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Online Activity Faculty Website Since launching our new Faculty website ( in May 2015 with continuous improvements in architecture and design, the average length of time users spend per page has climbed more than 38 per cent and the bounce rate has decreased by almost four per cent. This indicates that visitors to the new site are finding the information they seek more easily. Almost one-third of traffic to the Faculty site came from outside of Canada. The number of users accessing the site via mobile devices climbed slightly to 17.4 per cent from 16.8 the previous year, underscoring the importance of mobile compatibility across the entire suite of Engineering websites.

Figure 8.3a Summary of Analytics for Faculty and News Sites, 2015–2016

Faculty Site

News Site




Unique visitors





2:33 min

0:59 min





Average number of pageviews per session Average amount of time spent on site Cities of origin Countries of origin

Recruitment and Admissions Websites Our website is an important source of information for prospective students and their parents and families, a powerful tool in our recruitment strategy, and an opportunity to communicate our position as Canada’s top engineering school and one of the best in the world. In 2015– 2016, pageviews on our primary recruitment site, Discover Engineering (, rose by 28 per cent over 2014–2015. Our improved search-engine optimization delivered twice as much traffic from organic searches compared with the previous year. More than onethird of visits to Discover Engineering originated outside of Canada, with traffic from the United States growing by 52 per cent over the previous year.

Figure 8.3b Summary of Analytics for You Belong Here Microsite, Nov. 25, 2015 to April 30, 2016 You Belong Here Microsite Pageviews Unique visitors Average number of pageviews per session Average amount of time spent on site Cities of origin Countries of origin

We launched the “You Belong Here” microsite for admitted students on November 25, 2015. Since its launch, the site — which was marketed to admitted students in their offer packages and not indexed by Google — has received 9,100 unique pageviews from students in more 77 countries. Fortythree per cent of its traffic originates outside of Canada, with the majority coming from the United States, Russia, China, the United Arab Emirates and Japan. The site boasts a very low bounce rate of 35 per cent, which illustrates the quality, value and accessibility of its content.

102 Chapter 8: Communications | Annual Report 2016 | Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

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Annual Report Performance Indicators 2016  

This is the annual report of performance indicators for the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering at the University of Toronto.