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Student Life Student Leadership and Diversity Conference University of South Carolina

Linking Leaders Launching Legacies February 2, 2013

Dear SLDC attendees: Welcome to the 27th annual Student Leadership and Diversity Conference at the University of South Carolina! Leadership Programs has teamed up with the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs to provide an outstanding learning experience that spans topics of both leadership and diversity. The staff and student members of the planning committee have worked diligently with your experience in mind to plan an educational, informative and fun day of educational sessions and events. The core-competencies stressed at this year’s conference include leadership development, foundations and pillars for success, diversity education and social justice. We challenge you to be an active participant throughout the day so that you can discover and further develop your skills in these areas. Step outside of your own comfort zone to create networking opportunities for yourself and others so that when you return home, you can share the lessons of the day with your campus community. We hope this year’s theme of Linking Leaders Launching Legacies will encourage you to build strong connections, share ideas and plan for the future so that you can build a legacy and leave a mark on your organizations, your campus and the world. When you challenge yourself to believe in your leadership, you can begin to see the lasting impact you will have. We wish you a wonderful day of learning, and we thank you for participating in this year’s conference. Sincerely, SLDC Planning Committee

Keynote Speakers

James Robilotta grew up on Long Island and attended the University of North Carolina, Wilmington where he earned his B.S. in Marine Biology in 2005. While at UNCW, he discovered his love for two life-changing passions: comedy and college students’ lives. At UNCW, Robilotta helped start an improvisational comedy troupe on campus, started writing and performing stand-up comedy and became a resident assistant. Robilotta promptly put his marine biology degree to good use by going James Robilotta to graduate school for student affairs practice in higher education at Clemson University. There, he also realized a passion for social justice work. He became a brother of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. in February 2007. Robilotta decided to leave the South after seven years and return home to Long Island. After working in residential life for most of his career, Robilotta is now serving as the Student Government Organization advisor at New Jersey City University. Pursuing his comedy dreams, he studies improvisational comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. He is currently performing around the city with a number of improv troupes including the freestyle rapping improv team that he created, North Coast. Robilotta has been presenting programs at conferences since 2002 and has won top program honors on state, regional and national levels. Becoming a professional speaker has allowed him to do the two things he loves the most: having a positive impact on individuals’ lives and making people laugh! Rachel Hodges is a well-known and respected citizen-leader in Columbia, S.C. who has dedicated much of her life to serving others. Hodges graduated with a B.A. in psychology from Columbia College. Currently, she serves as the chairwoman for the American Red Cross of the Columbia Region, serving 28 counties in the state of South Carolina. In 2010, Hodges received the Clara Barton Award, the highest honor bestowed to a Red Cross volunteer. Prior to her work with the American Red Cross, she served as First Lady of South Carolina. Rachel Hodges While serving in this capacity, Hodges created the “Reading with Rachel’ literacy program. This nationally-recognized program focuses on motivating children to read daily and distributing books to children and organization throughout South Carolina. She also received the Governor’s Award in Humanities, an honor that recognizes outstanding achievement in humanities research, teaching and scholarship.

Student Leadership and Diversity Conference


Conference Presentations and Abstracts Legacies Leave Change: What Does Yours Cost?

Session One 11:10 a.m. – Noon

Room 205 Gavin Weiser, University of South Carolina Catherine Sale, University of South Carolina Taylor Jones, University of South Carolina

*Sessions are coded by the four core-competencies of the conference: (FP) (LD) (DE) (SJ)

Foundations & Pillars for Success Leadership Development Diversity Education Social Justice

What Are Your True Colors?


Room 303 Paige Kegley, University of South Carolina Beaufort Brittany Gordon, University of South Carolina It is important to understand your leadership style and how it affects your relationship with others. In this interactive session we will explore how your personality influences your leadership style. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses can help you to grow as a leader. What are your true colors? What do you bring to the group? Find out in this session and take this knowledge back to your campus in order to be a dynamic leader!

