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MSc Offer Holder e-Zine December 2012

Why choose Edinburgh?

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Welcome, This e-Zine is designed for students who have an offer with the University of Edinburgh-College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, to provide you with the latest College updates as well as further details on your journey to the University.

Hello, Welcome to the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine eZine for offer-holders. Congratulations on receiving an offer to study your Masters in Edinburgh. This eZine is designed to keep you informed of news from the College, as well as providing you with useful information related to postgraduate study here in Edinburgh. If you have any queries about any aspect of your application or programme of study, please do not hesitate to contact us. Best wishes,

Lauren Johnston-Smith Marketing and Communications Manager


Latest News Launching new business ideas The University is to host a series of events to promote staff and student entrepreneurship. The events, which include a ÂŁ1,000 competition to pitch new business ideas, will encourage enterprising staff and students to come up with new ways of turning their ideas into commercial realities. The campaign is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012, a movement that seeks to encourage people around the world to create new opportunities and successful ventures. (Read More)

Visiting the Anatomical Museum If you find yourself in Edinburgh on the last Saturday of any month, do take the opportunity to visit the University’s Anatomical Museum. The museum is housed in the old Medical School at Teviot Place, which was built in the 1880s. See the skeleton of the infamous mass murderer William Burke, along with anatomical teaching models from the 1800s and more than 40 life and death masks. (Read More)

Student bloggers Follow our student ambassadors as they blog about their experience as a postgraduate in the College. Gillian from Malaysia, MSc in Animal Biosciences “The Roslin Institute is home to many great findings (such as Dolly the Sheep), and it is a privilege to feel part of this little society.”

Samantha from USA, Masters in Public Health “Outside of school, I have taken advantage of some of the nicer weather days in Edinburgh, including climbing the Scott Monument which is right in the middle of the city.”

Catherine from Ireland, MSc in Human Anatomy “All I know is there are a lot of new words like syncytiotrophoblast and zona pellucida that I am still trying to get my head around….I never thought a uterus was capable of so much!”

Gwen from UK, MSc in Animal Biosciences “It's always good to get some feedback, too, so you know what to improve on next time. I know I say "um" a lot… but it's not as frequent as before, which is good.”

Why choose Edinburgh? Edinburgh has something for everyone. There are great pubs, clubs and restaurants, theatres and cinemas, museums, galleries, parks, gardens, shops and sport centres.

Arthur’s Seat – in the heart of the city

Culture and heritage Find out more about the lively cultural life of the city from historic buildings to contemporary art. Festivals Theatre. Jazz. Science. Books. Film. Television. Fashion. Art. You name it. We’ve got a festival for it. Eating Tapas, noodles, curry, sushi, chateaubriand. It’s not all haggis and shortbread you know. Sport and activities Spectator or adrenalin junkie? Find out more about activities to do (or watch) in the capital. Nightlife and entertainment Explore the city after dark - live music, comedy, theatre or just a night out with friends in a pub..

Edinburgh has regularly been voted one of the most desirable places to live in the world. Our city mixes architectural beauty and history with a lively, fun environment. Our city offers an exciting array of entertainment, history, culture and sport, with the lush Scottish countryside and coastline just a few miles away. It is a safe and prosperous city, with an abundance of parks and green spaces for recreation and reflection. The city centre also plays host to a carnival atmosphere every August, when the world-famous Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe takes over the city.

Accommodation overview Guarantee and deadlines New single postgraduate students from outside the EU are guaranteed an offer of student accommodation. For postgraduates from within the EU studying for the full year 2013-14, if you would still like to be considered for University accommodation, it is important you apply online using the 'Ready to apply' link below and, when requested, ensure you opt to go onto the waiting list. Guarantee and deadlines Self-catering accommodation Self-catered accommodation options for new single postgraduate students, including locations, room types and prices. More info on self-catering Catered accommodation Catered accommodation options for new single postgraduate students, including location, room types and prices. More info on catered accommodation.

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Explore postgraduate through our films, blogs, & social media pages I wish I had known‌! on Facebook From where to get a haircut, to how to manage your deadlines, this handy Facebook page run by EUSA (Edinburgh University Student Association) is full of valuable tips from current students.

Download College and University Apps!

There are two free apps that you should download to your smartphone, if you have one: •

The College App - UoE CMVM - provides applicants with useful information such as video guidance on accepting offers, and access to accommodation links, latest College news, student blogs, Facebook groups etc. The App is currently available for iPhone and iPad users only, but if successful will be rolled out to other platforms. We will be using the App to keep you updated on important updates leading up to matriculation and enrolment. So please remember to 'accept' the push notification request once you've downloaded it.

The University App – U@Ed – is designed for current or new students and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Students can view courses, notices, events, use the Campus Maps, check library records and financial details. It also features a Friend Finder so that you can see where your friends are on the campus, making it easier to catch up with people on the move.

Contact Details If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at: Postgraduate Office College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine The University of Edinburgh The Chancellor's Building 49 Little France Crescent Edinburgh EH16 4SB


On campus MSc offer-holders eZine Dec 2012  
On campus MSc offer-holders eZine Dec 2012  

eZine for those holding an offer to study an on campus MSc at the COllege of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh...