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Key Points to Remember In your role you may think you need to collect personal information. However it is important to take the time to check if it has already been collected or if it is covered under the Student Privacy & Disclosure Statement or Privacy Collection Statement. If you are in doubt or want further information, contact the Information Compliance Officer on ext 4368. They will provide advice and have the ability to determine if we are meeting our legal obligations.

Remember: • Keep personal information safe and secure. • Make sure others cannot access information and don’t leave material with personal information laying around. • Only use or disclose personal information if the person whose information it is has either given you consent, or was told how UOW will use or disclose their information. • Use the guidelines you have been given in this module to help you decide how to manage personal information.

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Contacts Information Compliance Officer: Carmel Perre, 4221 4368.