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THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING LEADERSHIP (left to right): Chemical Engineering Department Head T.J. Lakis Mountziaris, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department Head Donald Fisher, Dean Ted Djaferis, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Head Richard Palmer, and Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head Christopher Hollot.


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C E L E B R AT I N G OUR DONORS I n o rd e r t o b e g o o d s t e w a rd s o f t h e g i f t s y o u

THE WORD IS OUT about the UMass College of Engineering. In a country where

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the medium is the message, as Marshall McLuhan noted so famously, the nation’s

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mass media sent an unmistakable message about us this year. We’re making a

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global impact.

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Our mission is no less ambitious than to educate the engineering leaders of tomorrow and help drive the economy of today. In that context, the college is making waves – fluid, sound, electromagnetic, or metaphorical – in every way demanded from the highest-ranking public engineering school in New England.

the College of Engineering now publishes its Honor Roll of Donors online at w w w. e n g i n e e r i n g . u m a s s . e d u / donorlist.

During fiscal year 2012, more than 150 national and international newspapers,

T h i s e l e c t ro n i c l i s t

magazines, websites, and TV or radio stations ran more than 200 stories on the

re c o g n i z e s t h o s e w h o h a v e

college’s groundbreaking research. And that hit list doesn’t even count all our scientific journal articles. Such widespread outlets as the Atlantic Magazine, Popular

g i v e n g e n e ro u s l y t o t h e college in fiscal year 2012.

Mechanics, Discover Magazine, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Newsday, Boston

Check out the College of

Herald, Boston Business Journal, Washington Post, Bloomberg Business Week, USA

Engineering website at

Today, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Denver Post, San Francisco Chronicle,

w w w. e n g i n e e r i n g . u m a s s . e d u .

Fort Worth Star Telegram, Sacramento Bee, Science Daily, R & D Magazine, E Science News, Automotive World, and the NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, PBS, and NPR networks were just a few of the mass media that featured the college this year. In fact, they covered us in a barrage of glowing pictures, pixels, and sound bites. Such acclaim was the journalistic equivalent of a tickertape parade. In this annual report, we’ll try to show you, department by department, what all the fuss is about. So enjoy!



AMAZINGLY ENOUGH, DURING FISCAL YEAR 2012 the Chemical Engineering (ChE) Department generated the majority of the 200-plus media reports published, broadcast, and web-sited about the College of Engineering. That’s because the department scored an extraordinary number of major breakthroughs by researchers skating on the leading edge of biofuels production. One was PAUL DAUENHAUER. He turned a figurative triple axel, spinning out a trio of biofuel firsts. One significant discovery was reported by Dauenhauer and others in the January 2012 issue of Energy & Environmental Science and later highlighted in Nature Chemistry. While developing a new experimental technique called “thin-film pyrolysis” to study high-temperature biomass chemistry, Dauenhauer’s research team uncovered a small molecule that behaves like cellulose when converted to biofuel. Studying this “mini-cellulose” molecule reveals for the first time the complex chemical reactions that take place in such biomass as wood and prairie grasses during high-temperature conversion to biofuel. “What we have invented here is the basic tool necessary to optimize biofuel reactors,” Dauenhauer explains. This brilliant new tool will now allow researchers to study the reactions inside a biofuel reactor, track the molecules produced by those reactions, and adjust the reactor to produce the highest possible grade of bio-oil. Not to be outdone by himself, Dauenhauer and his colleagues also discovered a new, high-yield method for producing the key ingredient used to make recyclable plastic bottles from biomass. His inexpensive process creates the ingredient, called p-xylene, with an efficient 75-percent yield from renewable biomass feedstock, making it competitive with fossil fuel production. Dauenhauer’s third leap forward was a $600,000 grant from ReCommunity Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina to support the development and evaluation of an innovative green fuel for coal-fired boilers, ReCommunity’s trademarked “ReEngineered Feedstock.” It’s a unique fuel source that combines municipal solid waste with “sorbent” materials – those that absorb liquids or gases. These materials can work side by side with coal to capture harmful emissions from the combustion process before they are released into the atmosphere, thus making coal-generated energy environmentally sound. In effect, Dauenhauer is showing the world that “Gaia is our business.” While improving the pyrolysis process by leaps and bounds, Dauenhauer and our other crack biofuels researchers are converting the campus from UMass Amherst into Bio-UMass Amherst.


Despite Paul Dauenhauer’s ingenuity in the lab this year, the most extraordinary innovation was an interdisciplinary collaboration between Paul and his wife Kendra. Her name is little Eleanor (in UMass T-shirt).




Other faculty members at the college are putting the whammy on serious human diseases. SHELLY PEYTON is engineering realistic models of human tissue to study disease. Her interdisciplinary lab studies how cells in the body grow out of control during cancer and cardiovascular disease. Traditionally, scientists use animals to replicate what happens during human disease, but animals are very expensive, and they often don’t behave very much like humans. As an alternative the Peyton lab develops models of tissues using biomaterials to study how cells behave during disease.

Bioengineering projects such as some mentioned above are the object of a visionary new Early Career Faculty Development Award, established by DR. BAHRAM “BARRY” SIADAT (Ph.D. ’79, ChE) and MRS. AFSANEH SIADAT. They pledged $150,000 over a five-year period to support the research program of an untenured faculty member in the ChE department, giving strong preference to faculty members working in bioengineering. Dr. Siadat is cofounder and managing director of SK Capital Partners and also an alumni advisor to the ChE department.

“These models act as a substitute for using animals to study disease in the lab,” Peyton explains. “Instead, we can make micro-tissues that look very much like a tissue would look like in a human. Using these biomaterial micro-tissues, my lab is uncovering why breast cancer cells prefer to spread to certain organs versus others, and why some patients may be resistant to common chemotherapy drugs.”

Meanwhile, three beloved ChE alumni were honored last November 5 during the College of Engineering’s second annual Outstanding Alumni Awards Luncheon. This year’s ChE Outstanding Senior Alumni Award winner was VINCENT G. MURPHY (M.S. ’67, Ph.D. ’71, ChE). Recipients of the ChE Outstanding Junior Alumni Award were twin brothers DAVID A. STURGIS (B.S. ’00, ChE) and THOMAS A. STURGIS (B.S. ’00, ChE).

MICHAEL HENSON plays a key role in a $950,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the 24-hour circadian rhythm, or “body clock,” in humans. His research involves creating mathematical models of circadian rhythm generation to better understand sleep disorders and other diseases triggered by malfunction of the 24-hour body clock.

A number of chemical engineering undergrads drafted their own blueprint for success by earning important fellowships, scholarships, and other honors. Chief among them were KATHRYN GELDART and SARENA HORAVA, who each received one of the country’s most highly sought-after fellowships, the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship, worth more than $40,000 annually for three years.

NEIL FORBES has engineered a non-toxic kind of Salmonella bacteria that can use its own self-propulsion system to venture deep into tumors and manufacture a powerful anti-cancer drug. “It sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it?” says Forbes. “But Salmonella bacteria, in effect, are each little robots that can swim wherever they want. They have propellers in the form of flagella, they have sensors so they can tell where they’re going, and they’re also little chemical factories. So what we’re doing as engineers is controlling where they go, what chemical we want them to make, and when they make it.” As Director of the Institute for Cellular Engineering, SUSAN ROBERTS recently ushered in a 19-credit Graduate Certificate in Cellular Engineering, the first campus graduate certificate targeting the critical confluence between engineering and the life sciences.

AIDAN GILCHRIST received a William F. Field Alumni Scholarship to honor third-year students for their academic achievements, and KEVIN CUNNINGHAM was recognized for his leadership and executive ability as a Jack Welch Scholar. Sophomore MONIQUE FARRELL demonstrated how to generate her own sustainable energy by serving as a member of the Chem-E Car Team, the secretary for the UMass chapter of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers, the historian for the UMass Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, a student mentor in one engineering residence hall, and a student employee in the Diversity Programs Office. Taking a tip from any good engineer, she is obviously a woman with a plan!


Like any good engineer, Monique Farrell (left) comes equipped with a good plan.


Shelley Peyton (right) models human tissues in her lab to study cancer and other killer diseases.



C I V I L A N D E N V I R O N M E N TA L E N G I N E E R I N G ( C E E ) Department Head RICHARD PALMER is the principal investigator for the new Northeast Climate Science Center, based at UMass Amherst. The center was created with a $7.5-million federal grant from the Department of Interior to study how climate change affects ecosystems, wildlife, water, and other natural resources from Maine to Missouri. The new center attracted national coverage by the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Newsday, Chicago Tribune, Mass High Tech, Associated Press, NPR station WBUR, WFXT-TV 25, and WHDH-TV 7. Palmer says that, to win this major federal recognition, UMass Amherst and its partner institutions demonstrated how they offer unparalleled research strengths and established multi-disciplinary collaborations, spanning the Northeast region, as needed to conduct research on climate change and its effects. The co-principal investigators are: RAYMOND BRADLEY, a Distinguished University Professor and director of the UMass Climate System Research Center; CURT GRIFFIN, professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and co-director of the Environmental Sciences Program at UMass Amherst; and KEITH NISLOW of the U.S.D.A. Forest Service Northern Research Station. In addition to UMass Amherst, other members of the new center are the University of Wisconsin Madison, University of Missouri Columbia, University of Minnesota, College of Menominee Nation, Marine Biological Laboratory, and Columbia University.

THE PITCHER WHO REENGINEERED HIMSELF Such technical terms as pitch, torque, mass, and velocity take on added meaning when it comes to senior civil engineering major JOE POPIELARCZYK, a right-handed pitcher on the UMass baseball team who has literally reengineered himself. Popielarczyk used his education in the CEE Department to modify himself from the walk-on reliever he was four years ago into one of the very best starting pitchers in college ranks as a senior. He basically reverseengineered pitching savvy. “As for relating engineering and pitching,” explains Popielarczyk, “I definitely thought about the physics behind pitching and how to improve my pitching. Also, my coursework and learning how to

work through problems helped me when I was both training and out there pitching. It helped me find a confident focus while on the mound as well as teaching me how to work harder than I knew how to. All of this, along with the help of many others, made me do what I did this season.” What he did this season was a total overhaul! He was named the 2012 Atlantic 10 Pitcher of the Year, First Team All-Atlantic 10, Academic All-Conference, first team New England Division I AllStar, UMass Spring Scholar-Athlete, and one of 51 players on the watch list for national Pitcher of the Year by the College Baseball Hall of Fame. At the end of the regular season, Popielarczyk’s


Richard Palmer is an international expert on climate change and the PI of the new $7.5–million Northeast Climate Science Center.


