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17 “TAXI DRIVER” Fashion Editorial by: Attilio Brancaccio

24 survive university

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Operation: Occupy

occupying. again How did world war 2 start? The occupying and invasion of other lands. Could we see a war break out between the poor and the rich? When I say poor, i don’t mean it in a financial sense, but in an economical sense- the lack of jobs, the rotting of capitalism, the poor feeling robbed. This article was written whilst a University student, threw a microwave from the 39th floor of his apartment. This might not have anything to with Occupy, but lets face it, Britain is heading towards disaster. Anyway, Occupy seems to be a global operation, with the occupying of the worlds stock exchanges, a place for the wealthy and aspiring. the reason they are occupying is clear, they are angry at what has become of the capitalist ystem. What do you suggest? Communism? Do you still want a facebook account?


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon: “All Libyans must be able to recognize themselves in the nation’s government and leadership. The high hopes sustained through the long days of revolution and conflict must translate into opportunities and justice for all.”

US President Barack Obama said that “this is a momentous day in the history of Libya.” In a speech given in front of the White House, he said “the dark shadow of the tyranny has been lifted” in Libya and a “long and winding road to democracy” is ahead for it. “You have won your revolution,” he told the people of Libya. Libya’s Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril said that following the death of the colonel it is time for Libyans to launch a new, united Libya. According to Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, “now the war is over.” The French foreign minister, Alain Juppé, said “France is proud to have helped the Libyan people to recover their freedom.” British PM David Cameron pointed out that it is a day to remember all of Colonel Gaddafi’s victims. “From those who died in connection with the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, to Yvonne Fletcher in a London street, and obviously all the victims of IRA terrorism who died through their use of Libyan semtex,” he added. “We should also remember the many, many Libyans who died at the hands of this brutal dictator and his regime. People in Libya today have an even greater chance, after this news, of building themselves a strong and democratic future.”

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You’re a boxer obviously, tell me, how did it all start?

1980s really, i used to watch boxing live with my father, and just watching mike tyson’s and sugar ray leonard’s and i was seeing the big fights in vegas and i always wanted to do that. i was 5 years old, and i asked my father to take me to the local gym which is the all stars boxing gym. i’ve been going there for 23 years now.

You are a bit of a trans atlantic boxer.

i started in britain, and i eventually ended up in america. 2005 was my first training trip. i would go over there a few times a year. spend a month there, and i got offered a fight in 2008 there, i lost- on points but it was really tight. 6 months later, i fought and beat a former world champion. And ever since then, everyone knew i was serious, i got more opportunities

real dreams. some pitfalls and you’ll be big!

Whats the plan for the next 12 Tell me about the journey to months? Win the british title outright, the european your first british title I turned professional. i was just a boxer. nothing was expected from me. Amir kahn went to the olympics and everyone was after him. I had to start from scratch. I expected a lot from myself. going to america and getting myself a title fight. I beat world number 3, which put me as world number 4! and then i beat the british champ. vie been offered lots of deals. Ricky Hatton offered me a deal (since the interview, Ashley has been signed by Ricky Hatton)

a lot of people hate on him, saying he’s doing this, he’s doing that. I like what he’s doing, he’s going to america- getting fights. doing what i will be doing soon!, its not even a thing where i want amir kahn, i want to do what he’s doing and fight on the world stage. Fight timothy bradley and eric morales. I want to go to Amir as a champion, on the same level.

What was your opinion with ortiz and mayweather fight? Ortiz lunged at him and ref always says protect yourself all times and mayweather took advantage.

How would you describe your childhood?

Some guys who go there, keep going there, again and again. vie got amyl members who are like that. if u have a talent, some people have a talent. if you work hard- you will make your dream come true. it teaches you to keep going for your

Amir Kahn, news reports suggest he wants to fight you, would youu fight him?

Theres too many! id say eric morales and timothy bradley. Deffinately. Whats kahn is doing, i want to do, fight the best. British boxers should support him!

I’m writing a book called “Raised by the hood”. its about me, how im from london, how you’ve got drugs and crime around you, the negative environment and how i rised from it. i also work on my clohing line, hoodstar. Sometimes i go to schools and do talks.

Would you think prison’s have a positive effect, even in such a negative environment?

title and a world title fight! thats my aim and goal, il work hard to make it happen. Being from a poor background i realise what handwork means.

Who’s your big fight goal?

What do you do when you are not boxing?