Budgeting 101: What Can We Afford?



SEC Room (201) Allison Toney, University of South Carolina This program will give student organizations the opportunity to be successful in compiling budgets and being creative with your budget. Learn to do the most with the money that you all collect! As student organization leaders, you will have the opportunity to gain skills and learn about resources that can be extremely helpful in planning your organization’s budget.

The price of developing a legacy is building awareness, educating yourself and being aware of the differences that exist. By attending this workshop, you will get a better CENTS of the socioeconomic diversity that exists on college campuses and how they can leave a legacy of understanding and appreciation of this valuable asset. Attendees will also leave with knowledge and strategies on how to break down these socioeconomic barriers and empower students to leave their legacies!

Teaming Up: Motivation and Delegation


Senate Chambers (322/326) Kasey McClure, Bob Jones University

Have you been given the responsibility to lead a group or organization and you are not sure where to start? Understanding your members affords you the ability to motivate the team to accomplish their goals. Delegating tasks successfully will also be important in order to develop those around you as leaders. This session will provide strategies to inspire others to work together and enjoy their job.

Linking Leaders: Networking 101


Room 203 Pervis Walker, Target Stores Suzy Walker, Target Stores Eric Stroman, Target Stores Spencer Graham, Target Stores Have you ever felt nervous connecting with someone you didn’t know? Come learn new ways for networking both in a professional and nonprofessional setting. We will share several tools to make you successful and some tips and tricks to make the best impression.


Leading Across Borders

Room 302 Gabriela Gillespie, University of South Carolina Sarah McClanahan, University of South Carolina


Room 304 Dr. Kirk Randazzo, University of South Carolina


This presentation offers a variety of hands on situations and everyday examples to demonstrate how any individual can become a more effective leader. Often most individuals feel a bit overwhelmed when thinking about leadership because our basic conceptions typically visualize leaders in grand scenarios. In contrast, this presentation demonstrates that individuals can become better leaders and positively affect their corner of the world by focusing on three simple goals. We will also discuss specific skills and strategies to maximize everyone’s leadership potential.

Making Meetings Matter

Room 305 Chelsea Ostebo, University of South Carolina Katie Spell, University of South Carolina


Russell House Theatre Julie Beck, North Carolina State University

With the increasing number of internationals choosing to study and live in America, the need to create innovative and effective methods of communication is more pertinent than ever. This presentation aims to provide leaders with the necessary tools to promote positive social change in cross-cultural situations.

Leadership in 3D

Put Your Dreams to the Test


Are your organization meetings exciting to attend, or is the entire back row dozing off and texting under the table? Reading announcements straight off of an agenda is a thing of the past! Meetings play an important role in the success of your student organization, as they are both a reflection of your organization’s purpose as well as a way to develop your members’ leadership. With this session, students will be provided with meeting facilitation tips and tricks that help to engage all of your members and keep them coming back for more.

John C. Maxwell wrote a book, “Put Your Dreams to the Test,” highlighting 10 simple questions you need to ask yourself to make your dreams come true. Hear the adventures and see photographs of world traveler, Julie Beck, who has explored all 50 states, 77 countries and all 7 continents who put her dreams to the test by answering the following questions (1) ownership (2) clarity (3) reality (4) passion (5) pathways (6) people (7) cost (8) tenacity (9) fulfillment and (10) significance.

Leading with a Compass: Values Congruence for Today’s Leadership


ODK Room (315) Jarrod Holt, University of South Carolina

This presentation will look at today’s needs in challenging leaders to lead with integrity, personal courage, and always connecting to the mission of their organization in every action and deed.

Check out more about the presenters by reading their biographies on our website at:

Student Leadership and Diversity Conference


Conference Presentations and Abstracts Going Global with International Programming

Session Two 12:10 – 1 p.m.

