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Opportunities Our range of services for the business community

Contents The University of Edinburgh Business School Opportunities

Contents The Opportunities brochure outlines the consulting, research, recruitment and educational opportunities for businesses engaging with the University of Edinburgh Business School.

1. Why Work with Us?


2. Executive Education


Customised Programmes: Intensive high-level management development programmes tailored to your company’s needs. Sponsorship: Improve performance of staff by supporting them through an MBA. MBA+: The opportunity for individuals to undertake elements of the Edinburgh MBA.

3. Academic Business Expertise


Consultancy: Professional services from internationally reputed academic staff. Research: Our academic staff are recognised for their research.

4. Student Research and Consultancy


The MBA Consultancy Project: On-site consultancy backed up by the submission of a substantial report. The MBA Capstone (Dissertation) Project: Task high-calibre students with a research project of your choice. MSc in Finance Dissertation: Individual projects delivered by our MSc students. Doing Business in Emerging Markets Project: Develop your knowledge of important new markets. Internships: Benefit from the expertise of our MBA and MSc students.

5. Student Recruitment


Recruitment Opportunities: Our dedicated alumni, careers and corporate relations teams can help you fill your vacancies. Student Profiles: Access the backgrounds of our talented students. Careers Fair: Fill your vacancies and raise your company profile at this annual event.

6. Business Facilities and Location Meetings/Conferences: Located in the heart of the city the Business School provides an ideal location for meetings and conferences.





Why work with us?

The University of Edinburgh Business School enjoys a long tradition of teaching and research. In addition to executive education, and undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in business and management, the School provides a platform for research, discussion and debate on a wide range of business issues. As part of the University of Edinburgh, the Business School belongs to a leading global university with a rich heritage of delivering education that spans more than 400 years. Our reputation and experience allow us to attract an international client base. Our vision is to be a prestigious business school of international standing, providing high quality executive, postgraduate and undergraduate education that equips participants with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the world. The School’s research and educational activities are firmly anchored in the core business disciplines and have clear connections to practice, enabled by strong relationships with external organisations.

Why work with us? The University of Edinburgh Business School Opportunities

The Business School works

environment that fosters debate

welcome applications to our

collaboratively with Schools across

and world-class research; and

highly regarded Part-time

the University, allowing us to

to build strong connections

MBA programme.

customise programmes with the

to the world of business.

help of international experts from a diverse range of specialisms including Life Sciences, Medicine,

B e n e f i ts ac r o ss t h e b oa r d

Engineering, Veterinary Science,

Every business must invest

Law and Informatics.

in its people to evolve. Let

Part of our vision was realised by a £17m investment by the University, allowing the School

the University of Edinburgh Business School deliver the learning necessary to help

However you become involved with the Business School, working with us can bring huge benefits to your business. From the moment you make the connection, you gain direct access to our considerable management and industry experience. Dissecting the latest thinking are 73 full-

to relocate to new purpose-built premises in Buccleuch Place. Our accreditation by EQUIS and AMBA and consistent inclusion in the Financial Times and The Economist MBA rankings reflects not only the School’s long history of business teaching, but also the substantial experience of our 73 teaching staff. The faculty is committed to developing links between academia and industry, and we collaborate closely with businesses through our executive education, research and consultancy work. The School aims to attract excellent business partners, staff and students from around the world; to provide an intellectual

Founded in 1582, the University is today one of the UK’s foremost research-led universities. your people reach their full potential – and your business its optimum performance. To the business community we provide a number of invaluable services ranging from designing

time faculty members spanning 22 nationalities, 80 PhD students and some 1,300 further students, from more than 83 countries. Ab o u t o u r p r o g r a m m e s

bespoke executive education

Our teaching and research covers

packages to providing cost-

all of the traditional subjects

effective consultancy, research

areas you’d expect of a business

and recruitment assistance. HR

school, and we also focus on a

teams searching for the best

number of interdisciplinary areas,

new recruits can access our

including financial services and

pool of undergraduate and

innovation and entrepreneurship.

postgraduate level candidates.

