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Up with People International Alumni Association CELEBRATE 50! REUNION 2015

Early bird registration ends March 31, 2015


Up with People’s 50th anniversary show makes its debut


Images and memories from the historic celebration in Tucson, Arizona


Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 AUGUST 2015


Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Orlando, Florida USA

Visit for all the event details or register now at





Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 3 EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION ENDS SOON If you are planning on registering for Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015, now is the time. Event registration rates increase by $100 soon. 4 THE JOURNEY EXHIBIT Alumni from all eras and every country are participating in this interactive exhibition. Will you contribute?

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5 ANNUAL ALUMNI AWARDS Each reunion, the alumni association honors a select few alumni who have made significant contributions. Nominations are now open for this year’s awards. 6-7 EVENT SCHEDULE The reunion will be filled with fun activities! Here is the schedule to help you plan your time.

Alumni updates Regional reports 24 Europe 25 Asia 25 Latin America Era reports 24-25

Thanks to the Communications Committee for their efforts in creating this publication: Stephanie McCollister Cox, B81, USA; Barry Marlow, C83, USA; Cori Jones, C76, USA; Christina Noël, A90, USA; Zan Diener, E91, USA. Cover photo Stephanie McCollister Cox


8-11 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. BELK This collection of photos will make you feel like you were in Tucson for the celebration! 12 DENVER UWP GALA Important information about the annual Up with People Gala in Denver, April 25, 2015. 13 CAST A2015 TOUR SCHEDULE 14-15 ALUMNI ADVICE Alumni share their best words of wisdom with Cast A2015 to help them make the most of their time on the road. 16 LEGACY SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS 17 CAMP UWP MEETS UWP 18-19 “THE JOURNEY” SHOW Up with People’s 50th anniversary show kicks off its international tour. 20-21 SELL-OUT CROWD IN DENVER The Denver performance of the Colwell brothers and Herb Allen had many special moments and a few surprises. 23 THE ANATOMY OF A REUNION SITE SELECTION Announcing the dates and locations for the 2016 and 2017 reunions. 26-27 NEWS FROM EUROPE Important contact information for the European chapters and news about the EAM in Munich, plus a story straight from the Swiss Alps.

UWPIAA Board of Governors

Musings from the UWPIAA President


by Keith Frohreich, C66, USA, UWPIAA President

President President Elect Vice President Secretary Treasurer


uring my tenure as president of the Up with People International Alumni Association, I was often torn between two masters: the alumni association and Up with People, the company. Our alumni mission is to support each equally. In 2015, I am clear: the UWPIAA and Up with People are attached at the hip. Dale Penny is in the house and we are focused, laser-like, on 2015 and the future. We are now approaching our 50th year. How many organizations can say that? Up with People’s 50th Anniversary Show – “The Journey” – debuted on February 14. Up with People has published a 2015 highlights schedule beginning with the Blanton Belk’s 90/50 bash in Tucson March 6-7. (Blanton is 90? Can I get the program that makes me look like that at 90?) The Fourth Annual Gala is April 25 in Denver. Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 explodes August 4-9 in Orlando. Then there are 50th parties in Mexico City on October 17, and Brussels on November 14 as part of the cast’s tours. Another alumni annual event that grows year by year is the European Annual Meeting (EAM), held this year in Munich May 14-17. This year the German alumni (the largest association within the UWPIAA) will hold their General Assembly that same weekend. What can we say to make you attend the 50th? We realize that cost is a factor for many. We also realize that many alumni mostly relate to their cast year and not much beyond that. We get that. But one of the blessings for me during these past several years of re-engaging with the UWPIAA is now counting friends across five decades. I am enriched and renewed for it. One person can make a difference. An engaged cast can have an even larger impact. But the power, passion, and creativity of at least 4,000 Up with People alum in one place for several days in August is simply immeasurable. Speaking of new friends, on April 1, I pass the gavel and torch to Cynthia Cochran, D79. Cynthia is an energy field to be reckoned with (in a good way). She will be a great president of the UWPIAA. 


Spring 2015

Keith Frohreich, C66, USA Cynthia Cochran, D79 , USA Fred Heismeyer, A75, USA Barry Marlow, C83, USA Christian Walton, C69, Belgium

Committee Chairpersons Alumni-in-Action Alumni Products CareerConnect Communications Development Information Systems Recruitment Reunions Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015

Jay Gerring, D87, USA John VanZanten, D78, USA Christina Noël, A90, USA Stephanie McCollister Cox, B81, USA Bill Holmes, C75, USA Rosy Gallegos, B92, Mexico Suzanne Duryee-Hinton, E80, USA Gwenn McGill, D79, USA Terry McCreary, B68, USA Vickie Henthorn Law, B66, USA

Regional Reps Europe/Mideast/Africa Latin America Asia Oceania-Southern Hemisphere

Marie Tobler, D93, Switzerland Edwin Aponte, B77, Puerto Rico Shinichi Miyawaki, A86, Japan Torrin Tyler, A09, New Zealand

Era Reps 1965-1970 1971-1975 1976-1980 1981-1985 1986-1990 1991-1995 1996-2000 2001-2015

Walter Golding, B68, USA Willie Knowles, B71, USA Ruthie Shimabukuro, B77, USA Brenda Noyes, D83, USA An Van Den Eede, A90, Belgium Zan Diener, E91, USA Nina Hanhinen, C96, Finland Beth Clay, A08, USA

Board of Governors welcomes new officers by Suzanne Duryee-Hinton, E80, USA, UWPIAA Recruitment Chair


ncoming IAA President Cynthia Cochran, D79, USA, will start her term on April 1, 2015. Her executive committee slate was presented at the Orlando board meeting and a vote of the board was held via email. The new executive team will be Vice President Beth Clay, A08, USA; Treasurer Christian Walton, C69, Belgium; and Secretary Barry Marlow, C83, USA. Congratulations and thank you to each of you for your commitment to the alumni association. We have begun recruiting for an era rep to replace Beth when she steps into the role of vice president. The board wishes to give special thanks to Keith Frohreich who has served as our president for the past two years. He will now hold the position of past president for the next year on the board of governors. We would also like to thank Fred Heismeyer who has served the board most recently as the vice president. We wish Fred well in his future endeavours. 


It’s time to fly!


Early bird registration rate ends soon by Terry “T” McCreary, B68, USA, Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 Executive Director


arch 31st is rapidly approaching. Midnight Eastern U.S. time that day is the final deadline to register for Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 and receive the early bird discount rate of $395 for adults. On April 1, the adult registration rate will increase by $100. From April 1 to July 31 the adult rate will be $495, and on August 1 it will top out at $525. So, don’t delay. Register by March 31 and save as much as $130 per adult registration. This spectacular event will be held August 4-9 in Orlando, Florida, USA at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. For a complete schedule, visit the website or check the detailed event schedule on pages 6 and 7 in this edition of UpBeat.


Here are just a few highlights Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 will feature music, music and more music. Your favorite fifty Up with People songs – chosen by you, the alumni – will be revealed and performed by the Tapestry Cast, an all-volunteer group of alumni from every era. (If you are interested in applying to be a member of this special cast, go to the Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 website and select “Tapestry Cast” for details.) This spectacular reunion also lets you literally walk through UWP’s history at The Journey, an exhibit featuring photos, video, and memorabilia of every era’s time on the road. Want to work in the community? There will be a chance to join Up with People Cast B2015 in a service project helping local Orlando schoolchildren and their families by building a community reading oasis in several locations. How about a round of golf on the course that the professionals play? Sign up for the Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 Golf Tournament. A shotgun start will allow a maximum of 144 golfers to experience the challenging and beautiful Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to honor our founders and our songwriters. At the Founders Dinner and the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame Lunch, you will have


TAN Wal t Di TA s hav NN e ch ney Wo OUN rld T ang grac ed. CEM h e pe e m H pur ENT cha riod fo oweve e Park se th Tick r ou r, th pric e r e i e Afte ng thro ir Disn attende re is a s t prices ey t h ugh r tha es to ort ic effe ct fo t date, Saturda kets at indivi d o t r all y sub ur new , March he curr ually e seq p uen ricing 21, 20 nt 1 t tic ket will be 5. pur i n cha ses.

