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C E L E B R AT I N G O U R D O N O R S I n o rd e r t o b e g o o d

s t e w a rd s o f t h e g i f t s y o u have given, and in support o f o u r c a m p u s - w i d e e ff o r t t o e n c o u r a g e g re e n e n v i ro n m e n t a l p r a c t i c e s , the College of Engineering now publishes its Honor Roll of Donors online at w w w. e n g i n e e r i n g . u m a s s . e d u / d o n o r l i s t . Dean Tim Anderson

T h i s e l e c t ro n i c l i s t re c o g n i z e s t h o s e

College SCORES a “Golden Sombrero” In soccer, there are several colorful terms for players scoring four times in one game. A Texas Hat Trick. A Double Brace. Then there’s the vaunted 4 Goal Haul. Hockey fans simply dub the feat a Grub Golden Sombrero. Whatever you call the phenomenon, we did it. For the first year in the rich history of the college, four of its talented young researchers pulled in grants from the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program. Fiscal Year 2013 turned out to be a CAREER year in the College of Engineering. Literally!

w h o h a v e g i v e n g e n e ro u s l y t o t h e college in fiscal year 2013. Check out the College of Engineering website at w w w. e n g i n e e r i n g . u m a s s . e d u .

The much sought-after grants were received by PAUL DAUENHAUER of the Chemical Engineering Department, DAVID IRWIN and QIANGFEI XIA of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and HARI BALASUBRAMANIAN of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department. Nearly one-third of all faculty members at the college have now won the esteemed NSF awards. All four of our new CAREER projects attempt to resolve key issues in 21st-century society: making renewable biofuels competitive with unsustainable fossil fuels; creating energy efficient homes and buildings; perfecting nanoelectronic devices that are viable alternatives to transistors; and streamlining primary healthcare. Our CAREER year occurred just in time for the arrival in March of our highly decorated new dean, TIM ANDERSON, who came to us from the University of Florida as a Distinguished Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department. Dean Anderson holds nine U.S. patents, and two other patents are pending. He has received 24 national awards and/ or honors for his teaching and research, including election to Fellow in both the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the American Society of Engineering Education. The college is proud to have Professor Anderson take the helm.


OUR RECORD-BREAKING AWARD WINNERS Pictured on the cover from left to right are Paul Dauenhauer, Qiangfei Xia, Hari Balasubramanian, and David Irwin. (cover photo by Ben Barnhart)


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Engineer Attacks Breast Cancer in a BRAN D N EW WAY

T H E C R U C I A L A N D P O T E N T I A L LY FATA L P R O B L E M with breast cancer has remained a mystery for

more than a century: Why do different kinds of breast cancer cells tend to spread to specific organs, such as the brain, bone, or lungs? That’s the killer. Now the NSF has given SHELLY PEYTON of our Chemical Engineering (ChE) Department a mandate to address this key problem in a totally new way by awarding her a $590,000 grant. Peyton actually engineers authentic replicas of brain, bone, lung, and other tissues in her lab and will use them to develop patient-specific drugs to block breast cancer from spreading. Her lab is the only one in the world employing this promising new method. “What we’re trying to understand is why breast cancer doesn’t spread randomly,” explains Peyton. “It almost always ends up in a few areas of your body, and that’s what makes it so deadly. Ninety percent of breast cancer deaths are due to metastasis.” Basically, what Peyton is doing in her lab is manufacturing disease models outside the body. By using biomaterials to build brain, bone, lung, or other tissues, she can then introduce various kinds of breast cancer cells to test how they interact. With this kind of highly controlled experimentation, the lab can then record all the results in a complex data set and feed it into a computer model, similar to the kind used in population statistics. For her work, Peyton was selected to receive the college’s DR. BAHRAM “BARRY” and MRS. AFSANEH SIADAT Early Career Faculty Development Award. Peyton is also one of 22 researchers nationwide who have been named Pew Scholars in the Biomedical Sciences by The Pew Charitable Trusts. In addition, Peyton received a three-year $198,000 grant from the American Heart Association.

MISSING LINK TO RENEWABLE BIOFUELS A $400,000 grant from the NSF CAREER Program will support the pioneering research of PAUL DAUENHAUER. Dauenhauer’s project will resolve the top challenge for converting sustainable biomass such as trees, grasses, and

non-food plants into green gasoline and hundreds of key products in the chemical industry. The NSF funding will support Dauenhauer’s groundbreaking research into his novel experimental technique known as “Pulsed-Film Pyrolysis.”


“Pulsed-Film Pyrolysis is the last missing tool in our efforts to make sustainable biofuels economically competitive with unsus­ tainable fossil fuels,” says Dauenhauer. “This component we will add to the biofuels reaction process is what I think has been missing for 30 years. That’s why I’m so excited about it!” For the first time Pulsed-Film Pyrolysis will give biofuels researchers the ability Paul Dauenhauer to test speeds in hundreds of chemical reactions that occur inside a fast-pyrolysis reactor, when it converts biomass into the chemicals that make up green fuels and other products. Those speeds represent the critical factor required for calculating the rate of formation for all the chemical products created by numerous reactions occurring in a fastpyrolysis process. Dauenhauer considers his technique for computing crucial

data about speed and rates of formation in all these chemical pathways as the missing link for producing the highest possible grade of bio-oil and biochemicals. These improved biomass processes will broadly impact the country by producing higher quality biofuels at a lower cost, along with all the resulting environmental benefits. Dauenhauer was also on the research team of ChE colleague WEI FAN that discovered a new chemical process to make p-xylene, an important ingredient in many common plastics. The 90 percent yield from lignocellulosic biomass is the highest yield achieved to date. In addition, Dauenhauer received recognition for scientific innovation from the 2013 DuPont Young Professors Program, and will receive $75,000 to continue perfecting his p-xylene process. Elsewhere in the department, SUSAN ROBERTS assumed the half-time position of associate dean of the Graduate School on July 1. Roberts is also director of the Institute for Cellular Engineering, where she coordinates an NSF-sponsored Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship program, which funds and trains graduate students for a range of careers in the emerging field of cellular engineering. The Web of Science notes that a landmark paper written by H. HENNING WINTER, a Distinguished University Professor of Chemical Engineering, has reached the celebrated 1,000-citation mark. Winter’s milestone paper is titled “Analysis of Linear Viscoelasticity of a Crosslinking Polymer at the Gel Point” and was published in 1986 in the Journal of Rheology. Collectively, Winter’s papers have now been cited at least 8,581 times.

CRIB ROCKS WITH STUDENTS For many years the ChE communal student work center was so cramped, dark, and uninviting that it was nicknamed “The Cave.” Its primitive conditions recalled the famous remark of Thomas Hobbes that life is “nasty, brutish, and short.” Not anymore! In the past year the ChE department has moved its student work area into a light and commodious space on the first floor of Goessmann Lab and transformed it into a high-tech, student-friendly, cheerful hub known as “The CRIB.” That’s short for ChE Research & Innovation Base. The transformation is thanks to a group of visionary donors. Now the CRIB is a student work space worthy of the department’s 29th ranking (out of 120 departments nationwide) recently issued by U.S. News and World Report. In other student news, UMass chemical engineering major CHRIS INGLIS won the gold medal in the 200-yard freestyle at the Atlantic 10 Swimming Championships by bettering his own A-10 and UMass records with a blistering 1:36.80 time. Even more importantly, Inglis was also named to the


Atlantic 10 Swimming and Diving Academic All-Conference Team. At this writing, Inglis had earned a cumulative GPA of 3.723. STEPHANIE POLGAR, a senior and president of the UMass Amherst student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), was chosen as the AIChE national Student of the Month for March. At the College of Engineering third annual Outstanding Alumni Awards Luncheon, the ChE department presented its Outstanding Junior Alumni Award to BORISLAVA KOSTOVA, Ph.D.‘06, and its Outstanding Senior Alumni Award to BARRY SIADAT, M.S.‘77. Chris Inglis



John Collura

O N J A N U A RY 1 4 , JOHN COLLURA, A P R O F E S S O R in the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

Department and director at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Transportation Center, was awarded the American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s (ARTBA) prestigious S.S. Steinberg Award. According to the ARTBA, Dr. Collura has established himself as a leader in the transportation profession by integrating research and technology transfer practices into teaching. Serving over 36 years in the industry, he has been heralded as a top-notch educator and mentor, spurring the development of the next generation of researchers and practitioners. The ARTBA added that Collura has played a pivotal role on workforce development issues and in identifying strategies to promote transportation as a career path. He served as co-chair for the National Transportation Workforce Summit last April, is spearheading the Council of University Transportation Centers Workforce Development Taskforce, and chairs the Intelligent Transportation Society of America Forum on Research, Integration, Training, and Education.

SAFER STRONGER STRUCTURES In 2007, the Interstate-35 West Bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis abruptly collapsed, killing 13 people and injuring 145. This collapse is just one of many infrastructure failures that illustrate the significance of the new ROBERT B. BRACK Structural Testing Facility, dedicated in October 2013. Among other purposes, the facility will allow researchers in the CEE department to contribute future designs that improve the durability and safety of our highway infrastructure and produce longer-lasting buildings. The sophisticated, large-scale, testing facility will enable researchers to test the

actual performance of full-size structural elements, such as beams, girders, or walls. “The I-35 collapse and other failures, such as the Big Dig roof panel collapse in 2006 or less catastrophic but costly failures, exhibit the importance of addressing infrastructure needs,” says SCOTT CIVJAN of the CEE Structural Engineering and Mechanics Group. “Testing programs at the new facility have the goal of improving the durability, safety, and sustainability of structures.” The testing facility contains a “strong floor” and a


bridge-crane system to allow on-site experimental testing of large-scale structural elements in bridges and buildings. The strong floor is a concrete slab with 30- by 60-foot dimensions, which is highly reinforced with steel and has tie-down points every five feet capable of resisting vertical forces of up to 200,000 pounds each, offering an almost limitless variety of test setups. The bridge-crane system has a 30-ton capacity, with a 20-foot lifting height. “In general, we’ll be able to test full-scale components of bridges and structural elements of buildings,” says SERGIO BREÑA, the coordinator of the Structural Engineering and Mechanics Group. “For example, in a building frame you can test full-sized beams, columns, or walls. Another example would be testing beams of a bridge that’s being decommissioned; or a new beam that is now being fabricated because of new trends

in bridge engineering so that we can test what the performance would be.” More than 60 gifts from alumni and friends of the college made the structural testing facility possible. The major donors who spearheaded the funding were Brack ’60, EDWARD C. GRAY ’73, ERNEST AND RAE SELIG, and J. F. WHITE CONTRACTING COMPANY. Elsewhere in CEE, several faculty members earned college awards. MICHAEL KNODLER was named the College of Engineering Outstanding Teacher of the Year. CASEY BROWN received a BARBARA H. AND JOSEPH J. GOLDSTEIN Outstanding Junior Faculty Award. CEE departmental awards for faculty included JOHN TOBIASON as the Outstanding Researcher, SCOTT CIVJAN as the Outstanding Teacher, and DAVID AHLFELD as the Tighe Award winner.