After three seasons of relative anonymity, pitcher Joe Popielarczyk redesigned himself into a whirling dervish on the mound.

electron-microscopic earned run average of 1.24 per game led the Atlantic 10 and ranked third in the nation. Popielarczyk did all that while maintaining a stellar 3.42 GPA in the demanding civil engineering curriculum and being accepted by the UMass CEE department as a graduate student for next fall. Popielarczyk’s reanimation project has been eye-opening. No body in motion has attracted more second glances since Shoeless Joe Jackson walked out of the corn in Field of Dreams. Grad students got into the act, too. RADHAMERIS GOMEZ, a doctoral transportation engineering student, has been named Outstanding Student of the Year by the New England University Transportation Center. Gomez had previously received an Eno Transportation Foundation Fellowship, a fellowship Radhameris Gomez has majored in “Award from the National Science Foundation Winning” since coming Alliances for Graduate Education and the to UMass Amherst. Professoriate, a Thomas E. Desjardins Memorial Scholarship from the New England Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, and a Best Research Presentation Award from the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, among other honors.

UMass Amherst and Arizona State University. Butler traveled to Ghana this May to install a pilot latrine in one village of subsistence farmers, but her long-term goal is the deployment of her inexpensive privies throughout the developing world. “This would be a centralized resource for the whole community,” explains Butler. “Its purpose is a combination of removing the harmful components of human waste and generating electricity for the villagers.” The CEE department honored two of its own this year by giving special awards to a couple of its most deserving alumni. The recipient of the CEE 2011 Outstanding Senior Alumni Award was RUTH M. BONSIGNORE (B.S. ’83, CEE), and the recipient of the CEE 2011 Outstanding Junior Alumni Award was AMY B. CERATO (M.S. ’01, CEE). Last but far from least, the CEE department is constructing a state-ofthe-art Structural Testing Facility, which will allow researchers to test full-size structural elements such as beams and girders. The testing facility will also lift the profile of the department in terms of attracting top-flight students and sponsored research. ROBERT BRACK (B.S. ’60, CEE), the owner and chairman of the board of the Barker Steel Company, spearheaded the funding for the Structural Testing Facility by making the lead gft and leveraging it as a matching challenge grant.


The UMass Student Chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers brought home its own award on the Mass Pike after winning the 2012 Northeastern District 1 Traffic Bowl Championship, a Jeopardy-style competition in which UMass was represented by graduate students EVAN WALSH, ERICA SWANSEN, and ANDY BERTHAUME. In addition, the whole chapter hit the honors highway after being selected to receive the 2011 International Outstanding Student Chapter Award.


WE’LL LEAVE THE LIGHT ON FOR YOU! FACULTY MEMBER CAITLYN BUTLER has designed and developed a green latrine that can purify domestic waste for small farming villages in Africa, while also churning the stuff into healthy compost for the fields, and turning it into enough carbonneutral electricity to provide some lighting for local residents. The multipurpose new invention, called a Microbial Fuel Cell Latrine, is being funded by a $100,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in this collaborative project between engineers from

It takes a whole village to raise a green latrine, developed by Caitlyn Butler (second from right in second row), which treats waste and creates electric power.



T H E E N G I N E E R I N G R E S E A R C H C E N T E R for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA) is moving into a new phase by installing an array of its revolutionary weather-tracking radars in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex. The CASA radars provide high-resolution, near-surface views of hazardous weather events and send out faster, more accurate, storm warnings and forecasts. DFW’s 6.5-million people and volatile weather make it the perfect urban test site for CASA’s next phase, after the system was tested over the last four years in rural Oklahoma. “There are three things we’re trying to do in the test bed,” explains BRENDA PHILIPS, deputy director of CASA. “First is to demonstrate the value of CASA radars and other sensors in an urban environment. Second is to develop new private-public partnership models for deploying and operating sensors. And third is to be a platform for future research in complex urban environments.”

The test bed will initially be comprised of eight CASAstyle radars and soon expand to include a set of wideband high dynamic range barometers built by Paroscientific, Inc. for sensing both nearby and distant infrasound signals. CASA envisions that the multi-sensor test bed will then be extended to include wind profilers, Doppler lidars, supplementary radars, and other sensors. The project is expected to serve as a prototype for a national-scale “network-of-networks,” which enables a multitude of users and sensor providers to exchange observational data across a common infrastructure.

Brenda Philips is the driving force behind CASA radars in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that can track killer storms as they fall to earth.

The DFW test bed has already been successful in helping to generate additional research funding. Philips was just awarded a $1.34-million grant, including matching funds, from the National Science Foundation to create an innovation ecosystem for the DFW project. She also obtained a $400,000 multi-institutional grant from the National Weather Service. CASA’s MICHAEL ZINK and Philips will serve as the lead investigators for a $286,000 NSF grant to develop and deploy public-sector applications and services on ultra-fast, software-defined networks. CASA is also funded by the Jerome M. Paros Fund for Measurement and Environmental Sciences Research.

TWO LOFTY HONORS PAUL SIQUEIRA of the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department was honored this year by two of America’s loftiest institutions: NASA and Harvard. They both appeared on his radar screen to enlist him for his specialty, characterizing the earth’s landbased ecology from outer space through remote sensing. NASA selected Siqueira to serve on its Science Definition Team for a space-borne radar mission entitled “Earth Deformation, Ecosystem Science, and the Dynamics of Ice.” DESDynI, as NASA

touts its mission acronymically, is scheduled for launch before the end of the decade. The Science Definition Team is a group of 15 scientists nationwide who are considered experts in their fields and who will help direct the formulation of the mission. Siqueira studies terrestrial ecology while specializing in the design, development, and use of remote sensing techniques for applications in terrestrial ecosystems.


CASA is collaborating with the North Central Texas Council of Governments and the National Weather Service to create this end-to-end test bed of multiple sensors linked to public and private decision makers, such as emergency managers, NWS forecasters, and private industry.


“Being on the Science Definition Team at this early stage will leverage my meager voice towards the whole of the mission,” says Siqueira. “More so, because even though there are 15 scientists on the team, I will likely be one of four, or at most five, who are directly related to the terrestrial ecology side of the DESDynI project.” To give more grounding to his terrestrial studies from on high, Siqueira received a Charles Bullard Fellowship in Forest Research, worth more than $40,000, from Harvard University. How these dovetailing projects impact our worldwide ecology in the future is now a matter of…well, DESDynI. LIXIN GAO won the “SIGMETRICS Test of Time Award,” which recognizes an influential performance evaluation paper whose impact is still felt 10 to 12 years after its initial publication. In 2000, Gao collaborated with JENNIFER REXFORD to write the winning paper: “Stable Internet Routing Without Global Coordination.” College of Engineering Dean TED DJAFERIS was recognized with a 2011 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Control Systems Society (CSS) Distinguished Member Award. JOSEPH BARDIN was awarded approximately $295,000 for two years by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Young Faculty Award Program, picked from what DARPA called “the nation’s brightest young scientists.”

CASA Director DAVID MCLAUGHLIN coordinated the 10-year development of CASA’s revolutionary phased array radar (seen here). In honor of that accomplishment, McLaughlin presented “Chasing Interdisciplinarity While Chasing Tornadoes” as part of the 2011-2012 UMass Amherst Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series. McLaughlin also received the Chancellor’s Medal, the highest honor awarded to faculty by the campus.

ELECTRIFYING STUDENTS The number of graduate students from the ECE department who won best paper and poster awards this year is so robust that we don’t even have room for all the details: •



ILKE ERCAN was the lead author of the Best Paper Award winner at the 11th Annual IEEE NANO Conference. An article by JIA ZHAO was selected for the Best Paper Award at the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Great Lakes Symposium on Very-Large-Scale Integration.

• Y. SINAN HANAY and recent M.S. graduate ABHISHEK DWARAKI received the Best Paper Award at the 12th annual IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing. • KRZYSZTOF ORZEL won the Spiros G. Geotis Prize, awarded for the best student paper and poster at the American Meteorological Society’s 35th Conference on Radar Meteorology.

Ilke Ercan (top) and Prasad Shabadi (bottom) led the stampede of ECE grad students who won best paper awards this year.

ALAN LEVIN won the Best Poster Presentation at the 2012 New England Numerical Analysis Day.

PRASAD SHABADI won the Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE/ ACM International Symposium on Nanoscale Architectures 2011.

PRITISH NARAYANAN won the Outstanding Poster Award at the FENA/MSD Annual Review.

An article written by MD MUWYID UZZAMAN KHAN earned the Best Student Paper Award at the 2011 IEEE International Symposium on Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI and Nanotechnology Systems.

Among undergrads, the ECE department placed two teams of student innovators in the final field of 24 from across the nation that competed in the Cornell Cup competition at Walt Disney World in Florida. ECE undergraduate NICHOLAS JACEK was a Jack Welch Scholar, while DUSTIN LAGOY won a William F. Field Alumni Scholarship. Meantime, ADAM POLAK was the recipient of Qualcomm’s ROBERTO PADOVANI Scholarship, named after that company’s chief technology officer for nearly a decade. Padovani (M.S. ’83, Ph.D. ’85, ECE) and his wife COLLEEN PADOVANI are major supporters of the department. Among our alumni, Raytheon Corporate Vice President of Engineering, Technology, and Mission Assurance MARK E. RUSSELL (M.S. ’85, ECE) received an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering Degree from UMass Amherst at its 2012 Commencement ceremonies. Winner of the ECE Outstanding Senior Alumni Award was the late APOSTLE G. “BUTCH” CARDIASMENOS (M.S. ’76, ECE), and the recipient of the ECE Junior Alumni Award was BRIAN Q. HUPPI (B.S. ’93, ECE).



P R I N C I PA L I N V E S T I G AT O R ERIN BAKER of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Department received a $3.2-million grant from the National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship program to start an interdisciplinary graduate program in Offshore Wind Energy Engineering, Environmental Science, and Policy. It will train 24 doctoral students over the course of five years in the technology, environmental implications, and social/economic/ regulatory challenges of offshore wind farms.

Erin Baker

The multidisciplinary program will feature 20 faculty members from nine UMass Amherst departments in the College of Natural Sciences, School of Management, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and College of Engineering, including JAMES MANWELL, JON MCGOWAN, MATTHEW LACKNER, YAHYA MODARRES-SADEGHI, and ROBERT HYERS from the MIE department.