Join us at the beautiful Swan & Dolpin for Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015. a chance to recognize the key people who have helped make Up with People 50 years strong. And, of course, Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 will give every cast, every era, every alum the unforgettable opportunity to reunite with lifelong friends and spend time reminiscing and making plans for the future. So, don’t delay, register today for this once-in-a-lifetime event at 


Spring 2015



Your memories will help build The Journey exhibit by Sheri Ensey Schrier, A90, USA

Committee representatives for The Journey


s this summer’s Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 in Orlando gets closer, excitement is growing about the schedule of events and exhibits. Top on the list of must-attend features is The Journey, an interactive exhibit on the history of UWP. One of the large convention halls at the Dolphin Hotel will be divided up into areas and each era will have a space to tell their piece of the 50-year story. Everyone at the reunion can walk through The Journey of the last 50 years of UWP, and we believe it will be an experience that will leave everyone in the extended UWP family with a greater understanding of and a renewed excitement for UWP’s past, present and future. On this self-guided tour, you will walk through the birth, development and growth of a dream and an experience that impacted all of our lives as you learn the stories of the casts through the years as told by the people from those casts. In each era space, monitors will be playing music and show footage and mannequins will display show costumes, gear and other clothing. Pictures from the road and memorabilia will fill out the space and tell each era’s piece of the story. Learn about other eras and linger in your era to see if you can find your picture or pictures of a spouse or good friend from the road. Small items like show make-up, reusable plates, T-shirts from sponsors, or crew lists might bring back a longfaded memory or spark new conversation about what happened years ago. Committees representing each era have been developing over the last several weeks. Ideas for themes to fill the blank slate that each era has been given for their part of The Journey are formulating, too. You will revisit dressing rooms, bus rides, and shows. You will see a cast’s impact on the world through community service events and host family interactions and see windows to the outside world that changed and impacted the students traveling during each era in different parts of the world. Momentum is picking up in each era as stories are being shared and ideas are discussed. If you are not part of your era page on Facebook, you will want to join and reminisce, reconnect and form new bonds. You are an important part of UWP’s 50-year history and we invite you to be a part of The Journey. Help us tell the story. We are looking for pictures (especially group shots), costumes and unique pieces of memorabilia that are a part of your story as an UWP alumnus or alumna. The list beside this article shows committee members from each era who you can contact with questions about making your contribution to The Journey. Please contact your committee representative and become a part of what we think will be one of the most talked-about features in Orlando. 


Spring 2015

1965-1970 Walter Golding 1971-1975 Marcie Lipschutz Ward 407-810-2716 1976-1980 Randy Hamilton and Belen Davila Graham

1986-1990 Sheri Ensey Schrier 541-678-8604 1991-1995 Zan Diener 1996-2000 Nathan Kafka 2001-2015 Beth Clay

1981-1985 Linda Carney

We invite you to consider a position on the alumni Board of Governors by Suzanne Duryee-Hinton, E80, USA, UWPIAA Recruitment Chair ust like the casts in Up with People through the years, our UWPIAA board is constantly changing and evolving. I am pleased to announce that Brenda Noyes, D83, will complete the current term for era rep for 1981-1985 and Zan Diener will fill in for the 1991-1995 era. We want to thank Lynda Sullivan Hamadi and Anne-Catherine Boes for all they contributed while on the board. We have two additional era reps whose terms will end August 31, Walter Golding (1965-1970) and Willie Knowles (1971-1975), so we are now looking for alumni to fill those spots. Others can nominate candidates or you can self-nominate. There is also an opening for the Latin America representative replacing Edwin Aponte, and the Europe/Middle East/Africa representative replacing Marie Tobler. If you would like more information about any of these positions, or other ways you can participate in the UWPIAA board, please contact me at 




Nominations now open for Reunion 2015 awards by Jay Gerring, D87, USA, UWPIAA Awards and Recognition Chair


ne of the highlights of each reunion is the yearly opportunity to recognize fellow alumni for their post-UWP contributions to our world. At Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015, casts whose travel years end in 0 or 5 are encouraged to nominate a fellow castmate for one of three prestigious awards. The first, awarded to one deserving member of the entire UWPIAA population, is the J. Blanton Belk Outstanding Alumnus/Alumna Award. Nominees eligible for this award include those who have continued to bring the spirit of UWP service to the world. These individuals’ achievements may include making an ongoing compassionate contribution; volunteering a substantial amount of time to help those in need; inspiring, teaching or challenging others

through his/her passion, leadership and vision; or overcoming great personal barriers or tragedy to continue as a model of courage and involvement. The second, the James E. MacLennan Everyday Hero Award, has been given in past years to alumni who have served others steadily with countless small yet effective acts of kindness and time commitment. Past award recipients have founded, been involved in, or led non-profit organizations or large community service projects, and/or responded compassionately and effectively to emergencies or human misery, whether domestic or foreign. Please note that the 2015 Everyday Hero Award is open only to alumni from cast years ending in 0 or 5. The third, the Outstanding Cast Representative Award, recognizes a person who has served as cast representative for

at least two of his or her cast’s reunion years (including 2015), whose cast consistently competes for the reunion’s highest percentage attendance honor, and who consistently keeps his or her cast connected during their non-reunion years. Additional consideration will be given to those cast reps who support the programs and missions of Up with People and/or UWPIAA through volunteer work and/ or fundraising, and who organize minireunions during their cast’s non-reunion years. For further details about the awards criteria, please go to communities/uwpiaa-annual-alumniawards. Follow the link on that page to the nomination form to make your nomination. For more information, contact me at 

Alumnus Larry Moudy, C67, USA is responsible for acquiring two custom Fender guitars for the auction at Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015. The Stratocaster and a Telecaster were autographed by the Colwells and Herbie. They also signed an acoustic Fender guitar that is believed to have traveled with a cast in the early ‘70s.


Spring 2015


Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 Event Highlights



Spring 2015

All day Registration 5:30 pm Era receptions* Cast T & K orientation 7:30 pm Founders Dinner - Swan, Ballrooms 5 & 6 Ticketed event ($150) Join us for a special dinner to honor Up with People founders Blanton and Betty Belk. Singer, actor and author Tom Sullivan, longtime friend of Up with People and the Belks, will be on hand to regale the audience. Plus, expect a few surprises as we host this wonderful evening of recognition and entertainment. The Founders Dinner will start at 7:30 p.m. immediately following the era receptions.

WEDNESDAY–AUGUST 5, 2015 7:30 am 9:00 am

10:30 am

Buffet Breakfast* - Dolphin , Atlantic Halls B & C A Gathering of Nations - Dolphin, Hemispheres Ballroom A grand opening of music and spectacle, this ceremony will kick off the celebration in Orlando featuring the important international aspects of Up with People. Honoring 50 years of impact in the world, it will highlight the many faces and places of Up with People. The production will impress and inspire with music and spectacle. Our story will be told through song and dance, video highlights of iconic Up with People moments, and video greetings from around the world. The remainder of the day, casts and eras have the opportunity to schedule their own events or just hang out with friends. The Journey - Dolphin, Atlantic Hall A This multi-media trip will take us through the remarkable and historic path of Up with People through the eyes of its alumni. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of casts on the road on this chronological tour of Up with People’s history. Learn how the organization was born, has grown, and how we’ve adapted to change. On the path you will find memorabilia, pictures, videos and costumes from every era and discover that each of us is an active, vital piece of a journey that continues now and into the future.

