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Student Affairs Growth, Progress and Vision 2010

Student Affairs Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Tom Jackson, Jr. Dean of Students Dr. Michael Mardis Directors: Career Development Center Leslye Erickson

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Civic Engagement, Leadership & Service (502) 852-5787 Pam Curtis Counseling Center Dr. Kathy Pendleton Disability Resource Center Cathy Patus Housing & Residence Life Shannon Staten

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International Service Learning Program (502) 852-6933 Joy Hart and Kandi Walker Faculty Coordinators Intramural Sports & Recreation Dale Ramsay Parents Association Becky Clark

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Creating a Vibrant Campus and Inspiring a Generation of Students A Message from the Vice President for Student Affairs American history is rich with examples of individuals who combined passion, determination and skills in innovative ways to change the world in which we live. Some names are familiar to us: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Henry Ford, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., and John F. Kennedy. Others serve us more quietly, researching cures for the diseases that ail us, feeding the poor, and challenging society’s status quo as only visionaries can. “Without continual growth and progress, such words as  improvement, achievement,  and success have no meaning.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Whether they reside in small towns or bustling cities, these individuals are inspired by the belief that great things can happen with the right amount of planning, persistence, patience, and hard work. At the University of Louisville, our students, faculty and staff share that spirit, and our campus community is energized by the amazing results.

The Division of Student Affairs is proud to be a dynamic force behind many of the positive changes taking place at the University of Louisville. We are engaged in the kind of growth and progress that will allow us to better serve our students as they uncover their talents and harness their potential. The support and services offered through our division play an essential role in helping them discover their strengths and capitalize on their personal and professional dreams. We are particularly proud of the International Service Learning Program, national hosting of meetings and symposiums, creating a vibrant campus, improving food services, revitalizing the Student Activities Center, increasing housing and our focus on service to students. Academic excellence and superb co-curricular experiences go hand-in-hand, allowing our students to think critically about their place in the greater world and explore ways to contribute. Student Affairs is committed to preparing students for the distinctive challenges they face beyond graduation. We strive to define the University of Louisville as a place where academic and research excellence is matched by an unwavering commitment to student discovery on many fronts. Student Affairs has experienced some incredible growth and success over recent years. Throughout this document you will learn how the improvements being made to our programs and services are helping us achieve our goal of creating an environment where students are given the opportunity to explore and contribute to the community in diverse and dramatic ways. We are pleased with our progress, but there’s more work to be done. We encourage you to join us in our quest to find unique ways to inspire and challenge our students. We want our students to integrate what they are learning and embrace their future as the next great innovators and collaborators in our global community. The University of Louisville and the Division of Student Affairs are strengthened by your interest and commitment. By contributing your time, talents and financial support to Student Affairs, you reaffirm the role we play today to shape the innovators of tomorrow. Your contributions enable students to reach their educational, personal and professional aspirations. To learn more about how you can help support our students, visit: Thank you,

Dr. Tom Jackson, Jr. Vice President for Student Affairs

About Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Our Mission The Division of Student Affairs mission works to provide students with effective services and developmental opportunities that augment their academic experience and enhance the quality of their lives while enrolled at the University of Louisville. When coupled with a challenging academic experience, these services and opportunities facilitate the students’ total development so that they attain their educational goals as individuals prepared to function successfully as leaders within a diverse, multicultural and international world. In support of this mission, the Division provides essential services to the faculty and academic units.

Our Vision

Our Departments The following departments are part of our efforts: Career Development Center Civic Engagement, Leadership & Service

To be acknowledged for our outstanding service to students; recognized as responsible servants to our communities; known as innovative and student-centered practitioners; and regarded as one of the premier student affairs programs in the country.

Our Goals • To inspire a vibrant campus life and engaged student body.

• To celebrate tradition and create a sense of purpose. • To enhance services that meets the needs of students. • To transform theory into practice to support student learning.

Counseling Center

Our Values

Dean of Students Office

We value students. We value their ideals, dreams, aspirations, and challenges as they seek to find meaning and their voice.

Disability Resource Center

We value learning and individual potential. We value the process of acquiring knowledge and developing skills to reach individual potential, and support opportunities for understanding unique talents and passions while becoming part of an educated citizenry.

Housing & Residence Life Intramural Sports & Recreation International Service Learning Student Activities Vice President for Student Affairs Office

We value the spirit of community. Like a small neighborhood, we value open dialogue, mutual respect and trust, commitment to long-term relationships, tradition, and a sense of belonging that inspires Cardinal pride. We value service to students and society. We assist students in defining, refining, and achieving their goals through programs and services designed to help them succeed and become contributing members of society. We value professionalism. We encourage professional growth, development, and ethical conduct of our staff and strive for collaboration to create an environment supportive of student learning.

Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human  mind is our fundamental resource. ~ John F. Kennedy

Career Development Center Whether it’s helping students define their professional goals, obtain career-related experience, or create and implement job-search strategies, the Career Development Center’s dedicated professional staff offers students and alumni the assistance they need to discover opportunities, acquire skills and prepare for the world of work in a global Cards CareerLink is economy. home to more than UofL students and alumni can take advantage of 4,500 employers and a 5,700 square-foot state of the art facility where more than 9,800 the Career Development Center offers a variety of students. On average resources. In addition to the main center, we have staff 500 plus jobs per  with office hour’s onsite at each school and college within the University. “This model allows us to serve month are posted on students where they are, and thus meet their needs even Cards CareerLink. more effectively,” says Leslye Erickson, Director of the Career Development Center. Career services offered include career counseling, resume and cover letter writing, career exploration, interest assessments, job coaching, career fairs, mock interviews and a wide variety of educational instruction on how to manage a successful career. The Career Development Center also hosts a powerful online career management system, Cards CareerLink, providing students the opportunity to search for jobs locally and across the world. This is an important resource for every stage of career development. Our goal is to increase the number of employers who recruit our students and to expand the number of students and alumni utilizing our services. The Career Development Center is adapting to today’s challenging job market by increasing its online programs, participating in virtual career fairs and developing national We are forging strong relationships with Louisville partnerships that can help our students employers and community leaders. and alumni be more successful in their career management. ~L  eslye Erickson, Director  Career Development Center

Civic Engagement, Leadership and Service The University of Louisville Division of Student Affairs is committed to student learning through service to others. The office of Civic Engagement, Leadership and Service (CELS) enhances the education of students by providing structured opportunities for leadership development and civic engagement. Through the programs offered, SOUL has provided me with opportunities greater than I ever students discover imagined and has given me a chance to meet friends who hold ways to actively the same values of community engagement and service. SOUL participate in making a provides an opportunity to explore Louisville and help with issues difference in Louisville relating to food, literacy, poverty and homelessness, environmental and beyond. sustainability, youth and health care. Participating in SOUL on Some of the ways Saturdays has given me a chance to become an active part of  students can the community of Louisville and the University Campus, while become involved providing an opportunity for me to work hands on with the issues include tutoring that shape our future. through America Reads, Freshmen ~K  ristina Tames Dingman Lead and Bonner Leaders. Students are responding to the programs and services provided and turn out in great numbers for programs like Haiti Relief, MLK Day, Global Leaders Program, How Can We Best Serve?, and alternative break trips. This is the newest department within Student Affairs, and students have participated in a wide variety of leadership and service programs since its inception. These opportunities add value to the student experience, and the department is working to increase the number of programs and students involved.

I feel so fortunate to have been involved with Freshmen LEAD. It has been an honor to work with each individual that I have had an opportunity to get to know as a result of this program. As LEAD moves forward, I hope to see the same growth in the new participants that I have seen in my peers and myself.  I have learned so much about myself and others and I credit Freshmen LEAD with facilitating this renewed awareness. Freshmen LEAD will continue to develop and focus fresh, bright minds on the intricacies of becoming an effective leader as they enter the University atmosphere, preparing them not only for their experiences in a collegiate atmosphere but, more importantly, for the future. My experience has truly been a blessing. ~D  erek Vaughn Freshmen LEAD Undergraduate Director

Counseling Center Understanding that college life is a time of change, growth and transition, the highly trained staff of the University of Louisville Counseling Center provide a variety of services to help students through this time of adjustment. The center offers individual and group counseling, as well as presentations and workshops on a variety of topics associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Center staff also conduct individual assessments for students with special needs and provide training and support for a variety of campus departments. The center recently added evening hours four days a week in order to accommodate student schedules. Counseling staff available to assist students include 3 psychologists, 3 professional counselors, 2 part time psychiatrists, 1 full time nurse practitioner and numerous student interns. Two thirds of the staff have doctoral degrees. The Center also provides psycho-educational assessments for learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders for currently enrolled students. Students have responded positively to the improvements. The center now boasts a 97 percent satisfaction rate, and student use of the center has increased by 40 percent in the last two years. The center continues to serve as a site for up to 15 masters and doctoral student interns per year. Responding to the needs of the campus community, the center plans to expand outreach efforts and continue to increase the number of professional staff.

