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new event website launched


Celebrating the contributions of Lynne Morris


A familiar face returns to Up with People


Pat Murphy creates a new alumni classic





Features 4 CELEBRATE 50! REUNION 2015 ONLINE Introducing the dedicated Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 website. 12 REACH OUT Assistance network supports alumni in critical need. 14 WELCOME BACK, DALE PENNY A familiar face is returning as the President and CEO of Up with People. 16 UWP TOUR Cast B 2014 tour schedule, plus meet Charlotte, a second semester student from Sweden.

18 CAMP UP WITH PEOPLE It was a summer filled with excitement and adventure, plus a little hard work. 20 UWP GLOBAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND We introduce you to a current student who is benefiting from the funds provided by the UWP Global Scholarship Fund. 24 REUNION SONG REINSPIRED Beloved songwriter Pat Murphy updates an old favorite for a new event.

Reunion 2014

Alumni updates

6 AUCTION ACTION The auction this year included one very rare and special item.


7 THE OUTKASTS What happens when alumni bring their families to a reunion?


8 ALUMNI AWARDS Meet this years’ recipients Join the conversation of the annual alumni pBeat is your publication. Let awards for excellence in us hear your VOICES! Do you service. have story ideas or photos relevant


10 SONGWRITERS’ CAFÉ The 2014 Songwriters’ Café was a celebration of this year’s UWP Hall of Fame inductee, Lynne Morris.

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Thanks to the Communications Committee for their efforts in creating this publication: Stephanie McCollister Cox, B81, USA; Barry Marlow, C83, USA; Cori Jones, C76, USA; Christina Noël, A90, USA; Zan Diener, E91, USA, and to guest editor Beth Clay, A08, USA.


Fall 2014

b 2

UWPIAA Board of Governors Officers President President Elect Vice President Secretary Treasurer

Keith Frohreich, C66, USA Cynthia Cochran, D79 , USA Fred Heismeyer, A75, USA Barry Marlow, C83, USA Christian Walton, C69, Belgium

Committee Chairpersons Alumni-in-Action Alumni Products CareerConnect Communications Development Information Systems Recruitment Reunions Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015

Jay Gerring, D87, USA John VanZanten, D78, USA Christina Noël, A90, USA Stephanie McCollister Cox, B81, USA Bill Holmes, C75, USA Rosy Gallegos, B92, Mexico Suzanne Duryee-Hinton, E80, USA Gwenn McGill, D79, USA Terry McCreary, B68, USA Vickie Henthorn Law, B66, USA

Regional Reps Europe/Mideast/Africa Latin America Asia Oceania-Southern Hemisphere

Marie Tobler, D93, Switzerland Edwin Aponte, B77, Puerto Rico OPEN Torrin Tyler, A09, New Zealand

Era Reps

1965-1970 1971-1975 1976-1980 1981-1985 1986-1990 1991-1995 1996-2000 2001-2015

Walter Golding, B68, USA Willie Knowles, B71, USA Ruthie Shimabukuro, B77, USA Lynda Sullivan Hamadi, C83, USA An Van Den Eede, A90, Belgium Anne-Catherine Boes, B92, Belgium Nina Hanhinen, C96, Finland Beth Clay, A08, USA

BOG Recruitment update by Suzanne Duryee-Hinton, E80, USA, UWPIAA Recruitment Chair


he UWPIAA BOG would like to welcome several new members. Bill Holmes, C75, USA is now our Development Chair and has started his new role with enthusiasm. We would also like to announce three new board members who will begin their term September 1, 2014. Gwenn McGill, D79, USA is our new Reunion Chair. The era rep elections are over and we are excited to welcome Nina Hanhinen, C96, Finland who will be representing the ‘96-’00 era, and An Van Den Eede, A90, Belgium will be representing the ‘86-’90 era. We are still looking for an Asia Rep to replace Ted Agatsuma whose service to the board has been fulfilled. For more information, please contact me at recruitment@uwpiaa.org. In addition, nominations are currently being accepted for the elected positions of Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary for the UWPIAA Board of Governors. Nominees must have served as a BOG member for at least one year and the deadline for nominations is September 23, 2014. All positions begin April 1, 2015 and end August 31, 2017. Please direct questions and nominations to presidentelect@uwpiaa.org.


Musings from the UWPIAA President by Keith Frohreich, C66, USA, UWPIAA President Ours is an amazing alumni association. I could not be more proud to serve as your president during this momentous time in our history. Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 is not only the most important event in our history, but I believe it will also be our largest attended event. What gives me pause is the number of highly skilled and experienced alums who have volunteered (that means no pay) to make this entire event happen. At this past reunion, the Board of Governors voted to appoint Terry McCreary as Executive Director of Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015. Terry is taking a year-long sabbatical and will soon relocate to Orlando where he has a condo. Terry will continue as co-chair of the Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 Steering Committee, along with past president Vickie Law. They are joined by our production team of magic makers, Lynne Morris, Ken Ashby and Maris Segal. Past president Jeff Zadroga is serving as the Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 Budget Manager. Your Board of Governors is committed on several levels, and many others are just now beginning to volunteer for one of the numerous sub-committees that are now forming. And speaking of “could not be more proud,” Up with People is going to Cuba this coming October. Our history is replete with trips and appearances like this. Consider: the Congo in 1967, China in 1978 and 1985, USSR in 1988, Jordan in 1989, Israel in 2014, four Super Bowl halftimes, two Olympics, two Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades and two Rose Parades, four popes, and too many country leaders and royalty to mention here. At Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015, we will remember our ventures, adventures and breaking down barriers, and help launch Up with People into the next 50 years of ventures, adventures, and breaking down barriers. Finally, let me say that leading up to Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 you may tire of the constant messaging and promoting as we strive for 5,000 attendees, especially if you cannot join us. Please forgive us. The UWPIAA and your board of directors has its name on that contract, by far the largest ever that we have signed as an association. It is an awesome responsibility. We are up to the task. Fall 2014



Let’s Celebrate 50! Right now! by the Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 Marketing Team


Click on the image below to visit the Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 site.


Fall 2014

he UWPIAA and the Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 team are thrilled to announce that we are live with www.celebrate50reunion2015.com. Boom! The website features all things Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 : reunion schedule, how to register and book a room, who’s coming, Tapestry Cast, info about Orlando, FAQs, and more. The site will never stand still because, as we sang in the 60s, “life’s too short for that.” So bookmark this baby and check back often. Once in the site, immediately click on the Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 video featuring a recent Songwriters’ Hall of Fame inductee, Pat Murphy. Pat wrote a song titled “Reunion” in the early 80s. He has created special lyrics for Celebrate 50! Reunion