SAFE WATER FOR THOUSANDS OF KENYANS In January, a team of seven students and one faculty member from the campus Engineers Without Borders (EWB) chapter spent two weeks in Kenya, the eighth trip since EWB’s Namawanga project began in March 2006, providing safe drinking water for several thousand rural Kenyans. The focus of the trip was largely to monitor past projects and assess future action, in addition to replacing parts of the hand pump installed on the EWB-UMass-funded borehole drilled in 2009. In other student news, junior JESSICA BOAKYE was one of 10 students nationwide selected by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) as New Faces of Civil Engineering in the College Edition of the ASCE News. The top-10 students were chosen from approximately 20,000 members of ASCE student chapters. The CEE department had two Fulbright Scholars this year. RADHAMERIS GOMEZ is pursuing her doctorate in Transportation Engineering. As part of her dissertation work studying highway-rail grade crossings, she will perform a study examining the engineering and Jessica Boakye policy measures taken by Spain throughout its rail system to accommodate the safe movement of road users at these crossings. She will be hosted by faculty from the University of Castille-La Mancha in conjunction with BB&J Consult in Madrid. ALEC BERNSTEIN received a Fulbright to do research in India. “I will partner with the Bengal Engineering and Science University in Kolkata, India, to analyze the monitoring and evaluation frameworks for water supply and sanitation facilities set up by NGOs and other aid organizations in the region,” he explains. “I am trying to work on analyzing different


Pumping clean water from EWB borehole (photo by Leslie Johnson)

frameworks for developing and monitoring and come to some conclusions that will allow these organizations to partner with communities in a sustainable way, so projects have a higher chance of success.” CEE majors ZACHARY BEMIS and TIMOTHY LIGHT were among the 11 graduating seniors at UMass Amherst named 21st Century Leaders and honored for far-ranging achievement, initiative, and social awareness. Meanwhile, PHILIP MACCLELLAN was one of four Jack Welch Scholars, recognized for their leadership and executive ability. JOHN KLINGA received a Senior Leadership Award. Winner of the 2013 Outstanding Senior Alumni Award for the CEE department was ROBERTO LEON, B.S.‘78. Winner of the CEE Outstanding Junior Alumni Award was SHAWN P. KELLEY, B.S.‘94, M.S.‘97, Ph.D.‘03.

depart ment


SMARTER Than Your Average House! David Irwin I S Y O U R H O U S E S M A RT E N O U G H to cut your electricity bill by a fifth? DAVID IRWIN might make it so. Irwin

of the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department is yet another College of Engineering academic to receive a grant from the NSF CAREER Program. The grant of more than $400,000 will support Irwin’s research for boosting energy efficiency in houses and buildings, which represent the largest segment of society’s energy usage. The title of Irwin’s project is “Model-based Energy Management for Sustainable Buildings.” “The purpose of my research is to make a home or building as smart as possible in terms of monitoring and controlling energy efficiency,” explains Irwin. “By employing the methods I’m researching, consumers could save an estimated 15 to 20 percent on their electricity bills, while also reducing their carbon footprint.” By extension, that percentage of savings in a large building such as a skyscraper would translate to an enormous amount in money, electricity, and environmental impact. First, Irwin will create a “Wikipedia-styled” website to use as a repository for electricity usage data from thousands of specific brands and models of appliances; an interactive site in which visitors can either use data or add data about their own appliances. “Our hypothesis is that a comprehensive repository of detailed models that describe how specific devices use power provides a foundation for programming and managing energy usage in buildings,” Irwin explains. Then Irwin will introduce a new line of research that uses models of these devices to develop software that can automatically identify wasted electricity in a building, track energy consumption, and program electrical devices to go off or on, according to need. Irwin did the preliminary work for his NSF proposal by making his own home much smarter than your average house. “Currently, I can control about 80 plugs, switches, or appliances in my home from anywhere in the world.”

BEYOND MOORE’S LAW QIANGFEI XIA has been issued a $400,000 grant from the NSF CAREER Program to develop emerging nanoelectronic devices to complement transistors. The title of his project is “CAREER: Scaling of Memristive Nanodevices and Arrays.” Xia’s NSF research addresses the biggest obstacle for the continued operation of Moore’s Law, which states that the

number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years. “It worked perfectly for more than 40 years, but now we’re reaching its fundamental limit, due to the quantum effects related to electron flow,” says Xia. “So we absolutely need new devices that can do a better job than transistors.”


Qiangfei Xia

Xia’s memristive devices, or resistive switches, are twoterminal, passive, electronic devices that use high and low resistance states instead of charge storage to represent logic 1’s and 0’s. They are promising for applications in non-volatile memory, non-volatile logic, reconfigurable circuits, and neuromorphic networks. “Basically, the goals of my CAREER research will be to fabricate these new memristive nanodevices, test them, and understand them at a scale that is yet to be achieved,” says Xia. “Ultimately, the research promises to advance transformative device technologies for the integrated circuit industry, sustaining U.S. competitiveness in high-technology areas.” In other faculty news, LIXIN GAO has been selected as a Fellow of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM),

an honor achieved by only one percent of that organization. She was cited by the ACM “for contributions to network protocols and internet routing.” Gao now becomes the first faculty member in the ECE department to earn selection as a Fellow of both the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the ACM. The NSF, National Weather Service, and the City of Fort Worth have given the Engineering Research Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA) a two-year, $1.34-million grant designed to accelerate the application of CASA’s revolutionary weather-tracking radar system, now being tested in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This year CASA radars were installed at the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of North Texas. AURA GANZ has been awarded a $1.6-million grant from the National Institutes of Health to continue the research on her life-saving, disaster-management software known as DIORAMA II. It can quickly organize chaotic, mass-casualty disaster scenes, such as airliner, bus, and train wrecks, and cut the evacuation time of survivors in half. NEAL ANDERSON was awarded first place for the Best Oral Conference Paper at the 12th annual IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology. MICHAEL ZINK is the coprincipal investigator f or a n $ 8 6 7 , 0 4 0 g r a n t f rom t h e NSF to equip the campus with a highbandwidth optical data network, dedicated to handling computational research information. Aura Ganz

BEST CYBER SECURITY SOLUTION ECE doctoral student GEORG T. BECKER was the winner of the Best Cyber Security Solution at the Advanced Cyber Security Center. RAFAEL D. GUZMAN (B.S.’88), the president and CEO of RM Technologies, Inc. of Lawrence, Massachusetts, spearheaded his company’s new RM Technologies, Inc. Award in the College of Engineering. The first recipient of the award was freshman ERICK APONTE of Lawrence. Doctoral students AKSHAYA SHANMUGAM of the ECE department and JALIL JOHNSON from the School of Nursing were named the 2012-2013 Hluchyj Fellows. The Hluchyj Graduate Fellowship was started by DR. MICHAEL HLUCHYJ,


a 1979 alumnus of the ECE department, and his wife, THERESA “TERRY” HLUCHYJ, a 1977 alumna from the School of Nursing. DR. ELLEN J. FERRARO (B.S.’89, Ph.D.’94), the director of the Systems Architecture Design and Integration Directorate for Integrated Defense Systems at Raytheon in Waltham, Massachusetts, delivered the 13th annual Tang Lecture on campus. The recipient of the College of Engineering Outstanding Senior Alumni Award in the ECE department was NAJMI JARWALA, M.S.‘86, Ph.D.‘88. The recipient of the College of Engineering Outstanding Junior Alumni Award was JOEL VOLDMAN, B.S.‘95, M.S.‘77.

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STREAM LI N I NG Primary Healthcare

Hari Balasubramanian (left) with Dr. Katherine Atkinson (right), director of the Atkinson Family Practice, and Office Manager Thomas Ptaszkiewicz, who have been applying Balasubramanian’s NSF research in their office.

A N Y O N E W H O H A S E V E R H A D T O WA I T for an hour or more for a doctor’s appointment would

applaud the research of HARI BALASUBRAMANIAN from the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Department. Balasubramanian was the fourth young researcher in the College of Engineering to earn a $400,000 grant from the NSF CAREER Program. The title of Balasubramanian’s NSF project is “Stochastic Models for Designing the Patient Centered Medical Home in Primary Care.” In essence, the project will streamline the delivery of primary healthcare to patients. “My long-term research goal,” Balasubramanian says, “is to establish the quantitative and optimization frameworks that underpin the operational aspects of healthcare delivery.” Balasubramanian intends to create new mathematical models that quantify the dynamics of patient demand and the availability of provider care in a medical practice. Using these models, practices can ensure that patients receive primary care as soon as possible, see their own personal care teams, and have their primary care physicians manage all aspects of their care. “As the first point of contact, primary care is the backbone of any health system,” Balasubramanian explains. “Evidence shows that when health systems emphasize primary care, patients realize improved outcomes at lower cost…Streamlined primary care access has been shown to lead to improved population health outcomes, reduced emergency department visits and hospitalizations, and significantly reduced system-wide costs.” He also notes that a report by the American College of Physicians stated that primary care faces a crisis due to a “dysfunctional financing and delivery system.” And yet primary care is being strained by mushrooming demand: by 2015, an estimated 150-million Americans will have at least one chronic condition.

