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FALL 2015


President: Cynthia Hoffman Cochran (‘79D), USA Vice President: Beth Clay (‘08A), USA Past President: Keith Frohreich (‘66C), USA Secretary: Barry Marlow (‘83C), USA Treasurer: Christian Walton (‘69C), Belgium

Committee Chairpersons

Alumni-in-Action: Jay Gerring (‘87D), USA Alumni Products: John VanZanten (‘78D), USA CareerConnect: Christina Noël (‘90A), USA Communications: Stephanie McCollister Cox (‘81B), USA Development: Bill Holmes (‘75C), USA Information Systems: Open Recruitment: Suzanne Duryee-Hinton (‘80E), USA Reunions: Gwenn McGill (‘79D), USA Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015: Terry McCreary ('68B), USA Vickie Henthorn Law ('66B), USA

Regional Reps

Europe/Middle East/Africa: Jerko Bozikovic (‘87A), Belgium Latin America: Open Asia: Shinichi Miyawaki ('86A), Japan

Era Reps

1965-1970: Open 1971-1975: Skip Searcy (‘72B), USA 1976-1980: Ruthie Shimabukuro (‘77B), USA 1981-1985: Brenda Noyes (‘83D), USA 1986-1990: An Van Den Eede (‘90A), Belgium 1991-1995: Zan Diener (‘91E), USA 1996-2000: Nina Hanhinen (‘96C), Finland 2001-2015: Ericka Adams (‘08A), USA

Reunion 2

Contributing photographers

Stephanie McCollister Cox • Jonas Gronbam • Scott Johnson • Gwenn McGill • Annika Kibus • Jeff Yarbrough • David F Martinez • Geoff Garcia • And many others

Editor's notes The reunion in Orlando inspired a wide variety of alumni to offer contributions for this edtion of UpBeat. It is my great hope that we can expand UpBeat's outreach and continue to share stories from every country and every era. The deadline for the next UpBeat is January 10, 2016. I invite you to join the conversation! Send story ideas to I also want to thank the Communications Committee members for their efforts in keeping us all connected: Barry Marlow ('83C), USA; Cori Jones (‘76C), USA; Christina Noël (‘90A), USA; Zan Diener (‘91E), USA. - Stephanie

August 4-9, 201 Walt Disney World Swan

Notes from the UWPIAA President by Cynthia Hoffman Cochran (‘79D), USA, President, Up with People International Alumni Association


ello, alumni! In August, over 3,000 gathered in Orlando for Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015. The energy was powerful and I only wish we could find a way to bottle it and share the excitement with those who could not attend. Spectacular week, spectacular performances, spectacular launch into the next 50 years! Thank you again to ALL who participated and gave freely to put together a flawless and once-in-a-lifetime experience. During the opening ceremony, A Gathering of Nations, I spoke about leaving the reunion with new friends and being inspired to give more and take less. When I returned home, I opened and re-read the vision statement I presented as a President-Elect candidate nearly two years ago before the Board of Governors. Fast forward two years… my vision remains steadfast. For UWPIAA, I promise to be fiscally responsible; work diligently to host superior reunions; develop and grow alumni-centric programs and affiliations; increase communication through the UWPIAA website, UpBeat, social media, and e-messaging; and listen to the voices of the Board of Governors who are your representatives and the dedicated volunteers who serve our global alumni. For UWP, I am committed to increasing alumni donor participation; build diversity in the cast, board, and staff; link our organizations and grab synergistic opportunities to maximize resources and grow the student program. My personal goal then, and still is today, to help UWP have two, fully-funded casts on the road by the end of my tenure. The UWPIAA Board of Governors volunteers serve with a passion to keep alumni connected and preserve the spirit of Up with People across generations. Just like the day we got on the bus, there is an overwhelming level of excitement to spread understanding across cultures. Keep on believing that we each play a critical and ongoing part in achieving UWP’s mission. Stay connected to each other through your casts, through your gifts to Up with People, and through volunteer efforts in your own home towns and around the world. Enjoy a reunion anytime. Don’t wait five years! Join us in Tucson July 27-31, 2016. Attend a Swiss, or German, or European Alumni Meeting. Plan a local get-together with alumni in your hometown. We are just beginning the next 50 years and I cannot wait to see what a difference we can make by giving more. Peace,


Get involved! The UWPIAA is currently taking applications for the following volunteer committee chair positions: ▷▷ 65-70 era representative – Cast rep experience helpful. ▷▷ Information Systems representative – Requires content management system experience. Joomla and WordPress knowledge preferred in addition to cloud-based web infrastructures. ▷▷ Latin-American representative – Prefer to have a representative that resides in Latin America. All positions require you to travel and participate in a minimum of two out of three Board of Governors meetings each year, including summer reunions. For additional information, please contact Suzanne Duryee-Hinton at





Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 in review

Alumni Association News




An editorial exploring the experience of

Director Chuson Han talks about the

Many things are happening in the association.

persons of color in the Up with People

special significance of the trip.

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Reunion attendee write about what the

The reunion was filled with wonderful

UWP program has meant in their lives.

moments from the stage. Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

22 ASSOCIATIONS AND GROUPS A compressive listing of local alumni associations


and groups around the world.

Children of all ages and nationalities


played and performed together at the


One man's story of participating in the


A review of the EAM weekend in Munich.

Tapestry Cast.


26 2016 EAM IN ROME


Stephanie Collins tells about her

Plan your trip to Rome!

Several awards were presented to

experience presenting during the

deserving alumni during the Alumni


Recognition Dinner.

27 PARTY IN BRUSSELS The 50th celebration continues with a gala


weekend in Brussels.


Current UWP student Rilee Webb reflects

Retrace the era rooms along The Journey

on her experience at the reunion and the


pathway and share the experiences of

lessons she learned from interacting with

Alumni in service to the community.

several alumni.

alumni from all eras.




Alumni who have used their UWP

31 AN ALUMNI FOREST IAA affiliate Goodwill Estonia is planting an Up with

experiences to inspire their writing.


People forest and you can be a part of it.





Does it really matter? An editorial

by Pat Murphy ('72A), USA


discussion on racial and ethnic inclusion was held this summer during Up with People’s Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 in Orlando. The forum, “Does It Really Matter?,” was presented twice to standing-room-only overflow crowds and answered this question with a resounding YES! The primary goal of the forum was to be a solution-driven discussion addressing the issue of under-represented races and ethnicities at all levels of Up with People. The inspiration to organize this event came from fellow alums Mario Romero and Tim Clark following discussions I had with them in the months leading up to the reunion. Realizing I’d need help organizing the event, I contacted another alumnus, Michael Knowles, who designed the format and agreed to moderate the discussion. Session #1 opened with a brief video account of the civil rights movement of the ‘60s and ended with recent images from current headlines (special thanks to Alana Murphy–Alum 2010 B). The discussion featured panellists Nicole Magloire (AfricanAmerican–UWP Admissions Counselor–Alum 2011), Humberto Alabado (Mexican-American–UWP Show Director–Alum 1975) and Tim Clark (African-American–Owner/President of Clark Connection Group–Alum 1987). Each panellist was asked questions about their cast experience and to share comments. Tim Clark commented: “coming into the UWP environment as an African American male, the load was heavy and it took a while to let your guard down… I felt alone… often no African Americans in the towns you visit and the only perception people had was what they see on television… I realized I had a mission and what made it so heavy was that there wasn’t enough representation in the cast where I felt I had help…” A succeeding discussion probed UWP’s ability to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse global population. Session #2 began with a Power Point presentation by Michael and Francine Knowles summarizing input from the first session. Leaning more towards an open discussion, attendees shared personal stories, observations and comments. Although this opened the door to a wide variety of noteworthy issues and concerns, the desire to increase participation of underrepresented races and ethnicities in UWP remained a high priority.

Up with People President & CEO Dale Penny provided Back row, left to right: Dave Lowe, Richard Lowe, Michael Knowles, Pat inspiring closing Murphy, Jackie Hall, Tim Ewing. Front remarks briefly row, left to right: Tim Clark, Francine commenting on Knowles, Donna Lynne Comegys, and Ferguson, Baltimore Cherrelyn Napue and Charleston, he then shared a personal experience he had with his cast in the 1970s. Dale spoke about a performance in the Boston school district after court-ordered desegregation–an assistant superintendent spoke with the cast afterwards saying: “I hope you understand what you did today. For the past year these students have heard mostly negative messages because of their race…. What you did is to let them know that they are important for who they are.” [they matter] In conclusion Dale stated that “We, as Up with People, have had this discussion on diversity and inclusion many times in the past but this is the first time that so many different UWP era’s have had the discussion at the same time–together. I’m in, we’re in, the board is in, let’s all be in–together…” So now, what’s the next step? Several great strategies are already in the works but there are two quick ways each of us can swing into action immediately: • Find a student candidate, tell them about UWP, mentor them through the admissions process • Make a donation to the "Does it Really Matter" Scholarship Fund by clicking here or visiting the Up with People website. Be sure to write ‘Does it Really Matter’ in the comment section to ensure that your gift is applied to the correct fund. A Facebook group page has been established by Sebastian Hesse (Does it Really Matter–Up with People Alumni Group) and an email address ( established by Michael and Francine Knowles. Join the conversation and be part of the solution on Facebook–and if you have specific ideas for contacts, partnerships or fundraising possibilities, feel free to send us an email. 

Fall 2015 / UpBeat


Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 had five exceptional performances, the traditional era shows, and a number of delightful and amusing speeches. Here are a few highlights of the many wonderful moments we shared with performers.

Mr. Belk’s welcome speech

Dale Penny’s quip

Mr. Belk had everyone listening attentively to stories about the beginnings of Up with People, in particular about meetings with Martin Luther King Jr.. He sensed, however, that he was taking much more than his allotted time. He put his hands to his eyes to gaze towards the control booth and apologized, only to be immediately comforted by Ken Ashby’s "booming voice of God:" “You’re good.” The 3,000 in the crowd enthusiastically agreed.

During his opening remarks, UWP President and CEO Dale Penny said, “For most of you, or many of you, you remember the first day of staging, Blanton Belk saying ‘Do you want to go to Russia? We’ll take you to Russia! Do you want to go to China? We’ll take you to China. Do you want to go to Cuba? We’ll take you to Cuba.’ and everybody went crazy. For 20 years, it was my job, the following week, to tell the cast: “He didn’t mean YOU. He meant some day, some cast would go and your spirit would go with them. You? You have an eight-week tour of Ohio.”

