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Can you please tell us your company’s exclusives and how extensive is your network at present? We developed our CargoX platform and launched it in November, and we have since garnered a lot of praise and awards - the International Road Transport Union (IRU) World Conference Startup award, the #DataccioConnect Blockchain Innovation Award, and we have been shortlisted for the Financial Times / RSG Intelligent Business 2018 Awards in the Supply Chain Management category, together

Steering the maritime shipping industry with blockchainbased document transaction solutions, CargoX provides a way for importers and exporters to exchange these documents digitally, securely and with no possibility of fraud in a neutral environment – extremely quickly and much more affordably. Recently, at the IRU World Congress’18 in Oman, Igor Jakonmin - PhD, Chief Operations Officer of CargoX, in an exclusive interaction with Upamanyu Borah, informed on their ecosystem of services that is set to transform the entire logistics industry, and much more. Excerpts: with giants such as Anheuser-Busch InBev, BHP, De Beers Group, Flex and Elementum, Hyundai Motor Europe, Kenco Group and Smart Gladiator, Nestlé and Starling (Airbus, The Forest Trust (TFT) and SarVision), Provenance, and Unilever. We are marketing our product and on boarding new customers. We already have a strong network of partner networks and platforms that are integrating our solution into theirs. There are some prominent names among the early adopters such as

the Swiss global logistics specialist Fracht AG, freight forwarder networks and platforms such as Globalink, Global Value Network, ConsolFreight, Global Cargo Alliance, Ocean X, and Freightalia, and some regional logistics companies as well.

In the logistics industry, the maritime logistics operations still relies heavily on paper documentation and uses the same for issuing proof of cargo ownership; how are your solutions different? Everyone in the shipping industry is struggling with problems related to the snail’s pace of transferring paper documentation, such as bills of lading, certificates of origin, and supplemental documents. We make document transaction extremely fast, safe, reliable and more cost-effective, and the central archive is available for document viewing or even statistical analysis and forecast. Our solution provides the benefit that users can state the ownership of their documents with their hardware ledgers, and nobody can steal the documents from them. The solution is extremely safe for all kinds of valuable documentation transfer.

What are the implications behind CXO tokens? It is true that we are using CXO tokens as a way to pay for services, in addition to good old fashioned USD currency. Companies do not need to know how to use CXO, as CargoX does everything for them - and they receive a USD invoice for the services provided. If they want to, they can opt to pay with CXO, and that is also a standard procedure.

How exactly does CargoX plan to ‘Uberise’ the trucking industry? Any impending initiatives in the pipeline. The most important activity for us is

the digitalisation of the TIR, where we will contribute with our knowledge, experience and solutions. TIR has not only facilitated trade, but also boosted development and prosperity as the world’s only universal customs transit standard and system. Complete digitalisation is long overdue and our technology is developed in a way that TIR can benefit greatly from the CargoX Blockchain Document Transfer System (BDTS) technology, and our neutral, open, secure, and trusted data-sharing ecosystem. Nonetheless, we have a working and live CargoX platform, where we can add new processes whenever we want, and extending it into specific fields is a breeze.

Our concept of providing a fast, secure and reliable digital solution for transferring highly valuable documentation can be used in any part of the supply chain

How do you see the future of your company? Any competitive disadvantages you will need to overcome? Our company’s future is bright as we were the first to offer a working, live, neutral and open platform for the shipping industry, powered by blockchain. We are well recognised as the market leader, and we are working on new contracts with promising new companies every day. We are fully aware of the market and our competition, so of course we have an internal analysis of our position, opportunities, and the obstacles we need to overcome. We have a firm roadmap of product development, and we are always observant of the situation with readiness to adapt to the market.CC

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