2015. Thank you, Pat. You continue to tell our story and inspire us with your lyrics. Please spread this YouTube video far and wide throughout our family. October 1, 2014 is a very important date in the Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 countdown. Why? Because, per our contract with the Swan & Dolphin, the room rate total for five nights goes up $50 plus tax. If you book prior to October 1, 2014, you are guaranteed a room at the Swan & Dolphin at the current rate, plus you get the early registration fee of $395 and save $100. There is another very important reason to book by October 1, 2014. There are 2,200 rooms at the Swan & Dolphin and we want to “own” the resort. However, the Swan & Dolphin will only keep blocking more rooms for us if we demonstrate an


early commitment to the rooms. If we do not show this commitment soon, they will sell rooms to any tourist who wants one for that week next August. Alums who wait to register and book a room next spring could be locked out. Don’t be left out of the around-the-clock reunion action at the Swan & Dolphin. All of the pieces are falling into place. Our senior reunion management team is in place, and final committees are being formed. Terry McCreary and past IAA president Vickie Henthorn Law continue as co-chairs of the steering committee. Ken Ashby, Lynne Morris, and Maris Segal are creating magical moments from the main stage. Recently, the UWPIAA Board of Governors voted to appoint Terry McCreary as Executive Director of Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015. Terry is a retired Naval rear admiral and recently took a post-military-career hiatus to do this – for no pay. In fact, this is a total all-volunteer effort. Terry is now based in Orlando. Thank you, Terry. Speaking of committees – we have launched many, but more may be added. The following committees have been formed to date: sponsorships, production, operations, community involvement, golf tournament, special luncheons, silent auction, marketing, merchandise, speakers/panels/ forums, and transportation. If you are interested in serving

on a committee, contact reunion2015@uwpiaa.org to volunteer. Please provide any relevant expertise, plus your time availability. We are also forming what is called the Tapestry Cast. This cast will represent all eras and will be featured throughout Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015. You, too, can once again be a part of a Lynne Morris staging. If you think you’ve still got the pipes and/or the moves, or you feel you Introducing the have more swing claps Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 in you, we’d love to Marketing Team hear from you. You must first register for the reunion and once Terry McCreary, B68, USA there, you can click Vickie Henthorn Law, B66, USA on the Tapestry Cast Keith Frohreich, C66, USA option. Gwenn McGill, D79, USA The countdown Christina Noël, A90, USA has begun, tick-tock, tick-tock. The finish line is less than a year away for the biggest and best ever reunion in our history. To quote the incomparable Pat Murphy, “It’s about time for a reunion…let’s get the gang together again, right now.” n


You find them wherever you go . . . on the Internet by Michael Scott Curnes, B80, Canada


ow, thanks to a hefty bit of coordination, Up with People alumni, family and friends can access 400 video clips from Up with People’s half century—all in one place on the UWPIAA Video Archives YouTube Channel: www.youtube. com/channel/UCmtxO70wmI5QObr5r6EnDw For a mammoth project that began just a few months ago, the results keep multiplying. As of press time for this issue of UpBeat, the archives collection includes 403 videos, has captured 9,806 views and has so far attracted 143 channel subscribers who have watched 4,932 minutes of video footage from UWP’s decades-spanning history.


This is not a one-alum effort because video clips and suggestions are now coming in from alumni everywhere. If you know of or find a video clip that exists on the Internet that may not have been titled with the labels “Up with People,” “UWP” or “Viva la Gente,”

please send me the link. I’ve already set my sights on having 500 videos collected into the archives before Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 next August. If you haven’t subscribed to the UWPIAA Video Archives Channel, it’s easy. Visit the link above and click the Subscribe button. Once subscribed, you will receive a notification when each new video gets added to the archives. And when you get to this page, take a few minutes to enjoy the banner video which I’m very happy to say marks the UWPIAA Video Archives 400th video—a promo for next year’s Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 in Orlando. n

Fall 2014



One priceless auction item unites alum from around the world

A performance by Herbie Allen and the Colwell brothers is alwys delightful. by Linda Lowe Erley, E78, USA


attended the 2014 UWPIAA reunion in Tucson last July at the Westin La Paloma Resort and came home with a cool T-shirt and a truly priceless auction item. The auction was headed up by UWPIAA Development Chair Billy Holmes, C75, USA and his hardworking team. The auction tables were set up in the lobby in front of the ballroom where all the excitement and sounds of the reunion festivities reverberated through the doors and spilled into the lobby halls all week. As I perused the auction tables, my name began to magically appear on quite a few auction items that were simply too good to pass up. After all, I told myself, the money raised at the auction will go toward scholarships for future UWP students so how could I go wrong? I believe we should give as many students as possible this once-ina-lifetime opportunity by supporting the scholarship fund! As I made my way to the end of the table, I heard Pat Murphy on the ballroom stage singing the first bars of his new, old song, “Reunion.” (You can see the video on the Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 site: celebrate50reunion2015.com.) I was hurrying into the ballroom when I spied some pretty special words written on an auction sheet: Two hours of music


Fall 2014

and fun in your home donated by Ralph, Paul, Steve and Herb. As the sheet said, it was truly a priceless item, but the minimum bid was $5,000. Right out loud, I said, “I want that!” As Pat sang in the background, I decided it was time to make this thing happen. I called my husband, Bruce, in Denver and in minutes we put together a list of Colorado alumni to call and email to see if we could raise enough money to bring our much-loved musicians and songwriters to Colorado for a show. The idea quickly took on a life of its own as my iPhone lit up with responses from alumni who wanted to contribute. Word got out to alumni who were at the reunion but not from Colorado who wanted to get in on the party and within a few hours we were well on our way to raising the funds needed to make the bid. We had even given our group a name, Cast 5280, to represent the altitude for our mile-high city of Denver. With the money raised, Cast 5280 was now the official underwriter of the Colwell brothers and Herb coming to do their magic onstage in Colorado. Then, we thought, why not take this a step further? After talking with the Colwells and Herb, we are now going to find a small venue and sell tickets to their performance in order to raise

even more money for scholarships for incoming UWP students. We think alumni from all over the globe will want to join in this party for a good cause and we have come up with several ways you can participate. You can become a part of Cast 5280 by helping to underwrite the show and in turn supporting the scholarship fund. With your donation, your name will be placed on the “cast list” (donation amounts will be kept private) or, once we have set the date, time and place for the show in early 2015, you can purchase a ticket and start celebrating UWP’s 50th anniversary year at this once-in-alifetime show Thank you, Ralph, Paul, Steve and Herb for donating your time, talents and joyful energy for such a great cause! The show will likely take place in late January or early February of 2015 in the Denver metro area. Watch UpBeat or the UWPIAA website for details as they develop. or email me, Linda (Lowe) and Bruce Erley at llerley@me.com for further information and updates or to become a part of Cast 5280. With your participation, this auction item that was too good to pass up will help bring our world a little closer through the support of scholarships for future Up with People students. n


Reunion spirit inspires UWP groupies to ditch the chaise lounge and sing! by Bill Gallaty, Outkast, USA (married to Krista Lyon Gallaty, D79, USA)


very five years, the members of Cast D79 dust off their dancing shoes, exercise their vocals chords and pull out the music and lyrics to the songs they performed so many years ago. All of these measures are taken in preparation for their performance with other casts at the Up with People reunion. Faithfully, lovingly and dutifully, their spouses, partners and children follow them to Tucson and wait patiently poolside. All the while, these UWP alumni practice, conduct private meetings to share memories of their time on the road and updates on their individual lives since last together. They take photos and do their best to document the many physical changes that have occurred over time. Those of us who travel to reunions with UWP alum know that this is a special time for our loved ones. This is their time to shine, their time for celebrating their past glories and their time to relive (if only for just four brief songs) the fame of their youth. But the UWP spirit and joy is infectious and in 2004, things began

to change. Instead of just watching our loved ones reconnect, an unexpected reaction struck the guests of D79. We began to feel that connection, too. While sunbathing (and consuming mass quantities of adult beverages), we began to rewrite the UWP songs so often sung and played by our alum. Lyrics were changed to reflect the fate of the UWP groupies and the name Outkasts was chosen. The first performance of the Outkasts was a surprise to the UWP alumni who had gathered at Kari Strand’s home in Tucson. Now, the Outkasts are expected to perform at each reunion. The Outkasts members change based upon who attends the reunions and this year’s cast included Ann Hampton Calloway. The UWP alum enjoy watching and hearing their loved ones lampooning their songs, mimicking their vamps, lifts, spins and other dance moves. Here is a sample of one of the Outkasts songs. You can even watch a video of our performance on YouTube.www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoeLC18uo4&feature=youtu.be n

UP WITH PEOPLE (Outkasts Version)

Well it happened just this morning, as we were trying to get some sleep. Our spouses who are cast members, around our houses they did creep. They packed their bags and brushed their teeth, then headed for the door. We were right behind them, just like five years before! Refrain Up, up, with people, we follow wherever they go, Up, up, with people, they’re the stars of their own show. If more people, were like Outkast people, waiting for the sun to sink, there’d be a lot more people laying by the pool, and a lot more adult beverages to drink. Some come from the southland, and cast members from abroad. Way too many members, a conquering Up with People horde. It’s their 35th reunion and for them that’s quite a thing! The Outkasts have the adult beverages and that’s an important thing. Repeat refrain 2 x

Friends and lovedones of Cast D79 perform one of the many songs they’ve customized for their favorite alumni group.