Id say it was a normal, maybe a bit hood or ghetto. My mum and dad were cool, but being from the area i lived in- you would see all the big cars and stuff and i got involved in crime, got arrested for armed robbery, found not guilty but i spent 6 months in prison, but that whole experience, where i was 19/20, guys my age were going down for 10-15 years. made me realise i had a talent. if i came out of prison, i would go tunnel vision on my goals and just go for it. when i came out, i was on the boxing thing. im living my childhood dream. amir khans number 1, im number 2. on primtime, i was mentioned out as a possible opponent.


What is your opinion on Mayweather?

He does a lot for charity, not the nicest guy but a talented boxer. Persona isn’t great but he does a lot of positive stuff.

and the IBO?

Yeah! I won that in germany.

Tell me a little about All star boxing gym.

50 cents been here. champions have been here. Watching the kids makes me think i was like that one day.

You’ve always mentioned you always wanted to be on the What is the core message you world stage. give to the kids? Yeah i have, some british boxers rate the title i have very highly, no saying i don’t but thats never been my focus. mine was to get some wins and move to america, which i did and offered the british title. they thought i couldn’t beat him. You have already defended, against james cook, who wanted the title really badly Yeah, there was som people who thought he would give me trouble. when he stepped out, i believed i was too much for

Work hard and you can do anything. I was 30 last year. 10 years ago i was in jail. In between i worked hard and lived my dream in America. Anything can happen with anything. Message to Jak: Keep doing what your doing and you will be big.!





I AM PORTIA Portia freno. acctress. model. singer. an upcoming british talent that should be on everyones radar by now.

go clubbing or raving or things like that anymore.

Did you used to do that before? Err not really, sometimes but I’ve never been a big like raver, you won’t really catch me in the west end every weekend

What work have you done regard- So how is your lifestyle now? Well since my injury everything has been ing acting? Anything worth mentioning would be “Anuvahood” which is where majority of people would have seen me in, anything else would just be short productions and little stuff; things like uni productions.

pretty boring, for the last five days I’ve been indoors but in general, my lifestyle is alright, just work, I go to a few meetings, hang out with my manager sometimes,

(Long pause in DEEP thought) In terms of acting I’d love to be in more films, and I would like to write my own films to be honest, I’m good at writing, that’s why I like to keep my blogs and stuff. In school I used to write other peoples essays, I just love to write. Right now I’m going through a bit of a block which is why I feel so frustrated; I’m hoping the music can help me start it back up again.

What’s the current situation with your music? Well right now I’ve only got three tracks recorded, I’m not going to release anything until I’ve got about seven tracks, and then I’ll release like an EP, I can’t put a genre on it AT ALL, it just depends how I feel that day. One of my tracks could be like Rock or another could be like hip-hop, I also love house tracks.

Did you go to drama school? I did drama at college, but I didn’t go to drama school. That’s actually why I didn’t go into acting for quite a while because I thought you had to go to drama school and complete everything first but then I realised that you just need to have the talent. Often the director has an idea of what they are already looking for so you just have to go in, be yourself, and show them what you’ve got and standout.

How do you feel about Anuvahood?

Why did you decide to get into music? Well I’ve been going through a lot of changes within my life and music is a good way to express it and really get your thoughts down. I mean, I’ve loved music all my life; I’ve grown up around music and I have a big interest in it. Anything that was stopping me before was probably a lack of confidence with it and being busy with other stuff. I was even given a guitar when I was young and one of those “how to play books” and I taught myself the guitar!

What aspirations have you got containing all three careers?

photo shoots, auditions , trying to write stuff really.

Do you know what? I’m just happy about all the attention I got from it because I only had a small role. Most females in there, besides the mum, didn’t get a big role. It was all based on a bunch of guys, so there wasn’t really any huge female roles in the whole film so the fact that they picked me as the female they wanted to push in the film and all the posters and the billboard and I went on tour. I never thought people would be screaming out my name and asking my for autographs (laughs) it just felt surreal.

