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Mobile Innovation Information Technology Services continues to address the university’s expectation for untethered, on-demand, and seamless access to applications and services. In 2014, ITS made an aggressive and intentional shift in direction for an entirely mobile enterprise. All new vendor-provided systems, infrastructure advancements and applications development for academic and administrative activities address the need for mobility.



The USD website is geared toward prospective students and allows them to learn about the university before ever stepping foot on our beautiful campus. We use advanced, modern features that young people have come to expect, such as a global navigation, social media integration and exciting photography and videos that visually capture the USD experience. University Web Services works hard to stay ahead of current and emerging technologies and trends. Toward this goal, we have learned to work more quickly and efficiently in our website redesign processes, essentially cutting the project time in half. This allows us to complete high-quality web projects in half the time of our pre-2015 redesign projects. This includes redesigning large academic sites, such as the School of Law, which contain thousands of pages, or creating new sites, such as the Changemaker Hub website.

The Insight Mobile app project is a student success initiative spearheaded by ITS. The objective was to create a to-do list mobile application designed specifically for USD students to help organize and prioritize academic work, co-curricular activities and personal tasks using a smartphone. Additionally it provides reminders and analytics to empower the student in their own journey of academic success. We have integrated Insight with events registration and added workload visualization and planning features. In 2017, Insight Mobile had nearly 4,000 users, 448,079 screen views, and 68,977 sessions. The mobile applications team and USD have received media attention for designing and developing Insight with a University Business’ Model of Excellence Award in December 2015 and a Campus Technology Magazine 2016 Innovators Award.

PORTAL APP STORE The portal team enhanced the App Store within USD’s MySanDiego portal to include 38 commonly used applications. Within this new portal feature, all enterprise applications frequently used by employees are now accessible in one location. Employees are authenticated automatically for the applications they are authorized to use; when they click on the app icon, they are immediately directed to the application they have selected. Additionally, the App Store allows employees to like their favorite application and visually see if the application is available via the cloud, desktop computer or mobile device.


2017 ITS Year In Review  
2017 ITS Year In Review