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Giving the Gift of Health Student Affairs Student Recreation Center: Create a better student experience.


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Letter from Dr. Ramsey As we chart our course to becoming a premier metropolitan research university, we are directing our efforts toward the pursuit of several major goals. In the realm of student outcomes, our plans are twofold: • Continue the progress we have made in advancing undergraduate retention and graduation rates • Enhance success by fostering an environment that encourages diverse groups of students to interact together in a positive way Beyond academic program enrichment, one of our goals as outlined in the 2020 Plan is to increase the number of FTE students living on campus from 19% to 32% in 2020. One avenue we have identified for achieving this plan is to strengthen the student experience by developing a new recreational facility. Doing this creates a lively campus community that encourages co-curricular activity and campus involvement. Our Student Activity Center on Floyd Street could no longer keep pace with our growing enrollment, nor did it have the capacity to accommodate the programs our students desire. Given these shortcomings, we felt it was time to move forward with a complex that is truly at the center of student life and promotes healthy and meaningful interactions for all.

James R. Ramsey President, University of Louisville

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G i v in g t h e G i f t o f H e a l t h

Rationale for Today’s Discussion At the University of Louisville, we offer a multitude of settings where students can actively engage in learning and make progress toward achieving their full potential. However, academic centers of excellence are just one area where we aim to help our students grow. A Focal Point for Campus Life Outside the realm of traditional classroom instruction, and at an integral point of campus life, we are working to promote students’ success and well-being by creating a new recreational complex. The spacious multi-use center allows students to experience the excitement of healthy competition by participating in a variety of activities. Students also have the opportunity to put down their backpacks and relax in one of several lounge and study areas. Closer to a Place of National Distinction By positively contributing to students’ lives on campus, we can increase their satisfaction and add to the perception of their overall educational experience. This, in turn, will help us secure a place of distinction among the country’s most respected metropolitan universities.

Research has consistently shown that involvement in extracurricular activities is an important factor in student retention and achievement. Similarly, peer interactions inside and outside the classroom have been found to have a strong impact on student outcomes.

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G i v in g t h e G i f t o f H e a l t h

Recognizing a Need As our student population has grown, so has our need for additional recreational space. In 2009 a team of University of Louisville administrators, students and outside consultants embarked on a comprehensive facility study and found that our Swain Student Activities Center (SAC) was no longer able to meet the growing needs of our student population. The analysis also revealed a deficit of up to 552,000 square feet in multi-use recreational space, compared to comparable-sized universities.

Here’s How We Rank Amount of Square Footage for Primary Recreational Fitness Center

Institution University of Pittsburgh


University of Cincinnati



University of Iowa University of Alabama



University of Kentucky


University of Louisville


Western Kentucky University

Opened in the fall of 1990, the SAC had more than 180,000 visitors during its first year of operation. Since then, the number of visitors has doubled, and the number of participants involved in our intramuralrecreational sports program now totals 455,130.

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A Healthy Student is a Happy Student Access to Exercise: Good for the Body and the Brain We want to give all students the opportunity to actively participate in their education. This is especially true for college students, who are already faced with the challenge of balancing school and life. Laying the Groundwork for Good Health By building one centrally located recreation center, and making it open to all interests and abilities, we create an opportunity for students to exercise and develop habits that help them stay healthy throughout their lives. Regular participants of recreational sports are more likely to live closer to their respective campus than non-users by an average of 4 miles. This makes the recreational sports participant more likely to be involved in other campus functions than non-users. Emphasis on Inclusivity and Fun The new recreation center offers students many ways to be active, whether it’s competing in a game of hoops or participating in a group fitness class. Once students give the facility and programs a test-drive, they will see that the path to sustained fitness is not just for the scholarship athletes on campus. They’ll also discover that exercise can actually be fun and make them feel better about school, about learning and generally about themselves, as participation in recreational sports is a key determinant of satisfaction and success in college.

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Advantages of Recreation In determining how recreation affects success, we took a lesson from our students. As part of our facility study, we conducted a campus survey to gauge student interest in recreational programs. Another objective of the survey was to establish a link between participation in recreational activities and the likelihood of academic success. Key findings are as follows:

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A Gateway to Health

Dr. Tom Jackson, Jr., Vice President for Student Affairs

The New Campus Town Center A Place to Live, Shop, Dine and Play With its sights on the future, the University of Louisville is transforming into a campus that is home to thousands of students, researchers and professors. This is a campus that has transformed itself to meet the needs and lifestyles of its residents and visitors. We’re creating a neighborhood, a community of scholars centered in a place where they can learn and play. We have great academic facilities, and are adding new restaurants and dining halls, interesting shops and nearby lofts. A new student recreation center serves as the hub of a transformed campus and the beginning of a healthier community.