Have you got any advice to those You have a pretty diverse career, who wish to go into acting? We know you’ve done some work what are your influences for each I always say education is important but when it comes to things like drama, with De nola, how’s that? part? Yeah that’s recent, they are a French label; I love them! They’re big in Paris but they’re just getting started in London. When I went to the first fitting, the fitting was perfect, I’ve never been to a fitting before and got so excited and yeah, they offered me the place. We’ve done the first commercial already in London and we’re going to Paris to shoot the next one and at the end of it, you’ll get to see everything! I have to watch where I’m going, I can’t


Ohh, I hate questions like these! ermm, not many people influence me but I often feel inspired. I can have a conversation with someone and feel inspired in that very moment but I wouldn’t say that I follow anyone, I know that sounds bad. I mean, I love Angelina Jolie, and I love Angela bashment, I love a lot of people but everyone’s different, they can’t really influence me because I’m trying to do my own thing.

(shakes head). Do short courses, definitely! Always try to up your game but don’t waste years and years and years at Uni looking to get into the entertainment industry, there is just no time to waste at all, just go for it! INTERVIEW WAS DONE EARLY SPETEMBER.

STRANGlE KOJAK Itroduce yourselves guys!

ASH: Hi, I’m ash, I play guitar and a bit of backing vocals in strangle kojak, spend most my time rehearsing and on Facebook! I enjoy chatting to all the guys and girls and I’m a lighting designer so I go about doing lighting for bands and performances. SAM: My name is Sam, I play bass and sing in strangle kojak, I used to be strangle kojacks’ guitar technician actually. Before the band I used to build log cabins and then they invited me in. MAX: I’m max, I play drums in strangle kojack, apart from the band, my life really just involves ps3 gaming, the internet and working in the box office of a music venue in the ticket section. OMAR: My names Omar, I’m the vocalist and rhythm guitarist in strangle kojak. I work in retail stores, I like going to the gym, coming to rehearsals and going on holidays.

What Kind of Relationship do you share in the band? Sometimes it’s a love/hate one but a lot of the time it’s just a hate/hate one (laughs). We do love spending time together and we love pulling pranks on each other. We think people find it quite hard to get along with our band because it’s so different. We love to annoy each other but at the end of the day we’re best mates.

What do you want to achive Iin the Which city are you looking forward next 12 months? to the most? One thing we never really got ourselves into was to keep on touring all the time so that would be a big thing for us. We’d also like to build a bigger fan base, we’ve got a really good one in Birmingham, we’re really thankful to them because we wouldn’t be in the position we are now if it weren’t for them. We’re not at college anymore and in a sense, this is our real job so we can put in all our money in to it, all the other stuff it’s just part time around this. We are going to put our all into it now and go off.

How old are you all? We are all 20, which is, believe it or not, the combined age of 80 (laughs).

How did you come up with the name of the band? Omar came up with the name, it was while he was at school, he just said it and it sounded like a fun name to him and seeing as we are a fun band, we just stuck to it.

Where would be your ideal place to perform? Possibly Reading festival stage but to be honest, every band would just love to say they have performed at Wembley stadium. I can’t think of one person who wouldn’t want to grab a microphone, say “hello Wembley” and strum a guitar! (Laughs)

Everywhere! We’re looking forward to all the cities; we get to travel to a new city everyday so it’s very exciting. We’re quite curious about Newcastle because we’re being talked about up there so we really want to see what happens there.

What would you say to younger musicians coming up? Just to keep on writing songs, anywhere, in your bedroom, just keep on writing songs; keep on writing and writing and writing! Then try and get a band together, it’s not really about touring and stuff like that it’s about finding the right people in the band because that’s the hardest thing. Sometimes they can be your best friend but it’s important you find the right people. A lot of the time the reason why musicians don’t get noticed, or famous, etc. is because they don’t have the right members.

If you all had to fight each other which one would win? Well, Omar would think he would win but then the other 3 of us would just team up and batter him!

Any words for your fans? We’d just like to thank you everything you’ve done, we really appreciate everything and we hope you continue to support us. Of course we know that we have haters but they kind of inspire us to write such good songs.

What are your inspirations in mu- Tell us a little bit about the tour sic? you’re embarking on Follow their tour on www.updatemagaWe’re all really different, Omar is into like dance, pop, and usually what’s in the charts as for ash will listen to quite heavy stuff. We even listen to dubstep and quite a range of music really.

It’s called the stock drop rock tour, sponsored by stock drop rock clothing, which consists of us and 3 other bands doing a rotating headline tour and hitting 11 different towns across the UK.


UPDATE top 10 music

10 Will Young (Rca) – “Jealousy”

‘Jealousy’ is Will Young’s first single from newly released album ‘Echoes’. Although the album and single were released on the same day it has remained in the UK Top 40 for 5 weeks and this week only falls one place from the number 9 slot. So close Will, don’t be Jel!

