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Tips for making the most of the Fair Gather information from representatives on the stands; remember most organisations have a range of jobs available. Why not spend some time looking through the recruitment brochures you have collected. You can then go back and talk to those employers you are interested in.

Get talking - begin the conversation with a general statement about yourself. ‘I am in my second year of a Business degree and interested in administrative positions could you tell me about any opportunities in your organisation?’ OR ‘I am in my second year of a sports science degree and I see from your brochure that you have a number of administrative positions would you recruit someone from my degree into these types of roles?’

Questions to ask - try not to ask questions to which the answers will already be provided on the employer’s website or in their brochure. You could ask questions to gain more of an insight in to what the organisation is like to work for or what an average day might involve.

Network - by chatting to current employees you can sometimes pick up additional information (which won’t necessarily appear on the company website) which could help you with the application process. This could be your chance to find out what a graduate of your degree subject and interests could do in their organisation.

Contact details - if you speak at length with representatives it might be worth making a note of their contact details, this information could be useful if you are offered an interview and would like some further advice.

Busy stands - if you want to speak to a particular employer but there is a long queue you will need to wait patiently or come back when the queue has reduced, make sure you don’t push in or interrupt conversations.

After the Fair - follow up any opportunities that still interest you. Complete an application form or send off your targeted CV using the contact details gathered.


Employer Name  


Advanced Resource  Managers  (ARM)  


Astrium Ltd  




BAE Systems  


Bam Nuttall    


British Army   British  Association  of  Social  Workers   (BASW)  


T.B.C. Chartered  Institute  of  Management   Accountants  (CIMA)  


Employer Name  


Marriott International   Matchtech  Group  Plc.                                     Microsoft  UK  

9              58                60  

Milkround Online  




NHS Leadership  Academy  


Novatech Ltd   National  College  for  Teaching   and  Leadership  


PALL Europe  




22 45  

Civil Service  Fast  Stream  


Coffin Mew  LLP  


Portsmouth Primary  SCITT   Prysmian  Cables  and  Systems   Ltd  

CSC Ltd  


careers @  purpledoor  


Cummins Ltd   Defence  Science  and  Technology   Laboratory  (Dstl)  


recruitment @  purpledoor   studententerprise  @   purpledoor  

4 59  



QinetiQ Maritime  


Eli Lilly  


Raleigh International  


Enterprise Rent-­‐A-­‐Car  



Estee Lauder  Companies  


Royal Air  Force  


Explore Learning  


Royal Navy  and  Royal  Marines  


First Wessex  



GE Aviation  


Skanska UK  Plc   South  Coast  Young  Planners   Network  (SCYPN)  

Hampshire Constabulary  


Thales UK  




The University  of  Law  


In2action Institute  of  Chartered  Accountants  in   England  and  Wales  (ICAEW)  



Institution of  Environmental  Science  


Jagex Games  Studio  


Turner &  Townsend   University  of  Portsmouth  -­‐   Postgraduate  Study   University  of  Portsmouth   Student  Finance  Centre  

Lend Lease  


University of  Placements  Office  


Lockheed Martin  UK  




Majestic Wine  




Xyratex Technology  Ltd  











12 11  

Advanced Resource  Managers  (ARM)   Contact:-­‐     Address:-­‐     Telephone:-­‐     Email:-­‐     Web:-­‐      

Gareth Jenkins   Langstone  Technology  Park,  Langstone  Road,  Havant  PO9  1SA   02392  415243  

Nature of  Business  

ARM  is  one  of  the  UK’s  leading  technical  recruitment  firms,  finding  staff  for  out  clients’  contract  and   permanent  IT  jobs  and  Engineering  jobs  in  the  UK  and  beyond.       Profile     We  are  seeking  people  with  stacks  of  determination,  passion  and  tenacity  to  join  our  growing  company   in   our   offices   across   the   UK.     If   you’re   an   innovative   thinking,   highly   competitive   professional   who   enjoys  building  relationships,  recruitment  could  be  the  perfect  career  for  you.  In  return,  we  can  offer   you  great  rewards,  ongoing  training  and  a  really  great  place  to  work.     ARM’s   specialist   recruitment   divisions   cover   the   entire   technical   arena,   including   some   of   the   most   economically   and   strategically   important   industries;   from   Defence,   Aerospace,   Power   and   Energy,   Water,  Rail,  Automotive,  Oil  and  Gas,  Marine  and  Shipping,  to  IT  Security,  Communications  and  much   more.      

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities  

We have  openings  for  trainee  recruiters  to  join  ARM  throughout  the  year  –  visit  to  see   our  latest  vacancies  and  follow  us  on  LinkedIn,  Twitter,  Facebook,  or  Google+  for  updates.      

Disciplines   • •    

Engineering recruitment   IT  recruitment  

How to  apply  

Email us,  including  a  copy  of  your  CV,  at  or  apply  online  at      

Astrium Ltd   Contact:-­‐   Email:-­‐  

Craig Cobb  

Profile   What  we  do  and  who  we  are.   Space  plays  a  crucial  role  in  our  daily  lives,  in  security  and  defence,  protecting  the  environment,   scientific  and  technical  advances,  telecommunications  and  a  host  of  everyday  services  –  and  where   there’s  space,  there’s  Astrium.     Number  1  in  Europe  and  no.  2  worldwide,  Astrium  employs  18,000  men  and  women  all  over  the  world.   18,000  professionals  chosen  from  among  the  very  best,  all  passionate  about  space  and  driven  by  the   great  adventure  of  our  time  –  bringing  the  infinite  potential  of  space  down  to  Earth  for  the  benefit  of   mankind.  Guaranteeing  Europe's  access  to  space  as  the  established  leader  in  space  transportation,   satellite  systems  and  services,  Astrium  has  for  over  40  years  been  dedicated  to  bring  you  all  the  space   you  need  -­‐  now  and  in  the  future.  It  is  a  mission  which  resonates  with  many  of  the  most  prestigious   names  in  space  –  Ariane,  the  International  Space  Station,  Envisat,  Mars  Express,  Skynet  5  …  It  is  a   mission  with  a  consistent  commitment,  to  offer  our  customers  the  best  possible  solutions  in  the   market,  with  unbeatable  levels  of,  quality,  cost-­‐efficiency  and  schedule  adherence.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Graduate  Placements    

Disciplines Science  and  Engineering  

How  to  apply   Via  our  website    


The British  Army     Contact:-­‐  Major  David  Lewis   Email:-­‐    ARTD-­‐RG-­‐   Web:-­‐     Profile   Its  primary  task  is  to  help  defend  the  interests  of  the  UK,  which  consists  of  England,  Wales,  Scotland  and   Northern  Ireland.  This  may  involve  service  overseas  as  part  of  a  North  Atlantic  Treaty  Organisation   (NATO)  force  or  any  other  multi-­‐national  deployment.  Soldiers  may  also  be  deployed  on  United  Nations   (UN)  operations  and  used  to  help  in  other  emergencies.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Over  600  places  a  year  available  for  Officer  entry  in  the  Royal  Military  Academy  Sandhurst.  1000s  of   soldier  vacancies  per  year.  

Disciplines   Engineering,  Aviation,  Infantry,  Teaching,  Medicine,  Dentistry,  Religion,  Telecommunications,   Veterinary,  Policing,  Policing,  Logistics  and  much  more.  Full  and  Part-­‐Time  roles  available.  

How to  apply   Apply  on-­‐line.  Search  for  Army  jobs  and  follow  the  links  for  the  online  portal.  


B&Q   Contact:-­‐     Telephone:-­‐     Email:-­‐     Web:-­‐      

Recruitment Team   02380  690000   recruitment@b-­‐and-­‐  

Profile B&Q is the number one home improvement retailer in the UK and one of the biggest worldwide - with over 360 stores and more than 30,000 employees. But the numbers only tell a very small part of the story. Our job is to help our customers have better homes and better lives by giving them the inspiration, the materials and the practical know-how to turn their dreams into a reality.       By pursuing a career in the retail industry, you’ll uncover a wide range of career opportunities where you can realise all your high-flying dreams! You will grow, develop and learn skills that will help you achieve an exciting and unique career path in a stimulating and fast-paced environment. Modern omnichannel retailing also means that not only will you be encouraged to incorporate social media, mobile and digital technology into your role, you will have even more opportunities and challenges to accomplish. There really is no better time to start a career in retail.

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Retail Management Graduate Scheme 2014 Opportunities in Head Office include - Brand Marketing, Business Transformation, Customer, Commercial, Finance, HR, Retail & TradePoint positions. Management & Non-management opportunities in our stores nationwide.

Disciplines   We will consider candidates from any discipline.   To qualify for the graduate scheme you must have achieved, or be predicted, a 2:2 or above within the last 2 years.

How to  apply   Please  apply  online  @  for  Graduate  Scheme  or  for  any  other  roles    


BAE Systems   Web:-­‐     Profile  

At BAE  Systems,  we  serve  the  needs  of  our  customers  by  delivering  a  wide  range  of  advanced   defence,  aerospace  and  security  solutions  that  provide  a  technological  and  performance  edge.    We   work  together  with  local  partners  to  develop,  engineer,  manufacture,  and  support  the  innovations   that  sustain  economies,  increase  defence  sovereignty  and  safeguard  commercial  interests.    With   some  88,000  employees  in  six  continents,  our  story  is  about  talented  people  who  are  relentlessly   committed  to  creating  solutions  that  protect  and  strengthen  nations.    That's  work  that  inspires   us.    That's  BAE  Systems.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   As  one  of  the  world’s  most  technologically  innovative  companies,  we  can  offer  you  an  exciting  and   challenging  career.  Whether  it’s  our  Graduate  Development  Framework  (GDF),  Finance  Leader   Development  Programme  (FLDP)    Sigma  Leadership  Programme  (Sigma),  they  all  combine  formal   learning  with  real  world  challenges  across  a  number  of  placements  to  help  you  realise  your   potential.  

