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FIN 575 Final Exam As we know the value of exam pattern. Candidates who are going to appear in this examination should need to know the exam pattern because after this they will able to plan that how to manage their time in exam. So here we have the entire course information of FIN 575 Final Exam. FIN 575 Final Exam (Latest) – 1. During the project initiation, a project charter is created. The project charter should include which of the following? 

Project managers expenses

Analysis of budget

Selection of the senior project manager

Projects high-level deliverables

2. A project's budget should be based on a company’s 

strategy and financial goals


financial goals and equity

debt load and equity

3. Earned value management is a technique used to integrate projects 


scope, schedule, and resources

schedule, costs, and benefits

costs and profits

4. Bill’s Billiards has total assets of $8 million and a total asset turnover of 2.9 times. If the return on assets is 11%, what is Bill's profit margin?





5. What are the acceptance criteria for NPV? 

If the NPV is less that $0, accept the project.

If the NPV is greater than $0, accept the project.

If the IRR is equal to 0%, reject the project.

If the NPV is equal to the discounted payback, accept the project.

6. The risk response plan answers what question? 

What can be done if risk occurs? What is the backup plan?

What are project costs?

There is no need to plan for risk seldom occurs in a project.

How risk is to be managed

7. For the most recent year, Cal’s Cats had sales of $380,000, cost of goods sold of $93,000, depreciation expense of $47,000, and additions to retained earnings of $61,420. The firm had $52,000 in interest expense, and 34% tax rate. What were the times interest earned ratio? 





8. Bob’s Garages has sales of $41 million, total assets of $32 million, and total debt of $11 million. If the profit margin is 12% what is the return on equity (ROE)? 





9. What are the components of project planning that need monitoring?

Resource procurement and quality

Project cost and risk

Project cost, risk, resource procurement and quality

Quality and control

10. During project planning, the project team creates a work breakdown structure that details work tasks that must be completed. The work breakdown structure should include a 

schedule of when every task will start and be completed

schedule of project staff meetings

set of management tasks

budget analysis

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