9 Damien Rice (East West) – “Cannonball”

Up an amazing 30 places this week is Damien Rice’s ‘Cannonball’. The uncompromised touch of the ‘X Factor’ has given this song its re-birth. Damien Rice’s Cannonball surprisingly only originally reached to number 32 on the UK Top 40 singles chart back in 2003. However this week it has miraculously made it to the number 9 spot all thanks to a performance by X Factor contestant - John Adams.


Olly Murs ft Rizzle Kicks (Epic/Syco) – “Heart Skips a Beat”

Rizzle Kicks are back again but this time as featured artists alongside the X Factor loser Olly Murs! Although becoming a runner-up for the show Murs announced he had signed a joint contract with both Epic and Syco records! With 600,000 album copies under his belt and only falling 4 places after being in the charts for 5 weeks he doesn’t show any sign of stopping soon.

7 Ed Sheeran (Asylum) – “The A Team”

Yes, Ed is back again with his smash hit ‘The A Team’. Being in the charts for an impressive 16 weeks, it debuted at number 3. It was the second highest new entry just following behind Calvin Harris previous record with ‘Bounce’ which debuted at number two. Selling 57, 607 copies in its first release, newly released album, live performances on YouTube videos and regular releases Ed Sheeran’s fan base continues to grow.

6 Pixie Lott (Mercury) – “All About Tonight”

Sharing the same record label as Duffy, Fall Out Boy and Elton John has to be scary but Pixie Lott returns this year with her brand new single ‘All About Tonight’. The video which details scantily clothed party-goers has already clocked an amazing 4 Million views and with the song debuting at number one, Pixie’s upcoming album has a bright future ahead of it.

5 James Morrison (Mercury) – “I Won’t Let You Go”

A brand new entry in the chart James Morrison returns with ‘I Won’t Let You Go’. The song is the first of many from his upcoming third studio album ‘The Awakening’. Released on the 25th August 2011 in Belgium (Yes you read that right… Belgium) it has been met with positive critique here in the UK. The typical guitar and tambourine-led love song is quite impressive in its ability to be somewhat really memorable even though you feel like you’ve heard it a thousand times before from someone else. A fry cry from ‘Broken Strings’ Morrison returns with another hit.


4 Jason Derulo (Warner Bros) – “It Girl”

Jason Deruloooo! He remarkably doesn’t scream out this time. The mid-tempo guitar strummed pop/rnb ballad is a new entry this week peaking at number 4, somewhere that this time next week might not be where the song ends up. The 7 million viewed (and increasingly growing) music video on YouTube, is just one of the reasons as to why this guy’s success isn’t looking to deplete any time soon. It must be the persistent whistling? Mustn’t it? There is something about this song that makes you want to attack the repeat button. Regardless the second single off of his second studio album ‘Future History’ shows no sign of falling this week.

3 One Direction (Syco Music) – “What Makes You Beautiful”

X Factor strikes again as One Direction followed in Cher Lloyd’s footsteps as having their first debut single reach the number one spot. This week however they have been knocked off and fall two places. With the single only being in the UK Top 40 for its second week the group can still remain hopeful. Although members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson finished third on last year’s series, the group have already sold an amazing 153,00 copies within its first week of release. With the group announcing their December 2011/ January 2012 UK tour, this boy band are truly making their mark. I don’t suppose anyone remembers the actual winner, Matt Cardle? Yikes.

2 Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera (A&M/Octone) – “Moves Like Jagger”

Have you got them moves like jagger? Well we don’t really know exactly what those moves are but at number two in the UK Top 40, do we really have to? After selling over 56,000 copies in its first week and having been in the charts for the last 6 making it a non-mover for this week, a lot of people must be feeling those Jagger moves (Mick Jagger that is, sorry Cher) The song which features vocals from Pop princess and amazing vocalist Christina Aguilera, has created her 15th top ten hit her in the UK.

1 Dappy (AATW/Island) – “No Regrets”

Dappy (a.k.a Costadinos Contostavlos) must seriously have no regrets after ‘taking a break’ from his fellow N-Dubbers’ Tulisa and Fazer. Written by the man himself this has been Dappy’s first solo number one single. He was always known as the (sometimes oddly) hat-wearing rapper of the trio but since going it alone has sold 96, 639 in his first week. This response from the single now means that it is the 11th number one song in a row to debut by a British act. Thus, creating an all-time British record, destroying the 10 in a row record set way back in 1963. I would bet Dappy would have no regrets after having seen those figures!



