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2014 NEWSLETTER 1st Issue

UoP Racing | Rio, Patras 26500, Greece ||

UoP4e Team Season 2012-2013 review Design and manufacture of UoP4e Formula Student Electric (FSE Germany) 2013 Formula Electric Italy 2013 Patras International Circuit for Kart (P.I.C.K) 2013

Season 2013-2014 Season Targets Team’s News Testing Sessions

Sponsors 2013-2014

UoP Racing Team | University of Patras | Rio, Patras 26500,

Team Coordinators: Doukas Chris Bikas Harry

Team Members: Name


Alexopoulos Charalampos

Chassis / Composites/ Adhesives Technology

Baris Konstantinos

Suspension / Transmission

Caracatsanis Elias

Power Electronics / Battery Technology / Cost Analysis

Fourtakas Kostantinos

Electric Drive Management / Power Electronics/ Battery Technology

Katsaros Tony

Battery Management System

Moutsompegka Elli

Chassis / Composites / Marketing & Communications

Stavridis John

Suspension / Vehicle PerformanceDynamics /Cost Analysis

Sourtzinos Fragkiskos

Chassis / Composites / Steering

Xythalis Sotiris

Battery Management System / Control and Instrumentation Technology

Greece ||

Team’s target of running a fully electric racecar for the first time in UoP Racing’s history proved to be a wise and successful decision. The members of UoP Racing Team designed and built UoP4e, despite the lack of previous background, and gained valuable knowledge and experience in electric power train. The fifth car of our team is a car which incorporates hard work and pure imagination for another step forward. This evolutionary car's highlight is the whole new electric drivetrain plus monocoque chassis design. It has a more complex geometry than our last three cars , thus achieving a 40% stiffer monocoque having a small weight penalty. Significant weight reduction was

achieved through the development of the first generation of CFRP wishbones and redesigning the unsrung mass components . Additionally, team members achieved to develop a reliable yet powerful powertrain for the first ever built electric formula student type vehicle in Greece, including cutting edge technology like Li-Po battery cells, a single P.M.A. motor and direct transmission.

UoP Racing Team | University of Patras | Rio, Patras 26500,

Car specifications Number Length, width, height, wheelbase: 2700mm/1495mm/1122mm/1671mm Track (front/rear): 1240mm/1220mm Weight without driver (front/rear): 225 kg Suspension (front/rear): Double unequal length A-Arm, Pull rod (front)/Push rod(rear) Tyres (front/rear): 457.2 x 190.5-254 Hoosier R25B Wheels (front/rear): 254mm wide, 2pc aluminum rims Brakes (front/rear): Cast Iron, hub mounted, 180 mm dia. Drilled rotors with ISR 4 piston calipers Chassis construction: Two piece carbon fiber monocoque Motor: YASA-750 [YASA Oxford Motors] Power output/Torque output: 85kW/750Nm Transmission: Direct transmission Differential: Drexler FSAE LSD

Greece ||

UoP Racing Team competed with UoP4e in FSE 2013 (30/74/8) at Hockenheimring in Baden- W端rttemberg, Germany. For the 3rd time, our team participated in the generally acknowledged to be the best and toughest completion. The overall result of 29/40 in the electrical propulsion category is not what the team was aiming for but, despite the difficulties that team faced in Germany, the overall impression was that the car has great potential for the upcoming competitions. We achieved some great results in the FSE cost analysis event (10th place), while the team was awarded with the third place on the "Best Use of Adhesives" special award, powered by Henkel. Prior to the event, we found out that we were among the 5 finalists for the Henkel Best Use of Adhesives Award! After a small presentation to the judges of the our concept for the CFRP A-Arms and the restraining system for the battery cells, we took the 3rd place award and some very good comments for the design and the implementation of the adhesion process.

UoP Racing Team | University of Patras | Rio, Patras 26500,

UoP Racing Team competed this year with UoP4e in Formula Electric Italy 2013 held and organized by ATA and took place on September 13 - 16, 2013 in the Varano de' Melegari Circuit. The team was extremely happy passing all inspections on the first go and having a trouble free competition, as well as with comments and general interest on our car.