OF BATS, BIOLOGY, AND THE BOEING 777 IAN GROSSE, director of the Intelligent Modeling, Analysis, and Design Laboratory, has been named a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). According to ASME, “The Fellows Grade is the highest elected grade of membership within ASME, the attainment of

which recognizes exceptional engineering achievements and contributions to the engineering profession.” As Grosse says, “For over 25 years I have been engaged in research in the area of finite element analysis and engineering design. Much of my research has focused on im-


Ian Grosse

proving the ability of engineers to effectively use finite element analysis as a design tool, and more recently using it to help understand the evolution of biological systems from a mechanical perspective.” Finite element analysis is a computer-based analysis technique widely used by engineers to predict how engineered products perform. Now biologists are beginning to use finite element modeling to understand the biomechanical behavior of biological organs, tissues, and even cells in both living and extinct organisms. In recent years, Grosse worked with ELIZABETH DUMONT of the UMass Biology Department on a $1,016,038  grant from the NSF to develop a web-based digital repository of resources called “Biomesh” to enable biologists to take the same computer modeling technique employed for designing the Boeing 777 and use it for modeling animals. During his quarter-century career at UMass Amherst, Grosse has secured over $5 million of research funding from federal

institutions and industry, published 110 refereed journal and conference articles, and taught more than 75 separate courses. Grosse has also served as a site director for the Center for e-Design, an NSF-supported Industry/University Cooperative Research Center involving a number of high-technology companies as well as several universities. In other news about the Center for e-Design, SUNDAR KRISHNAMURTY, an MIE professor and site director, leads a multidisciplinary team that received a 2012 NSF Innovation Corps award, the first such grant ever given to UMass Amherst. The project funded by the NSF builds upon a fundamental new way of thinking about innovation, called an “Innovation Accelerator,” developed by postdoctoral researcher TONY MCCAFFREY. The Center for e-Design also received an inkind software grant from Siemens PLM Software with a commercial value of nearly $2.3 million. The grant continues a long association between the center and Vistagy, Inc., which was purchased in the fall of 2011 by Siemens PLM Software. Vistagy was co-founded by university alumni STEVE LUBY (B.S.‘84, M.S.‘86) and RALPH VERRILLI (B.S.‘85, M.S.‘87). The UMass IGERT Offshore Wind Energy Program, started by Principal Investigator ERIN BAKER with a $3.2-million grant from the NSF in August of 2011, is now spinning at full speed as it generates an interdisciplinary graduate program in offshore wind energy engineering, environmental science, and policy. The goal of the program is to create a community of researchers who understand the technological challenges, environmental implications, and socioeconomic and regulatory hurdles of offshore wind farms. The program will eventually train 24 doctoral students over the course of five years. Distractology 101, an interactive driving simulator program developed by the Arbella Insurance Human Performance Laboratory and its director, MIE Department Head DONALD FISHER, has now trained at least 3,600 new drivers about the dangers of distracted driving since it began touring the Northeast in 2010.

SUPERMILEAGE CAR GETS A COOL 1,010 MPH The UMass Amherst Supermileage Team finished in fourth place at the Society of Automotive Engineers Supermileage® competition, held at the Eaton Corporation Proving Grounds in Marshall, Michigan. The UMass team’s streamlined car finished the course with a tight-fisted 1,010 miles per gallon! Doctoral student RACHEL KOH was the first recipient of the KENNETH A. LLOYD Fellowship. Lloyd ’73 is currently the vice president and general manager of Electro Switch Corporation in Weymouth, Massachusetts. CHARLES PETERS and KAREN PETERS ’87 have made a large pledge over four years to be divided evenly between the College of Engineering and the Isenberg School of Management. In the College of Engineering, this gift will support the Career Planning and Student Development Center and the Diversity Programs Office, enabling both programs to provide workshops, networking, and experiential learning for undergraduate engineering students. The winner of the Outstanding Senior Alumni Award from the MIE department was F. MICHAEL MAHONEY, B.S.‘83, CE, M.S.‘85, ME. The winner of the Outstanding Junior Alumni Award was JESSICA TOWNSEND, B.S.‘94.


Jessica Townsend



COLLEGE NUMBERS FACULTY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 101 UNDERGRADUATE ENROLLMENT. 1,744 GRADUATE ENROLLMENT . . . . . . . . . 520 B.S. DEGREES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 356 M.S. DEGREES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 126 PH.D. DEGREES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

RESEARCH EXPENDITURES BY DEPARTMENT CHE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,849,543 CEE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,404,695

◼ Information Technology 1% ◼ Equipment/Leases 3.5% ◼ Supplies/Maintenance 3.5% ◼ Admin/Tvl/Postage 5%

◼ Scholarships/Fellowships 6% ◼ Overhead 12% ◼ Student Support 13% ◼ Salaries/Fringe 56%


◼ Federal 55% ◼ Industrial 15% ◼ State & Local 15% ◼ Other 15%

ECE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,557,473 MIE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,555,611 DEAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $67,990 TOTAL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $26,435,312


◼ Current Gifts 3% ◼ Fee Income/Misc. Revenue 3% ◼ Industry/Private/Other Grants 9% ◼ Federal/State/Local Grants 47% ◼ State/GOF/RTF 38% 9

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Individual donors who made leadership gifts totaling $1,000 or more to the University of Massachusetts Amherst in fiscal year 2013 are recognized in the Leadership Giving Circle. The College of Engineering wishes to recognize members of the Leadership Giving Circle who have elected to designate their gifts, or a portion thereof, to the College, its departments and programs, during the time period July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

Leadership Circle Pioneers $100,000+ Roberto Padovani ‘83MS,’85Ph.D. + $ & Colleen (Mclevedge) Padovani “75S,’82 +

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Edwin V. Sisson ‘68

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Steven C. Luby ‘84,’86MS

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Thomas J. Mathews ‘76 & Linnea L. Koons

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Edwin L. Thomas ‘69 % +

Michael S. Sarli ‘75 > ++ $

Paul C. Washburn III ‘81,’84MBA & Elizabeth (Baker) Washburn ‘84 +++

Marvin O. Schlanger ‘72MS + & Eva (Listman) Schlanger ‘70MA +

David R. White ‘77,’78MS + $ & Shirley Scuderi ‘97 +

James H. Sexton ‘74,’79MS & Marcia (Wiechert) Sexton ‘76 ++

William M. Stein ‘91MS

Francis A. Petrangelo, Jr. ‘88 Frederick J. Pevey, Jr. ‘72,’82MBA +

Gregory S. Sherowski ‘70 + $

Paul C. Washburn III ‘81,’84MBA & Elizabeth (Baker) Washburn ‘84 +++ Edward S. Andrews, Jr. ‘85 $




Leadership Circle Associates $2,500-$4,999 Daniel N. Adams ‘86,’88MS $

R. Paul Hirt ‘81 & Lynn Campana ‘81 ++

Anthony T. Megaro

Gordon Hutchins, Jr. ‘70 +

Mara A. Motherway ++

David P. Barry ‘73 & Nancy (Walsh) Barry ‘73

Raymond J. Kaleda ‘66 & Laurel V. Kaleda ++ $

Sally D. Motherway ++

Steven P. Carlson ‘80 + $

Paul W. Kamienski ‘69 + $

Jay A. Catelli ‘05 + $

Albert F. Kasper IV ‘88MBA

Carl R. Christenson ‘82,’84MS + & Kimberlee B. Christenson +

John P. Keenan ‘72 & Dagmar (Schorkhuber) Keenan ‘73 +

Frank J. Consoli ‘75 +

Kevin J. Kelley ‘61 & Lee Kelley +

Paul J. Donahue $

Paul W. Kelley ‘67 ++

Christopher J. Fontaine ‘79 +

Alvin T. Kho ‘94,’96MS,’00Ph.D.

