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Warning: This  is  the  only  way  you’ll  ever  make  money   on  Facebook  (or  online):­‐A-­‐Website    

Facebook Method  Number  1     I  created  a  group  on  Facebook  that  got  over  1million  members  in  28  days.  I  then   sold  the  group  on  sitepoint  for  $10,000.  I  was  offered  $15,000  but  had  already   signed  for  10k   My  point  is,  there  are  plenty  of  people  who  would  love  to  have  a   group  with  1,000,000+  members  and  who  will  pay  big  money  to  take  yours.  The   "message  all  members"  feature  goes  away  at  5,000  members,  or  else  the  groups   would  be  worth  much  more.       Here  is  my  advice  to  creating  1,000,000+  member  facebook  groups:     1.  Follow  pop  culture  and  if  a  big  event  happens,  create  a  group  around  it.  Try  and   be  the  first  to  do  so  and  people  will  join  like  mad.  Example:  When  Heath  Ledger  died   and  "The  Dark  Knight"  came  out,  someone  created  a  group  entitled  "Heath  Ledger   Deserves  a  Post  Humous  Academy  Award  for  his  Role  in  the  Dark  Knight."  Not  the   shortest  title  but  it  gained  more  than  1,000,000  members  within  the  month.     2.  Play  off  of  Nastalgia.  A  group  called  "If  you  remember  this  you  grew  up  in  the   90's"  has  almost  2  million  members.  It  is  all  about  discussing  things  about  the  90's   that  people  loved.     3.  Experiments  like  6  degrees  of  separation  where  the  only  point  of  joining  the   group  is  to  participate  in  an  experiment.  These  groups  ask  you  to  inivite  all  of  your   friends  and  usually  go  viral.  This  is  the  kind  of  group  I  sold  (now  has  more  than   2million  members).     My  advice  if  you  are  planning  on  partaking  in  the  Facebook  group  journey  is  to   create  a  fake  account  and  get  a  lot  of  fake  friends.  This  way  you  don't  have  to  spam   your  real  friends  when  inviting  them  to  join  your  group  and  they  don't  get  pissed  at   you.  Good  luck!       Facebook  Master  Method  number  2    

1. Create a Group, where most people like to join and also they will not complain you or leave your group. 2. Add members to those groups. Do not over 5000 members. Because if you exceed 5000 , then you can not send direct message to your group members. 3. Let say, in this way you can make 10 to 20 different groups. 4. That means you can send direct message to 50k-100k messages. 5. Now search business, product related people and offer them that you can send message to 50k-100k facebook active people regarding their product. 6. I think you can get minimum 625$ for one message sending to 50k people. 7. In a month only send 4 times message to your group members, so they will not treat this as spam. means weekly once. 8. so in a month you can easily earn 2500$. Facebook Method Number 3

I see  that  there  is  now  lots  of  talk  about  Farmville  and  other  game  apps  on   Facebook.     As  of  two  days  ago  I  got  out  of  the  market  completely  for  all  these  guides.  Instead   I'm  going  to  concentrate  on  promoting  my  new  website  and  gathering  plenty  of  new   people  to  promote  to  on  facebook,  so  I'm  going  to  still  be  doing  everything  I  have   been,  but  doing  it  for  the  promotion  of  my  site  and  soon  hopefully  sites.     So  let  me  tell  you  a  few  things  about  promoting  these  game  guides!  I  have  made  5   figures  selling  these  over  the  last  few  months  and  its  been  pretty  fun       1)  start  a  group  and  send  at  least  100k  invites  out,  buy  them  make  accounts   whatever.     2)  make  sure  the  name  of  the  game  is  at  the  start  of  your  title  as  this  will  help  it,   believe  me.     3)  Babysit  the  group  for  the  first  few  hours  and  make  loads  of  posts,  so  when  the   people  start  coming  in  fast  from  all  those  invites  they  will  see  that  the  admin  of  the   group  is  active.     4)  put  something  in  the  title  about  them  getting  some  sort  of  item  for  the  game.    