Dean of Students Office The Dean of Students Office was created following the 2007 restructuring of the Student Affairs Division. The office functions primarily to serve and support students. Office staff members respond to non-academic grievances, review incidences of alleged violations to student conduct policies, offer crisis assistance, and monitor and maintain a positive campus climate. The Dean of Students Office also advises the Student Government Association and serves as the principal liaison between student government officers and the university administration. The Dean of Students Office coordinates the Student Care Team that provides a regular opportunity for communication between departments, ensuring that all the resources of the University of Louisville are available to students in crisis. The Club Programming Committee has funded hundreds of student run events and has allocated over $220,000 in funding to student organizations over the last three years.

Resulting from strong collaboration between student affairs administrators and student government officials, the Club Programming Committee (CPC) was established to help student organizations sponsor special events and programs. The student-driven committee allocates funds to projects that contribute to the quality of campus life and foster an engaged student body.

Dr. Michael Mardis The Dean of Students Office helped establish the Religious Life Dean of Students Association and serves as University liaison. The office also introduced the Parent of the Year Award, enhanced the Student Life Awards, developed new programs to reach out to alumni, responds to institutional assessments that support retention and graduation, and continues to develop partnerships with groups and individuals working toward a more engaged campus community.

Our Potential: Student Profiles Everyone has a story to tell. The unique journeys that transform our students into lifelong members of the Cardinal family speak volumes about how the campus, its programs, its people and its opportunities make a lasting impression.

OJ Oleka Marketing Major, Political Science Minor from Frankfort, KY For the Student Government Association President, OJ Oleka, the college experience at the University of Louisville is about more than academic excellence, it’s about discovering ways to use one’s skills and talents to give back to the community. “I have been blessed by all that UofL has offered me,” he says. “While I have learned a great deal in the classroom and by building relationships with faculty, I have learned so much about myself and what I have to give to others by my experiences with organizations and individuals outside of class. I have discovered that serving the community is my true passion. What good is my education if I can’t use it to benefit others.” Oleka is not sure whether his professional future lies in public affairs, law, or service, but he is certain he’ll use lessons learned at UofL. “You can learn a great deal about group dynamics and leadership by working in a student organization. No textbook can really prepare you for the real-world experience that comes from interacting with others to get things done.”

I have discovered that serving the community is my true passion. What good is my education if I can’t use it to benefit others.

~ OJ Oleka

Jamie Giles Political Science Major/ Marketing Major from Elizabethtown, KY Jamie Giles is incredibly proud of the fact that she spent 36 hours without sleep. She linedanced, rocked, raved and partied non-stop. The fruits of her labor—tired feet, thousands of dollars donated to charity, and the life lesson that anything is possible with a little sweat equity and a lot of heart.

Life’s journey is marked by the twists and turns of experience and encounters. Each of us is enhanced by the people who come and go from our lives, as well as the time we spend learning new things about the world. It is in our self-discovery and guided learning that we become truly human,  and it’s in that humanity that our gifts and talents are revealed. ~ Unknown

Giles, who helped organize the University of Louisville’s Dance Marathon or UMLD, a fundraiser for Louisville’s Kosair Children’s Hospital, says planning and participating in the event changed her life. “I’ve learned a lot in class, but working with UMLD helped me understand my talents better—that I am a people person, that I like to be creative and that I have a lot to give,” she says. Jamie also has worked part-time in the Undergraduate Admissions office and has served as a Student Orientation Assistant. “What I tell students when they come here for the first time is that UofL offers the whole package. We’re a place where you can explore and try new things. You can join organizations, take leadership positions, cheer on athletics, participate in intramurals, take courses with great professors, meet amazing people and really discover who you are.” Giles says student activities, as well as academics, make the UofL experience oneof-a-kind. “Louisville offers opportunities to students that you just can’t find anywhere else in Kentucky.”

Louisville offers opportunities to us as students that you just can’t find anywhere else in Kentucky. ~ Jamie Giles

Housing and Residence Life The University of Louisville Housing and Residence Life staff is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and providing programs, as well as living spaces, that facilitate student-faculty engagement and enhance student learning and development. The university plans to expand housing options on and around the 4,200 students, including 60 percent campus to accommodate 32 percent of all freshmen, live on-campus. of the student body by 2020. Many students choose to be involved in a number of professional development opportunities that encourage personal growth and foster leadership development. Leadership opportunities include Resident Assistants, hall government, desk staff and facility assistants. The Province, a new state-of-the-art apartment-style community north of the main campus, opened in the fall of 2009, adding 800 new beds to campus. Amenities include a clubhouse, volleyball court, swimming pool and sun deck.

