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Hello there, We would like to welcome you to our ship ‘De Zwarte Zwaan’ on the ‘Buiten IJ” at Schellingwoude. Schellingwoude is located in the north of Amsterdam and is part of it special nature reserve called ‘Waterland’. A perfect place to relax after a busy day in the city. Summer or winter, the water landscape is overwhelmingly beautiful. You will be staying in a separate part of our ship, called ‘Bed in Boat’ with a private entrance, terrace, shower, toilet and facilities to fix your own hot drinks. Because Amsterdam Noord (North) is the nicest part of Amsterdam in our opinion we invite you to check out this overview of the many new hotspots. Each one is very worthwhile to visit. Looking forward to welcome you on board soon! Liesbeth, George & Sam Liesbeth, George & Sam +31 (0) 6 2464 5280


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WHO WE ARE WE = Liesbeth, George and our son Sam. Together we started our first B&B in 2005. George works as an independent cook and Liesbeth works as an interior stylist & graphic designer. As often as possible we are on the road with our camper and our dog Luka. Heading for beautiful places to discover, preferably a place where we can camp in the wild. The west coast of Portugal is our favorite location. Fifteen years ago we fell in love with our old clipper (1899) called ‘the Black Swan’, the view and the ever-changing sunsets. Until recently, the North of Amsterdam was a raveled, raw place made up mainly of industrial sites with many of her sections in disarray. Today ‘Amsterdam North’ is a populair place to visit for many. For us it is the perfect location: lots of nature around the corner and close to the city center and everything it has to offer. Want more information or to make a reservation, please contact us via email. Liesbeth, George & Sam (& Luka)


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BED IN BOAT AMSTERDAM (NORTH) address: schellingwouderdijk 410, amsterdam neighbourhood: north of amsterdam website: price level: from euro 90,-- per night perfect for: romantic stay


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NOORD (NORTH) Find out more about the Amsterdam neighbourhood of Noord (North), which encompasses both the modern northern waterfront of the IJ and the pretty rural villages to be found slightly inland. TAKE THE FERRY TO AMSTERDAM NOORD If you’re visiting Amsterdam, chances are that you’ll begin on the south side of the River IJ – for example, arriving at Amsterdam Central Station. To begin exploring the district of Amsterdam Noord (‘north’) simply board one of the free ferries (by public transport operator GVB) at the waterfront exit of the station (following signs to ‘Noord’). These public ferries depart every few minutes in daytime and even run (less frequently) through the night, transporting pedestrians, bicycles and mopeds. CULTURAL, ARCHITECTURAL & CULINARY ACHIEVEMENTS Almost directly opposite Central Station stands the EYE Filmmuseum in all its futuristic glory. This cinema, museum, film archive and café/restaurant is a standout location; although it only opened in spring 2012, the building is already one of Amsterdam’s modern icons. Around the corner, find the Tolhuistuin, another cultural hotspot that boasts a live music venue, a restaurant and much more. The eye-catching A’DAM tower redevelopment next door is further upping the ante in this area, providing space for bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other music businesses. RURAL CHIC In what seems like direct contrast to the cutting-edge vibe, this area also has loads of lovely little villages that are ideal for exploring on foot, by bicycle or by water. Historic villages such as Nieuwendam, Schellingwoude, Ransdorp and Zunderdorp have authentic stolpboerderijen (traditional Dutch farmhouses with roofs built in the shape of a cheese-cover), wooden houses, canal locks and impressive polder views.



noord IJ hallen

THE MONTHLY IJ-HALLEN IS THE BEST FLEA MARKET IN AMSTERDAM Do you like to hunt for fleas and treasures? Then go to the IJ-hallen flea market in Amsterdam North. The monthly held IJ-hallen is by far the best flea market in Amsterdam and I think even in The Netherlands. More than 800 vendors sell vintage, clothes and everything else they have no need for anymore. Every first weekend of the month the IJ-hallen flea market in Amsterdam is open on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am. Go early for the best gems and if you don’t mind to pay a bit more. Go after 3 pm if you’re looking for real small prices. Over the years I have been a vendor at the IJ-hallen myself many times. I think clothes are the best money maker. Last time I sold so much that I’m going to buy a new designer bag with the money. If you’re going to check out the IJ-hallen a great place to go for drinks afterwards is PLLEK.

IJ-HALLEN FLEA MARKET AMSTERDAM NORTH where: t.t. neveritaweg 15, ndsm warf amsterdam north when: every first weekend of the month website: tickets: euro 4,50




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noord neef louis

FOR UNIQUE VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL STUFF NEEF LOUIS AMSTERDAM NORTH I love re-used things. Especially for your home. Who thought that furniture from old factories and pharmaing trends at the moment? A few years ago you could be a lucky buyer on a flea market, but nowadays you can better go to Neef Louis Amsterdam North immediately! Close to the NDSM wharf there are two old warehouses where Neef Louis Amsterdam North sells the coolest vintage items. From industrial lights to vintage metal desks and old gymnastic equipment. Neef Louis Amsterdam North has it all! If I ever have the chance to decorate a house from scratch I would first go to Neef Louis Amsterdam North and their neighbour Van Dijk & Ko to find some unique items that give your house character. It’s so much fun to browse around there! Go for a coffee and homemade apple pie afterwards.