Best result for us: 5th place on the Cost Analysis Event, rewarding the great efforts of the team members the whole season. However, competition organizational issues and track marshal decisions left the team with really bad impressions. The team was overly disappointed with the performance; a general feeling that we were not close to the actual car potential left a bitter taste to all team members.

Greece ||

Patras International Circuit for Kart took place for the 5th time in the city of Patras in the last weekend of September. UoP Racing Team participated successfully one more time, giving us the opportunity to present to the local people of Patras and international visitors the latest member of our racing family.

The UoP4e, being the first electric Formula SAE racecar designed and manufactured entirely by university students in Greece, got the attention of both visitors and presenters of the event and was cheered during some demo laps on the second day of the event. UoP Racing Team | University of Patras | Rio, Patras 26500,

Greece ||

UoP Racing Team will continue in the field of electric motorsport ,the future of motorsport, and will focus on designing and building reliable and efficient electric racecars with high performance . For the new racing season of 2013-2014 , UoP Racing Team is focused on adjusting UoP4e for the competitions Formula Student in United Kingdom and Formula Student Czech Republic in summer 2014 as well as the guidance of the new team members in designing team’s second electric racecar, UoP5e, in order to present it in Class 2 of the Formula Student competition in UK, this summer also.

Dawn of 2014 was really great for UoP Racing Team as we had a lot of fun during the teambuilding event of cutting the “Vasilopita” , a Greek version of New Year’s Pie!

News per subteam Chassis

Adhesives Technology

At this time, the team is on the design process for the new pedal box, attempting to make it more adjustable for the great variety of our drivers. Also, for the UoP5e car, the material investigation, the market search and the search for sponsorship are an ongoing task for the team. Experimental characterization of composites has also been scheduled and will be completed soon.

This season’s main targets are the manufacture of the 2nd generation of CFRP wishbones and the attempt for more extensive adhesive applications due to the lightweight benefits . At this stage the wishbones manufacturing is still in process and it is to be completed soon .

UoP Racing Team | University of Patras | Rio, Patras 26500,

Powertrain For the new year, the Battery Management System design is almost finished and the production is ready to begin while technical documents for the competitions are under composition. Preparations for next testing are underway, in order to obtain as much info as possible for the UoP4e vehicle tuning. At the same time, each subgroup is focused on research and evaluation of the proposed solutions for every subsystem of the vehicle that will be used for the UoP5e car, including existing design and newly developed solutions. Concept design phase is almost finished and the first parts design has already started, while manufacturing of BMS test parts is being scheduled.

Marketing & Communications Significant improvement has been achieved from the members of the Marketing subteam too. As concerns the Business Plan Presentation , a new approach is decided this year with the main goal being the preparation of a “real-life� business plan. Cost Analysis is also at a very satisfactory level with the members working hard for its fulfillment. It is remarkable the fact that this year the team consists of members who are devoted only to business plan and cost analysis respectively due to the fact that this season team decided to make the best so far in static events, making use of the available manpower in a more productive way.

Suspension The outcome of the last two competitions was positive for the subteam since the suspension of UoP4e proved to be quite successful due to the properly engineered design, always keeping in mind the weight reduction. For this season the subteam focuses on data acquisition from testing periods in order to create a set of configurations that will bring the best out of the suspension system for every dynamic event. Additionally , improvements will be conducted in unsprung components in order to achieve the minimization of the camber compliance and an even better operating suspension. Greece ||

For 2014, the team is focused on conducting detailed testing sessions throughout the whole season, in order to achieve the best in dynamic events for the upcoming Formula Student competitions. The overall progress of that process will allow team members to create a set of configurations of the car (regarding vehicle dynamics plus electronics control) per dynamic event, unique for every driver and optimum regarding ambient and other external factors (rain, high temperatures etc). All testing sessions so far took place on Patras Port Area (both New Patras Port and Old Patras Port were used) that Patras Port Authorities kindly provided us. We were happy, especially during winter and spring testing sessions, to test new components and verify certain aspects of car’s durability while making driver’s training realistic, as they could drive the actual car at realistic driving conditions. UoP Racing Team | University of Patras | Rio, Patras 26500,