Note: When you see this icon, click on it to view a video of the performance


UpBeat / Fall 2015

Clayton Colwell’s rendition of “Another Day”

"With Everything Changing"

Clayton Colwell played an elegant and understated version of “Another Day.” In what could be the most perfectly timed UWP audience participation moment ever, a baby at the back of the crowd cried out just as Clayton was about to sing the final verse: “Somewhere in the world a child is born.” The crowd roared and a dry eye couldn’t be found.

In a reverent and beautiful arrangement, and completely against type, with no instruments or banter, the Colwells took the stage, sitting formally on stools to sing, “With Everything Changing.” Their harmonies and mood gave proper honor to the message of the song.

What "Color is God's Skin?" and "Does It Really Matter?" mash-up “I have a dream today,” Tim Clark began, his deep baritone freezing the room. What followed was an inspired blending of two epic Up with People anthems. The songs built on each other, lifting the crowd from one crescendo to another, delivering their common message as it never has been expressed before.

"Song of Peace" One of the 50 favorite songs was, of course, "Song of Peace." The anthem was sung in three languages and when it reached the peak, the Tapestry Cast appeared in the audience and guided large dove-shaped kites overhead. The doves flew over the audience with an amazing flutter.

Fall 2015 / UpBeat


Peter Sullivan (‘A70) missing his MC cue The '65-'70 era were the first to perform immediately following intermission. Alumni Peter Sullivan was supposed to introduce the performance, but the band began the first song before he could start his speech. After "Don’t Stand Still, the first of three numbers, Peter took the stage with a friendly glare to the band and told the audience that his speech should have come BEFORE the performance.“Close your eyes,” he good- heartedly demanded. “Imagine a new beginning.” His hysterical recovery had the room roaring. 4

UpBeat / Fall 2015

"The Journey" with CastB 2015

History of the vamp

Everyone at the reunion looked forward to the first-ever, on-the-road performance of CastB 2015. The show was filled with medleys and original songs. People were moved by the call to action in the song "I Will," but the highlight of the performance came from the quiet, reflective song, "You're My Son."

Mia Hansen led several of the past dance captains and others in a hilarious number exploring the evolution of the vamp. Having lived most of the moves presented on stage, alumni roared with the memories. When the captains broke into exuberant swing claps, Lynne Morris’s voice boomed out over the auditorium, “You!” Everyone on stage froze in mock terror. “In the yellow shirt! You’re going the wrong way!”

Reed Thompson’s rendition of "Moon Rider" The iconic "Moon Rider" was sung by the iconic voice of Reed Thompson. He began the song alone in the spotlight but finished with the house lights up and every person in the ballroom singing along in full voice.

Common Beat

"Let the Music Play"

The group Common Beat traveled 7,000 miles from Japan and took the reunion stage by storm. Director Chuson Han sent this statement after a recent performance in Korea. "Our first Korean performance went really well. The weekend was the most beautiful autumn weather, the sky was so clear that our ancestors (both Japanese and Korean) could see us well, I believe. It was very difficult using two languages but we tried our best to understand each other by heart not brain."

The casts from the 2000s shared a stunning rendition of a song not many alumni had heard. "Let the Music Play" was only on the road for six months before Up with People ceased operations. The ballroom was flooded with appreciation for the performance.

Fall 2015 / UpBeat


The Tapestry Cast by Christian Walton ('69C), Belgium


n Friday, July 31st we gathered in Orlando at the Dolphin to start working on the production that Ken Ashby, Maris Segal and Lynne Morris put together over the past two years. This was the time where we saw the faces of the many volunteers who decided to help put together the best performance possible in so little time. They were from all eras and all skills. Some worked behind the scene (I was assistant to Ken, Maris and Lynne) and no one sought glory. We just worked together and put in a lot of hours. Volunteers were split into groups for rehearsal: band, mic groups, dancers and everyone else. Soloists were auditioned to find the right voice or mix of voices for the many songs. In my job I attended a lot of these auditions and I was very impressed by the amount of talent and the fact that they learned songs from other eras before coming to Orlando. Most rehearsals on Saturday through Tuesday started around 8 or 9 a.m. and ended late each night. The most challenging one was Wednesday before “A Gathering of Nations” at 9 a.m. We all had breakfast at 5:30 a.m. that day, then a rehearsal at 6:30 a.m. Just a quick note: the rehearsals for the flags, globes and candles at the beginning of the show took around two hours to get it straight (I carried the Swiss flag). But this was not the end yet. We still had rehearsals for the 50 favorites “Time For The Music” show on Friday night. Even the dancers practiced at home with videos provided online. All of us sacrificed something that was the hardest: we missed time spent with our cast buddies and we even missed saying “hi” to some that we saw pictures of on Facebook. But seeing and hearing the reaction of the alumni was worth it. We also made new friends and we all know that new friends in Up with People are friends for life.  6

UpBeat / Fall 2015

James E. MacLennan Everyday Hero Award Honoring alumni who have served others steadily with countless small yet effective acts of kindness and time commitment; founded, been involved in, or led community service projects; and/or responded to emergencies or human misery, whether domestic or foreign.







This year's Everyday Hero Award recipients were honored during Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 at the Annual Alumni Recognition Dinner on Thursday night. UWPIAA President Cynthia Cochran presented the awards. Congratulations to this year’s Everyday Heroes and to all alumni who carry on the UWP spirit by serving others. {1} Brad Grundmeyer ('90C) was recognized for the numerous education outreach and community service programs he has launched that are making an difference in the communities where he lives, works and plays. {2} Fred Melton ('73A), was unanimously nominated by his cast for his humanitarian efforts in dental care and caregiver training in underdeveloped countries and whose cast further supported his efforts by helping to finance his next mission to Nepal. {3} Bijeysh Ranjit ('11A) is a native of Nepal and the co-founder of the organization SAATH, which stands for "Social Service Awareness Raising & Advocacy for Tranquility & Humanity." The organization supports at-risk populations in Nepal and has been instrumental in helping Nepal rebuild after the earthquake in April 2015. (Note: Bijeysh could not travel to the reunion, so Hans Nelson (‘08A) accepted the award on his behalf ) {4} Cyddia Rodrigo ('65A) was honored as the founder of the non-profit Reach Out Alumni Assistance Network (ROAAN) and for her work keeping Southern California alumni connected. {5} John and Kelly DeGarmo (‘90E) were recognized for their heroic level of selflessness and dedication in support for foster children. The couple has written many books that offer support for other foster parents and have changed the lives of hundreds of children who have lived with them over the years. {6} Göran Rudbo ('80A) is a popular Swedish musician who has used his considerable influence to support "Star For Life," a non-profit that uses motivational music and school-based curriculum to promote positive, healthy decision-making and build self-esteem in school children in Africa. (Note: Göran was performing in Sweden and unable to travel to the reunion, so castmates Sue McLean, Anders Callermo, and Göran Ronsten accepted the award on his behalf.) Fall 2015 / UpBeat


J. Blanton Belk Award Award recipients have sacrificed economic and/or personal security to serve others. They work for the betterment of the world around them by making an ongoing compassionate contribution. The recipient often has overcome great personal barriers or tragedy to continue as a role model of courage and involvement. JoDee Irmen Robertson ('77B) has dedicated years to the Achiase Children’s Home in a small town in Ghana. Through her fundraising efforts and hard work, the children of this small village have a beautiful school, trained teachers, and a library with over 1,000 books, The orphans and abandoned children at the Achiase Children’s Home now believe they are the envy of the other kids in the village.

Hilde Severinsen Sandnes ('91C) was honored for her vision and dedication to the children and adolescents of Norway, Romania, and Uganda. She is deeply involved in three separate foundations whose functions include serving the needs of the children through the development of best practices for caregivers and rehabilitation services.

The Samuel Lanham Award for Extraordinary Service to the Up with People International Alumni Association Presented to an individual who has made contributions to the UWPIAA in multiple categories, over multiple years, benefiting a broad spectrum of alumni. Contributions have enhanced the association and forwarded the purpose and goals of the alumni organization.

Dave Martin ('68C) has been an important part of the alumni family for 47 years. He always helps with merchandise at the reunions and many years ago he single-handedly created an alumni newsletter that eventually became UpBeat. Dave embodies the spirit, fortitude, and commitment to service that defines Up with People. 8

UpBeat / Fall 2015

(Left to right) UWPIAA Vice-President Beth Clay presented awards to Michael Scott Curnes ('80B), Stephanie McCollister Cox ('81B), and John Gonzalez ('67C) for their leadership in creating The Journey exhibit; Ken Ashby ('66C), Maris Segal ('80C), and Lynne Morris for the reunion production development; Jeff Zadroga ('84C), Barb Butierez ('75A), and Phil Worcester ('76C) for managing all aspects of the reunion budget and finance; Vickie Henthorn Law ('66B) and T McCreary ('68B) for their leadership as Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 co-chairs.

Songwriters Hall of Fame In 2010, the Up with People International Alumni created the UWP Songwriters Hall of Fame to recognize and honor the men and women who have created and sustained the music of the Sing Out/Up with People phenomenon.

The 2015 Golden Anniversary inductees were celebrated at a luncheon given in their honor. The awards were presented on stage during the Thursday night birthday celebration by Vickie Henthorn Law, Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 co-chair. Honorees (left to right) are: the late Tom Wilkes' sons, Tom Jr, and Sam; David Stevenson; David MacKay; John Tracy; Dick Smith; and Cabot Wade.

50 favorite Up with People songs as voted by the alumni Up with People What Color is God’s Skin? 200 Years and Just a Baby A Common Beat Ashes Ayiko Can We Sing a Song of Peace Children Day the People Came Together Does it Really Matter? El Puente Festa Humana Freedom Isn’t Free Further We Reach Out Give the Children Back Their Childhood Heart’s Still Beating

It Takes a Whole Village Keep the Beat Keep Young at Heart Let All the People In Let the River Flow Moon Rider Morning of Time (Dawning) One 2 One One Person (What Can I Do?) Party 'round the World People Have Spoken/Coming Home Rhythm of the World Rippin’ Along Room for Everyone Save the Dancer Shine Man Someone Else’s Eyes

Sound of Peace Stand Together The Wonder of it All The World is Your Hometown There’s Gonna be Another Day Time for the Music Touch Somebody’s Heart Unfinished World Unspoken Words Voices Walk on Through We are Many, We are One We’ll be There What’s Happening to You Where the Roads Come Together With Everything Changing With One Heart

Fall 2015 / UpBeat


The Journey through Up with People's history


ach era, led by a volunteer coordinator, filled a space along the winding pathway of Up with People's 50year history. Each room had two to three videos of era highlights and the area was filled with photographs, tour schedules, costumes and other treasures. Those who signed the guest-book expressed deep gratitude and appreciation for all that the experience of traveling in UWP had brought to their lives. ď‚Ť

'65-'70 showcased the extensive travel and outreach the early casts experienced.

