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GUARANTEED ALTERNATIVE ENTRY CONNECT: UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE CERTIFICATE Ok, so it didn’t go to plan. You didn’t quite get there, not enough marks to get into uni. The game’s not over, your chance is still alive, you just have to kick into plan B. University Entrance Certificate

The University Entrance Certificate (UEC) is a preparation course designed to give you the fundamental skills required for university level study and to maximise your chance of success. The course is designed for students who have not met the direct entry requirements for a UOW undergraduate bachelor’s degree. It’s also suited to students who did not receive an ATAR from their secondary schooling. After successful completion of the course you are guaranteed entry into the first year of a range of UOW undergraduate degrees. There are no pathways to Double Degrees, four year professional degrees, Bachelor of Law or Bachelor of Economics & Finance.

Study Length

You will attend up to 22 hours of lectures and tutorials a week. In addition to the tutorials, we recommend up to 16 hours of self-directed study time a week.

Entry Requirements •

Your ATAR is up to 20 points below the direct entry requirement for your chosen UOW bachelor degree. If your ATAR is more than 20 points below the direct entry requirements, your individual HSC subject results will be reviewed. If you do not have an ATAR, that’s OK. We will assess you on a case by case basis.

Available places in popular courses at UOW College are limited. When you receive your offer for the UEC, you also receive an offer for your chosen UOW degree. Given this, you will need to choose your university degree prior to starting the UEC program.


There are three intakes for UEC at Wollongong: • Autumn session (February) • Spring Session (June) • Summer (October)

Study Streams

When studying the UEC, you will study a stream of subjects that are relevant to your chosen university degree. When you enrol in the program, you will be allocated into a stream. For further detail about the subjects you study visit

UOW College Stream 1

Faculty / School Faculty of Law Humanities & Arts Faculty of Business Faculty of Science, Medicine & Health Faculty of Social Sciences


Faculty of Business Faculty of Social Sciences Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences

Examples of degrees at UOW through this stream • • • • • • • • • • •

Bachelor of Arts^* Bachelor of Communication & Media Studies^* Bachelor of International Studies^* Bachelor of Creative Arts^* Bachelor of Journalism^* Bachelor of Commerce^ Bachelor of Business^ Bachelor of Nursing^ Bachelor of Primary Education Bachelor of Physical and Health Education Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)^

• • • • •

Bachelor of Commerce^ Bachelor of Public Health^ Bachelor of Science^ (Psychology) Bachelor of Information Technology^ Bachelor of Business Information Systems^


Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences

• •

Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Science


Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences

Bachelor of Computer Science

Faculty of Social Sciences

• •

Bachelor of Computer Science Bachelor of Mathematics Bachelor of Mathematics Education

• • • •

Bachelor of Medical Chemistry* Bachelor of Marine Science* Bachelor of Environmental Science* Bachelor of Science *

Faculty of Science, Medicine & Health

• •

Faculty of Social Sciences

Bachelor of Medical and Health Sciences Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science) Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) Bachelor of Public Health Nutrition



Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health Faculty of Social Sciences

^Domestic students can articulate after 1 session if they meet faculty requirements at the end of their first session on their first attempt. *Opportunity to seek up to 6 unspecified credits towards your UOW degree. For further details go to


1300 367 869

The information contained in this flyer is correct at the time of production (December 2013); however, sections may be amended without notice by UOW College in response to changing circumstances or for any other reason. UOW College is a registered business name of UOWC Ltd. ABN: 14 105 312 329. CRICOS: 02723D.

University Entrance Certificate  
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