THURSDAY–AUGUST 6, 2015 TBD Community Involvement Project with UWP Cast B2015 10:00 am Forums – rotating schedule 11:45 am Songwriters’ Hall of Fame Lunch - Location TBA Ticketed event ($85) Be present as we celebrate the fourth group of inductees for the Up with People Alumni Songwriters’ Hall of Fame. This Thursday luncheon will feature the musical contributions of the 2015 class of songwriters. This is an opportunity to follow the magical trail from Mackinac Island to the 50th Anniversary Show. If you just cannot get enough of UWP music or its songwriters, this is the special event for you. Photo opportunities will be available. 5:30 pm Annual Alumni Recognition Dinner* - Dolphin, Pacific Hall Joins us as we recognize and honor our fellow alumni who have continued to make outstanding contributions to the global community well beyond their time traveling with UWP. 7:00 pm UWP 50th Anniversary Celebration - Dolphin, Hemispheres Ballroom A special birthday celebration commemorating the first UWP show on August 6, 1965. This is your opportunity to perform on stage with songs from your era. The birthday celebration will also feature special guests from the longest-running UWP production in history, the cast of “A Common Beat Japan.” We will also welcome alumni of Camp UWP. This will be a chance to celebrate our shared history while enjoying show highlights from every era. This evening may also include some special awards given out annually by UWPIAA.


FRIDAY–AUGUST 7, 2015 TBD Community Involvement Project with UWP Cast B2015 8:30 am Golf Tournament Ticketed event ($100) Play the Disney course the professionals play, Disney’s Magnolia. Named for its majestic magnolia trees, this course features elevated tees, spacious greens and challenging water hazards. Wide fairways invite you to hit the ball and hit it long, but beware—11 of the 18 holes boast water hazards and 97 bunkers dot the landscape. Rated 4 stars by Golf Digest, Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course represents a thrilling challenge for players at all levels. Only 144 slots open for a shotgun start. Price includes green fees, electric cart, shoes, transportation to course, and water. Clubs are available for rent. Tournament format and prizes to be announced. 9:00 am Cast T – Full day of rehearsals 10:00 am Forums – rotating schedule 7:00 pm Time for the Music - Dolphin, Hemispheres Ballroom Share the musical highlights and songs selected by you, the international alumni community, as your favorite fifty songs from hundreds in the UWP catalog of music. This production will be a multi-dimensional and fun evening celebration of the music that has been the unique vehicle for Up with People to touch the world, reaching more than fifty million people over five decades.

SATURDAY–AUGUST 8, 2015 5:00 pm 7:30 pm

9:45 pm

Cook-out* - Dolphin, Poolside Join us for a traditional BBQ cook-out of ribs, chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs. This will be the kick-off for the last eventing of Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 Up with People - Dolphin, Hemispheres Ballroom An evening of inspiration, energy, music and message featuring the brand new Cast B2015 performing the UWP 50th anniversary show! The show features historical highlights from throughout Up with People’s existence, from the 1960s to the new millennium. Original UWP songs will introduce timeless topical themes and include messages of hope, movement, peace, and an overriding sense of motivation to get on board. As the ancient Chinese saying states, “The journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.” So goes the journey toward world peace and understanding started 50 years ago by Up with People. It’s time to take the next step. The Future Finalé - The Dolphin Lagoon At the conclusion of the performance, the UWP cast, alumni and their children will perform a special closing ceremony with a spectacular ending.

SUNDAY -AUGUST 9, 2015 All day

Check out and start planning for the next 50 years!

* Indicates food that is included in the registration fee. All other meals are on your own.

We have full descriptions of the events here but would like to encourage you to check on the Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 website often. This schedule is current as of today but the most current information can always be found on the website,


Spring 2015


Blanton Belk, the man and the UWP legend, celebrates 90 years Tuscon, Arizona, March 6 and 7, 2015 by Stephanie McCollister Cox, B81, USA, UWPIAA Communication Chair arely have I had the joy and the privilege of photographing an event so unique and special as the weekend celebrating Up with People founder Blanton Belk and honoring his family. Up with People board members, special friends, and members of the Belk family traveled from across the world to be in Tucson for the celebration. The genuine love and admiration for the man was unmistakable. On Friday night, the invited guests attended a performance from Cast A2015, but before they did, they enjoyed a dinner reception which was held at the home of the Belk’s youngest daughter, Katie. The festive atmosphere was filled with music and delicious food as friends and family shared stories and presented gifts. On Saturday evening, guests attended a Cowboy Chic dinner party. Guests entered the dining room to the booming and dramatic “Fanfare for the Common Man,” setting the tone for a magical night. The evening was filled with humor and love as well as musical performances and speeches honoring a lifetime of precious work. Each song and speech paid tribute to the commitment and determined vision of Betty and Blanton Belk and their daughters, Jenny and Katie. At one point, Jenny Belk-Gupta took the mic and told stories of what it was like to grow up in this remarkable family. Mr. Belk introduced the crowd to his daughters and their husbands and children and was soon encouraging the crowd to support the vision of Up with People. The room roared with delight as Mr. Belk transformed before our eyes into the legendary Blanton Belk we all know and love. Betty and Blanton shared the first dance and the celebration continued as the guests took to the dance floor. A special thanks to Steve Rokowski and the entire 90/50 committee in Tuscon for creating a remarkable event. And Happy Birthday, Mr. Belk! 


UWP board member Lupita Esparza presents Mr. Belk with gifts from the Mexican alumni.

LeeAnne Knowles, wife of Willie Knowles, presents Mr. Belk with a one-of-a-kind quilt she made for him.

UWP board member Robert Cygnaeus, Sweden

Larry Lunt, Belgium, practices the Belgian song with Herbie.

Lynne Morris and Jenny Belk-Gupta

Former UWP presidents and CEOs Alain Thiry and Chuck Jarrett

Commander Gene Cernan and Blanton Belk

UWP President and CEO Dale Penny

Betty Belk

Jenny Belk-Gupta and Blanton Belk

Katie Belk-Arenas and Blanton Belk

Tom Sullivan told humorous stories about his friendship with Blanton.

Blanton’s grandsons performed for the appreciative audience.

Mexican philoanthropist Manuel Arango shared some highlights of his time with Blanton and Betty.

The Belks and grandson Teo enjoy a quiet moment during the show.

UWP President and CEO Dale Penny was the MC for the evening.

Commander Gene Cernan paid an emotional tribute to the work and vision of Blanton and Betty.

Ann Hampton Callaway sang three remarkable songs to honor Blanton and Betty.

Jeb Colwell, son of Paul Colwell performed the special song written for Cuba.

Jenny Belk-Gupta and Katie BelkArenas shared fond memories of growing up Belk.

Betty and Blanton shared the first dance.


Blanton graciously celebrated with his many friends and supporters.