The problem is that proposed offshore wind farms have often met with stiff public opposition. “In general, it has been surprisingly hard to site wind farms,” explains Baker. “Although they’re clean and the energy is free once you install the equipment, there has often been a public backlash against them. We’re trying to address that in a way that faces this public acceptance problem right from the beginning.” Another MIE faculty member is working on health information technology, the computer hardware and software dealing with the storage, sharing, and use of healthcare data. The problem is that it is very user-unfriendly. This drawback turns “health information” into an oxymoron, which is especially unfortunate because the technology is viewed by our government as one of the most promising tools for improving the overall quality, safety, efficiency, and cost of our mega-expensive health delivery system. Now the National Science Foundation (NSF) has given JENNA MARQUARD of the MIE department a mandate to help correct this glaring problem. The NSF awarded Marquard a coveted $400,000 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grant to support her research on computerized health information technology designed to improve the health, clinical care, and cost of management for diabetics and patients with high blood pressure. Her research will retool the technology by modeling how doctors and patients interact with these information systems and by engineering more user-friendly computer interfaces for them. “The government is spending a huge amount of money to encourage the adoption of health information technology,” says Marquard.


Jenna Marquard’s career blossomed with the College of Engineering’s 24th NSF CAREER Award.


“But there are a lot of scientific studies and circumstantial evidence indicating that, when the systems aren’t usable, people reject them.” In other faculty news, the Minerals, Metals, & Materials Society (TMS) awarded Hyers the 2012 Brimacombe Medal. Hyers was also elected to the board of directors of the society. In addition, the TMS chose ASHWIN RAMASUBRAMANIAM for the 2012 Young Leader Professional Development Award. Many media this year focused on “Distractology 101,” a program created by the Arbella Insurance Human Performance Laboratory, whose director is MIE Department Head DON FISHER. The Arbella company is trying to educate drivers, especially young and inexperienced ones, about the hazards of distracted driving through its touring, 36-foot-long, neon-yellow trailer, equipped with two driving simulators running the lab’s program. During the trailer’s first year on the road to prevent multitasking motorists from driving themselves to distraction, some 1,800 young people took a spin in Distractology 101.


Senior Sam del Pilar leaves very big, psychedelic, high-top sneakers to fill at the College of Engineering.

Senior SAMUEL DEL PILAR has taken the urban tradition and Hispanic heritage he grew up with in Queens, New York and used it as fancy footwork for his nonprofit educational organization called “Sneakers 4 Success,” which inspires urban youth to pursue a college degree through sneaker culture and footwear design.


Del Pilar also drained a three-point shot of sorts at the seventh annual UMass Innovation Challenge when Sneakers 4 Success won a trio of prizes totaling $8,250, including the Audience Choice Prize and the first annual David Wolf Prize of $5,000, sponsored by the intellectual property law firm of Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.


There were other outstanding MIE students, too. The UMass Amherst Supermileage Team finished in fifth place out of 30 colleges at the international Society of Automotive Engineers Supermileage® competition. The streamlined, three-wheel car (see back cover) built by Team Zoom Mass finished the 10-mile course with a tightfisted 843 miles per gallon!

Don Fisher is one of the few experts standing between our busy highways and millions of young motorists driven to distraction. Responding to the kind of news reported in one Wall Street Journal article that 3,337 company founders and CEOs across all industries hold an advanced degree in engineering, the MIE department has started its new Engineering Leadership, Innovation, Teaching, and Entrepreneurship (ELITE) Program, funded generously by alum ROBERT HAGERTY (B.S. ’74, MIE). It will equip some of the department’s best and brightest students with the leadership, entrepreneurial, and communications skills to expand the pool of engineers who become CEOs, founding officers, supervisors, directors, managers, and teachers. “We look at the ELITE Program as the first step along that swelling pipeline of leaders,” says Fisher. As the Journal article concluded, “The demand for engineers is voracious.” Another high-profile improvement in the department is its new Innovation Shop, which will be outfitted with state-of-the-art machine tools, instruments, and computers to support inventive mechanical engineering projects, including all related design, modeling, manufacturing, and testing activities. The Innovation Shop will also feature areas for classroom instruction, team meetings, computer-aided design, fabrication, and assembly. MIE alumnus CHARLES PETERS and UMass alumna KAREN PETERS have pledged $100,000 over four years, to be divided evenly between the College of Engineering and the Isenberg School of Management. In the College of Engineering, this gift will support the Career Development Center and the Diversity Programs Office, enabling both programs to provide workshops, networking, and experiential learning for undergraduate engineering students. The 2011 MIE Outstanding Senior Alumni Award recipient was THOMAS J. LYDEN (B.S. ‘72, M.S. ‘73, MIE), while the MIE Outstanding Junior Alumni Award recipient was PATRICK D. WALSH (B.S. ‘03, MIE).

ALL THESE ACCOMPLISHMENTS, throughout our four departments, act as empirical evidence to support the media blitz enjoyed this year at the College of Engineering. The news is finally out about something we’ve known for a long time on this campus. We’re perfecting all the complex chemical, civil, environmental, electrical, computer, mechanical, and industrial engineering processes for making a global impact.


◼ Federal 58% ◼ Industrial 12% ◼ State & Local 17% ◼ Other 12%



◼ Current Gifts 3% ◼ Fee Income/Misc. Revenue 4% ◼ Industry/Private/Other Grants 12% ◼ Federal/State/Local Grants 43% ◼ State/GOF/RTF 38%

FY12 COLLEGE NUMBERS FACULTY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97

GRADUATE ENROLLMENT . . . . . . . 510 B.S. DEGREES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .352 M.S. DEGREES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 141 PH.D. DEGREES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

FY12 RESEARCH EXPENDITURES BY DEPARTMENT CHE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,346,869

◼ Information Technology 1% ◼ Equipment/Leases 3% ◼ Supplies/Maintenance 3% ◼ Admin/Tvl/Postage 5%

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◼ Scholarships/Fellowships 6% ◼ Overhead 12% ◼ Student Support 15% ◼ Salaries/Fringe 55%

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ALL THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS inside this annual report show our engineers hard at work, fundamentally changing the world.


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Leadership Circle Pioneers $100,000+ Roberto Padovani ‘83MS,’85Ph.D. + $ & Colleen McLevedge Padovani “75S,’82 + $

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Thomas J. Lyden ‘72,’73MS & Denyse A. Lyden ++ $

Barry Siadat ‘77MS,’79Ph.D. & Afsaneh Siadat

Janice (Rittenburg) Rossbach ‘49 ++ $ James M. Smith ‘67,’07HD ++

Leadership Circle Sponsors $10,000-$24,999 Nicholas N. Boraski ‘50,’91HD +++ $ James E. Chaney ‘79 & Marina (Morbeck) Chaney ‘81 Herbert L. Cheever ‘65 + $ Carl R. Christenson ‘82,’84MS + & Kimberlee B. Christenson + John M. Cryan ‘58 +

Paul D. Engel ‘74 + & Deborah M. Engel % + Robert S. Feldman > & Katherine E. Vorwerk ++

Raymond E. Laplante, Jr. ‘87 ++ $ & Marie (Swiatlowski) Laplante ‘87 ++ $

Andrew I. Shapiro ‘82 & Ruth Bonsignore ‘83 +

Michael S. Sarli ‘75 > ++ $

H. Brian Thompson ‘60 ++

Ernest T. Selig > & Rae N. Selig

John F. Welch, Jr. ‘57,’82HD & Suzanne R. Welch ++

Marvin O. Schlanger ‘72MS + & Eva (Listman) Schlanger ‘70MA +

Edwin V. Sisson ‘68 Vincent G. Murphy ‘67MS,’71Ph.D. + Barry F. Smith ‘76 + $ Mark J. Notkin ‘86 + Ting-wei Tang > & Shirley S. Tang ++

Edward C. Gray ‘73 + Robert C. Hagerty ‘74 & Paula (Records) Hagerty ‘74 * Ronald L. LaBarre ‘73

Leadership Circle Advocates $5,000-$9,999 Mark B. Bradley ‘79 & June C. Wispelwey +

Robert A. Henry ‘70 ++

Robert A. Mionis ‘85

A. Leo Joseph ‘89MS

Nilesh Shah ‘85Ph.D. ++ & Jean Brady ‘87Ph.D. ++

Kevin J. Kelley ‘61 & Lee Kelley +

Raymond A. Noga ‘75MS & Karen (Murphy) Noga ‘74

Alvin T. Kho ‘94,’96MS,’00Ph.D.

James O. Pearson ‘78 +

Salvatore C. Scuderi

Robert S. LaCava ‘79 & Sandra (Adelman) LaCava ‘78 + $

Karen (Holland) Peters ‘87 % + & Charles J. Peters, Jr. % +

Stephen P. Scuderi ‘74 & Shirley Scuderi ‘97 +

Gary R. Lapidus ‘84 & Clare R. Scherrer

Francis A. Petrangelo, Jr. ‘88

William M. Stein ‘91MS

Frederick J. Pevey, Jr. ‘72,’82MBA +

Kendall G. Miller ‘79 + $ & Carla (Ray) Miller ‘82,’85MS + $

Gary W. Pritchard ‘80 & Christine (Mahoney) Pritchard ‘79

Paul C. Washburn III ‘81,’84MBA & Elizabeth (Baker) Washburn ‘84 +++

Joseph A. Carnevale ‘71 & Mary C. Carnevale ++ Philmore H. Colburn II ‘86MBA + Kevin M. Ferreira ‘07 $ Robert M. Gorman ‘63 + Rafael D. Guzman ‘88




Nicholas J. Scuderi ‘88

Edward S. Andrews, Jr. ‘85 $

Leadership Circle Associates $2,500-$4,999 Richard J. Bedard ‘73

Christopher J. Fontaine ‘79 +

Daniel J. Bonelli ‘78 + $ & Patricia (Pepe) Bonelli ‘78 + $

Ronald R. Gerace ‘84 % ++ & Juliane (Sicard) Gerace ‘85 % ++

Dennis M. Bushe ‘65 ++ Steven P. Carlson ‘80 + $

John J. Harney ‘83 & Margo (Kennedy) Harney ‘84 +

Jay A. Catelli ‘05 + $

David C. Jeanes ‘73 +

Adam S. Miller ‘93

Frank J. Consoli ‘75 +

Marshall G. Jones ‘72MS,’74Ph.D. & Annie Jones ‘73MBA ++

Mara A. Motherway + Sally D. Motherway ++

Paul W. Kamienski ‘69 + $

Joseph H. Watson ‘00MS & Stephanie Raimondeau ‘02Ph.D. $

William D. Motherway ‘87 + $

John P. Keenan ‘72 & Dagmar (Schorkhuber) Keenan ‘73

David R. White ‘77,’78MS + $

Basant Nanda ‘92MS $

Richard P. Wynn ‘50 ++

Cuneyt L. Oge ‘80MS & Margo T. Oge

Guy E. Yeager ‘96MS $

James L. Craig ‘96CAGS,’96MED > ++ & Christine L. Craig ++ Bronislaw K. Dichter & Patricia M. Dichter %

W. Eric Egan ‘82 & Margot T. Egan ++ Paul W. Kelley ‘67 + Clifford J. Knox ‘50 ++ $ Richard B. Fairbanks ‘67,’69MS + John M. Ferriter ‘71 & Sandra (Mcpherson) Ferriter ‘71 ++

Charles D. Machlin ‘82 Richard F. Mackey ‘66 ++

Michael F. Malone ‘79Ph.D. > & Christine A. Lau ++

Gregory S. Sherowski ‘70 + $

James D. Marley ‘81 & Anne (Guiney) Marley ‘92

Ilhun Son ‘88Ph.D.