Fall 2014



Images clockwise from left: J. Blanton Belk with Founder’s Award recipient Cris Aboussie; Cris with former UWP President and CEO Chuck Jarrett, Blanton Belk, incoming UWP President and CEO Dale Penny and UWPIAA President Keith Frohreich; Sam Lanham Award honoree Mia Hansen (right) with former UWPIAA presidents Stuart Sheperd and Sary Garcia.

Alumni honored at Reunion 2014 by Fred Heismeyer, A75, USA and Keith Frohreich, C66, USA


he UWPIAA is filled with hard working and dedicated individuals who continue to work for a better society and have a daily positive impact on their communities, their nations and our world. Each year during reunion, we recognize fellow alumni for their dedication and work that advances the ideals and vision of UWP. Sheila Walsh Detloff, D84, USA was honored as the Outstanding Cast Representative. For many years, she has kept her cast engaged, connected and informed on behalf of the UWPIAA, UWP, and simply as a cast. Sheila’s attitude of giving and ability to get things done are a few of the reasons why she was honored this year. Four alumni were honored for their good works with the prestigious James E. MacLennan Everyday Hero Award: Christopher Braeuel, E89, Canada for his tireless efforts on behalf of disenfranchised children in Tanzania; Karin Nyquist, D84, Sweden for her work with the Bhutanese


Fall 2014

government toward preserving that country’s natural heritage; Marcella Millot Johnson, C84, USA for her efforts to reach out to grieving parents through the creation of Comfort Cubs, bears specially designed to weigh and feel like a newborn; Melanie Daniels Pafford, C84, USA for establishing Streetdog Foundation, a dog rescue service in central Tennessee. To recognize a true example of one who lives the ideals of UWP and who strives to make our world better, the UWPIAA was pleased and honored to present the 2014 J. Blanton Belk Outstanding Alumnus/Alumna Award to Kevin Caruso, A79, USA. Kevin showed a passion for helping others at a very young age, volunteering for many causes and establishing numerous websites designed to offer information and connection to those in need. His particular passion extends to helping those who are affected by suicide.


Images clockwise from top left: UWPIAA Vice President Fred Heismeyer, A75, USA, and President Elect Cynthia Cochran, D79 , USA present the Outstanding Cast Representative Award to Sheila Walsh Detloff, D84, USA; the James E. MacLennan Everyday Hero Award to Karin Nyquist, D84, Sweden and Melanie Daniels Pafford, C84, USA; and the J. Blanton Belk Outstanding Alumnus/Alumna Award to Kevin Caruso, A79, USA. Not pictured: James E. MacLennan Everyday Hero Award recipients Christopher Braeuel, E89, Canada, and Marcella Millot Johnson, C84, USA.

In the spring of 2014, the UWPIAA Board of Governors voted to create an award in memory of Sam Lanham, A70, USA. Sam was a UWPIAA founder, our third president, and an attorney who authored the UWPIAA agreement with Up with People and other foundational documents. Sam left us too soon and this award in his honor singles out an individual who has made contributions to the UWPIAA in multiple categories, over multiple years, benefiting a broad spectrum of alumni. The inaugural Sam Lanham Award was given to Mia Hansen, D77, USA. Mia served the IAA as reunion chair between 2003-2007, bringing the annual reunions back to Tucson. She formed and led the Tucson host committee, served as general manager of four reunions and produced or co-produced six. Her business plan is our blueprint that is still followed today. Two important people in Up with People’s history were


honored with the J. Blanton Belk Founder’s award, Cris Aboussie and Lynne Morris. After traveling with B73, Cris rapidly progressed from stage manager to cast director. From there she became the director of admissions, director of human resources, and finally senior vice president of human resources. Her commitment covered a span of over 20 years. Her final challenge was to move over 50 employees and families from Tucson to Denver, Colorado in 1993. Lynne Morris contributed her creative genius to the production of Up with People shows spanning four decades. Read about the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame tribute held in Lynne’s honor on pages 10 and 11 in this edition of UpBeat. Congratulations to all award recipients and thank you to awards committee chair, Jay Gerring, D87, USA and to all members of the awards committee for their work in bringing these honorees to our attention. n Fall 2014



Songwriters’ Café celebrates Lynne Morris by Bonnie Knight, B69, USA

W Lynne enjoying an evening full of surprises. Also with Lynne were family members and friends from Los Angeles High School.


Fall 2014

hat happens when you bring together alumni spanning the years of 1965 to 2014 and give them a stage and musical instruments? When it is Up with People alumni you know you will get a great show. Focus that show on honoring one of the people who helped to create the vision of Up with People productions for more than 40 years and you also get a show filled with heart and love. July 23, 2014, on the stage in the Arizona Ballroom at the Westin La Paloma Resort in Tucson, Arizona, 51 alumni from all eras gathered together to create a unique performance designed to celebrate Lynne Morris as she was inducted into the UWPIAA Songwriters' Hall of Fame. The show featured 13 different video segments, a variety of guest appearances and performances of iconic dances created by Lynne. The evening included many surprises for Lynne. Seven of her dance assistants, spanning the years from 1971 to 2009, came out on the stage to lead "Shape It Up.” Video greetings were shared by those who could not be there in person. The show band was led by Pat Murphy and included Bob Huff, Ron Beckett, Glenn Johnson, Bill Worcester and Michael Bowerman. Talented backup vocals were handled by Donna Veatch, Cyndy Watson, Tracey

Parker, Retta Bellamy Overturf, Barry Van Obergan, and Willie Knowles. Alongside Bonnie Knight as Show Director, Bob Veatch handled stage management, and Bob Coffin and Anya Adams handled the video segments. Betsey Potter filled out the costuming pieces that were needed for the specialty dances while also making an appearance in the show. Special guest performers included Anne Hampton Callaway, Brett McGuire and Jessica Rojas, Ken Ashby, and Paul, Steve and Ralph Colwell along with Herb Allen. Surprise took over the room when the Colwells and Herb Allen set their instruments aside and performed a dance for Lynne. It was absolutely priceless! The Songwriters’ Café concept was created by the IAA as a way to honor the current inductee to the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame. Attendance at the event set a record and we are happy to announce that all proceeds from the ticket sales will, once again, be given to support Up with People scholarships. The evening was captured on video and will be available on DVD. The DVD may be purchased through the website www.joycomultimedia.com. The price is $20 plus shipping and handling. Proceeds from the sale of the DVD will go to support Up with People scholarships. n


Images clockwise from left: Herbie Allen accompanies the band; Herbie and the Colwell brothers show off some special choreography; Bob Coffin at the controls; Lynne accepts her award from Blanton Belk, Dale Penny and Keith Frohreich; dance captains from all eras perform the classic dance “Shape It Up.”