Room 303 Sarah Morgan, University of South Carolina Ryan Llyod, University of South Carolina

*Sessions are coded by the four core-competencies of the conference: (FP) (LD) (DE) (SJ)

Foundations & Pillars for Success Leadership Development Diversity Education Social Justice

I am First: Promoting College Access and Success through Leadership Development


Room 348 Esther Gonzalez-Freeman, Salem College

As the demographics of the United States continue to change, more first generation college students are attending four year institutions. Colleges are faced with the unique challenges of retaining a growing first generation population. This session will discuss the collaborative creation, implementation, and assessment of the Salem Leadership Connection and our new Salem Firsts: pre-orientation/mentoring program designed to address the needs of first generation students and give them a new set of tools for their “invisible backpack”. We will discuss the impact of the collaboration between student and academic affairs, with current students in the creation and implementation of the program. This session is for advisors and staff attending the conference.

The Importance of Mentorship Room 203 Pervis Walker, Target Stores Suzy Walker, Target Stores Eric Stroman, Target Stores Spencer Graham, Target Stores


Have you ever wondered how to select a mentor, and what you would use a mentor for? Join us for an interactive session where we will discuss the concept of mentorship and how to select a mentor. Leaders will share personal stories from their experiences, and learn how you can be a mentor, or identify a mentor while still in school.



Living on college campuses provides students with the unique ability to connect and learn about different cultures and countries. As a campus programmer and student leader you have the ability to provide an international experience for your peers. Going Global with International Programming is an innovative and engaging program designed for student leaders who are interested in learning more about creating successful campus events/programs that are focused on international themes. Through best practices and hands-on activities, participants will walk away with tips and strategies on how to create campus traditions and positive social change.

Talking it Out: Managing Conflict for Yourself and Others


Room 305 Katie Spell, University of South Carolina Mackenzie Baker, University of South Carolina

Each organization, group, and community faces a variety of group dynamics and conflicts. It is important for leaders to understand conflict and learn how to manage it in a healthy and productive way. We’ll explore new definitions of conflict and discuss ways to turn conflict into a learning experience that will push your group forward!

Helping Student Leaders Learn Through Life Experiences


Senate Chambers (322/326) Dr. Ryan Meers, Bob Jones University

In this session you will learn a strategy to absorb maximum learning from your “significant life experiences.” Utilizing findings of a 2009 study of how effective organizational leaders learned from their lived experiences, this presentation will propose a strategy for helping student leaders. Maximizing learning from significant life experiences can help with the development of servant leader qualities and emotional intelligence.

Taking your College Experience to the Next Level


Room 302 Natalie Cruz, University of South Carolina Carly Edwards, University of South Carolina One key to a fulfilling life is to have a hunger for novelty, curiosity, and goal-setting. Utilizing Todd Kashdan’s book “Curious: Discover the Missing Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life,” and incorporating USC’s Capstone Scholars Personal Challenge Program, this presentation will guide student, faculty, and staff leaders on how to overcome obstacles and create a fulfilling life by embracing a sense of wonder and personal challenge. The purpose of this session is to define and share the benefits of embracing curiosity and personal challenge, and provide specific suggestions for infusing these elements into your leadership style and personal life.

Successful Event Programming ODK Room (315) Eric Bouchard, University of South Carolina Erik Telford, University of South Carolina


Does your student organization plan events? Ever wonder what it takes to bring these events to the next level? Carolina Productions, USC’s student-led programming board orchestrates hundreds of events each semester. Come learn the 10 basic steps to make your next event successful and run smoothly!

From Roadie to Rockstar: Linking Leadership to Student Employment

Know Your Role: Masculine Gender Norms and Expression in Groups


Room 304 Andrew Harvill, University of South Carolina James Crawford, University of South Carolina What does it mean to be a man? Who gets to decide? And more importantly, how might the answers to these questions impact your organization or you as a leader? In this session we will take a critical look at the ways in which male gender roles affect individual and organizational outcomes as well as strategies for avoiding the potential pitfalls that come along with “man-ing up.”

