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ADVERT (not included online)

My name is James Lainchbury and I am your MedSoc President for this academic year.

Before we start, congratulations are in order. Not only have you had the good fortune to receive an offer from what many consider to be the best medical school in the country (myself included), but you've had the diligence to take it.

So, now that you've traversed the never-ending mire of the application process you may be wondering what you've actually let yourself in for. The news that you'll be walking the halls of QMC for 5 years is generally met with a unique mix of disgust and twisted admiration. But let me assure you, these 5 years will be the best of your life should you choose to make the most of the plentiful opportunities given to you. With 50 societies specifically dedicated to medic endeavours (not to mention the 300+ general university societies) you will no doubt find something to suit you. So my one piece of advice to you all for this year - say YES. YES to the biggest and most messy fancy dress party you will ever experience. YES to fully engaging with your medic peers - halls until July, medics ‘til you die. YES to a hitchhike to Morocco. YES to getting up at the crack of dawn, donning fancy dress and collecting for charity in a random city of the UK. YES, because in years to come when you look back on your time at university, you will want to say that you enjoyed being young, NOT that you got early nights because you had a 9am lecture the next day. A final note, please take some time out to have a good read of this booklet - it contains valuable information on how to survive and thrive in your first year. Also check out the website. It's new and shiny. I look forward to meeting you in September.

James Lainchbury MedSoc President 2012/2013

Nottingham MedSoc is a student run union, designed to support medical students of all years in making the most of their time at university. Whether it be providing tutoring or extra support for students who are struggling academically, or putting on the best socials the university has to offer (Celebrity Cocktail Party is COMING), MedSoc is here to support you. NOTE: MedSoc is an all inclusive organisation - every single medical student is automatically part of MedSoc when they become a medical student at the University of Nottingham. So without further ado, let’s meet the team who will spend the next year ensuring you have the best time as a medic fresher that you could hope for.

JAMES LAINCHBURY – PRESIDENT Keen doesn’t cover it? True, as long as you are referring to socialising and extracurricular activities rather than 9am lectures! When he does grace us with his presence however, James charms everyone he meets and is never afraid to speak up for a group. In fact, many people have been saved from awkward moments by James’ ability to blag his way through any situation with seeming ease and charisma. Oh and by the way, watch out for his eyelashes; they can make you do anything. One flutter of those bad boys and he’ll have you saying “Yes Mr. President” before you have a chance to think. You have been warned.

JOSHUA APPLEBY – VICE-PRESIDENT (SPORTS AND SOCIETIES) Cheeky smile? Check. Slightly gormless expression? Check. Charm? Check. Of course, it’s Josh. Who else would get even the grumpiest of men to open up their wallets when charity collecting or single-handedly manage to stop a bus from driving away whilst on Bedpush? Being VP for sports and societies in particular, it is guaranteed you will see him taking part and getting you all involved; even at the expense of him running around in bright pink tights and a tutu. However, one word of warning: if you’re short watch out for his hugslet’s just say you might not be feeling the ground under your feet for a little while.

STEPHANIE WEEDON – VICE-PRESIDENT (SOCIAL AND WELFARE) Steph is the definition of ‘work hard, play harder’. You name it and she has done it, climbed it, conquered it, or run it. Steph has travelled half of the world with just her rucksack doing incredible and crazy things, making her down to earth and full of amazing stories. However, this rugby playing superstar is not someone you want to cross on the pitch. She is terrifying with her mouth guard in and I am sure she will keep us all in order this year. Nevertheless, off the pitch Steph throws herself into everything 100% with so much enthusiasm and the biggest grin on her face. Smiley by day, sexy by night; this socialite is someone everyone wants to be friends with.

ROB CULLUM – TREASURER Rob is our self-confessed number nerd. His OCD tendencies with figures and lists (and making lists of his lists), make him perfectly suited to the responsibilities involved with being Treasurer. Rob haggles for grants with stylish panache, and dishes out the ‘dollah’ to medical groups like Uncle Pennybags at Free Parking. Rob spends his spare time attending to his hobbies of `liking good spreadsheets` and purveying night clubs, and can be found hot-desking between his offices in Greenfield and Ocean.

