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People get riled up about Christmas and Halloween—but I’m inclined to call Movember my favourite time of year. For those who don’t know— what is it? For Movember you shave clean on November 1st and grow a mustache over the course of November. You can raise money for awareness, education, research and survivorship. Prostate cancer is the number one male cancer in Canada so it’s worthwhile. How did you get involved? I’ve gotten involved over the last few years with some friends. This year I’m in charge of the Alberta School of Business aspect of it. I’m the VP of External Relations with the University of Alberta’s marketing association and I write the blog for the School of Business. That’s been helpful for engaging with people. Are you guys working to raise money as well? We’re raising money ourselves. We’re hoping to raise some money, raise awareness and get as many people involved as we can. You can donate online as well. Students can join the team too—raise money that way. The goal this year is to raise $20,000. I’ve been named Chief Mo’ Officer—little business term. CMO. Nice. Not too bad right? We’re working on it. Will there be a mustache party? Tell me there will be a mustache party. It’s at The Billiards club. Guys hopefully will show up with mustaches and we’ll have fake mustaches for the girls. It should be fun. A lot of it is about awareness. What would you say to guys thinking about doing the whole month? When you walk around in November with a mustache—people are holding doors for you and stuff. It’s great. You feel like a little bit of a legend. Over the three years it’s really grown. Close to the end of November you start seeing so many mustaches. I will say though, not all girls are fans of the mustache. Luckily I’m a UFA—unrestricted free agent—so Movember isn’t too bad. Going to wax your mustache? I’m thinking about it. Parting words? Life is a garden—dig it.


Life is a Garden  

Pages 12-13 from Profile, volume 3, issue 3

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