Undergraduate Opportunities   Each  year,  we  have  a  number  of  undergraduate  opportunities  i.e.  year  long  industrial  placements   and  12  week  summer  internships.  To  see  the  specific  roles  on  offer,  visit  the  BAE  systems  graduate   website.  Opportunities  are  available  in  Business,  Finance  and  Engineering.      

Disciplines   Entry  Requirements  for  the  above  opportunities:-­‐   GDF:    For  Business  –  Minimum  2:1  honours  degree  in  any  discipline.    For  Engineering  –  Minimum   2:1  honours  degree  in  engineering,  numerate  or  scientific  discipline.     FLDP:    Minimum  2:1  in  any  degree  discipline.      280  UCAS  points  (or  equivalent)   Sigma:    For  Business  –  Minimum  2:1  honours  degree  in  any  discipline.    For  Engineering  –  Minimum   2:1  honours  degree  in  engineering,  numerate  or  scientific  discipline.    

Undergraduate Opportunities   Expected  2:1  in  relevant  degree  role  

How to  apply     Apply  online  at:        

Bam Nuttall     Contact:-­‐     Telephone:-­‐     Web:-­‐      

Jonathan Schulte   01276  634  84  

Profile Bam  Nuttall  is  a  leading  civil  engineering  contractor,  delivering  a  complete  package  of  civil  engineering  services   across  all  sectors  within  the  industry;     including:   • • • • • • •

roads and  structures   railways   maritime   coastal  and  flood  alleviation   environmental  and  geotechnical  projects   land  remediation   power  and  tunnelling  

We  look  to  recruit  Graduate  Civil  Engineers  with  a  BEng/MEng  Civil  Engineering  degree  or  equivalent  and   Graduate  Quantity  Surveyors  with  a  BSc/MSc  Quantity  surveying  degree  or  equivalent.   Civil  Engineers:  We  offer  a  training  scheme  (Under  Agreement)  which  will  lead  to  Eng  Tech  and  both   Incorporated  and  Chartered  Engineer  status.    The  training  scheme  is  accredited  and  monitored  by  I.C.E.   Quantity  Surveyors:  Our  primary  professional  institution  for  quantity  surveying  staff  is  the  Chartered  Institution   for  quantity  surveying  staff  is  the  Chartered  Institute  of  Civil  Engineering  Surveyors.    The  Quantity  Surveyor   training  program  is  accredited  and  monitored  C.I.C.E.S.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Every  year  we  place  35–40  new  engineering  and  surveying  graduates  on  site  and  allow  them  to  become   important  members  of  the  construction  team.       We  also  offer  35-­‐40  Summer  Vacation  and  20-­‐25  Supervised  Work  Experience  Placements  based  on  one  of  our   civil  engineering  contracts.    For  undergraduates  who  successfully  complete  a  placement,  even  before  starting   the  degree  course,  there  is  the  opportunity  of  Sponsorship  for  the  remainder  of  the  degree  course.  

Disciplines   Civil  Engineering,  Geotechnical  Engineering  and  Quantity  Surveying.  

How to  apply   Contact  Jonathan  Schulte  for  details  01276  634  84    

The British  Association  of  Social  Workers       Contact:-­‐    Andrew  Ellery  and  Glynis  Marsh   Address:-­‐    16  Kent  Street,  Birmingham  B5  6RD     Profile   BASW  is  the  largest  professional  association  for  social  work  in  the  UK,  with  offices  in  England,  Northern   Ireland,  Scotland  and  Wales.  We’re  here  to  promote  the  best  possible  social  work  services  for  all   people  who  may  need  them,  while  also  securing  the  well  being  of  social  workers.  BASW  has   established  an  arms  length  trade  union,  the  Social  Workers  Union  (SWU)  which  together  with  our   Advice  &  Representation  Service  offers  a  range  of  services  to  improve  the  protection  of  our  members   in  the  workplace.  


Chartered Institute  of  Management  Accountants   (CIMA)     Contact:-­‐  Ruth  Wallis   Email:-­‐   Web:-­‐     Profile   CIMA  is  the  only  professional  body  that  qualifies  accountants  solely  for  business.    A  CIMA  qualification  is   highly  regarded  by  leading  organisations  worldwide  and  can  be  your  passport  to  global  employability.  

Vacancies  /  Placement  Opportunities  

Disciplines We  accept  applications  from  all  disciplines,  but  are  particularly  interested  in  students  taking  Business;     Accounting;  Maths;  Finance-­‐related  degrees;  Economics;  Engineering  Etc,.  

How to  apply   Via  one  of  our  careers  fairs  or  general  enquiries  on  02380  492251  to  be  directed  to  the  correct   department.                  

Civil Service  Fast  Stream   Web:-­‐     Profile We  all  need  leaders.  People  who  are  prepared  to  commit  themselves  to  solving  the  big  issues  –  like   improving  people’s  employment  prospects,  widening  access  to  public  services  and  defending  the   country  against  natural  disasters.  For  more  than  65  years  we’ve  been  recruiting  talented  people  to   lead  the  Civil  Service.  During  that  time,  the  Fast  Stream  has  never  stopped  creating  new  ways  of   developing  and  supporting  leaders  who  embody  the  highest  levels  of  professionalism,  integrity  and   impartiality.  Our  aim  is  to  equip  you  with  the  skills  you  need  to  become  a  senior  leader  in  the  UK  Civil   Service,  admired  by  many  as  a  model  of  its  kind.   The  Fast  Stream  is  ranked  among  the  top  five  of  The  Times  Top  100  Graduate  Employers.  Whichever   way  you  lead,  when  you  take  up  a  place  you’ll  begin  to  build  the  kind  of  career  that  will  have  a  real   impact  on  the  way  the  country  is  run.  

How  to  Apply   Please  apply  via  our  website                    

Coffin Mew  LLP     Profile   From  four  offices  in  Hampshire  -­‐  Southampton,  Fareham,  Portsmouth  and  Gosport  -­‐  Coffin  Mew  LLP  is   ideally  placed  to  offer  a  full  range  of  quality  legal  services  to  businesses,  organisations  and  individual   clients  based  in  the  UK  and  beyond.

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities     See  website     How  to  apply     Via  our  website  

CSC (Computer  Sciences  Ltd)     Profile   CSC  is  one  of  the  world’s  leading  independent  IT  services  provider,  established  in  1959.  We’re  more  than   an  IT  company  though  and  are  proud  to  ‘do  amazing  things  everyday’. For  more  than  50  years,  we  at  CSC  have  developed  smart,  technology-­‐enabled  solutions  to  solve  our   clients’  toughest  challenges,  demonstrating  a  commitment  to  excellence  and  a  passion  for  exceeding   expectations.   Over  the  past  five  decades,  technology  has  radically  changed  the  world  we  live  in.    We  have  remained  at   the  forefront  of  our  business  because  we  have  understood  how  to  use  technology  change  and   innovation  to  deliver  value  to  our  clients.

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Recruiting  Graduates  and  Industrial  Placement  studies  in    Business  (Service  Delivery,  Sales  Centre,   Project  Management,  Client  Business  Development),  Technical,  Consulting,  Finance,  and  HR.    

Disciplines Business  (Service  Delivery,  Sales  Centre,  Project  Management,  Client  Business  Development),  Technical,   Consulting,  Finance,  and  HR.  

How to  apply   Online  through  our  website  at                      

CUMMINS   Contact:-­‐     Telephone:-­‐     Email:-­‐       Web:-­‐      

Jo Chester   01642  412866  

Profile Cummins  are  global  leaders  in  the  diesel  engine,  power  generation,  turbocharging  and  emissions   solutions  markets.       With  manufacturing  plants  in  14  countries,  45,000  employees,  turnover  of  $17.3  billion  in  2012,  you   would  be  joining  an  organisation  that  offers  massive  opportunities  on  a  global  basis.    Key  markets  are   off-­‐highway  vehicles,  industrial  equipment  and  power  generation.  In  addition,  Cummins  provides   turbochargers  for  the  automotive  sector,  along  with  filtration  and  acoustic  systems,  natural-­‐gas   engines,  engine  components  and  electronic  systems.    Cummins  engine  installations  vary  from  the   world’s  highest  altitude  rail  vehicles  in  the  mountains  of  Tibet  to  some  of  the  biggest  mine  trucks   around  the  world.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   A  wide  range  of  Professional,  Graduate  and  Placement  positions  are  available  in  Design  Engineering,   Manufacturing/Mechanical/Electrical  Engineering,  Product  Engineering,  Shop  Operations,   Manufacturing  Support,  Product  Development,  Systems,  Quality,  Purchasing,  Supply  Chain   Management,  IT,  Finance,  HR  and  Marketing.  

