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Panhellenic Sorority  Recruitment     Family  Orienta4on  

Overview •  Sorority  Life   •  Sorority  Recruitment   Schedule   •  Membership  Selec4on   Process   •  Cost  of  Membership   •  Housing/Meal  Plans   •  Keep  up  with   Recruitment!  

Sorority Life   Sorority-­‐  a  values-­‐based  women’s  organiza4on   Over  3,400  women  at  Carolina  are  in  sorori4es   Greeks  make  up  21%  of  the  student  body   The  sorority  GPA  is  a  3.43   –  The  average  new  member  GPA  was  a  3.52  in  fall   2012   •  Sorority  women  lead  Dance  Marathon,  Garnet  and   Black  magazine,  Carolina  Service  Council,  and  many   other  student  organiza4ons   •  •  •  • 

Sorority Council   •  Governing  council  of  all   sorori4es  at  USC   •  Made  up  of  undergraduate   women  from  different   chapters   •  Organize  Greek-­‐wide   programs,  recruitment,   conduct  process,   scholarship  ini4a4ves,  and   more  

South Carolina  Sorority  Chapters     NPHC  and     Mul0cultural  Chapters   (do  not  par0cipate  in   recruitment)  

Panhellenic Chapters   (par0cipate  in  recruitment)   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Alpha Chi  Omega   Alpha  Delta  Pi   Alpha  Gamma  Delta   Chi  Omega   Delta  Delta  Delta   Delta  Zeta   Gamma  Phi  Beta   Kappa  Delta   Kappa  Kappa  Gamma   Phi  Mu   Zeta  Tau  Alpha  

Alpha Kappa  Alpha  Sorority,  Inc.   Delta  Sigma  Theta  Sorority,  Inc.   Sigma  Gamma  Rho  Sorority,  Inc.   Hermandad  de  Sigma  Iota  Alpha   Incorporada   •  Zeta  Phi  Beta  Sorority,  Inc.   •  Zeta  Sigma  Chi  Sorority,  Inc.   •  •  •  • 

Recruitment Lingo   Pi  Chi/Recruitment  Counselor   •  Pi  Chi-­‐  an  upperclassman   sorority  woman  who  will   serve  as  a  guide  to  your   student  during  recruitment.   They  are  trained  to  be  an   unbiased  helper.  

Pi Chi  Group   •  Your  student  will  be   assigned  a  small  group  of   around  20  women  with  the   same  Pi  Chi   •  This  group  will  be  her   support  through  the   process  and  is  o[en  where   she  will  make  her  first   friends  at  Carolina    

Recruitment Lingo   Round   •  Recruitment  is  split  into   four  rounds  for  your   student  to  learn  about  four   topics-­‐  scholarship,   leadership,  service,  and   sisterhood   •  First  two  rounds  are  two   days,  second  two  rounds   are  one  day  

Party •  Each  round  is  split  into   mul4ple  “par4es,”  which   are  chunks  of  4me  that  your   daughter  will  visit  each   sorority   •  She  will  receive  a  schedule   each  day  of  what  “par4es”   she  is  invited  to  a`end    

Sample Schedule  

Your student  will   receive  a  schedule  at   the  beginning  of  each   round  with  her   invita4ons  listed.  

Recruitment Orienta0on   Wednesday,  August  14  at  5:30  pm   Carolina  Coliseum   •  Mandatory  to  par4cipate  in   recruitment   •  Chance  to  meet  Pi  Chis  and  the   rest  of  the  group   •  Learn  more  about  what  to  expect   from  recruitment   •  Get  recruitment  t-­‐shirts  and   other  goodies   •  Dinner  with  Pi  Chi  group   following  orienta4on-­‐  required!   •  Dress  is  very  casual    

Scholarship Round   Thursday,  August  15   Friday,  August  16   •  Visit  all  11  sorori4es  over  2  days   •  20  minutes  spent  with  each   chapter  learning  about   scholarship  ini4a4ves   •  Very  casual-­‐  wear  recruitment  t-­‐ shirt,  shorts  or  skirt,  and   comfortable  shoes   •  Lunch  and  dinner  will  be   provided  Thursday   •  Lunch  will  be  provided  on  Friday  

Leadership Round   Monday,  August  19   Tuesday,  August  20   •  Visit  a  maximum  of  8   sorori4es  over  2  days   •  30  minutes  spent  with  each   chapter  including   conversa4on  and  a  video   highligh4ng  their  ac4vi4es   •  Very  casual-­‐  wear   recruitment  t-­‐shirt,  shorts  or   skirt,  and  comfortable  shoes   •  Lunch  will  be  provided   Tuesday  

Philanthropy Round   Wednesday,  August  21   •  Visit  a  maximum  of  5   chapters   •  45  minutes  spent  learning   about  their  philanthropy   •  Aere  is  dressier-­‐  wear   sundress  or  skirt  and  top   with  dressy  sandals  or  heels   •  Lunch  will  be  provided  

Sisterhood Round   Saturday,  August  24   •  Visit  a  maximum  of  2   chapters   •  Spend  1  hour  with  each   chapter  learning  about  their   sisterhood   •  Dressier-­‐  wear  cocktail  or   semiformal  dress  with  heels   (not  prom)   •  A  meal  will  be  provided  

Bid Day   Sunday,  August  25   •  Grand  finale  of   recruitment!   •  Meet  with  recruitment   counselors  to  receive  a   bid  (invita4on)  to  join  a   sorority   •  Comfortable  aere-­‐   chapters  will  provide  a   tank  or  t-­‐shirt  

Vo4ng: Rounds  1-­‐3  

Favorites (not  in   order)   Least   favorites   (  in  order)    

Note: she   never   drops  a   chapter  

#3 is  her   absolute  least   favorite  

•  A[er your  student  visits   all  of  her  scheduled   par4es  each  round,  she   will  vote.   •  She  will  fill  out  a  vo4ng   card  and  an  impar4al   university  staff  member   will  enter  her  votes  into   a  computer  system   while  she  watches  

Vo4ng: Round  4   •  This  is  the  vo4ng  form   for  the  final  round-­‐  it  is   called  an  “MRABA-­‐   membership   recruitment  acceptance   binding  agreement”-­‐   and  is  used  at  schools   across  the  country.   •  I  will  highlight  several   important  points.  