Fall 2014



Reach Out fundraiser surprises winners

by Zan Diener, E91, USA, President of Reach Out Alumni Assistance Network (Reach Out/ROAAN) each Out held its annual fundraiser decided to designate his prize to the incredible!” continued Caroline, “I had at the reunion in Tucson in July person who traveled the farthest from flown with my husband and two boys 2014. Tickets were sold for two different his cast, Kirsten Myllerup Pallesen of from Brussels to LA. We had stopped one prizes. The first was a chance to have Denmark. Kirsten had these words of night in San Francisco before coming to the room cost at the 2014 reunion paid thanks after learning about winning, “I the reunion in Tucson. But...after having and the second was a chance to receive am so thankful to my cast friend, Troy dinner by the pier, we came back to the reimbursement for the cost of reunion Strawhecker, who passed the prize on to car to find the back window of our rental registration. When we designed our me, as I had the largest group in my cast, car smashed and our boys’ luggage gone! fundraiser, we had no idea it would allow four of us, coming from overseas to attend So this money really came at the right THIS IS THE us to attain our financial goals and also the reunion. He truly reached out and time, as we to buy all new clothes for THIS IS had THE introduce our association and our primary helped me! Thank you, from the bottom the boys.” mission objectives to a wider audience. of my heart!” Caroline added, “I have been really WHERE ONE OF OUR ALUMNI I waswasselling tickets at the reunion in The prize for the registration touched by winning this prize and, of taken for emergency medical treatments after they were brutally WHERE ONE OF OUR ALUMNI Tucson and so many alumni asked me if reimbursement was given to Caroline course, I will do anything to help Reach attacked and beaten. Donors like you came to their aid to help this was taken for emergency medical treatments after they were brutally they couldalum give cover theirtheir prizemortgage to someone elsewhileSerruys, B94, Belgium. Upon winning, Out as much as I can, from Europe at payments they were attacked and beaten. Donors like you came to their aid to help this if they won.recuperating That generous is what thought first. Thank you again and I hope that from spirit the injuries for severalCaroline months. said, “Who would havealum cover their mortgage payments while they were Reach Out is all about—UWP alumni that I would win and actually needrecuperating (as you can help as many other alumni as you from the injuries for several months. Help us help UWP alumni in need. helping UWP alumni! The fundraiser was in good timing) this prize! It is actually helped me!” in need. a great success and we plan to offer it in UT Jessica Swanson, our saxophonist from Help us helpBeUWP on alumni the look out for more details Alumni Assistance Network Orlando at Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015. Cast B94, that I have to thank as she is in a future Upbeat or join our Reach Out UT www.roaan.org • info@roaan.org Troy Strawhecker’s name was drawn the one who got the ticket for me.” AlumniFacebook pageNetwork at www.facebook.com/ Assistance *Stock photography because for the room prize and Tony,used A89, USAwe protect privacy. Having the winning ticket was www.roaan.org groups/ReachOutROAAN/. n • info@roaan.org





W was taken f brutally attac to help this were recu




ww Start helping a

*Stock pho

Start helping alumni today, join our Facebook Group!

Do you know alumni in need?

If you know any alumni in need, please have them download an application from our website. *Stock photography used because we protect privacy.

If you know an alumni in need, please have them download our application. Scan this code for information on how UWP alumni can apply for assistance:

Help us help UWP alumni in need.

REACH4OUT Alumni Assistance Network

www.roaan.org • info@roaan.org

Start helping alumni today, join our Facebook Group!


From top: Zan Diener, E91, USA, President of Reach Out and 2014 Reunion Room Chance Contest winner, Troy Strawhecker, A89, USA; Camp UWP camper Lovetee and Zan with 2014 Reunion Registration Chance winner Caroline Serruys, B94, Belgium.

Fall 2014


What is Reach Out/ROAAN?

It’s a question that comes up often for Zan Diener, E91, USA, President of Reach Out Alumni Assistance Network (Reach Out/ROAAN). “Reach Out was created as a nonprofit to help UWP alumni in need. We are motivated by the awareness that there are many individuals in our global alumni family that are facing critical, personal challenges, and Reach Out is there to serve. We have already helped many alumni in the United States, as well as internationally, and those we have supported express gratitude that an organization like this exists to help them. Right now we are processing three applications, the most at once since Reach Out started in 2009.”

What do I do if I am in need or I know someone who is in need of assistance?

Reach Out has a simple application process. The first step is to go to the website at www.roaan.org and download an application. After filling out some basic information about the circumstances of need, and including two references, send the application back to Reach Out via email, fax or postal mail. From there, the applications committee will contact the alum in need for an interview and also contact the two references. After all interviews are complete, the applications committee will present the application to the Reach Out board and they will vote on what assistance Reach Out can provide.

Is the assistance offered only financial?

Reach Out can help alumni in non-financial ways such as job assistance or obtaining low-cost medical/dental aid. Sometimes emotional support is offered by matching the alumni in crisis with someone who has been through a similar challenging situation. Alumni have come forward with various situations: some are without a home, without a job, or in need of emergency medical care. Most never thought they would be in a position to need help and they express deep gratitude for the support of the alumni family.

How can I support the mission of Reach Out?

With a focus on the future, the financial status of Reach Out is looking to replenish the general fund to be able to continue helping alumni in the years to come. So far, Reach Out has not needed to turn anyone away based on a lack of funding. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help alumni in need, please go to the Reach Out website and start a monthly donation or give a one-time donation. Any amount you can give will be appreciated and will go directly to helping alumni in need.


Fall 2014

Memorial Room a place to reflect and remember by Beth Clay, A08, USA


promise I won’t forget you.” Those were the words whispered as we all hugged and said goodbye after our flight home from Thailand in June 2008. No one told us that we’d be two members shy as our five-year reunion approached. There was no way we could forget one another. We were already inseparable and limitless and had the rest of our lives in front of us as we traipsed back to our respective homes at the end of our tour. Four years, one month and three days later and again, just seven months and eighteen days following, all we had left were memories, promises not to forget. I knew our cast was not alone in loss, but I didn’t know how to explain anything. You know the story. To all of us, they were closer than best friends, more like sisters, though we’d really only known each other for a short little while on the continuum of time. Those words dart around my mind as reunion approaches each year. “I promise I won’t forget you.” For the past two reunions, I have been blessed and tasked with the co-creation of the Memorial Room, honoring and remembering those that we promised never to forget. The first year, rudimentary in efforts, the room came together and established itself quickly. It was clear from the moment the doors first opened that this effort was both a necessary and permanent fixture as future reunions come and go. This past reunion we operated the same quiet room on the lower floor of the La Paloma in Tucson, tucked into a corner away from much of the foot traffic and excitement. Little electric candles piled high in their votive holders on one end of the credenza, a note nearby suggesting that guests leave a candle in memory of a lost cast mate. They did. Quiet Up with People music played as names from the beginning until current day scrolled across the television on sepia-toned landscapes. The room was dimly lit, enough to read names and see photographs, but low enough to allow privacy as tears dripped to the ground. Somehow, the balance between grieving our loss and celebrating their lives became a sanctuary, inviting, welcoming, and beckoning for you to stay a while. A gentle reminder to take a moment and relive that “I promise I won’t forget you” shared maybe months, years, even decades before. Moving forward into next year and the many years after, we welcome you all to share suggestions for improvement. The look may change from year to year, the video and playlist altered as time passes, but the intention remains. We wanted to create a space to gather, to grieve, to remember and to show that we, too, won’t forget you. n