NEEF LOUIS AMSTERDAM NOORD address: papaverweg 46, amsterdam neighbourhood: amsterdam noord website: price level: dependse on the item perfect for: unique industrial home and living items




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rural north >>ransdorp bridge - rural north >>zunderdorp view from the waterside >>durgerdam waterland in wintertime >>schellingwoude


vuurtoreneiland >> picturesque durgerdam >> walk along the IJ >> secret city beach >>durgerdam


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HELLO, I’M A’DAM – the big tower behind Amsterdam’s Central Station, and the one beside the spaceship-like EYE Film Institute. I’m a building of 22 stories, with many more to tell. BACKGROUND A’DAM Toren is the new name for ‘Toren Overhoeks’. The tower was designed by the architect Arthur Staal as a commission by Royal Dutch Shell. In fact, the tower is also affectionately known as the ‘Shelltoren’ by many Amsterdammers. It was officially opened in 1971, and was home to the multinational oil company until 2009. The brand name A’DAM also stands for ‘Amsterdam Dance and Music’, which reflects the business of the owners and main tenants: ID&T, AIR Events and MassiveMusic. Staal designed the office tower at 45° to the IJ waterfront. This diagonal position (‘overhoeks’ in Dutch) gave the building its first name – and, in fact, informs much of A’DAM’s edgy, innovative and surprising personality. A’DAM finished a massive renovation and has been transformed into an iconic multifunctional tower. It is now a home to a mix of offices, cafés, restaurants, a hotel, an observation point and a revolving restaurant. I can see everything: from Amsterdam’s historic centre, to its bustling port and the vast polder landscape. I can even spot your house from here. I’ll be able to share this breathtaking 360° view from my observation deck from May 2016. I’ll also host several cool bars and restaurants, and a bunch of pioneering music companies. Expect no sleep as I’ll be open day and night, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. website: tickets observationdeck: madam: restaurant moon: hotel sir adam:




Looking for a nice gadget to bring home after your visit to Amsterdam? Have you been looking for that special item for a long time? Enclosed a small collection of non-everyday lighting, a woolly carpet and a soft, cotton Moroccan plaid. As an interior stylist I love to inform you about the latest concept stores in Amsterdam or those small, unique nterieur shops where you do not come as fast as a tourist. Take a look here and be inspired!



1. woolly carpet: >> - 120 x 180 cm - 159,00 2. graypants, bell 10 lamp >> - 225,00 3. seletti monkey floor lamp - >> - 275,00 4. woolly carpet: >> - 20x160cm - 325,00 5. gatto piccolo table lamp - >> - 322,50

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Hotel de Goudfazant

We went from 30 to 50 to 200 couverts one evening. At one point we said: we do a maximum of 1500 guests per week, but that was difficult to knit right.

Hotel de Goudfazant has been a resounding success since day one. Twelve years ago the restaurant saw the light of day, at a then soulless place in Amsterdam North. the founder of Hotel de Goudfazant converted an old garage in Amsterdam-Noord into a restaurant where, since day one, it is packed every night. Munchies spoke with two of the four founders, Niels Wouters and Rogier Klooster.

It was a coincidence that the four hospitality and school friends saw something in the shed where the iconic Hotel de Goudfazant in Amsterdam North has been located for ten years; Niels Wouters, Rogier Monastery, Frederic van de Laar and Marco Birsak had no idea that it was a golden grip. And with every trip from their guests from the ferry to the restaurant, they paved the way for the other restaurants and cafes that are now in Noord. I spoke with Niels and Rogier about the early days and how you handle success. MUNCHIES: Ha guys. Do you remember the first night of Hotel de Goudfazant? Niels Wouters: Yes, very well. We had invited some friends and acquaintances, some 35. We thought: should not we leave a boat or a shuttle bus because it is so far? The second evening there were 40 people and the week after 100. Rogier Monastery: In the beginning we were calling chefs every day to ask if they wanted to work. And in the ministry were all family members. It sounds like you were not prepared for a success. Niels: We were stupid 24 BEDinBOAT

bossed by the success. In the beginning, we did not even really have a chef. We had a pretty last minute meeting with a friend who lived in the Galapagos Islands to ask if he wanted to work, but we did not really have a clear plan. He went to the wholesaler in the morning and we did not know what it would be. In the beginning we even had pizza on the menu. That boy quickly found too many people to cook for, and then we took Koen van Brunschot as the chef. He really got the kitchen on the ride, but it all lasted two years before we had the huge run-up under control.