A Mile High: Celebrating Our Story...Igniting Our Future By David Goldberg , C78, USA


s an adjective, “gala” means festive. As a noun, it means special occasion, a celebration. As it applies to Up with People’s 50th Anniversary event in Denver on April 25, 2015, it means all of the above! This year’s event will be bigger, brighter, and grander than ever before. Presented by Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in association with Elite Brands, the gala will be held at a new and spectacular location, the Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Saturday, April 25, 2015 Convention Center in Hyatt Regency Denver at the downtown Denver. The new venue allows us to Colorado Convention Center increase the size of the 5:30pm | Cocktail Reception silent auction area, the 7pm | Program & Dinner number of guests in the ballroom, and provide better viewing for all attendees. We’re anticipating that over 400 of our closest and new friends will convene to honor Up with People’s past and set a trajectory for continued success in our future. Tickets are $175 for general admission, but only $100 for alumni and host families using the promotional code: 50Years. Also, we have negotiated a great rate of $159 per night at the Hyatt Regency Denver for those who are traveling to Denver for the event or locals who want to spend the night. Make it a great getaway weekend and book your rooms today by clicking here. Past galas have proven to be a great mix of community outreach, fundraising, reunion fun and education about UWP, and this year will be no different. Like an Up with People show, the event requires lots of planning. The gala committee first convened last fall and continues to work diligently on every aspect of the evening. Under the able direction of Bruce Erley, B73, and Linda (Lowe) Erley, E78, we have a fabulous 2015 Gala Host Committee made up of alumni, host families, and community members dedicated to making this year’s event


Spring 2015


the most successful yet. Our Host Committee includes five sub-committees:  Décor and Ambiance led by Karen Isaak Valdez, A78  Global Leaders Circle Reception led by Terry Cekola, B87  Individual Ticket Sales led by David Goldberg, C78  Live and Silent Auction led by Marcee Mygatt (wife of Chris Mygatt, C81) and Amy Jordan, B77  Sponsorships, Table Sales, and Marketing led by Bruce Erley, B73. The first UWP gala was in 2012, coordinated by a group of capable and dedicated alumni. The event has grown every year and in 2014, the event generated more than $250,000 for the first time and accomplished several other important goals, including educating guests about Up with People’s history, mission and future goals. In 2013, a friend of mine, Kathleen Lenover of Denver, had just retired from her 30-year career as a successful financial planner. She had heard a bit about UWP and attended the UWP gala for the first time. Resplendent in her black-beaded gown and matching clutch, she explored the silent auction area and engaged everyone she could in conversation. What really caught her attention was the live auction. Ultimately, she bid on – and won – one of the trips. When asked why she was willing to “go the distance” and spend that kind of money virtually on a whim, she said that she believed in the mission of UWP, wanted to support the students in the program, and wanted to travel with an UWP group to learn more about the organization. 99 Support UWP. 99 Engage new friends with the organization. 99 Educate key constituents about Up with People. Plan now to join us in Denver on April 25, 2015 for UWP’s 50th Anniversary Gala: Celebrating Our Story… Igniting Our Future. Visit for more information. It wouldn’t be the same without you there! 

Cast A2015 tour schedule Orange County, California, USA (Anaheim and Fullerton) | March 9-16, 2015 Coachella Valley, California USA | March 16-23, 2015 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico | March 23-30, 2015 Mexico City, Mexico | March 30-April 6, 2015 Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico | April 6-13, 2015 Merida, Yucatan, Mexico | April 13-20, 2015 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico | April 20–27, 2015

Cast members are welcomed at Denver International Airport on January 9, 2015

Suhr, Switzerland | April 27–May 4, 2015 Brig, Switzerland | May 4–May 11, 2015 Wolfrathausen, Germany | May 11–May 18, 2015 Germany | May 18–May 25, 2015 Apeldoorn, The Netherlands | May 25–Jun 2, 2015

Spring 2015


UP WITH PEOPLE Dear A2015: Keep your eyes, heart and mind open…you can sleep next year!

Alumni across the eras and globe offer advice to UWP’s newest family members When the members of Up with People Cast A2015 began their journey at the start of this year, they became part of a global family excited to share best wishes and advice with the newest Uppies. Facebook provided a perfect forum for this outpouring of insight and support, so when UWP invited FB friends to post messages to be read to the cast during an educational session on the use of social media, the response was terrific – practical, funny, timely, and above all, straight from the heart. We’ve shared some of them below, and we invite you to visit UWP’s Facebook page ( to leave your own message for the cast and crew of A2015. Associate producer and choreographer Ken Leist organizes the members of Cast A2015 for their offical cast photo. This cast has representives from 20 countries and has 108 members. Photo - Stephanie McCollister Cox

“Go get ‘em, Cast A. You are embarking on an experience that will stay with you for your life. Enjoy.” - JW

“Have a wonderful year. I know I had!” - TS

“Enjoy what you’re learning now because you will use it later for sure. Have fun and don’t forget to live your dream.” - MJV

“Your eyes, your mind and your heart, keep them open and enjoy! There will be tough times but you are what you make of it. Viva la Gente!” - CR

“Enjoy one of the most beautiful journeys y’all will ever go on! Welcome to the UWP Family!” - JJ

“Say ‘yes’ this year as much as possible! If the opportunity comes, take it. You can sleep next year!” - RT

“I went to my 20-year reunion for cast A94 this past summer. Take a look at the faces around you. In 20 days, they’ll be your best friends. In 20 years, they’ll be your family, your heart, and some of the most precious people in your life. Enjoy this time together.” - AWC

“From a former Cast A member to you newcomers to Cast A, ‘Keep your eye on the ball.’ If you don’t know what I’m talking about, ask a very OLD staff member! Have fun!” - ARFD

“Explore. Ask more questions than you answer. Soak it all in. Oh yeah... and represent us well.” - RP “Take it all in, Cast A. Especially the little things. Write it down, because it’s easy to forget the details as time passes. Take pictures, but don’t see your whole semester through your camera lens.” - RAS “Make sure to take a step back and appreciate all the incredible opportunities and experiences Up with People will give you–it can be a whirlwind most of the time!” - KB


Spring 2015

“You definitely should record as much as you can! Trust me, you will want to remember these moments again! However, be aware of the content you share on social media.” - HW “My favorite UWP words of wisdom came from Dale Penny. He told us, ‘ask more questions than you answer, and listen more than you talk!’ Still very good advice! Today, I think you might add, ‘make the most of your experiences and time with people, don’t allow social media to be a distraction!’’ - KCW “Well, I am a puddle of tears. Everything posted above is true. At the age of 64 I can tell you that my memories of UWP are golden and vivid, as are the life lessons learned. Nothing will compare in your life to this experience. Savor every minute. You are all family. Break a leg! Hugs to all” - ZB


“Whether you think you CAN...or you think you CAN’’re absolutely right!” - KCS “It was the most pivotal decision in my entire life. It changed my life’s direction and enriched my future beyond my expectations.” - SW “Keep a journal – of everything. Sometimes memories fade.” - DSG “Always think of questions to ask the people around you. There are stories within each person. And sometimes there are many layers to unwrap before you find the gift within them. As Maya Angelou said, ‘People will forget what you did and what you said but they will never forget how you made them FEEL!’” - HS “There will be so much going on and your time will go so fast the thing you will need to remember is to pay attention to everything and everyone. The small things will bring you all closer and the large ones will be lasting memories. These people will be your family. You will fight, laugh, and cry together but you will never forget your year and each other. Have a great time.” - RN “Fish bowl. You are living in one.” - SHB “Take lots of photos and sit with a different person every day! Safe travels!”- GP “This will be an amazing, unique experience for every single one of you. Not everyone will learn the same lessons or do the same

impact projects, but I promise, you will learn something and walk away with new friends, families, and as a new person. You will look at the world in a different way, and this will impact you for years down the road.  Sit with a new cast member every bus ride (you don’t want to regret not getting to know someone you wish you would have during your time together.  Journal your experiences, thoughts, and about the people you meet along the way.  Sing your heart out (I promise they can’t hear you in the audience if you’re a bad singer!)  Take photos of everything! You’ll want to look at them in years from now (food, drinks, people, animals- everything!!)  Send postcards to your family and friends in every country you go to.  Tell people you appreciate them and what for. Always say what you need to say. (It’ll be hard at first but you’ll create stronger relationships with your cast members.)  Remember to pack small (you pick up things along the way!!)  Always get your host family to sign your host family book (it’s SOOO cool to read these in later years!)  Smile!  ENJOY THE RIDE!!  You are one of the lucky ones! Remember that!  Go IMPACT the world!! Good luck, Cast A2015! Can’t wait to meet all of you at the reunion!”AJK 