Neil P. Sirota ‘88 Thomas J. Stanley ‘79 $

Lawrence S. Martin ‘67 +

Edwin L. Thomas ‘69 % + Karen Utgoff +

Frank B. Riordan ‘91 Daniel H. Schaubert > & Joyce Schaubert

Leadership Circle Members $1,000-$2,499 Reginald H. Achilles ‘91

Russell W. Couture ‘63 *

Kenneth D. Allen ‘81 & Susan Barber Allen ‘81 +

Stephen P. Daniel ‘81 +

Joseph I. Goldstein > & Barbara H. Goldstein ++

Ronald J. Keohane % & Diana R. Keohane %

Thomas J. Danielson ‘91Ph.D. $

Ronald R. Gould ‘69 ++ $

John P. Kieronski ‘50 * ++

Kelvin F. Cross ‘75,’77MS ++ & Caren Arnstein ‘77 ++

Elizabeth Davidson ‘84 & Thomas Orent

Paul H. Grazewski ‘77 %

Steven A. Krol ‘77 + $

Richard J. Gregory ‘86Ph.D. ++

Steven M. Lee ‘96 $

Ronald J. Bartos ‘80 $

Seren Z. Derin % + Anthony P. DiCenzo ‘73,’74MS

& Gillian (Norman) Gregory ‘82MS,’86Ph.D. ++

Roberto T. Leon ‘78

Pamela Beaubien + Paul E. Bennett ‘50 * >

& Carolyn (Barron) DiCenzo ‘72MS

Sadiye Guler ‘96Ph.D.

Karl E. Liebich ‘80 ++ $

Hal M. Berman ‘77MS +

Theodore E. Djaferis ‘74 % > & Mary Djaferis ‘03MS %

Mark B. Hackenberry ‘83 Phyllis Heronemus

Tucuong Lien ‘70 & Jennifer (Chen) Lien ‘71 + $

Paul D. Enders ‘85,’88MS $ & Jill (Bottomley) Enders ‘85,’87MS $

Brian W. Hill ‘69 % & Susan C. Hill +

Mark D. Lincoln ‘71 + $ Edward M. Livingston ‘70 +

Robert J. Burbank ‘60 & Sandra (Morse) Burbank ‘61 ++

Sharon (Brown) Forbes ‘83

R. Paul Hirt ‘81 & Lynn Campana ‘81 ++

Michael M. Frerker ‘96MS

Erik D. Hjerpe ‘93MS ++

& Jane MacDonald ++ $

Gregory J. Caetano ‘84 ++ $

Barbara Howard ‘78 +

James F. Manwell ‘77MS,’81Ph.D. >

John A. Carriere ‘75 ++

David R. Gaboury ‘76 & Mary E. Gaboury +

Brian Q. Huppi ‘93,’98 $

Kumar N. Ganapathy ‘90MS

Mari-Kate McEntee ‘07 $

Alexander Chajes * % > ++

Gordon Hutchins, Jr. ‘70 +

David J. Chou ‘81 + $

Matthew H. Garber ‘08

Ramakrishna Janaswamy ‘86Ph.D. >

Suzanne McGowan ‘71MA,’96Ed.D. & Jon G. McGowan >

Scott A. Civjan >

Gary R. Gardinier ‘69 & Arleen (Ruder) Gardinier ‘69MED $

Wayne C. Jones ‘66 ++

Timothy J. McGrath ‘98Ph.D.

Donald L. Gibavic ‘72 + & Nancy (Suprenant) Gibavic ‘78 +

Spencer A. Joyner, Jr. ‘73MLA, ’76MRP, ’78Ph.D. + $ & Susan (Lane) Joyner ‘73 + $

Spyros Michail ‘88MS,’91MS $ & Yazmin (Alvarez) Michail ‘89 $

Sally Giglio ‘70MED,’87Ed.D. & Richard J. Giglio > ++

Raymond J. Kaleda ‘66 & Laurel V. Kaleda ++ $

Sheldon Goldman > & Marcia Goldman +++

James L. Milton ‘70MS,’73Ph.D. & Martha (Sailor) Milton ‘74 ++

Gareth A. Keith ‘58 ++

Richard T. Misiaszek ‘68 ++

John G. Bestgen, Jr. ‘55 Donald M. Boettger ‘85 Sergio F. Brena >

Alan S. Cohen ‘66 & Natalie K. Cohen Robert S. Cohen ‘55,’63MS & Iris (Sidman) Cohen ‘57 Heidi (Donahue) Connelly ‘82 % & Michael Connelly % William C. Conner, Jr. >

Mark A. Lester

Michael J. MacDonald ‘91 ++ $

Edward W. Millette III ‘86 +

This report recognizes contributions received during Fiscal Year 2012. *




5 to 9 years of consecutive giving

% Parent

HA Honorary Alumnus or Alumna



++ 10 to 24 years of consecutive giving +++ 25 or more years of consecutive giving

Matching gift or claim Current faculty, staff or emeritus faculty

HD Honorary Degree Recipient Stockbridge Alumnus or Alumna

Leadership Circle Members $1,000-$2,499 (cont.) Carmel Motherway

Evan F. Quarton ‘58

John T. Murphy ‘65 +

John F. Quinn ‘57

Lawrence M. Nugent ‘56 & Elizabeth A. Nugent ++ Richard N. Palmer % > & Elaine S. Palmer %

Howard R. Smith ‘75 + $

David A. Spieler ‘74 Donald A. Robinson ‘66,’84Ph.D.%> & Karen (Kester) Spieler ‘75 & Sara (Laclaire) Robinson Gary E. Stanitis ‘80 % & ‘66,’79MED,’86Ed.D. % Judith (Bell) Stanitis ‘80 % Scott A. Sandler ‘83 +

Jane (Isgur) Stein ‘82MS % & Peter B. Stein % ++

Greg G. Peters ‘76 ++ $

Manfred J. Schindler ‘82MS

Ivan L. Stokes ‘81 ++

Thomas K. Philips ‘83MS,’86Ph.D. & Marina Philips ‘86MS

Gary P. Sharpe ‘70

Ian M. Striffler ‘97 $

Lee A. Pearlmutter ‘66,’73MS

Russell J. Powers ‘66

David H. Rosen ‘59 % +

David A. Sturgis ‘00 + $

James G. Shields ‘60 & Marilynn (Kolazyk) Shields ‘61 ++ $ Thomas A. Sturgis ‘00 $

David M. Pozar > & Judith A. Pozar > Steven L. Shray ‘79 +

Steven P. Sullivan ‘87 +

Harold J. Publicover ‘49 ++

Joseph P. Taylor ‘83 $

George A. Smith, Jr. ‘55 & Linda Smith ++

Nancy (Gage) Torrey ‘73 & Philip B. Torrey ++ Jay E. Turnberg ‘78,’79MS % & Ann (Muri) Turnberg ‘77 % John H. Underwood ‘62 + Marcel D. Veilleux ‘81 William H. Wachter III ‘80 & Jill Wachter Robert A. Wilson ‘77 & Roberta (Laird) Wilson ‘78 Gary A. Wyllie % & Constance H. Wyllie % John C. Yaney ‘70 *

Leadership Circle Affiliate Recent Alums Patrick M. Border ‘11,’12MS

Maxwell P. Leabo ‘10

Charles N. Cheatwood ‘02MS $

Gregory P. Leger ‘02 & Jayme (Brown) Leger ‘03 +

Derek W. Griffin ‘03

Panagiotes M. Petrakis ‘08

Changting Wang ‘01Ph.D. & Yunqing Wang ‘02MS $ Nathan C. Roy ‘04,’06MS & Christine (Bonczar) Roy ‘04,’05MS

Matthew W. Heath ‘04Ph.D. $

Individual Donor

Gifts of all levels to the College of Engineering are critically important and gratefully acknowledged. The following donors have each generously contributed between $100 and $999 to the College of Engineering, its departments and programs, during the time period July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012.

$500 - $999 Donors to the College of Engineering Thomas L. Anderson ‘80 ++

Robert T. Duffy ‘73MS + $

Neoma M. Berger ++

Alfred A. Dumas ‘62

James E. Johnson ‘60 & Beverly A. Johnson ++

Donald P. MacClellan ‘78 % & Judith (Levasseur) MacClellan ‘79 % ++ $

James E. Brown ‘74 ++ $

Robert B. Eimstad ‘82MS,’86MS,’86

Thomas W. Kelly ‘81 $

John F. Magnani ‘81

Paul M. Carlin ‘66 $

Alvin R. Finkelstein ‘54 ++

Scott A. Carr ‘85 $

Jason A. Franchi ‘99 $

David M. Catallozzi ‘81 + $

Frederick A. Fresh ‘88Ph.D.