Housing and Residence Life is one of the university’s largest student employers.

Because we know students that live on campus are more successful, we are looking at additional partnerships with developers to add new housing around Belknap and Health Sciences campuses. Our goal is to increase the number of students living on campus and to achieve a more traditional residential campus environment. The staff has undertaken a number of new programs and initiatives including the establishment of six Living Learning Communities, a paperless application and assignment process, new campus food service options, extended wireless internet coverage, recycling programs and additional partnerships to assure students have a positive campus experience.

We really work as a team, collaborating, problem-solving, and supporting one another’s endeavors. We try to model to our students that positive results come from respecting others, sharing our ideas and developing plans of action that have student services in mind. ~Shannon Staten Director of Housing and Residence Life.

Intramural Sports and Recreation Louisville students love to participate in Intramural sports. Record numbers of students have participated in popular programs like basketball and flag football programs. More students than ever are taking advantage of our fitness facilities for individual workouts and group classes. The Intramural and Recreational Sports department offers something for everyone. Students Over the past year, more than 8,800 can showcase their video game prowess in the Cardinal Corner Game Room, play intramural sports, de-stress students participated in Intramural with yoga classes or sign up for one of 19 club sports. programs and the staff has tracked 450,000 visits to workout areas,  Understanding that good sportsmanship is a critical gyms and other Intramural facilities. component to successful participation in sports, the department is proud to sponsor the “Dare to Play Fair” campaign to promote appropriate behavior during competitive activities. They also collaborate with a number of units across campus to bring Louisville’s students the very best in recreational opportunities. The department is excited about the increased participation and the number of sports programs offered. Current areas of growth include an enhanced outdoor recreation program for students and additional outreach to alumni. Future plans include a new state-of-the-art recreational facility is to be located on the west side of campus.

International Service Learning The International Service Learning Program (ISLP) offers students from a variety of academic disciplines the opportunity to travel internationally and apply what they are learning in the classroom to the real-world context of intense, hands-on service learning activities. Over the past ten years, staff members and 22 faculty members from three colleges have assisted hundreds of students traveling to Belize as part of the ISLP. Students provided dental care and taught in the local schools in Independence and Red Bank. One of the goals of the educated community is to help those in need. The ISL Program offers students the chance, not to talk about how to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, but to have a hand in making someone else’s life a little The ISL Program travels to better. Remarkable learning and awareness Belize, Africa, West Indies happens when we allow ourselves to be exposed to different cultures and different and the Philippines annually.  perspectives. The students who participate in the International Service Learning Program come back forever changed. Based on the success of the program in Belize, new programs are now offered in Cebu, Philippines; the West Indies; and Botswana, Africa. The addition of these new trips offer students global opportunities to participate in service learning through the University of Louisville. The International Service Learning Program has been nationally recognized with several best practice awards.

Student Activities and the Student Activities Center Student Activities staff members seek to engage every UofL student through vibrant experiences that enrich and connect students in ways that enhance their learning and development. Through a variety of organizations, facilities, events and activities, students can be involved in cultural, social and recreational programs that complement their learning experience. Many exciting and dynamic out-of-class opportunities are coordinated by Student Activities. No matter the major or interest, there are activities available for every student: • 262 recognized student organizations • Over 200 events presented by the Student Activities Board • Daily events and activities throughout the campus • Annual traditions such as Homecoming, Block Party, Senior Celebration, Fryberger Greek Sing, International Fashion Show, Family Weekend and Crawfish Boil. The Student Activities Center (SAC) staff is continually working to enhance facilities and services for the campus community. The Student Activities Center hosts  New meeting rooms, expanded hours, added over 5,600 events every year. lockers, new furniture, décor, digital signage, and improved food offerings have made the Over 24,000 people attend Student Activities Center the “living room events sponsored by of the campus.” Exploration of possible Student Activities annually. renovations and expansion options are under way to make the Center even more supportive of students’ out-of-class experience. With a continuing commitment to facilitating vibrant experiences, the Student Activities staff strives to meet the needs, interests and desires of all students at UofL.

Traffic through the Student Activities Center  currently approaches two million a year.

The University of Louisville has 26 chapters of national and international sororities and fraternities. A record number of students are participating in these organizations, which boast high commitments to community service, and encourage strong academics.

