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College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine PhD/MPhil Offer Holder e-ZINE-February 2012

Scientists team up to beat genetic diseases! Application advice

Why study in Edinburgh? -Find out more about how Edinburgh has something for everyone!

Student Film Competition Winner Revealed!

Welcome, This e-Zine is designed for students who have an offer with the University of Edinburgh-College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, to provide you with the latest College updates as well as further details on your journey to the University.

Since the Christmas holidays It’s been a very busy time for the whole of the postgraduate team. We have been working very hard on student applications and also involving a lot of our current and former students with our actives. We were delighted to announce the winner of our student film competition (p) as well as interviewing our former students at their graduation (p) to find out what their plans for the future are. The college has also been making some outstanding research contributions, particularly in heart diseases, which you can read more about in our news feature. I hope your preparations to begin your studies are progressing well, and if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Best wishes, Barry Connolly Customer Relationship Manager



Latest College News

Scientists team up to beat genetic diseases Scientists from leading medical institutes in Edinburgh are joining forces to further research into a range of genetic diseases. More than 200 staff and students from the Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit will join the University of Edinburgh. This will form one of the largest centres for human genetics and molecular medicine in Europe‌.(Read More)

Need for sleep lies in our genes Why some people need more sleep is in our genes, a new study suggests. A new study by University researchers finds that one in five Europeans carry a variation of a gene known as ABCC9, which is involved in sensing energy levels of cells in the body. People with the gene need almost 30 minutes more sleep each night than those who do not have it. Experts say the finding opens up a new line of research in sleep studies and it is hoped that future studies will establish precisely how the gene variant regulates sleep duration‌(Read More)

Latest College News

Anatomy museum opens doors to public A facial cast of mass murderer William Burke taken shortly before his execution is to form part of an exhibition of medical artefacts. The cast will be shown alongside Burke’s skeleton and his death mask at the University of Edinburgh’s Anatomy Museum……. (Read More) Ethnic differences for heart disease risk Scots of Indian and Pakistani origin also have much greater levels of hospital admissions for both conditions than people of white Scottish ethnicity. University researchers found that Scots of Pakistani origin were twice as likely to be admitted to hospital with chest pain compared with white Scots ……(Read More)

Scanning strategy could help heart disease Patients with lifethreatening heart valve disease could be helped with alternative scanning techniques that provide greater insight into the condition. University researchers used an imaging technique that could help predict which patients will need open heart surgery to replace their heart valves. It could also be used for research to improve treatments to prevent the disease…. (Read More).

Why Study In Edinburgh? Edinburgh has something for everyone. There are great pubs, clubs and restaurants, theatres and cinemas, museums, galleries, parks, gardens, shops and sport centres. Culture and heritage Find out more about the lively cultural life of the city from historic buildings to contemporary art. Festivals Theatre. Jazz. Science. Books. Film. Television. Fashion. Art. You name it. We’ve got a festival for it

Eating Tapas, noodles, curry, sushi, chateaubriand. It’s not all haggis and shortbread you know. Sport and activities Spectator or adrenalin junkie? Find out more about activities to do (or watch) in the capital

Nightlife and entertainment Explore the city after dark - live music, comedy, theatre or just a night out with friends in a pub.

Edinburgh has regularly been voted one of the most desirable places to live in the world. Our city mixes architectural beauty and history with a lively, fun environment. Our city offers an exciting array of entertainment, history, culture and sport, with the lush Scottish countryside and coastline just a few miles away. It is a safe and prosperous city, with an abundance of parks and green spaces for recreation and reflection. The city centre also plays host to a carnival atmosphere every August, when the world-famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe takes over the town.


Accommodation Overview Guarantee and deadlines New single postgraduate students from outside the EU are guaranteed an offer of student accommodation. For postgraduates from within the EU studying for the full year 2011-12, if you would still like to be considered for University accommodation, it is important you apply online using the 'Ready to apply' link below and, when requested, ensure you opt to go onto the waiting list.

Guarantee and deadlines

Self-catered details Self-catered accommodation options for new single postgraduate students, including locations, room types and prices. Self-catered details Catered details Catered accommodation options for new single postgraduate students, including location, room types and prices. Catered details

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Student Blogs Follow the College’s student ambassadors and their experiences at the University of Edinburgh: Callum Johnstone Current PhD student studying aspects of Dementia. Follow his blog at: Xin Ma Current PhD student studying causes of Alzheimer's disease.Follow her blog at:

Vicky Young Current PhD student, studying reproductive health

Xiying Yang Current MSc student in Biomedical Sciences. Follow her blog at:

Explore CMVM through our films, blogs, E-zines and social media pages . (Click on the logo)

Facebook We have three communities where we encourage offer holders to speak to each other online. Twitter Keep up to date with the latest news from the Postgraduate Office Blogs A sneak peak of postgraduate life from our student bloggers E-zines View our latest E-zines featuring key information for applicants. YouTube We have our own feature page and are adding films all the time. Online events Instructions on how to log in to our virtual drop-in sessions.

Student Film Competition winner Last Semester the College held a student film competition for new and current students to create a short film which represented their college or programme. We were delighted to announce that the winner was a group of students from the Global Health Academy headed up by Marisol Collins (2nd Year MSc International Animal Health). The College shall be holding another student film competition shortly and we shall keep you up to date with the entries! Click on the image below to watch the superb winning entry!

Have your research proposal published in the next issue! Interested in sharing your research ideas before you begin your programme with future academic colleagues? Send us a brief outline of your research proposal and we will publish it in next month’s e-zine. This will give you the opportunity to interact in academic debate with future colleagues before your programme begins, and perhaps share ideas or appropriateresearch methodologies?

If you would like your proposal in next month’s e-zine, please contact Barry Connolly at:


Contact Details If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate To contact us at: Postgraduate Office College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine The University of Edinburgh The Chancellor's Building 49 Little France Crescent Edinburgh EH16 4SB Tel: +44(0)131 242 6460/6461


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