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Council Meeting June 15, 2011 Attendance: Kherl Reyes: Henry Tan: Kelvin Tagnipez: Ben Bismark: Ann Huang: Diane Vitriolo: Carissa Sta. Maria: Carlo Magsino: Irene Arzadon: Van Valdez: Hannah Manalili: Ryan Hilado: Bettina Ramas: Simone Carpio Ria Zapanta Stef Su:



Agenda: I. STRAW Representative II. Committee Structure III. Econ GA IV. Kapekonomia V. Block Handling VI. Freshie Election VII. Shiftee/Freshie Orientation Evaluation VIII. Other Updates


STRAW representative a. Duties and responsibilities as discussed by Econ Rep Kelvin Tagnipez i. Represent SESC in the weekly meetings of the STRAW (student’s rights and welfare) committee of the USC. ii. The STRAW committee will tackle the magna carta of students and address all legal rights of students. It will also make sure that all students are aware of his or her rights to be able to exercise them iii. The STRAW representative will work closely with the secretariat councilor for SESC services for the students iv. The STRAW representative will work closely with the econ rep to the USC in representing the school v. The STRAW committee is headed by Aya Escandor vi. Last year, the STRAW committee tackled info dissemination, the budget cut, “vanishing” students on the outskirts of several provinces among several others. This year it will most likely tackle education concerns and the STFAP changes vii. Constitutionally, the councilor for internal affairs, Ann Huang is in charge of student’s rights and welfare hence Ann Huang is now the official representative of SESC to the USC STRAW committee 1. Temporarily, it will be Kelvin Tagnipez as Ann Huang will not be back in the Philippines til Friday. Page 1 of 6

Council Meeting June 15, 2011


Committee Structure a. Secretariat Councilor i. Doesn’t need as much manpower as communication and human resource management can be micro managed on the college level ii. Two people are needed for documentation purposes b. Media and Publicity i. Three Committees 1. Prod a. Will handle prodwork and other related matters. For pre and event based prodwork needs. 2. Prom a. Will handle promotions for all events. Includes, pubmats among other things. 3. Docu a. Will cover the event itself and other backstage operations needed for posting online or for any other use. 4. Three people needed in each committee totaling to nine c. SAC i. Each of the four major SAC events will have a head 1. The SAC volcorps will be divided into three main groups; namely, logistics, marketing, finance and publicity. 2. Marketing, finance and publicity will coordinate with their corresponding councilor to avoid miscommunications and conflicts 3. The structure is similar to CAP in the sense that the staff are present in almost all events 4. Total people required by SAC is eleven d. Marketing i. Project based marketing team 1. The team will be divided into major events and the other minor events a. Three major events include: Schoolympics, Kapekonomia and the e-card 2. The reason behind this is that bundled marketing loses its advantage once the events are already drawing close 3. The team will need three people each totaling to four ii. The marketing auxiliary corps will not have access to the main SESC gmail account to protect council documents such as directories, application forms etc e. EdRes i. The academic alliance, made up of SESC, EcoSoc, ETC and OBEM is headed by one representative from each committee. The committee of each head is autonomous but coordinates with each other. ii. With the exception of the NYC team, the auxiliary corps of the EdRes will be divided into four teams: Log, marketing, finance and pub for event purposes iii. Discussion groups will be held every Friday or when needed. These discussion groups are different from ETC discussion groups in that they are more of a “kamustahan” discussion group iv. The next Kapekonomia might become a tie-up with ETC v. Including the three heads from EcoSoc, ETC and OBEM, the EdRes team will be made up of nine to ten people Page 2 of 6

Council Meeting June 15, 2011 f.

Finance i. Some of the work can’t be divided since the financial statements etc must only be handled by the finance councilor ii. Most of the finance auxiliary corps will be handling sales on shifting method so as not to overwork them. iii. Total people needed by finance is 5

g. Econ Rep i. Will be done on a project based system and selection will be done via application to formalize the auxiliary corps. Though, the main event will not be until the second semester ii. A select few people have questioned the system wherein the econ rep does not have a volcorps but these seem to be isolated cases III.

Econ GA a. For ingress, Henry, Kehrl, Hannah, Diane and Ben will meet in SE at 11 to set-up the monobloc chairs from the library. At 11:30, Van will pick-up the food from LB along with ice. Coinciding with this, the program will start with Ben, the MC giving a quick “Hello Econ!”. A five question icebreaker will follow. Next will be a quick ten min flash of the US and CS awardees from the past sem. The “Know your council video will play followed by announcements from Car, Irene, Kelvin, Van and Kehrl. Finally, Stef and Ria will present the candidates for the freshie rep. Lunch will be served after. Expected time for serving of lunch is at 12:45. b. All extra needs were covered by council room stock except for a punch bowl to be provided by Ben and water to be provided by Kehrl.


