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2  Spring 2011 Lifelong Learning Course Catalog


NEW! The Classic Film Series (#3) Register Now!

Course #119KPS View eight MORE of the finest movies ever made. Hear background stories of how they were made and why they are significant. The eight movies are: Grand Hotel (1932), Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Top Hat (1935), Dead End (1937), Bringing Up Baby (1938), The Maltese Falcon (1941), In Which We Serve (1942), and From Here To Eternity (1953). Instructor: Greg Willihnganz, historian and independent filmmaker Schedule: Feb. 15—Apr. 5 (8 sessions), Tues., 7-9:30 pm | $129

Introduction to Screenwriting: Act I


Register now by calling (502) 852-6456 or visiting

Instructor: Barbara Polk, 39-year veteran of radio, TV and the ad agency business Schedule: Feb. 22—Mar. 29 (6 sessions), Tues., 6:30-8:30 pm | $89

NEW! How to Self-Publish Your Book Register Now!

Course #119LPL You know that old saying, "everyone has at least one book in them." It's true! This class covers book organization, cover design principles, interior book layout, publication and promotion! If you are a writer or have ever considered writing a book, this is a must-attend class. Instructor: Peggy DeKay, author of Self-Publishing for Virgins Schedule: Apr. 12—May 3 (4 sessions), Tues., 6:30-8:30 pm | $79 plus $16 materials fee payable to the instructor the first night of class

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Course #119JPB Discover how to plot your story, create fascinating characters, and structure the three acts. You’ll leave with your screenplay plotted out, your story outlined, and the first act completed. Instructor: John M. Risner, B.S., film production, professional screenwriter, script consultant Schedule: Feb. 24—Mar. 31 (6 sessions), Thurs., 6:30-8:30 pm | $89

Developing Commercial Voice Talent for Radio and TV Register Now!

Course #119JPD Discover the world of commercial voice work as you learn about taking direction, creating voices, and the ingredients of a voice demo. Participate in a mock audition and record commercial reads including straight pitch, characters, dialogue spots, PSAs, and cartoon voices. Register early! This class is limited to 14 and it always fills.

Writing for Children—Level I Register Now!

Course #119JPC This class covers copyright, rewrites, manuscripts, query letters, guidelines, tags, beginnings and endings, publishing and more. Please bring two sheets of writing paper, two #10 envelopes, 8 sheets of copy paper, and two first-class postage stamps to class. Instructor: Judith C. Owens-Lalude, M.A., educator who has conducted many workshops for adults who enjoy writing for children. Schedule: Feb 15—Mar. 8 (4 sessions); Tues., 6-8 pm | $79 plus $25 materials fee due at first session

Creative Writing Register Now!

Course #119LPF Whether you want to write fiction, memoir or poetry, this class will get you started, banish your anxiety, and help you find a form for the stories you want to tell. We’ll focus on generating and developing

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ideas through the use of prompts and activities while boosting your confidence with supportive feedback. Instructor: Kaitlin Willihnganz, M.F.A. in writing, tutor at Spalding University's writing center Schedule: Mar. 29—May 17 (8 sessions), Tues., 6:30-8:30 pm | $99

Introduction to Reading and Writing Poetry Register Now!

Course #119KP6 Discover what good poetry is by analyzing great poems and using them as stepping stones to writing your own. Equal time will be spent between studying great poetry and reading and discussing each other’s work. Bring paper, pens, pencils and a favorite poem to the first class. Instructor: Sean Hill, M.A., writing, published poet and author of The Imagined Field Schedule: Feb. 16—Apr. 27 (10 sessions; skips Mar. 16), Wed., 6:308:30 pm | $99

NEW! Poetry Writing Workshop Register Now!

Course #119LPJ Learn how to build a writing community and establish methods and rhythms to become the writer you want to be. Using good prompts and themes from other writers, you will choose a different topic each week to create from. The goal will be a body of work of at least 10 poems which long to be published and shared! Instructor: Sean Hill Schedule: Feb. 21—May 2 (10 sessions; skips Mar. 14), Mon., 6:30-8:30 pm | $99


NEW! Beginner’s Quilting Register Now!

