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Discovery sheds light on flu infections

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University to support new physics research

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Welcome, This e-Zine is designed for students who have an offer with the University of Edinburgh-College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, to provide you with the latest College updates as well as further details on your journey to the University.

Hello, Summer has finally arrived in Edinburgh! And there really isn't a better city when the sun is shining! Induction and matriculation is only two months away now, so the whole team have been working very hard in preparation for your arrival. We hope your preparations are coming along well, but if you need any further assistance, please let us know. This month’s e-zine includes updates on some of the pre-arrival virtual sessions we shall be hosting, as well as links to some important joining information! I hope you find it informative and that it helps you on your journey. For those of you still currently studying, best of luck with the rest of your work and I hope you have a great summer Best wishes, Barry Connolly Customer Relationship Manager



Latest College News Discovery sheds light on flu infections Scientists have discovered a new gene in the influenza virus that helps the virus control the body’s response to infection. Although this control is exerted by the virus, surprisingly it reduces the impact of the infection. The findings will help researchers better understand how flu can cause severe infections, as well as inform research into new treatments. (Read More)

Gallbladder surgery risks studied Elderly patients having gallbladder surgery may be more at risk depending on where they are treated. University researchers who studied 10 years’ worth of data for gallbladder removal surgery found that patient deaths were generally low. However the chances of survival for patients considered high risk varied significantly between hospitals.(Read More)

Latest University News

Ian Rankin turns back time Exhibits associated with crime novelist Ian Rankin are among the highlights of a University display with a literary theme. The exhibition, which runs from 3 August to 27 October, is being held to mark 250 years of English Literature study at Edinburgh. It will be held in the Main Library - a place that holds happy memories for the bestselling writer, who studied English Language and Literature at Edinburgh from 1978 to 1985. Mr Rankin was a regular visitor to the library in George Square as a postgraduate student when he wrote his first novel. (Read More)

University to support new physics research Following recent discoveries at CERN, a new University centre is to support future research in theoretical physics. The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics will bring together scientists from around the world to seek an even deeper understanding of how the universe works. Its name recognises the research of Professor Peter Higgs, which led to the recent discovery at CERN of a new particle that is most likely the Higgs boson and could complete the Standard Model of elementary particle physics.

The University will also establish a Chair in the name of Professor Higgs. Link with China to boost genetic research Research in the growing field of genomics will be boosted by an initiative that brings together scientific expertise from China

and Edinburgh. (Read More)

Virtual Drop in Sessions Virtual Drop-in sessions ‘pre arrival’ for all offer holders on the following dates: • •

Weds 22 August 15:00 BST Weds 5 September 15:00 BST

Drop in online and ask the College Postgraduate Office any questions you may have before you start your programme. The drop-in sessions are for all offer holders, both on-campus and online distance learners. To log onto the session please click here From lobby, click on "Admissions - College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine“. Further information about our online sessions is available here

Joining Information Overview You shall be receiving detailed joining information soon. But in the mean time you can keep up to date with information about joining the University here

New University of Edinburgh College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine App

We're pleased to let you know that the ‘UoE CMVM’ App is now live and free to download at Apple's App Store. The App pulls together key information from our website, allowing prospective applicants to explore the range of postgraduate programmes available and get application advice, while offerholders can use it to watch video guidance on accepting offers, and access accommodation links, latest College news, student blogs, Facebook groups etc. We will be using the App to keep you updated on important updates leading up to matriculation and enrolment. So please remember to 'accept' the push notification request once you've downloaded it. The App is currently available for iPhone and iPad users only, but if successful will be rolled out to other platforms. You can find it in the App Store by searching for "UoE CMVM".

Explore CMVM through our films, blogs, E-zines and social media pages . (Click on the logo)

Facebook We have three communities where we encourage offer holders to speak to each other online. Twitter Keep up to date with the latest news from the Postgraduate Office Blogs A sneak peak of postgraduate life from our student bloggers E-zines View our latest E-zines featuring key information for applicants. YouTube We have our own feature page and are adding films all the time. Online events Instructions on how to log in to our virtual drop-in sessions.

Student Blogs Follow the College’s student ambassadors and their experiences at the University of Edinburgh: Callum Johnstone Current PhD student studying aspects of Dementia. Follow his blog at: Xin Ma Current PhD student studying causes of Alzheimer's disease.Follow her blog at:

Vicky Young Current PhD student, studying reproductive health

Xiying Yang Current MSc student in Biomedical Sciences. Follow her blog at:


Contact Details If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate To contact us at: Postgraduate Office College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine The University of Edinburgh The Chancellor's Building 49 Little France Crescent Edinburgh EH16 4SB Tel: +44(0)131 242 6460/6461


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