KATIE TAYLOR – GENERAL SECRETARY Our very own fairytale Goldilocks, don’t let Katie’s sweet smile and batting eyelids fool you; she is one fierce organisation machine and is perfect for the role of Gen Sec. With her get involved spirit, Katie has become a household name in QMC, having sat on the Homed and Project Malawi committees and at the same time raising thousands of pounds from the public’s loose change as a 2011 Karni rep. Her ruthless organisation skills will ensure that our Medsoc committee has never run more smoothly to deliver you a fantastic fresher’s year

MEI HENRY—PUBLICITY & COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER With a passion for photography and afternoon tea this sweetly-smiling southerner is the secret behind all MedSoc propaganda. Not only will Mei manage to show up for the next day’s 9am lecture without ducking out early on a night out, but she’ll speedily remind you of what a state you were by uploading multiple pictures to Facebook later that day. An impossibly organised individual, Mei somehow finds time to study hard but also to produce glossy magazines (check out Echolalia!) and impressive cakes. Her flashy posters dotted tactfully around the medical school and her frequent Facebook posts are sure to keep you up to date with events.

JAMIE VAN OPPEN – SOCIETIES OFFICER Meet Jamie – MedSoc's answer to Bear Grylls. With that cheeky grin and decked out daily in his North Face attire he's ready to climb anything. Climbing Everest... casual. If anyone were to step up to the torrential rain and wind burn (couldn't think of anything worse myself) Jamie's your man! Don’t be fooled though. Putting aside his love for the rough and tumble of the outdoors, who could forget Jamie in his strikingly skimpy healthcare workers uniform walking about the Med school. A sight to see! Despite all this, he still finds time to whack on his army gear and teach his fellow army people how to 'shoot some gun' (although rumour has it, his aim is shocking). How he manages it all baffles me but I can assure you his hardcore organisation skills and commitment will ensure the different societies of MedSoc will be knitted together to ensure a first year you'll never forget.

ADAM WRIGHT – SPORTS SECRETARY This football-mad lad has dabbled in a number of sports, with surprising success in all. However, with a shoe collection larger than most girls, he may have more of an interest in the boots than the actual game. Happy and jokey, yes, but avoid Adam at all costs the day after a match. His aversion to washing off the memories of the games, and the mud off his legs, is becoming legendary, so approach with caution. Despite all of this, and being a passionate Derby County fan (no accounting for taste), Adam is a solid addition to the MedSoc team and more than equipped to lead our Medic sports teams to another successful year.

ANNA WILD – SOCIAL SECRETARY If you like a wild one then Anna is your girl – she must be; it’s in her name. The ideal candidate for Social Sec, she’s got buddies in every club in Nottingham; and if you think I’m joking then just wait and see all the people she calls buddy. Anna is quick to befriend anyone and everyone she can. If you’re not sure where to find her she’s probably in our most beloved Ocean dancing the night away or else hiding out in her secret room in Coco Tang. If you still can’t find her she’s probably just late. She does tend to be late. But I don’t want to give you the wrong idea, she’s a clever girl and can every once in a while be found actually doing work. Happily for you though, she puts the important part of medical school first – the socialising.

PETE MAY-MILLER – SOCIAL SECRETARY After a year as Social Sec for Medic Rugby, Pete is taking the baton for MedSoc this year and there couldn’t be a better man for the job. This ginger ladies’ man pretty much lives in Ocean, having spent more hours shirt-swinging to Baywatch than he ever has in the library. That said, if you’ve got a problem he’ll be more than willing to take your mind off of it with a nice cup of tea. Under the (hopefully extremely) watchful eye of Anna, you can expect all kinds of antics in the next 12 months. One final piece of advice; don’t trust Pete with your passport – you could end up stranded in Poland…

HANNAH THEOBALD – ENTS REPRESENTATIVE As a girl that owns more shoes and dresses than there are days of term, Hannah is always ready to go to a ball. And now, as ENTS Rep, she gets to organise them too. Luckily for her, this involves two of her greatest loves: getting dressed up and organising other people. Armed with a filofax, this organisation queen is guaranteed to deliver some of the year’s classiest events with elegance, clarity and military precision. And she’ll do it wearing five inch sparkly heels. Perfect.