Spring 2015


Legacy Scholarship program can help your alumni family member get on the bus by Fred Heismeyer, A75, USA


o you remember going to your local Kiwanis, Rotary or Lions Clubs and asking for help with your UWP tuition? Do you remember conducting car washes, selling candy, baking cakes and cookies, as well as appealing to family members for cash gifts to help you pay your tuition? Do you remember working hard, perhaps two or three jobs, to pay for your year on the road? Nothing has changed for today’s cast members! Today’s students continue to seek multiple funding sources for their tuition. However, with the opportunity to receive a Legacy

Cast A Legacy Scholarship recipients left to right: Emily Jones, USA; Roger Galindo, Mexico; Catharina Kaijser, Sweden; Allie Doe, USA; and Haden Hutchinson, USA.

Scholarship, the IAA now gives cast members who are family of alumni a chance to receive some very important help. Admitted UWP students with a relative who has traveled with UWP are eligible to apply for a Legacy Scholarship. Alumni sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and grandchildren are all encouraged to apply. In recent years, in addition to the IAA’s contribution to the UWP Global Scholarship Fund and the IAA’s endowed scholarship, $5,000 per year is allocated from the IAA budget to fund the Legacy Scholarships. The funding for these scholarships comes from the revenue of the reunion silent auctions. An all-alumni committee selects the students and amounts for each scholarship. Recipients of the Legacy Scholarship are asked to share their “on the road” experiences with alumni by contributing at least one article for UpBeat or the website. This semester, five legacy students received a scholarship ranging from $500 to $1,000. Our funding, although not at a level we would like to award, does help the student’s total tuition package needs. We understand that in more than one case the Legacy Scholarship award was the final piece in the funding puzzle that allowed a student to travel. The Legacy Scholarship program is another way your alumni association remains true to our mission of serving UWP and our alumni family. Scholarship requests for the fall 2015 semester are being accepted. Alumni with a family member traveling this fall are encouraged to have the admitted student apply. Applications may be found on the IAA website ( 

Cast A2015 staging Denver, Colorado January 9- February 15, 2015 Special thanks to cast member Kara Collins Wright for sharing her pictures with us.

Camp Up with People meets Up with People by Tim Lane, C75, USA, Camp Up with People Director


here are five alumni of Camp UWP traveling in the current Cast A15, our newest Up with People cast. They are Sally Verschueren, Belgium; Marco de Biolley, Belgium; Emily Jones, USA; Roger Galindo, Mexico; and Julien Claes, Belgium. They made a special presentation to their new Up with People castmates during A15’s staging and orientation in Denver in January. They were assisted by UWP Operations Manager Yui Mihara, a past Camp UWP Show Manager, and Kyle Chan, UWP Winter Staging Staff, a past Camp UWP Dance Captain. Each presenter shared one or two of the activities they did at camp along with what they learned and how it prepared them for traveling in UWP. At the end of the presentation, they and their new castmates joined hands in a circle and sang the chorus of “We Are Many, We Are One,” which is the theme song of Camp UWP and is sung at the end of each day camp day before saying goodnight. The tradition of Camp UWP participants touring with Up with People casts grows stronger every year. At present, there are 12 camp alumni preparing for their UWP tour to begin this summer in Cast B2015! If you have a young family member or friend who is considering Camp Up with People, you should know that each camp alumni who goes on to travel with UWP automatically receives a $1,000 grant to be applied toward their UWP program fee. Want to learn more about Camp Up with People? Visit our website at or call us at (540) 742-4093. 

Campers traveling in Cast A2015 (back row, left to right): Sally Verschueren, Belgium; Emily Jones, USA; Marco de Biolley, Belgium, (front row, left to right): Julien Claes, Belgium; Roger Galindo, Mexico.

by Beth Clay, A08, USA t takes something uniquely Up with People to transport you to a special time, place and feeling. The new show, “The Journey,” does just that. From musical collaborations that celebrate the last fifty years to medleys from decades gone by, the new songs are impressive and invoke a great deal of reflection. There’s the implied message of how much life changes over time in “What’s the Rush?” There’s the hard-hitting storyline about caring for our daughters and sisters in “Footsteps of a Girl.” There’s a new arrangement of “Roads,” and they’ve brought back other wonderful songs and dances from across generations. The second act explodes onto the stage with “Peace Party,” an exuberant expression of UWP messages. Above all else, there is the Up with People excitement, love, energy and hope branded into every moment of “The Journey.” When the new show makes its way to your corner of the world, see it. Not just because we are alumni, not just because it is UWP, but because you will be sharing the joy of taking UWP into the future. 


Sold-out crowd embraces musical reminder that “their melody is all around us!” by Linda Erley, E78, USA

All four Colwell brothers and Bob Huff on lead guitar enjoy the perfomance of the Broomfield-based singing group, P’zazz. The students are directed by alumna Heather Stenner, E90, USA.


ll of us have sung “Up with People” so many times in so many ways, but how about singing it with the original songwriters almost as if you and 300 of your closest friends were in your own living room? This is what the crowd at a very special sold-out performance in Broomfield, Colorado had the good fortune to do in January, when the Colwell Brothers and Herb Allen presented an unforgettable two-hour show, raising an estimated $10,000 for scholarships for future Up with People participants. Here’s a brief history. Last summer, a group of alumni calling themselves Cast 5280 in a nod to Denver, CO’s altitude pooled resources to win this very special auction item at the alumni reunion. The Colwell brothers and Herb Allen initially agreed to donate their time and talent to perform in someone’s home, but when they realized the potential, they decided to take it a giant step further. A venue was found, the word was spread, tickets were sold and alumni came from as far as Germany, Arkansas, California, and Illinois to be a part of this incredible evening! A big thank you goes out to Cast 5280 for their time and generosity. Without you, this event could not have taken place. The Colorado Rocky Mountain alumni


Spring 2015

gave a warm welcome to Steve, Paul, Ralph, Ted, Herb, and Ralph’s wife, Debbie. Alumni pulled together to make the show and logistics happen. That old UWP PR team training kicked in as we organized housing, meals, performance needs and, of course, parties. (Ok, maybe we didn’t plan quite as many parties while we were on the road!). It was truly a collaborative effort and a big thank you goes out to all alumni involved! On performance night, the opening act featured UWP second-generation alumni Breton Shepherd (son of Rajean and Stu), Matthew Erley (son of Linda and Bruce) and Brodie Kinder (son of Sammie and Jeff). The trio performed a tribute song they had written to honor the legacy that the Colwell brothers and Herb created. A brief video montage created by Breton Shepherd followed the song, offering a look back on the lives of the Colwells and Herb spanning from the days before Mackinac Island to the present day. The video ended with the words, “Their melody is all around us,” giving the Colwells and Herb the perfect cue to take the stage. Instantly, the audience was on its feet and the house shook with their applause. The audience roared with delight when Ralph leaned into the microphone and said, “We haven’t done anything yet.”