Charles D. Gordon ‘63 & Ruth E. Gordon

Joan Lowe

Paul J. Banks ‘81 % & Nancy (Macdonald) Banks ‘80 %

William J. Riordan ‘79 & Patricia (Donaldson) Riordan ‘79

Adam S. Miller ‘93

Linda Scott ‘83MS,’86Ph.D. > +++ & Rebecca Sherer ‘87 +++

William D. Motherway ‘87 ++ $

James G. Shields ‘60 & Marilynn (Kolazyk) Shields ‘61 ++ $

Basant Nanda ‘92MS $

Richard G. Smith ‘78

Cuneyt L. Oge ‘80MS & Margo T. Oge

Ian M. Striffler ‘97 + $ Daniel J. Sullivan ‘65 +

Evan F. Quarton ‘58

Marcel D. Veilleux ‘81 +

Marcel E. Ricciardelli ‘90 $

William E. Woodburn, Jr. ‘56

Peter J. Riley ‘71MS,’75Ph.D. & Louise (Auclair) Riley ‘73 $

Richard P. Wynn ‘50 ++ Guy E. Yeager ‘96MS + $

Leadership Circle Members $1,000-$2,499 Reginald H. Achilles ‘91

Seren Z. Derin % +

Donald Andres ‘85 +++ $ & Amanda (Ellis) Andres ‘85 +++ $

Bronislaw K. Dichter & Patricia M. Dichter %

Joseph I. Goldstein > & Barbara H. Goldstein ++

Michael J. MacDonald ‘91 ++ $ & Jane MacDonald ++ $

Kelvin F. Cross ‘75,’77MS ++ & Caren Arnstein ‘77 ++

Theodore E. Djaferis ‘74 % > & Mary Djaferis ‘03MS %

Ronald R. Gould ‘69 ++ $

Charles D. Machlin ‘82

Paul H. Grazewski ‘77 %

John F. Magnani ‘81 + Paul M. Masterson ‘75

Andrew C. Bail ‘02 ++

Robert C. Doiron ‘76 $ & Mary-Frances (Sullivan) Doiron ‘75 $

Richard J. Gregory ‘86Ph.D. ++ & Gillian (Norman) Gregory ‘82MS,’86Ph.D. ++

Souheil Asmar ‘76 Pamela Beaubien +

Alfred H. Drewes ‘78

Mark B. Hackenberry ‘83

Hal M. Berman ‘77MS +

Brian E. Dunleavy ‘66 & Margaret (Barrett) Dunleavy ‘66 ++ $

Robert A. Henry ‘70 ++

Richard B. Fairbanks ‘67,’69MS +

Phyllis Heronemus

Sharon (Brown) Forbes ‘83

Barbara Howard ‘78 ++

Stephen J. Forde III ‘81,’89MS & Dawn (Kalinen) Forde ‘80

Najmi T. Jarwala ‘86MS,’88Ph.D. & Madhuri Jarwala ‘87MS

Charles G. Fredette ‘70,’74MS ++

Wayne C. Jones ‘66 ++

James L. Milton ‘70MS,’73Ph.D. & Martha (Sailor) Milton ‘74 ++

Jacob R. Freeman ‘04

Gareth A. Keith ‘58 ++

John T. Murphy ‘65 +

Michael M. Frerker ‘96MS

James M. Lavelle ‘87,’93MBA % $ & Elizabeth (Quirk) Lavelle ‘86 % $

William D. O’Neill ‘60 & Carol (Mentor) O’Neill ‘61

Kumar N. Ganapathy ‘90MS

Steven M. Lee ‘96 + $ & Martha C. Lee + $

Richard N. Palmer % > & Elaine S. Palmer %

Matthew H. Garber ‘08

Roberto T. Leon ‘78

Lee A. Pearlmutter ‘66,’73MS

Gary R. Gardinier ‘69 & Arleen (Ruder) Gardinier ‘69MED $

Wenkway Liang ‘90MS & Jenyeng Cheah ‘90MS +

Greg G. Peters ‘76 ++ $

Ronald R. Gerace ‘84 % ++ & Juliane (Sicard) Gerace ‘85 % ++

Karl E. Liebich ‘80 ++ $

John G. Bestgen, Jr. ‘55 + Donald M. Boettger ‘85 David A. Bohn ‘78,’79MS & Marlene Bohn ‘84 Paul M. Carlin ‘66 $ John A. Carriere ‘75 ++ Jeffrey D. Catlin ‘87 & Andrea Tulenko-Catlin ‘87 Hsinyung Chin ‘90MS,’93Ph.D. Edward E. Clark ‘70Ph.D. Alan S. Cohen ‘66 & Natalie K. Cohen Stephen A. Collins ‘81 & Amy (Ostanek) Collins ‘87 Heidi (Donahue) Connelly ‘82 % & Michael Connelly % Helen Connelly-Crouse ‘86MS Kevin M. Cronin ‘98

David R. Gaboury ‘76 & Mary E. Gaboury +

Donald L. Gibavic ‘72 + & Nancy (Suprenant) Gibavic ‘78 +

Stephen P. Daniel ‘81 +

Mari-Kate McEntee ‘07 $ Timothy J. McGrath ‘98Ph.D. + Richard L. McManus ‘90 $ Spyros Michail ‘88MS,’91MS + $ & Yazmin (Alvarez) Michail ‘89 + $

Lawrence G. Herman ‘73

Brian J. Milewski ‘84 % + & Diane (Gardner) Milewski ‘83,’85MA % + Edward W. Millette III ‘86 ++ $

Thomas K. Philips ‘83MS,’86Ph.D. & Marina Philips ‘86MS

Tucuong Lien ‘70 & Jennifer (Chen) Lien ‘71 + $

Russell J. Powers ‘66 +

Mark D. Lincoln ‘71 + $

Harold J. Publicover ‘49 +++

David M. Pozar > & Judith A. Pozar >

This report recognizes contributions received during Fiscal Year 2013. *




5 to 9 years of consecutive giving

% Parent

HA Honorary Alumnus or Alumna



++ 10 to 24 years of consecutive giving +++ 25 or more years of consecutive giving

Matching gift or claim Current faculty, staff or emeritus faculty

HD Honorary Degree Recipient Stockbridge Alumnus or Alumna

Leadership Circle Members $1,000-$2,499 (cont.) Donald A. Robinson ‘66,’84Ph.D. % > & Sara (Laclaire) Robinson ‘66,’79MED,’86Ed.D. %

Steven L. Shray ‘79 +

Ivan L. Stokes ‘81 ++

Louis G. Tortoriello ‘68MS $

George A. Smith, Jr. ‘55 & Linda Smith ++

John D. Stuart

Chorfan Tsang ‘77MS +

David H. Rosen ‘59 % +

Howard R. Smith ‘75 + $

Mark Rovelli ‘79 ++ $

Calvin T. Swift > & Joanne T. Swift ++ Jay E. Turnberg ‘78,’79MS % + & Ann (Muri) Turnberg ‘77 % + James A. Tauras ‘62

Brycen L. Spencer ‘10 $

David M. Salem ‘85

Ann Testarmata ‘77

Scott A. Sandler ‘83 ++

Gary E. Stanitis ‘80 % & Judith (Bell) Stanitis ‘80 %

Scott Scheibner

Thomas J. Stanley ‘79 $

Scott D. Thomas ‘92Ph.D. $ & Cristina William H. Wachter III ‘80 & Jill WachterMary (Martin) Warner ‘44 (Urdaneta) Thomas ‘92Ph.D. $ Paul W. Young ‘68MS ++ William J. Thomas ‘08 $

Manfred J. Schindler ‘82MS

Jane (Isgur) Stein ‘82MS % & Peter B. Stein % ++

Nancy (Gage) Torrey ‘73 & Philip B. Torrey +++

Richard S. Zajchowski ‘85

Gregory L. Brooks & Cheryl L. Brooks ‘15Ed.D. >

Matthew W. Heath ‘04Ph.D. $

Panagiotes M. Petrakis ‘08

Maxwell P. Leabo ‘10

Wei Qi ‘10Ph.D.

Jeannine Coburn ‘06

Andrew E. Pepyne ‘08 $

Brian D. Semle ‘86 % & Susan (Bova) Semle ‘88 % ++

Matthew T. Valade ‘93,’95MS

Leadership Circle Affiliate Recent Alums Jessica Abbott ‘03 Trevor A. Beck ‘11 $

Individual Donor

Gifts of all levels to the College of Engineering are critically important and gratefully acknowledged. The following donors have each generously contributed between $100 and $999 to the College of Engineering, its departments and programs, during the time period July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

$500 - $999 Donors to the College of Engineering Thomas L. Anderson ‘80 ++

Yih-Herng Chuang ‘85MS

Mark A. Howards ‘81

John P. Lambert ‘86 +++

Joseph P. Ausikaitis ‘71

John R. Corsi, Jr. ‘61

Kenneth B. Howe, Sr. ‘50 +++

Karen Laptas ‘87

David B. Bain ‘90 + $

James Costantino ‘58 +

Elmer H. Hsu ‘67Ph.D. + $

Dennis C. Bak ‘79 +

Christopher A. Cove ‘87 % ++

Edward G. Hudson ‘80

Mitchell J. Liro, Jr. ‘65 & Sandra (Goddard) Liro ‘63 +++

David C. Bartlett ‘53,’57MS +++

Jon W. Dietrich ‘69,’74MS % +

Laurence A. Hughes ‘58

Xin Liu ‘00MS +

Paul Bazanchuk

Jeffrey S. Dirk ‘91 % & Melissa C. Dirk % ++

William J. Hurney ‘84,’86MS $

Donald P. MacClellan ‘78 % & Judith (Levasseur) MacClellan ‘79 % ++ $

Robert T. Duffy ‘73MS + $

Michael Mahoney ‘83,’85MS + $ Brett E. Jenkins ‘92 & Laura (Calkin) Jenkins ‘92,’96MM John P. McGlynn ‘78 ++ Anne (Potvin) McIntosh ‘70,’76MED % Robert F. Kearns ‘58 $

Robert C. Beck ‘69 % & Gail W. Beck % $

Scott C. Hyney ‘81 + $

Neoma M. Berger ++

Donald L. Fisher >

James E. Brown ‘74 ++ $

Frederick A. Fresh ‘88Ph.D.

Robert C. Calafell II ‘92 & Judith C. Calafell

Louis R. Glinka ‘55 ++ $

Richard E. Campagnoni ‘57 ++ $

Kazimierz T. Grzeslak ‘88,’91MS + $

Michael W. Canary ‘85 ++

Gary J. Hagopian ‘62

William J. Carter, Jr. ‘67 % ++ $

John A. Kerrigan ‘83 & Nancy (Marks) Kerrigan ‘83

Robert C. Merrill ‘71 + $

Robert L. Klein ‘58 & Elizabeth (Spencer) Ivey ‘76Ph.D. ++

Lawrence M. Nugent ‘56 & Elizabeth A. Nugent ++

Robert F. Heisler, Jr. ‘79 $

Carolynn Nuttelman ‘69 $

David M. Catallozzi ‘81 ++ $

Rajeev S. Koodli ‘93MS,’98Ph.D. & Vidya Raichur ‘97MS $

Rene W. Hemond %

Michael J. Chajes ‘84 +

Albert V. Laakso ‘58 +

Brian W. Hill ‘69 % & Susan C. Hill +

John Perra ‘92 ++

Neil F. Lacey ‘90 ++ $

Norman G. Phillibert ‘85MS +++ $


Thomas A. Gray ‘87



Alan S. Natter ‘74MS ++

Todd W. Paro ‘82 ++

$500 - $999 Donors to the College of Engineering (cont.) John W. Philpott ‘63,’77MBA ++