CHLOE WILLIAMS – WELFARE OFFICER Chloe is cute, cuddly and bursting with enthusiasm and ideas - the medical school made it clear they wanted Williams for welfare. Chloe is super-friendly and exactly the sort of person you’d want to be your point of call if you have a problem. She is set on making welfare even bigger and better this year with her fantastic ideas to help look out for everyone, whether it be welfare packs or survival guides. And another thing, Chloe certainly knows how it feels to have your life swamped by the medical school – she once spent 50 hours in QMC on the trot to raise money for Karni. So remember, if you need a hand, find Chloe and she’ll be your fairy godmother!

ELLIE WOLFFE – SPONSORSHIP OFFICER Whether you’re in the library or on the Ocean dance floor Ellie is fun, approachable and enthusiastic to talk to anyone. (Caution: stories of her Ocean antics have been known to make people’s hair as curly as hers!). But don’t be fooled, underneath that cheeky VK-induced smile lies a MedSoc veteran that understands how to hunt down the best possible MedSoc card discounts and keep a successful MedSoc running smoothly. Always willing to throw herself into the task at hand, from lecture shout-outs to whipping off her dress to Baywatch with the best of them, Ellie is more than capable of ensuring that you get the most out of your money (and your MedSoc) during your five years here.

5TH YEAR REP – ROB WEST This rugby loving lad is the experienced, mature 5th year who can guide us all on the ways of the med school. You’ll get a chance to hear some of his words of wisdom along with the rest of his year at the 1st and 5th year social Meet Your Boss.


3RD YEAR REPS – CHLOE WILKES AND OLI KOE In all honesty there couldn’t be a more well-rounded person to co-represent the 3rd years. When Chloe’s not jumping around with pom poms, she’s in Kenya helping orphans; and when she’s not busting moves out in Notts, you might find her dressed as a cow… Described by some as a “Monica Geller ” style figure, would you want anyone else tempting and persuading with the latest MedSoc plans? Oli is often sighted whizzing past on his bike, turned up jeans and helmet flying by with a flash of a smile at everyone he knows. What more could you want than a fashion AND safety conscious, athletic 3rd year rep? I can’t think of much more. With a cheery presence in the med school, this boy is a friend of everyone’s and can always bring laughter to even the most boring of lectures. He also loves a good night out and you won’t be able to resist his persuasive techniques in making you join him. I can only agree with his campaign slogan; ‘The China Man Can’!

2ND YEAR REPS – JOHN WARDLAW AND RUBY NAINAN Whether it's taking a last minute dip in the Ocean, or frequenting the hallowed halls of QMC on hands and knees in a doggy onesie, this fun loving guy can always be found with a smile on his face. With a spring in his step, John is able to conjure a good mood from almost anyone despite their disposition. However be warned, underneath that innocent Hollywood grin lies a committed member of this year's MedSoc team. Having fully immersed himself in university life this year, John stands fully ready to represent the 2nd years come September.

Following in her (medic) mother’s footsteps Ruby is taking over the role of 2 nd year rep. Although Ruby will be mainly assigning and looking after your parents, we’re sure you will get to know and love Ruby at some point throughout the year. Be it as a Smurf at the Celebrity Cocktail Party, fighting her way through paintballing or dancing away at cheerleading, Ruby’s smile and laugh will be sure to brighten up your day.


If you want to save money then look no further! This exclusive card will get you discounts at a wide variety of shops, restaurants and other services all over Nottingham. From hair, to a taxi, dinner and cinema ticket, it’s all there. You will also get discounted entry to all MedSoc events— what more could you want? To top it off, the money we take from these cards goes straight back into MedSoc; straight back into making your student experience even more incredible by enriching it through sports, societies and social events. The card will last you 5 WHOLE YEARS and we are even offering you a special fresher discount because we believe that it is something you won’t want to miss—all this for £45 (that’s only £9 a year!). If you want to take advantage of this special offer, purchase a card via our website BEFORE 19th September: If you are unable to purchase a card in this way, please feel free to email us (, and we can make alternative arrangements for you. Don’t worry. If you don’t buy a card now, they will also be on sale at the Medic Freshers’ Fair and at the Meet & Greet for £50.

A sample of this year’s discounts: 50% off food and a variety of drinks deals at Coco Lounge 2-4-1 cocktails at Hockley Vodka Revolution 10% 10% 15% 20% 20% 20%

off off off off off off

and ½ price takeaway drinks before 12 at Smythsons Deli at Savoy Cinema food at Savera Indian Restaurant at Loch Fyne fixed fare journeys with Nottingham Cars at Curtis and York Hair Salon

A full list of this year’s discounts can also be found at the link above. ECHOLALIA is the official University of Nottingham medical school magazine. It is written by students for students of the medical school and is read by all healthcare professions studying here at Nottingham. The magazine features a range of articles as well as sections on arts, culture, travel and columnists from each year group. After a very successful launch this year we are looking for more contributors for the coming year. So if you feel you have a creative streak then why not put your pen to paper and send something in? You never know—you might be printed in an issue. Find us on facebook and twitter (@echolalia_mag)

Hello and welcome to Medics’ Karni! Karnival is the largest student-run charity organisation in the UK, hosting events mainly for Freshers raising money for a huge number of charities. We will host several events throughout your first term, making it as action-packed, stress free and, most of all, memorable as possible. From balls to bar crawls, rag raids to skydives and even climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - there’s something for everyone to get involved with. But what is a ‘rag raid’? While at other universities Saturdays may be seen as a time to catch up on sleep or recover from the night before, at Nottingham they mean only one thing - rag raid time. Every Saturday of your first term, we will journey to cities around the country (we’re talking Cardiff, Newcastle, Oxford, Edinburgh), give you the gauntlet of a charity collecting tin and set you free, dressed in all manner of fancy dress. After a day of doing good, collecting money for charity, you guys will be well rewarded for all your hardwork, and what’s a better reward than a bus journey home, complete with challenges, prizes, and a few other surprises? These bus journeys are definitely not to be missed! Upon return to our beloved campus, the party carries on at the Student’s Union well into the night. Make sure you join the official Facebook group - ‘Official Nottingham Medics - Freshers 2012-2013’ Your Karnival representatives for the coming term are: Tom Selina - Moderate by name moderate by nature. Mod Tom may not be the best collector, but he has proven his dedication to Karni time and time again. Whether it’s getting up at 4am for a rag raid or braving a minefield of mouse traps, Tom has never been afraid to put himself on the line for Karni. Xavi Aluwalia - Xavi, the man with the last name nobody can pronounce ( let alone spell), rose from the ranks of the Karni keenos to go down in Karni history. He is capable of going without sleep for days on end, especially around exams and can usually be found the next day with a slightly redder complexion than is deemed healthy if it’s been an eventful night. Hannah Mackay - Our favourite highlander Hannah, known as Scotch by the Karni crew, is a girl of many talents. Whether it’s collecting masses of cash in London tube stations (usually wearing a classic rabbit onesie) or doing a crazy triple back flip, Scotch has got it all. John Mcswiggan - Some of you may already be familiar with Mr Swiggy John due to an interview day related prank involving a suit and a panic attack, so it will come as no shock that he knows how to have a laugh. A true football lad through and through, he knows how to party especially if you get his favourite tune blasting out, the Baywatch theme song. Lydia Bell - The woman with the plan, Lydia is the organisation centre of the team, the one who actually knows what’s going on...jokes. This blonde bombshell is all sweet and innocent on the surface but step carefully, on the inside hides a playful devil who loves to tease all those she meets. Emma Lucas - Don’t be fooled by her slight appearance, Emma is one seriously tough cookie. This toughness will undoubtedly be put to the test as she climbs Mt. Everest all in the name of charity. Nicknamed ninja monkey its a name that fits her perfectly. She can never sit still and is always up to something.