MRABA “I  am  willing  to  accept  an   invita4on  to  membership  from   any  women’s  fraternity  that  I   list  on  this  agreement.”   •  Your  student  has  the  op4on   to  list  both  groups  or  one   group  that  she  will  take  a   bid  from  

MRABA “I  may  limit  my  choices  to  one  or   list  any  women's  fraterni4es   whose  preference  (last)  event  I   a`ended  and  from  which  I  am   willing  to  accept  membership.”   •  If  your  student  visits  two   chapters,  she  can  put  down   two  chapters.  If  she  is  only   invited  back  to  one,  she  can   only  put  down  that  one.   •  It  is  highly  recommended  to   maximize  her  op4ons.  

MRABA “I  cannot  change  the  order  of  my  

preferences or  add  or  delete  a   preference  once  this  Agreement   has  been  submi`ed  to  the   College  Panhellenic  Associa4on.”   •  Once  submi`ed,  no  changes   can  be  made.  

MRABA “Once  I  sign  this  Agreement,  I  am   bound  by  the  Na4onal  Panhellenic   Conference  calendar  year  rule.  This   rule  states  that  if  I  receive  an   invita4on  to  membership  from  any   group  I  have  listed  and  I  choose  not   to  accept  it,  I  am  ineligible  to  be   pledged  to  any  other  inter/na4onal   fraternity  on  this  campus  for  one   calendar  year.”  

MRABA •  Your  daughter  will  then  list  her   first  and  second  choice   chapters.   •  This  is  a  binding  agreement   that  cannot  be  broken   –  Most  common  issue  is  that   women  drop  out  of  their   chapter  and  want  to  join   another  one-­‐  this  cannot   be  done  for  one  calendar   year  

Membership Selec4on   •  Just  as  your  student  will  rank  chapters,  the   sorori4es  will  also  input  their  ranked   membership  selec4ons   •  The  process  is  called  “mutual  matching,”  in   which  both  requests  are  considered-­‐  your   student’s  and  the  chapters’   •  From  the  matching  process,  your  student’s   schedule  is  made    

Legacies •  Legacies  are  women  who  have   a  family  member  who  is  a   member  of  an  organiza4on   •  Please  note  that  organiza4ons   define  legacies  differently   –  Some  only  count  sisters,   grandmothers,  and/or   mothers   •  Being  a  legacy  does  not  always   guarantee  an  invita4on  back  

Cost of  Membership   •  Semester  dues  for  Panhellenic  chapters  range  from   around  $330-­‐$750   •  First  semester  dues  range  from  $600-­‐$1400   •  All  11  Panhellenic  chapters  have  mandatory  meal   plans  star4ng  the  second  semester  you  join   –  Costs  range  from  $1,000-­‐$1,600/semester   •  Encourage  your  daughter  to  ask  the  chapters  what  is   included  in  their  dues  

Greek Village  Meal  Plans   •  All  chapters  with  houses  in   the  Greek  Village  have  a   required  meal  plan  star4ng   the  semester  a[er  a   student  joins  and  las4ng  the   dura4on  of  a  student’s   college  career.   •  Meal  plans  range  from   $1,065-­‐$1,886  a  semester  

The Greek  Village   •  First-­‐year  students  are   expected  to  live  in  residence   halls  for  the  dura4on  of  their   first  year.   –  No  excep4ons  for  students   who  wish  to  move  into  the   Greek  Village   •  Parking  is  limited  to  those   students  who  reside  in  the   Greek  Village  and  have  a  GV   tag  

Safety During  Recruitment   •  Pi  Chis  will  be  walking  women  from  residence   halls  to  the  Coliseum  for  orienta4on   •  Lt.  Gooding  from  USC  PD  will  be  at   orienta4on  tonight  to  review  safety  best   prac4ces   •  The  two  nights  that  recruitment  ends  a[er   daylight,  buses  will  be  provided   •  Talk  to  your  daughter  about  following   pedestrian  safety  laws  

Ways to  Help  Your  Student   We  recommend-­‐    

We don’t  recommend-­‐    

•  Allowing them  to  be  adults  and   handle  their  own  problems   •  Asking  ques4ons  that  help  them   reflect  on  chapters  they  enjoyed   –  “Where  did  you  feel  most   comfortable?”   •  Talking  to  them  about  the  friends   they  are  making   •  Encouraging  them  to  consider  all   chapters  and  not  get  their  hearts   set  on  one    

•  Calling our  office  for  them  (we   are  good  prac4ce  for  them!)   •  Pressuring  them  into  joining  a   certain  organiza4on   •  Giving  them  your  opinion  on   chapters   •  Calling/tex4ng  them  constantly-­‐   they  are  busy  and  need  4me  to   get  adjusted  and  make  friends  

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Parents' orientation for sorority recruitment at University of South Carolina