But you are also very happy with all those people? Niels: At first it gives adrenaline, of course, such an amount. We were full of: wow, wow, and that first time we had to relax with a lot of drinks at the end of the evening.

What have you contributed to the Nedutch restaurant culture? Rogier: I hope that we are an example in service and in ‘being normal’, and that you are helped decently. Eating out in Amsterdam is much better and has become much nicer in the last ten years. text: Felicia Alberding pictures: Frederieke van der Molen

Why do so many people want to eat here? Niels: Of course we hope for the food, but we were also in the right place at the right time. Ten years ago there was nothing here. We really did not have a visionary idea that Amsterdam North would be fun. We liked the room. It was a closed shed that had been owned by Stork and was later a theater décor workshop. We did not have any money at all, so everything was reused, and that was not because it was a trend or because we wanted to save the world, but only out of necessity. It just happens to look very good. Rogier: Niels has a taste. You were also one of the first restaurants that offered good food for not so much money. Niels: We wanted to give people who came all the way true for their money. We thought: we are very far away, it is uncomfortable, cold and cold and you have to sit on plastic chairs, so the food has to be competitively priced.



Rogier: Niels determines how many people are here, what is eaten, and that the tent is not taken over by the public. It was pretty intense in the beginning. What do you mean by ‘being taken over by the public’? Niels: You can be overrun, we have so much space. In the early days, on a Friday night, I sometimes dared to say how often I had to say ‘no’. That was a total of 450 times. The phone went constantly, we became a mess of that thing. Many people did not understand when I said that there was no place and started nagging: ‘but it is so big!’. BEDinBOAT 25

Niels Wouters

Rogier Kosters

No abandoned garage or factory is still available in 2018 to be converted into an ‘industrial hotspot’. But in 2006 - the time of skinny jeans & just lager instead of special beer - empty sheds in remote places were still nobody interesting.



Who we are? Pols Potten is a leading international brand in the field of interior and home accessories, founded in Amsterdam in 1986. Subtle, innovative, unconventional and clearly rooted in the Dutch design tradition. Perhaps that is why our designs feel so at home all over the world? Whether in our own store at the KNSM avenue in Amsterdam is either in the lobby of a hotel or in your own home; we offer a wrist pot solution for every room.

1. hippbowls - set of 4 - 39,00 2. flower vase - 199,50 3. pineapple 30 cm gold - 62,00 4. horizon vase 50 cm - 115,00 5. ball body vase - 60 cm - 302,50


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Cafe de Ceuvel De Ceuvel is one of the most sustainable and unique urban developments Europe. The former industrial plot is a thriving community of entrepreneurs and artists, where all involved have lent a hand to build Amsterdam’s first circular office park. The plot hosts creative workspaces, a podium a sustainable café, and spaces to rent.

De Ceuvel is a city playground for innovation and creativity. An experiment in which they try to make sustainability tangible, understandable and fun. They love to share their knowledge and hope that it will grow, spread and multiply. Something is always going on and everybody is welcome.

De Ceuvel is an award-winning, sustainable planned workplace for creative and social enterprises on a former shipyard adjacent to the Johan van Hasselt kanaal off the river IJ in Amsterdam North. In 2012, the land was secured for a 10-year lease from the Municipality of Amsterdam after a group of architects won a tender to turn the site into a regenerative urban oasis. The former industrial plot is a thriving community of entrepreneurs and artists, where all involved have lent a hand to build Amsterdam’s first circular office park. The plot hosts creative workspaces, a podium, a sustainable café and spaces to rent. On the former shipyard they have realized one of the most unique urban experiments in Europe. Old houseboats have been placed on heavily polluted soil, the workspaces have been outfitted with clean technologies and it has all been connected by a winding jetty. Around the houseboats phyto-remediating plants work to clean the soil. De Ceuvel is not only a “forbidden garden” which will leave


behind cleaner soil, but also a playground for sustainable technologies. Through experimentation, they are as energy self-sufficient as possible and process their own waste in new, innovative ways. Café de Ceuvel was built from an old lifeguarding kiosk and 80-year old nautical bollards from the Scheveningen harbour. The result was a unique collection of ateliers and public spaces, which are sometimes even more beautiful on the inside than on the outside. On the veranda, in the hammock and on the beautiful ship-wharf terrace at the waterside you can enjoy yummy food, delicious drinks and beautiful music! Besides safeguarding that their products are from sustainable sources, they try to completely close the cycle and also ensure that the eventual destination of their food is sustainable. website:


enjoy your stay!

design: Liesbeth Steur - - copyright: bed in boat E 32â&#x20AC;&#x192;BEDinBOAT

Bed in Boat Amsterdam North bed & breakfast  

Find out more about the Amsterdam neighbourhood of Noord (North), which encompasses both the modern northern waterfront of the IJ and the pr...

Bed in Boat Amsterdam North bed & breakfast  

Find out more about the Amsterdam neighbourhood of Noord (North), which encompasses both the modern northern waterfront of the IJ and the pr...