Kapekonomia a. Publicity i. The pubmat is almost ready for release c/o Carlo Magsino. It just needs a few revisions ii. Publicized during the RH AGENDA talk b. The EducSC seems interested in partnering with the SESC for this event. It is most likely due to the fact that their dean will be one of our speakers hence the talk seems relevant to their field. They have a similar event “Kapehan” though the topic is not related to Kapekonomia’s i. For the partnership, the EducSC is willing to bring coffee and food. It seems promising hence, the SESC is considering a formal partnership and the EducSC logo can be included in the pubmats ii. The RH AGENDA will send people to the event c. Due to the high turnout expectation, the SESC will no longer request for incentives from the professors. d. Rooms; will see if it can be endorsed by Ma’am Kraft but if ever, the room will most likely be 50% off e. Coffee; A brewer is available in the council room but it might be broken and a brewer takes too much time to make coffee hence we will use 3-in-1 coffee mixes. We will also borrow a water dispenser from SE f. Tokens of appreciation for both Kraft and Ocampo will be “debut gifts” c/o Bettina Ramas g. Irene will give the opening remarks


Block handling Page 3 of 6

Council Meeting June 15, 2011 a. Rotate around ETC, OBEM, CAP, DebSoc, EcoSoc, Council, SIDHI etc. b. SEAC will have a meeting tomorrow at 12pm to finalize the event i. The orgs are preparing for org fair ii. A tarp will be made for the org fair. It will be used year in and out for the org fair hence the design will be generic 1. The initial supplier proposed 25 per square foot. Ryan knows a much cheaper source but it still has to be found VI.

Freshie Elections a. A lot of people requested for a COC in 101. However, only one has passed as of Wed morning. b. For purposes of fairness, no sample GPOA will be given c. Deadline is still Thursday, June 16 until further announcements


Frehie/shiftee orientation a. Good feedback in general. Though it can be improved by providing water for the freshmen during the tour. There were drinks but it wasn’t enough b. The shiftees should move to their respective batch internet groups. i. The year level of the shiftees will be determined by the subjects they’ve taken. With several exceptions. Most of them are sophomores. c. The attendance is with Ben


Updates a. Sophomore batch reps i. Transferees will be sorted by year level standing based on their subjects. This applies to transferees too. ii. Sophomores will need the electives primer to plan electives 101 b. Junior batch reps i. Batch phone is working and is now operational. First batch GM using the batch phone was sent. The choice for a TM number was for cost minimization. ii. Batch week projects will be competitive. Video contests among others are in the line-up of events. iii. BE primer will be released. The Juniors are requesting the primer of last year’s electives 101 to base it on iv. The curriculum change puts several sophies in danger of being delayed. Especially those who aren’t taking HRIM 112 v. The batch directory is to be encoded c. Senior batch reps i. Thesis/stata seminar is being arranged. The speaker will most likely be a thesis advisor. ii. The old curriculum will be circulated soon so as to avoid graduation complications. This is an information campaign iii. The gradcomm is divided into three main committess: Log, programs and sales The seniors are requesting undergrad volunteers so as to train them for next year d. Ad Hoc for environmental concerns i. We are coordinating with Bantay kalikasan for the tree planting fundraiser Page 4 of 6

Council Meeting June 15, 2011

e. SAC

1. The suggested venue is Ecopark but it seems difficult due to the distance. The trees are relatively more expensive here but the gas costs might overshadow the gains of cheaper trees. 2. The tree will no longer have the “adopted by” sign, it will instead have a number as per the park’s policies. 3. Target date August 8

i. Recruitment pubmat will be out next week but the photoshoot is done ii. June 25,24 July 2,4 are try-out dates for basketball and volleyball varsity iii. Schoolympics might be moved to either a Sunday or a Monday. 1. Sat a. The disadvantage is that there are Sat classes. Though, when the class list was checked, there aren’t that many active people on Saturday classes with some exceptions 2. Sun a. The ideal date but it’s a Sunday which is typically reserved for family 3. Mon a. DAR is not available on Mondays though QC circle or Marikina sports club (potential discout c/o Ma’am Quimbo) are possible alternatives 4. August 19 a. Holiday but the venues will still have to be checked 5. A public referendum was suggested f.

Finance i. Books for rent will be priced at 50% of the original cost to be determined by Amazon prices or to be determined by the finance councilor ii. Planners for sale 1. UP planner a. Already out and being sold by councilors. Quota per is at 2-3 2. Carlo will make a joint pubmat for both planners iii. Batch shirt 1. The batch reps will coordinate with the designs but Car already has a cheap source in mind. The contacts from last year will also be tapped for canvass purposes g. Media and Publicity i. Prodwork will be done on Friday after lunch for the SESC board h. Marketing i. Freshie or documentation is already being requested by Banapple 1. GJ, Mark and Kenneth were seen taking pictures. These will be compiled and sent to Diane for the sponsor by the end of the week ii. Sun Cellular wants to sponsor but they have several demands 1. They want to be a “sales partner” in that the council will help them sell 100 sim cards every day for three days. They’re requesting for a venue for a booth with 5000 people traffic. However, UP does not permit sales booths as per advised by the office in FA. Econ might allow however. AS will not open until July. 2. The sponsorship is for 10k in cash Page 5 of 6

Council Meeting June 15, 2011



3. Feasibility to fulfill our part seems a little bleak so letting go is a viable option iii. URC wants to sponsor through selling hotdogs but the package has to be changed in order to accommodate this. 1. They are willing to sell food for the acquaintance party but the price still seems steep at php10 per hotdog. That and the council still has to cook 2. As is, the offer is 7k for the package Econ Rep i. Memos from bukluran along other meetings will be posted soon ii. The excuse letter for cutting class for the freshie welcoming is now available. People just have claim it from Kelvin. Chair i. Three year plan for DepEd was finalized and posted on the council groups. ii. Rummage sale is in the works for fundraiser iii. Auxiliary coprs will be finalized

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SESC 1st Meeting  

June 15 Minutes

SESC 1st Meeting  

June 15 Minutes