Carbon management is a rapidly

For those businesses wishing

developing area of expertise for

to develop existing staff, we

the School, which has sprung from

The University of Edinburgh Business School is also one of the largest, with a community of around 25,000 students and 7,500 staff.

an innovative partnership with the School of GeoSciences and is marked by the launch of our new MSc in Carbon Finance in 2011.



In addition to our Full-time

original approach to business

Edinburgh MBA, we offer an MBA

issues. Current knowledge and

in International Business, a Part-

skills are strengthened by the

time MBA, a modular MBA, a suite

high quality business education

of eight MSc programmes and our

delivered by staff chosen for

10 undergraduate programmes.

both their academic prowess and industry experience. Many faculty

MBA programmes: Edinburgh MBA MBA in International Business Part-time MBA

members are actively involved in research and consultancy for commercial and government organisations, giving students a window onto the business world’s latest challenges and solutions.

Building better co n n e c t i o n s Our business education goes beyond the lecture theatre and tutorial. We believe in fostering strong links outside the School to enhance students’ appreciation of current business issues and allow the corporate world access to our cutting edge research. Leading business figures are regularly invited to share insights with our students, and senior

The Business School holds

industry experts inform many of

international accreditation from

our research centres’ activities.

AMBA – the Association of MBAs

In turn, businesses partner

– and EQUIS, Europe’s leading

with us to benefit from the

MSc programmes:

standard for Business Schools.

expertise of faculty members

Accounting and Finance

The Association of MBAs has endorsed the Edinburgh MBA since its accreditation programme began.

Modular MBA MBA+

Carbon Finance Carbon Management Finance and Investment International Business and Emerging Markets Management

and students of all levels.

We are also on the way towards achieving accreditation from the AACSB, America’s leading accreditation body. Accreditation


assures our partners and students

Marketing and Business Analysis

that the School adheres to high quality standards based on the latest research and professional

Each of our programmes combines rigorous academic standards with practical projectbased assignments, designed to develop in students a critical and

practice. An accredited institution is regularly reviewed and must demonstrate that it is developing and growing, not just maintaining existing standards.

As part of the School, the opportunities to share knowledge and best practice are considerable. Many MSc students joining us have work experience, as do our MBA students who are established professionals dedicated to advancing their careers. When combined with the expertise of our own faculty, this makes for an invaluable pool of learning and experience from which our students and business partners can draw. In the following pages, you can find out more about the many consulting, research, recruitment and education opportunities that we can extend to your business.

For further information visit Full contact details are at the back of the brochure.

Why work with us? The University of Edinburgh Business School Opportunities

Why Edinburgh? As one of Europe’s leading financial centres, Edinburgh uniquely combines a dynamic business community with its status as a World Heritage Site. Located in the heart of Edinburgh, the Business School is perfectly placed to engage with the local, national and international business community. As a city of culture and a city for business, Edinburgh has a real sense of dynamism. A compelling blend of history and cutting edge modernity, it is the second largest financial centre in the UK with a thriving, diverse economy and a highly educated and motivated workforce. Several major global financial institutions have their headquarters in Edinburgh. Home to Dolly the Sheep, the world’s first cloned mammal, the most powerful computer in the UK (here in the University) and the country’s most vibrant biosciences sector, Edinburgh provides an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration in which the School thrives.

As a city of culture and a city for business, Edinburgh has a real sense of dynamism. Edinburgh is a major conference destination and a venue for international symposia and research meetings. Situated in a country at the leading edge of renewable energy research, this city at the Image: Scottish Viewpoint

heart of Europe’s financial system – with its international transport links and enviable meeting, incentive and conference infrastructure – is an iconic business destination.




Executive Education

Forward-thinking businesses can engage the Business School to create customised programmes for their staff that will enhance and extend existing knowledge and skills. Participants on the Business

What differentiates business

School’s executive programmes

schools from traditional

come from all sectors and levels

training providers is a

of seniority. Many occupy roles in

rigorous, evidence-based

middle and senior management,

approach on which meaningful

but we have also added to the

interventions are based.

knowledge and expertise of board members and chief executives. Whatever their previous experience, all participants return to their businesses with new learning and capabilities to share. Progressive thinking and cutting edge research in management development and leadership inform all of the School’s executive programmes. We also guarantee: • high calibre practitioner delivery • support in maintaining change among participants who have previously attended leadership programmes • an extensive and readily

sustainable evaluation criteria.