5) with  the  accounts  you  log  in  with  when  inviting  the  100k+  to  the  group,  use  them   to  post  add  me  etc,  that  will  make  all  the  new  members  think  that  it  is  an  established   group,  (no  one  likes  to  join  a  group  and  it  have  no  content)     6)  in  the  description  of  the  group  put  something  like  "If  you  invite  all  your  friends   and  send  us  proof  of  this  we  will  send  you  50  top  Moscow  items,  or  farmville  coins   etc,  I'm  sure  you  have  all  seen  these  groups.  If  you  make  it  believable  then  people   will  fall  for  it,  if  its  clearly  impossible  then  they  wont  do  it  will  they!!!!     7)  as  long  as  you  have  tons  of  members  and  keep  the  wall  open  then  any  negative   comments  left  on  the  wall  about  it  not  working  will  be  gone  in  minutes,  so  its  no   great  loss,  but  if  you  can  babysit  a  group  for  a  day  then  there  is  no  reason  that  you   couldn't  get  it  to  50  or  even  100  thousand  members.     8)  don't  forget  to  add  a  link  to  the  product  under  the  profile  pic  of  the  group  in  that   box  that  you  have  to  write  something  about  your  group  in.     9)  double  check  all  your  links  work  before  you  start  to  promote.     10)  this  is  pretty  much  all  you  need  to  do,  when  you  get  used  to  what  you  have  to  do   there  is  no  reason  that  you  cant  babysit  5  groups  at  the  same  time,  this  can  be  very   profitable,  but  its  hard  work,  as  you  really  need  to  do  it  for  a  full  24  hours.  lol  I  have   no  problem  staying  awake  for  2  sometimes  3  days,  so  a  full  day  is  easy,  you  do  need   a  few  breaks,  but  friends  or  family  can  take  over  for  5       11)  just  before  the  group  gets  to  5000  send  a  message  out  telling  everyone  that  if   they  invite  all  their  friends  right  now  then  they  will  get  5  times  what  you  normally   offer,  so  a  shit  load  of  farm  cash  or  TNT  state  cars  etc.  they  only  get  the  items  if  they   reply  to  this  message  that  they  just  got  with  the  total  number  of  friends  they  invited.   most  people  are  really  *******  stupid  and  will  just  do  it.     12)  when  you  are  babysitting  the  group  post  a  message  every  6  or  7  posts  saying   that  if  they  invite  all  their  friends  they  will  get  the  goods  or  tons  of  friends  even.     13)  your  done,  just  let  the  group  grow,  some  will  grow  huge  some  will  only  grow   another  50  or  100k  but  you  will  get  plenty  of  clicks  to  your  product.     14)  If  you  are  going  to  spam  the  walls  of  your  groups,  use  accounts  with  no  friends   that  are  not  associated  with  the  group!     15)  for  the  pic  of  your  group  edit  a  photo  and  put  some  text  on  it  so  you  can  get  that   extra  bit  of  advertising.     16)  clicks  =  sales,  that's  the  end  of  it  so  the  more  clicks  you  send  through  the  more   chance  you  will  have  of  finding  someone  who  is  willing  to  spend  $27  on  a  guide  for  

their favorite  game.     17)  Don't  forget  to  put  the  java  script  on  your  group  so  that  everyone  joining  will  be   able  to  invite  their  friends  in  seconds,  because  most  of  these  people  that  play  have   hundreds  and  sometimes  thousands  of  friends,  so  the  thought  of  having  to  click   every  one  is  daunting  for  most  people.     here  is  that  link  =  javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends')   .getElementsByTagName('li');for(var  fid  in  elms){if(typeof  elms[fid]   ==='object'){[fid]);}}       OK  this  is  all  I  can  think  of  right  now  but  I  will  keep  reading  over  this  and  adding   what  ever  I  can  think  of.     Please  if  you  have  a  question  about  this,  ask  it  on  the  thread  as  I  wont  answer  it,  if   it's  in  a  PM,  because  I  will  get  asked  the  same  one  over  and  over  otherwise.     I  just  want  to  say  don't  get  all  but  hurt  if  you  ask  me  a  question  and  I  don't  answer  it   like  you  want  me  to,  I  still  promote  this  and  that  and  I  still  make  accounts  and  gather   friends,  so  I'm  not  going  to  reveal  some  things.  lol  just  warning  some  of  you       I  have  a  total  of  300k  brand  new  friends  now,  that  I  have  been  adding  over  the  last   few  weeks,  I  know  they  are  all  pretty  much  American  and  unique,  I  have  not  used   them  to  promote  with  yet  as  I  devised  a  system  that  should  make  them  seem  really   real,  I  wont  be  able  to  promote  as  much  but  I  think  my  ads  will  be  so  much  more   effective  if  I'm  sparing  with  it,  but  I  guess  this  is  all  a  test.  


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