Harnessing Your Skills to Make Positive Change


Room 205 Gavin Weiser, University of South Carolina Lizzie Dement, University of South Carolina Making an impact is not always about changing the world, but often starts with having a passion and knowing your skills. Throughout this session, we will delve into others’ stories to learn how they have made a difference in their community. Through activity and follow-up discussion, you will learn to harness your skills as leaders and define your passions as you develop your path to make a difference in your community.


SEC Room (201) Corrine Hawes, University of South Carolina Sadie Molinet, University of South Carolina

Leadership appears in many different aspects of a student’s life including campus involvement, classroom work, and through part-time employment. Learn more about the top transferable skills that employers are looking for and how to connect this information to your SLDC participation and your part-time job to get the most out of your experience.

Student Leadership and Diversity Conference

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Conference Presentations and Abstracts Putting the Pieces Together: Identities, Intersectionality and Leadership

Session Three 2:50 – 3:40 p.m.

Room 205 Gavin Weiser, University of South Carolina Kelsey Jarrett, University of South Carolina Supapahen Niroula, University of South Carolina

*Sessions are coded by the four core-competencies of the conference: (FP) (LD) (DE) (SJ)

Foundations & Pillars for Success Leadership Development Diversity Education Social Justice

Building your Personal Brand


Room 302 Alicia Bervine, University of South Carolina Courtney Monaghan, University of South Carolina Sloane Krauss, University of South Carolina A personal brand and your reputation are one in the same; it identifies how others see you. Are you competent? Are you confident? Are you creative? Are you trustworthy? If you don’t consciously define yourself, others will define you. That being said, do you have a personal brand? Perhaps, you would like to define it or make it stronger? This workshop is designed to help you: understand branding and its importance, recognize your areas of expertise, identify the personal qualities that you want to associate with your brand, and create and define your personal brand.

#getyourdreamjob (FP) SEC Room (201) Erin Kitchell, University of South Carolina Zack King, University of South Carolina

In today’s working world the importance of internships and co-ops has increased dramatically. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers look for entry level hires to have 2-3 career related experiences prior to graduation. This presentation will cover the variety of experiential education opportunities offered by the USC Career Center, describe how students can engage in these opportunities and the importance of building leadership skills in the workplace. Participants will be able to identify resources available to them and will learn how to develop their own goals as it relates to experiential education and workplace leadership.



How can you work with others in a leadership setting without knowing yourself? In order for one to know another, you must first know yourself! In today’s diverse society and work world, it is imperative to understand the diversity within a team, an individual, and within one’s self to become an effective leader. This presentation will show how one individual holds multiple identities and that are the links that bring people together. By understanding these various facets of identity, one is able to enrich the lives of others by promoting awareness in their communities, themselves and each other!

Sustaining Your Organization with Meaningful Retreats


Room 203 Kevin Clarke, University of South Carolina

The keys to successful organizations are having a shared sense of purpose, a common vision and committed and empowered members. Retreats, when facilitated effectively, can be powerful opportunities to share organizational missions, set group goals, integrate new members into the culture of the organization, and help returning members revitalize their commitment. This engaging session will provide tips and strategies on how to plan engaging retreats that support the ongoing success of student organizations.

Unleashing your True Vision to Create a Lasting Legacy


Room 305 Matt Lindenberg, Columbia College Brianna Heise, Columbia College

Do you have any idea of what you want to be when you grow up? Not sure if the career path you have chosen is right for you? Come explore what it means to have the right and true vision of life for you. This will be a fun and interactive presentation that will have you asking yourself the RIGHT questions about what you want your legacy to be.

Modern Day Student Activism’s Role in Creating Change


Room 304 Kenneth Frierson, University of South Carolina Dillon Kimmel, University of South Carolina Greg Pieczynski, University of South Carolina

In the 1960s, student activism was a constant presence on college campuses as students voiced their displeasure about the Vietnam War and other injustices. Since then, there has been a significant decrease in student activism across the country. This presentation will focus on several modern-day examples of successful student activism, why these movements worked, and provide a road map for today’s students on how to be a catalyst for change on college campuses.