Fall 2014


Welcome back, Dale Penny

A teacher and a coach leads Up with People into the next 50 years By Bruce Erley, B73, USA


hen Dale Penny graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 1971, he planned to be a teacher and a coach. Instead, he headed off to Jackson, Wyoming to join Cast A71 as a cast member. Now, more than four decades later, as he returns to Up with People to serve as its next President & CEO, it seems that is exactly what Dale has been throughout his career…a teacher and a coach. There are times when the planets seem to align…when the right person is in the right place at the right time. Having known him for 40 years, I can state without any doubt or hesitation that Dale Penny is exactly the right person to guide Up with People into its second half century. So who is Dale Penny? Dale likes to joke that in terms of his notoriety within the alumni ranks, people fall into three groups. Those who know him (likely from the 24 years he was with UWP). Those who have no idea who he is. And those who know him as Dave Penny’s dad (his son, David, was on UWP’s staff for the past five years). For those who fall into the first group, you know Dale grew up in Forney, Texas where his dad ran the Western Auto hardware store. Following his graduation from college and his student year, Dale’s first staff position was Assistant Cast Director with C72, first with Steve & Terry Woods and then with John & Anne Parker in B73, my student year cast. Second semester he became our Cast Director and continued directing casts on the road until the Bicentennial Tour in 1976. From 1976-1991 Dale served Up with People as Director of Cast Operations and then Vice President of Student Operations. In 1991 as Blanton Belk stepped back from the daily management of UWP, Dale was appointed Chief Operating Officer (along with Steve Woods as CEO). In 1993, during his tenure, Up with People moved their headquarters from Tucson, Arizona to Broomfield, Colorado. In 1995, Steve, Dale and most of the senior management team (including me) left UWP in a major management turnover.


In 1997, Dale was hired as the President of the Student Conservation Association based in New Hampshire. Dale’s UWP experience made him ideally suited to lead SCA, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to build the next generation of conservation leaders and inspire lifelong stewardship of our environment and communities by engaging young people in hands-on service to the land through service opportunities, outdoor skills, and leadership training. During his 17-year tenure at SCA, the organization saw remarkable success and growth. SCA’s budget grew from $8 million at the time of Dale’s arrival to $34 million at the time of his retirement from SCA last month. It grew from 1,200 annual student participants to 4,500 participants serving in all 50 states just this past year. But an even greater example of Dale’s vision and leadership at SCA was their expansion beyond federal lands into urban centers. As Dale told me, “it was essential for SCA to reflect the nation’s changing demographics, and make environmental stewardship and conservation relevant to a young, diverse, often urban-based generation.” Dale can proudly leave SCA knowing that under his leadership it has been established as the national leader in youth conservation service. While he no longer worked for Up with People, he and his wife, Mindy (Church) Penny, who he met while in Up with People more than 35 years ago, continued to stay in touch with the many friends with whom they traveled and worked. He and Mindy truly reconnected with UWP in 2009 when their sons, Dave, and a year later, Alex, had their own Up with People student experiences. Soon after, Dale accepted an invitation to rejoin UWP’s Board of Directors, a position he will continue to hold as CEO. I asked Dale why he decided to return to Up with People at this point in his career. He told me that he is captivated by the exceptional times we are experiencing in the world and his belief that the Up with People program can and should play an integral

role in addressing many of the issues and opportunities these times present. “I believe that the mission of Up with People has never been more relevant than it is today,” he said. “All one needs to do is to read the news to see how we have become more and more divided along national, ethnic, religious and socio-economic lines. While technology has had profoundly positive impacts on society, it has also divided us into smaller, isolated communities where we only talk to people who agree with us. In too many cases, violence seems to be the only way people are trying to resolve their differences.” “UWP must engage not only the youth in the program but those in the communities we visit,” Dale added. There are personal reasons to return to UWP as well, said Dale. “From a personal point of view, Up with People changed my life. It opened me up to people from across the world who were different from me and who taught me there are different ways to think and to do things. I am fundamentally who I am because of my time with Up with People,” Dale added. I can second that opinion. UWP has been foundational to me. But if I had to name one person who had the greatest influence on my life while in Up with People, it would be Dale Penny. He was a mentor to me from the time he served as my Assistant Cast Director until my departure as Vice President, Marketing in 1995. More than 25 years ago, Dale counseled me that leadership isn’t that hard to achieve. “Anyone can lead others through both good and bad motivation,” he said. “Dictators are leaders.” “What’s harder to achieve is followship,” he said. “That requires having the ability to develop a collective vision and to get people to join you in achieving it as their own.” I believe I can speak on behalf of UWP’s 22,000 alumni in welcoming Dale back to Up with People. We know your “followship,” your passion and your vision. You are exactly what the organization needs at this moment in time…a teacher and a coach. n Fall 2014



United States

Denver, Colorado July 18 – August 18, 2014 Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts August 18 – August 25, 2014 Cumberland, Rhode Island August 25 – September 1, 2014 Laconia, New Hampshire September 1 – September 8, 2014 Plymouth, Massachusetts September 8 – September 15, 2014 Harrisonburg, Virginia September 15 – September 22, 2014

Mexico and Cuba

Mexico City, D.F. September 22 – September 29, 2014 Toluca September 29 – October 6, 2014 Guadalajara October 6 – October 13, 2014 Mexico City, D.F. October 13 – October 15, 2014 (preparation for Cuba and Europe) Santa Clara, Cuba October 15 – October 20, 2014 Havana, Cuba October 20 – October 27, 2014


Naestved, Denmark October 27 – November 3, 2014 Maastricht, Netherlands November 3 – November 10, 2014 Aachen, Germany & Eupen, Belgium November 10 – November 17, 2014 Netherlands November 17 – November 24, 2014 Germany November 24 – December 1, 2014 Switzerland December 1 – December 8, 2014


Fall 2014

Images clockwise from left: Sanne Meert, A12, Belgium during a community impact activity; Beyah Rasool, A13, USA (yellow shirt) and Josiah Rogers, B13, USA (orange shirt) work with youth during a tour stop in Mexico; Josiah Rogers, B13, USA dresses in an international costume for residents of a senior home; Joris Van Doorslaer, B08, Belgium, works with children in Mexico Luis Antonio Gonzalez Hinojos, A09, Mexico and Michael Morrow B13, USA greet their new host family; Natalia Serna Guerra, B13, Mexico visits with children at a local school in Mexico.

Is the Up with People cast coming to your town? Plan a joint community impact event with the cast and your local alumni and you can receive up to $1,000 in reimbursement for costs you incur! Past joint events have included packing food at food banks and packing meals for hunger relief. For more information, contact Jay Gerring with Alumni-in-Action at alumni_in_action@uwpiaa.org.


Up with People student spotlight Charlotte, you are back for your second semester with UWP. How are you feeling? On the first day of my first semester in UWP (Cast A 2014), I was very overwhelmed. It was the first time I had ever been away from my family and twin sister. I was extremely introverted. Now that I am a second semester student, I feel much more confident. I have no problem going up to people and talking to them. I am very comfortable with the UWP program.

What made you decide to travel with UWP?

