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CRIMSON Laureate Society

CRIMSON Laureate Society

The physical sciences, life sciences, and mathematics have been the fundamental building blocks for the technological and social leaps of the past century. Now, science is needed more than ever to improve lives and to provide innovative solutions for the global challenges we face. It is with great excitement that I introduce the Crimson Laureate Society, a group dedicated to the promotion and advancement of science at the University of Utah. From the microscopic to the cosmic, research in the College of Science supports transformative discoveries in drug development, clean energy, data science, climate change, and astronomy. At the same time, we teach fundamental science to the next generation of scientists, engineers, doctors, and more. As a Crimson Laureate Society member, you can be an advocate for science in your community, making your voice heard as we work with legislators to create new science programs in Utah. You’ll have VIP access to events that present cutting-edge research from the U and around the world, while your philanthropic contributions will support science outreach, scholarships, faculty support, and cutting-edge research at the U. I ask you to support the promotion and advancement of science at the University of Utah by becoming a part of the Crimson Laureate Society. I hope you will join us and ensure that science continues to drive creativity, critical thinking, and positive change for everyone in our society. Sincerely,

Henry S. White Dean, College of Science, and Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

College of Science • Office of the Dean 1430 East Presidents Circle, Rm. 220, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0140 801-581-6958 •

CRIMSON Laureate Society The College of Science Dean’s Office provides the foundation for the success of our students and researchers. Right now, we have nearly 2,500 students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in astronomy, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. In addition, we teach thousands of students from other areas of campus the science and mathematics principles that they need for success in their careers. One of the most important purposes of the Dean’s Office is to ensure students’ access to the rich experience of pursuing their passion for science, and the many benefits that come with a science or mathematics degree. That’s why we offer more than 100 scholarships that reward academic performance and help students overcome the obstacles that can make it difficult for them to succeed. We are also making a difference beyond the University of Utah campus. The Center for Science and Mathematics Education administers innovative programs that train educators, creates new opportunities for refugee students, and makes connections between scientists and new parts of our community. These are just a few of the opportunities you will help sustain and create as a member of the Crimson Laureate Society. I hope you will join us and advance the cause of science on our campus and around the world. Sincerely,

Henry S. White Dean, College of Science, and Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

YES! I will join the Crimson Laureate Society and pledge my support for this fund: ☐☐ ACCESS PROGRAM (SC18032-40165) The ACCESS Program for Women in Science and Mathematics provides scholarships, research opportunities, and support to women in science. ☐☐ SCIENCE SCHOLARSHIP FUND (SC03261-40165) Scholarships improve students’ access to education while recognizing their great academic potential.


☐☐ CSME SCHOLARSHIPS & OUTREACH (SC22583-40165) Unique programs in the CSME provide educational opportunities to underrepresented groups and expand the reach of science in our community. ☐☐ SCIENCE DEAN’S FUND (SC03262-40165) Gifts made to the Dean of Science will go to the areas of greatest education, research, and outreach need in the College of Science.

CRIMSON Laureate Society Your generous gift will help advance our scientific mission and grant you membership in the Crimson Laureate Society. As a member, you will have access to a number of exclusive benefits, including: • VIP invitations and seating at featured College of Science events • Recognition on our Hall of Fame donor wall and the College of Science website • Opportunities to engage with our talented and accomplished faculty • Recognition in the Notebook magazine (Collegiate Club and up) • Venues for networking with College of Science alumni and friends • Special tokens of appreciation based on your membership level

President’s Circle

President’s Club

Dean’s Circle

$10,000 or more

$2,500 to $9,999

$1,500 to $2,499

All tokens of appreciation University recognition

All tokens of appreciation University recognition

Desk organizer

Dean’s Club

Collegiate Club $250 to $499

Century Club

$500 to $1,499 License plate frame

Lapel pin

Note: You will receive all tokens of appreciation at and below your chosen membership level

$100 to $249

Window cling and magnet

The Crimson Laureate Society  

Join the Crimson Laureate Society at the College of Science! Society members advocate for science, gain exclusive benefits, and drive the f...

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