Disciplines   Any  relevant  degree  considered  

How to  apply   On-­‐line  application  via  careers  site        

Defence Science  and  Technology  Laboratory  (Dstl)       Contact:-­‐   Telephone:-­‐   Email:-­‐     Web:-­‐    

Dstl Graduate  &  Student  Recruitment  Team   01980  658484  

Profile The  Defence  Science  and  Technology  Laboratory  (Dstl)  maximises  the  impact  of  science  and   technology  on  UK  defence  and  security.  The  range  of  our  expertise  and  breadth  of  remit  enables  us  to   define  priorities  and  lead  the  responses  to  UK  Ministry  of  Defence's  (MOD)  science  and  technology   requirements.   Our  work  covers  a  range  of  disciplines  from  bio-­‐sciences  and  social  sciences  to  mathematics  and   engineering,  and  includes  research,  advice,  consultancy,  and  technical  and  systems  risk  management.     The  work  that  we  do   •  Supply  sensitive  and  specialist  science  and  technology  services  for  MOD  and  wider  government.     •  Provide  and  facilitate  expert  advice,  analysis  and  assurance  to  aid  decision-­‐making  and  to  support   MOD  and  wider  government  to  be  an  intelligent  customer.     •  Lead  the  formulation,  design  and  delivery  of  a  coherent  and  integrated  MOD  science  and  technology   programme  using  industrial,  academic  and  government  resources.     •  Manage  and  exploit  knowledge  across  the  wider  defence  and  security  community  and  understand   science  and  technology  risks  and  opportunities  through  horizon  scanning.     •  Act  as  a  trusted  interface  between  MOD,  wider  government,  the  private  sector,  academia  and  allies   to  support  military  co-­‐operation,  capability  delivery,  diplomacy  and  economic  policy.     •  Champion  and  develop  science  and  technology  skills  across  MOD,  including  managing  the  careers  of   MOD  scientists.    

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Over  the  next  year,  we  will  recruit  more  than  50  high-­‐calibre  graduates  from  a  range  of  scientific  and   technology  disciplines  and  backgrounds,  including  applied  sciences,  physical  sciences,  engineering,   biological  science,  research  and  development  and  health  sciences,  to  join  our  two-­‐year  graduate   development  programme.  We  will  also  offer  approximately  150  student-­‐placement  opportunities.    

How to  apply  

All  vacancies  will  be  advertised  around  October,  when  you  will  be  invited  to  submit  an  online   application.  

Eaton Corporation     Email:-­‐     Profile   Eaton  Corporation  is  a  diversified  power  management  company  with  more  than  100  years  of  experience   providing  energy-­‐efficient  solutions  that  help  our  customers  effectively  manage  electrical,  hydraulic  and   mechanical  power.    With  2012  sales  of  $21.0  billion,  Eaton  is  a  global  technology  leader  in  electrical   components  and  systems  for  power  quality,  distribution  and  control;  hydraulics  components,  systems   and  services  for  industrial  and  mobile  equipment;  aerospace  fuel,  hydraulics  and  pneumatics  systems   for  commercial  and  military  use;  and  truck  and  automotive  drivetrain  and  powertrain  systems  for   performance,  fuel  economy  and  safety.    Eaton  has  approximately  103,000  employees  and  sells  products   to  customers  in  more  than  175  countries.

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Graduate  Programme  and  Placements    

Disciplines Engineering,  HR,  IT,  SCM,  Finance,  Sales  &  Marketing  

How to  apply   Online  through  our  website  at                          

Eli Lilly   Contact:-­‐   Telephone:-­‐   Email:-­‐     Web:-­‐    

Jacqui Higgins   01256775527  

Pharmaceutical Company   Vacancies  /  Placement  Opportunities   Internships,  year-­‐long  placements  in  IT  and  Marketing,  Finance,  Compliance    

How to  apply     By  sending  covering  letter  and  CV  to  the  above  email  address                                

Enterprise Rent  A  Car    

Contact:-­‐   Telephone:-­‐     Fax:-­‐       Email:-­‐     Web      

Paul Hanrahan   01962  814677     08450  826691  

Profile   Whichever  way  you  look  at  it,  Enterprise  is  a  huge  –  and  hugely  successful  –  international  car  rental   company.  We’ve  come  a  long  way  from  our  humble  beginnings  in  America  way  back  in  the  1950’s  –  we   now  turnover  $12bn,  provide  jobs  for  70,000  people  in  7,000  locations  across  the  UK,  Ireland,   Germany,  USA  and  Canada.  You’ll  be  joining  one  of  our  branches  as  a  Management  Trainee  and  in  as   little  as  two  years  you’ll  have  learnt  all  the  business  skills  you  need  to  run  it  yourself.  You’ll  be  assigned   to  a  branch  for  hands-­‐on  business  training,  including  management  skills,  finance,  marketing,  sales  and   customer  service.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Graduate,  1  Year  Placement,  90  day  /  Summer  Placement  

Disciplines   All  degrees  considered  

How to  apply  

All  applications  to  be  made  online  at  


Estee Lauder  Companies   Contact  Name:  -­‐  Melissa  Marlowe   Email:  -­‐      

Profile     Estee  Lauder  Companies  is  a  global  leader  in  prestige  beauty  and  is  one  of  the  world’s  leading   manufacturers  and  marketers  of  quality  skin  care  and  other  beauty  products.     In  order  for  us  to  retain  our  unrivalled  creativity  and  innovation,  Estee  Lauder  is  committed  to   attracting,  retaining  and  rewarding  talented  individuals.  It  is  essential  to  be  capable  of  working  in   teams,  have  strong  time  management  and  organisational  skills,  and  have  the  ability  to  work  under   pressure  to  ensure  that  we  maintain  our  high  standards  of  quality  and  productivity.  We  are  looking   for  people  who  excel  in  these  areas,  and  who  are  passionate  about  getting  involved  in  this  truly   global  Company!    

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   We  currently  have  placement  opportunities  available  in  our  Engineering,  Quality  Assurance,   Finance,  and  HR  departments.    

Disciplines   Applicants  for  the  Engineering  and  Quality  Assurance  placements  must  be  on  a  sandwich  degree   course  in  any  related  discipline.    

How to  apply     Please  email  your  CV,  and  a  covering  letter  stating  which  role  you  would  like  to  apply  for  and  why,   to    


Explore Learning    

Contact:-­‐   Tel  :-­‐       Email:-­‐     Web:-­‐      


Emily Wilson   01483  447410  

Profile Explore  Learning  is  a  national  network  of  education  centres  providing  maths  and  English  tuition  to   children  aged  5-­‐14.    We  are  an  ambitious  and  fast  growing  company  dedicated  to  making  a  difference  in   children’s  education.       We   recruit   inspirational   graduates   who   want   to   make   an   impact   -­‐   both   on   running   our   centres   as   a   business,   and   on   the   lives   of   our   members   who   attend.     Explore   offers   you   the   opportunity   to   take   a   hands  on  approach  to  management  from  day  one.    A  high  level  of  responsibility  and  extensive  training   will   allow   you   to   thrive   and   rapidly   progress   your   career.     In   2013   we   were   also   ranked   as   number   16   in   the  Times  100  Best  Companies  to  Work  For.     Vacancies  /  Placement  Opportunities   The  role  of  Assistant  Director  is  varied,  challenging  and  very  rewarding;  offering  you  the  chance  to  gain   broad  business  experience,  while  working  in  a  fun  environment  to  benefit  children.  No  day  is  ever  the   same  and  you  will  never  find  yourself  short  of  a  challenge!  Starting  as  an  Assistant  Director  you  will  be  in   a  team  of  three,  either  launching  a  new  centre  or  running  an  established  centre.  The  key  to  the  success   of  each  centre  is  down  to  the  three  managers:  the  Centre  Director  and  two  Assistant  Directors.  The  full   time  team  are  graduates  from  leading  universities,  all  sharing  a  passion  for  education  and  the  desire  to   help  children  reach  their  full  potential.    

How to  apply   We  recommend  applying  early  if  you  are  interested  in  working  in  a  particular  centre/region  at  a  specific   time,  that  way  we  can  offer  you  a  position  early  and  will  put  you  ahead  of  other  applicants  interested  in   the  same  area.   We  also  accept  deferred  applications  if  you  have  not  graduated  yet  or  are  thinking  of  travelling.    Visit        

First Wessex     Email:-­‐     Website:-­‐  

Profile   First  Wessex  is  a  Housing  Association  with  over  900  employees.  Together  we  provide  homes  and   services  to  local  communities  throughout  Hampshire  and  parts  of  Surrey.  We  manage  and  maintain   around  20,500  affordable  homes  for  rent  or  purchase  and  currently  develop  in  excess  of  300  new  homes   each  year.   The  skills,  traits  and  characteristics  that  we  expect  from  every  employee  are  outlined  in  our  corporate   competency  map  below.  There  are  five  corporate  competencies  that  all  employees  are  expected  to   meet,  and  an  additional  three  competencies  for  our  managers,  supervisors  and  team  leaders.    

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Our  graduate  and  industrial  placement  programmes  offer  you  a  great  opportunity  to  start  your  career   within  housing  or  any  other  one  of  our  departments.     Programmes   We  offer  graduate  and  industrial  placement  programme  opportunities  annually,  typically  to  start   between  June  and  September.  The  types  of  programmes  that  we  may  offer  include:   Asset  management  -­‐  Surveying,  Project  Management,  Property  Services   *  Operations  -­‐  Housing,  Care  and  Support,  Customer  Service,  Commercial  Services   *  Central  Services  -­‐  Human  Resources,  Public  Relations,  Facilities   *  FPI    -­‐  Finance,  Planning,  ICT  

How to  apply   To  apply  visit  our  careers  site,  complete  an  application  and  upload  a  CV:  


GE Aviation  (Hamble)     Contact:-­‐     Web:-­‐         Profile  

Catrin Dye  

GE Aviation  is  the  world’s  leading  producer  of  large  and  small  jet  engines  for  commercial  and  military   aircraft.  We  also  supply  aircraft-­‐derived  engines  for  marine  applications  and  provide  Aviation  services.   GE  Aviation’s  technological  excellence,  supported  by  continuing  substantial  investments  in  research  and   development,  has  been  the  foundation  of  growth,  and  helps  to  ensure  quality  products  for  all   customers.     GE  Aviation  Hamble,  once  known  as  Smiths  Aerospace,  has  over  850  employees  on  site.  With  constant   investment  spent  on  new  programmes,  including  the  A350  and  new  technologies.  The  Hamble  site   covers  over  55,000  Square  metres,  reaching  an  output  of  over  250,000  deliverables  per  annum.  We   have  a  diverse  range  of  talented  individuals  and  teams  that  make  a  real  difference  and  contribute  to  the   success  of  the  site  and  to  GE  Aviation  as  a  whole.  Here  at  Hamble  we  have  an  excellent  Mentoring   Programme  that  aids  Interns  development  throughout  their  year  with  GE  Aviation  and  there  are   numerous  opportunities  to  get  involved  in  site  committees  and  volunteering.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   There  are  a  number  of  placement  opportunities,  ranging  from  Human  Resources  and  Finance,  to  Design   and  Manufacturing  Engineering.  