Charlotte, 19, Switzerland

My older sister, Vivianne, A11, traveled in UWP. When she came back from UWP, she was so happy. I wanted that feeling, the feeling of being comfortable with yourself and who you are as a person. UWP does that for you. It helps you become the best you that you can be.

Why did you choose to travel for a second semester with UWP? I needed a second semester to solidify what I learned during the first semester. I also have some personal goals that I want to accomplish. As a first semester student, I was hesitant to speak my mind. I was worried about being judged by others. Now, I feel more comfortable voicing my opinion. I know that I will not be judged here. I am more comfortable with myself from the start.

What attracted you to enroll in UWP’s study abroad program? Last semester, I observed that the study abroad students always seemed to understand things like UWP’s education workshops on a deeper level because of what they were learning in their classes. The program offers so many unique, experiential learning experiences. The entire experience is essentially our laboratory. We can apply everything we learn in our study abroad classes to UWP and the experiences it offers. For example, one of our communication classes is teaching us how to argue properly. I never knew there was a correct way to do that! We are also learning how to avoid conflict and how to recognize the opportunities for miscommunication, which will be very valuable all semester long.

What qualities are you hoping to bring to the cast as second semester student? One of the girls in my study abroad class seems very shy. That was me last semester. I feel that I am very observant and understand others’ traits very well. I want to teach that girl that there is no judgment in UWP. It took me a long time to learn that. Now, I want to help others learn that as well.


Fall 2014


Camp Up with People has the biggest summer yet! by Tim Lane, C75, USA, Camp Up with People Director

Images clockwise from left: Cast B performs for the audience; LCs (clockwise from upper left): Kaitlynn, Emily, Roger, Bryce, Joni and Max; Christian and Bryce perform “Party All ‘Round the World;” campers take part in a teamwork building activity; Cast A visit historic sites in Washington, D.C.



amp UWP continues to grow year after year. There were 76 campers from 16 countries this summer, including six campers from Japan and some new countries: Czech Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, United Kingdom, and Israel. 2014 was a very special summer! During both of the three-week sessions, campers participated in a variety of activities and planted the seeds for lifelong friendships. There were many typical summer camp activities, including archery, horseback riding, swimming and rock climbing/ziplining in West Virginia. Campers in each session also enjoyed a variety of activities that closely reflect the values of Up with People. We visited the historic sites of Washington, D.C., enjoying the unique experience of staying with host families for two nights. In addition, campers collaborated on weekly public service projects in and around nearby Harrisonburg, VA, gaining a sense of social responsibility and practicing the skills needed to work cooperatively with a diverse group. This summer, we launched a new opportunity called

Fall 2014

the Leadership Camper program. This program is for those campers who have demonstrated great leadership potential during previous summers, including strong abilities in dance, vocals and/or camp life, and who are ready to take the next steps. In UWP terms, it’s an internship program. This summer we had six LCs who had previously attended Camp UWP anywhere from two to four years. Of course, there was lots of time dedicated to preparing the fully-staged and highly-polished finale performance presented to the public at the end of each session. Campers enjoyed the full staging experience, learning Up with People songs and choreography from the counselors and staff. Everyone who works at Camp UWP is an alumni who knows the UWP experience very well. The local Boys & Girls Club sold tickets to the performances so that their club members will be able to enjoy the camp experience in the future. Show attendees also donated school supplies for the Boys & Girls Club.


Looking forward to the summer of 2015, we are working to finalize the dates and costs as soon as possible. Check our website in the coming months for more information or contact us with any questions at Contact@CampUpwithPeople. org. Our plan is to complete the regular camp sessions just prior to Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 in Orlando so that families who are attending the reunion can send their children to camp and possibly attend Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015, too. Speaking of Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015, we are planning some exciting opportunities for Camp UWP campers and Cast T participants. n For more information, visit our website, call or email us! www.campupwithpeople.org/ +1 540-742-4093 or Contact@CampUpwithPeople.org


Israeli teen finds sanctuary at camp

Etal was our camper from Israel. (far right with fellow camper Nicole from Connecticut). Her mother and grandmother attended the UWP show in Ramat Gan, and one week later, Etal arrived at camp. She was only going to be in the first session, but with the unrest in Israel, we were a safe place for her to be, and she stayed with us all summer. We learned a lot from having Etal at camp, and we have all been changed.

with Fall 2014 



Global Scholarship Fund changes students’ lives by Linda Lowe Erley, E78, USA


any alumni have asked, “What exactly is the Global Scholarship Fund?” This is actually a scholarship fund that has been around since the reopening of Up with People over 10 years ago. The reason some alumni give a questioning look when it is mentioned is that the fund was just recently given its official name. Any student can apply and scholarships are given on merit, talent and/or need. Up with People’s Global Scholarship Fund exists in order to change the lives of students wishing to travel in our program and impact communities around the world. By supporting the Global Scholarship Fund, you can help to provide an education that will last a lifetime, change the hearts and minds of our participants, and prepare them to embrace their roles and responsibilities as global citizens. Let me introduce you to one of the scholarship recipients who is currently traveling on the road with Cast B 2014. I had the privilege of speaking with her at summer staging in Denver. Her name is Swikriti and she is from Nepal. Swikriti has recently graduated from a university in India. I was able to watch her perform a beautiful traditional Nepalese dance at Culture Night which takes place during staging every semester. We talked about her journey to come to UWP and here is what she said: “One dollar is equivalent to 100 Rupee in Nepal. This is almost more than one million Rupee to pay for UWP tuition which none of the Nepalese families would be able to afford to pay and it was beyond my imagination to pay the full tuition. I never imagined that I would be able to collect so much money. It is difficult to fundraise in Nepal because of the culture. We never have had the culture of fundraising for our tuitions. It was a new trend that I applied to fundraise and it was tremendously difficult to fundraise since I had to explain it to each and every individual about why I was fundraising.” I asked Swikriti what she hoped to gain and how she wanted to grow from her semester with UWP. She said, “I would like to develop leadership skills, and the internship with education will help me to develop and also help me grow in my personality. I want to explore more about myself and how I can achieve more in different fields. I

want to go back to Nepal and work with the alumni in all that they do.” She continued on to say, “I want to do an amazing job of spreading what UWP is to all people. I am engaged in social government and I want to give my best from all that I will learn here about communication, service, education and leadership as I have received a golden opportunity to gain experience in many fields.” Another fact you might not know is that the Global Scholarship Fund supports the Golden Passport Program. Any alumni can give out a Golden Passport as an incentive to young people to apply to the UWP program. Each Golden Passport is worth $1000. So, when an alumni or anyone gives to the Global Scholarship Fund, you are also helping to provide Golden Passports. The alumni from Nepal gave Swikriti a Golden Passport of $1,000 for which she said she is very grateful. What a delight it is to have Swikriti and many others in Cast B 2014 who are recipients of the Global Scholarship Fund! This fund helps UWP reach students from all corners of our global community. If you are an alumni reading this, you too can give out as many Golden Passports as you wish as incentives to young people to apply to the UWP program. Of course, you can only give one per applicant. n

To make a gift to the Global Scholarship Fund ww.upwithpeople.org/ financialgivingoptions Indicate the Global Scholarship Fund


Fall 2014

Mail a gift to: Global Scholarship Fund Up with People 6830 Broadway, Unit A Denver, CO 80221

Call us at 720.215.3219.

Cast B 2014 member Swikriti of Nepal has benefited from the Global Scholarship Fund.