Designer travel outfits and an actual piece of the stage were highlights of the '71-'75 era.

Swing claps forever! Instructions included, thanks to the '76-'80 era.

At the heart of The Journey was a room to reflect on those who are no longer with us.

The memorabilia in the '81-'85 room included an original guitar case and suitcase.

The '86-'90 era imagined themselves in the dressing room before a performance.

'91-'95 highlighted how a simple letter helped the stay connected to home.

Costumes from several countries the casts visited were featured in the '96-'00 room.

The '01-'15 era filled their room with thousands of images.

Mr. Belk was the first to sign the giant globe at the end of the tour.

Paul Colwell shared his original notebooks filled with his writers notes of iconic songs.

10 UpBeat / Fall 2015

The impact of taking The Journey Sheri Schrier ('90A), USA


he Journey exhibit at Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 in Orlando began as a vision that over a period of almost two years grew and blossomed into the interactive, winding pathway that took all who walked into the hall through the past 50 years of the sights, sounds and memorabilia of Up with People. Reunion attendees were able to learn about the roots of UWP. Older alums were able to see the impact groups continue to make on the communities they touch, and younger people could learn about the rich history they

now share with thousands of other people. We were hit by the overwhelming experience we have with an organization that has a presence throughout many big moments in history. It didn’t matter what era or even what decade we traveled. It mattered that we shared our hearts with a global community responding to a broken world with a message of love and understanding to move past differences, bring a message of hope and a promise to make a positive impact on the world.

The Journey experience: the golden thread that knits us together Jill Currie Reeves ('84B), USA


he Journey was a deeply emotional experience for me from start to finish. My family roots go way back to the beginnings of Up with People, including MRA. Even with all of their stories of the past that helped me to get an idea of what they experienced, there was something so tangible about seeing all of the memorabilia in front of me, seeing original footage of the videos, and talking with other alumni in the room

of The Journey exhibit. It all made it come alive. In those moments, I felt the impact of Up with People to the core. I was moved to tears and laughter for most of my morning while wandering and taking in all there was to see, hear, do and touch. After I finished The Journey, I felt such a sense of pride, awe, amazement, curiosity, appreciation, wonder and hope for Up with People. My 50th reunion experience

was deepened and it helped to tie everything together from my past Up with People experiences into the future. The Journey felt like the golden thread that knit us all together. It defined the reason we all decided to participate in the Up with People program and gave a sense of hope to those just starting out on their own journey of traveling with the program.

Comments from The Journey guest book "I have always been so proud to be a part of something so much bigger than myself but I didn't really know it or feel it till now. This is an amazing display that is humbling." - Alum from 1998

"Up with People taught me to contribute positive solutions and that leadership is something to take-on, not delegate." - Alum from 1965

"This is incredible! What a journey it's been and cheers to the journey continuing! Thank you!" - Alum from 2000

"Thanks for putting this fantastic exhibition together! Mom and daughter - both alumni-sharing memories and leaving with the same feeling." - Alumni from 1979 and 2014

"Looking back, I owe you my wife, two kids, and a great job. So much I have is because of my year with you." - Alum from 1986 "What a wonderful experience we have had in UWP. It is amazing to see how we have made a difference and continue to make in our corners of the word." - Alum from 1977

"Thank you for so many experiences and learning. I started with a dream in 2013 and now two years later I am still living it. I am a citizen of the world and so happy to be a part of the UWP family." - Current cast member "I'm going to travel soon!"

- Cast K member

12 UpBeat / Fall 2015


Common Beat shares the "harmony of uniqueness" M

y name is Chuson Han and I was a member of Cast D back in 1999. I had a great year with everyone and was then lucky enough to have an extra year with UWP, working as a Dance Captain during the Staging in Denver. We established Common Beat in Japan in 2004. This is based on the UWP musical, but with a few changes including changing all the lyrics into Japanese!! But the biggest difference is that there is a different cast for each show. Our program is actually called “One Hundred People in 100 Days,” which means that for each city that we perform in, local people join the cast and practice at weekends. Each city’s show therefore has a very different feeling, but with the same Common Beat/UWP message. As I mentioned in the reunion speech, over the 11 years since we started, we have performed about 100 shows in 10 cities with about 4,000 cast members. We had a great time at the reunion. For many of us it was the biggest event we had ever participated in and felt very happy and lucky to be part of such a great organization. The members who attended the reunion came from different casts and different cities all over Japan. So when we gathered together on the first day, some people knew each other and others didn’t, but we could still perform together as one team because we are connected by the musical. We practiced hard for the show and I was so proud of everyone. Then during the performance we were surprised by the big applause, so warm and powerful. I was really glad that Common Beat members could feel the UWP spirit and also believe that they learned a lot during these days. We also enjoyed all of the performances, especially the original cast’s performance of the musical A Common Beat. We gained energy from the experience and can now work on the Japan-Korea musical project more powerfully than before. As I mentioned in my speech, the Japan-Korea musical is a very big but special event for us. We don’t want to use energy for conflict but for a better future, and a better relationship between the two countries. Now I have a stronger hope for this because of the encouragement we have received from all over the world through UWP alumni. 

Fall 2015 / UpBeat



Have an extra suitcase packed, just in case by Jessica González ('96C), Puerto Rico


just saw some of my favorite people in the world. How can I begin to find the precise words to describe the way that this reunion brought back so swiftly all that I saw, felt and experienced so many years ago? It was like stepping into Marty McFly’s DeLorean. 1996 all over again, but this time with better looks! Up with People, the organization that gathered people from over 20 countries and introduced us to the world so we could go change it, turned 50 and on a whim and thanks to wonderfully generous and loving friends, I said OK. I flew to the reunion and smiled from beginning to end. Caveat: there were times when the smile was not so much when I was under the weather and balancing the emotional rollercoaster. Nevertheless, every single moment spent with the people I came to know and love almost 20 years ago felt joyful. We made lifelong friends and traveled to many countries to learn and appreciate people and cultures. Hopefully, we all (you and me) have been blessed with those friends who touch our lives in ways we can’t explain. We just know. Our hearts know and that’s all the matters. How one person (or 20!) connects with you might be different than how that person connects with me, but if the connection is so strong, supportive, loving, challenging yet loyal, it’s yours to own and to protect. And to celebrate. That’s what we did. My friends and I didn’t go sightseeing, we didn’t spend a lot of money, we could not care less about petty and unnecessary drama (unless the drama was affecting one of our own and then we became furious protectors!). We talked. We told stories,

14 UpBeat / Fall 2015

caught up on our lives, children, careers, gains and losses, relationships highs and lows. Deaths, births, depression, joys, new beginnings. We laughed and we cried. We sang and we danced. Some of us actually got to meet in person for the first time after years of being “pen-pals.” Again, joyful. We celebrated old times, our bus dates and host families, and we honored how each us contributed to the greater good. And that greater good, the organization that brought us together, we praised and pledged to support. As we sat in the midst of 3,000 alumni gathered for this reunion’s many evening performances, we instantly recalled lyrics that urge us to consider whether race and ethnicity are still such critical problems in society. “Does it really matter?” Does the color of our skin, the language that we speak, and the beliefs each of us grew up with really matter when we are talking about peace, our communities, our children, humanity? Does it matter at all? And if it does, ask yourself “What color is God’s skin?” Maybe you’ll find the answer. So, thank you, friends. You lifted me up when I was down, you challenged me when I was complacent. You invited me to do the same for you with no judgment or hard feelings. You invited me to join you in Italy for spring break. (Someday, Katia, someday!) You made me laugh uncontrollably and you allowed me to believe in you and your gifts and talents. I have experienced unconditional love and I am a better person for it. May you all NEVER EVER take for granted those who make your heart smile, even if you haven’t seen them in 20 years. Somehow, the universe conspires (heeheehee!) to put them in your path. Have an extra suitcase packed just in case the universe knocks at your door. When it does, open the door and GO! When tomorrow comes, together, we’ll be there. 

The bigger your heart, the smaller our world by Mark Smeby ('84B), USA


any of us hadn’t seen each other for 30 years since we said goodbye after our final show in Buffalo, NY. Back in 1985, we were young and nimble, singing and dancing our way around the world for an entire year. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about seeing everyone again at Up with People’s 50th anniversary celebration in Orlando. I didn’t know what, or who, to expect. I just hoped that we would have a good time. It was so rich to see how people had changed over the years. Some of the defining characteristics were there, but there was a mellowing…like a fine wine that had been allowed to breathe for a bit. There was an openness, a compassion, a settledness which was so fantastic to experience. And we laughed…a lot. And spent some sweet moments around the piano, too. Just like our year together, it was all about the relationships. In between all the hugs and catching up, we spent time in large group sessions hearing about the history of Up with People and the ideals that our group was founded upon. We listened to inspirational songs and celebrated the world’s diversity. And that’s when it hit me. See, I still get to travel and sing my own songs of hope, much like we did 30 years ago. And I love hearing how people are helped by my creative efforts these days. But I wonder if any actual change is happening in people’s lives as a result of what I do. Like, am I just fluffy entertainment, or is something more important happening, perhaps beyond what I can see? I wondered what difference the songs we sang in Up with People made through the years. Did we help people live better lives? Did our dancing help anyone escape from poverty? Did our songs help people to become more open-minded about race relations? I really can’t say for sure. But what I do know is that what happened during my time in Up with People changed my world view because of the relationships our cast created with each other, this diverse mix of races and nationalities. You discover that any previous fears or prejudices were somehow unfounded. You discover that it just doesn’t matter. Up with People President Dale Penny said it this way, “This world’s a very personal place. It’s where our friends live.” Yes, the world is indeed a very personal place. Denmark means the world to me, not because I studied there in college, but because of the people who I love that live there. Like Thomas.

I believe that we are all longing for greater peace in our world and better understanding between people of different races and nationalities. We need a great movement of peace to take over this planet. But I don’t think it’s going to come about through a song or a dance. Though that could be an effective conduit for it to happen, as Up with People has proven. True peace is going to come as we sustain relationships with people who are different than us. As we move toward someone else with the sole motivation of getting to know them and how they live, our world gets smaller and more personal. Us versus Them becomes more just Us.