Specifically, we have already tested new drivetrain parts, suspension parts, sensors and we have mainly focused on creating a new, more sophisticated and accurate power control method (including both current and voltage measurement with a fast and precise way), to avoid surprises like FSE’s DNF in Acceleration Event. We have spent quite some time on tuning our motor torque output mainly for Endurance event while the overall vehicle control concept is being under thorough testing during that period and some really good results so far. We stand now in solid ground to make the next step on vehicle setup procedure as soon as new parts arrive (especially aerodynamics package), just few weeks before the actual testing area: FSUK 2014.

Greece ||

2014 already brought UoP Racing Team several times facing its audience announcing new sponsorships and partnerships that team members achieved. We are glad that leaders in their fields (like CD-adapco and BETA CAE Systems S.A) valued our hard work and passion in designing electric Formula Student type racecars and made it clear that they are willing to contribute in that, making the step forward easier.

CD-adapco CD-adapco is the world's largest independent computational fluid dynamics (CFD)focused provider of engineering simulation software, support and services. This season they offer us licenses for their STAR-CCM+, STAR-HPC, Battery Design Studio and Battery Simulation Module and their Speed software for the design and analysis of electric machines products plus training services via webinars, tutorials and access to their support portal and a special seminar session for team members!

BETA CAE Systems S.A BETA CAE Systems S.A is an engineering software company committed to the development of best-in-class CAE software systems that meet the requirements of all simulation disciplines. This season they offer us licenses for their ANSA pre-processor and μΕΤΑ post-processor software plus training services and tutorials.

Alongside software, that will accelerate and make more efficient design phase, there are many Greek (mainly) companies willing to support our effort offering their services (consulting and raw material most of the times, while CNC Solutions offered their enormous support in machining processes), making production of parts for UoP4e a less challenging procedure, securing that the car will be ready for the competitions of that summer.

CNC Solutions CNC Solutions is a specialized sub-contracting manufacturing company of metal components and spare parts of high precision and complexity.

This season CNC Solutions will offer our team their equipped with leading edge technologies infrastructure for the manufacturing of the needed components for our car, their expertise in designing and manufacturing plus special discount for the products that the company has in its trading portfolio.

UoP Racing Team | University of Patras | Rio, Patras 26500,

Pagoulatos Bros Machine Shop UoP Racing renewed its cooperation with Pagoulatos Bros machine shop for season 2013-2014. We ought to recognize and gratefully thank them for the valuable help and support we received for machining parts for the car at the past and we focus on even better cooperation for the new year!

B&T Composites S.A


B&T Composites S.A is a Greek company which specializes in the manufacturing of advanced composite components. Their latest sponsorship towards our team were test carbon fiber tubes.

Autonomics is the first ergonomics consultancy that specializes in surface transportation and motorsport and we thank the company for their valuable consultancy and guidelines on ergonomic design.



SKLERO S.A. has solid presence in the branch of steel, i.e. trading of quality steels and heat treatment and in the trading of standard parts for mould design. SKLERO S.A provided us the steel billets for our halfshafts.

After awarded with the third place on the “Best Use of Adhesives” special award on FSE 2013 Henkel sponsored UoP Racing Team with a full set of structural adhesives, sealants and a large variety of surface cleaners for ensuring the bonds' durability.

Advanced Technologies


The company Advanced Technologies (Προηγμένες Τεχνολογίες) kindly offered our team a set of wireless communication system .

Considering global economic recession, we would like to thank them all for their extra-valuable help and we are confident that we will not let their hopes down. Greece ||

University of Patras Dept. of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics

UoP Racing Team | University of Patras | Rio, Patras 26500,

Laboratory of Manufacturing Systems & Automation


Greece ||

Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics University of Patras Rio, Patras 26500, Greece Tel.: +302610997262 Fax: +30-2610-997744

UoP Racing | Rio, Patras 26500, Greece ||

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1st Issue (March 2014)  

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