Course #119KPT Learn the basics of quilt making (quilt planning, piecing, appliqué, template making and bias binding) and leave with a beautiful wall hanging! No sewing machine is necessary. Instructor: Linda Miller, quilter for 25 years Schedule: Mar. 2—Apr. 6 (6 sessions), Wed., 6:30-8 pm | $89 plus $5 fee due at first session.

NEW! Jewelry Basics: Beads and Beyond Register Now!

Course #119KPA Work with wire to create a variety of chains and incorporate beads in necklaces, earrings and/or bracelets. Use a jewelers’ saw to cut unique shapes from sheet metal to use as pendants for necklaces, earrings and as links in a chain. Combine storebought, handmade and/or found object components to create one-of-akind jewelry. Class size is limited to 12. Instructor: Aerie Meredith, B.F.A., Murray State University, teacher of metalsmithing for 6 years. Schedule: Mar. 17—Apr. 21 (6 sessions), Thurs., 7-9 pm | $159 (includes materials)

Basic Metalsmithing Techniques for Jewelry Register Now!

Learn metalsmithing basics using a jeweler’s saw, wire bending and metal shaping, basic soldering, and finishing to create a jewelry design in brass or copper. Come with a simple shape in mind for your first piece of wearable art! Sterling silver to fashion one band is included in the fee. Register early, as class size is limited to 12. Instructor: Lauri Adkins, BA, fine arts, 18 years’ experience in studio instruction

4  Spring 2011 Lifelong Learning Course Catalog

Schedule: (#119JPN) Feb. 21—Mar. 28 (6 sessions), Mon., 6-8:30 pm OR (#119LPD) Apr. 13—May 18 (6 sessions), Wed., 6-8:30 pm|$159 (includes all materials)

Intermediate Metalsmithing Techniques for Jewelry Register Now!

Would you like to teach a class in 2011? To send your proposal, visit teach-a-lifelong-learning-class


system for growing healthy foodscapes and healthy bodies! Instructor: Penryn Craig, certified permaculture designer Schedule: Apr. 13 (1 session), Wed., 6-8 pm | $29

NEW! Garden Like the Forest Register Now!

Course #119JPP Construct a bezel-set cabochon (non-faceted stone) sterling silver ring using basic soldering techniques. Fusing techniques will be explored while working in copper with sterling adornment. You will also create a small brass/copper container using scoring or forming techniques. All materials are included. Class size is limited to 12. Instructor: Lauri Adkins Schedule: Feb. 23—Mar. 30 (6 sessions), Wed., 6-8:30 pm | $159

Course #119KPX Learn how to design and plant a colorful and useful “plant palette” of edible perennials (as well as annuals) for your garden using the most natural methods. Instructor: Penryn Craig, certified permaculture designer Schedule: Apr. 20 (1 session), Wed., 6-8 pm | $29

Mosaic Flower Pot and Candle Holder Workshop

Course #119KPY Learn the basics of aquatic systems for growing food (plants and fish) in your garden landscapes. Instructor: Penryn Craig Schedule: Apr. 27 (1 session), Wed., 6-7:30 pm | $29

Register Now!

Course #119LPE Learn the basics of mosaic while embellishing the border of an 8” terra cotta pot and saucer. Stained glass chips will be used to fashion a hanging votive holder from a glass jar. Copper wire hangers and glass beads will be used for finishing touches. Welcome spring with beautiful garden accents made in this class. Instructor: Lauri Adkins Schedule: Apr. 11—May 2 (4 sessions), Mon., 6-8 pm | $69 plus $30 materials fee due at first session ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY

NEW! Introduction to Permaculture Register Now!

Course #119KPW This class explores the universally applicable principles of permaculture, a holistic, sustainable land use design

NEW! Introduction to Aquaculture Register Now!

NEW! Water: The Lifeblood of Urban Sustainability Register Now!

Course #119KP3 Explore how the water cycle is changing and how you can calculate and accumulate rain water using a barrel. An actual rain barrel will be built and awarded to one of the students through a drawing. Instructor: Ray Ely, former adviser to the 15Thousand Farmers Group and urban homesteader Schedule: Apr. 19 & 26 (2 sessions), Tues., 6:30-8 pm | $49

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Introduction to Natural Foods Register Now!