Mark and his castmates gather at the piano at Celebrate 50. If I want to bring peace to this world, if I want to erase bigotry, racism, homophobia, I need to move toward people who are different than me and seek relationships with them. Like UWP Founder J. Blanton Belk said, “Peace is people of the world becoming friends.” As long I stay with those who look like me, talk like me, and believe like me, I’m going to find it incredibly easy to judge others. But as I get to know someone different than me my compassion increases, so that not only do I love them, but I’m willing to fight for them, to stand up for them when they are being treated unjustly. How big or small do you want your world to be? The bigger your heart is toward others, the smaller the world will become.  Fall 2015 / UpBeat



Lasting friendship blossoms in Cast K by Robyn (Scott) Eve ('91C), Bermuda


uring the reunion, my son Josiah, 8, became fast friends with a girl by the name of Monroe who he said was from Norway. Not only were they inseparable in Cast K, but they spent time together playing around the pool as well. I didn’t introduce myself properly to her mom then and all week I hoped we’d see each other again and exchange contact details so that the kids could keep in touch after Orlando. My last chance came at the Future Finale, but after the kids performed there was a rush of parents in the late hour whisking their kids away. I briefly spotted Monroe but before I could reach her she called out, “Bye, Josiah!” and disappeared into the crowd. I apologized to my son for missing her. After we got back to Bermuda, Josiah mentioned Monroe numerous times and asked when we could visit her. Mommy-guilt set in again over the missed opportunity. I wondered how I could find such a little needle in this worldwide haystack. For what it was worth, I decided to post what little I knew on the UWPIAA Facebook page and perhaps in a few days or weeks someone who knew them might see the post and help us reconnect. I was doubtful, but hopeful. So I posted the following one night at 9:30pm: “LOOKING FOR A FAMILY: My family attended the reunion in Orlando and my 8 year old son Josiah made a lovely friend, a little girl (around the same age) by the name of Monroe. (She had an older? sister too but I forget her name.) They played together a lot around the pool and in Cast K. Her mom generously bought us a couple pints of Hagen Daaz one day because J asked for ice cream. Well, he’s still talking about Monroe and wants to keep in touch with her. We gave her a “Bermuda” friendship bracelet on the last day but unfortunately I did not get any information about the family like name or contact details. My son said she is from Norway but I am not 100% sure whether that is correct or not. I wish I had more to go on. However, if the name and country are correct and anyone by chance knows

16 UpBeat / Fall 2015

who the parents could be or if you are that family, please inbox me or email me.” Three minutes later Beth Clay (‘08A) one of the Cast K coordinators, replied that she may have good news for Josiah. I was shocked! Then at 9:39 p.m., Holly Harris (‘87A) posted, “That’s my best friend’s kid...” and offered to put us in contact. Both ladies messaged me and I realized they were talking about the same family. Monroe’s mom is Brenda (Borgnes) DeSmyter (‘87A). The needle had been found in less than 10 minutes!! I learned that while Monroe’s paternal grandfather was Norwegian, the family was actually from Michigan. Holly also noticed that we had a mutual friend in common on Facebook. It turns out Brenda’s younger sister Georgia (Borgnes) Kasperowicz travelled with me in C 1991! MIND. BLOWN. What were the odds?? These two had more in common than we ever realized. Brenda and I quickly exchanged information and now we are helping keep the kids in touch thanks to modern technology. Who knows? They may even grow up and travel together one day. If they do, they will have quite a story to tell of how their journey all began. 

Josiah and his new Cast K friend, Monroe DeSmyter, were inseparable during the reunion.

CASTS K & T 2015

Fall 2015 / UpBeat


Alumni Association news Successful Silent Auction raises New scholarship approved thousands for scholarships


he UWPIAA Board of Governors unanimously approved the development of a student scholarship, named and developed with Blanton and Betty Belk in honor of their lifetime of commitment to Up with People. Criteria and details will be developed this fall with a scholarship team, including input from Mr. and Mrs. Belk. Applications for incoming students will be available for Cast B2016 online at


ach year at reunion, alumni and board members contribute a variety of items to help raise monies for scholarships and other program opportunities to further the mission and efforts of UWPIAA and UWP. This year’s donations included exclusive Fender guitars, signed/framed sheet music from the top 50 songs selected by alumni, travel packages, prints, fine wine, handmade quilts, and more. Thank you to all who participated either by bidding or donating! Through your efforts, the alumni association has fulfilled our commitment of $11,000 to support scholarships for UWP!

IAA Fall Board Meeting scheduled in Denver


ook out Denver, here we come! The Up with People International Alumni Association will be holding its fall board meeting in Denver, Nov 6th and 7th, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will be hosting a reception for alumni on Friday, Nov. 6th, 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the Hampton Inn and Suites hotel, downtown Denver Convention Center location. Light hors d’oeuvres will be served and a cash bar will be available. Come reconnect with old friends and make new ones! Please RSVP to no later than November 2, 2015.

Reunion 2016

18 UpBeat / Fall 2015

Westin La Paloma ✪ Tucson, Arizona ✪ July 27–31, 2016

We've just recovered from the biggest reunion of all time, but we're already busy planning the next one! We hope to see you in Tucson, July 27-31, 2016. Registration will open in early 2016.

Connect and network with alumni

UWPIAA Legacy Scholarship program



ot a new career and need industry tips? Are you an alumni who is looking for résumé assistance ? Is your company hiring? We want to know! We’d like to remind alumni to connect and network with alumni on LinkedIn (link to page) and share job inquiries/openings on our Facebook group. Use this space to make new network connections. By following our official page on LinkedIn, you can see and follow other alumni and add UWPIAA to your resume. If you need résumé assistance or if want to us to share a job opening for you. Email Christina Noël at

he UWPIAA supports the participation of relatives of alumni in the Up with People program by awarding scholarship money towards the first semester for a legacy student. The definition of “legacy” is quite broad and far from being limited to only children of alumni. Each semester, the UWPIAA and its Scholarship Committee awards these scholarships. Once a student is accepted by Up with People, they may apply. The Scholarship Committee reviews the applications, consults with Up with People’s admissions, and gives out the awards. Each semester the total monies awarded for all recipients ranges from $2,500 to $3,500. The application process is thorough, and each awardee must share a recent photo and their experiences with our UpBeat editor for possible publication. The Cast B2015 awardees were: Chelsey Douglas (USA), Emily Mongeon (USA), and Arndt Saafeldt (Denmark). Congratulations to these future UWPIAA members, and we hope you are having the time of your lives. The application process can be found on under the Alumni Community banner. Inquiries about this program may be sent to

Reunion 2017

Fall 2015 / UpBeat


Westin La Paloma ✪ Tucson, Arizona ✪ July 26–30, 2017

LATIN AMERICA REPORT Edwin Aponte ('77B), Puerto Rico, Regional Representative: Latin America


or the last four and half years I have served on the Board of Governors of he Up with People International Alumni Association as the Representative for Latin America Alumni. During that time we were able to establish a better communication with alumni, both UWP and Sing Outs, from Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Panama and Venezuela, promoting the different projects of the UWPIAA like Alumni-in-Action and Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015. The reunion in Orlando was a tremendous success with Latin alumni participation at an all-time high. There was a reception held on Friday afternoon and over 40 Latinos participated. UWP staff, members of the UWP Board of Directors and the President of the UWPIAA, Ms. Cynthia Cochran, also attended the reception. The enthusiasm generated in the reception to increase Latin alumni participation in the future of Up with People was really evident after hearing about the efforts that UWP is making to visit South America in the near future. That effort is being guided by Mr. José Ríos. Already alumni in Mexico are attempting to get organized by regions or states. This effort is being spearheaded by an alumna from Mexico, Ms. Sary Garcia ( who is helping to sponsor a visit by UWP. In Panama, they plan to plant trees (inagro@cwpanama. net) under the Viva la Gente banner. Sing Out and UWP alumni from Brazil are planning a get-together in the city of Porto Alegre early this fall. Members of Adelante Juventud (Venezuela) and Impacto (Puerto Rico) are planning gatherings closer to the holidays. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve on the Board of Governors as the Latin alumni representative.  20 UpBeat / Fall 2015

EUROPE REPORT Jerko Bozikovic (‘87A), Belgium, Regional Representative: Europe/Middle East/Africa


irst of all, I would like to offer a great thank you to the wonderful Marie Tobler who has been the Euro Rep since 2011. Please thank her for her service when you see her. A little bit about me: I travelled in A, 1987, the first Russia cast as they called us. I became a professional dancer, travelling the world for 16 years mainly doing musicals, TV, commercials, galas, etc. Then a new chapter started changing careers and for over 14 years now, I have been a corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and life coach. My passions are working with people on personal development, communication, change. When I was elected as the new Euro Rep I had no idea what I got into. And maybe I still don’t know. But I am very excited about the times we live in. UWP and UWPIAA have never been so close. We keep hearing that story from Dale and Cynthia, but I also see it happen on the road, in the offices, etc. I am a strong believer that one does not exist without the other. For me this is an example where 1 + 1 = 3. Some action points I would like to work on during my term are: • Create more visibility for the alumni in every city during the show with an information and recognition booth (This done in some countries, would like to standardize it) • Involve the youngsters coming from the road more in the alumni organizations and enhance communication with them • Help create strong(er) and new alumni associations (we’re relaunching the Belgian association for this fall) • Create a stronger European feeling and collaboration amongst the European alumni and represent the Europeans (and Africans and Middle-Easterners) on the Board of Governors of the UWPIAA • Work closely with the Brussels office on admissions and getting cities set up with the help of alumni • Help set up strong and relevant EAMs for a maximum of alumni I am grateful to be of service for the alumni, and together with my partner, who also traveled, I’ll do my best to represent you and listen to your needs and wishes. 

ASIA REPORT Shinichi Miyawaki ('86A), Japan, Regional Representative: Asia p with People Japan Alumni Club had a general meeting and a party on Saturday, July 18th in Tokyo. 34 alumni from 1965 to 2014 attended and we promised the future development of the Japan alumni club. On the other hand, 25 Japanese alumni attended the reunion in Orlando last August. We cannot forget to thank the 50 Common Beat members for the wonderful performance. 



Skip Searcy ('72B), USA Willie Knowles' term as era rep has ended and we thank him for his years of dedicated service to alumni and the association. The board welcomes Skip Searcy to the 1971-1975 era rep position. Skip traveled as a cast member ('72B) and as a staff member ('74B). He has been a host dad and now proud parent of an alumna who traveled in 2008.