With Herbie on piano, Paul on banjo, Ralph tapping the base and Steve on guitar, they took us on a bluegrass tour through their early years, backed by alumni Glenn Johnson on drums and Bob Huff on lead guitar. The always-charming Herbie delighted the audience with stories and played a sentimental rendition of “Ain’t Misbehaving” dedicated to Jane, his bride of 57 years. He brought the audience to its feet with his famous and extraordinary xylophone performance of “Flight of the Bumble Bee” (or as he calls it, “Plight of the Humble Bee”). The audience got to experience the easy camaraderie between these artists who have worked together for 61 years. Just as they began a song about Colorado’s Wolf Creek Pass, Herbie casually wandered over to the brothers and asked what key they were going to use, then smiled, nodded and strolled back to the piano. Such a delightful moment! Pat Murphy, another key player in Up with People’s musical history, then lit up the audience and reminded us of our common bond with his adaptation of “Reunion.” The updated tune has become the theme song of UWP’s 50th anniversary celebration this summer in Orlando, Florida. The last surprise of the night was the appearance of Ted, the fourth Colwell

❝❞ Today’s UWP cast members keep that spark of hope burning bright, building bridges of understanding that link us “One 2 One” in our unsettled world.

Clockwise from upper left: Ted Colwell, Herbie Allen, Bruce and Linda Erley, Steve Colwell, Paul Colwell, and Ralph Colwell; Herb thanks Paul for his support; the Colwell brothers and Herb sign copies of the book, “A Song for the World;” the performers were excited by Joycomultimedia’s flying camera. Center: Herb plays the “Flight of the Bumble Bee.” brother. Ted carries on the legacy along with his three brothers as he sang and performed in the 1960s as Sing Out and UWP were starting out. Ted, who chose a career as a doctor, is a very talented guitar player and sometimes performs with his brothers on special occasions. Helping to close out the show was a local children’s choir called P’zazz. The kids performed the 1967 UWP tune “Colorado” and were later joined for “Sound of Peace” by alumna Jill Lentz, wife of UWP Senior Vice President and Executive Producer Eric Lentz. The show ended with Ted leading the enthusiastic crowd in “Up With People” with all the energy and joy that this landmark tune has been sung with around the world for 50 years. Clearly, no one wanted the evening to end. Thank you to

the Colwell brothers and Herb Allen for the generous donation of their time and talent in creating such a priceless evening! The Colwells and Herb Allen created a spark in our world through music five decades ago and continue to ignite our alumni community today and to touch the lives of millions of people across the globe. Today’s UWP cast members keep that spark of hope burning bright, building bridges of understanding that link us “One 2 One” in our unsettled world. I feel the relevancy of UWP’s mission holds strong today and the relevancy of UWP alumni across our globe is more important than ever before. Can you hear it? Their melody is all around us. Let’s play it forward! Special thanks to the members of Cast 5280 who were the underwriters of the


show; Louisa Davis, Bruce and Linda Erley, Jeff and Sammie Kinder, Tim and Charlotte Lane, Mark and Hillary Langston, Joel McColl, Dale and Mindy Penny, Skip and Kay Searcy, Breton Shepherd, Reed and Jen Thompson, Steve and Terry Woods, and Bill and Phyllis Worcester. 

A DVD of this special performance, including the video montage presented at the show, is now available for purchase at ushop.joycomultimedia. com/upwithpeople.aspx, with part of the proceeds benefitting the UWP Global Scholarship Fund. A special thank you to Bob Coffin and Joyco Multimedia for his generosity and expertise in taping the performance.

Spring 2015


Alumni-in-Action funds support community impact by Jay Gerring, D87, USA, Alumni-in-Action Chair


lumni-in-Action (AIA) Program funds are available to help defray the costs of community impact projects that are organized by and involve UWP alumni. Projects can be any type that make a difference in your own local community or in some other locale where you would like to contribute your energy. The main qualification for being awarded AIA funds is that your project is carried out by a group of UWP alumni working together. Your application will be reviewed by the AIA committee and you will be informed of the committee’s decision in a timely manner. Remember, the UWPIAA is an all-volunteer organization, so we will do our best to process your application as soon as we can, but cannot promise a specific turnaround time. Most of the time, applications are reviewed and a decision

is made within a week of the application’s submission. For qualifying projects, Alumni-in-Action funds are awarded as a reimbursement of expenses based on two things: first, the receipts that you submit for reimbursement, and second, the number of alumni who participate. We generally award $100 per alumni participant with a cap of $1,000 total for the project. The AIA program is not intended to help fund other notfor-profit organizations. But, we will consider funding assistance for projects that are organized by alumni who are involved with other not-for-profits if the initiating alumni brings in other members of the UWPIAA. For more details, please see the Alumn-in-Action Program Overview on the IAA website by clicking here. 

Sing-Out: worldwide impact, hometown roots by Fred Heismeyer, A75, USA


rom the first days of Up with People’s crucial issues of our day. We aim: tens of thousands of people heard the existence, the dream of a worldwide to link up a generation worldwide music and positive message of UWP. movement of youth working to make with the fire and faith that can It was a true explosion, a worldwide the world a better place to live was the put freedom on the move in every happening and a meaningful movement primary goal. It is accurate to say that continent; to turn the inward and of the UWP ideals. Although UWP in the 1960s and early ‘70s there was an downbeat to the outward and upbeat; ceased ties with local Sing-Outs in the explosion of interest in being involved in and to offer a passionate and positive late 1960s, many local casts continued this movement. Beginning with Sing-Out alternative to violence and anarchy. to perform regularly through the 1970s. ’65, Up with People answered that call We are not here to tell people more Today, the spirit of Sing-Out is kept alive of interest by developing a worldwide about the crisis in the world but to with annual gatherings under the auspices network of local Sing-Out casts. These proclaim a new creativity that could of People International, Inc. casts were made up of thousands of young sweep the earth. That is why we The Sing-Out story is an integral people who wanted to carry the message decided to: SING OUT!” part of UWP’s history and is being of hope and peace to their represented in The community. They came Journey exhibit to at “Like thunderin’ hoofbeats racin’ down the rail, together, staged a show and Celebrate 50! Reunion Hear the engine’s high and lonesome wail… performed UWP music; 2015 in Orlando. If some casts also performed you were part of a We’re rollin’ onwards, onwards on the Sing-Out Express!” their original music. These local Sing-Out, you community Sing-Outs will not want to miss “Sing-Out Express” addressed local needs, this opportunity to Words by David Bliss Allen focused on local causes and relive that wonderful Music by David Bliss Allen and Herbert E. Allen, 1966 strived to live the life of Up memory. If you were with People. associated with a SingFor a better understanding of the Encouraged by UWP to form and Out cast, we ask you to help us collect Sing-Out mission, consider this excerpt even supported by UWP cast members local cast photos, locally-produced record from the handbook, “How to Create Your through the late 1960s, Sing-Outs albums and buttons, patches or other Own Sing-Out” (1967): exploded across the world. Over 300 local memorabilia of individual casts. If you are “Our Up with People Singcasts were formed in the United States, willing to loan your Sing-Out mementoes Outs are more than an explosion of and about 100 local casts internationally. and help us share the program’s enduring music. They are demonstrations of Several countries even had a national message with the thousands of attendees a generation speaking and singing cast, and many local Sing-Out members at Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015, please out with a creative new voice and a worldwide went on the road with UWP. contact Fred Heismeyer at fred@ commitment to tackle together the Thousands of youth were involved and 


