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BSHS 352 Week 1 Individual Paper on Analyzing a Web Page

Research how to properly analyze a web page. Search the Internet to identify a website intended as a resource for human services and analyze the site based on evaluation criteria as stated in the following tutorial, or from another reliable source: Write a 700-1050 word paper in which you discuss your findings. Include a discussion on the value and relevance of this site to clients or human services agencies. Remember to correctly site all sources, including the web pages you are visiting. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

BSHS 352 Week 2 Learning Team Presentation on Web-Based Software for Human Services

Explain what are some of the functional areas of a human services organization. You can discover what these areas are by researching them on the Internet or in the University Library. Examples of functional areas include: ·

Client services






Human Resources




Administration and IT Support

Explore web-based software for one of the functional areas you researched. Review two to three web-based programs that address the functional area you have chosen. Describe the software you chose to apply within the functional area. Summarize in 1,050 - 1,400 words the following: ·

Explain how the software could enhance a functional area within a human service organization.


How would you utilize the software within the functional area you chose?


Describe the advantages/disadvantages (if any) of using the software.


Explain if the size of the organization helps determine the software package chosen. Why or why not?

· Provide 2-3 other issues related to choosing human services software packages and explain how they affect your choice of software. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

BSHS 352 Week 2 Individual Utilizing Online Social Networking Sites Paper

Locate and create your own LinkedIn® Professional Business Profile (creating the site is optional, however, you will still need to research the site and write about it). Go to: Locate three professional business groups that are reputable in your chosen field. State whether or not they have monthly or yearly public meetings to network with other professionals in your field. Discuss whether or not these groups provide continuing education opportunities or continuing education credits for licensed professionals. Evaluate whether or not these groups offer qualified referrals or suggest community based programs which may benefit your client base. Write a 1,050-1,400 word paper analyzing the following: · How can sites such as LinkedIn® help you to stay connected with your professional community, and possibly further business opportunities in your chosen field? · Explain how you could use a site such as LinkedIn® in your community to stay connected with other human services professionals. · How can being tied in to the professional community (business groups with an online presence) help you to offer more support services, or quality referrals to your clients? · How can attending approved trainings (provided by these groups) keep you up to date and competitive in your field? · What are some other technological tools that have been developed to help the individual manage their professional business contacts and/or stay connected? (For example, types of phones / applications, etc.). · Explain how you could use a site such as LinkedIn® in your community to stay connected with other human services professionals.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Be sure to list all sources, including online sources used in your paper.

BSHS 352 Week 4 Individual Technology Solutions for Human Services Paper

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you identify three barriers to services, planning, funding, or empowerment in a selected aspect of human services. How does community development help address these barriers? Discuss how applications of technology could be utilized as a means to overcome each of these barriers. Include at a minimum the applications that utilize word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, database, and report generating applications. You may also include communications software, media such as video, and other types of technology in your discussions. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

BSHS 352 Week 4 Learning Team Presentation Website Development

Create a 12-15 page PowerPoint® presentation using a real or hypothetical human service organization and show/describe your agency's website that you plan to publish on the web. Use site building software available for free by web hosting providers, such as Yahoo! ®. Divide the work up equally between the team members. Presentations should have at the minimum the following requirements: ·

Overall quality layout or good use of template


One (real or hypothetical) internal link


One (real or hypothetical) external link


Graphics (photo or icon)


Explanation of the services the agency offers


Description of how clients can obtain the services

o At least 1-2 slides that describe about the development process (site tools used, interesting features and how to make them work, hosting info, special challenges or accomplishments · The presentation should include information about the development process (site tools used, interesting features and how to make them work, hosting info, special challenges or accomplishments. Online students: include speaker notes in your PowerPoint® to explain each of the slides.

BSHS 352 Week 5 Individual Online Therapy Paper

Conduct an Internet search for at least three online therapy sites. Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper in which you discuss the content in each site, the professionals involved, and how the actual online interaction occurs. Address how professional associations and state regulatory boards view online therapy. Discuss related security issues and ethical issues, such as informed consent and confidentiality. Include your opinion of the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy services. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. This includes citing all of your sources, including your online sources.

BSHS 352 Week 5 Learning Team Presentation and Role-Play on a New System

Resources: “Key Questions When Planning a Computer System” located in the Week Three Electronic Reserve Readings, and the technology guide link located in the Week Three Electronic Reserve Readings Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to recommend a new information technology (IT) system for a human services organization. Identify and address the human services data that IT systems analysts and programmers would need for the development of your system. Prepare a role-play to illustrate how the staff of a human services organization would make decisions on purchasing a new computer system. Utilize a real organization or a fictional one. Describe the human services your organization offers and role-play a meeting among the key decision makers of your organization on purchasing this system. Include the following players: ·

Program manager


Development or fundraising manager


Director of operations or controller

IT consultant

Bshs 352 complete class  
Bshs 352 complete class