Course #119JPJ Experience the delicious taste of foods in forms close to the ones in which they grew naturally from the earth. Practice wise label reading and optimum food selection during field trips to a conventional grocery store and natural foods store. Learn simple, natural, quick, and delicious ways to prepare fresh vegetables, casseroles, soups, dried beans and grains. Class size is limited to 12. Instructor: Joyce Gerrish, M.A., graduate of the National Institute of Whole Health Schedule: Mar. 7—28 (4 sessions), Mon., 6:30-8 pm | $79 plus $10 food fee due at the first session

NEW! Introduction to Wine Register Now!

Flavors to Savor: Healthy Cooking Using Spices Register Now!

Course #119JPT Spices are flavorful and healthy substitutes for sugar, fat and salt. Discover how to make tasty sauces instead of heavy gravies. Develop your knife skills as you learn to create quick and tasty dishes that will satisfy any diner’s taste. Taste the dishes you help prepare in class. All foods prepared in this class are casein and gluten free. Class size is limited to 10 students. Location: 10400 Florian Rd., (instructors’ home) Instructors: Carol O’Neal, Ph.D., food and nutrition and husband, John Schedule: Feb. 26—Mar. 19 (4 sessions), Sat., 1-3 pm | $139 plus $20 food cost payable to instructors FOREIGN LANGUAGES

Spanish I Register Now!

Course #119JPW This new introductory class is the best place to develop your vocabulary of wine—both verbal and sensory. Each class features a minimum of six wines to taste that support the evening’s topic. Instructor: Chris Zaborowski, wine educator and judge with 25 years of experience in the beverage alcohol industry. Schedule: Feb. 21—Mar. 7 (3 sessions), Mon., 7-9 pm | $129

Course #119JPS This introduction to the Spanish language covers basic vocabulary, grammar, and cultural information. No previous knowledge of Spanish is required or expected. Instructor: Susan Mike, BA, Spanish, MA, teaching Schedule: Feb. 16—Mar. 23 (6 sessions), Wed., 6:30-8:30 pm | $149 (plus textbook)

NEW! Wines of Italy

French for Travelers – Level I

Register Now!

Course #119KP5 Not all wines from Italy are Chianti or Asti! Would you like to discover tastes of Italy that have been known since the Romans? Want to learn which Italian wine to serve with your pasta? Either way, this class provides the keys to unlock Italian wine flavors. Each night features a tasting of six or more wines that represent the evening’s topics. Instructor: Chris Zaborowski Schedule: Mar. 28—Apr. 11 (3 sessions), Mon., 7-9 pm | $129

Register Now!

Course #119KPB Learn how to introduce yourself, ask directions, book a hotel room, and order a meal in a French-speaking country. Discover more about French culture and pick up travel tips. The goal of this class is to feel comfortable with French pronunciation and travel expressions as you prepare for your visit to Paris, Montreal, Geneva, Morocco or Tahiti. No previous knowledge of French is expected.

6  Spring 2011 Lifelong Learning Course Catalog

Instructor: Virginia K. Judd, MA, French and international relations Schedule: Mar. 8—Apr. 19 (6 sessions; skips Apr. 5), Tues., 6:30-8:30 pm | $149 (plus textbooks) HOBBIES

Introduction to Drawing Register Now!

Course #119KPP Explore the fundamentals of drawing using dry (charcoal, graphite) and wet (ink) monochromatic media. Study the visual possibilities of contour, mass, proportion, light and shadow as well as the expressive potential of your materials. Instructor: Ken Lucchese, artist who completed the Vermont Studio Center program, the country’s largest artist community Schedule: Feb. 16—Apr. 20 (10 sessions), Wed., 7-9 pm | $159

Landscape Painting with Oil Register Now!

Course #119KPN This class focuses on the potential that the local landscape offers for visual expression in paint. You’ll receive instruction in linear and atmospheric perspective; long and short depth of field; light, color, time of day and season; and the horizon—water, sky, and ground. A supply list will be included with your confirmation letter. Instructor: Ken Lucchese Schedule: Feb. 15—Apr. 19 (10 sessions), Tues., 6-9 pm | $159

Abstract Painting Register Now!