Alumni activities throughout Europe Marie Tobler, D93, Switzerland, Regional Representative/ Europe/Mideast/Africa

Triangle Alumni Date (TAD) and Swedish Up with People Alumni Association 25th Anniversary September 27-28, 2014 at Sandhamn in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm The first TAD meeting took place in beautiful Tallinn in 2010. The idea is to rotate the location between Tallinn, Stockholm and Helsinki. These cities were selected purely for practical reasons; there are ferries going between this triangle of cities regularly, making it easy and inexpensive to pay the alumni across the Baltic Sea a visit. All other UWP alumni (from neighboring countries and beyond), family and friends are welcome to join, too! The main purpose to Triangle Alumni Date is to activate alumni in our otherwise not-so-active countries, to meet each other, create mini-reunions and have fun in great company! Nothing more, nothing less. Visit www.suwpaa.se/tad. html or contact suwpaa@gmail.com.

Swiss and German General Assemblies (together this year) October 2-5, 2014 Nürnberg, Germany sign up: www.avuwpd.de

Swiss Snow Weekend March 6-8, 2015 Seegüetli, Toggenburg, Switzerland

Swedish General Assembly March 14, 2015 Location TBA

European Alumni Meeting (EAM) and German General Assembly May 14-17, 2015 Munich, Germany

European Alumni Meeting (EAM) 2016 Spring 2016 Rome, Italy


European Alumni Association Contacts Finland

Paula Eronen, A92, President peronen@hotmail.com or Timo Sarojärvi, A82, International Contact fuwpaa@gmail.com www.fuwpaa.2ya.com/ Facebook: FUWPAA–Finnish Up with People Alumni Association

Germany Annette Gerling, E96, International Contact international@avuwpd.de www.avuwpd.com Facebook: Alumni Vereinigung Up with People Deutschland e.V. | AVUWPD e.V.

Sweden Mimmi Hogland Blomkvist, C84, President mimmi.hogland@ltkalmar.se www.suwpaa.se Facebook: SUWPAA Swedish Up With People Alumni Association

Switzerland Vicky Kahl, D00, International Contact international@uwpsaa.org www.uwpsaa.org Facebook: UWPSAA–Up with People Swiss Alumni Association

European Alumni Group Contacts Belgium

An Van Den Eede, A90 an.vandeneede@telenet.be

Estonia Argo Saul, E94 argo@houses.ee or Merle Zimmer, D96 merle.zimmer@balsac.eu or Chamber of Goodwill www.will.ee Facebook: Goodwill Estonia

Netherlands Gaby Mock, E98 contact@alumnet.nl www.alumnet.nl Facebook: AlumNet Netherlands Fall 2014


More alumni news from around the globe ... EUROPE Marie Tobler, D93, Switzerland, Regional Representative/ Europe/Mideast/Africa


onjour! Here is some news from the centre of Europe but concerning all Europe. First, please welcome three Europeans era reps who have joined the BOG: Anne-Catherine Boes, B92, Belgium, 1991-1995; An Van Den Eede, A90, Belgium, 1986-1990; and Nina Hanhinen, C96, Finland, 1996-2000. Next year we’ll need a new European rep, starting officially September 1, 2015. I’m in the middle of my second term and I’m excited to be looking for somebody motivated to continue to keep the European alumni connected. As it was in Prague in 2011, I would love to have a real election again and, therefore, we need at least two candidates who would be interested in taking over. As a member on the BOG, we meet three times a year, mainly in the US for two days. In the meantime, we communicate via emails and Skype calls. As regional rep, I’m trying to get to

as many European meetings (General Assemblies, informal get togethers) as possible and I’m in charge of coordinating the EAM (European Alumni Meeting) weekend once a year as well as leading the General Assembly during the EAM. Outside the meetings, it is all about communicating, staying in touch, catching up and finding alumni. You got the point, a lot is happening on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and one to one contact. What the job really asks is being interested in and loving people. This is about five hours a week average. The lodging and transportation costs that are not covered by the IAA are covered by our Europe rep account. If the above awakens any interest in you or if you think of someone who would fit in there, please contact me (Europe-rep@ uwpiaa.org) and I’ll give more info, answer questions, etc. The next step for interested people will

be to send a motivation letter and resume to me before Dec, 31, 2014. europe-rep@ uwpiaa.org And the final step would be the election in Munich, May 16, 2015 during EAM. Ideally, the elected person would join me in Orlando, FL in August 2015 for our BOG meeting. In other Europe news: We are working on a project to make it official that any alumni who want to support an individual European board member directly, in addition to being a member of an official European association or instead the official membership, could do it directly to the European account. This would allow the European account to get more donations and therefore supporting more Europeans in the long term. So, if you are already interested in making a donation, please contact me at europe-rep@uwpiaa.org and I will send you the account data. n






Walter Golding, B68, USA 1965-1970@uwpiaa.org

Willie Knowles, B71, USA 1971-1975@uwpiaa.org

Ruthie Shimabukuro, B77, USA 1976-1980@uwpiaa.org

Lynda Sullivan Hamadi, C83, USA 1981-1985@uwpiaa.org

Talk of the 50th is gearing up. Several in our era are starting to look at means to support and enable those who lack resources to attend. As a beneficiary of the kindness of others, I personally can attest to the blessing of this kind of gifting. The world needs Up with People. I believe with the troubling news and chaotic events, we all sense that need these days. One of my goals remains to increase the number of alumni contributing to Up with People, and to more actively tell the Up with People story.

The reunion in Tucson this summer was very well attended by the casts of 1974. Through the efforts of the individual cast representatives, attendance quadrupled from the last reunion in ‘09. The Opening Session on Thursday night was a rockin’ jam session with Pat Murphy and friends. There was lots of dancing and singing in the Arizona Ballroom that night! Many from our era have registered or are making plans to attend Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 in Orlando next summer.

Wow! Casts of 1979 celebrated their 35th reunion in Tucson this summer! A good time was had by all. A highlight for this era was that Adalesa Meek, USA, cast representative for Cast A79, won the drawing for two registrations for Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015. Krista Gallaty, USA, and Kevin Cordes, USA, will share the cast rep position for Cast D79. Many casts are adopting the concept of having more than one cast member in the cast rep role. Contact me if you have any questions. The efforts of all cast reps are greatly appreciated.

Reunion 2014 was a success for the ‘84 casts as they celebrated their 30th. With over 150 alumni registrations, their presence was felt throughout. Performing with a live band, the ‘84 casts rocked the house at the Era Show. It was a hit and earned a standing ovation! Congratulations to Sheila Walsh Dettloff (D84) for being named the 2014 Outstanding Cast Representative. Sheila has represented her cast for many years and her service has been acknowledged and greatly appreciated.


Fall 2014


...and across the years LATIN AMERICA by Edwin Aponte, B77, Puerto Rico Regional Representative/Latin America


have been maintaining contact with alumni in Venezuela, Panama, Puerto Rico, Brasil and Mexico keeping them informed and promoting Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015. In the case of Mexico, we are planning a couple of alumni mini-reunions/receptions at the end of September. These reunions will coincide with Cast B 2014 in the cities of Guadalajara and Mexico City. Presently, we are coordinating the details of these reunions with the Viva La Gente office in Mexico. A follow up meeting was held with Sing Out Puerto Rico (Impacto) and UWP Alumni regarding their participation in Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015. n

ASIA Noritada (Ted) Agatsuma, A71, Japan Regional Representative/Asia Common Beat is now planning to perform during Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015, and hopefully many alumni from Asia will attend the reunion. We are still in need of a new Asia rep for the UWPIAA BOG; my term is completed. If you are interested, please contact the recruiting chair, Susanne Drury Hinton at recruiting@uwpiaa.org. n




was taken for emergency medical treatments after they were brutally attacked and beaten. Donors like you came to their aid to help this alum cover their mortgage payments while they were recuperating from the injuries for several months. Help us help UWP alumni in need.