Zan Diener ('91E), USA Era alumni joined us from all over the world, including our only ever Macedonian alum, Xhezmi Ramadani ('95B). Many of the era alumni attending reunion helped by bringing costumes, cast memorabilia, and posters for display in our “Mail Day” themed 1991-1995 room in The Journey exhibit. Thank you everyone for helping to make this project so successful!



An Van Den Eede ('90A), Belgium As your era rep and as a (part-time) Euro Rep on the board, I am here to serve you! Everyone that has traveled in the casts 1986 till 1990 is my responsibility and ALL Europeans. The 50th celebration in Orlando was unique but that was only the start. We will celebrate 50 years of Up With People in Brussels November 27 and 28, 2015. It will be a fun party!

Ruthie Shimabukuro ('77B), USA Donna Reed, the Cast Rep for cast A 1976, tells a story of a castmate of hers that went out of her way to be helpful and supportive when Donna's son was stranded in Houston. Her castmate, Marcia Moon Barker, came to Donna's son's rescue, driving more than an hour and a half out of her way to help. Our castmates are our lifelong support, always willing to lend a helping hand. It's a great gift.

Nina Hanhinen ('96C), Finland There are some of us from our era who we've lost contact with due to name changes and address changes. We really would love to get in touch with you again. Make sure you have your contact info updated on the UWPIAA website. If you don't know how to log in, get in touch with me and I can help. There's going to be quite a few exciting events coming that you won't want to miss.



OPEN Walter Golding's term as era rep has ended and we are actively recruiting his replacement. Please contact the recruitment chair Suzanne Duryee-Hinton at or any member of the UWPIAA Board of Governors if you are interested in filling this position.




Brenda Noyes ('83D), USA If you were one of the over 350 people from our era attending the reunion, I hope you had a wonderful time. I sure did! I want to give a great big thanks to Linda Carney for being our era’s representative for The Journey exhibit that was at the reunion. Another big thanks goes out to all the cast reps for our era. They perform many roles in a cast besides passing on information that comes from the alumni board.

Ericka Adams, USA We are the generation of openness, creativity, and amazing ideas, and it is up to us to step up and share what we have learned and implement it into our alumni community. We are the future of this organization and owe it to the founders before us to keep the Up with People spirit alive. Let us know your ideas and questions; because I know the best stories and ideas are just waiting to be heard!


Fall 2015 / UpBeat



From Europe and beyond! All alumni welcome at these parties Jerko Bozikovic (‘87A), Belgium, Regional Representative: Europe/Middle East/Africa

Upcoming events Triangle Alumni Date (TAD)

Swiss General Assembly

October 10, 2015 Tampere, Finland

Welcome to Brussels Party November 27, 2015 Brussels, Belgium 19:00 - midnight Please purchase tickets in advance at en/activities/105605-uwp-scelebrate-50

October 23-25, 2015 Herzberg, Switzerland

European Alumni Meeting (EAM) 2016


he newly-formed Belgian Alumni Association is proud to invite you to the Belgian Alumni "Invite Europe and Beyond" event on November 27, 2015 from 19:00 – midnight. This event kickstarts UWP’s Celebrate 50! weekend in Brussels and launches the new Belgian Alumni Association. We’re welcoming all alumni, partners and friends to the magical La Maison des Brasseurs on the Grand Place 10, where we will have three floors to ourselves, in a spectacular environment for meeting old and new friends. For €25 you will be welcomed with fun, some drinks, different Belgian delicacies and a few surprises in a unique location. Also included is the Museum of Beer, which is located inside the La Maison des Brasseurs ( We look forward to seeing you there for a great kickoff event for what promises to be a fantastic weekend celebrating Up with People’s first, and next, 50 Years!

European Alumni Association contacts


Geert Fierens ('77A), Coordinator (under construction at this moment)


Paula Eronen ('92A), President Timo Sarojärvi ('82A), International Contact Facebook: FUWPAA–Finnish Up with People Alumni Association


Nils Groppe ('99C), President Annette Gerling ('96E), International Contact Facebook: Alumni Vereinigung Up with People Deutschland e.V. | AVUWPD e.V. 22 UpBeat / Fall 2015

April 22-24, 2016 Rome, Italy


European Alumni Group contacts

Charlotte Uhler ('87C), President Facebook: SUWPAA Swedish Up with People Alumni Association Christina Chukman ('90A), International Contact


Oliver Ege ('92A), President Vicky Kahl-Milde ('A00), International Contact Facebook: UWPSAA–Up with People Swiss Alumni Association



Argo Saul ('94E) or Merle Zimmer ('96D) or Chamber of Goodwill Facebook: Chamber of Goodwill Gaby Mock ('98E) Facebook: AlumNet Netherlands


Manuela Paoletti ('89E)

"Hello? Is it me you're looking for?"

Join or start an alumni group in your area Seattle/Puget Sound

Northern Alabama

Austin, Texas

Native Americans

I am in the process of restarting the Seattle (Puget Sound) area UWP alumni group. For those interested in more information, they can contact me at Carrie@

Northern Alabama alumni, please contact Jeff Lapidus. 256-759-8854

I have been thinking about starting an alumni chapter in the Austin, Texas area. I met a few alumni a few years ago when we were trying to bring a cast to Austin and have lost their contact info since meeting. A chapter would be a great way of keeping in touch. Joey Garza ('98C) 512-577-2919

Hello, my name is Alden Chato ('92C). I'd like to start a group for Native American alumni of UWP.

Detroit and southern Michigan This would be mainly for the metro Detroit area, but I'd be interested in hearing from anyone in southern lower Michigan. Sheila Walsh Dettloff

The Carolinas Our group is inclusive of both North Carolina and South Carolina. Tracy Smith 386-837-7135

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania There is a private Facebook group for the Philly area. Up with People Alumni of the Philadelphia, PA Area Melissa Guillotin 919-612-3177

Colorado Springs, Colorado I am interested in finding/ starting an alumni group in Colorado Springs, CO. Katie Bradeen ('95C)

Billings, Montana Up with People Cast B2016 tour dates are being set for the northwestern United States now! Alumni wanting to be a part of bringing Cast B to Billings, Montana in 2016 may contact Penny Ronning at 406-579-9778 or for more information.

Connecticut Up with People Connecticut Alumni group is open to alumni who are living in or are from Connecticut. We are hoping to network together to help support UWP and bring them back to our great state. To be added to our membership list, please join the Up with People Connecticut Alumni Group on Facebook or contact Leigh Pechillo ('93B) via email at

SoCal alumni group gathered to attend Cast A2015's performance of "The Journey"


ver 100 Southern California alumni gathered to see Cast A2015 perform "The Journey" in Anaheim, California. Many were able to join the cast in green room and about 80+ stayed for the alumni reception after the performance.

Download your copy of this image at Fall 2015 / UpBeat


2015 EAM - Munich, Germany

More than 300 alumni and Cast A2015 gather in the Loisachhalle in Wolfratshausen, Germany.

The heart’s still beating strong by Annette Gerling ('96E), Germany


t feels just like a heartbeat away, even though it was May when the EAM and the German Alumni Meeting took place in Munich. More than 360 participants from 18 different countries including more than 50 children joined for an extraordinary weekend. Thanks to the team it was a colorful weekend full of highlights and special moments. It is an impossible task to capture them all, but let me mention just a few. Pre-EAM hike to Benediktenwand (L to R): Jonas ('91A),Sabine ('95C), Bernd ('97D), Jennifer ('95C), Gilbert, ('98B)

24 UpBeat / Fall 2015

The pre-tour team was the first to accelerate the heartbeat. Alongside alumna Sabine Ehlers ('95C), the team went on a three-day hiking trip through the Bavarian Alps and made their way up to the peak of the Benediktenwand. A night at the (in)famous Hofbräuhaus with traditional Bavarian music and dances was as much part of the program as the opportunity to bake the typical Brezen at a traditional Munich bakery, visit the Allianz Arena, take part in a Brewery tour or the Olympic park and village. Also some alumni who traveled with Sing Out Germany managed to organize a reunion and gathered a crowd which reunited in Munich; for some it has been more than 49 years. The tragic events of the Olympics in 1972 and the role of UWP back then and today were featured on Friday afternoon. We experienced a very interesting and emotional afternoon together with cast A2015. Alumni

Bettina Dommnich ('93B), Germany, and Armin Schobloch ('88E), Germany, provided fascinating insights into the events which marked the birth of international terrorism. Cast B1972, which was performing in Munich at the time, was asked to perform in the Olympic village for the shocked athletes. Listening to the recorded comments of the alumni was impressive. Equally frightened by the incidents, and not Alumni visited the Olympic Village, site of the 1972 massacre of eleven Israeli athletes.

Some members of the fabulous Munich Team and our "interns," Geidi and Anika from Estonia.

knowing which target might be next, they decided to take a stand by trying to bring some happiness back into the athlete’s life. The following panel discussion with Dale Penny, Sylvia Schenk (athlete of '72 Olympics) and Alain Bergilez ('72B), Germany, stressed that the message of UWP is needed today as much as in 1972. On Friday night, Cast A2015 rocked the house with a fantastic performance of “The Journey” and more than 300 alumni in the audience rocked the floor likewise. The official meeting on Saturday morning was perfectly organized by Marie Tobler and provided attendees with a quick and smooth overview and updates on the UWP and alumni world. “Life is a rhythm” was a true power performance given by international keynote speaker and musician Jolly EAM attendees enjoyed a tour of the Paulaner Brewery while visiting Munich.

Kunjappu. Speaking and drumming, he shared the insights and anecdotes of his colorful life as a world-traveler and former studio percussionist of the Rolling Stones. Paula Eronen ('92A), Finland and Ivan Dekeyser ('86A) from Belgium got to drum with Jolly–in other words – they unveiled their unknown talents as passionate drummers to us. Needless to say the audience reacted with thundering applause. We all want to retain that energy we feel during these special alumni gatherings. In order to take it home into our daily life, each member of the audience received a rhythm egg shaker from Jolly. I carry mine in my bag – and whenever my life gets a little rocky it reminds me softly to "keep the rhythm." The party on Saturday night needs just two words: Survival Band! Thank you for the music! And to a wonderful Alumni enjoyed dinner at Hofbräuhaus on the first evening of the reunion.