Course #119KPK Learn formal and expressive techniques of abstract painting. Discover understandable techniques for using space, mass, color, and line. This class also explores a basic abstract “alphabet,” the fractured image, spatial arrangement, the image forsaken, and textural devises.


Register now by calling (502) 852-6456 or visiting

Instructor: Ken Lucchese Schedule: Feb. 17—Apr. 21 (10 sessions), Thurs., 6-9 pm | $159

Photography Basics for Digital SLR Cameras Register Now!

Get more from your digital camera by learning about lenses, flash, digital capture and composition. Discover how professional photographers make dynamic images. Have fun with assignments that allow you to practice, learn, and share. You’ll gain skills for continuing a lifelong pursuit in the ever-changing field of photography. Bring your camera (SLR), accessories and manual to each class. Instructor: Rod Patterson, professional photographer (#119JPF & #119JPG) or Colvin Atchison (#119JPH) instructor of digital photography and digital media, Oldham County Schools. Schedule: (#119JPF) Feb. 15—Mar. 29 (6 sessions; skips Mar. 8), Tues., 7-9 pm OR (#119JPH) Feb, 16— Mar. 23 (6 sessions), Wed., 6-8 pm OR (#119JPG) Feb. 17—Mar. 31 (6 sessions; skips Mar. 10), Thurs., 7-9 pm |$124

Advanced Digital Photography Register Now!

Course #119KPC You’ve covered the basics. Now explore these topics in greater detail: lighting techniques, elements of composition, and creating images with impact. A Saturday morning field trip will offer an opportunity to practice your newly learned skills and receive personalized feedback. Instructor: Rod Patterson Schedule: Apr. 6— 16 (3 sessions), 2 Wed., 6-9 pm plus a Sat. field trip on Apr. 16 | $119

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Introduction to Photoshop Elements

Instructor: Ken “Boxman” Lucchese Schedule: Feb. 21—Apr. 11 (8 sessions), Mon., 8-9 pm | $99

Register Now!

Course #119LPB Adobe Photoshop Elements provides key tools for enhancing, organizing, and sharing photographs. You’ll learn to create professional-looking images using Photoshop Elements’ three basic workspaces: the Welcome screen, the Organizer, and the Editor. Basic computer skills are necessary. Register early, as class size is limited to 12. Instructor: Rod Patterson Schedule: Apr. 19—May 10 (4 sessions), Tues., 6:30-8:30 pm | $185 (Sorry, no discounts apply.)

Introduction to Playing the Guitar Register Now!

Course #119KPL This class covers parts of the instrument, string names, notes on the fret board, tuning, first position chords, strumming patterns, blues progressions and patterns, tab and music notation, and the joy of playing the guitar! Bring an acoustic guitar (6-string) to class. Rentals available at Doo Wop Shop. Register early, as enrollment is limited to 7 students. Instructor: Ken “Boxman” Lucchese, performer and student of the guitar for over 35 years Schedule: Feb. 21—Apr. 11 (8 sessions), Mon., 6:30-7:30 pm | $99

Introduction to Playing the Mandolin Register Now!

Course #119KPM This beginner’s class covers the basic picking technique, tuning, the most important mandolin chords, how to play easy melodies and much more, including the enjoyment of making music! Rentals are available at the Doo Wop Shop. Enrollment is limited to 7 students.

NEW! Music of Line and Space: Contemporary Mix Media Art Register Now!

Course #119LPC From the work of 20th century masters, you will learn different styles such as Impressionism, Pointillism and Fauvism, from romantic to abstract. You will study the works of famous European and American artists and Russian wonders. Learn to paint in mix media like Pollack and Picasso, Seurat and Kandinsky, Cezanne and Matisse. Instructor: Luci Mistratov, Ph.D., art education; research scholar at UofL Schedule: Mar. 17—May 5 (8 sessions), Thurs., 10 am-12:30 pm | $159

Ghost Hunting 101 Register Now!

Course #119LPG This popular class explores the intriguing world of the paranormal, takes a glimpse into the age of spiritualism, addresses theories on ghosts and haunting, and offers techniques for researching and investigating paranormal activity. A hands-on investigation/equipment exercise will give you the opportunity to use research tools and report on the investigation. This class does not communicate or support any faith or religious belief. Instructor: Carrie Galloway, KY representative for the American Ghost Society; founder of Kentucky Paranormal Research Schedule: Apr. 20—May 18 (5 sessions), Wed., 6:30-8:30 pm | $84

8  Spring 2011 Lifelong Learning Course Catalog


Interior Design Basics Register Now!