Every year, a broad range of organisations approach the School to commission bespoke educational and training programmes. From one-day

Our high quality executive

courses to ongoing development

education programmes have

programmes rolled out around the

attracted organisations such as:

world, our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of our

British Telecom (BT) British Council

individual clients. Our approach is to work closely with you to build a deep understanding

Cornelian Asset Managers

of your organisational needs.

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

capacity, in recent years we

Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) National Health Service (NHS)

To give an indication of our have been tasked with: • Delivering a 12-week programme for the British Council on behalf of the UK

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

Government and FCO. Fourteen

Scottish Widows Investment Partnership

from different countries

Standard Life

accessible network of contacts • excellent facilities and

C u sto m i s e d p r o g r a m m e s

KPMG Yorkshire Water

The Business School has a long tradition of providing high quality training programmes to a diverse range of participants and clients.

mid-career professionals across the world joined us to take part in the ‘Finance and Investment in a Low Carbon Economy’ programme.

Executive Education The University of Edinburgh Business School Opportunities

• Running a tailored executive MBA programme in partnership with a French university on behalf of KPMG. • Devising an intensive residential programme for senior Kazakhstan government officials to develop best practice. The programme was delivered by drawing on public sector expertise from the Business School and across the wider University. • Creating a two-year management development programme for a property company. This focused on leadership, selection and coaching skills. The programme was cascaded from board members to all managers. • Developing a short intensive programme enabling a major law firm to work with the firm’s partners to develop business planning and client acquisition skills.



Executive Education The University of Edinburgh Business School Opportunities

Clients are attracted to working with the School because of our reputation for management development and leadership. The resources we can deploy comprise academic expertise and a network of delivery partners. More specifically, clients benefit from our ability to design bespoke programmes. Our expertise lies in identifying needs and constructing tailored solutions that deliver real business benefits: • academic research resources • leadership and personal development programmes

• comprehensive online diagnostics • development centres • one-to-one feedback and coaching • coaching qualifications • situational leadership qualifications • emotional intelligence • transformational change • career development • psychometric assessment. S p o n s o r i n g e m p loy e e s

Employees enjoy an invaluable opportunity to advance their personal and professional development, at little or no cost to themselves. In return, their employers profit from the increased knowledge, motivation and improved performance of their staff and organisation. Organisations that sponsor staff also enjoy the benefits of belonging to our ‘sponsors network’. MBA+ As part of our commitment to lifelong learning and continuing

• psychometric assessment

Many local companies choose

professional development,

• cutting edge evaluation criteria

to take advantage of the

business people and MBA

School’s expertise by sponsoring

graduates can take their

employees to attend our Part-time

qualifications further with MBA+.

MBA programme. Around 65%

This modular programme allows

We offer one of the UK’s few

of Part-time MBA students and

for the study of MBA components

accredited leadership and

a small number of Full-time MBA

during evenings and weekends

personal development courses.

students receive sponsorship.

or as week-long modules,

Expertise gleaned from the

Some of our MSc students are also

enabling continuous professional

course can be applied to most

sponsored or part-sponsored.

development to progress at

• diversity within the consultant team.

organisational challenges, making

a more personalised pace.

it a popular choice for middle and senior managers. Components of a tailored programme could include:

As part of the Edinburgh MBA, we offer one of the UK’s few accredited leadership and personal development courses.

For further information visit Full contact details are at the back of the brochure.




Academic Business Expertise

Investing in a customised programme is not the only way to gain insights into the work of the Business School. Our staff are also available to work with businesses on a consultancy or research basis.

One of the primary aims of the

UK research assessment exercise,

School is to serve as a vibrant,

85% of research we submitted

high profile centre for education,

was judged to be of international

research and debate about

quality, with 10% of activity

contemporary management

deemed ‘world-leading’.

One of the primary aims of the Business School is to serve as a vibrant, high profile centre for education, research and debate about contemporary management issues.