“Life is a rhythm” was the keynote speech by international speaker and musician Jolly Kunjappu.

performance by Cast K. Just like in the good old days some of us had the chance to set-up and strike again. Tired but happy we were sent off by the team. Each of us received a gingerbread heart to remind us of the sweet memories of the EAM 2015. It feels just like a heartbeat away – but as we watch the pictures from Munich today, we see thousands of refugees arriving at the same train station as many alumni did four months ago. Thousands of people fleeing from political turmoil and horrible violence in their home countries face unbearable uncertainties that force them and their loved ones to flee. And amongst all the madness, Munich proves to be the city of hearts yet again: hundreds of volunteers welcome the refugees and support them. Let’s continue to open our hearts…wherever we are.  Saturday's finale included a performance by the Up with People Survival Band.

Fall 2015 / UpBeat




in Rome

ColossEAM 2016 Registration begins November 9, 2015

ColossEAM 2016: UWPIAA European Alumni Meeting a Roman holiday April 22-24, 2016

Tuesday 19 and Thursday 21 April will be prepared and offered for an additional cost to participants. Appia Antica, Catacomba di fter the great Munich gathering in 2015, Priscilla, Villa Ada, Papal Wednesday Audience, the next yearly opportunity for alumni to Papal Swiss Guards and Giardini Quirinale are gather and enjoy friends and family will be in some highlights of the pre-program. the historic city of Rome, Italy at the end of All information and April 2016. registration will be ready starting The official arrival day will November 9, 2015 under www. be Friday 22 July and last until on a first-come, departure on Sunday 24 April. first-serve basis. Thanks for The congress center and the 4-star your interest to be a part of hotel packages with rooms with ColossEAM 2016! up to four beds are 10 minutes Our team - Anna, Annalisa, by public transportation from Danilo, Frauke, Jerko, Jette, the Vatican City. A Coliseum Jonas, Leo, Leonardo, Siegfried, tour and cooking class is on the Manuela, Maria, Marie, Raffaele program for you all. Some of the Roman ColossEAM 2016 team members at - says ciao and see you soon! ď‚Ť A pre-program between a meeting in June 2015. By Danilo De Simone (‘86E), Switzerland


26 UpBeat / Fall 2015

Cast B2015 tour schedule

Toluca, Mexico | October 5 to October 12 Mexico City, Mexico | October 12 to October 19 Oostende, Belgium | October 19 to October 26 Antwerp, Belgium | October 26 to November 2 Neuchâtel, Switzerland | November 2 to November 9 Weinfelden–Frauenfeld, Switzerland | November 9 to November 16 Vaduz, Liechtenstein | November 16 to November 23 Brussels, Belgium | November 23 to November 30 Rome, Italy | November 30 to December 10

Brussels 50th Anniversary celebration schedule Friday, 27 November • 7:00 p.m. – Midnight: Welcome event hosted by the Belgian Alumni Association at the La Maison des Brasseurs on the Grand Place. Please purchase ticket in advance at activities/105605-uwp-s-celebrate-50 Saturday, 28 November • 2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.: UWP Leadership Forum with Dale Penny and UWP Board members/Senior Management. Venue: Hilton Grand Place conference room. This is a free event. If you wish to attend one of the forums, please send an email to europe@upwithpeople. org confirming your presence. • 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.: Pre-show reception with wine, food and welcome from Mr. Belk, distinguished guests, and current and former staff. Venue: Center for Fine Arts. • 8:00 p.m. – 10:15 p.m.: "The Journey," Up with People’s 50th Anniversary Show. Venue: Center for Fine Arts. • 10:30 p.m. – 1:30 a.m.: Post-show Dance Party featuring The Up with People Survival Band. Music and all drinks included. Venue: Center for Fine Arts.

Sunday, November 29th Late morning: Brunch with friends, tour the city.

PURCHASE TICKETS • Up with People–"The Journey" show tickets • Up with People–Pre-show reception tickets • Up with People–Post-show dance party tickets Up with People hotels | Special negotiated rates – Rates honored for days before and after the event • Hilton Hotel Grand Place, Brussels • Hilton Hotel, Brussels City • Thon Hotel Please fill out reservation form, scan, and email to hotel.

Fall 2015 / UpBeat


Alumni at Celebrate 50! get back on the bus to volunteer alongside Cast B2015 by Jay Gerring ('87D), Alumni-in-Action Chair, USA


n Friday morning of the reunion, about 80 alumni literally got on the bus with members of Cast B2015 and participated in Community Impact events, working alongside the cast at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, two Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida and the local warehouse of the international service organization, Clean the World. At Second Harvest, the team helped create hope and nourishment for needy individuals. The volunteers spent hours sorting through the donated goods and making sure the items were fresh, wholesome and repackaged in readiness for distribution by Second Harvest to area organizations that serve the hungry. It was work and play for those who served at the local Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida. In support of the group’s mission to encourage and motivate youth, the volunteers assimilated into the center’s regular schedule of activities, playing games and swapping stories with the young people there. Volunteers at the Clean the World facility–where soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion from the resort area’s many hotels is re-purposed and given to people in need around the world–sorted some 46,000 bottles of product and 25,000 bars of soap (the latter will be remade into 8,000 new bars of soap) in readiness for Clean the World’s distribution through non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like World Vision

Reunion attendees and members of Cast B2015 spend an afternoon working at the international service organization, Clean the World. Additional groups worked at other service projects around Orlando.

28 UpBeat / Fall 2015

and Children’s International. After their service, the 80 tired by happy UWPIAA volunteers and the cast returned to the Dolphin Hotel from their Community Action Day adventures and were greeted with a button that read, “I got back on the bus at Celebrate 50!.” It was a small thank you from the UWPIAA’s Alumni-in-Action program, which provides funding for alumni to join forces with other alumni in their communities and participate in projects that make a difference. 

SAATH event in Denver raises funds for victims of Nepal earthquake By Chelsey Panchot ('10B), USA, Up with People U.S. Sales and Tour Manager “HELL YES, I DO” was my response to a text from Abby Hull (‘11A) when she asked if I wanted to throw together a last-minute fund-raiser for a fellow Uppie in Nepal. In Up with People, our family extends beyond borders, the color of our skin, the languages we speak and the religions we practice. I’m sure most can relate to the feeling of having this global family; when they hurt, your heart aches. In April we felt that ache when an earthquake devastated Nepal. Our Uppie brother, Bijeysh Ranjit (‘10B) was at the center of it all, running an organization in Nepal called SAATH. Bijeysh and SAATH, together with Charlotte Mellkvist (‘10B) and David Geiser (‘10B) of HattiHatti, launched the Together We Rebuild fundraising campaign to assist rural communities that remained without basic needs. Within a few days, our lastminute fund-raiser in Denver, CO took on a life of its own with friends offering to support, and our plan quickly escalated from pot-luck to pub fun with karaoke, trivia, prizes and food! A local pub agreed to donate 25% of event sales, Jay Gerring, Alumni-in-Action chair, guided us through the application

for a UWPIAA grant to cover expenses, Jacey McDaniel (‘12A) designed promotion materials and engaged Larimer Square, local businesses provided prizes and our favorite karaoke DJ changed his schedule to be there! Twenty days later, it happened! More than 80 guests joined us at Ogden Street South, including three of Bijeysh's family members who live in the area. Attendees made donations at the door, created hope flags to send to families, enjoyed trivia and sang their hearts out. Megan Luebke (‘09B) agreed to sing a ridiculous karaoke song for a price, and went to work collecting donations from attendees. In minutes she had exceeded her $50 goal and raised $500! Together, we raised $2,526, enough to help rebuild eleven homes in Nepal! As the evening wound down, one of Bijeysh’s family members honored us with these words: “You may think what you are doing is small, but raindrops make oceans.” As I write this, Nepal continues to experience extreme aftershocks. Please consider continuing to support our global family and SAATH's efforts through the Together We Rebuild link in this article or go to www.saathnepal. org. Let's keep making oceans. 

Organizers and volunteers pose for a photo with Bijeysh Ranjit's family who lives in the Denver area.

Attendees gather their trivia teams and pose for a quick photo before choosing team names.

Fall 2015 / UpBeat


Custom app for Celebrate 50! is a triumph


his year’s one-of-a-kind reunion featured an unprecedented leap into the world of smart-phones with the very first app produced for an Up with People International Alumni Association reunion. The Celebrate 50! app was the brainchild of Jay Gerring (‘87D), who offers smart-phone apps for businesses through his online marketing consulting company, “I just couldn’t not do it,” said Jay, a member of the UWPIAA Board of Governors. “Realizing how big this reunion was going to be, I knew that having an app to provide our alumni with all the info they needed right there in their pockets was just essential.” Users of the app have said that one of the most useful features was its ability to send push notifications, similar to text messages, so organizers could alert reunion attendees of any late-breaking schedule or room changes. A prime example, said Jay, was when the BBQ on the Beach had to be moved into a Dolphin ballroom due to predicted rain showers. Working with Jay on the app design was Zan Diener (‘91E), proprietor of Z Innovations. “Zan brought her excellent graphic design skills to the

table to create an overall look that was really appealing, and we worked together on the features we thought should be included,” recalled Jay. “It was a great collaboration and I know Zan had fun with it, too.” The Celebrate 50! app proved to be a big hit at the event and was downloaded and utilized by the majority of reunion attendees, enabling the up-to-the-minute communication that the designers intended., the Social Network for Global Transformation, was the official sponsor of the Celebrate 50! app. In addition, sponsored another reunion feature that premiered at the August event, the Alumni Lounge, an after-hours gathering spot that was very popular. We hope to see both the app and the Lounge return next year for Reunion 2016! 

The Celebrate 50! speaker forum: one presenter’s journey by Stephanie (Varco) Collins ('87D), USA


hen I read that there were opportunities to present at the Celebrate 50! Speaker Forum, I gulped. A rambling stream of consciousness ran through my head: “I am a life success coach for alumni…perfect! Wait… I don’t think I can do that. Speaking in front of my fellow alumni… how exciting! Wait… am I crazy for even considering it? I have an important message to share! But wait… what if no one comes?” So it goes when our passions collide with opportunity. We feel excitement, but the inner sabotaging voice can attempt to stop us in our tracks. Sometimes, it is hard to remember that we DO have the courage and commitment to cross the bridge! Once I stopped listening to the 30 UpBeat / Fall 2015

initial fears, I submitted a proposal to speak at Celebrate 50! and was thrilled to be accepted. I excitedly made all the preparations for my talk and arrived in Orlando ready to connect with others and make an impact. I quickly realized that any reservations I had before were unfounded, especially when alumni flowed into my event, filling every seat and space on the floor! Delivering my message to a room full of enthusiastic and supportive alumni was easily the highlight of my speaking career thus far. Speaking at Celebrate 50! gave me a peek inside the inner workings of the massive volunteer effort behind a reunion that brought together 3,000 people from around the world. If you attended Celebrate 50!, you know that the event was nothing short of spectacular. The reunion

committee put all the right elements into place to maximize the reach and impact of all the presentations on the schedule, from listings in the event program to an information table in the Alumni Marketplace to extra breakout rooms. I am forever grateful to all the hands that made it happen. Many of you have something significant to offer to our UWP family. I encourage you to identify your message as an expert in your field, and make yourself known! Offer yourself as a presenter at UWPIAA events. Contribute an article to the UpBeat newsletter. Share your knowledge and experience with a visiting cast. Any reservations you might have at first are small compared to the impact you will make and the joy you will experience. So go for it! The world is waiting. 