Greek Life The Greek system offers students the opportunity to build lifelong friendships, develop leadership skills, seek academic and civic scholarships, promote community service, and network for professional opportunities. Students who participate in Greek life have a six year graduation rate that exceeds the average 6-year graduation rate of all students at the University of Louisville by 14%. Last year over 1,400 fraternity and sorority students donated over 47,300 service hours to the metro Louisville community. Greek life continues to experience record numbers of students joining fraternities and sororities each year.

Ten percent of Louisville’s undergraduate student population is affiliated with a Greek organization.

UofL Greek organizations continue to receive national recognition for innovative programs, community service and individual achievement. The Greek Life office is always looking to identify new Greek organizations that might be interested in coming to UofL.

Disability Resource Center The Disability Resource Center staff coordinates services for more than 500 self-identified students with disabilities annually, and serves as a resource regarding disability compliance issues and the need for systematic change to enhance accessibility on the UofL campus. The DRC partners with faculty and staff from virtually every academic and co-curricular unit to reduce and eliminate access barriers on campus. While the office staff is primarily responsible for ensuring academic accommodations as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, they collaborate with leaders across the campus to ensure not only that the University meets federal mandates, but also that students with disabilities have the tools they need to achieve their academic, personal and professional goals. Specific programs include: sign interpretation, note-taking, and exam accommodation services. There is a new summer transition program being developed for freshmen with learning disabilities and/or ADHD to become more familiar with the campus environment and smooth the transition to the University.

Cardinal Parents’ Association

The University of Louisville Division of Student Affairs respects the unique role parents and families play in the continued success of our students. The Parents’ Association offers programs, services, regular communication, and outreach to parents and families to assist students throughout their college experience. Each year, the Parents Association welcomes the families of all incoming first-year students. Approximately 2,000 parents participate in parent orientation and opt to receive a monthly e-mail communication regarding campus events, important financial aid information, academic deadlines, services and programs that support student success. We continue to look for ways to engage parents in their student’s success.

Special Programs and Development

The George J. Howe Red Barn symbolizes the long history of student programming at the University of Louisville. For more than 40 years, students have flocked to the Red Barn for concerts, movies and thousands of special events and meetings. In an effort to honor our past and preserve future programming, the Student Affairs development staff has organized numerous programs and activities to reconnect alumni and generate additional financial resources. These resources are directed to student scholarships, facility enhancements and student programming through a variety of endowments and gift accounts. Our major giving opportunities include the Torchbearer Scholar Fund, the Harold Adams Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Red Barn Alumni Fund, the Straight From the Heart Emergency Fund, and the George J. Howe Leadership Fund. Special funds named for three former Vice Presidents as well as the current Vice President for Student Affairs focus on international travel, veterans, and graduate students.

Since 1988 Student Affairs has awarded 1,170 scholarships totaling more than $205,000. To learn more about our giving opportunities or make a donation go to

About the University The University of Louisville is a state supported urban university located in Kentucky’s largest metropolitan area. It was a municipally supported public institution for many decades prior to joining the state university system in 1970. The University has three campuses. The 274-acre Belknap Campus is three miles from downtown Louisville and houses seven of the University’s twelve colleges and schools. The Health Sciences Center is situated in downtown Louisville’s medical complex and houses the University’s health related programs and the University of Louisville Hospital. The 243-acre Shelby Campus is located in eastern Jefferson County. In recent years, the University has also offered expanded campus courses at both off-site and international locations. • Total enrollment is 22,031 • 7,000 students are engaged in community service each year. • 14 University of Louisville students have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships in 2010. This sets a Kentucky state record and places UofL among the top Fulbright Scholarship producing institutions in the nation. • 46% of all students are from Jefferson County and 78% are from Kentucky • Out-of-state students are 22% of enrollment and approximately 5% of the population are international students • Women are a majority at the University, accounting for 52% of enrollment • Minority students represent 17% of the University’s population • Students come from 99 different countries, 54 states and territories, and 118 of Kentucky 120 counties • Average ACT score is 24.5 • UofL has 6,086 faculty and staff of which 87% are full-time • The University’s total budget is $934.6 million • The University libraries contain 2,191,091 volumes and 47,062 serials

Source: 2009-2010 University of Louisville Fact Book

The Division of Student Affairs, Student Activities Center W301, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky 40292

Phone: 502-852-6933

This publication was prepared by the University of Louisville and printed with state funds KRS 57.375. R0910


Student Affairs: Growth, Progress and Vision 2010  

A book about the University of Louisville Student Affairs

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