Evolution of tech

From black and white television to SIRI. From horse and carriage to electric powered vehicles. Sending letters via pigeons to texting and instant messaging. You get the jist? The world has evolved in such a small period of time. The evolution of technology is also changing the course of evolution of homosapiens (humans) the way we think and do things. Children in the western world are being brought up in societies where, without facebook, would crumble. Without Google, the process of gathering information slowed down.

Why are we so dependant on technology?

Why is the last man a robot, surely we are not mechanically enhanced? The answer is, yes and no. A lot of people who have has body parts amuptaued and replaced with robotic parts which tap into the human nervous system to operate, revolutionary, and gives people a second chance. And no, the majority of us do not have a robitic leg or arm. But what we do have is an iPhone or something else similar to it. If the population in the UK was stripped from their mobile phones and gadgets, where would they do? Probably have a huge fit and panic, assuming that the world has ended and that all contact with the rest of humanity has been lost. Basically, feel like an alien. As people, we may not have been physically enhanced (well, most of us) but we are mentally attached to our gadgets that make us feel, without these devices- we are alien to society.

Simple. With technology, we do things quicker. We are more efficient. Once you taste blood, you’ll want it again. No Formula 1 race wants to do the next lap slower. People love doing things quickly. Technology allows us to do that. A simple mobile phone can keep you in touch with all your known associates, friends and family. Email somebody on the other side of the MORE TECHNOLOGY world, or better yet. Instant message someone. The reaction to the AT crashing of Blackberry’s servers WWW.UPDATEMAGAZINE. was a testament on how it has be- CO.UK/TECHNOLOGY come a huge factor in many lives.


Top that you but

5 gadgets you think must have, not need

1. Another iPhone. 2. A kindle- or something similar. 3. A camera that costs more than £200 if you’re not a keen photographer. 4.Tablet Devices 5. Extra’s for games consoles, like really?

Man of steel or man big deal?


LATEST SUPERMAN FILM For some people, the Superhero meant most to them when they were a young, innocent child. Exposed to a world surrounded by fantasy, action, adventure and above all escapism, a time when the average child like myself, sat directly in front of a television with no care in the world, but with one determined thought, to see his favourite Superhero in action on the screen. As a young boy the first Superhero I was exposed to, and I imagine everyone else; was an alien from a distant planet known as Krypton, sent to earth by his parents just as their planet was destroyed, raised by caring human parents, the Kent’s, eventually maturing into adulthood to become the greatest hero we have ever known, the fearless hero in blue and red, with one distinctive symbol which defined him to everyone, a triangular shaped S, proudly displayed across his chest. To me, this hero represented everything that I wanted to be both as a child and an adult, strong, determined, hopeful, confident, and most importantly give me the steely determination to pursue my goals in life. So, why make another Superman movie? Surely our greatest hero has been resurrected far too many times in recent years? Fellow Superman fans around the world had high hopes when ‘Superman Returns’ flew onto our cinema screens in the summer of 2006, only to quickly fly away again. Primarily due to the film simply imitating what had already been done during the Christopher Reeve era, even with the vision of X-Men 1 and 2 film director Bryan Singer who had the capacity to take our man in blue tights somewhere we had never been to before; but on a more expensive scale. Do not get me wrong, Brandon Routh no doubt gave a very strong, intense performance, but what had let him down, that was no fault of his own; was that audiences, myself among them, knew deep in our hearts that no actor whether unknown or well-known could top Christopher Reeve’s signature portrayal of the last son of Krypton. Singer clearly saw something special in Brandon Routh, he had all the qualities required to play Superman, height, a distinctive deep, God like voice, the strong jawline; but what he also had the characteristics and mannerisms that Christopher Reeve bought to