Infusing Sustainability into Organizational Leadership Encouraging Positive Social and Environmental Change



Senate Chambers (322/326) Emily Davis, University of South Carolina Megan Carlier, Columbia College Kate Beggs, University of South Carolina Has anyone ever said something that triggered you? Or perhaps you have said something that has offended others, but you didn’t see why. Our interactive presentation will address all the gray areas that come with language. Participants in this activity will be able to identify the importance of inclusive language and will learn various ways to promote this inclusivity. Participants will also be able to learn how to address situations with those who may be using language that offends others. With today’s diverse student population, the importance of inclusive language couldn’t be more prominent.

True Life: I’m a #socialmedia Addict!

ODK Room (315) Margaret Bounds, University of South Carolina Renee Dickman, University of South Carolina


Room 303 Kristin Holzman, University of South Carolina Lorie Bellot, University of South Carolina

Learn how to establish a “green chair” for any student organization and be successful in implementing sustainable programming as a leader. First, we will review why sustainability is important to you and your campus. Then, we will engage in a discussion of the responsibilities of a green chair, potential programming ideas in social justice and environmental issues, and finding critical connections on your campus.

Handling the Difficult Conversations: Making Practical Application of Theory

All the Shades of Gray: Using Inclusive Language to Create Community


Room 348 Daniel Shelnutt, Coastal Carolina University

The big question revolves around, “What does your online personality say about you?” In your role as a leader, it is important to reflect on how you present and handle yourself over social media outlets. Creating a positive presence about yourself and your organization is key to being and remaining a strong leader on your campus and in today’s job market. This presentation will discuss healthy communication processes and the current changes in social media. Time will be spent looking at how to appropriately respond to conflicts that arise through messages in the online world and how not to get caught in the drama. The presenters will reflect on how to use social media outlets as a tool for success, networking, and information sharing, and of course having fun!

Using role-playing scenarios and encouraging discussion among the group, this session will be dedicated to learning how to handle the difficult conversations that occur in our work as Student Affairs Practitioners. This session is for advisors and staff attending the conference.

Student Leadership and Diversity Conference


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Help to “Link Leaders and Launch Legacies” by participating in networking opportunities throughout the day & beyond.

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Special thanks to: SLDC planning committee

Lorie Bellot, Residence Life Coordinator, University Housing Elizabeth Darden, Student Committee Member Lizzie Dement, Graduate Assistant, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Elise Grant, Student Committee Member Corrine Hawes, Coordinator, Student Leadership in the Workplace Kristan Holzman, Coordinator, Student Conduct Taylor Jones, Student Committee Member Kim McMahon, Director, Campus Life & Russell House University Union Keegan Mullins, Student Committee Member Carly Myers, Graduate Assistant, Leadership Programs and Women’s Student Services Garrett Stuart, Student Committee Member Emma Van Sant, Student Committee Member Gavin Weiser, Assistant Director, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

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Conference Schedule Check-In & Continental Breakfast Russell House 2nd Floor Lobby 8:30 – 9:30a.m

Educational Session Two Russell House 2nd and 3rd Floors 12:10 – 1 p.m.

Networking with Conference Participants Russell House Ballroom 9:30 – 10 a.m.

Lunch& Keynote: Rachel Hodges Russell House Ballroom 1 – 2:40 p.m.

Opening Session & Keynote: James Robilotta Russell House Ballroom 10 – 11 a.m.

Educational Session Three Russell House 2nd and 3rd Floors 2:50 – 3:40 p.m.

Educational Session One Russell House 2nd and 3rd Floors 11:10 a.m. – Noon

Closing Session & Keynote Russell House Theater 3:50 – 4:30 p.m.

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