When you first arrive at Nottingham you’ll probably have lots of questions, ranging from the very important (Where’s the best night out? How compulsory are lectures?) to the more mundane (Can I wear PJs to seminars? How on earth does this timetable work?). Well, within a mere heartbeat you will be provided with someone who can answer all your questions in the form of a lovely second year - your medic Mum or Dad. They’re not your typical parent though; they’ll help you out with lecture notes, exam advice, introduce you to your medic Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and various other obscure new relatives and generally make sure you get the most out of your first year. Then before you know it you’ll be in second year, no longer the youngest in the family and ready to bring up a medic child of your own! Use and abuse your new parents, they’re there to help. Your first week (Week One) is amazing. Being a Medic is amazing. Stick both together and it's brilliant! Keep your eyes peeled for us; we’ll be easy to spot outside LT1 in the QMC! Come and introduce yourself and have a chat. As Week One reps it’s our job to get to know you and look after you, making sure you have the best time possible for your Freshers week! There’s so much going on in your first week make sure you get involved as much as you can and we’ll be there every morning to pick up the pieces! Week One is merely a warm up for an amazing medic year; Medic Cocktail Party, Scav, Bedpush etc. So get ready. Your reps this year are John and Sophie.

Nottingham medical school possesses the highest quality of sports teams in the UK. Fact. In addition to the sports clubs run by the Athletics Union, there are sports clubs exclusively for medics, which allow more flexibility than the university clubs might, as all members understand the demands of a medic timetable. Clubs tend to cater for both those who wish to play competitively, with medics entering leagues with other medical schools or playing against halls of residence teams, and for those who are more enthusiastic than skilled when it comes to sport.

Clubs from last year Badminton



Basketball Cheerleading

Football (Men’s and Women’s) Hockey

Rugby Squash




Can’t see your sport? With new clubs popping up every year, if your sport isn’t there, there is plenty of opportunity to set up a club for your sport.

Careers societies host a range of events, including guest speakers, workshops and other opportunities to get involved with career specialties early on. Medics Juniors Juniors runs a number of events aimed at promoting and raising awareness in paediatrics as well as offering a range of exciting opportunities to get involved in paediatrics both within the university and on a national scale.

Cardiothoracics Cardiothoracics society holds events throughout the year, dipping into cardiology before delving into the depths of cardiac and thoracic surgery, including ECG teaching, career talks, catheter lab visits and surgery visits.

BUGS (microbiology) Bumps & Bits (obstetrics and gynaecology) DermSoc (dermatology) Faces & Gazes GastroSoc (gastroenterology) GP Soc (general practice) Grey Matters MCareers Soc Mind Matters Open School Nottingham (patient safety and quality improvement) Pins and Needles (anaesthetics)

A large range of medic societies for activities, interests and volunteering mean that here are plenty of ways to get involved with the community, pursue your interests, learn about new things and meet like-minded people. HEARTSTART Heartstart is a student-run branch of the British Heart Foundation that runs sessions for children in schools, Scouts and Brownies to teach them lifesaving skills. These are great fun, so get involved!

HoMED We run a weekly soup kitchen in Nottingham city centre and hold other events aimed at increasing awareness of the issues surrounding homeless people.

Save the Children Save the Children is a great society that organises events and activites to help fundraise for children in need all around the world! We are always looking for new and fun ways to raise money and welcome new members.

SCRUBS Nottingham SCRUBS student surgical society gears all of its events to the Nottingham medical course, from anatomy teaching in 1st and 2nd year, to clinical phase introduction and revision evenings for 3rd years, lectures for 4th years and mock finals OSCE sessions for 5th years.

Teddy Bear Hospital TBH runs clinics at primary schools to reduce hospital related anxiety in kids and to teach them about issues such as healthy eating and exercise using teddy bears.

Wilderness Medicine Society This society trains students with the skills they need to cope with medical emergencies and survival situations in remote and difficult conditions, through courses, weekend trips and lectures.

Others include: Christians in healthcare, Friends of MSF, , Kenyan Orphanage Project, Marrow, Medics Art Society (NUMAS), Medics Jazz, MedSoc Teaching, Musical Medics, NIMS - Nottingham International Medics Society, Open Art Surgery (art workshops on paediatrics wards), PODIUM (public speaking), Project Malawi, Save a Baby's Life, Sexpression, WAMS (widening access to medicine).