Spring 2015


The anatomy of a reunion site selection by Gwenn McGill, D79, USA UWPIAA Reunions Chair


s the newly-appointed Reunions Chair, I was given the task of making a recommendation for the site where the 2016 & 2017 UWPIAA reunions would take place. As many of you know, we have been fortunate to call Tucson, AZ home for our reunions since 2004. In many ways, Tucson has been the ideal location due to the historical ties to Up With People and the University of Arizona, as well as the significant amount of host family and alumni support that we receive before, during and after the reunion. In addition, Tucson also happens to be one of the few places where we are able to find a large block of available, affordable rooms in the July/August timeframe. (It also helps that the hotels are absolutely beautiful with staff members who are familiar with our organization and are eager to please.) With all of that being said, we still felt it was important to explore potential opportunities outside of Tucson for the 2016 & 2017 reunions in case there was something more suitable for our needs. In early December 2014, an RFP (request

The staff at Tucson’s Westin La Paloma Resort &Spa show their love for the alumni from Up with People and their excitement to host our 2016 and 2017 reunions. for proposal) was drafted and sent out to 14 various hotel properties located throughout the United States and to one property in Spain. (Special thanks to Danilo de Simone for locating the hotel in Spain.) As a result, we received proposals from 8 of the 14 properties that we solicited. Upon receiving the proposals, we carefully looked at each offer and narrowed down our list of potential reunion sites to three locations–two in Arizona and one in another state. The selection process was based on a variety of factors which included room block availability for our specified dates, the cost of individual rooms and meals, the availability of meeting room space–which includes specific size requirements for the large ballroom–and the average cost of travel to the hotel from various cities throughout the U.S. and Europe. In a sense, we were able to isolate key factors that were critical to the

selection process and as a result we could compare the remaining three properties on a relatively even playing field. With all things being created equal, so to speak, we then isolated the absolute “must haves” in order help us to make the final selection. In the end, the one property that stood out among the others was none other than the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa located in sunny Tucson, AZ. As you can imagine, they were thrilled with the news that their beautiful property had been selected as the site for the 2016 & 2017 UWPIAA reunions. I have learned a great deal throughout the entire selection process and feel grateful for the opportunity to act on behalf of the UWPIAA board as well as the alumni community. Our Tucson home awaits. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2016! 

July 26-31, 2016 All alumni are welcome but this reunion celebrates alumni who traveled in years ending in 1 or 6.

July 25-30, 2017

All alumni are welcome but this reunion celebrates alumni who traveled in years ending in 2 or 7.


Spring 2015


Sharing alumni news from across the world and through the ages EUROPE Marie Tobler, D93, Switzerland, Regional Representative: Europe/Mideast/Africa


irst, let me give a little explanation about the way it works for electing the European representative. For law reasons we talk about associations and not chapters or clubs. In Europe, there are four countries that are organized into formal alumni associations: Finland, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. Any country is welcome to do so if they want. We would be happy to have more! Being an association means having a board, including a president, a secretary, a treasurer and dues-paying members, as well as a general assembly on a regular base. The European associations donate a portion of their members’ fees to the International Alumni Association and a portion to the European account for the European rep to cover her/his costs to get to all European meetings as well as Board of Governors meetings. Some countries have organized alumni groups that are not formal associations. They do not have officers or




pay dues and they are not required by law to meet formally once a year. During the yearly European meetings (traditionally happening in May in a European city, organized by alumni), the Europe rep tells the alumni present what was going on in the BOG for the past year. Every second year, an election takes place in order to elect the next Europe rep. Every European alumni interested in the job can apply by sending a resume and motivation letter to the current Europe rep. Those two papers are then posted on the European Annual Meeting (EAM) website ( for all EAM participants to read and get to know the candidates. During the EAM, each represented country (with an association or without) has to decide who they want to elect. Then they vote by raising their hands (one vote by present country). The winning candidate will take the Europe rep position from the following September 1st for two years. 



Walter Golding, B68, USA

Willie Knowles, B71, USA

Ruthie Shimabukuro, B77, USA

Brenda Noyes, D83, USA

Walter’s term as era rep will be ending in August of this year. Please contact Walter or any member of the UWPIAA Board of Governors if you are interested in filling this position.

Willies’s term as era rep will be ending in August of this year. Please contact Willie or any member of the UWPIAA Board of Governors if you are interested in filling this position.

This article is by alumna Lee Ann Hamilton, D77, USA. A year with UWP Cast D77 and with 65 host families in eight countries ignited my love for travel and cross cultural experiences, and this summer, a dream of mine is coming true! I’m going to lead 15 to 20 University of Arizona public health students through Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark in June 2015! We will visit public health services, hospitals, universities, and tourist attractions. To learn more, contact me at hamilton@

We are proud to announce the appointment of Brenda Noyes as the era rep for the 1981-1985 era. Special thanks to Lynda Hamadi who served the organization with incredible energy and a thorough attention to the needs of the casts in this era. Brenda was first exposed to UWP at Expo 1974. She first traveled in cast D83 and later rejoined as staff in ‘94 and ‘95. Brenda joined Viva Roma in December 2013, and Viva Cuba in October 2014. Welcome, Brenda.


Spring 2015


Era and regional representative reports LATIN AMERICA



dwin Aponte’s term as regional representative will be coming to a close on August 31, 2015. If you are interested in this position on the alumni Board of Governors, please contact Edwin at or Suzanne Hinton, Recruitment Chair at for more information. Here is an excerpt from the job description for a regional or continental representative: “Continental representatives help fulfill the mission of the UWPIAA by developing and maintaining relationships with alumni chapters and clubs in their region, and by communicating information about the UWPIAA and its programs and services (as well as news about UWP) to these chapters and clubs. Continental representatives also serve as the representative voice on the UWPIAA’s Board of Governors of the chapters and clubs of their respective continents.” 


Shinichi Miyawaki, A86, Japan, Regional Representative: Asia


he news from the Asia rep is the Japan alumni club’s New Year’s party, which was held in Tokyo on Saturday, January 24 and brought together 33 alumni from 1965 to 2013. It was the first alumni event in about 10 years, but we are planning to have regular activities such as a send-off party for new participants. I would like to see similar activities in the other Asian countries in the future. 

The Japan alumni celebrate the new year in Tokyo.




An Van Den Eede, A90, BE

Zan Diener, E91, USA

Nina Hanhinen, C96, FI

Beth Clay, A08, USA

Our team is hard at work creating our era display for The Journey, the walk-through exhibit at Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 in Orlando. Memorabilia, pictures, music, costumes, and help are still welcome. Contact Sheri Ensey Schrier at sheri.schrier@gmail. com or me. And EAM! You all know what that is, right? Our European Alumni Meeting is in Munich, May 14-17, 2015 and ALL ALUMNI are welcome! Our Facebook era group page adds more members every day. Ask your cast friends to join us on “UWP Alumni 1986-90.”

Thank you Anne-Catherine Boes for your service to the alumni of your era. Zan Diener has been appointed era rep to finish out Anne-Catherine’s term. Zan also serves as the cast rep for her cast, E91, and as an officer of the UWP SoCal Alumni Group. She has served on the BOG communication committee for the past two years and owns her own business doing graphic design/websites/e-commerce solutions for clients. Welcome, Zan.

2015 has started efficiently. E-mail addresses have been updated, new cast reps have been added to the mailing list and people are finding the social media channels better and better. We are going to have an excellent year as the information flows smoothly to the alumni of our era and back to the Board of Governors. Did you know that our era has its own Facebook group? Do join us at “Up with People Alumni 1996-2000” and maybe you will find your long lost friends.