Robert L. Klein ‘58 & Michael Mahoney ‘83,’85MS $ Elizabeth (Spencer) Ivey ‘76Ph.D. ++ John Mardirosian ‘81,’84 % Albert V. Laakso ‘58 + & Janice Ferguson ‘82 % $

Michael J. Chajes ‘84

Kazimierz T. Grzeslak ‘88,’91MS $

John R. Corsi, Jr. ‘61

Roy D. Hegedus ‘85Ph.D. $

James Costantino ‘58 +

Kenneth B. Howe, Sr. ‘50 ++

T. Steven Cotter ‘94MS ++

Elmer H. Hsu ‘67Ph.D. + $

Jeffrey S. Dirk ‘91 % ++

Laurence A. Hughes ‘58

James H. Donahue ‘63

Scott C. Hyney ‘81 $



Neil F. Lacey ‘90 ++ $

John P. McGlynn ‘78 ++

Wenkway Liang ‘90MS & Jenyeng Cheah ‘90MS

Robert S. Michael ‘80,’84MS & Birgit Kohl ‘83 +

Mitchell J. Liro, Jr. ‘65 & Sandra (Goddard) Liro ‘63 ++

Leland P. Miner ‘61 & Jo (Bell) Miner ‘59 ++

Russell S. Lyon ‘82 & Tina (Vanheyst) Lyon ‘83MS

Bibhu P. Mohanty ‘93Ph.D. & Yana (Zilberberg) Mohanty ‘94MS $


$500 - $999 Donors to the College of Engineering (cont.) Alan S. Natter ‘74MS ++ Richard E. Park, Jr. ‘83 ++

Anthony M. Puntin ‘92 & Beverly (Nace) Puntin ‘90 +

Rodney A. Sassaman ‘82 & Anne (Banas) Sassaman ‘83 ++ $

Scott D. Thomas ‘92Ph.D. & Cristina (Urdaneta) Thomas ‘92Ph.D. $

Todd W. Paro ‘82 +

Patrick J. Quinlan ‘82 +

Gretchen (Dittfach) Shubrooks ++

David P. Torpey ‘89

John Perra ‘92 ++

Herbert S. Rollins, Jr. ‘74 ++

Thomas F. Simeone ‘84 +

Chorfan Tsang ‘77MS +

Norman G. Phillibert ‘85MS ++ $

Jonathan W. Roskill ‘85 ++ $

Richard H. Sioui ‘68Ph.D.

H. Algernon Whitworth ‘75 ++

John W. Philpott ‘63,’77MBA ++

Mark Rovelli ‘79 ++ $

John D. Stuart

Anlu Yan ‘92MS,’98Ph.D. $

Kenneth J. Plourde ‘86 ++

Jonathan C. Russell ‘95Ph.D.

Daniel J. Sullivan ‘65 +

Paul W. Young ‘68MS ++

Thomas H. Proctor ‘79 % & Deborah Proctor % $

Stanley A. Sablak “65S & Sandra (Kamienski) Sablak ‘68

Calvin T. Swift > & Joanne T. Swift ++

$250 - $499 Donors to the College of Engineering Donald D. Abells ‘02MS + $

Thomas J. Casali ‘03,’03,’09MBA

David R. Drumm ‘60 ++ $

Alleyn A. Alie ‘77 & Deborah Freeman ‘77

Raul Castillo-Garcia ‘87MS

Thomas W. Dube % & Patricia R. Dube % +

Douglas S. Ambos ‘83,’85MS +

Douglas J. Chabinsky ‘75 % & Martha Chabinsky % ++

Michael R. Hopkins ‘81,’85MS & Nancy (Bouthiller) Hopkins ‘83 Richard M. Hutchinson ‘83 +

Doris Atkinson ‘87MS,’87

Po-Shang Chen ‘86MS,’88Ph.D. & Shan-Lee Liu ‘89MED,’94Ed.D.

Brian E. Dunleavy ‘66 & John A. Jasperse ‘82 ++ Margaret (Barrett) Dunleavy ‘66 ++ $ Dennis L. Jew ‘76 + $ John E. Eck ‘91 Thomas K. Jewell ‘75MS,’80Ph.D.

Carl A. Avila ‘78

Ashok S. Chetty ‘90Ph.D. ++

Bingfeng Fan ‘03Ph.D. +

Victor Bahl ‘97Ph.D. $ David B. Bain ‘90 +

Alexander S. Chuang ‘64MS,’74Ph.D. + Brian M. Fiegel ‘98 & Jennifer (Bourque) Fiegel ‘98 Gregory A. Cigal ‘69,’71MS ++ $

Dennis C. Bak ‘79 +

John F. Coman ‘65 ++

James F. Barry ‘79

Anthony L. Copas ‘80Ph.D. & Judith Mroz ‘77

Richard D. Aquadro ‘83 ++

Robert G. Bartlett ‘80 & Marie Bartlett Uzair Beg ‘05 $ Paul E. Bennett ‘50 * > Mary K. Bloss % David J. Bodendorf ‘64 % & Joan (Janik) Bodendorf ‘65 ++ $

Robert F. Kearns ‘58 $ Robert F. Kempf ‘52

David E. Filkins, Jr. ‘85 % & Kathleen (Ellis) Filkins ‘86 % ++

John P. Kieronski ‘50 * ++ Alan I. Kniager ‘88 ++

Charles W. Fisher ‘83

Richard P. Komosky ‘76 ++

Christopher A. Cove ‘87 % ++

Donald L. Fisher >

Joseph P. D’Eramo % & Debra A. D’Eramo % + $

Timothy P. Foley ‘86 ++ $

Rajeev S. Koodli ‘93MS,’98Ph.D. & Vidya Raichur ‘97MS $

Dennis J. Dahlen ‘78 ++ $

James E. Gagnon ‘74 % ++

Arnold M. Daniels ‘66 %

Lance A. Glasser ‘74 & Wendy (Joseph) Glasser ‘75 +

Nancy (Anderson) Dasilva ‘82

Anthony J. Kozak ‘57 ++

Jonathan R. Freedman ‘82

David A. Bohn ‘78,’79MS & Marlene Bohn ‘84

Lester G. Deotte ‘68 & Patricia B. Deotte +

John A. Gleason ‘87

Bruce A. Bouton ‘72 % & Dale C. Miller-Bouton %

Stephen A. Descoteaux ‘77MS ++

Paul E. Greenyer ‘83 + $

Michael Diggin

Einar P. Gudjohnsen ‘79MS

Cheryl (Doherty) Braulik ‘83 ++

Mark DiGiovanni ‘97

Dale M. Labossiere ‘78 ++ Gary A. LaFrance ‘79 $ James D. Laing % & Roberta Laing % + $ Beth Larkin ‘81 ++

Louis R. Glinka ‘55 ++ $

Judith (Clark) LaRocca ‘88 Roland A. Lavallee ‘77MS & Billie J. Lavallee

Jeffrey M. Byrne ‘77 +

Daniel B. Harris ‘86 & Patricia (Adamopoulos) DiOrio ‘90 ++ Caren (Tessein) Harris ‘84 $ Chris D. Heegard ‘75,’76MS John J. Donahue ‘71,’78MS

Richard E. Campagnoni ‘57 ++

William J. Donovan ‘78MS ++

Robert F. Heisler, Jr. ‘79 $

Richard J. Manning ‘63MBA,’63 ++ $

Margaret Campbell ‘82

C. Wayne Dore ‘78MS

Robert F. Hickey ‘87Ph.D. +

Julie Matthew ‘04

Andrew S. Carle ‘89 & Susan (Gaudette) Carle ‘88 $

Michael H. Dorgan ‘84 & Kin Chow ‘84

Ronald E. Higby ‘58

Michael J. Mazzu ‘89 +

William R. Higgins ‘49 +

William J. Carter, Jr. ‘67 % ++ $

Steven L. Drake ‘71 % +

J. Craig McLanahan ‘92Ph.D. & Janet McLanahan ‘92Ed.D. ++

David C. Brown ‘62

Xin Liu ‘00MS + Richard MacAleese % & Cynthia MacAleese %

This report recognizes contributions received during Fiscal Year 2012. *




5 to 9 years of consecutive giving

% Parent

HA Honorary Alumnus or Alumna



++ 10 to 24 years of consecutive giving +++ 25 or more years of consecutive giving

Matching gift or claim Current faculty, staff or emeritus faculty

HD Honorary Degree Recipient Stockbridge Alumnus or Alumna

$250 - $499 Donors to the College of Engineering (cont.) Rodrick B. McLean ‘86

Cheryl Nicholas ‘81,’96MS,’17Ph.D. % Sameer P. Rupani ‘93

Paula L. Sturdevant Rees >

Brian R. McMorrow ‘79

JoAnne O’Neil ‘83 % & Stephen O’Neil %

Paula (Clifford) Sakey ‘88 > & Robert Sakey +

Venkatesh Tulluri ‘90MS

Cheryl (Stubbs) Mendrala ‘91 ++ $ Leroy E. Mentor ‘50 ++ $

David R. O’Toole ‘68

Melissa (Conner) Saunders ‘89 ++ $

Arun Venkataraman ‘98MS $

Robert C. Merrill ‘71 + $ Mark S. Michalski ‘81 % ++

Peter Orlando % & Marie Orlando % Ratan S. Sawant ‘73MS & Sharon (Smeedy) Sawant ‘75 + Norman L. Page ‘71

Brian J. Milewski ‘84 % & Diane (Gardner) Milewski ‘83,’85MA % +

Mark W. Pelletier ‘83 & Nina (Tousignant) Pelletier ‘83

Bernard K. Saydlowski ‘54 +

Steven A. Minkwitz ‘71,’75MS ++

Emmanuel P. Pfersich ‘70

Jia-Jye Shen ‘88MS

Travis J. Mitchell ‘95,’97MS & Erin (Wagner) Mitchell ‘05Ph.D.

Allan L. Pitcher ‘50 ++

Earl A. Small ‘85

Edward S. Price ‘90

Max A. Solondz ‘86MS +

Albert B. Moore ‘63 +

Paul H. Queeney ‘80

James M. Sonnett ‘80MS

Triantafillos J. Mountziaris >

R. Louis Reinemann, Jr. ‘87

Dawn Murphy ‘90,’93MS ++

Bruce E. Rhodes ‘80 ++ $

John G. Spanbauer ‘81MS & Nancy (Rider) Spanbauer ‘77 ++

Rajesh M. Nair ‘90MS

Walter J. Ros ‘67 $

Michael E. St. Lawrence ‘82

Steven I. Wolkenbreit ‘73 & Janis (Hinden) Wolkenbreit ‘73 ++

Tuan Q. Nguyen ‘90 %

Valentino Rubinaccio ‘81

Joseph C. Strzegowski, Jr. ‘67, ’69MS % ++

Richard T. Zammitti ‘62

William A. Shaheen ‘83,’85MS %

Theodore J. Twarog, Jr. ‘62 % Bernard E. Volz ‘83 $ Aaron L. Wagner ‘94 + Nigel G. Watson ‘82MS Robert A. Weimar ‘72 William D. White Kimberly Williams ‘90 Richard H. Williams, Jr. ‘61 Mark F. Witcher ‘77Ph.D. & Margaret A. Bush +