original films, which is ultimately let both him and the film fall flat on its super face. Routh had been chosen over Henry Cavill who was the front runner to the role when he first tried out for the part, an opportunity Cavill probably never thought would come again until now. The new movie is under direction of American writer, producer, director, Zack Snyder, best known for his dark, gruelling comic book adaptions of Frank Miller’s ‘300’ and Alan Moore’s ‘Watchmen’, and let’s just forget about ‘Sucker Punch’ shall we?. So what can we expect from this clearly gifted and talented Director, well for a start given his track record of comic book adaptions, Superman seems to have been placed in good hands, but has he? Snyder has shown that he is capable of handling very gloomy, dark comic book material. Taking them from their irresistibly gothic, quirky pages and bringing them to life on the big screen. I think it is safe to say however that Superman is far from dark, quirky and gothic and gloomy…that’s Batman isn’t it? So where will Snyder take our great hero? Seeing the first publicity shot of Henry Cavill in the newly designed suit it still remains unclear at present as to where this film will go. I don’t think it will be what we’ve already seen previously judging from the look of the costume and Cavill’s steely expression on his face. No doubt Cavill has a big responsibility to carry and he is probably as nervous as we are. But are that nervous? And are we that bothered? ‘Man of Steel’ is in huge danger of falling into clichéd territory, becoming victim to all the trappings that its predecessor ‘Superman Returns’ flew into, or rather fell into. 2011 seems to be an interesting year for Superheroes at the moment, as filmmakers continue to produce their own interpretations of comic book characters that have been with us for decades upon decades. What we don’t know, or what we’re starting to realise is that a big change has taken place. It has been a tradition in American movies to the American actor playing the American hero, and the English actor playing the villain, audiences never questioned this at the time, but that is a bit unfair isn’t it? American’s and their very limited views of English actors and their potential as heroes in American films. Well that may have been the case for a long time, but now I think we can all agree that has changed? It changed with the event of casting Welsh Actor Christian Bale as Batman in ‘Batman Begins’ in 2005, so really we owe this change to English director and writer Christopher Nolan

for making this happen, and of course he is also co-writing the screenplay for ‘Man of Steel’, along with his brother Jonathon Nolan and writer/producer/director David S. Goyer, best known to comic book fans as the Director of ‘Blade: Trinity’ and the co-writer of ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’, and most importantly an avid comic book writer and fan. Changes have been made, traditions thrown out of the window and into the gutter, but we still need to wonder and ask ourselves, why make another Superman Movie? Is our hero in tights ready to make another appearance on the big screen? Is it too early so soon after the let’s face it, the box office failure of ‘Superman Returns’? What will Zack Snyder bring to this project? And I think what we really have to ask ourselves, Will Henry Cavill fall victim to ‘The Superman Curse’? It is known by many that anyone who has been involved in a Superman project in one way or another, has either met an untimely end, or simply suffered type casting, as it was when creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster put a curse on the original movie in 1978, a genuine curse? Or is just poor circumstances? Either way we shall see what 2013 brings us, will the film prove a flop like it’s previous incarnation? Or will the Man of Steel prove a big deal? Any comments please forward to

FILMS TO WATCH 2011 1. Drive 2. The Tree of Life 3. Contagion 4. Bridesmaids 5. Moneyball 6.Thor 7. Abduction 8. Setup 9. Horrible Bosses 10. Warrior You probably have never even heard of half of these, hence why we want you to watch them and tell us what you think. Come on. We know you’re curious.

TAXI DRIVER Photography: Attilio Brancaccio Styling: Woody Model: Christian Chirinos Freire





From KRUMP • HOOP DOOP MAGAZINE #1 Photography: Attilio Brancaccio Styling: Marie Claire Liem Model: Eddie Vidal


JOINUS! ENJOYIT! thenewspotfor creativepeople! 22

MISS GOK-JAN’S STYLE FIX Here we have our Bajan sensation Rihanna (left) and our writer herself, Janet Gok-Jan (right) wearing a distinctive, zebra striped blazer from H&M.. Now we all know Rihanna is definitely a prime example for fashion and individual style. She has been recognised everywhere for her daring outfits and taking risks - which is exactly what we love about her! Here we have Rihanna wearing this blazer during a video shoot for her number one hit song ‘What’s My Name’. We know that being a celebrity and all, wearing whatever you want and making fashion hiccups are always excusable, hence why i did not attempt any risks with my own rendition of the outfit! I decided to use the same blazer but as a statement item (making that the only item to have a pattern) and to make the rest of my outfit as plain and simple as possible. You can also make your own interpretation of style anytime. The way one person would rock something, is totally different to the way another would do so. Hopefully i have said enough to make you want to dig out your closets, grab a blazer and rock as many different looks with it as you can - because that’s the idea! Especially now that winter is approaching, wearing the same beige double breasted coat can become quite boring, but if you can take the effort to tweak your look with the coat, you would definitely reap the benefits of it. And i’m pretty sure you’ll get compliments as if it were a brand new coat!