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G i v in g t h e G i f t o f H e a l t h

High Level of Sustainable Design Our development plans reflect our dedication to the health of our local community and the global environment. In keeping with our vision for creating a healthier environment for students, faculty and staff, the design of our new Student Recreation Center achieves a LEED Silver rating and incorporates many sustainable features, including: • Passive solar technology

• High-performance, thermal-glass windows

• Natural ventilation • High-efficiency heating and air-conditioning systems • Water-conserving plumbing fixtures

• Geo thermal heating and cooling

• Locally manufactured materials, such as brick and stone

The recreation field is constructed with sustainable design through: • An artificial surface that eliminates the use of • Locally sourced materials to limit energy costs fertilizer for the fields and requires less water • Construction precautions to control soil erosion, • High-efficiency field lighting waterway sedimentation and airborne dust • A rainwater filter system • Installed materials made up of recycled content

The Student Recreation Center is constructed in accordance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, a respected certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

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Minardi Hall

Community Park

Site for Recreation Center 4th St

Kurz Hall

Site for Multi-purpose Field

CSX Railroad


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Charting New Territory Our student recreation center is at the heart of our plans to bring new vitality to our Belknap Campus. The location for the new student recreation center is on South Fourth Street, between Kurz Hall and Billy Minardi Hall. The architectural style of the facility complements the modern housing complexes and commercial developments near the Belknap Campus. An arrival plaza developed along with the recreation center creates an inviting entry to this side of campus, signaling not only a landmark building, but also expression of the University’s commitment to student culture and life experiences.

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Features of the Facility Our student recreation center and the adjoining outdoor recreation field offers students unlimited possibilities for fun and relaxation. Just as students can challenge themselves academically in classrooms and research labs, our student recreation center provides students with a supportive environment to push themselves physically and improve their overall health.

Exterior • L ighted outdoor turf recreation field • Practice venue for clubs (lacrosse, rugby, frisbee, etc.) • Enjoyed by thousands of students annually • Specifications: approximately 100 yards x 50 yards

Interior • Multi-activity court where students can play indoor soccer, floor hockey and team handball

• T hree large group exercise rooms with suspendedwood aerobic floors and surround sound

• Elevated walking and jogging track

• Three large classrooms with multimedia capabilities

• Spacious fitness/weight area with locker rooms

• Expansive atrium

• Four racquetball courts and adaptable squash court

• Video-gaming area and large social lounge

• Six basketball courts

• Sports clubs activity space

• Bistro lobby area with televisions

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“…our facilities lack the space needed to give the growing student body a chance to be part of a healthy lifestyle. A new premier facility will be a building that will offer amenities...” –Brandon McReynolds, Chair of the SGA Student Recreation Committee

Fitness 14,200 sq. ft Cardio, Selectorized, Stretching Areas

Weight Room featuring Free Weights, Plate Loaded

Aerobic Studios/Wellness 6,000 sq. ft 2 Studios at 1,400 and 1 Studio at 3,200

Bistro/Lobby/TV Lounge 4,500 sq. ft

Racquetball Courts (4) 3,200 sq. ft

Classrooms 2,300 sq. ft Two 550 sq. ft classrooms, one 1,200 sq ft classroom

Jogging Track 4,000 sq. ft Suspended 4-Lane Running Track G i v in g t h e G i f t o f H e a l t h


“The Student Recreation Center would be the crowning landmark project of our administration with regard to student life. We have improved residence life. We have improved the appearance of the campus. We have improved food service. We have provided new fields for intramurals. We have provided Cardinal Park and the Natatorium for use by the entire campus. The Student Recreation Center would be our crowning achievement.� - President James R. Ramsey, University of Louisville


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Proposal Summary The Student Recreation Center offers students unlimited possibilities for health and recreation. Your support will provide the impetus for the construction of a new recreation center that will serve as the cornerstone for social activities and recreational sports at our Belknap Campus. Your gift will leverage funding from other areas as well. This will include a commitment from the University and student fees to support the center.

A student recreation center helps us attain several important goals: • Attract all levels of high-achieving students (undergraduate, professional and graduate)

• I ncrease students’ chances of earning an undergraduate degree

• Enhance the quality of student life • Persuade more students to live on campus

• Empower students to improve their overall health and wellness

• Increase retention rates of all students

• Increase the University’s public profile

Your Gift Makes a Difference The new Student Recreation Center (SRC) provides fitness, recreation, and social opportunities in many forms for students, alumni, and faculty/staff. The SRC serves as a dynamic state-of-the-art facility for our recreational activities at UofL, but we need you as a partner to reach our goal.

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23 Contact Us: Student Affairs Student Activities Center, W302 University of Louisville Louisville, KY 40292 502-852-6933

The University of Louisville is an equal opportunity institution. This publication was not printed with state funds.

Giving the Gift of Health  

A brochure about the new Student Recreation Center

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