$100 to $249 Donors to the College of Engineering Brian J. Abbott ‘72 ++

Thomas C. Baillie ‘83

Scott R. Blaha ‘89 +

Donald H. Canton ‘57

Abdul Ashik Abdul Waheed ‘08MS

Arvind S. Baliga ‘91MS,’95Ph.D. Jeffrey J. Bannon % & Lynne M. Bannon %

David G. Blundell ‘73 & Elizabeth (Whalen) Blundell ‘74 $

James A. Carter ‘86,’92MS +

Cynthia Adamski ‘73 % & Stewart Dalzell % $ Sanjay R. Agrawal ‘93MS

Marlon R. Banta ‘96

Bruce B. Bonner, Jr. ‘65 & Sue (Barden) Bonner ‘64 ++

Mark S. Cavanagh ‘74,’78MS & Susan (Bradley) Cavanagh ‘74,’78MS

Antonio D. Aguiar ‘82 % & Gwenn (Mcginty) Aguiar ‘82 %

Michael A. Barillaro ‘90 ++

Joel Boroff ‘73 $

Charles S. Cawlina ‘73

Robert J. Barnini ‘58 ++

Martin E. Boulanger ‘79 ++

Richard P. Cetti ‘70

Maroof Ahmed % & Tahera Ahmed % David C. Bartlett ‘53,’57MS ++ Carl S. Albro ‘70 Eileen Bartley ‘81 & Donna (Hamblett) Albro ‘70 & Kenneth Horton + $

Richard W. Boyle ‘57,’60MS ++

E. Jacob Chacko ‘73MS + $

James E. Braun ‘76

Mark A. Chafin ‘83

Samuel B. Brindis ‘80 ++

Cleo Alexander ‘88MS $

James C. Chambers ‘81

Maxwell K. Barton ‘11

Richard B. Allen ‘63

Siu-Kau Chan ‘86MS,’91Ph.D. +

Jennifer (Kinzler) Basile ‘89 & Paul S. Basile $

Gregory L. Brooks & Cheryl L. Brooks ‘15Ed.D. >

Robert M. Allessio ‘72 % + Chris J. Altomare ‘81MS + Lavalier B. Alves ‘97MBA Allan E. Ames ‘81 + Araya Amsalu ‘94MS,’98Ph.D. Carol Anderson ‘84 ++ $ John M. Anderson ‘58 ++ Leonard T. Anderson ‘86 % & Linda A. Anderson % ++ Sandra (Borden) Anderson ‘66 + Cornelius W. Andres ‘87,’91MS ++

Walter Brooks % & Debra Brooks %

Thomas A. Bassett ‘80 % & Beverly Shaw % ++

Robert P. Brown % & Damaris Brown %

Harlan M. Baxter ‘60 & Jane (Tyson) Baxter

Leonard G. Bugel ‘66,’68MS +

Alvan T. Bazer ‘51MS +

William Burgess % & Dale Burgess % $

Garry Benoit ‘84 Ivan A. Bercovich ‘09,’09 Gayla Berg ‘11 Pierre Berlus % & Marie Berlus %

Joseph Berry % Robert G. Andrews, Jr. ‘69,’70MS,’86 + & Kathleen Berry % Doug Ansuini ‘97MS Sanjay Bhardwaj ‘87MS

Donald A. Burgess ‘64

Richard D. Chandler ‘67,’70MS + Laurie (Oneglia) Charleton ‘89 & William J. Charleton ++ Timothy D. Chase ‘71 Leon T. Chaskes ‘51 Giovanni Chin-A-Sen ‘99MS Ying H. Cho ‘85 +

Edward H. Burns III ‘74 +

Ronald L. Cole ‘66 & Sharon (Stowell) Cole ‘66 ++

Robert J. Byrne ‘51,’70Ph.D. & Mildred (Warner) Byrne ‘50 + Alfonso Cacciatore % & Marisa Cacciatore % +

Kiran R. Bhat ‘89MS +

John F. Cain ‘61 ++

Marc H. Attar ‘05

Kristina Cairns ‘86 ++

James M. Averback ‘78

Paul F. Bidgood ‘82 % & Patricia J. Bidgood %

Stephen G. Badum ‘80

Mark E. Biskup ‘97

Michael W. Canary ‘85 ++


Joseph Chandler ‘85,’87MS

David T. Burnett ‘91,’00MS & Claire (Fugardi) Burnett ‘90 +

Michael R. Antunes ‘93 +


Reed W. Cass ‘74MS +

Mark A. Campbell ‘90


Philippe Cini ‘91Ph.D.

Christopher M. Coleman ‘94 John J. Collins ‘63MS ++ Barry D. Cooper ‘76 Matthew J. Cortelli ‘92 + Charles F. Costa ‘61 Jeffrey W. Costa ‘09

$100 to $249 Donors to the College of Engineering (cont.) Mark P. Coughlin ‘82,’85MS % & Nancy Coughlin % ++

Michael J. Donati ‘93 & Lauren Dechayne-Donati ‘94 ++

Edward H. Cowern ‘59 & Irene (Kowalczyk) Cowern ‘59 ++

David S. Douglas ‘76 ++ $

Melvin C. Crain ‘50 ++

Rene L. Dube ‘59

Robert A. Cramer ‘80 Benjamin J. Crellin ‘04,’07MS

William A. Dugger ‘80 % & Rosemary (Walsh) Dugger ‘82 % +

David A. Crockford ‘88

Stratos G. Dukakis ‘55 % +

Wayne V. Gilbert % & Beth B. Gilbert %

Edward J. Cronin ‘61 & Jeanne (Faucette) Cronin ‘60 +

David A. Dulitz ‘87 +

Jenny (Symmes) Giolas ‘97 +

Charlotte L. Hewitt %

Wilrose M. Duquette ‘66 ++

Priscilla Hill ‘96Ph.D. +

Joshua M. Curtice ‘92

William A. Dvorak ‘79,’81MS & Amy Green-Dvorak ‘81

Peter E. Gluckler, Jr ‘94MS % & Maria E. Beltran % ++ Ernest Goldberg ‘83MS

Gary W. Hoglund ‘80 $ Christopher Hollot >

Richard A. Cuti ‘85MS

Paul A. Douglas ‘80 +

John W. Gettens ‘80 ++

Edward J. Harvey, Jr. ‘70 %

Nicholas Giannakopoulos % & Tina Giannakopoulos %

Richmond W. Hathaway ‘52 ++

Vito A. Giannelli ‘72 & Marjorie (Berg) Giannelli ‘74 +

Arthur R. Hazelton ‘66 +

Dwight H. Havens ‘79 ++

Robert B. Gibb ‘56 +

Allen Hearn % & Nancy E. Nolan % David Hebert ‘07Ph.D. Peter G. Henderson ‘75 ++

Richard J. Hoar ‘73,’75MS

Michael A. D’Ambrosio ‘80 $

Aditya V. Dwivedula ‘03

Harvey E. Goldberg ‘81

Brad A. Dahlquist ‘72 %

Daniel M. Earley ‘86MS

Martha (Dunn) Goldstein ‘92MS

Jayne Hollows ‘89 ++

Alexander C. Ebron % & Glenda C. Ebron %

Kui Gong ‘92MS & Xiao Feng Qi +

Kevin A. Horgan ‘99,’04MS

George L. Goodridge III ‘01

Michael J. Hornbrook ‘79 ++

Paola S. Emerson ‘86

Stephen F. Gorman ‘82 ++

Francis J. Dance ‘76,’95MS ++

Gregory R. Erhard ‘63

David S. Horton ‘02 & Suzanne (Sposato) Horton ‘02

Ghazi Darkazalli ‘72MS,’77Ph.D. % +

Philip R. Estabrooks ‘84,’86MS ++ $

Zaven Gostanian % & Kathleen Gostanian %

Joseph M. Daly ‘86MS + Thomas S. Daly ‘78MS % & Kathaleen A. Daly %

George A. Howe ‘04 +

Stephen Eustis % & Deborah Eustis %

James G. Gradziel ‘75 ++

Katherine (Griffin) Huber ‘03

Leo F. Gray ‘82 +

Arthur D. Humason ‘79,’81MS ++

James H. Faler ‘67 & Bonnie (Cooper) Faler ‘68

Robyn (Bari) Graziano ‘88 ++

Paul J. Hurley ‘82 +

Steven H. Greenfield ‘76MS +

Frank Feist ‘93MS

Marcel J. Grenier ‘50 ++ $

Rohinton K. Irani ‘86MS,’89Ph.D. & Priti R. Irani + $

Mark M. Finneran ‘87

Steven C. Griggs ‘81

Jennifer (Sam) Irwin ‘87 ++

Robert P. Delmore %

Robert G. Fitzgerald ‘58 + $

Erica Guidoboni ‘06

John L. DeMello ‘89 & Kelley (Azevedo) DeMello ‘88

Chester G. Flahive ‘81 % & Eileen (Joyce) Flahive ‘80 %

James P. Gurzenski ‘89MS & Lynda L. Gurzenski

Charles W. Jack, Jr. ‘69 & Carolyn (Connors) Jack ‘71 +

Anthony V. DePalma ‘63 % ++

Mario H. Fontana ‘55

Paul H. Gusciora ‘78 +

Katherine (Dittfach) Jacobson ‘71

Patrick A. DePaolo, Jr. ‘63 +

Clifford J. Forster, Jr. ‘51 ++

Jeffrey R. DePiero ‘91 & Susan Hamilton ‘90 + $

Eric T. Gustafson ‘81 & Karen M. Gustafson +

Joel C. Janovsky ‘87 ++

Maureen (Bagge) Fowler ‘89 +

Prakash Jha % & Sharda Jha %

Thomas J. Desaulniers ‘90 & Andrea (Deveres) Desaulniers ‘92 ++

James E. Fredette ‘69 ++

William Guttrich % & Katrina Guttrich %

Paul A. Dickie ‘77 +

Gary M. Furman ‘79 ++

Bruce B. Dickinson ‘59 +

Joseph D. Gagne ‘80 ++

Paul E. DiCristoforo ‘85 & Ruth (Emery) DiCristoforo ‘83 $

Elango Ganesan ‘95Ph.D. $

Pravin K. Dattani ‘66MS John B. Davenport ‘82 ++ Todd H. Davis ‘94MS ++ Michael A. Deaett ‘77MS + James E. Dellea ‘43 & Rosemary Dellea ++ $

Jon W. Dietrich ‘69,’74MS % John C. Ditomasso ‘96MS + $ Sally (Anderson) Doire ‘82 + Edward J. Donahue ‘60 ++

Michael B. Fox ‘90MS + Jacob R. Freeman ‘04

Wayne Gannett ‘75 +

Bruce K. Jackson ‘82

Andrew E. Jeffrey ‘06,’08MS

Eric W. Haffner ‘84MS,’89Ph.D. & Brenda Gardner ‘84MS ++ Farokh S. Hakimi ‘71 Samuel M. Hall ‘85

Bruce L. Johnson ‘74 & Beverly (Mchugh) Johnson ‘74 + Carl W. Johnson ‘81 & Anna (Mathieu) Johnson ‘85 $ Gary A. Johnson % & Brenda L. Johnson % +

Paul R. Hallet ‘65 +

Martha Garske ‘91Ph.D. ++

Douglas W. Hanks ‘83 % & Cynthia (St. george) Martowski ‘83 ++ $

David W. Gauthier ‘88 ++ $

Tyronne Hanlan

Sharon (Day) Gell ‘72

Margaret (Hagen) Harris ‘75MA

Raymond L. George ‘60

William A. Harrison ‘80

Jarl O. Johnson ‘52 Joseph Johnston % & Kathleen Johnston % Christopher L. Jones ‘75 % & Lorraine Theroux ‘75 % ++

This report recognizes contributions received during Fiscal Year 2012. *




5 to 9 years of consecutive giving

% Parent

HA Honorary Alumnus or Alumna



++ 10 to 24 years of consecutive giving +++ 25 or more years of consecutive giving

Matching gift or claim Current faculty, staff or emeritus faculty

HD Honorary Degree Recipient Stockbridge Alumnus or Alumna

$100 to $249 Donors to the College of Engineering (cont.) Cody D. Jones ‘09MS,’15Ph.D.