In a comfortable studio setting, you will learn the design basics of lighting, color, pattern mixing, furniture, window, wall and floor treatments, and accessorizing. You will also learn about remodeling/building products, procedures and pricing. You’ll leave a much wiser consumer and a more confident decorator. Enrollment is limited to 12, so register early! Location: Renaissance, Inc., 544 Baxter Ave. Instructor: Kelli L. Milligan, designer and owner, Renaissance, Inc. Schedule: (#119KP1) Mar. 7—Apr. 11 (6 sessions), Mon., 10 am-12 noon OR (#119KP2) Mar. 9—Apr. 13 (6 sessions), Wed., 5:30-7:30 pm | $149

Antiques in the Marketplace – Level I Register Now!

Course #119JPA Learn to discern the finer points of antique furniture, refine your appreciation of porcelain and glass, appreciate the inner workings of antique clocks, and showcase English and American silver. Explore market trends and the impact of the Internet on buying and selling antiques. Instructor: Kenneth S. Hays, owner of a regionally known auction gallery. Schedule: Feb. 17—Mar. 24 (6 sessions), Thurs., 6:30-8:30 pm | $69

Staging Your Home to Sell Register Now!

Course #119JPQ Work directly with a professional interior designer and discover solutions for transforming problem areas into inviting spaces with universal appeal. You will learn tricks

Would you like to teach a class in 2011? To send your proposal, visit teach-a-lifelong-learning-class


of the trade that will set your home apart from the competition – from paint color to furniture placement! Last session will be a field trip. Instructor: Amy Brombolich, B.S. interior design; owner of Louisville Home Decorating Schedule: Mar. 16—30 (3 sessions), Wed., 6:30-8:30 pm | $59 plus $5 materials fee due first night of class

Growing Wild: Returning Your Yard to Nature Register Now!

Course #119KPR Geared to do-it-yourself gardeners, this class explores the value of backyard nature and ways you can return the lawn to nature in a slow and methodical nature. You also will learn how to renovate your property to increase habitat for wildlife in a way that won’t offend most neighbors. Instructor: Alan Goldstein, avid gardener for 30 years Schedule: Mar. 17—Apr. 14 (6 sessions), Thurs., 7-9 pm plus a field trip to a "green" property on Sat., Apr. 16| $99


Hatha Yoga I Register Now!

Course #119KPJ Reap the many benefits of Yoga including improvements in balance, flexibility, muscle tone, body awareness, postural alignment, stress management and concentration. Bring your mat and large (beach-size) towel and wear comfortable clothing. It’s best that you not eat prior to class. Instructor: Charlotte Sego, MEd, certified in Hatha Yoga and Reiki Schedule: Feb. 14—Apr. 11 (8 sessions; skips Apr. 4), Mon., 6:307:45 pm | $114

Register online at  9

Self-Help Meditation – Level I

NEW! Inner Wellness: The New Way to More Fulfilling Work

Register Now!

Course #119JPR Learn meditation techniques for selfactualization and stress reduction. At least 20-30 minutes of weekly class time will be devoted to a meditative experience and other methods of stress reduction. Instructor: Deanna O’Daniel, PhD, MA, CHT, RH, MH, certified hypnotherapist; certified Reiki and meditation instructor Schedule: Feb. 22—Mar. 29 (6 sessions), Tues., 7-8:30 pm | $104

Beginning Tai Chi

8:30 am --4:30 pm | Wed., Jan. 26 In addition to a public workshop, this life-changing program is available to corporations as a onetime event or on-going wellness initiative. Visit https://louisville. edu/professionaldevelopment/ or call Jeanie Habich at (502) 852-6597 to learn more.

Envisioning Your Preferred Future

Register Now!