Support future UWP students by planting a forest in Estonia by the Chamber of Goodwill team and Estonian alumni: Argo, Merle, Arno, Ele, Sven, Margus, Rainis


ould you agree that trees are a keyword when it comes to a sustainable living environment, and UWP is our future? If so, keep on reading! A handful of Estonian UWP alumni have started a non-profit organization called Chamber of Goodwill (, with an intention to support future UWP students with raising (money for) their tuition, and to run other volunteer projects. Today we are introducing our newest project, Forest Goodwill. In cooperation with RMK (State Forest Management Centre in Estonia – www. we are planting a Forest Goodwill near the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn. RMK will provide the state land, donate the tree plants and maintain the forest in upcoming years. You can participate in this project by investing into the forest by buying trees. Why is that a worthwhile investment? All the money you invest to buy trees will go directly into a scholarship fund designed to support students who will travel in Up with People. The more we make, the more students we are able to help. It has not yet been established who gets how much, we need to get the project running first and need people to buy trees but the idea is to motivate the future students who have applied and got a positive answer by helping them

out with fundraising, because it is a lot of money to get this fee together and some of them give up this dream before they have even started. You can help young people to raise money for their UWP tuition and also, forest is a real thing, something you can touch and it is good for your soul. Forest provides us with clean air, food, heating, roof over our head, energy, emotions and jobs. If, while investing in green living, we can also help young people get educated in the UWP program, which financially is out of reach for the most, it is a win-win situation. We need your help to get the project launched and running! Forest Goodwill initiative was literally “planted” for the first time during the UWP European Alumni Meeting in Tallinn in May, 2014 when every participant planted a tiny tree seed. All those trees will be planted into the Forest Goodwill–you will be able to visit this forest and physically see what you have invested into. We encourage you to visit our page for payment details and more information. Also, you can see who is already in on the project at www. Thank you for reading and contributing and feel free to ask us questions!  Chamber of Goodwill is a formal affiliate of the Up with People International Alumni Association. The trees we planted during the 2014 EAM are growing stronger. In a few years, everyone will be able to walk through the Up with People Forest Goodwill.

Fall 2015 / UpBeat



Romance and refugee camps: How UWP’s influence shaped the writing my first novel By Coleen Scott ('93A), Canada


p with People’s influence in our lives appears in many ways, often many years after our time on the road – and sometimes in unexpected ways. In July 2015, I published my first novel, "Vanguard," inspired in part by the Kosovo refugee crisis of the late 1990s. I set out to write a book about a daring rescue from a refugee camp in winter. What I didn’t set out to do was write a novel with an Up with People-type experience woven into it. However, I needed the two main characters to have a connection so deep that either of them would be willing to face unimaginable danger in order to save the other. The average young adult relationship wouldn’t suffice; I needed an unshakable bond formed under remarkable circumstances. Suddenly the dimensions of the book changed as I created the experiential education experience of a lifetime for my two lead characters. "Vanguard" is a contemporary war-time love story, set in a reimagined northern

Europe. When the Soviets invade the Baltic states in the dead of winter, Sophie Swenda and her coalition of aid agencies must keep tens of thousands of civilians alive in a brutal refugee camp. As Sophie struggles to save the refugees, she searches for Michael Nariovsky-Trent, the only man she’s ever loved, lost somewhere behind the barbed wire of the camp. In the novel, Michael and Sophie meet in the Global Youth Leadership (GYL) program. Writing the GYL road experience was pure fun. Being able to lift the real-world constraints that Up with People operates under to create a year-long program that offered all seven

continents, no tuition, and unlimited education opportunities was incredibly liberating. Although the GYL road experience is written primarily as a flashback, the alumni experience runs throughout the novel, as Sophie’s “class” (the GYL equivalent to a cast) supports her in searching for their lost castmate. The further I got into the story, the more the sub-plot shifted from being just Michael and Sophie’s experience to being something the entire class was part of. Their unflagging support is reflective of how my own cast (and, undoubtedly, most UWP casts) rallies around castmates during difficult times. I was very fortunate to have a stellar UWP experience, both as a student in A1993 and as an alumna. Even though I never intended "Vanguard" to be a tribute to UWP, it was an unexpected joy to turn it into one.  "Vanguard" is written under my pen name CJ Markusfeld, and is available on Amazon and Smashwords. I am represented by the Rebecca Freidman Literary Agency.

A special thanks to the website for giving us permission to link to Liz's article, inspired by her time on the road. Click on the image to be taken to the article. Liz Davis ('09A) is a social media, marketing and public relations professional, originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Additionally, she’s a writer, photographer and artist. She attributes her Up with People tour experience with helping her to overcome her fear of singing in public.

32 UpBeat / Fall 2015

It’s a global family reunion on World Singing Day by Scott Johnson (‘83D), USA


n October 24, people around the world can celebrate our common humanity just by raising our voices in song. Imagine: a global wave of singing, starting in New Zealand and going west around the world, lasting 24 hours and uniting over a 100,000 people. Now in its fourth year, World Singing Day springs from the belief that if enough people share a positive, human experience like singing, we can begin to transcend our differences. Our ultimate goal is that in time the power of millions of people singing together will overwhelm the conflict and strife our world faces today. Yes, it may be idealistic, but it’s also very possible and actually more practical that what we’ve been doing for centuries. We are never going to argue or bomb our way to peace.  As founder of World Singing Day, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, I am building a network of partners that spans from the community choir networks of Creativity Australia and the Ubuntu Choir Network from Canada and the US, to one of India’s most famous Bollywood composers and singers, Shankar Mahadevan.   In Colorado, UWP alumni, along with five local choirs, will be leading the public in singing popular songs during a

community-wide sing-along at the 1st annual World Singing Day Boulder, Saturday, October 24,  from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. We’re looking for more alumni to join us. If interested, contact me at I invite UWP alumni to help get the word out, from promoting World Singing Day on social media (using the hash-tag #worldsingingday) to organizing sing-alongs with your friends or community. World Singing Day is a great excuse for alumni to get together every year for mini-reunions, to share a meal in someone’s home, and to sing together. Please join us in this potentially world-changing family reunion. We’re looking for help in establishing contacts in countries around the world. Also, we are seeking a celebrity spokesperson, such as Paul McCartney, Michael Franti, or Pharrell Williams. To help promote World Singing Day, we are awarding 10 $250 cash prizes for the best “We Sing” videos. For details on the promotion and for more information on how you can participate, please visit or contact me at 

Scott Johnson ('83D), founder of World Singing Day

This photo was taken during last year's World Singing Day on the tiny Aliguay Island in the Philippines. They sang the World Singing Day song ,“We Sing,” in both English and their native language, Tagalog. They won one of the $250 cash awards for participating last year. Fall 2015 / UpBeat


Up with People Jr. currently recruiting alumni to serve as site directors A Global Day Camp experience for children ages 8-11


WP Jr. is a global day camp experience that has the potential to be implemented anywhere in the world. So who better than our very own Up with People alumni to be the facilitators and directors of UWP Jr.? Alumni chosen through a strategic selection process will launch the UWP Jr. program in their own communities. What a great opportunity for our alumni to give back to their communities while introducing Up with People to a new generation. Kick-off is scheduled for summer 2016 with a program that will run Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to about 4:00 p.m. Each session should be able to accommodate up to 40 children, ages 8-11, with anywhere from two to six sessions held at the same location each year. A typical site

accommodating 40 children would employ paid staff including one site director, two program leads, and up to four program staff. The number of campers, staff and time of programs may vary from site to site depending on community needs. We will be selecting site directors by November 1, 2015.

34 UpBeat / Fall 2015

Once the location’s site director is chosen, they will become an official employee of UWP Jr. This is a paid position, incentivized by the number of campers in the program. Materials and training to operate the UWP Jr. program will be provided, including backing tracks, lesson plans, marketing materials and day-to-day instructions. Our central office will also assist them in finding their support staff as well as helping find contacts to promote the camp to their community. Human resources, finances and presentations will also be coordinated by the UWP Jr. central office. Our goal is to open 10 UWP Jr. sites around the world in 2016. Criteria used to select site locations may include market size, available facilities and resources and community interest. Additional criteria may be based on locations of future UWP tours. Although kickoff is scheduled for the summer of 2016, the program can also be run during other “out of school” times for year-round schools. If you are interested and want to learn more, please visit our website,, and fill out the Request More Information Form and one of our team members will follow up with you. Spread the word and help us bring the Up with People message to today’s youth! 

Camp Up with People now enrolling for Summer 2016 sessions


ive years ago, another dream came true, a dream to open a summer camp for young people ages 13-17 that had the same mission and vision of Up with People as well as a touch of the great outdoors. Hidden in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Camp Up with People (CUWP) has become home to over 330 campers from 26 different countries. In three short weeks, our international teens grow as individuals and as a close-knit family through many of the same highlights that made your UWP experience so very special, such as community service, teambuilding activities, cultural presentations, and, of course, the performing arts. In addition, our campers experience the great outdoors through activities such as horseback riding, a canopy tour, ropes courses, and even sing-alongs around the camp fire with s’mores! Somehow among all of this, we manage to travel to Washington, D.C. where we stay with host families, and learn a bit about the nation’s capital. So, yes, it is a full summer! Our sessions culminate with our campers performing an Up with People-style show with some of your favorite UWP songs from the past and present. As we all know, “you meet ’em wherever you go” but now they’re getting younger and younger! Meet Ben, a member of our camp staff. Ben is currently studying at the University of Virginia: "Camp Up with People, much like Up with People, shouldn’t work. In theory, it shouldn’t work to squeeze so many of the amazing experiences you get in Up with People into a summer camp. But it happens. With such a short amount of time, the show campers put together

should not be amazing. But it is. It doesn’t make sense that kids from so many different cultures, including cultures that are in conflict with each other, can come together in a town in central Virginia as strangers, and three weeks later depart with tears in their eyes. But they do. All this happens because we get amazing young adults at Camp UWP. And I know that by the end of the summer they leave not just with a wealth of great memories, but a sense that they can make a difference in the world, no matter how unlikely, and an understanding that even if something shouldn’t work, they need to try." We would not be where we are today if it were not for the support of our amazing UWP alumni family. Many of your children or castmates children or friends of alumni have sent their kids to Camp Up with People over the last five years. In celebration of our five years of existence we are challenging our staff to fill every bunk at camp for Summer 2016. We want to open that challenge to all of you, our faithful alumni. Our goal is to have 100 campers attend camp this summer, 50 in each session. If you know anyone who has dreamed of traveling with UWP but who is just not old enough yet, send them to camp! Campers’ age requirement is 13 to 17 years old. And if you have an interest in helping with CUWP as a summer camp staff member, please contact us as well. For more information check out our website and feel free to contact us at contact@ or call (540) 896-7600 you have any questions. 