Local, national and international businesses and non-commercial organisations have enlisted our help in tackling various research and consultancy projects over the last few years. Projects have included: • Examining the ‘problems’ of

Our international faculty conducts

an ageing world and their

research on an individual and

impact upon governments and

collective basis, often through the

employers across the world. The

School’s research centres. The

Business School collaborated

onus is on staff to create research

with academics from other

that has practical applications and

institutions to explore ways

can demonstrate a measurable

of extending the traditional

impact upon real life situations.

retirement ages in a major

Our extremely high standards

We are keen to further develop

study for the Department

mean that the School focuses

collaborative links between

for Work and Pensions.

on delivering internationally

industry and academia, and

recognised research that is

businesses of all types can engage

Aegon. ‘The Human Factor:

highly rated by UK research

our consultancy services to access

Maximising value for employee

funding councils. In the last

our staff’s superior research skills.

benefits’ a study aimed at

issues. Our geographical location – in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities and Scotland’s business capital – simply adds to our ability to attract faculty from around the world and to develop distinctive research niches.

Image: Scottish Viewpoint

Recent research

• Research commissioned by


better understanding employer

Leading members of the School

benefits. Aegon’s intention was

Research centres and K n ow l e d g e T r a n s f e r Pa r t n e r s h i p s

to establish a reputation as a

As well as conducting our

to promoting the study and

and employee perceptions of

knowledge resource within the insurance and pensions industry. • Studying links between pay

own research and accepting commissions from our clients, the School supports a number

and performance at the CEO

of research centres.

level on behalf of the Economic

Centres that work with the

and Social Research Council. Our research also examined the remuneration of internally promoted CEOs versus

Business School include:

and the effectiveness of share options as a retention tool. • Working on a knowledge transfer partnership with the strategic team at Scottish Water. Scottish Water is already the fourth largest water and wastewater services provider in the UK; our support will help the utility company to

each of which is dedicated understanding of its chosen field. As part of this, the centres provide and stimulate groundbreaking research. All centres enjoy strong relationships with leading industry practitioners and regularly share best practice with the business community through talks,

Credit Research Centre

externally hired candidates, ‘fairness’ of severance pay,

faculty run many of the centres,

seminars and conferences. Our links to the business

Institute of Public Sector Accounting Research (IPSAR)

community are further

Centre for Public Services Research (CPSR)

Transfer Partnerships, an initiative

Centre for Business and Climate Change Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Research Unit for Research Utilisation (RURU)

strengthened by Knowledge designed to help companies access academic expertise for the benefit of their bottom line. Partfunded by the government, the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships scheme is open to businesses of all sizes across most industries and commercial sectors.

optimise its asset management and become even stronger. The School has also partnered on research projects with HSBC, Ford Credit, Scottish Widows and Yorkshire Water, amongst others.

In the last UK research assessment exercise, 85% of research we submitted was judged to be of international quality, with 10% of activity deemed ‘world-leading’.

For further information visit Full contact details are at the back of the brochure.



Student Research and Consultancy

Open the door to fresh insights and innovative solutions by commissioning our high calibre students to conduct research on your organisation’s behalf. Over the course of their studies, our MBA and MSc students participate in a number of projects that offer organisations the opportunity to access a high quality research resource – for no more than the cost of covering essential project expenses. MBA students can generally offer businesses a broad, strategic point of view, whilst MSc students typically provide a more focused perspective within a particular area of expertise.

T h e M B A Co n s u lta n c y P r oj e c t Companies involved in this

Past MBA Consultancy

scheme can task our talented,

Projects include:

experienced MBA students with a strategic business project. A team of two or three students – supported by our academic staff – will spend around 150

• State Street – An analysis of the life cycle of change within pension funds. • STMicroelectronics –

hours consulting on an important

Research for market entry

management issue identified

into the medical scanner

by the organisation. Findings

machine market.

and recommendations are then

• Third Wave Ltd (sustainable

formally communicated via a

development and CSR

presentation and a written report.

consultancy) – Defining the

No fee is charged for this output.

market opportunity and

If you wish to participate in this

commercial feasibility for

scheme, your company must only

a sustainable development

cover direct project expenses,

accreditation scheme for

making for a very cost-effective

public sector procurement.

and educational exercise.