We’re getting ready for an era rep transition! I will be the new UWPIAA Vice President and a new face will be joining the Board of Governors as the era rep on April 1, 2015. We have an exciting summer ahead!! There are currently 11 members of our era signed up to help create our story in The Journey, the walk-through exhibit on UWP history at Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015. Even more exciting, there are over 60 alumni from our era signed up to attend the biggest event in the last 50 years! Reach out if you have questions. We look forward to hearing from you. It’s an amazing time to be a recent alum.


Spring 2015



Alumni activities throughout Europe Marie Tobler, D93, Switzerland, Regional Representative: Europe/Mideast/Africa

European Alumni Association contacts

Upcoming events


Swedish General Assembly

Paula Eronen, A92, President or Timo Sarojärvi, A82, International Contact Facebook: FUWPAA–Finnish Up with People Alumni Association

Germany Annette Gerling, E96, International Contact Facebook: Alumni Vereinigung Up with People Deutschland e.V. | AVUWPD e.V.


European Alumni Meeting (EAM) and German General Assembly May 14-17, 2015 - Munich, Germany

Triangle Alumni Date (TAD)

October 10, 2015 - Tampere, Finland Theme: Celebrating UWP 50 years: the Nordic alumni after-party!

Swiss General Assemblie October 23-25, 2015 - Location TBA

European Alumni Meeting (EAM) 2016

Jonas Granbom, A91 Facebook: SUWPAA Swedish Up With People Alumni Association

Switzerland Vicky Kahl-Milde, A00, International Contact Facebook: UWPSAA–Up with People Swiss Alumni Association

European Alumni Group contacts Belgium


An Van Den Eede, A90

Estonia Argo Saul, E94 or Merle Zimmer, D96 or Chamber of Goodwill Facebook: Goodwill Estonia


March 14, 2015 - Helsingborg, Sweden

Spring 2015

Gaby Mock, E98 Facebook: AlumNet Netherlands

Italy Manuela Paoletti E89


Spring 2016 - Rome, Italy

EAM celebrates two UWP milestones in Munich by Bennita Dommnich, B93, Germany


t is just a heartbeat away – the big gathering of UWP alumni from all over Europe and the world in Munich May 14-17. The number of participants has already broken the records. More than 250 adults and almost 50 children are registered to visit the Bavarian capital and enjoy a prolonged weekend of friendship, fun, and shared stories. As of right now, the European Alumni Meeting (EAM) 2015 will see visitors from 18 different countries such as Austria, Belgium, Czech Republik, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom as well as travellers from South and West Africa and the United States of America. Is there a better way to prove the power and the tight network of Up with People alumni? A better way to honor the two anniversaries we will be celebrating in Munich? Twenty-five years of European Alumni Meetings and 50 years of Up with People are excellent reasons to refresh old friendship bonds, create new ones and remember the small and the big steps Up with People has taken these past five decades. One major event we will remember at EAM 2015 is UWP’s participation in the Olympic games in Munich 1972. What started out as a festival of sports and peace including an Up with People performance on the Olympic grounds turned into a horrible terrorist attack that shocked the world. In this situation, UWP stepped in and sang their songs of peace and

friendship once again. Athletes and audience stated later that this performance brought back hope to many of them. We will commemorate this part of UWP history at the EAM 2015 in a special event with the alumni and the current UWP cast. And speaking of the current UWP cast, on Friday night there will be an exclusive show for alumni and their families – goosebumps guaranteed. But there is much more. The EAM 2015 invites everybody to party on Saturday night with “the band that never plays.” Ask a German alumni what that means or come and experience it yourself. You will not be disappointed. Promise! Want more? There is lots to see. Guided tours through the Olympic Park and the Olympic Village, through downtown Munich or through the Allianz Arena (home of the Bayern München soccer club). There is lots to do. Join the pre-tour group in the beautiful mountains, go on a day trip to the Alps, bake Brezels in a traditional Munich bakery, taste beer during a brewery tour at Paulaner Brewery, or experience a Cast K performance of our future UWP students. Come and see for yourself! Celebrate with us the spirit of UWP. You are all more than welcome here in Munich! Interested? Get more information at and take a look at where you could be allocated in our invitation video at See you in Munich! It’s just a heartbeat away. 

European alumni gather for fun in the Swiss Alps by Hubert Schick, C91, Germany uper snow, bright sunshine, lots of laughter, good stories and some fantastic ski-runs contributed to a remarkable weekend of some 30 alumni from Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium in early March. The winter resort of Unterwasser in the Toggenburg area of northern Switzerland soon saw (and heard!) that there was a special group in town. Yet not only skiing was a highlight, the schedule offered a nice snowshoe hike under a starry sky, a Swiss fondue dinner outside (!) nearby a frozen lake with a bright full moon to give a romantic light on the way back to the hotel. Good for the participants that the first evening started very easy and homelike in the small lodge of alumna Sharon Füller, A93, Switzerland, who organized the entire weekend perfectly. And were there any further adventures during this weekend? Well, some tried an unintended somersault in the powder snow to save a cigarette, others had to hitch-hike back to the hotel after having missed the right slope in the evening when all lifts had


closed already, and finally, the tasty Swiss coffees (with nice liqueurs & whipped cream) certainly contributed to a nice party in the alpine hut of Alt St. Johann on Sunday afternoon. So can there be any other plan for UWP ski fans but joining the next years’ Swiss Snow weekend? See you in 2016! 


Alumni and their families enjoy an outdoor fondue party at the 2015 Swiss Snow Weekend. Spring 2015


THIS IS THE C an you help alumni in need?


mni need your help. There are many ways you can help us help our alumni.

“I want to thank Reach Out for your amazing response to helping my wife and me. We will not soon forget your generosity and sincere caring. I truly believe that I hitched my wagon to a star when I was invited to join the Up with People family so many years ago.  Who knew the benefits and blessings would endure throughout the years?  I am truly the continued outpouring Cmoved an youbyhelp alumni in need? of Our alumni needmy your help. love and I hope to live life worthy of it, There are many ways you can help us help our alumni. validating the things we sang about.   Start helping alumni today, join our Facebook Group! You all rock.” Help us help UWP alumni in need. - Anonymous alum

Help us help UWP alumni in need.

R EACH4OWHERE UT ONE OF OUR ALUMNI Alumni Assistance Network

respiratory problems after extensive mold damage ping alumni today, join ourdeveloped Facebook Group!

from a major flood in their home. Donors like you helped to temporarily relocate this alum and to hire a mold remediation service. The mold is now gone and the alum is again able to live safely in their home. Help us help UWP alumni in need.

REACH4OUT Alumni Assistance Network • *Stock photography used because we protect privacy.

Cast A2015 comes to Southern California Presenting the new UWP show, “The Journey” Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA Sunday, March 15 2:00pm-4:00pm

Alumni Reception Sunday, March 15, 2015 following Cast A2015’s 2:00pm show Outside Patio (between the convention halls) Anaheim Convention Center (800 West Katella Avenue in Anaheim)

Have you joined our UWP SoCal Facebook group? Come join the party! Hang out with over 250 local Southern California alumni at our UWP SoCal Facebook Group! Be the first to hear about invites to alumni events, last-minute event offers, networking and more!


Spring 2015


Everybody knows someone who is perfect for Up with People

Up with People alumni can award unlimited Golden Passports each year to students they actively recruit to travel with UWP. Future student can only receive one Golden Passport scholarship toward his or her program fee. All students can apply for additional scholarships through the General Scholarship Fund. Go to to download a printable version of the Golden Passport.

Spring 2015 UpBeat  

UpBeat is the official newsletter for the alumni of Up with People.

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