Terence E. Ryan ‘01

Neil P. Sirota ‘88

Lawrence R. Whiting ‘76

Thomas H. Proctor ‘79 % & Deborah Proctor % $

Stanley A. Sablak “65S & Sandra (Kamienski) Sablak ‘68

Harsh Soni ‘92MS $

H. Algernon Whitworth ‘75 ++

Paula L. Sturdevant Rees >

Sujanto Widjaja ‘94MS,’98Ph.D. $

Paul H. Queeney ‘80

Rodney A. Sassaman ‘82 & Anne (Banas) Sassaman ‘83 ++ $

Steven P. Sullivan ‘87 +

William Will ‘73,’79MS

Ralph R. Veseli ‘95MS $

Richard H. Williams, Jr. ‘61

Frederick H. Reinhart >

John R. Sharland ‘70 $ Stanley E. Rotkiewicz ‘79 % Aaron L. Wagner ‘94 + & Katherine (Callan) Rotkiewicz ‘79 % Gretchen (Dittfach) Shubrooks ‘69 ++ James E. Walsh ‘77Ph.D. Jonathan C. Russell ‘95Ph.D. + $ Richard H. Sioui ‘68Ph.D. +

Anlu Yan ‘92MS,’98Ph.D. + $

$250 - $499 Donors to the College of Engineering Carol Anderson ‘84 ++ $

Karen Connerney ‘98 $

Doris Atkinson ‘87MS,’87 +

Dorothy Constantine %

Carl A. Avila ‘78

Frederick E. Corn ‘85

Andrew D. Baker ‘74 & Marie (Kimtis) Baker ‘75

Matthew J. Cortelli ‘92 +

Robert G. Bartlett ‘80 & Marie Bartlett Marjorie C. Bennett David J. Bodendorf ‘64 % & Joan (Janik) Bodendorf ‘65 ++ $ David W. Bott, Sr. ‘59 Bruce A. Bouton ‘72 % & Dale C. Miller-Bouton % Cheryl (Doherty) Braulik ‘83 ++ Thomas E. Brennan ‘85 David C. Brown ‘62 Virginia Buhler David T. Burnett ‘91,’00MS & Claire (Fugardi) Burnett ‘90 + Jeffrey M. Byrne ‘77 +

Vito A. Giannelli ‘72 Richard MacAleese % & Marjorie (Berg) Giannelli ‘74 ++ $ & Cynthia MacAleese % Lance A. Glasser ‘74 & Wendy (Joseph) Glasser ‘75 ++

Michael J. Mazzu ‘89 +

Steven H. Greenfield ‘76MS +

J. Craig McLanahan ‘92Ph.D. & Janet McLanahan ‘92Ed.D. ++

Joseph M. Griffin ‘51

Brian R. McMorrow ‘79 +

Melvin C. Crain ‘50 +++

Einar P. Gudjohnsen ‘79MS

Lee T. McNeil ‘73,’75MS +

Dennis J. Dahlen ‘78 ++ $

Roy D. Hegedus ‘85Ph.D.

Cheryl (Stubbs) Mendrala ‘91 ++ $

Arnold M. Daniels ‘66 % +

Ronald E. Higby ‘58 +

Leroy E. Mentor ‘50 ++ $

Adil M. Daruwala ‘88MS

Michael R. Hopkins ‘81,’85MS & Nancy (Bouthiller) Hopkins ‘83

Mark S. Michalski ‘81 % ++

Edward H. Cowern ‘59 & Irene (Kowalczyk) Cowern ‘59 +++

Nancy (Anderson) Dasilva ‘82 Lester G. Deotte ‘68 & Patricia B. Deotte ++ Stephen A. Descoteaux ‘77MS ++ Patricia (Adamopoulos) DiOrio ‘90 ++ John J. Donahue ‘71,’78MS +

Thomas K. Jewell ‘75MS,’80Ph.D.

Leland P. Miner ‘61 & Jo (Bell) Miner ‘59 +++

James E. Johnson ‘60 & Beverly A. Johnson ++

Steven A. Minkwitz ‘71,’75MS ++

Barkev H. Kaligian ‘56 +++

Triantafillos J. Mountziaris >

Thomas W. Kelly ‘81

David R. O’Toole ‘68 +

Paul E. Kirby % & Lynn A. Kirby %

Halil Padir ‘87Ph.D. & Karen M. Tegan Padir

Kenneth A. Moser ‘53

Michael J. Donati ‘93 & Lauren Dechayne-Donati ‘94 ++ $ Steven S. Knisely ‘80 Richard P. Komosky ‘76 ++ James A. Donovan % >

Norman L. Page ‘71

& Patricia R. Donovan

Konstantinos A. Konstantinides ‘80MS $ Richard E. Park, Jr. ‘83 ++

Raul Castillo-Garcia ‘87MS

William J. Donovan ‘78MS ++

Borislava Kostova ‘06Ph.D.

Douglas J. Chabinsky ‘75 % & Martha Chabinsky % ++

Michael H. Dorgan ‘84 & Kin Chow ‘84

E. Jacob Chacko ‘73MS ++ $

Thomas W. Dube % & Patricia R. Dube % +

Thomas M. Kuzeja ‘85 % & Jennifer David J. Pernitsky ‘01Ph.D. + $ (Priestley) Kuzeja ‘85,’88MS % Stephen J. Perry ‘79 James D. Laing % Allan L. Pitcher ‘50 +++ & Roberta Laing % + $ Kenneth J. Plourde ‘86 +++ Beth Larkin ‘81 ++ Anthony M. Puntin ‘92 Judith (Clark) LaRocca ‘88 & Beverly (Nace) Puntin ‘90 + Roland A. Lavallee ‘77MS James D. Quinty ‘80 & Billie J. Lavallee Paul J. Quirnbach ‘81 ++ Michael L. Lewis ‘83MS $ James J. Reid ‘80 + Scott J. Lewis ‘99MS $ R. Louis Reinemann, Jr. ‘87

Charles N. Cheatwood ‘02MS $ Po-Shang Chen ‘86MS,’88Ph.D. & Shan-Lee Liu ‘89MED,’94Ed.D.

Bingfeng Fan ‘03Ph.D. +

Julie (Mcdyer) Chirumbole ‘82

Brian M. Fiegel ‘98 & Jennifer (Bourque) Fiegel ‘98

Alok N. Choudhary ‘86MS

Alvin R. Finkelstein ‘54 ++

Thomas J. Chwalek ‘83

Peter Frazier % & Anna M. Frazier %

John F. Coman ‘65 ++

Jonathan R. Freedman ‘82

Brian R. Penman ‘75

This report recognizes contributions received during Fiscal Year 2013. *




5 to 9 years of consecutive giving

% Parent

HA Honorary Alumnus or Alumna



++ 10 to 24 years of consecutive giving +++ 25 or more years of consecutive giving

Matching gift or claim Current faculty, staff or emeritus faculty

HD Honorary Degree Recipient Stockbridge Alumnus or Alumna

$250 - $499 Donors to the College of Engineering (cont.) Paul R. Richard ‘78

David J. Silbermann ‘93

John J. Swana ‘53 +++ $

& Annemarie (Ott) Weist ‘86 $

William A. Richardson ‘74 Thomas F. Simeone ‘84 ++ & Judith (Stanley) Richardson ‘73 ++ William A. Sirois ‘70 Randy A. Robertson % + $ Earl A. Small ‘85

David P. Torpey ‘89

Brian Whicher %

Jessica Townsend ‘94

Craig R. Willis ‘90 & Stephanie (Davis) Willis ‘90 + $

Valentino Rubinaccio ‘81

Michael E. St. Lawrence ‘82

David K. Veleta ‘04 ++

Sameer P. Rupani ‘93

Ronald J. Stirling ‘56 ++

Arun Venkataraman ‘98MS $

Paula (Clifford) Sakey ‘88 > & Robert Sakey +

Joseph C. Strzegowski, Jr. ‘67,’69MS % ++

Bernard E. Volz ‘83 $

Jia-Jye Shen ‘88MS

John M. Sullivan, Jr. ‘74

Edward L. Weist ‘88Ph.D.

Theodore J. Twarog, Jr. ‘62 %

Mark F. Witcher ‘77Ph.D. & Margaret A. Bush ++ Kwan C. Wong ‘76Ph.D. & Kam-May Wong “74S

Robert A. Weimar ‘72

Mary (Marconi) Shutte ‘85

$100 to $249 Donors to the College of Engineering Brian J. Abbott ‘72 ++

Michael A. Barillaro ‘90 ++

Kristina Cairns ‘86 ++

AbduBrian J. Abbott ‘72 ++

Robert J. Barnini ‘58 +++

Margaret Campbell ‘82

Abdul Ashik Abdul Waheed ‘08MS

Robert S. Barron ‘90 +

Mark A. Campbell ‘90

David P. Ahlfeld >

Mark J. Cohen ‘87 % & Susan M. Cohen % $ Ronald L. Cole ‘66 & Sharon (Stowell) Cole ‘66 ++

Arthur W. Barstow ‘51 Maroof Ahmed % & Tahera Ahmed % & Marilyn (Moser) Barstow ‘49 $ Eileen Bartley ‘81 Leon Aksionczyk ‘63 & Kenneth Horton + $ Carl S. Albro ‘70 Jennifer (Kinzler) Basile ‘89 & Donna (Hamblett) Albro ‘70 & Paul S. Basile $ Cleo Alexander ‘88MS Alvan T. Bazer ‘51MS ++ Christopher T. Allwell ‘01,’08MBA Edward R. Beaupre ‘61 Chris J. Altomare ‘81MS + Justine Belisle ‘11 Eric R. Amato ‘09 Paul V. Bernard ‘69 Douglas S. Ambos ‘83,’85MS + Joseph Berry % & Kathleen Berry % Andrew G. Anderson ‘84,’87MS Paul F. Bidgood ‘82 % & Jamie Anderson ‘83,’87MS & Patricia J. Bidgood % Edwin N. Anderson, Jr. ‘58,’64MS Michael E. Billa ‘88MS % John M. Anderson ‘58 +++ & Winifred J. Wood % Leonard T. Anderson ‘86 % David S. Billips ‘95 ++ & Linda A. Anderson % ++ Maciej L. Biskup ‘09 Cornelius W. Andres ‘87,’91MS ++ Mark E. Biskup ‘97 Robert K. Andrew ‘77 Thomas L. Blackmon % Robert G. Andrews, Jr. ‘69,’70MS,’86 + & Linda Ennis-Blackmon % $ Doug Ansuini ‘97MS + Judy Blair ‘89

Anthony J. Caputo ‘69

Nancy (Cianciolo) Antonietti ‘91

Paul S. Blecharczyk ‘73 ++ $

Russell J. Chateauneuf ‘76

Paul R. Curley ‘62

Michael R. Antunes ‘93 ++

David G. Blundell ‘73 & Elizabeth (Whalen) Blundell ‘74 $

Ming Chen ‘00MS,’01MS & Ying Liu ‘01MS

Russell J. Cyr ‘85,’88MS % & Renee M. Cyr %

Gregory S. Boudreau, Sr % & Michelle Boudreau %

Bing Cheng ‘92Ph.D.