How to  apply   Applications  should  be  made  online  at                

Hampshire Constabulary   Recruiting   Southern  Support  &  Training  HQ   Hamble  Lane   Hamble   Hants   SO31  4TS     How  to  apply:-­‐      Click  on  “join  us”  


HP   Contact:-­‐   Email:-­‐   Web:-­‐    

Charlotte Betts  

Profile   What  do  you  think  about  when  you  hear  the  name  HP?  Is  it  printers?  Laptops?  Maybe  it’s  Beats   Audio™?    Most  people  do.  It’s  understandable  –  these  are  our  products  people  see  every  day.     But  what  about  the  other  sides  to  HP?  The  side  that  helps  the  MOD  get  a  3D  view  of  a  battlefield?  The   side  that  brings  a  kung  fu  panda  to  life  or  changes  the  way  people  see  and  interact  with  the  world?       We’re  a  multi-­‐faceted  company.  Join  one  of  our  graduate  or  intern  schemes  and  you’ll  see  them  all.    

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   For  graduates  we  have  programmes  in  consulting,  sales,  business,  IT  and  project/programme   management.  For  interns  we  have  opportunities  in  business,  IT,  marketing  and  sales.  Whichever   scheme  you  choose,  you’ll  enjoy  a  real  role  with  real  responsibilities,  continuous  training  and   development,  and  all  the  support  you  could  ask  for.    

How to  apply  

Please  see  website  for  details.  


In2action Contact  :-­‐  Emma  Wilson   Telephone:-­‐    01983  200300     Email:-­‐   Web:-­‐  

Profile   In2action  has  a  proven  track  record  for  designing  and  delivering  differentiating  industry  leading   leisure  concepts  to  globally  known  companies  such  as;  TUI,  First  Choice  Holidays,  Hoseasons,   Canvas  Holidays  and  Center  Parcs,  as  well  as  smaller  independent  operators.   We  currently  recruit  and  train  staff  for  over  50  holiday  centers  and  run  30  activity  operations   worldwide,  delivering  activities  to  over  300,000  children  and  adults  each  year,  with  an  exemplary   safety  record  and  outstanding  guest  feedback.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   • • • • • •

Overseas Hotels  –  Kids  Rep   European  Campsites  –  Kids  Courier   China  –  English  Teacher   UK  Schools  Adventure  –  Multi  Activity  Instructor   Management  Development  Programme   Senior  and  Management  Roles  

Disciplines We  accept  applications  from  all  academic  backgrounds  for  our  Activity  Team  Member  roles.      If  you   are  looking  to  become  one  of  our  Crèche  Team  Members  you  will  need  to  have  a  Level  3  Early  Years   Childcare  qualification  or  equivalent.    

How to  apply     To  apply  for  any  of  our  positions  visit  our  website  click  ‘Apply  Now’  and  you   will  be  taken  to  an  online  application  form.    

Institute of  Chartered  Accountants  in   England  and  Wales  (ICAEW)    

Telephone:-­‐ 01908248250   Email:-­‐   Web:-­‐  


ICAEW  stands  for  The  Institute  of  Chartered  Accountants  in  England  and  Wales.  As  a  professional   membership  organisation  we  promote,  support  and  regulate  over  140,000  ICAEW  Chartered   Accountants  around  the  world.       We  are  committed  to  helping  talented  individuals  develop  the  knowledge,  skills  and  experience   they  need  to  perform  at  the  highest  level  in  accountancy,  finance  and  business.  This  is  why  we  have   a  dedicated  team  specialising  in  learning  and  developing  –  experts  with  real  passion,  understanding   and  experience.   Working  in  partnership  with  our  stakeholders  around  the  world  (including  employers,  training   providers,  universities  and  students),  we  design  and  deliver  qualifications,  development   programmes,  professional  networks  and  support  resources.   We  create  exceptional  opportunities  for  talented  individuals,  and  help  them  progress  by  supporting   their  professional  development  throughout  their  careers.   Vacancies  /  Placement  Opportunities   Please  see  vacancies  or  pick  up  a  hard  copy  from  our  stand  today  to  see  the   numerous  opportunities  available  with  various  different  employers   Disciplines     The  firms  we  work  with  accept  students  with  any  degree  disciplines   How  to  apply   Applications  go  straight  to  the  employer  you  wish  to  work  with  and  they  will  all  have  their  own   recruitment  process.  Please  come  and  speak  to  us  on  our  stand  to  find  out  more  about  the  different   employers  recruitment  processes.  

The Institution  of  Environmental  Science    

Contact:-­‐   Telephone:-­‐     Email:-­‐       Web:-­‐      

Ruth Bowyer   0207730  5516       enquiries@ies-­‐     www.ies-­‐  

Profile The  IES  is  a  visionary  membership  organisation  leading  debate,  dissemination  and  promotion  of   environmental  science  and  sustainability.  We  promote  an  evidence-­‐based  approach  to  decision  and   policy  making.  We  are  devoted  to  championing  the  crucial  role  of  environmental  science  in  ensuring   the  well-­‐being  of  humanity  now  and  in  the  future.   Vacancies  /  Placement  Opportunities   The  IES  can  help  you  with  every  stage  of  identifying  and  getting  your  ideal  job  through  our  special   services  dedicated  to  graduates.  These  include:     •

CV clinic  -­‐  receive  expert  advice  on  targeting  your  CV  to  environmental  careers  

Mentoring scheme  -­‐  be  matched  with  a  professional  in  your  chosen  field  to  receive  industry  -­‐   specific  advice  on  career  planning  and  progression   •

Free graduate  workshops  on  employability  and  interview  skills  

Opportunities to  be  placed  in  positions  throughout  Europe  through  the  Leonardo  da  Vinci   Programme   •

Disciplines   The  IES  is  a  membership  organisation  that  represents  professionals  from  fields  as  diverse  as  air  quality,   land  contamination  and  education  -­‐  wherever  you  find  environmental  work  underpinned  by  sound   science.   How  to  apply   Apply  now  by  downloading  an  Application  Form  to  start  receiving  career  support  from  the  IES:   www.ies-­‐    Joining  the  IES  could  be  the  best  career  decision  you  make  on  finishing   university.    

Jagex Games  Studio  

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Sue Stather  

Starting in  2001  with  their  flagship  free-­‐to-­‐play  adventure  game,  RuneScape,  Jagex  has  created  a  long-­‐ standing  reputation  for  crafting  the  world’s  best  online  games.    Today  they  stand  as  one  of  the  UK’s   largest  independent  games  developers  and  publishers  with  over  550  staff  currently  employed  across   two  sites  in  Cambridge,  UK.    With  over  40  titles  published  to  date,  Jagex  prides  itself  on  developing  and   publishing  hugely  popular,  accessible,  free-­‐to-­‐play  games  for  millions  of  players  globally.    For  more   information  please  visit   In  your  applications,  show  your  research,  passion  and  enthusiasm  for  the  role  and  for  Jagex.  Make  sure   you  clearly  outline  your  skills  and  suitability  for  the  position  –  giving  us  examples  where  necessary.     Don’t  forget  to  attach  a  link  to  your  portfolio  (if  required).      

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Follow  our  website  and  social  media  feeds  for  all  the  internships,  placements  years  and  full-­‐time   positions  at  Jagex.    

Disciplines   At  Jagex  we  have  many  disciplines  under  one  roof,  ranging  from  Art  and  Sound  Design  to  Community   Management,  Programming  and  other  technological  roles.      

How to  apply   Visit  our  website  (  for  all  vacancies,  and  follow  the  appropriate  links  to  apply  with  a  CV,   cover  letter  and  a  link  to  a  portfolio  when  required.  You  many  also  find  it  useful  to  follow  us  on  social   media  for  details  of  vacancies  and  tips  for  applying  for  roles!              

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We are  one  of  the  world’s  leading  fully  integrated  property  and  infrastructure  solutions  providers.  At   Lend  Lease,  we  work  with  communities,  clients  and  our  colleagues  to  create  positive  legacies  from   funding  a  project  right  through  to  developing  and  constructing  state  of  the  art  buildings  and   infrastructure,  including  schools  and  hospitals.  We  also  create  vibrant  residential  communities,   productive  workplaces  and  retail  destinations.     Lend  Lease  has  vacancies  for  graduates  with  construction  and  real  estate  related  degrees  across   Britain.  If  you  are  a  self-­‐motivated  high  achiever,  can  deliver  results  on  target  and  are  looking  to  add   value  to  an  organisation  that  will  give  you  first  class  development  then  Lend  Lease’s  Graduate   Development  Programme  could  be  for  you.    

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   In  the  UK  we  offer  a  two-­‐year  rotational  graduate  programme,  working  in  different  roles,  functions,   departments  or  regions,  gaining  experience  that  will  not  only  enrich  your  career  but  will  broaden  your   understanding  and  knowledge  of  our  business  and  the  property  and  construction  industry.    

How to  apply   E-­‐mail  for  an  application  form,  the  application  process  is  open   between  30th  September  –  22nd  November  2013.            