• Totseat (producers of an adjustable, portable baby harness) – Scoping out an Asian expansion strategy for the product.

Student Research and Consultancy The University of Edinburgh Business School Opportunities

T h e M B A C a p sto n e

MS c i n F i n a n c e

D o i n g B u s i n e ss i n

( D i s s e r tat i o n ) P r oj e c t

D i s s e r tat i o n

E m e r g i n g M a r k e ts

To benefit from the expertise of an

In the summer term, each of our

industry-experienced student who

finance MSc students completes

As part of the MSc in International

has completed nine months of

an individual dissertation.

Business and Emerging Markets,

Full-time MBA study (or two years

Although it is usual for students

students are required to carry

of Part-time MBA study), your

to choose a dissertation

out a work-based project with

business can become involved

topic based upon their own

a company that wishes to take

in the MBA Capstone Project.

interests, or to develop topics

a product or service to a new

suggested by academic staff,

international market. Our students

opportunities also exist for

are international in nature, many

companies to sponsor projects.

of them with work experience

Each student is required to complete a substantial and authoritative work. This can take many forms including a research-

A company-sponsored project

based document, business plan or

involves a student directing

report (or indeed a combination

his or her MSc dissertation

of elements of these).

towards answering research

The School charges no fee for participation in the MBA Capstone Project. Payment of any expenses is agreed directly between the student and the company benefiting from the study. Topics investigated for previous projects include: • Network Rail’s corporate turnaround strategy. • Strategic performance

questions suggested by a

• The UK introduction of real estate investment trusts. • Efficiency of stock markets in Southern Africa. • Budgeting by the Hilton Hotels Corporation.

information and analysing the market specified by the client.

comprising four or five students

a particular issue and can base

supported by our academic

the project topic upon this. An

staff, will use quantitative and

academic supervisor is assigned

empirical research methods

to each project, which is likely

to examine the market.

to be empirical in nature.

The team will deliver its findings

Previous MSc in Finance

and recommendations as a

dissertation topics include:

presentation and a written report.

• An analysis of equity issues

Previous projects have

among companies in development of tradable debt.

energy industry in Scotland.

valuable resource for collecting

wish to progress research into

Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.

• Strategic analysis of the wind

developing countries, and are a

A project team, typically

financial distress and of the

Facebook platform.

from emerging markets and

company. Organisations may

management at the Royal

• Innovation around the

P r oj e c t

• Changing life expectancy and fund manager selection decisions in pension funding. • An investigation into socially responsible investment and trends. • Sovereign wealth funds and trends. Students on other MSc programmes are also available to complete company-sponsored projects relevant to their MSc.

involved researching: • The launch of a premium drinks brand in Ethiopia. • The market for power and cooling systems in South Korea and Japan. • The requirement for satellite antennae in India and Nigeria. • Ambient noise cancellation in China and Scandinavia.



MBA Internships Offering an internship to a

Hosting an internship has

student on the Edinburgh

the following advantages

terms of the work to be carried

MBA gives your business the

for your business:

out during the internship.

opportunity to assign a project to an industry-experienced student with an international outlook at comparatively little expense. Internships will typically start in late June or early July and usually last between eight and twelve weeks. Quite often experience gained during an internship can form the basis

• Consultancy services are

• You enjoy great flexibility in

• A substantial outcome is

delivered for a fraction

achieved, both in terms of

of the fee charged by a

the work completed during

mainstream consulting house.

the placement and the

• It is possible to see how a

dissertation that follows.

student works with your team in

Businesses based across the UK

advance of potentially offering

and overseas take advantage of

long-term employment.

our student summer placement

• A student’s international

scheme. Organisations that have participated in the past include:

for a student’s dissertation. This

experience may prove

would be agreed in advance

advantageous if you’re

• Barclays Capital

with the client organisation.

considering entry into

• United Nations

an overseas market.

• Chicago Board of Trade • Ernst & Young • Shell UK • Intel.