Steven L. Cyr ‘78 $

Ashok S. Chetty ‘90Ph.D. ++

Nicholas E. D’Eramo ‘11,’11 $

Shyue-Wei Chiang ‘93MS

Joseph M. Daly ‘86MS +

Ying H. Cho ‘85 +

Sean P. Daly ‘09,’11MS

Richard D. Aquadro ‘83 ++ James M. Averback ‘78 Robert M. Averne Edward P. Babinski ‘81 ++ Jonathan A. Bachman ‘82 Michael D. Bagge ‘82 John A. Bakaj ‘77 Arvind S. Baliga ‘91MS,’95Ph.D. Marlon R. Banta ‘96 Gang Bao ‘94Ph.D. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

Richard W. Boyle ‘57,’60MS ++ James E. Braun ‘76 + Leonard G. Bugel ‘66,’68MS + Donald A. Burgess ‘64 Edward H. Burns III ‘74 + Eric P. Cagnard ‘11 John F. Cain ‘61 +++


Brian D. Caraker ‘89 Antonio A. Cardoso ‘04 Frederick A. Carivan ‘69 + Gerald F. Caron ‘83 James A. Carter ‘86,’92MS + Charles S. Cawlina ‘73 Richard P. Cetti ‘70 + Mark A. Chafin ‘83 Siu-Kau Chan ‘86MS,’91Ph.D. + Siu-Ki Chan ‘83MS,’90MS Joseph Chandler ‘85,’87MS Richard D. Chandler ‘67,’70MS ++ John E. Chapman, Jr. ‘86 Margaret Chapman * % Laurie (Oneglia) Charleton ‘89 & William J. Charleton ++ Timothy D. Chase ‘71 + David P. Chastain ‘75 & Patricia (Brown) Chastain ‘74 +

John J. Collins ‘63MS +++ William R. Colton ‘51 Lorraine Conroy ‘81 Stephen M. Constantine ‘06Ph.D. * Adam M. Conway ‘06 David S. Cooke ‘79,’81MS ++ Barry D. Cooper ‘76 Perry A. Cooper ‘62 Anthony L. Copas ‘80Ph.D. & Judith Mroz ‘77 James J. Coronella ‘88 & Sarah (Leiby) Coronella ‘88 Nelson L. Correa % & Bernardita P. Calinao % Charles F. Costa ‘61 Benjamin J. Crellin ‘04,’07MS Edward J. Cronin ‘61 & Jeanne (Faucette) Cronin ‘60 + Elizabeth (Lupien) Crory ‘54 % Matthew T. Cross ‘10

Alexander S. Chuang ‘64MS,’74Ph.D. + James E. Dellea ‘43 & Rosemary Dellea +++ $ Gregory A. Cigal ‘69,’71MS ++ $ Edwin C. Demara ‘81 $ William A. Cleary ‘73 + Allen R. Demers David R. Cochrane ‘72MS & Heather K. Demers > & Ella (Rowe) Cochrane ‘70MED Robert J. Dermody ‘86 +


$100 to $249 Donors to the College of Engineering (cont.) Paul A. Dickie ‘77 +

Scott A. Foster ‘03,’06MS

James P. Dokoozian ‘75 & Dency Dokoozian %

Maureen (Bagge) Fowler ‘89 +

C. Wayne Dore ‘78MS

James E. Fredette ‘69 ++

John R. Dorgan ‘86

Robert A. Freeman ‘90MS

Michael B. Fox ‘90MS ++

Paul A. Douglas ‘80 % & Janet L. Douglas % ++

Mark H. Freise % + $

Richard P. Driscoll % & Pennie K. Driscoll %

Eric T. Gustafson ‘81 & Karen M. Gustafson +

Katherine (Dittfach) Jacobson ‘71

William Guttrich % & Katrina Guttrich %

David Jasinski ‘03MS +

Joel C. Janovsky ‘87 ++ John A. Jasperse ‘82 ++

Stephen J. Haddad ‘96

Vincent J. Javier ‘79

Samuel M. Hall ‘85 Paul R. Hallet ‘65 +

Bruce L. Johnson ‘74 & Beverly (Mchugh) Johnson ‘74 ++

Joseph D. Gagne ‘80 +++

Douglas W. Hanks ‘83 % & Cynthia (St. george) Martowski ‘83 ++ $

David R. Drumm ‘60 ++ $

James E. Gagnon ‘74 % ++

Carl W. Johnson ‘81 & Anna (Mathieu) Johnson ‘85 + $

Jay T. Hansen

Rene L. Dube ‘59

James H. Gapp ‘90

Francis M. Johnson % & Diane M. Johnson %

William A. Dugger ‘80 % & Rosemary (Walsh) Dugger ‘82 % +

Martha Garske ‘91Ph.D. ++

Bruce L. Hanson % & Rosalie I. Hanson % ++

David W. Gauthier ‘88 +++ $

William A. Harrison ‘80

Bruce H. Johnston ‘74

Stratos G. Dukakis ‘55 % +

Carlos E. Gautier ‘84

John N. Hart ‘84

David A. Dulitz ‘87 +

Sharon (Day) Gell ‘72 +

Edward J. Harvey, Jr. ‘70 % +

Joseph Johnston % & Kathleen Johnston %

Wilrose M. Duquette ‘66 ++

Thomas G. Gennis % & Aida A. Gennis %

Richmond W. Hathaway ‘52 ++ Dwight H. Havens ‘79 ++

Robert T. Jones ‘60,’72MS % & Susan C. Jones % ++

William A. Dvorak ‘79,’81MS & Amy Green-Dvorak ‘81

Gary M. Furman ‘79 +++

Jonathan A. Johnson ‘95

Rick A. Gentile, Jr ‘87

Catherine (Cullinan) Haynes ‘81 +

Christine A. Jordan %

Aditya V. Dwivedula ‘03 +

Raymond L. George ‘60

Arthur R. Hazelton ‘66 +

Richard A. Jubinville ‘70,’74MS +

Ernest J. Dwork ‘82 % & Rosemary A. Dwork % +

John W. Gettens ‘80 ++ Robert B. Gibb ‘56 +

Russell P. Heard ‘80 & Elizabeth McConnell ‘80 +

Nicholas P. Julian ‘95 & Brigette M. Julian ++

Beth (Ehrenberg) Ginsberg ‘86

Pirjo A. Heels %

Jenny (Symmes) Giolas ‘97 +

Karen S. Hickey %

Edward S. Kaczenski, Jr. ‘75MS % & Karen Kaczenski % ++

Joseph J. Giordano ‘77MS ++

Robert F. Hickey ‘87Ph.D. +

Peter E. Gluckler, Jr ‘94MS % & Maria E. Beltran % ++

Priscilla Hill ‘96Ph.D. ++

Edward H. Kalajian ‘71Ph.D. & Priscilla (Winquist) Kalajian ‘68 ++

Hung C. Ho % & Hua Sun %

Kathleen Goetzman Rubin ‘88MED > & Richard J. Rubin >

Mark F. Kanter ‘85MS +++

Richard J. Hoar ‘73,’75MS +

Wen-Shen Kao ‘85MS ++

Martha (Dunn) Goldstein ‘92MS

Jerry M. Hodges ‘86 % & Rhonda (Carbone) Hodges ‘86 % + $

John P. Karpuk ‘50 ++

Kui Gong ‘92MS & Xiao Feng Qi +

Charles P. Hollis % & Rosa P. Hollis %

George L. Goodridge III ‘01 +

Christopher Hollot >

Stephen F. Gorman ‘82 ++

Jayne Hollows ‘89 +++

James G. Gradziel ‘75 +++

Kevin A. Horgan ‘99,’04MS

Leo F. Gray ‘82 +

Robert J. Keighley ‘72 & Diane M. Keighley +

Michael J. Hornbrook ‘79 ++

Robyn (Bari) Graziano ‘88 ++

Shawn P. Kelley ‘94,’97MS,’03Ph.D. +

David S. Horton ‘02 & Suzanne (Sposato) Horton ‘02

Thomas A. Kennedy % & Elaine M. Kennedy % $

Philip D. Greene ‘84 & Linda Chichester ‘84

George A. Howe ‘04 ++

Ronald J. Keohane % & Diana R. Keohane %

Marcel J. Grenier ‘50 +++ $

Rohinton K. Irani ‘86MS,’89Ph.D. & Priti R. Irani + $

Rakesh C. Keswani ‘95 +

Charles W. Jack, Jr. ‘69 & Carolyn (Connors) Jack ‘71 ++

David I. Knox ‘80

Trevor G. Elkins ‘13 William B. Ellis % & Elaine A. Ellis % Eric A. Enge ‘87MS Paul W. Ernest % & Carmelia G. Ernest % Stephen Eustis % & Deborah Eustis % Steven B. Feinberg ‘82 & Amy (Kwan) Feinberg ‘81 Frank Feist ‘93MS Erich S. Fiedler ‘09MS Paul G. Filios ‘79 David E. Filkins, Jr. ‘85 % & Kathleen (Ellis) Filkins ‘86 % ++ Mark M. Finneran ‘87 Christopher J. Fisher ‘81 $ Robert G. Fitzgerald ‘58 ++ $ Francis P. Fitzpatrick ‘65 Chester G. Flahive ‘81 % & Eileen (Joyce) Flahive ‘80 % Carl G. Flygare III ‘80 Mario H. Fontana ‘55 Clifford J. Forster, Jr. ‘51 ++

Daniel G. Greene ‘11

Andrew M. Grodin ‘85 Robert J. Guerin ‘62 Paul H. Gusciora ‘78 +

Christopher K. Kaijala ‘80

Barry D. Kaufman ‘87,’88MS + Leonard E. Kay ‘91Ph.D. Ali Kazemi ‘95MS

Chiu L. Huang ‘93

Laura (Smith) Jackson ‘88

Minhajuddin A. Kirmani ‘76Ph.D. Thomas E. Kopec ‘80,’85MS +

This report recognizes contributions received during Fiscal Year 2013. *




5 to 9 years of consecutive giving

% Parent

HA Honorary Alumnus or Alumna



++ 10 to 24 years of consecutive giving +++ 25 or more years of consecutive giving

Matching gift or claim Current faculty, staff or emeritus faculty

HD Honorary Degree Recipient Stockbridge Alumnus or Alumna

$100 to $249 Donors to the College of Engineering (cont.) Brian R. Kraft ‘94MS & Julie (Rodrigues) Kraft ‘93,’95MS +

Prashant N. Mandare ‘07Ph.D.