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Fiona Mould  

Headquartered in  Bethesda,  Md.,  Lockheed  Martin  is  a  global  security  and  aerospace  company  that   employs  about  120,000  people  worldwide  and  is  principally  engaged  in  the  research,  design,   development,  manufacture,  integration  and  sustainment  of  advanced  technology  systems,  products  and   services.     Major  programmes  in  the  UK  include  Merlin,  the  Royal  Navy’s  Multi-­‐Mission  Helicopter,  the  C-­‐130J   Tactical  Airlifter,  the  Warrior  Capability  Sustainment  Programme  (WCSP),  support  to  NATS,  the  UK   Combined  Arms  Tactical  Trainer  (UKCATT),  and  support  to  the  Trident  Weapons  System.  Lockheed   Martin  is  also  prime  contractor  for  the  F-­‐35  Joint  Strike  Fighter,  is  part  of  the  consortium  responsible  for   the  management  of  AWE  and  is  one  of  the  partners  in  the  ASCENT  Joint  venture  responsible  for   delivering  the  Military  Flying  Training  System  (MFTS)  project.  With  niche  capabilities,  and  proven,  battle   winning  solutions,  we  are  a  partner  of  choice  for  the  British  Forces.    

Disciplines   We  are  looking  for  people  who  are  studying  for  a  degree  (with  a  2:1  expected)    or  above  in   Mathematics,  Physics,  Computer  Science,  Electronic  and  Electrical  Engineering,  Mechanical  Engineering,   Software  Engineering,  Business  Studies,  Accountancy,  Marketing/Business  Development  and   Information  Technology.  

How to  apply   Please  apply  via  the  website  and  send  to                

Majestic Wine    Contact:-­‐     Telephone:-­‐     Email:-­‐     Web:-­‐      

Tom Lawrence   01923  298200  

Profile     Majestic  Wine  is  the  UK’s  largest  wine  retailer.   With  over  190  stores  nationwide,  Majestic  Wine  is  the  UK’s  largest  wine  retailer  specialising  in  selling   mixed  cases  of  wine.  We  pride  ourselves  on  our  enthusiastic,  knowledgeable  and  friendly  staff.   We  offer  a  Retail  Management  Scheme  that  is  exciting  and  unique;  sponsoring  all  of  our  staff  though   industry  recognised  wine  qualifications.   As  a  Trainee  Manager  you  will  be  involved  in  all  areas  of  running  a  store  from  merchandising  and   selling  to  making  deliveries.  At  Majestic  Wine  Warehouses  we  are  proud  to  promote  our  retail  staff   internally,  allowing  you  to  progress  to  Store  Manager  level  within  as  little  as  three  years.    

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   We  recruit  graduates  all  year  round  to  our  190+  stores  nationwide.  We  also  offer  10-­‐15  placement   opportunities.    

Disciplines   All  disciplines  and  subjects  are  considered.  

How to  apply   Apply  on-­‐line  at          

Marriott International  

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Ursula Henderson    

Profile A  perfect  place  for  someone  just  like  you.   What  makes  a  workplace  feel  like  home?  It’s  a  place  that  brings  out  your  best,  every  day.  Because  it   makes  you  want  to  be  better,  every  day.  It’s  a  place  where  your  strengths  are  appreciated.  Where   people  welcome  you  as  you  are.  And  applaud  you  for  where  you’re  going.   We  invite  you  to  search  and  apply  for  jobs  at  Marriott—and  discover  opportunities  to  explore  whatever   inspires  you.   Vacancies  /  Placement  Opportunities   Currently  recruiting  Graduates  UK  wide,  placement  opportunities  in  Portsmouth,  Bournemouth  and   Meon  Valley,  along  with  a  host  of  other  positions  available.   Recruiting  into:-­‐     Food  &  Beverage   Front  Office   Leisure   How  to  apply   All  Applications  must  be  through  or  to  apply  via  your  mobile              

Matchtech Group  Plc.    

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Gemma Adams,    Senior  Recruitment  Officer  

Profile   Matchtech  Group  has  over  29  years’  experience  providing  niche  recruitment  services  to  the  engineering,     technology,    professional  staffing  and  the  skills  &  employability  markets.    The  group  is  recognised  as  the   UK’s  leading  specialist  recruitment  agency,    and  was  ranked  25th  Best  Company  to  Work  For  2012  by  the   Sunday  Times.   The  Group  has  4  operating  recruitment  brands  each  an  expert  in  their  market;  Matchtech,    Barclay   Meade,    Connectus    &    Alderwood.    We  have  a  range  of  opportunities  for  individuals  with  a  natural   tenacity,    drive  and  ambition  to  work  with  our  fun  and  successful  teams.    

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   We  have  a  range  of  roles  for  graduates,  these  are  in  the  majority  Recruitment  Consultant  or  Resourcer   roles.    However  we  also  offer  opportunities  within  our  shared  services  division  which  includes   marketing,  IT  and  HR.  

Disciplines   We  recruit  graduates  from  any  discipline.  

How to  apply   Email  a  copy  of  your  CV  to  the  recruitment  team;    


Microsoft UK    

Contact :-­‐   University  Staffing  Team,  Ula  Dolska   Telephone:-­‐  0118  909  4838   Email:-­‐     Web:-­‐    

Profile Big  ideas  have  always  been  the  heart  and  soul  of  Microsoft.  Since  launching  in  1974,  it’s  developed  a   portfolio  of  ground-­‐breaking  products  and  services.  Today,  graduates  can  lead  the  organization  into  an   exciting  new  era  of  technology  and  be  a  part  of  the  world’s  greatest  ever  technology  startup.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   As  we  evolve  into  a  devices  and  services  company,  the  opportunity  to  stretch  existing  skills  and  build   new  ones  is  there  for  the  taking.  Your  thoughts,  ideas  and  experiences  will  all  be  welcomed,  valued   and  rewarded.  And  you’ll  also  benefit  from  being  part  of  a  business  that’s  creating  new  technologies   that  change  the  way  the  world  works,  lives,  plays  and  learns.   The  Microsoft  Academy  for  College  Hires  (MACH)  scheme  provides  the  perfect  platform  to  launch  your   career.  With  opportunities  to  work  in  Sales,  Technical,  Consulting  or  Project  Management,  you  will   work  on  major  projects  from  day  one.    We  also  run  an  award-­‐winning,  one-­‐year  internship  scheme.       Disciplines     Marketing,  Sales,  Public  Relations,  Internal  Communications,  Editorial  and  Journalism,  HR,  Gaming,   Production  Art  and  Design.  Finance,  Data  Analyst,  Business  Operations,  Project  Management  and   Business  Consulting,  Software  Development  and  Technical  Consulting.     How  to  apply:  Online  application:,  


Milkround Online   Web:-­‐     Profile   Milkround  is  the  UK’s  most  popular  website  for  student  and  graduate  careers.    Milkround  has  everything   to  ensure  a  successful  graduate  career  with  internships,  placements,  graduate  jobs  and  schemes  to  get   the  experience  you  need  and  take  it  into  a  full  time  position.    On-­‐site  you'll  find  news,  career  advice,   industry  guides  and  ideas  about  what  to  do  with  your  degree  to  start  narrowing  your  career  search.       Visit  the  Milkround  stand  today  to  register  for  free  personalised  email  service  or  go  to  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   100s  of  internships,  placements,  graduate  jobs  and  schemes    

How to  apply     Directions  provided  online,  each  vacancy  may  differ  



NATS –  National  Air  Traffic  Services     Contact  :-­‐   Telephone:-­‐   Email:-­‐     Web:-­‐    

Vicky  Newhouse    

01489 444518    

Profile   Guiding over 2.2 million flights – carrying some 200 million passengers – is no mean feat. But thanks to a combination of state-of-the-art technology and the expertise and dedication of our people, that’s what NATS achieves over the course of a year. And it’s what makes NATS such an exciting place to work.

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Graduate engineering scheme, placement engineering scheme, engineering technician scheme, project management graduate scheme & project management placement scheme.

How to  apply     Apply  online:  


NHS Leadership  Academy  –  NHS  Graduate    Management  Training  Scheme     Contact:-­‐     Profile   The  NHS  is  like  no  other  organisation  on  earth.  Born  out  of  the  ideal  that  good  healthcare  should  be   available  to  all,  it  is  one  of  the  world’s  largest  publicly  funded  health  services.  It  employs  more  than   1.3million  people,  making  it  the  single  largest  organisation  in  Europe.   By  joining  the  multi-­‐award  winning  NHS  Graduate  Management  Training  Scheme,  you  will  be  developing   the  skills  and  confidence  you  need  to  lead  our  organisation  through  its  transformation  into  an  ever  more   efficient,  successful  and  professional  health  care  service.  You'll  enjoy  mentoring,  support  and  first  class   training  from  some  of  the  most  brilliant  minds  in  the  NHS.  And  after  two  years  (or  two  and  a  half  if  you   opt  for  finance),  you'll  be  ready  to  choose  from  one  of  4  specialism:  Finance  Management,  Health   Informatics  Management,  Human  Resources  Management  &  General  Management.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   National  Graduate  Scheme  placements    

Disciplines   HR,  Finance,  General  Management  and  Health  Informatics  

How to  apply   On-­‐line                

Novatech Ltd     Contact:-­‐     Telephone:-­‐     Email:-­‐     Web:-­‐      

Abigail Hobden   02392322768  

Profile   We  give  our  customers  all  the  technology,  software  and  the  support  they  need  from  one  trustworthy   source   We  understand  the  number  one  thing  a  Graduate  is  looking  for  is  a  career  with  ‘prospects’/  Together   with  a  vibrant  working  environment,  outstanding  training,  pay  and  benefits,  that  is  exactly  what  we   can  offer.    We  build  computers  capable  of  everything  from  school  work  to  3D  rendering  and  from   share  trading  to  sports  car  tuning.  Novatech  machines  edited  an  Oscar  winning  film  and  helped  process   the  date  that  cracked  complex  genetic  codes.    We  give  our  customers  all  the  technology,  software  and   support  that  they  need  from  one  trustworthy  source.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   We  have  graduate  opportunities  based  at  our  Head  Office  in  Portsmouth.    