REACH4OUT Alumni Assistance Network

www.roaan.org • info@roaan.org *Stock photography used because we protect privacy.

Do you know 2001-2015 alumni in need?




Danilo de Simone, E86, CH 1986-1990@uwpiaa.org

Anne-Catherine Boes, B92, BE 1991-1995@uwpiaa.org

Beth Clay, A08, USA Shontel Dugar, E98, USA 1996-2000@uwpiaa.org If you know2001-2015@uwpiaa.org an alumni in need,

My responsibility as era rep 1986 – 1990 has just ended after five years. I congratulate An Van Den Eede, A90, from Belgium, who will be your new era rep. Best to you and your families and thanks for all cooperations dear alumni. It was an intensive but energetic experience. This, thanks to you! Oh, and don’t forget to register for Celebrate! 50! Reunion 2015 in Orlando, Florida, USA, August 4-9, 2015. Reach out to friends, family and host families! Thanks in advance.

Casts of 1994 had an exciting reunion in Tucson this summer! No need to explain how fun it is to be reconnecting to alumni from your own cast. At a reunion, though, you even get to connect with hundreds of other alumni, which makes it even more fun! That is the reason why you should start right now planning your trip to Orlando to Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015! This will be such a unique event, that you absolutely can not, will not and should not be missing it! Registration fee goes up October 1st, so get registered right away, and make sure you spot is reserved. See you there!

UWPIAA thanks Shontel, for Cast A & B of ‘09 had an awesome application. your hard work through the ourreunion! Tons of fun in the pool, years. Her friends in the IAA rehearsing for the Era Show, catching Scan this code for information on how wish her many happy journeys upcan and remembering UWP alumni apply for assistance:all the stories in the future. from the road. The energy and We would like to welcome enthusiasm of the reunions’ youngest your new era rep, Nina cast still can’t be met by anyone else! Hanhinen, C96, from Finland to Alumni from ‘09 even shared the the board. Thank you for your stage with the few attendees from committment and energy. We 1999 for their songs during the Era Help us help UWP alumni in need. look forward to working with Show! Reunion 2015 is just around the you. Cast reps or cast members corner, I know I’m super excited for can contact Nina at 1996the events ahead. While it is the fiveAlumni Assistance Network 2000@uwpiaa.org year reunion for 2010 and the ten-year www.roaan.org • info@roaan.org reunion for Worldsmart 2005, it’s open to everyone! in touchGroup! if there is Start helping alumni today, join our Be Facebook anything I can do to help your cast.


Fall 2014

please have them download



w a


(Here’s To Fifty Years) Been too long since the last time Hope every thing’s been going fine Come on sit down at the bar Facebook can only go so far Sharing these memories with friends Like up all night and sleeping quick Your host mom and politics Sports arenas, shopping malls Yes, my friends we’ve seen it all, and

Reunion song reinspired by Pat Murphy, A72, USA


he song “Reunion” was originally conceived as a reminder that we are all part of the human family and calls us to reunite as such. It was used in the 1985 show, “Beat of the Future,” to open the second act. Now 30 years later it has been lyrically updated and re-recorded to call all Up with People alum to reunite in celebration of Up with People’s 50th Anniversary at Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015. What inspired the rewrite? Well, as my very good friend and fellow songwriter, Paul Colwell, once said when asked what inspires him to write a song: “A deadline!” So, when UWPIAA president Keith Frohreich approached me in May of 2014 about a rewrite of the song, “Reunion,” to be ready in time for the reunion that took place in July 2014–I got really inspired, to say the least! I had actually been thinking about updating the track for quite a while–thought it might be a song that could be used with UWP reunions in some way. When Keith approached me with his thought of possibly using it in conjunction with the 50th, I started thinking about UWP’s 50-year legacy starting with where it all began back in 1965–the heart of the turbulent 60s — MLK Jr, Watts riots, Vietnam, all the sit-ins and protests… an idea like Up with People was pretty remarkable at the time. I also thought about some of the highlights of the past 50 years — places we’ve been at key moments in history — ‘72 Munich Olympics, Red Square, Great Wall of China, Berlin Wall, meeting various popes, royalty, world leaders plus UWP being the first act to perform in four Super Bowl halftimes— who else on earth can claim all that? I wanted to write a lyric that touched on some of that legacy to highlight the fact that we’ve all been involved with something pretty special — be it the very beginning or any point along the way over the past 50 years — It’s time for a reunion! Special thanks to some good friends for their contributions in updating the music track, Bob Huff, A72, great guitar work! Mario Romero, E94, for his touches that helped energize the track. And to Paul Colwell for his permission to incorporate a lyrical quote from our theme song. Been too long since the last time! See you in Orlando! n


Fall 2014

Right now, it’s about time For a reunion, be so fine Nineteen sixty-five, where it all began An island way up there in Michigan A nation facing growing pains In a time of social change A new voice rose up and sang out It got loud, it got strong The big five-o here we come Every window and every door A voice the world needs more than ever Right now, it’s about time For a reunion, be so fine Wait a minute, wait a minute Let me rattle your brain With a little of a legacy that we all claim Met Presidents and Kings and Queens We even met the Pope and kissed his ring We were in Berlin when the Wall came down The Chinese Wall we have walked upon Four Super Bowl halftimes in fact Who else on earth can claim all that? Every face out in this crowd Of all this you can be proud Step into the atmosphere Of celebrating fifty years Right now, it’s about time For a reunion, be so fine Here’s to fifty years!



CareerConnect update by Christina Noël, A90, USA, CareerConnect Committee Chair e’re still looking for mentors and HR specialists, specifically those with experience outside of the USA, to help us with resumes and job searches. Additionally, you can help us develop our new CareerConnect program by sharing your experiences with us. Ever get hired because of an Up With People alumni connection? We want to know! Please send your resumes and connect stories to Christina Noël at careerconnect@uwpiaa.org. CareerConnect is available to all alumni. It’s easy! Share your job inquiries through direct messages to our email above or through social media and we’ll help you with with resumes, searches, and connect you with alumni. We’ve helped many new alumni “just off the road” this summer, providing resume assistance, cover letter review, and job connections. We’re very excited about this program!


CareerConnect Tip: Add UWPIAA on Your LinkedIn Profile Add UWPIAA directly to your profile. Alumni can easily search for other alumni on LinkedIn on their own and make new career connections. To add UWPIAA: 1. Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile. 2. Scroll down to the Experience section and click the + Add link. 3. Type the Company Name and type in “Up with People International Alumni Association” in the list. You should see our name appear with the official page, select it from the list. 4. Enter information in the remaining fields. 5. Click Save. 6. Click Done Editing in the box at the top of your profile. Cast K and Cast T performances were highlights of the reunion.

At one point during the reunion in Tucson, while recording “Up with People” on my iPhone, I stopped halfway because I could not be an observer any longer, I just had to sing and dance. My biggest regret? Not attending a reunion in the past 42 years. Ellen Jaffe Jones, B71, USA Alumna Ellen Jaffe Jones, B71, USA presents an informative talk on her pioneering work in broadcast journalism, health and publishing during the 2014 reunion in Tucson.


Fall 2014