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Ongoing Services and Support IPAD CLASSROOM PROJECT - MOBILITY IN LEARNING In partnership with Apple, the university has brought the iPad into a variety of classrooms since 2012. With the growing popularity of mobile and on-demand learning, education is becoming more experiential and our faculty are continually discovering new ways to use the iPad to integrate a variety of digital media projects into their daily practices. Dr. Jeffrey Malecki, Professor of Music, used iPads as metronomes and tuning instruments, as well as a means to aggregate and synchronize an extensive digital library of sheet music for an 82-piece pep band. Clara Azevedo, a Spanish instructor, uses the iPad to take her students on virtual reality field trips, curate newspapers written in Spanish and evaluate students’ ability to write and appropriately accent Spanish words. The Chemistry department has become efficient at coordinating the use of 34 iPads to allow a total of 116 students to create their own digital laboratory notebooks.

IPAD FALL 2017 ASSESSMENT STATISTICS • At the end of the semester, more than 87 percent of students reported feeling extremely comfortable using an iPad. • While all students reported using their iPad for reading and research, more than 87 percent used their iPad to communicate with their professor. • 25 percent of students reported that they completed all of their schoolwork using mobile technology. • 100 percent of students reported the iPad as being extremely useful for completing fieldwork outside of class.

IPAD TESTIMONIALS “What’s been wonderful about using the app and the iPad is it has allowed me to be consistent from rehearsal and managing the course materials and disseminating information more uniformly.” and “Note learning and personal preparation outside of class was much more efficient using the iPad.” —EMILIE AMREIN A S S I S TAN T PRO F E S S OR , CHORAL S T UD I E S

“We did a survey and it was evident that the student liked the iPad and electronic format much better.” — FA B I O AG N E L L I ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY

“Everything is electronic and I can grade it all on my iPad using apps like Turnitin Feedback Studio or Blackboard Grader. Those are all things that make my life easier and I can devote more of my time to research and students.” —J E SS I C A B E LL , ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY

“Instead of having a big clunky binder that students carry around, they might lose, they might have pages flop out, we have all the music scanned into a Dropbox.” —J E FF M ALE CK I , PROFESSOR OF PRAC TICE, MUSIC

STUDENT TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANT PROGRAM The Student Technology Assistant (STA) program provides a unique opportunity for students to form a one-to-one partnership with professors over the course of a semester to develop technology projects that enhance the classroom experience. Students mentored by the academic technology support teams gain expertise with various technologies. It also allows them to improve their time and project management skills while giving them practical experience for future careers. Professors are selected for the program based on how proposed deliverables will help streamline instruction. The STA program began in 2007 through seed money from the CIO and the Provost. To date, over 140 projects have been completed. For example, in 2017 projects included: • Development of an online database for math questions for all faculty to access a repository of homework and practice problems. • Developed programming tutorials for the Arduino system to allow Art students innovative ways to express their creativity through technological media.

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• Developed ArcGIS models for the advancement of social need programs in relevant areas throughout San Diego.

STA TESTIMONIALS “Abdullah came to class today and gave a presentation and helped a few students with specific problems. It was great to have him in class. He is going to set up some hours outside of class for students to come for one-on-one help. I am thankful for his help.” — M AT T R I C H , A S S I S TAN T PROFESSOR

“The STA program has been a great experience for me to utilize and develop my skills by working with different people.” —ABDULLA ALKHARS, STUDENT

2017 ITS Year In Review  
2017 ITS Year In Review