Course #119KPG Learn the 13 Posture Hand Form an excellent one for beginners, seniors, or anyone wishing to explore the benefits of Yang Style Tai Chi. Movements are easy to learn and perform, yet they retain all the principles and important movements of the traditional long form. Seniors can especially benefit by gently building strength, flexibility and balance. Instructor: Carl Meeks, student of Tai Chi since 1990; member of International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association Schedule: Feb. 14—Apr. 18 (10 sessions), Mon., 6-7 pm | $89

Register Now!

Course #119JPM This course gives you the framework to crystallize in your own mind your preferred future. Rather than focusing on the problems we face, this method for positive change focuses on the future we want to create. Expect to leave inspired with the energy to move forward on the plan that you will develop. Don’t miss this powerful development experience where “I’ll do it someday” becomes “I’ll do it now.” Instructor: Diane M. Banic, Ph.D., licensed psychologist and leadership consultant Schedule: Mar. 7—28 (4 sessions), Mon., 6:30-8:30 pm | $79


Register Now!

Course #119KPH This class will build upon the 13 Posture Form and introduce the 16 Posture Hand Form, a simplified, systematic approach for mastering the basics of Tai Chi while maintaining the integrity of the Traditional Yang Style Long Form. Our “Beginning Tai Chi” class or equivalent experience is recommended. Instructor: Carl Meeks Schedule: Feb.14—Apr. 18 (10 sessions), Mon., 7:15-8:15 pm | $89

NEW! Exercise for Beginners

Register Now!

Course #119KP4 Learn to properly perform fundamental exercises like squats, push-ups, lunges and dead lifts, how to mobilize and stretch, and how to incorporate the fundamentals in a personalized workout program. Invest in your fitness and health. Register today! Instructor: Ben Carter, owner and head coach at Derby City CrossFit, certified CrossFit Level 1 instructor

10  Spring 2011 Lifelong Learning Course Catalog

Schedule: Feb. 17—Apr. 7 (8 sessions), Thurs., 7-8 pm | $99

Beginner Pilates (Mat Work Class) Register Now!

Course #119LPA This introduction to the Pilates method begins with the 5 basic principles of Stott Pilates® which bring awareness to posture and alignment. From there, we’ll get our spines and bodies moving as we go through a warm-up and workout. The focus will be on finding balance within our bodies, improving coordination, and building strength without adding bulk. Instructor: Beth Major, certified Stott Pilates® trainer, mat work levels 1 & 2. Schedule: Mar. 30—May 18 (8 sessions), Wed., 6-7 pm | $99

NEW! Fly-Tying Basics for Novice Fishermen Register Now!

Course #119JPV This course will introduce you to fly tying basics, materials, tools and techniques. You will leave with the ability to tie basic flies for fishing or as art! All materials and tools will be provided. Class size is limited to 12. Instructor: Larry Lewis, president, Louisville chapter of Trout Unlimited Schedule: Mar. 3—31 (5 sessions), Thurs., 7-8:30 pm | $79

Introduction to Flamenco Dance Register Now!

Course #119KPF Combining excellent physical exercise with creative outlet, flamenco is perfect for novices and serious dancers alike. During this 8-week class, you will learn vueltas (turns), zapateado (footwork), marcaje (markings), and braceo (arm work), and be introduced to different flamenco rhythms. Bring shoes suitable for flamenco dance.


Register now by calling (502) 852-6456 or visiting

Visit for assistance. Location: FlamencoTalk studio, 962 Baxter Ave. Instructor: Mariya Tarakanova, teacher and performer of flamenco for 14 years Schedule: Feb. 17—Apr. 14 (8 sessions; skips Mar. 17), Thurs., 7-8 pm | $99

NEW! Introduction to Jazz Dance Register Now!

Course #119KPU Experience the fun, style and sophistication of jazz walks, turns and moderately paced dance combinations. Through dance routines that build in energy and incorporate the whole body, you will lengthen and strengthen your being. Attire: jazz shoes or jazz sneakers and comfortable clothing, such as dance pants, yoga pants and t-shirts. Instructor: Dionne Griffiths, M.A., choreography Schedule: Apr. 5—26 (4 sessions), Tues., 7-8 pm | $79


Preparing for the GRE Register Now!