Vanessa Mukania ‘12

Ronald F. Peracchio ‘85

Louis J. Manfredi ‘78MS & Joanne Carroll ‘81,’83MS

Gary J. Mullett ‘70,’72MS % & Robin Mullett ‘98 % +++

Sean W. Peterfreund ‘03

Louis W. Krampetz, Jr. ‘76 + Howard S. Kravitz ‘70

Suresh Mani ‘89MS,’92Ph.D.

John M. Mulvihill ‘68

Steven A. Krol ‘77 + Naga K. Krothapalli ‘03Ph.D. $

Vinod I. Marken ‘80 & Mary (Cook) Marken ‘83

Laurence E. Murch ‘72Ph.D. > & Diane F. Murch %

Stewart M. Krug ‘72

David S. Markson ‘87 ++

Leon A. Murphy ‘50

Andrew A. Piccus ‘84 & Megan (Gilbert) Piccus ‘85 ++

Stanley J. Ktorides ‘71 & Anne (Lalikos) Ktorides ‘77 +++

J. Edward Maroney, Jr. ‘70 & Roseanne Maroney

Jeffrey J. Murray ‘61 ++

Thomas S. Piecuch ‘72 +++ $

Donald R. Muzyka ‘60 +

Frank S. Kulas ‘50 +++

James D. Martin % & Louann K. Martin %

Debashish Nag ‘90MS +

David W. Pierce ‘67 & Ruth (Pazsit) Pierce ‘70

Sudarshan Narayanan ‘08MS,’12Ph.D.

Daniel Pires % & Patricia E. Pires % +

Wilson W. Kwok ‘02

Michele Martin ‘88,’90MS % & William R. Martin

Carl W. Nawrocki ‘71 +++

Edward G. Pisinski ‘67

Ronald L. LaBarre ‘73

William F. Martin ‘64 +++

John R. Nelson ‘50

James F. Laffan ‘79 ++

Todd P. Marut ‘75 $

Frank Ngo % & Kien Ngo % + $

Stephen E. Pollack & Annette T. Pollack

Gary A. LaFrance ‘79

Eliot P. Mayer ‘77 ++

Zhiguo Lai ‘07Ph.D.

Steven R. Mazzarelli ‘09

Ryan T. Nichols ‘06,’09MS & Heather (Flynn) Nichols ‘06

Wei E. Lam ‘97

Michael W. McGlynn ‘94

Lauren Lamere ‘11

Thomas D. McLay ‘50 ++

John J. Lane ‘85

Rodrick B. McLean ‘86

Maura Lane-Warner ‘91

James B. Mead ‘90Ph.D.

Lawrence H. Larrivee ‘62

William E. Meese ‘84 ++ $

John J. Lawler ‘50 ++

Fereshteh Mehman Doost ‘95,’98MS +

Gary J. Kushner ‘78

Charles H. Learoyd ‘73,’76MS ++ Robert T. Leet ‘89,’95MS ++

Peter R. Peterson ‘78

Vadim Popovichenko ‘11 Randolph P. Porter ‘71

Robin Noble ‘78 ++ $

George Pothering %

David W. Noon ‘63 ++

James E. Poulin ‘66

James F. Norton ‘78MS

Stephen J. Powers ‘83

Eric F. Nusbaum ‘97Ph.D. +

Thomas L. Prew ‘80 & Ericka (Smith) Prew ‘86 >

Conrad C. Nuthmann ‘83

Dave Meierdiercks % & Janice Meierdiercks % + $

Daniel J. Peterson ‘80 % & Joy (Gould) Peterson ‘81 %

Peter R. O’Coin ‘70 +++ James P. O’Donnell ‘80 Charles F. O’Neil ‘75,’76MS ++

David D. Primmer ‘59 % + Christopher B. Prum ‘84 Duncan Pyle % & Polly Pyle % Vincent J. Raby ‘80 + $

Stephen R. Mellin ‘83 % & Thelma Mellin % +

Francis J. O’Neil ‘65,’68MS %

Dennis N. Menard ‘75

Terrance P. O’Regan ‘02,’04MS,’08Ph.D.

Dana L. Levy ‘86 & Denise Furlong ‘86

Richard D. Menard ‘84

William J. Ohley ‘70,’72MS

Dominic W. Li ‘74,’76MS

Ronald A. Merino ‘11

Nancy E. Olson-King %

Wu-Ji Li ‘88MS,’93Ph.D.

Ronald A. Michalski ‘68 +

Harold J. Liberty, Jr. ‘59 +

Anthony M. Omobono % & Judith A. Omobono % +

Ramesh Ramakrishnan ‘92MS,’96Ph.D.

Alwin K. Milch, Jr. ‘56 ++

I. Chang Lin ‘76MS & Ching-Ying (Wang) Lin ‘77MS +

Gerald A. Miller ‘94Ph.D. +

Mark A. Omobono ‘10 $

Jeremy N. Rapoza ‘95 ++

Melton M. Miller, Jr. % ++

Peter H. Ordway ‘67 +

Alma Lincoln ‘07

R. Gerry Miller ‘68MS ++

Peter Orlando % & Marie Orlando %

Manish V. Rathi ‘04 & Meghana Rathi ‘04

Brett S. Loosian ‘89 +

David S. Mitchell ‘68

Richard V. Orlando ‘80

Arunachalam Ravindran ‘74Ph.D.

Michael T. Mitchell ‘97,’99MS & Rebecca (Glass) Mitchell ‘94,’99MS

Steven Ostrosky % & Judith A. Ostrosky % +

Rajeswaran C. Ravindran ‘12MS

Bhasker R. Mittal ‘91MS & Veena (Rao) Mittal ‘91 $

George E. Oulundsen III ‘99Ph.D. ++ Samuel Owusu-Ababio ‘89MS,’92Ph.D. +

Brian P. Richardson ‘64 & Marsha Richardson ‘70

Stephen M. Miu ‘89 & Katherine (King) Miu ‘88 ++

William J. Palmer, Jr. ‘89MS ++

David R. Riese ‘86 + $

Bruce Papazian ‘76,’85Ph.D. % & Jan C. Rockwood %

Kenneth P. Rispoli ‘88MS +

James E. Moes >

William A. MacDonald ‘91

Nicholas J. Molloy ‘82 % & Lynne C. Molloy % ++

Paul J. Paquin % & Jeanne M. Paquin % +

Mark D. Robinson ‘83 +++

David E. Mackintosh ‘94,’01 +

Chris R. Montoya ‘06

Kannan Parmeshwar ‘80MS

Michael J. Mahony ‘92MS +

Geoffrey D. Moodie ‘94

Allen G. Parsons ‘65 +

Kevin M. Maloney ‘83

Matthew R. Romoser ‘08Ph.D. & Elizabeth Elam ‘86 +

Robert J. Moore ‘02

Walter J. Pasko, Jr. ‘67,’73Ph.D.

Christopher M. Malsch ‘11

David I. Rosen % & Shelly Georgia %

Mehdi S. Moussa

Scott A. Pearson ‘87 +

Dana T. Rossi ‘97 + $

Robert L. Levesque ‘55 +++ Deborah Levin ‘76 % & Alan Levin III % +

John E. Losh % & Lisa M. Losh % $ Robert W. Lovell ‘97MS $ Qi Lu ‘94MS Diana (Ritner) Lubow ‘81 $ Robert W. Lyford ‘67 ++ David P. Lynch ‘82 Willard S. MacDonald ‘94,’96MS



Daniel O’Quinn ‘12


Stephen D. Rafferty ‘77 Michael Raimondi % & Patricia Raimondi % Robert F. Rainville, Jr. ‘68 & Nancy (Salo) Rainville ‘69 ++ Sridhar Ramaswamy ‘92MS

Gregory Reed % & Christine Reed %

Brian M. Roberts ‘98MS Nelson I. Rojas %

$100 to $249 Donors to the College of Engineering (cont.) Richard K. Rossini % & Lorraine W. Rossini % $