For further information, please visit



Student recruitment

As the global marketplace becomes increasingly crowded, it is imperative that businesses recruit managers with the knowledge, skills and experience required to outperform the competition. Around 700 students from the Business School enter the employment market every year. C a r e e r s a n d Co r p o r at e D e v e lo p m e n t Our careers, alumni and corporate relations teams collaborate very closely to support the recruitment of our students. Our approach is to continually monitor the requirements of employers and the changing demands of the job market to ensure that the students we turn out each year are highly employable. St u d e n t P r o f i l e s Our Full-time MBA students have online profiles detailing their background and work experience. Potential employers can view these at

M B A CAREERS AND INTERNSHIPS FAIR Each year, we collaborate with

alumni can access the job posts and apply for suitable roles.

Strathclyde Business School to

For MSc job opportunities, we

stage the Scottish MBA Careers

are delighted to circulate details

Fair, the only national MBA careers

to our students via the careers

fair in the UK. Annually, more than

service job portal SAGE.

300 MBA students from around Scotland and the north of England

U n d e r g r a d uat e recruitment

attend the February event.

Almost 300 students graduate

Company participation is free and

from the School each year with

businesses have the opportunity

a business related degree.

a dozen business schools in

to give a short presentation as well as host a recruitment stand. U s e o f S c h o o l fac i l i t i e s We are happy to arrange for

Our range of business related undergraduate degrees includes: MA in Accounting and Finance

preliminary recruitment interviews

MA in Business Studies

to be held at the School. If you

MA in Business Studies and Accounting

wish to meet with a number of students, you can hold an informal meeting or give a presentation in

MA in Business Studies and Economics

one of our larger rooms. Ford UK,

MA in International Business

We are happy to share individual

Barclays Capital, PA Consulting

profiles of our MSc students as

Group and GE Capital are among

appropriate. Businesses may also

the companies to have taken

request the profile of a typical

advantage of our facilities.

student on our MSc programmes.

of charge. Both students and

J o b P o st i n g s

A number of joint degrees that include modern languages, law and geography. The University of Edinburgh Careers Service oversees

Our MBA job posting service,

all undergraduate

available in conjunction with MBA-

recruitment, employer-run, allows businesses

workshops, presentations

to post vacancies online, free

and recruitment fairs.

Find out more at For further information about accessing recruitment opportunities via the Business School, please visit



Business Facilities and Location

Maintaining a top 10 ranking in the global league of conference locations is no mean feat, yet it’s a position that Edinburgh has occupied for a number of years.

Conference organisers are attracted to the city as much for its international airport, convenient transport links and excellent conferencing facilities as they are inspired by its rich history and cultural heritage. Readers of numerous international publications regularly bestow upon Edinburgh the title of ‘favourite city’. The School’s new purpose-built premises enjoy a city centre location and boast conference and meeting areas designed for the exclusive use of business partners.

Co n f e r e n c e s and meetings Our fourth floor, custom-built executive education suite comprises a 54-seat conference room, a 34-seat boardroom and an enclosed roof terrace ideal for networking. The School can cater for a range of events, delivering anything from meeting refreshments to formal sit-down dinners. Elsewhere in the School are 18 syndicate rooms, eight lecture theatres and numerous additional networking spaces.

Whether you’re interested in

Wireless Internet access is

arranging a board meeting,

available throughout the building,

an event lasting one day,

and the School boasts a full

executive training or a month-

video conferencing suite.

long programme, the Business School will be happy to discuss your requirements.

You can hire the executive education suite on its own or make full use of the School’s available space to host conferences for 150+ delegates.

For further details about the School, our

Corporate Development Director

programmes, students and academics as

+44 (0)131 650 8067

well as more information on recruitment, consultancy, internships and sponsorships, visit To discuss executive education, conferences or events for your organisation, please address

Executive Education Manager +44 (0)131 651 4212

your enquiries to any of the following: Careers and Corporate Relations Manager +44 (0)131 650 9841

Student Projects Manager +44 (0)131 651 5330

Events Manager +44 (0)131 651 4215

The University of Edinburgh Business School 29 Buccleuch Place Edinburgh EH8 9JS

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Corporate opportunities at the University of Edinburgh Business School

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