Cocktail party: 4/10/12

Celebrity 4/10/12



Think Think Think big. Think colourful. Think completely outrageous… it’s thebig. medicThink cocktailcolourful. party! It’s the completely medic biggest medic event on the calendar so get ready to party the nightoutrageous… away. Where it’s else the would cocktail party! the biggest medic you find all five years of medics dressed as thunderbirds, the pope in hisIt’s popemobile and the the Cardboard, calendar sopaint, get ready to boys of the Ocean burger van giving away free burgers event in the on queue? feathers partywith theone night Where would - get on it … let’s start off your five years of medical school of away. the best nightselse of your you find all five years of medics dressed life …. 4th October… remember it now!!! as Thunderbirds, the Pope in his Popemobile and the boys of the Ocean burger Societies bar-crawl: 17/10/12 van giving away free burgers in the Just when you thought you’d had enough of fancy dress, think again! All 46 paint, Medic feathers societies,- get queue? Cardboard, whether sport, culture or career related, will battle theiron way through Nottingham to endyears up with it. Let’s start off your five of a rave in crisis. Each group gets a specific fancy dress then you challenge each other on a medical school with one of themanic best bar crawl round Nottingham. Drinking is not the main thing here, challenges nights of your life. in fancy dress and non-alcoholic tasks are also top on the list. So let’s again show Nottingham the medic way of 4th October - remember it now!!! doing it!

Societies Bar-Crawl: 17/10/12 Halloween social: 29/10/12

whenoryou thought you’d hadoutenough fancy dress, Ghosts,Just demons vampires they'll all be to thrillof you on this night. So fight back with thinkgarlic again! Allsilver... 50 Medic societies, pumpkins, and if you dare. whether sport, culture or career related, will battle their way through Nottingham to end up with a rave in Crisis. Each group SCAV:gets 14/11/12 a specific fancy dress then you challenge each other One ofon thea most the year, remaining a mystery until you arrive, this is a manicmemorable bar crawl nights round of Nottingham. Drinking is not night not be missed. thetomain thing here, challenges in fancy dress and nonMeet alcoholic your boss: tbc are tasks alsoprepare top onto the Freshers meetlist. the older, more responsible and mature (cough cough) medics on So let’s show Meet Your Boss! YouNottingget personalised tees and the fifth years will write on you introducing you ham medicyou way to medic life,the teaching about the tricks of certain tasks and advising you if you need help… of doing it! all of this followed by the oldies showing us how to still move in style in Ocean ( but trust us some of their dance moves are getting a bit dated). So get those marker pens and come grab your tees for a yet another night of medic wonders.

Winter Ball tbc

Halloween 29/10/12


The winter ball is the perfect end to first term. It is a chance to dress up and socialise with medGhosts, demons or ics from all years. So put down your books and dig out your dresses or tux for the most sophistivampires - they'll all be cated night of your year. out to thrill you on this night. So fight back with pumpkins, garlic and silver... if you dare.

SCAV: 14/11/12 One of the most memorable nights of the year, remaining a mystery until you arrive, this is a night not to be missed.

SCAV is coming...

Meet Your Boss: tbc Freshers prepare to meet the older, more responsible and mature (cough cough) medics at Meet Your Boss! You get personalised tees and the fifth years will write on you, introducing you to medic life, teaching you about the tricks of certain tasks and advising you if you need help. All of this followed by the oldies showing us how to still move in style in Ocean, (but trust us some of their dance moves are getting a bit dated). So get those marker pens and come grab your tees for a yet another night of medic wonders.

Winter Ball: tbc The Winter Ball is the perfect end to first term. It is a chance to dress up and socialise with medics from all years. So put down your books and dig out your dresses or tux for the most sophisticated night of your year.

ADVERT (not included online)

Bedpans and Dipsticks 2012-13  
Bedpans and Dipsticks 2012-13  

UoN MedSoc Fresher's Guide