Adam H. Slutsky ‘89MS

Frederic S. Topor ‘59

James E. Webb ‘95Ph.D. ++ $

Andrew B. Smith ‘06

Thomas J. Roughan ‘82

David R. Smith ‘69 $

Andrew R. Touchette ‘89 & Wendy (Tolpa) Touchette ‘93 ++

Thomas G. Weil ‘76MS & Diane (Soini) Weil ‘76

Robert A. Roy ‘87

Frederick J. Smith ‘59 ++

Majdouline Touil ‘12 $

Michael A. Weinstein ‘88,’90MS

David F. Ruschmann ‘74 ++

David L. Welsh ‘71 & Beverly (Bennett) Welsh ‘72 +++

George L. Smith ‘67 +

Edward P. Trider ‘58 +

Julie Russell Stanaszek ‘76

Gary R. Spongberg ‘66

Pei Tsao ‘80MS

Christopher Ryan ‘79

Charles G. Sposato III ‘75 % +

Anastasia Tsitos %

Robert M. Ryan ‘99,’11MS

Joshua J. Stacey ‘11

Demetrios L. Tsitos

Scott H. Ryder ‘70 +

Paul S. Stachowicz ‘74

Colin R. Tuohey ‘02

Jonathan A. White ‘93,’96MS & Wendy L. White + $

Laurie Sablak

Mircea R. Stan ‘94MS,’96Ph.D. ++ Jonathan E. Starr ‘92

Brian G. Turner ‘80 & Ruth (Suchodolski) Turner ‘86 ++

Thomas E. Whittington ‘90

Harold E. Safarik ‘73 ++ John P. Salsgiver, Jr. ‘86 ++

Edward V. Twardus ‘52

Daniel B. Start ‘97

Carl R. Sanger ‘80 +

Fred T. Stetson, Jr. ‘62 ++

Louis M. Santoro ‘67 & Linda (Lewis) Santoro ‘68 +

David B. Sullivan ‘88,’01,’03MS

Melissa (Conner) Saunders ‘89 ++ $

Kevin M. Sullivan ‘79,’83,’85MS & Jo Sullivan +

Ratan S. Sawant ‘73MS & Sharon (Smeedy) Sawant ‘75 +

Ning Sun ‘98MS $

Bernard K. Saydlowski ‘54 + Edward A. Schmidt ‘64 + Judith Schonhoff ‘97 + $ Howard E. Schulien ‘50 ++

Douglas M. White ‘92 & Julia (Sabol) White ‘92,’00MED

Steven E. Sundquist ‘89 Gary P. Surette % & Kathleen M. Surette % Craig M. Suyematsu % & Elisabeth Oppenheim %

Matthew J. Twarog ‘98 & Jesse (Rutherford) Twarog ‘97 ++

Steven M. Wieners ‘04 Andrew F. Wilkie ‘80 + Kimberly Williams ‘90

Nitin H. Vaidya ‘91MS,’93Ph.D. & Ashwini (Jog) Vaidya ‘92MS ++

Samuel R. Williston ‘84,’11MBA $

James M. Valentine ‘75,’77MS

Steven I. Wolkenbreit ‘73 & Janis (Hinden) Wolkenbreit ‘73 ++

Arnold E. Van Doren ‘87 & Kelly (Stange) Van Doren ‘85,’87MBA Istvan S. Varga ‘71Ph.D.

Paul B. Wohler ‘82 ++

James C. Wong ‘57 Charles E. Woodin, Jr ‘84MS % & Laurie L. Woodin %

Roy L. Vercollone ‘71 % & Leslie J. Mason % ++

Brian W. Woodward ‘01

Suzanne P. Verrengia %

Bruce K. Wylie ‘66,’68MS,’71Ph.D.

William L. Schweber ‘74MS & Susan (Baer) Schweber ‘74 +

Theodore F. Tabloski, Jr. ‘68 +

Richard A. Verville ‘60

King L. Yee ‘81 ++

Maurice P. Talbot, Jr. ‘63 +

Alika P. Seki ‘04

Joseph S. Vogel ‘81 +

Sontra Yim ‘97

George R. Tanguay ‘58 ++

Sudhan Sadanand Selwyn Samraj ‘11MS

Paul N. Votze ‘85

Chii-Ren Young ‘83MS

John G. Shagoury ‘67 $

David A. Tattersall % & Shelly M. Tattersall %

Ronaldo Wagner ‘86,’90MS + $

I-Chung Young ‘94MS & Eliza (Rivai) Young ‘95

Ajay B. Shah ‘83MS

Sai N. Tenneti ‘11

William E. Walker ‘57 ++

David C. Thibodeau ‘82 %

Mack B. Wallace ‘03

Xin Yuan ‘10MS

Subramanian N. Sharma ‘87Ph.D.

John C. Thomas ‘85MS ++ $

Alfred K. Walter ‘67 +

John F. Yunger ‘66

Wayne M. Shelburne ‘96MS,’01Ph.D.

Liam A. Thompson ‘10

Changting Wang ‘01Ph.D. & Yunqing Wang ‘02MS $

Thomas M. Zappula ‘66 ++

Glen C. Shepherd ‘88 + William W. Shrader ‘55

Dan Timberlake % & Robyn S. Timberlake %

Donald E. Warren ‘65 +

David W. Sibor, Jr. ‘77 & Dawn (Carmen) Sibor ‘76 ++

Hanna G. Timberlake ‘13

Yu K. Zhang ‘06

Nigel G. Watson ‘82MS

This report recognizes contributions received during Fiscal Year 2013. *




5 to 9 years of consecutive giving

% Parent

HA Honorary Alumnus or Alumna



++ 10 to 24 years of consecutive giving +++ 25 or more years of consecutive giving

Matching gift or claim Current faculty, staff or emeritus faculty

HD Honorary Degree Recipient Stockbridge Alumnus or Alumna

Organizational Contributors Organizations listed below generously designated support of $1,000 or more toward the College of Engineering, its departments and programs, during the time period July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013. c

ACI Foundation +

Competitive Innovation LLC +

Measurement Computing Corp.

Agilent Technologies Inc.

Computer-Aided Products, Inc.

Millitech Inc. +

Shaw Group, Inc., TheCorporate Headquarters

All States Material Group Headquarters

CRSI Education and Research Foundation

Narus Incorporated

Shray Family Fund +

National Grid USA Service Co. Inc. Corporate Headquarters +

Siemens PLM Software Inc.

Alpha Omega Electromagnetics, LLC + Cryan Revocable Trust, John M. + Altera Corporation +

CSP Technologies

NCW Charitable Foundation +

StandardAero +

Altra Industrial Motion Inc.

Dayton Superior Corporation


Stantec Consulting, Inc.

Ansys Incorporated +

Digilent, Inc.

New England Wire Products +


Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Fdn.

Dynamic Motion Control Inc.

Newlans, Inc. +

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

EMD Millipore Corporation +

Notkin Family Fund +

3M Corporate Headquarters

Ayco Charitable Foundation ++

Energy & Resource Solutions


B-Pro Safeguard

Entact Solutions, Inc. +

B2Q Associates


Barker Steel Company LLC

Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fnd ++

Phoenix Integration

Barr & Barr, Inc. Baystate Health, Inc. ++

Gates Foundation, Bill & Melinda

ProSensing, Inc. +

Black Island Wind Turbines

General Motors Corporation Corporate Headquarters

Raytheon CompanyHeadquarters ++

BOND Brothers, Inc.

Skanska USA Building Inc.

Tighe & Bond, Inc. Parametric Technology Corporation + Corporate Headquarters ++ U.S. Charitable Gift Trust + PCI Synthesis Prima ElectroPrima Electro

RM Technologies, Inc

Vanasse & Associates, Inc., Robert D. + Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program ++ Verizon Communications Corporate Headquarters +

Boraski Family Foundation, Ruth P. & Nicholas ++

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund ++ Hluchyj Fund, Michael & Theresa

Saint-Gobain High Performance Materials +


Brad Thompson Company

Savage Arms, Inc.

Brandeis University

Intel Corporation Corporate Headquarters ++

White Contracting Co., J.F. +

Calvin T. Swift Trust

ISN Education, LLC

Schlanger Family Foundation, The Eva & Marvin +

Wolf Greenfield, P.C. +

Cantor Colburn LLP +

ISO New England, Inc. +

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving ++

CH2M Hill, Inc.

L-3 KEO +

Sensata Technologies, Inc.

Cisco Systems Inc. Main Corporate Headquarters +

Liberty Mutual Research Institute

7x24 Exchange International NE Chapter


Marin Community Foundation +



Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation

Xilinx, Inc. +

Matching Gifts Corporations listed below thoughtfully matched employee giving to the College of Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst during the time period July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013. c

Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

Deloitte Foundation

KBR Incorporated

Prudential Foundation, The

3M Foundation, Inc.


Marathon Petroleum Corporation


Abbott Fund

ExxonMobil Foundation


Raytheon Company

Aetna Foundation

Fidelity Investments

Merck Company Foundation

Rexam Foundations

Agilent Technologies

FM Global Foundation

Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.

Rexnord Inc.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

General Electric Foundation

Microsoft Corporation

Rogers Corporation

Albemarle Foundation

Global Impact

Millipore Foundation, The

Allied World Assurance (U.S.) Inc.

Google Incorporated

Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation

Amgen Foundation, Inc.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Nokia Employee Matching Gift Program

AT&T Foundation

Hanover Insurance Group, The

Northeast Utilities System

Siemens Corporation, GSS North America

BAE Systems

Harte-Hanks Communication

Oracle Corporation

Solvay Advanced Polymers, L.L.C.

Bank of America

IBM International Foundation

Owens-Corning Foundation Inc.

Suncor Energy

Bechtel Foundation

IMS Health

Parker Hannifin Foundation


Campbell Soup Foundation

Intel Corporation

Pfizer Foundation, The

United Technologies

Chevron Texaco

Invensys Systems, Inc.

PG&E Corporation

UNUM Group


ISO New England

Verizon Foundation

Constellation Energy Group

Jacobs Associates

Philips Electronics North America Corporation

Corning Incorporated Foundation

Juniper Networks

PPG Industries Foundation

Xerox Corporation U.S.A.

Dell Corporation


Wells Fargo Foundation

Procter & Gamble Company

This report recognizes contributions received during Fiscal Year 2013. *




5 to 9 years of consecutive giving

% Parent

HA Honorary Alumnus or Alumna



++ 10 to 24 years of consecutive giving +++ 25 or more years of consecutive giving

Matching gift or claim Current faculty, staff or emeritus faculty

HD Honorary Degree Recipient Stockbridge Alumnus or Alumna

Thank You

DONORS This listing recognizes contributions received during fiscal year 2013. Every care is taken to avoid errors in the lists, but if any have occurred, please call them to our attention by contacting: Paula Sakey Director of Development College of Engineering University of Massachusetts Amherst 140 Marston Hall Amherst, MA 01003 psakey@ecs.umass.edu 413.545.6396

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in learning about giving opportunities within the College of Engineering, please contact Paula Sakey, Director of Development 413.545.6396 or psakey@ecs.umass.edu.

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2013 Engineering Annual Report  

2013 Engineering Annual Report