Stephen K. Lee ‘74MS $

Gerald A. Miller ‘94Ph.D.

Robert T. Jones ‘60,’72MS % ++

Robert T. Leet ‘89,’95MS ++

R. Gerry Miller ‘68MS ++

Patrick J. Joyce ‘88,’92MBA $

Edward J. Leonard ‘94

Robert L. Miller ‘87MS $

Richard A. Jubinville ‘70,’74MS

Robert L. Levesque ‘55 ++

Nicholas P. Julian ‘95 & Brigette M. Julian ++

Deborah Levin ‘76 % & Alan Levin III % +

Stephen M. Miu ‘89 & Katherine (King) Miu ‘88 ++

Edward S. Kaczenski, Jr. ‘75MS % & Karen Kaczenski % ++

Scott J. Lewis ‘99MS $

James E. Moes >

Dominic W. Li ‘74,’76MS

Nicholas J. Molloy ‘82 ++

Christopher K. Kaijala ‘80

Brett S. Loosian ‘89 +

Adam J. Montalbano ‘10

Ronald M. Parlengas, Jr. ‘84 % & Kimberly Parlengas % $

Yoon W. Kang ‘86Ph.D.

Robert W. Lovell ‘97MS $

Geoffrey D. Moodie ‘94

Sumukh N. Pathare ‘99MS

Mark F. Kanter ‘85MS ++

Qi Lu ‘94MS

Rick R. Moore %

Raymond T. Pavio ‘89MS

John P. Karpuk ‘50 ++

Eugene M. Lunsford, Jr. ‘75

Paul D. Moyer ‘79

Scott A. Pearson ‘87 +

Frederick E. Karshick ‘62

Yekaterina Lyubimova % Michael J. Mahony ‘92MS +

Charles E. Mryglot ‘75,’77MS % & Diane (Wiest) Mryglot ‘77 + $

Brian R. Penman ‘75

Barry D. Kaufman ‘87,’88MS + Leonard E. Kay ‘91Ph.D.

Shannon R. Malloy %

William P. Kelleher, Jr. ‘65 %

Michael C. Malzenski ‘84

John D. Mizia ‘82

Joseph Mukania % & Catherine Mukeba %

Brian T. Kennedy ‘80 +

Sean M. Manning ‘91,’93MS

Thomas A. Kennedy % & Elaine M. Kennedy % $

Gary J. Mullett ‘70,’72MS % & Robin Mullett ‘98 % ++

J. Edward Maroney, Jr. ‘70 & Roseanne Maroney

Rakesh C. Keswani ‘95 +

Laurence E. Murch ‘72Ph.D. > & Diane F. Murch %

James D. Martin % & Louann K. Martin %

Leon A. Murphy ‘50

David I. Knox ‘80

Michele Martin ‘88,’90MS % & William R. Martin $

Donald R. Muzyka ‘60

Kenneth J. Koehler ‘75MS ++

William F. Martin ‘64 ++

Malcolm W. King ‘51 ++ Michael A. Knodler ‘02MS >

Jeffrey J. Murray ‘61 ++ Debashish Nag ‘90MS +

Konstantinos A. Konstantinides ‘80MS Christopher E. Mascarenhas ‘89 ++ Lorraine Mathis ‘10 $ Thomas E. Kopec ‘80,’85MS +

John R. Nelson ‘50 Kerri Nelson ‘06,’12MBA

Nicholas Koutsoftas ‘95 $

Eliot P. Mayer ‘77 ++

Richard M. Newman ‘89 ++ $

Brian R. Kraft ‘94MS & Julie (Rodrigues) Kraft ‘93,’95MS

Michael McArdle

Thomas G. Newton ‘91

Peter T. McEntee % & Patricia J. McEntee %

Ralph V. Nichols ‘75,’76MS

Steven E. McLaughlin ‘86 & Christine Ford ‘88

Robin Noble ‘78 ++ $

Thomas D. McLay ‘50 ++

David W. Noon ‘63 ++

Louis W. Krampetz, Jr. ‘76 Howard S. Kravitz ‘70 Chandrashekar Krishnaswamy ‘88MS + Stewart M. Krug ‘72

Christina (Shea) Noble ‘82 + Kevin J. Nolan ‘89

Nathan F. Labak ‘08

Timothy F. McMahon ‘98 & Eric F. Nusbaum ‘97Ph.D. Jennifer (Masciadrelli) McMahon ‘98 Carolynn Nuttelman ‘69 $ Lee T. McNeil ‘73,’75MS + Daniel K. O’Brien ‘72 % Christopher T. McNulty ‘82 & Paula O’Brien % James B. Mead ‘90Ph.D. Peter R. O’Coin ‘70 ++

James F. Laffan ‘79 ++

William E. Meese ‘84 ++ $

Vijaya R. Lakamraju ‘99MS,’02Ph.D.

Fereshteh Mehman Doost ‘95,’98MS + Michael F. O’Malley ‘06 $ Bharat L. Mehta ‘76MS + Francis J. O’Neil ‘65,’68MS %

Michael S. Krupka ‘71 % & Colleen M. Krupka % ++ Stanley J. Ktorides ‘71 & Anne (Lalikos) Ktorides ‘77 ++

Sandra Lake ‘88 + John P. Lambert ‘86 ++ Lauren Lamere ‘11 $ Emil Lange, Jr. ‘50 ++ Walter E. Lankau, Jr. ‘66MS ++ Kenneth F. Lanzillo ‘50 ++ Nancy Laurie ‘89,’92MS,’00Ph.D. + John J. Lawler ‘50 ++


James P. O’Donnell ‘80

Dave Meierdiercks % & Janice Meierdiercks % + $ Dennis N. Menard ‘75 Richard D. Menard ‘84

Bruce Papazian ‘76,’85Ph.D. % & Jan C. Rockwood % Paul J. Paquin % & Jeanne M. Paquin % + Kenneth L. Parezo ‘72 & Justine (Depasquale) Parezo ‘71

Chris L. Perkins ‘77,’86MS % & Cheryl M. Perkins % ++ David J. Pernitsky ‘01Ph.D. + David Pesuit % & Elaine Ulman % Sean W. Peterfreund ‘03 $ Andrew A. Piccus ‘84 & Megan (Gilbert) Piccus ‘85 ++ Thomas S. Piecuch ‘72 ++ $ Robert V. Pieri ‘71 + Daniel Pires % & Patricia E. Pires % + Randolph P. Porter ‘71 George Pothering % James E. Poulin ‘66 David D. Primmer ‘59 % + Donald A. Puntin ‘65 % Jonathan H. Pyenson ‘75 Duncan Pyle % & Polly Pyle % Paul J. Quirnbach ‘81 ++ Vincent J. Raby ‘80 + $ Michael Raimondi % & Patricia Raimondi % Mark L. Rand ‘80 $ Jeremy N. Rapoza ‘95 + Arunachalam Ravindran ‘74Ph.D. Gregory Reed % & Christine Reed % James J. Reid ‘80 + James E. Rhein % & Wendy Oeser-Rhein % +

Thomas L. O’Neill ‘74MS

Todd J. Rhodes ‘84

William J. Ohley ‘70,’72MS

William A. Richardson ‘74 & Judith (Stanley) Richardson ‘73 ++

Peter H. Ordway ‘67

Steven Ostrosky % Brian A. Metzger ‘05 & Simone & Judith A. Ostrosky % (Silvestri)Metzger‘05,’06MED,’06MS Samuel Owusu-Ababio Ronald A. Michalski ‘68 ‘89MS,’92Ph.D. + Alwin K. Milch, Jr. ‘56 ++ 2012 ANNUAL REPORT

Halil Padir ‘87Ph.D. & Karen M. Tegan Padir


Karen (Zimmerman) Ridgway ‘77 David R. Riese ‘86 + $ Kenneth P. Rispoli ‘88MS + Cheryl Ritter ‘98

$100 to $249 Donors to the College of Engineering (cont.) Angel D. Rivera, Jr ‘94

William L. Schweber ‘74MS & Susan (Baer) Schweber ‘74 +

Maurice P. Talbot, Jr. ‘63 +

Randy A. Robertson % $

Xiao Tang ‘00MS

Thomas G. Weil ‘76MS & Diane (Soini) Weil ‘76

Christopher W. Robinson ‘86 & Margot (Michel) Robinson ‘86

Linda Scott ‘83MS,’86Ph.D. > & Rebecca Sherer ‘87 ++

David A. Tattersall % & Shelly M. Tattersall %

Ward D. Wells ‘75,’77MS & Cheryl (Smith) Wells ‘73 ++

Mark D. Robinson ‘83 ++

William C. Scully ‘63 % & Gregory S. Thomas ‘92 $ Maryanne (Walther) Scully ‘63 % ++ John C. Thomas ‘85MS ++ $ Kathleen Sellers ‘85MS Anita I. Thompson % Joseph D. Shea ‘95 & Marie Shea ‘97 Mark Thrasher % Glen C. Shepherd ‘88 + & Margaret Magee % David W. Sibor, Jr. ‘77 Frederic S. Topor ‘59 & Dawn (Carmen) Sibor ‘76 ++ Patrick M. Tormey ‘81,’88MS Barry J. Simays ‘98 Andrew R. Touchette ‘89 & Wendy Inderpal Singh ‘09 (Tolpa) Touchette ‘93 ++ William A. Sirois ‘70 Edward P. Trider ‘58 +