Disciplines   A  good  degree  in  any  discipline.  

How to  apply   Email  your  CV  and  covering  letter  to  


PALL Europe    

Contact:-­‐   Telephone:-­‐     Email:-­‐     Web:-­‐      

Giuglia Gainsborough-­‐Waring   02392  338093  

Profile   Pall  Corporation  (NYSE:  PLL)  is  a  filtration,  separation  and  purification  leader  providing  solutions  to   meet  the  critical  fluid  management  needs  of  customers  across  the  broad  spectrum  of  life  sciences  and   industry.  Pall  works  with  customers  to  advance  health,  safety  and  environmentally  responsible   technologies.  The  Company’s  engineered  products  enable  process  and  product  innovation  and   minimize  emissions  and  waste.  Pall  Corporation  is  an  S&P  500  company  serving  customers  worldwide.   Pall  has  been  named  a  “top  green  company”  by  Newsweek  magazine.  To  see  how  Pall  is  helping  enable   a  greener,  safer,  more  sustainable  future,  follow  us  on  Twitter  @PallCorporation  or  visit    

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Medical  Laboratory  Scientist   Research  &  Development  Engineer   Research  &  Development  Scientist   Design  Engineer  

Disciplines   Industrial  -­‐  Aerospace  (Mechanical/Product/Design)  Engineering   Life  Sciences  -­‐  Biopharm/Medical/Sales/Research  (Chemical/Food   Technology/Brewery/Biotechnology/Sciences)  

How to  apply  

Please email  your  CV  and  covering  letter  to:   Closing  date:    17  January  2014    

Philips Electronics  UK  Ltd   Contact:-­‐   Telephone:-­‐   Email:-­‐     Web:-­‐        

Brendan Mare  –  Graduate  Recruitment  Manager   01483  29  3372    

Nature  of  Business     Royal  Philips  of  the  Netherlands  is  a  diversified  Health  and  Well-­‐being  company,  focused  on  improving   people’s  lives  through  timely  innovations.  As  a  world  leader  in  healthcare,  lifestyle  and  lighting,  Philips   integrates  technologies  and  design  into  people-­‐centric  solutions,  based  on  fundamental  customer   insights  and  the  brand  promise  of  “sense  and  simplicity”.     The  UK  Headquarters  is  based  in  Guildford,  Surrey  and  we  are  now  seeking  graduates  and  interns  for   our  2014  programme.  Dependent  on  role,  you  could  be  based  in  Guildford,  field  based  or  in  another  UK   location,  such  as  Glemsford,  Chichester  or  Suffolk.    

Profile Philips  UK  offers  you  the  opportunity  to  join  one  of  its  business  sectors  and  be  part  of  a  leading  brand.   Whether  you  are  a  seeking  a  role  within  Consumer  Lifestyle,  Lighting  or  Healthcare  you  will  find  a  career   with  Philips  that  will  challenge  your  thinking,  develop  your  professional  skills  and  bring  you  into  contact   with  people  who  share  the  same  commitment  to  simplicity  and  world-­‐class  service.   We  are  looking  for  graduates  to  join  our  2  year  Commercial  Programme  &  3  year  Finance  Programme.   We  are  also  looking  to  recruit  undergraduates  in  our  various  internship  opportunities  where  you  will   have  the  chance  to  take  on  real  responsibility  and  be  trusted  to  make  decisions  which  will  have  a   positive  effect  on  our  business.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   2  Year  Commercial  Graduate  Programme  (rotation  in  Sales,  Marketing  &  Operations),  3  Year  Finance   Graduate  Programme  (supporting  you  in  your  CIMA  qualification),  1  Year  Internship  opportunities  in   Engineering,  Design  &  Marketing  

Disciplines   Business  Management,  Marketing,  Product  Design,  Accounting  &  Finance,  Biomedical,  Electronic  &   Mechanical  Engineering.   How  to  apply     Please  apply  online  at:       Follow  us  on  Twitter:     Like  us  on  Facebook:    

Portsmouth Primary  SCITT   Portsmouth  Primary  SCITT   Beacon  View  Primary  Academy   Allaway  Avenue   Portsmouth   PO6  3PS   Telephone:  023  9237  3432     Email:  lee-­‐  

Profile Portsmouth  Primary  SCITT  runs  a  one  year  course  that  qualifies  thirty  six  successful  students  to  teach   either  children  aged  5-­‐11  years  in  primary,  junior  and  infant  schools  (Primary  course)  or  children  aged   3-­‐7  years  in  primary,  infant  and  nursery  schools  (Early  Years  course).           Mission  Statement:         Quality  opportunities  for  trainees,  teachers  and  children  in  Portsmouth  leading  to  excellent  education   in  our  city.       Equal  Opportunities  Policy:       Portsmouth  Primary  SCITT  is  committed  to  the  inclusion  of  all  eligible  participants,  regardless  of  sex,   age,  disability,  colour,  religion  or  nationality.  We  welcome  applications  from  minority  and  under-­‐ represented  groups.       A  School  Centred  Initial  Teacher  Training  course  with  a  Postgraduate  qualification  validated  by   Portsmouth  University  and  Qualified  Teacher  Status.    


Prysmian Cables  and  Systems  Ltd    

Contact:-­‐     Telephone:-­‐   Email:-­‐    

Sara Harris   02380  295324……  

Profile Prysmian Group is world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry. In the Energy sector, Prysmian Group operates in the business of underground and submarine power transmission cables and systems, special cables for applications in many different industrial sectors and medium and low voltage cables for the construction and infrastructure industry. In the Telecom sector, the Group manufactures cables and accessories for the voice, video and data transmission industry, offering a complete range of optical fibres, optical and copper cables and connectivity systems. Prysmian is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange in the Blue Chip index.

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities     11  business  opportunities  in  Eastleigh  (finance,  purchasing,  sales,  marketing)     2  business  opportunities  in  Wrexham,  north  Wales  (sales  and  marketing)   5  engineering  opportunities  in  Eastleigh     3  engineering  opportunities  in  Wales  

Disciplines   Business  and  Engineering     How  to  apply   CV  and  covering  letter  to            

@Purpledoor   28  Guildhall  Walk,  PO1  2DD   02392  842684  

Profile   Purple  Door  combines  expert  knowledge  and  advice  in  both  the  careers  and  recruitment  areas.  Whether   you  are  currently  studying  at  the  University  of  Portsmouth  or  you  have  graduated  within  the  past  five   years,  we  are  able  to  help  you  with  your  career  planning.  

Information  and  Advice   Meet  with  an  Information  and  Employment  Adviser  for  quick  advice  and  tips  including  exploring  your   initial  ideas  and  identifying  appropriate  resources  for  all  your  employability  needs.  

Careers  Guidance   Meet  with  a  Careers  Adviser  to  discuss  topics  such  as  options  after  your  course,  help  with  job             applications  and  choosing  or  changing  your  course.      

Student  Enterprise   If  you  are  interested  in  starting  your  own  business  come  in  and  talk  to  our  Student  Enterprise  Team  or   make  use  of  our  StartUp  Hub  -­‐  a  vibrant  hot-­‐desking  space  for  student  entrepreneurs.  We  also  run  a  large   range  of  events  and  competitions  to  help  you  develop  your  enterprise  skills.    

Events Look  at  the  events  calendar  on  our  website  for  details  of  our  events  and  to   book  your  place.  

Finding  Graduate  Jobs,  Part-­‐time  Work  and  Volunteering   Our  recruitment  team  will  help  you  look  for  graduate  jobs  and  volunteering  opportunities.  Take  a  look  at   the  volunteering  bank  or  the  vacancies  on  the  Online  Jobs  Board.

Qinetiq Maritime     Web:-­‐     Profile    

Maritime Division     QinetiQ    Maritime  delivers  maritime  solutions  across  the  life  cycle.  As  providers  of  impartial  advice  and   innovative  solutions  to  meet  real  world  problems  across  defence,  aerospace  and  security  markets  we   are  a  trusted  supplier  to  more  than  40  nations.  We  deliver  value  by  applying  specialist  skills  and   technical  resources  to  understand  and  resolve  complex  challenges  for  our  customers.   Our  Business  streams,  Platforms,  Systems,  Stealth  Information  &  Range  Services  and  Maritime   Investments,  are  based  on  multiple  technical  disciplines,  which  encompass  technical  advice,  design   support,  systems  integration,  test  and  evaluation  to  support  assurance.  These  include:   Acquisition  and  programme  support       Naval  architecture   Hydrodynamics           Shock  and  survivability   Diving  and  life  support           Combat  systems  and  sensors   Signature  Measurement  and  management     Communication  and  networks   Submarine  escape,  rescue  abandonment  and  survival  

Vacancies  /  Placement  Opportunities   Graduate  Development  Scheme  starting  September  2014  (5  places)  and  a  variety  of  direct  entry  into   roles  at  graduate  entry  eg  Naval  architects  as  advertised  on  our  web  site.  

Disciplines   Maths,  Physics,  Engineering  

How to  apply     On  line  with  CV  covering  career  history  to  date  and  covering  letter  explaining  what   you  personally  would  bring  to  the  role  and  QinetiQ  Maritime.  