DEAL OF THE YEAR! $250 off Summer 2016 Program Fee To save your bunk, you must remit your deposit of $500 by October 18th, 2015. Go to the website and register! There is no coupon code. If you register by October 18, you will receive the discount.

Fall 2015 / UpBeat


You can give a student a Golden Passport to the world by Gabriel Schirm ('00B), USA, UWP Admissions Team


s you read this, there are 94 students making their way around the world as part of Up with People’s Cast B2015. We could not be more proud of this energetic, talented, and inspiring group of young people from all corners of the globe. They are truly making a positive impact in a world than needs it more than ever, and I encourage you to get out to see them perform if you can. Soon it will be time for a new cast and we need your help to recruit the next group of future leaders! As alumni of Up with People, we all have unlimited Golden Passports to give to anyone of travel age that we think would benefit from a tour with Up with People. Remember the profound effect Up with People had on your life? A Golden Passport is a $1,000 scholarship you can designate to someone you think would help carry

the torch forward for the next 50 years. The money comes from UWPIAA’s scholarship fund; you just have to recommend the student. Remember, if you don’t know anyone of travel age, you can send us your contacts who do! We especially need your help to fill the January 2016 cast and continue to build on the momentum generated by the 50th anniversary reunion last month. Please take a few moments now to think about a potential cast member you know, or who your contacts might know, who might be interested in a $1,000 scholarship to apply toward an adventure around the world! For questions and additional information on how you can give a golden passport to the world, contact me at 

GOLDPEN ASSPORT $1000 scholarship


Everyone knows someone perfect for Up with People! Up with People alumni can award an unlimited number of Golden Passports each year to students they actively recruit to travel in our program. However, each future student can only receieve one Golden Passport scholarship toward his or her program fee.


All students can apply for addtional scholarship assistance through Up with People’s General Scholarship Fund.


This certificate is non-transferable. Receipt of this passport does not guarantee acceptance into the Up with People program. To be considered for Up with People, both a personal interview and online application must be completed.

36 UpBeat / Fall 2015

To qualify for the Up with People Golden Passport, applicants must submit this form within two weeks of their application date.

Relevant and necessary by Rilee Webb ('15B), USA gained a lot of insight from the advice that they shared with us as the current cast members. Everything I heard was relevant to my experience so far. They told me to squeeze every ounce of information out of every experience, to be present and always in the moment, to get to know every single one of my castmates, to reach out and really live. My favorite was from a woman who traveled with one of the first casts. She said, “When you experience a goose bump moment, close your eyes, open your hands to the sky, take a deep breath, smile and just thank the universe that you’re alive.” That struck me. I’m getting emotional just typing it out. Those words will stay with me forever. The advice I was given is just as relevant now as it was 50 years ago. That is another reason this organization is so successful. They evolve and update, yet their core beliefs and morals remain unchanged and everlasting. They are almost eternal truths of a sort. Another thing that stunned me was their urgent desire to pass their knowledge, traditions, and experiences on to us. They want the program to live on and they recognize that the only way to do so is to invest in the future. They do this through the Cast T and Cast K programs with the children and teenagers who are too young to travel, and the Camp Up with People program. They’re even starting a camp for younger children. To me, this is so cool. They are solidifying past successes and consolidating new growth and change. This is happening naturally throughout the program, which is amazing! This organization has become one massive change machine! It’s in our culture. The Up with People program and legacy are things that I definitely want to be a part of for the foreseeable future. This organization is powerful. They have captured and are utilizing all of the things that attract people emotionally, mentally, physically, and even spiritually to some extent. Like I said, they’re in the people business. They cater to humanity. My week at reunion has solidified that belief. I’m proud to say that I will be committing the next year of my life to something relevant and necessary. 

About this article: Rilee is a current cast member in Cast B2015 and also a part of the UWP Study Abroad Program. In Study Abroad, she not only participates in all of the regular cast activities and adventures, but has also chosen to take three university courses in partnership with Florida Southern College while on the road. This semester, nine students are in Study Abroad and will emerge from their semester with all the benefits of being UWP alumni as well as having earned twelve university credits. The essay below is one of Rilee’s assignments in Principles of Management (BUS 2217). She and her classmates analyzed Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 for management lessons.


found the whole reunion experience to be extremely insightful. The way the alumni assimilated back into the UWP lifestyle, the way they mingled and talked to each other, how they interacted with current cast members, the complete devotion and love they still have for the organization, their advice to my castmates and me. All of it taught me so much about not only Up with People, but its members and the legacy it carries on. There was so much information flying around, it blew my mind. So for starters, I noticed how castmates greeted and socialized with each other. As one alumni said to me, “It’s like we ended a conversation back in the ‘70s and we’re just picking up right where we left off.” That amazes me. The fact that these people from all over the world created such solid and powerful bonds that they can reunite 40 years later and have the same love for each other. I thought it was hilarious to see middle-aged men and woman reverting back to their 20-year-old selves when they were around each other. It was hysterical. They also reverted back to their UWP ways. They were hugging everyone, which makes sense because it was a reunion, but even when meeting the cast, hugs were basically mandatory. They also introduced them in the standard Uppie way: “Hello, my name is so and so from this country, I traveled in this year.” Almost automatically. I found it awe-inspiring that this organization has created and evolved to be such a powerful coalition. These people have an undying devotion to this organization. I believe that is because we are in the business of people. We address relevant, important issues that speak to people on an emotional level. I’m proud to be a part of it. I also

Fall 2015 / UpBeat


Reach Out Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 fundraiser winners announced by Zan Diener ('91E), President, Reach Out Alumni Assistance Network




drove five hours (each way) to see a specialist for their condition. Donors like you provided medical transportation and alumni host family stays in order for this alum to visit their specialist for a week of treatments at a time.

special thank you to everyone who supported Reach Out with our recent Celebrate 50! Reunion Room or Reunion Registration Chance Fundraiser. With the amount we were able to raise, we will be able to help four to eight alumni. Unfortunately, we were unable to announce our winners at the Orlando Reunion BBQ or at the Saturday evening show as planned. UWPIAA President Cynthia Hoffman Cochran drew the winning tickets with the help of a two-year-old daughter of alumnus, Shawn Dunning ('99D).

Congratulations to the winner of Reach Out’s 2015 Reunion Registration Chance Fundraiser: Carolyn Hall Miller ('66B), USA

Do you know alumni in need? If you know an alumni in need, please have them download our application. Scan this code for information on applying to Reach Out for assistance.

Start helping alumni today. Join our Facebook Group!

38 UpBeat / Fall 2015

Congratulations to the winner of Reach Out’s 2015 Reunion Room Chance Fundraiser: Hon. Barbara (deSwarte) St. Louis ('67B), USA

Announcing the Reach Out 19651970 era reunion photo fundraiser!


our Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 1965-1970 alumni era historic photo is now available for purchase at reunionphoto.htm! This photo has been graciously donated by ROAAN board member Geoff Garcia to Reach Out Alumni Assistance Network.  All money raised goes to helping our alumni in need. (Note: The photo at right is lo-rez and has a watermark across it to render it unusable. The actual photo is hi-rez and without the large watermark.)

Special thanks to our Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 sponsors

CONGRATULATIONS ON 50 YEARS! The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa wishes to Congratulate Up with People for inspiring the world for 50 years! Thank you for sharing your message of hope, goodwill and world peace around the globe. We look forward to welcoming you back home to Tucson in 2016!

3800 E. Sunrise Drive : Tucson, AZ 85718 : 520.742.6000 : #westinlapaloma

Up with People 50th Anniversary Celebration Congratulations to Up with People on celebrating 50 years! We look forward to hosting you in Orlando in August. If you haven’t been to Orlando lately, you’re in for some truly amazing surprises. From award-winning dining and tempting new hot spots to our worldrenowned attractions, there’s no end to what you can do after the meeting. To learn more, visit


Gefeliciteerd Félicitations Glückwü Gratulerer Tillykke Glückwünsche Gefeliciteerd Félicitations ‫בוט לזמ‬ Congratulations Proficiat your friends at

manage better | enchance revenue | create community find us at


! e t a lebr


50 years

Congratulations! Thanks for the memories Bill Holmes ('75C), ('76A), ('77C)

Trucking, Sound, Light & Video rental partner for UwP tours in Europe.

Visit Tucson and Up with People alumna Pamela Traficanti are very proud to be a part of Up with People’s past, present and future on this 50th anniversary! From hosting the UWP headquarters for 28 years, to hosting the UWPIAA past and future 2016 & 2017 reunions. Together Tucson, Up with People & UWPIAA show the Power of Connection!

Production of lightweight risers with LED-lighting. Pamela Traficanti,

National Sales Manager Visit Tucson

Contact: Ivan Dekeyser (E ‘86) Mobile: +32 475 36 40 11

Where the Roads Come Together Science of Mind magazine honors Up With People and its tens of thousands of alumni. Together, we are creating a world that works for all.

Complimentary copies are available in the Memorial Room and Alumni Marketplace. Like Up With People, our philosophy is Oneness.










With Sincere Congratulations,

REV. DAVID GOLDBERG, Publisher of Science of Mind Casts ‘78 C and ‘79 B Founding Member, Up With People International Alumni Association Founding President, Colorado Alumni Association


Science of


Fall 2015 upbeat  

Please enjoy the Fall 2015 edition of UpBeat, the newsletter for the alumni of the Up with People International Alumni Association

Fall 2015 upbeat  

Please enjoy the Fall 2015 edition of UpBeat, the newsletter for the alumni of the Up with People International Alumni Association