit

• 30ml Vodka

• 15ml vanilla syrup (three bar spoons)

• 20ml fresh lime juice

• Pulp of a passion fruit

• 1 egg white (optional)

Preparation: Fill a shaker or a large screw-top jar halfway with ice. Add De Kuyper passionfruit, vodka, vanilla syrup, lime juice, passion fruit and optionally an egg white. Shake vigorously for at least a minute and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with half a passionfruit. Serve immediately and enjoy.

#colourfulcocktailvibes @de_kuyper_cocktails

Using Video Analytics to Increase Profitability

There is no doubt times are tough for QSR businesses right now.  Costs have increased and this is likely to become the new normal, while consumers are spending less due to concerns over the cost-of-living crisis.  Technology now offers some solutions for operators trying to reduce cost bases, protect eroding margins and maximise profitability.

At DTiQ we work with multi-unit operators to help them utilise their existing CCTV & Infrastructure to lower costs and increase profits. This can be through improving speed of service or staff training to identifying theft or reducing fraudulent third party charge backs.

Improving the Customer Journey

Today’s business owners need to provide an exceptional customer experience to develop a loyal customer base and stay competitive. Smart video systems can play a significant role in success by providing insights that help improve every aspect of a customer’s experience from the moment they enter your establishment.

Ryan Stainsby and Carly Moir, Directors of Siesta Coffee explains: “We always like to be ahead of the curve and use the best technology to ensure our locations run smoothly and cost efficiently. Working with DTiQ now means we can be proactive to spot trends or any issues faster and take action to create an even better customer experience.”

Siesta Coffee is just one firm leveraging the power of data analytics from video surveillance. We call it our ‘big sister’ technology. Our advanced server technology records video surveillance of stores and software maps this to EPOS data. Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) automatically picks out and alerts operators to any anomalies which need highlighting so there is no need to view hours of video footage.


It also provides the option to search for precise time slots or incidents, and footage can be stored for the duration of the contract so QSR operators can check past events easily if needed.

“It means we now have a proactive way to help us maintain customer satisfaction and excel at loss prevention while getting a great overview of each store in real time,” continue Ryan Stainsby and Carly Moir. “It has the potential to help us become more energy efficient, improve our staff training, increase speed of service, order accuracy and impact our customer journey positively at every step of the way too.”

Loss Prevention

Our AI in combination with our video surveillance solutions, have also been developed to enable any suspicious transactions to be identified. The video allows transactions flagged by the AI, to be verified.

These could simply be related to new staff who may be unaware of cash handling procedures, or identify any internal or external theft. Any discount or coupon abuse can be tracked as can returns, discounts or voids on the EPOS.

At DTiQ, our AI has learned (and will continue to learn) what constitutes a suspicious transaction.  We use exception based reporting to help identify and train the AI. Trends can then be tracked across multiple stores as well as individual transactions which can easily be identified, monitored and presented.

For multi-unit franchisees, analysis of data in this way, means all stores can be compared and consistency and quality applied across the estate. Also, video of examples of best practice can easily be shared with each location to help with staff training too.

3rd Party Charge Backs

One aspect of loss prevention where video and analytics are particularly helpful relates to the growing trend of fraudulent 3rd party charge backs. Here, a customer makes an online purchase, typically using a credit card and the payment is reversed by the customer’s bank, meaning the merchant loses the money, the cost of goods and any costs incurred by making the product. Some chargebacks are simply misunderstandings, but others are a form of intentional theft.

Analysis of video can provide proof that customers did receive complete or correct orders. Or, we can help businesses monitor and identify why orders may be delivered inaccurately so the issue can be addressed.

Return on Investment

Smart surveillance systems can also provide key metrics and reports on transaction times, customer conversion and employee behaviour to identify issues and other trends to enable positive action to be taken.

Often there is no need to upgrade current CCTV or EPOS to get on board with intelligent video, as the

latest tech can work with existing infrastructure. DTiQ even offers SmartAudits to evaluate working practices remotely and provide datadriven insights to improve employee performance and company efficiency. It varies but most of our QSR customers see a three month return on investment. Overall, we aim to add approximately 2% to an average customer’s bottom line through savings in wastage, loss prevention and an increased in speed of service/ turnover.

If you need expert advice on loss prevention or how to improve customer experience with video surveillance, DTiQ has more than 20 years of experience, serving more than 45,000 clients around the world. DTiQ works with some of the leading QSR brands in the USA and Europe including Burger King, Subway, Starbucks, Domino’s, and the Hard Rock Café to help them manage costs, optimise revenue, and drive operational excellence.

DTiQ combines best-in-class surveillance equipment with cloudbased analytics and convenient managed services. The team at DTiQ can build a customised business intelligence solution that integrates with your existing POS system, saving time and money. Our 24/7 support and enhanced reporting tools give you the data you need to drive better business decisions.


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