Raleigh International     Contact:-­‐  Isabelle  Masters   Telephone:-­‐  +44  (0)  207  183  1286   Email:-­‐   Web:-­‐  

Profile   Raleigh  International  is  a  youth  and  sustainable  development  charity.  We  challenge  and  empower  young   people  and  communities  to  deliver  grassroots  sustainable  development.  Our  programmes  focus  on  providing   access  to  safe  water  and  sanitation,  protecting  vulnerable  environments  and  building  resilient  communities.   We  work  in  collaboration  with  volunteers,  communities  and  local  partner  organisations.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   We  run  two  main  types  of  programmes.       Raleigh  Expeditions  are  run  in  Borneo,  Costa  Rica  &  Nicaragua  and  Tanzania,  for  individuals  of  any   nationality  or  background.  Venturers  (aged  17-­‐24)  work  on  community  and  environmental  projects   as  well  as  undertaking  a  tough  adventure  challenge,  and  are  supported  by  volunteer  managers   (aged  25-­‐75).     Raleigh  ICS  is  a  UK-­‐government  funded  development  programme  including  a  ten  week  placement  in   India,  Tanzania  and  Nicaragua.  Raleigh  ICS  volunteers  also  complete  an  Action  at  Home  project  in   the  UK.  Volunteers  must  be  British  citizens  aged  18-­‐25,  and  there  are  also  Team  Leader  positions   available  for  people  aged  23+.    

Disciplines Any  -­‐  we  encourage  applications  from  people  of  all  backgrounds.  

How to  apply     Online  via  application  form.  


Rate My  Placement    

Profile Promoting  placement  and  internships  on  behalf  of  over  250  companies  is  firmly  established  as  the  UK’s  leading  website  when  it  comes  to   undergraduate  placements  and  internships.  As  demand  for  work  experience  and  employability  skills   amongst  students,  universities  and  employers  has  risen  over  recent  years,  we  provide  a  complete   solution  to  help  students  find  a  placement  or  internship  opportunity  and  gain  the  experience  and  skills   they  need  

Disciplines   Law,  Business,  IT,  Finance,  Engineering  


Royal Air  Force     Tel:-­‐     0845  601  7695   Web:-­‐       Profile   Whether  in  the  skies  above  Britain  or  in  airspaces  around  the  world,  it's  the  RAF's  job  to  protect  the  UK   against  any  form  of  threat.  To  fulfil  this  role,  we  need  highly-­‐trained  people  throughout  our   organisation.  There  is  something  for  everyone,  from  engineering  to  logistics,  communications  and   intelligence  to  medical  and  personnel  support.  Each  of  these  jobs  would  see  you  play  a  key  role  in  one  of   the  worlds  most  advanced  military  forces.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Details  of  over  50  careers  available  to  candidates  including:  Aircrew,  Engineers,  Personnel  Support,   Logistics,    Air  Traffic  Control  and  Medical.  

Disciplines   2  A  levels  (A-­‐C)  minimum,  a  degree  for  some  branches  such  as  engineer/medic  are  required.   How  to  apply     Please  visit  the  website  or  call  0845  601  7695                    

Royal Navy  &  Royal  Marines   Armed Forces Careers Office Cambridge Road Portsmouth PO1 2EN Web:-

Profile   To maintain the Royal Navy’s world-class reputation, we seek high quality and motivated individuals to join the Officer Corps. Currently, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines have vacancies for confident and ambitious young men and women to train as our future leaders. Our career structure is designed to maximise your potential, offering you a wealth of challenges, responsibility and rewards. Our training is second to none. Alongside seamanship skills and leaning to handle sophisticated technology, you’ll learn how to handle yourself – and other people, and in the process you will encounter more people and places than most do in lifetime.

How to Apply: Call 023 928 26536. Alternatively, walk in to the careers office and talk to a member of the duty team.              

Skanska UK  Plc.   Contact:-­‐   Meera  Shah   Telephone:-­‐  01923423586   Email:-­‐   Web:-­‐  

Profile Skanska  is  one  of  the  world’s  leading  project  development  and  construction  groups,  undertaking   approximately  £1.5  billion  worth  of  work  in  the  UK  each  year.   This  includes  some  of  the  most  prestigious  projects  in  both  the  private  and  public  sectors,  from  large,   high-­‐profile  schemes  to  smaller  projects  such  as  public  realm  improvements  and  landscaping,  as  well   as  many  utility  and  facility  management  projects.   Based  on  its  global  experience  in  green  construction,  Skanska  aims  to  be  the  first  choice  for   environmentally  friendly  solutions.  Skanska  is  a  UK  leader  in  private  finance  initiatives  and  has  recently   established  a  residential  development  business  in  the  UK:  Homes  by  Skanska.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   For  anyone  looking  to  start  a  career  in  an  exciting  and  dynamic  industry,  Skanska  has  graduate   opportunities  across  different  areas  of  its  work  in  the  UK.  A  role  at  Skanska  will  give  you  great  on-­‐the-­‐ job  experience  with  a  company  that  is  a  market  leader  in  its  field.    

Disciplines   We  run  schemes  with  the  Institution  of  Civil  Engineers  (ICE),  Royal  Institute  of  Chartered  Surveyors   (RICS),  Chartered  Institute  of  Building  (CIOB),  and  the  Chartered  Institute  of  Purchasing  and  Supply   (CIPS),  amongst  others.  

How  to  apply  

Apply  online  at  


South Coast  Young  Planners  Network  (SCYPN)    

Contact:-­‐ Email:-­‐  

Kathryn Reeves  

Nature  of  Business   The  South  Coast  Young  Planners  Network  (SCYPN)  was  established  in  2006  and  is  now  in  its  7th  full  year   of  operation  with  over  300  members.  Membership  is  open  to  all  young  planners  in  the  South  Coast   Region  –  from  Poole  in  the  West,  to  Brighton  in  the  East.   The  SCYPN  is  always  looking  for  new  members  and  fresh  ideas.  If  you  are  a  young  profession  working   or  studying  in  the  planning  sector  and  you  just  happen  t  be  located  on  the  south  coast,  then  this  is  the   network  for  you.  Membership  is  free  so  there  is  nothing  holding  you  back.     Once  you  have  joined  the  network,  you  will  receive  links  to  our  brand  new  cutting  edge  newsletter  and   invites  to  network  events  that  you  would  be  crazy  to  miss.  If  that  isn’t  enough  for  you  then  why  not   write  an  article  for  our  newsletter,  host  one  of  our  events,  advertise  the  SCYPN  at  your  workplace  or   even  sponsor  the  network.     If  you  are  interested  in  joining,  please  feel  free  to  contact  us!                    

Thales UK     Email:-­‐     Web:-­‐  

Profile   Did  you  know  that  Thales’s  secure  network  communications  expertise  is  behind  3.7  billion  secure   electronic  financial  transactions  (BACS)  each  year?  Or  that  we’re  a  leader  in  onboard  equipment  for   civil  and  military  aircraft?  Or  that  every  time  you  take  a  train  journey,  we’re  behind  the  technology   that  helps  you  arrive  safely  at  your  destination?   Organisations  across  aerospace,  defence,  security  and  transport  trust  Thales  UK  and  our  8,500  people   to  deliver.  Now  we’re  looking  for  up  to  130  talented  graduates  to  join  us  in  engineering  or  business   management  –  graduates  looking  for  real  responsibility  from  the  outset,  exposure  to  leading-­‐edge   projects  and  support  to  gain  professional  qualification.   If  you’re  ready  to  join  a  world  leader  in  technology,  we’re  ready  to  hear  from  you.  

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   130  graduate  vacancies  (90  engineering,  40  business/  finance  roles)   40  internships  (mixture  of  12  weeks  and  12  months)  

Disciplines   Engineering,  Finance  &  Business    

How to  apply   Online  via  website  …              

Turner and  Townsend     Web:-­‐       Profile   Turner  &  Townsend  is  a  leading  global  programme  management  and      construction  consultancy  that     supports  organisations  that  invest  in,  own  and  operate  assets.     Working  from  80  offices  in  33  countries,  we  are  making  the  difference  to  projects  across  the  property,   infrastructure  and  natural  resources  sectors  worldwide.  We  help  organisations  succeed  by  managing  risk   while  maximising  value  and  performance  during  the  construction  and  operation  of  their  assets.   A  key  difference  between  our  competitors  and  us  is  in  our  service  offering.  Our  services  encompass  the   full  asset  lifecycle,  from  consultancy  services,  project  delivery  and  beyond  into  operations.     We  believe  we  are  taking  a  lead  into  a  more  comprehensive,  integrated  and  intelligent  approach  to   construction  and  management  consultancy;  this  means  that  we  can  offer  a  much  broader  spectrum  of   graduate  career  opportunities  than  many  consultancies.    

What we  look  for   The  ideal  candidate  will  have  at  least  a  2:1  or  equivalent  from  a  construction/surveying  background,   however  we  welcome  applications  from  other  diciplines  which  will  be  considered  on  an  individual   basis.   However,  your  personal  qualities  are  just  as  important.  We  need  people  with  ambition  and  drive;   people  prepared  to  work  hard;  people  who  can  work  with  clients,  and  operate  as  part  of  a  team.  We   look  for  energetic,  intelligent  and  pro-­‐active  individuals  seeking  rewarding  and  worthwhile  careers   which  offer  the  chance  to  make  a  real  difference.  

How to  Apply   Please  apply  via  our  website  


The University  of  Law    

  Telephone:-­‐   01483  216000   Email:-­‐   Web:-­‐    

Profile   At  The  University  of  Law  you’ll  get  the  best  possible  start  to  your  legal  career.  We  are  the  world’s   leading  professional  law  school  and,  with  centres  in  Birmingham,  Bristol,  Chester,  Guildford,  London,   Manchester  and  from  September  2014,  Leeds,  we’re  the  first  choice  for  aspiring  solicitors  or  barristers   looking  for  effective  legal  training.  Our  innovative  courses  are  designed  and  taught  by  lawyers,  with  a   clear  focus  on  building  the  practical  skills,  commercial  awareness  and  independent  thinking  you  need   to  succeed  in  legal  practice.  