UPDATE’S FASHION ACCESSORIES - FALL/WINTER Keeping warm AND stylish isn’t always easy, here are two fashionable items you can stay cosy and look gorgeous in at the same time!

Fur hats - Hats serve many purposes, either to protect you from the whirling wind or to rescue the mid-life crisis of a bad hair day. You definitely wouldn’t go wrong with this, and better still, it’s in style too! Caption: River Island Faux Fur Crockett Hat

Ankle boots - Open toe or ballerina shoes have no place during winter, you’ll be sure to keep your toes away from the cold and in style with ankle boots. Caption: Zara Fur Heel Ankle Boot Written by: Janet Awomuti



How to get through first term Make friends. Simple. During your first week, you will of course have your freshers week, which universities organise to help you settle in and meet people that you never knew existed. You’ll ask about 500 people where they’re from and what they’re studying- even though you don’t care- you just want someone to talk to. Find some common ground and build friendships. Your lecturers will tell you that they are not afraid of kicking people off their course if you don’t pull your weight, contrary to popular belief that “first year doesn’t count” but first impressions count, so be punctual and attend your lectures and seminars on time. Don’t spend all your money on partying Its a common trait of student culture. You feel like Bill Gates. You want to feel like chipmunk, by buying all your mates drinks and going to expensive clubs. One thing you will always hear “Im broke”, why? Because people don’t know how to budget. Have a weekly expenditure list and include money to go out.


Dont forget freinds from home! You will of course make new friends, but remember, like you, they are probably from parts of the country you never knew existed. Don’t forget all your mates from home and you should occasionally tell them to come and visit you, it will help you settle in better and you should also visit them (if they are at university too). Support is always there for you! Most of the stuff you get from freshers ends up in your bins, But hopefully, you’re collecting every copy of Update because your cool. Remember, there is support always available for you. For emotional support, The Samaritans, 08457 90 90 90. Remember, have fun, stay safe and get that degree! BBC IPLAYER, SPOTIFY, HEINZ- THE ESSENTIALS BBC Iplayer is your main source of entertainment. So is Update Magazine. Spotify is a good platform for free music (we’re not promoting piracy, and please do not commit piracy) Heinz beans is your main source of energy...

The main essentials! Money (duh!) Books (slaps face) Pens! (You know you always borrowed in school) Laptop (Don’t be an anglo saxon) A place to stay (come on...) YOU (Be yourself)

A LOL moment IN ORDER FOR THE ADMISSIONS STAFF OF OUR COLLEGE TO GET TO KNOW YOU BETTER, WE ASK THAT YOU ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION: ARE THERE ANY SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCES YOU HAVE HAD, OR ACCOMPLISHMENTS YOU HAVE REALIZED, THAT HAVE HELPED TO DEFINE YOU AS A PERSON? I am a dynamic figure, often seen scaling walls and crushing ice. I have been known to remodel train stations on my lunch breaks, making them more efficient in the areas of heat retention. I translate ethnic slurs for Cuban refugees, I write awardwinning operas, I manage time efficiently. Occasionally, I treated water for three days in a row. I woo women with my sensuous and god like trombone playing, I can pilot bicycles up severe inclines with unflagging speed, and I cook Thirty-Minute Brownies in twenty minutes. I am as expert in stucco, a veteran in love, and an outlaw in Peru. Using only a ghow and a large glass of water, I once single-handedly defended a small village in the Amazon Basin from a horde of ferocious army ants. I play bluegrass cello, I was scouted by the Mets, I am the subject of numerous documentaries. When I’m bored, I build large suspension bridges in my yard. I enjoy urban hang gliding. On Wednesdays, after school, I repair electrical appliances free of charge. I am an abstract artist, a concrete analyst, and a ruthless bookie. Critics worldwide swoon over my original line of corduroy evening wear. I don’t perspire. I am a private citizen, yet I receive fan mail. I have been caller number nine and have won the weekend passes. Last summer I toured New Jersey with a traveling centrifugal-force demonstration. I bat 400. My deft floral arrangements have earned me fame in international botany circles. Children trust me. I can hurl tennis rackets at small moving objects with deadly accuracy. I once read Paradise Lost, Moby Dick, and David Copperfield in one day and still had time to refurbish an entire dining room that evening. I know the exact location of every food item in the supermarket. I have performed several covert operations with the CIA. I sleep once a week; when I do sleep, I sleep in a chair. While on vacation in Canada, I successfully negotiated with a group of terrorists who had seized a small bakery. The laws of physics do not apply to me. I balance, I weave, I dodge, I frolic, and my bills are all paid. On weekends, to let off steam, I participate in full-contact origami. Years ago I discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down. I have made extraordinary four course meals using only a mouli and a toaster oven. I breed prizewinning clams. I have won bullfights in San Juan, cliff-diving competitions in Sri Lanka, and spelling bees at the Kremlin. I have played Hamlet, I have performed open-heart surgery, and I have spoken with Elvis. But I have not yet gone to college. PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE Life is an endless struggle, full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like. The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing in the right place, but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment. Time may be a great healer but it’s also a lousy beauticia Brain cells come and go but fat cells live forever. Life not only begins at forty it begin to show. You don’t stop laughing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop laughing. It is bad to suppress laugher; it goes back down and spreads to your hips. Age is important only if you’re cheese and wine. The only time a woman wishes that she were a year older is when she is expecting a baby. Inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out, but he/she can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate


SQUATS Squats are an exercise you will have most definitely heard of, even if you’ve chosen to ignore your other half (I mean your legs not your annoying girlfriend). They have often been referred to as the “ultimate” exercise for your legs because they use up every muscle in the lower region of the body, the Quadriceps, and the Hamstrings and of course the Gluteus Maximus, or for you less educated individuals, that’s your bottom. Take hips


standing shoulder

position width

with apart

Keep your back straight and slowly lower your behind towards the floor Whilst doing this, make sure to extend your arms out in front of you for better balance. Push back up now until you are back in your standing position and repeat There are multiple variations to this exercise such as applying dumbbells or barbells to the mix, and even here we can have some variation. You may choose to keep the dumbbells at the side of the body and proceed to do a squat or you can raise them above the shoulders and hold them there while performing the exercise. Personally, if you are having an off day and you are under the impression that you are a woman, you can go ahead and attempt the first variation mentioned, if you run on testosterone and football like everyone else, I suggest you go for the weighted options. Try about 3 sets of 10 – 15 reps depending on how heavy your chosen weight is.


get fit

Perhaps the most overlooked muscles in that alternate universe we know as “the gym” are the leg muscles. Even though they are largest muscles in the body, they are constantly ignored by avid gym goers, more concerned with building that superman chest and rippling 6 pack, but trust me, the legs are just as important as any other muscle you can think of and I’m going to give you a couple of tips to get them in tip top shape.

Get fitter LUNGES

3 sets of 10 should do the job

These bad boys are very good at developing the leg muscles. The typical lunge places all the weight on to one leg as well as causing you to balance at the same time, using up other smaller muscles to help support you. Like the squats mentioned above you can do them with or without weights, but I’m just going to let your conscious decide that one.

If you wish to, this exercise can be performed with a barbell held over the shoulders, as with the squats.

Stand shoulder with apart holding your dumbbells, palm facing inwards. Take a large a Step forward with your chosen leg and lower yourself towards the ground Make sure that your back leg is parallel to the ground (usually your knee will be about an inch or so from the ground) and hold that position for around 3 seconds. Push as hard as you can back up so that you have now returned back to the standing position, ready to perform the act again for the other leg.

STATIC SQUATS I’m just warning you now, this next exercise, it’s not for the faint hearted or the optimistic, seriously, just don’t bother. This is more of a mental exercise than a physical one, can you actually hold it? Or is it just your mind telling you that you can’t? Static exercises are extremely effective for muscle building, not just for the legs but also for other muscles such as the abdominals. Stand against a wall with your knees slightly bent

Keep your hands raised to shoulder level to make the exercise more difficult Try for 3 sets of 90 seconds If you’re feeling as powerful as a Decepticon, then you can try holding a medicine ball while your arms are fully extended but I already warned you at the start about this exercise, I shan’t be doing it again.

For more exercise tips from A.T, Check out www.updatemagazine.

When you are ready to begin, drop down till your knees are at a 90 degree angle and your back is pushed up flat against the wall. HOLD THIS POSITION for a period of 90 seconds with no breaks, or releases.





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Update Magazine Issue 2  

Update Magazine is a fresh new read

Update Magazine Issue 2  

Update Magazine is a fresh new read