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GMen Alumni Newsletter MEN  

With the  Power  of  100  Raging  Buffalo  we  are  proud  to  present  the  first  official   Alumni  Newsletter!    You  will  now  be  able  to  hear  about  and  reconnect  with   guys  you  once  shared  the  stage  with,  while  keeping  up  with  the  current  group!!  

Will Friedman  #10   Founder   Fall  1994  –  Spring  1995  

After   founding   The   GMen     back   in   the   fall   of   1994   and   graduating   at   the   end   of   that   spring   semester,   “Willy   Will”   moved   out   to   Seattle   where   he   worked   for   Microsoft   until   2000.   He  then  moved  to  San  Francisco   for  3  months  to  work  for  a  start   up   company   that   decided   to   send   him   out   to   London   for   “a   few   months”.     Two   and   half   years   later   he   moved   to   Paris,   with   his   future   wife.     After   spending   another   few   years   there  he  made  it  back  to  Seattle,   which   is   where   he   lives   now.     While   living   in   Seattle,   Will   has   become  a  fluent  French  speaker,   thanks   to   his   French   wife   and   maybe   even   a   little   help   from   his   2   year   old   daughter   who   they   are   raising   bilingual.     Will   made   it   back   to   Ann   Arbor   for   the   Glee   Clubs   150th   Anniversary,   and   we   hope   to   see  you  back  here  again  soon!  

Tony Pachella  #11   Fall  2007  –  Winter  2011  

Cur r ent Gr o up This year  was  surely  one  of  the  most   successful  in  GMen  history.    We  sold  out   our  2nd  Annual  GFest  Variety  Show,   released  our  3rd  album  “Disc  in  a  Box”,   filled  Rackham  Aud.  for  both  of  our   concerts,  and  placed  2nd  at  the  ICCA   Midwest  Semifinal,  our  2nd  Top  3  finish   in  the  past  2  years!  Just  because  school  is   out,  doesn’t  mean  GMen  stop  too…this   summer,  the  GMen  will  be  featured  on   the  national  TV  show  “America    Sings”!     The  show  will  air  *JULY  6TH*  and  we   would  love  some  Alumni  support  with   the  voting!  Especially  since  we  have  the   chance  to  win  $10,000!!    We’ll  be  sure  to   remind  you  when  the  times  closer  and  if   any  of  you  are  planning  a  trip  back  to  the   beautiful  city  of  Ann  Arbor  please  let  us   know!  We’d  love  to  see  you  guys!  


Corey Slutsky  #29  

1998 Spring  –  2001  Winter   It’s   been   exactly   a   decade   since   Corey   graced   the   stage   as   a   GMan.     After   graduating   UofM,   “SLUT”   earned   a   masters   in   Broadcast  Journalism  at  USC,  and   is   currently   the   Chief   of   Sports   Programming   at   a   company   that   broadcasts   TV   and   Radio   to   American   troops   serving   overseas.     Corey   is   about   to   celebrate   his   1-­‐year   anniversary   to   his   beautiful   wife,   Alexis,   who   works   alongside   him   in   Murrieta,   CA   for   Voices   Only,   a   company   Corey  founded  that  puts  out  an  a   cappella   compilation   CD   every   year  and  helps  a  cappella  groups   around   the   country.     Alas,   Corey   was  never  able  to  give  up  his  love   for   singing   as   he’s   performed   not  only  with  the  GMen,  but  also   the   USC   SoCal   VoCals,   the   pro   group   STREETNiX,   and   is   in   the   process   of   putting   out   his   first   solo   album!!     After   all   of   this   success,   Corey   still   looks   back   and   misses   those   unforgettable   and  still  delicious  tequila  shots.  

After graduation,  Tony’s  life  has  taken  too  many  eventful  turns  to  chronicle  effectively  in  this  brief  newsletter.     Suffice   it   to   say   that   he   is   no   way   similar   to   that   21-­‐year-­‐old   kid   who   graduated   all   those   years   ago.     When   asked   to   recount   one   significant   event,   he   chose   his   experience   earlier   today   when   he   tried   a   Reese’s   Nutrageous   bar…”it   may   not   be   life   changing,   but   certainly   life   affirming”.     Since   graduating   a   month   ago,   Tony   has   been   married   6   times,   but   doesn’t   have   any   known   heirs.     He’s   recently   moved   out   to   LA   where   he   continues   his   a   cappella   career   as   “that   guy   who   beat   boxes”   and   singing   along   to   Les   Miserables   25th   Anniversary   DVD.     For   the   past   month,   Tony   has   been   recalling   many   GMen   memories,   but   none   as   good   as   the   2011   trip   to   Champaign-­‐ Urbana   where   he   saw   Gavin   Chensue   pole   dancing   “There   are   some   things   you   just   can’t   put   a   price   on”.     Now   in   LA,  Tony  is  hoping  to  take  some  outrageous,  or  maybe  Nutrageous,  experience  and  turn  it  into  a  TV  program…   maybe  HBO  or  AMC.    If  you  are  in  the  LA  area,  give  Tony  an  email  and  grab  a  drink  or  two!  

GMen Alumni Newsletter  
GMen Alumni Newsletter  

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