Disciplines   Law      

How to  apply  

Application  form  completed  via  Central  Applications  Board  for  full  time  courses  or  via  The  University  of   Law  for  part  time  courses.                      

UoP Placements       Portsmouth  Business  School   The  Placements  office  is  a  one  stop  shop  for  all  things  placement  related.  It  is  here  to  help  all  Business   School  students  whose  degree  pathways  have  compulsory  or  optional  placements  built  within  them.   You  must  register  your  interest  in  doing  a  placement  with  us  at  the  start  of  your  second  year,  at  which   point  you  will  be  given  access  to  all  the  live  placement  vacancies.  These  vacancies  will  be  continually   updated  on  a  daily  basis  throughout  the  course  of  the  year,  but  it  is  up  to  you  to  apply  to  any  that   interest  you.  However,  the  office  is  open  all  year  round  and  is  able  to  give  you  help  and  advice  at  every   stage  of  the  recruitment  process  including  Cover  Letter,  CV,  Online  Application  Form,  Online  Aptitude   Test,  Telephone  Interview,  Assessment  Day  and  Interview.    On  successful  completion  of  your  placement  year  you  will  receive  an  Employability  Certificate  for   recognition  of  your  achievements.    The  placement  year  will  also  be  acknowledged  on  your  degree   parchment.  This  certificate  takes  into  account  your  development  and  proficiency  in  a  work  context  and   personal  skills.         Contact:-­‐  Alison  Shaw   02392  844055  

Faculty  of  CCI The  Faculty  of  Creative  and  Cultural  Industries  is  committed  to  improving  the  employability  of  our   students.  The  CCi  Placements  Office  was  set  up  at  the  end  of  2011  with  the  aim  of  helping   undergraduate  students  gain  valuable  work  experience  relevant  to  their  degrees.  Students  have   the  chance  to  complement  their  academic  studies  with  a  wide  range  of  opportunities  such  as:   • • • • •

Yearlong sandwich  /  work  placements   Summer  and  short-­‐term  internships   Part-­‐time  work   Projects  provided  by  employers   Freelance  work  

The CCi  Placements  Office  provides  a  comprehensive  service  to  both  students  and  employers,   including  coordinating  the  advertising  and  recruitment  for  placement  and  internship  positions.   Contact:-­‐  Rachel  Stilgoe  /  Kirstie  Bannatyne   023  9284  5181  


Faculty of  Humanities  and  Social  Science   The  Placement  and  Internship  Centre  (PiC)  advertises  internships  and  placement  year  opportunities   both  in  the  UK  and  abroad.  The  internships  are  open  to  any  undergraduate  within  the  faculty,  with  the   placement  opportunities  are  open  to  International  Development  Studies  and  English  Language   students.  An  informative  and  diverse  careers  programme  is  run  in  partnership  with  Purple  Door  for  the   Faculty.  A  drop-­‐in  service  is  available  for  students  who  are  thinking  about  undertaking  a  placement  or   internship  but  would  like  some  assistance  in  terms  of  where  to  start.

Contact:-­‐ Alice Hickman   02392  846179  


Faculty  of  Science   The  Faculty  of  Science  Placement  Office  supports:   *  Students   *  Placement  providers   *  Mentors/Supervisors  

* Course  Leaders  

Undertake Pre-­‐Placement  Checks:   *  Occupational  Health  *  Disclosure  and  Barring  Service  *  Statutory  and  Mandatory  training  framework   Ensure  relevant  Contracts  and  Indemnity  Agreements  are  in  place.    Process  Travel  Claims  &  Record  of   Hours.    Record  Placement  Attendance/Absence.   Ensure  the  Quality  of  Placements:   *Ensure  placements  are  fit  for  purpose     Contact:-­‐  Audrey  Willingham   023  9284  5530

*Ensure students  are  fit  for  the  placement  

Faculty  of  Technology   The  Student  Placement  and  Employability  Centre  (SPEC)  advertises  a  wide  range  of  Industrial  and   Summer  Placement  opportunities  to  Faculty  of  Technology  students,  covering  all  areas  of  Computing,   Civil/Electronic/Mechanical  Engineering,  Maths  and  Quantity  Surveying.     We  are  a  drop-­‐in  service  that,  as  well  as  advertising  roles,  also  provides  information,  advice  and   guidance  to  students  preparing  to  apply  for  Industrial  and  Summer  Placements.         Contact:-­‐    Emily  Parry   02392  846262  

UoP Postgraduate  Study   Tel:-­‐  


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02392 844444  

Profile The  University  of  Portsmouth  offers  over  140  postgraduate  programmes  across  the  following  disciplines:     Accounting,  Economics  and  Finance  -­‐  Architecture  -­‐  Art,  Design  and  Media  -­‐  Biological  Sciences  –   Business  and  Management  -­‐  Civil  Engineering  and  Surveying  -­‐  Computing  -­‐  Creative  Arts,  Film  and  Media   -­‐  Creative  Technologies  -­‐  Criminal  Justice  Studies  -­‐  Earth  and  Environmental  Sciences  -­‐  Education  and   Continuing  Studies  -­‐  Engineering  -­‐  Geography  -­‐  Health  Sciences  and  Social  Work  -­‐  Human  Resource   Management  -­‐  Languages  and  Area  Studies  -­‐  Law  -­‐  Learning  at  Work  –  Marketing  and  Sales   Management  –  Maths  -­‐  Pharmacy  and  Biomedical  Sciences  -­‐  Psychology  -­‐  Social  Historical  and  Literary   Studies  -­‐  Sport  and  Exercise  Science     Visit  for  full  course  details.  

How to  apply   The  University  offers  a  reduction  on  course  fees  of  20  per  cent  for  self-­‐funded  students  who  hold  a   University  of  Portsmouth  degree  and  are  undertaking  a  full-­‐time  or  part-­‐time  taught  postgraduate  or   research  degree.  Conditions  apply.     Visit  to  find  out  whether  your  course  is  eligible  for  an  alumni   discount.                  

UoP Student  Finance       Nuffield  Centre   St  Michael’s  Road   Portsmouth   PO1  2ED   02392  843859      


We are  available  to  answer  any  queries  you  may  have  about  student  funding.      We  are  responsible  for   administering  all  of  the  university  hardship  funds,  including  Access  to  Learning  Funds  and  emergency   loans.     Our  Financial  Advisers  are  also  available  to  assist  students  with  more  detailed  financial  situations,   including  debt  counselling,  funding  from  trusts  and  charities  and  general  budgeting  advice.    Students  can   also  visit  the  Centre  to  use  the  telephone  to  call  Student  Finance  England,  at  no  charge,  and  if  necessary   we  can  contact  Student  Finance  Centre  on  the  student's  behalf.                                          





Profile   We are an international energy services company with around $7bn sales, employing about 43,000 people worldwide and operating in 50 countries. We have three businesses – Wood Group Engineering , Wood Group PSN and Wood Group GTS - providing a range of engineering, production support, maintenance management and industrial gas turbine overhaul and repair services to the oil & gas, and power generation industries worldwide. Our exceptional portfolio of services and diverse range of training programmes mean we offer many different career choices for graduates, as well as an exciting place to excel, learn and grow. Whether your interest lies in engineering or in commercial business disciplines, we can offer graduates something different.

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Graduates,  summer  placements  and  Internships.  

Disciplines   Engineering:     Mechanical  /  Aeronautic     Chemical  /  Process     Electrical  /  Instrumentation  /  Control   Structural  /  Civil  •     Safety  /  Loss  Prevention  •     Materials  /  Metallurgy  •  •     Subsea  /  Naval  Architecture  •++  •         Environmental  •   Commercial  &  Support:   Project  Controls  •     Accounting  &  Finance  •  

HR •+       Supply  Chain  •  

Wood Group  

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Mindy Brar   01895  843  106  

Nature of  Business     Xerox  is  the  world's  leading  document  management  technology  and  services  enterprise.  A  $17.6  billion   company,  Xerox  provides  the  document  industry's  broadest  portfolio  of  offerings.  Digital  systems   include  colour  and  black-­‐and-­‐white  printing  and  publishing  systems,  digital  presses  and  "book   factories",  multifunction  devices,  laser  and  solid  ink  network  printers,  copiers  and  fax  machines.   Xerox's  services  expertise  is  unmatched  and  includes  helping  businesses  develop  online  document   archives,  analysing  how  employees  can  most  efficiently  share  documents  and  knowledge  in  the  office,   operating  in-­‐house  print  shops  or  mailrooms,  and  building  Web-­‐based  processes  for  personalising   direct  mail,  invoices,  brochures  and  more.  Xerox  also  offers  associated  software,  support  and  supplies   such  as  toner,  paper  and  ink.    

Vacancies /  Placement  Opportunities   Marketing,  Business,  Sales,  IT,  HR,  Finance     How  to  apply     Via  our  website                                

Xyratex Technology  Ltd      

Contact:-­‐   Telephone:-­‐     Email:-­‐     Web:-­‐           Profile  

Jenny Drake   02392  496241    

More than  25  years  experience  in  Enterprise  Data  Storage  Solutions,  HDD  Capital  Equipment,  High   Performance  Computing  (HPC),  Big  Data  and  Cloud.     Our  innovative  technology  solutions  help  make  data  storage  faster,  more  reliable  and  cost  effective.     Disciplines   Software  Engineering   Software  Development   Software  Architects    

How to  Apply  

Please send  a  cv  and  covering  letter  to  advertised  roles  on                                            

Graduate Recruitment and Placement Fair Guide 2013  

The fair takes place on 6 November 2013 at Portsmouth Guildhall.

Graduate Recruitment and Placement Fair Guide 2013  

The fair takes place on 6 November 2013 at Portsmouth Guildhall.