Ainsley B. Rockwood ‘63 Robert J. Rogaleski ‘74 ++ David O. Rogers ‘56 John E. Rogozenski, Jr. ‘71MS ++ Robert F. Ross ‘90 & Elizabeth (Noonan) Ross ‘87 Dana T. Rossi ‘97 + $ Robert A. Roy ‘87 Daniel C. Rubano ‘85 John J. Rup, Jr. ‘83 David F. Ruschmann ‘74 ++ Christopher Ryan ‘79 Donald L. Ryan ‘84 & Anita M. Ryan Michael J. Ryan ‘89 & Melinda L. Ryan

David L. Welsh ‘71 & Beverly (Bennett) Welsh ‘72 ++ Tracy Wheeler ‘89 Brian Whicher % & Margaret Chapman % Douglas M. White ‘92 & Julia (Sabol) White ‘92,’00MED Susan Whitehouse ‘88 Lawrence R. Whiting ‘76 Gary D. Wigglesworth ‘80 Diane Wigmore Morabito ‘80,’83MS

Andrew B. Smith ‘06

Robert F. Trocchi ‘55 +

David R. Smith ‘69 $ Frederick J. Smith ‘59 ++

Kenneth J. Trotman ‘90 & Nicole (Gray) Trotman ‘90

George L. Smith ‘67

Pei Tsao ‘80MS

Paul B. Wohler ‘82 ++

Rohit Sood ‘99MS

Colin R. Tuohey ‘02

Randy L. Wolf ‘08MS

Alan M. Sorkin ‘82

Brian G. Turner ‘80 & Ruth (Suchodolski) Turner ‘86 ++

David Wong ‘89MS

Matthew J. Twarog ‘98 & Jesse (Rutherford) Twarog ‘97 +

David L. Woo ‘68 ++

Thomas A. Tyrer, Jr. ‘64 & Joan (Strandberg) Tyrer ‘64

Steven J. Wood ‘82 % & Linda (Picard) Wood ‘83 %

Joseph F. Vaccaro ‘70

Charles E. Woodin, Jr ‘84MS % & Laurie L. Woodin %

Terence E. Ryan ‘01

Gary R. Spongberg ‘66

Scott H. Ryder ‘70 +

Mircea R. Stan ‘94MS,’96Ph.D. ++

Laurie Sablak

Jonathan E. Starr ‘92

Gordon S. Steadman ‘60 ++ Mark G. Saccone ‘85 & Lee-Anne (Lortie) Saccone ‘87,’93 + Michael L. Steiner ‘89

Andrew F. Wilkie ‘80 + Raymond W. Winberg ‘63 %

David A. Wong, Jr. ‘85 + Kenneth Woo % & Alice Lam %

Frank E. Sadlowski ‘78

Ronald J. Stirling ‘56 ++

Lloyd M. Vallance ‘96

Harold E. Safarik ‘73 ++

James W. Stolecki ‘80 ++ Mark D. Stratton ‘88

John Vasselin % & Marie Vasselin %

Dawne S. Woods %

Stephen J. Sallah ‘83 & Julie (Doyle) Sallah ‘81

David K. Veleta ‘04 +

John P. Salsgiver, Jr. ‘86 ++

Peter C. Sukanek ‘70MS,’72Ph.D. & Kathleen Sukanek ‘72MED ++

Bruce K. Wylie ‘66,’68MS,’71Ph.D.

Joseph S. Vogel ‘81 +

Louis M. Santoro ‘67 & Linda (Lewis) Santoro ‘68 +

Kevin M. Sullivan ‘79,’83,’85MS & Jo Sullivan +

King L. Yee ‘81 ++

Paul N. Votze ‘85

Chii-Ren Young ‘83MS

Sharad Saxena ‘87MS,’91Ph.D. & Jayashree (Swaminathan) Saxena ‘93Ph.D. ++

Steven E. Sundquist ‘89

Bruce D. Wade ‘81 Ronaldo Wagner ‘86,’90MS + $

I-Chung Young ‘94MS & Eliza (Rivai) Young ‘95

Brendan G. Walker ‘10

Paul D. Zanoli ‘80 +

William E. Walker ‘57 ++

Paul D. Zisk ‘57 ++

Judith Schonhoff ‘97 + $ Thomas D. Schuler ‘73 & Pia (Decataldi) Schuler ‘74 Howard E. Schulien ‘50 +

John J. Swana ‘53 ++ Walter J. Swiatek, Jr. ‘65 Kin Cheung Szeto % & Wan Ping Guan % Theodore F. Tabloski, Jr. ‘68 +

Brian W. Woodward ‘01

Donald E. Warren ‘65 + James E. Webb ‘95Ph.D. ++ $

This report recognizes contributions received during Fiscal Year 2012. *




5 to 9 years of consecutive giving

% Parent

HA Honorary Alumnus or Alumna



++ 10 to 24 years of consecutive giving +++ 25 or more years of consecutive giving

Matching gift or claim Current faculty, staff or emeritus faculty

HD Honorary Degree Recipient Stockbridge Alumnus or Alumna

Organizational Contributors Organizations listed below generously designated support of $1,000 or more toward the College of Engineering, its departments and programs, during the time period July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012. c

Alpha Omega Electromagnetics, LLC

Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund ++

Millitech Inc +

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving ++

Altera Corporation +

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Inc.

Scuderi Group, LLC, The +

Altra Industrial Motion Inc.

Forge Partners, LLC

Motherway Liv Revoc Trust, Sally D.

American Iron and Steel Institute

Fuss & O’Neill Inc.

National GEM Consortium

Semiconductor Research Corporation +

Ansys Incorporated

Gates Foundation, Bill & Melinda

National Grid USA Service Co. Inc. +

Sensata Technologies, Inc.

Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation

Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.

New England Wire Products

Shray Family Fund

Goldman Sachs Gives

Newlans, Inc.

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.

Ayco Charitable Foundation ++

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund +

Notkin Family Fund +

Skanska USA

Black Island Wind Turbines

Haley & Aldrich, Inc.



BOND Brothers, Inc.

Hyperion Systems, LLC

O’Connell’s Sons Inc. Daniel


Boraski Family Foundation, Ruth P. & Nicholas ++

Hypres Inertia Dynamics

Brownington Foundation, The ++

Parametric Technology Corporation + Summit Design + Build, LLC Tektronix, Inc. Perfect World Coaching, Inc.

Intel Corporation ++

Petrangelo Fund

Tides Foundation

Cantor Colburn LLP


Philips Electronics N.A. Corp.

Tighe & Bond, Inc. ++

CH2M Hill, Inc.

Isilon Systems, LLC

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Inst.

Vanasse & Associates, Inc., Robert D.

Cisco Systems IncMain +

ISO New England, Inc.

Prima ElectroPrima Electro

Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.

Competitive Innovation LLC +

ITT Radar Systems Gilfillan Division

ProSensing, Inc.

Verizon Wireless

Cornell University

Keithley Instruments, Inc.

RM Technologies, Inc.

Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation

CST of America, Inc.

Kenexa Technology, Inc

Raytheon Company ++

Wolf Greenfield, P.C. +

D.A. Sullivan & Sons, Inc.

L-3 KEO +

ReCommunity Holdings II

Xerox Foundation

Dreyfus Foundation, Camille and Henry

Liberty Mutual Research Institute

Saint Gobain High-Performance Materials

EMD Millipore Corporation Entact Solutions, Inc. ExxonMobil Foundation +


Lockheed Martin M/A-COM, Inc. Marin Community Foundation +


Schlanger Family Foundation, The Eva & Marvin +


Matching Gifts Corporations listed below thoughtfully matched employee giving to the College of Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst during the time period July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012. c

3M Foundation, Inc.

Fidelity Investments FM Global Foundation

Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company

Rexnord Inc.

Abbott Fund Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

FMC Foundation


Amgen Foundation, Inc.

General Electric Fund

Microsoft Corporation

Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation

Apple Computer, Inc.

Millipore Foundation, The

Sandisk Corporation

Babson Capital Management LLC

Global Impact Matching Program for Symantec

Motorola Foundation

Solvay Advanced Polymers, L.L.C.

BAE Systems

Goodrich Foundation

New York Life Foundation

Steelcase Foundation

Bechtel Foundation

Google Incorporated

Northeast Utilities System

Synopsys Inc

Boeing Company, The

Hanover Insurance Group, The

Northrop Grumman Foundation


Caterpillar Foundation

Hasbro Charitable Trust

NSTAR Foundation


Chevron Texaco

IBM International Foundation

Oracle Corporation

Unilever U.S. Foundation, Inc.

Phillips Chemical Company LP

Intel Corporation

Owens-Corning Foundation Inc.

United Technologies

Citizens Financial Group

Invensys Systems, Inc.

Pfizer Foundation, The

Verizon Foundation

Corning Incorporated Foundation

Investment Technology Group, Inc.

Wells Fargo Foundation

Deluxe Corporation Foundation

ISO New England

Philips Electronics North America Corporation

Dow Chemical Company, The

Jacobs Associates

Pitney-Bowes Inc.

Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

Juniper Networks

Procter & Gamble Company

ExxonMobil Foundation



FactSet Research Systems Incorporated

KBR Incorporated

Raytheon Company

Marathon Oil Corporation

RealNetworks Foundation

Rogers Corporation

Xerox Corporation U.S.A.

This report recognizes contributions received during Fiscal Year 2012. *




5 to 9 years of consecutive giving

% Parent

HA Honorary Alumnus or Alumna



++ 10 to 24 years of consecutive giving +++ 25 or more years of consecutive giving

Matching gift or claim Current faculty, staff or emeritus faculty

HD Honorary Degree Recipient Stockbridge Alumnus or Alumna

Thank You

DONORS This listing recognizes contributions received during fiscal year 2012. Every care is taken to avoid errors in the lists, but if any have occurred, please call them to our attention by contacting: Paula Sakey Director of Development College of Engineering University of Massachusetts Amherst 140 Marston Hall Amherst, MA 01003 413.545.6396



If you are interested in learning about giving opportunities within the College of Engineering, please contact Paula Sakey, Director of Development 413.545.6396 or

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING University of Massachusetts Amherst 130 Natural Resources Road Amherst, MA 01003 Phone 413.545.0300 Fax 413.545.0724

2012 Engineering Annual Report  
2012 Engineering Annual Report