The Graduate Record Examination is required for admission to many graduate programs across the country. This class reviews mathematical concepts and covers strategies for taking the verbal sections of the test. Instructor: Bill Perkins, MBA Schedule: (#119JPK) Feb. 14—Mar. 14 (5 sessions) Mon., 6-9 pm OR (#119KPD) Mar. 23—Apr. 20 (5 sessions), Wed., 6-9 pm | $159 (plus textbook; details provided at the time of registration) Sample exams will be given and reviewed as final preparation.

Register online at  11

GMAT Preparation Register Now!

The GMAT exam is required for admission to many graduate business programs. This class covers strategies for taking standardized tests (including testing by computer), basic skills needed to take the GMAT, and types of questions you are likely to encounter. Instructor: Bill Perkins, MBA Schedule: (#119JPL) Feb. 16—Mar. 16 (5 sessions), Wed., 6-9 pm OR (#119KPE) Mar. 21—Apr. 18 (5 sessions), Mon., 6-9 pm | $159 (plus textbook)

labor law and intellectual property. Think of this class as mini-law school, but without the mean professor depicted in movies! Instructor: John Baumann, part-time UofL faculty member; attorney from 1986 to 2010; legal expert on CNN Schedule: Feb. 23—Apr. 6 (6 sessions; skips Mar. 16), Wed., 6:30-8 pm | $89 WEB TECHNOLOGIES

Internet Marketing 101 for Small Businesses Register Now!


NEW! How to Plan a Great Vacation on a Budget! Register Now!

Course #119KPQ Discover unique travel experiences that can make your next vacation special—and affordable. You’ll leave this money-saving class with tricks to getting the best rates, handy travel tips, and no-fail solutions to frequently encountered problems. Register today! Instructors: Alan and Debbie Goldstein, avid travelers for 25 years who have mastered the art of planning vacations for less Schedule: Mar. 23—Apr. 13 (4 sessions), Wed., 7-9 pm | $69

NEW! Just Enough to be Dangerous: What Every Person Should Know About the Law Register Now!

Course #119KPV Finally, a basic course explaining in understandable terms the areas of law that affect ordinary people. Gain a basic understanding of courts (civil and criminal), criminal law, constitutional law, business entities, contract law, torts, employment law,

Course #119JPE This course covers what to consider when creating your site, how to track visitor activity, and how to drive traffic through major search engines using pay-per-click and search engine optimization strategies. You’ll also learn how to communicate with customers and prospects using podcasts, blogs, and e-mail marketing. Laptops are not required. Instructor: Jay Lane, web site developer, project manager and interactive marketing strategist at Power Creative Schedule: Mar. 9—23 (3 sessions), Wed., 6-8:30 pm | $134

We Also Offer: • Professional development workshops • Online degree programs • Space for weddings, receptions and corporate events To learn more, call 852-6456 or visit

12  Spring 2011 Lifelong Learning Course Catalog

5 Easy Ways to Register! ONLINE Visit

MAIL Send your registration form and payment to Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning, Shelby Campus @ ShelbyHurst, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292. FAX Fax the registration (complete with MasterCard or Visa number and expiration date) anytime to (502) 852-8573. PHONE Call (502) 852-6456 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

IN PERSON Enroll in person at 114 Burhans Hall, Shelby Campus between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Registration Form Please print. Submit a separate form for each person. Please enter the ALPHABETIC code ABOVE your name on the mailing panel: Name Organization Business Home

Title Address



Business Phone

Home Phone


Email address Course title Course #


Cancellation Policy: We will issue a full refund if cancellation is made at least 3 business days prior to the start date. When cancellation is made at a later date, we will accept a substitute or transfer you to another class at that time. If you don’t cancel before the class and you don’t attend, you are still responsible for payment. Check enclosed, payable to the University of Louisville Please charge to Card #

Exp. date

Name on card


Sorry, no discounts apply to classes priced under $89. Enrollment in each course is limited, so early registration is encouraged. Payment must be received before your enrollment is processed and confirmed. Confirmation letters, maps and parking instructions are e-mailed or mailed 7-10 days prior to the start date. We reserve the right to cancel classes in the event of insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstance. Instructors and fees are subject to change. Unless otherwise noted, classes meet at the University’s Shelby Campus.

Spring Options Catalog 2011  

A collection of courses offered in the Spring of 2011.

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