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MOBILE PAYMENTS REDEFINING CONVENIENCE From tickets and coupons to debit cards and loyalty cards, mobile wallets turn everything you know from a physical wallet into digital form

Convenience is king We don’t think anyone saw just how integral to our lives our mobile phones would become, but we’re willing to bet a lot of money that right now, your smartphone is either in your hand or in your pocket. It’s taking over that pocket too. From address books to MP3 players, our smartphones have made the contents of our pockets redundant. The latest victim? Our wallets. So what’s driving this incessant push to rid ourselves of any excess weight in our pockets?

CONVENIENCE. Like never before, we want things to be easy; to be fast; to be smooth, and to work. The move to mobile wallets is both a logical one and an inevitable one. Everything can be stored in one place that is easy to access, secure and incredibly easy to use. For your customers, mobile wallets provide convenience, speed and security. They eliminate the need for multiple cards, cash and chequebooks, but also paper coupons, loyalty cards and even physical tickets. Keeping all of this in one mobile wallet isn’t just convenient; it also gives a far more personalized and exclusive shopping experience.

For companies, they boost brand identity, provide unique customer insights, and act as a future proof opportunity to move into new markets. A white label mobile wallet gives you a personal way to reach your customers, anytime and anywhere, and present them with a wide range of services that help make life that much easier. No matter what industry you’re in, mobile wallets blur the boundaries between markets, forcing companies to open their eyes to new competitors. A mobile wallet strengthens your brand by allowing you to offer a vast range of VAS, from NFC payments to theme park ticketing, redefining convenience for your customers.

VAS? VAS, value added services, are features within the wallet. Typically VAS have limited acceptance, specific to certain merchants, where as payments are accepted across multiple merchants. VAS can include loyalty cards, coupons, ticketing, and CRM opportunities.

How does this fit with what you do? Three of the industries most likely to be affected by mobile wallets are banking, telecommunications, and transport. Banks



A mobile wallet can include a banking app and all of a customer’s payment cards, giving them almost instant access to all of their payment possibilities. It can also include VAS such as NFC payments, CRM, coupons and loyalty cards. These, when possible, can be personalized to each customer, giving exclusive offers based on behavior and giving you access to completely new revenue streams. Launching a mobile wallet for your bank not only protects your existing value chain, but also signals innovation and efficiency to your existing customers.

In both Europe and the US companies have ventured into mobile wallets, independently and as joint ventures, but if this doesn’t include your company, then now’s the time to consider a mobile wallet. Adding a mobile wallet to your product offerings would enable you to become an important part of the NFC value chain and to make the most of NFC (for payments, etc.). The wallet also opens up the possibility of adding further VAS, such as ticketing and coupons, to make your wallet perfectly suited to your customers.

Mobile ticketing is exploding. Many transportation companies already have apps in the pockets of people all over the world, so a mobile wallet for your company is a logical next step, allowing you to move your existing app into the wallet. If you haven’t got a ticketing app up and running, then it can be the first addition once made. From there, it’s a matter of realising the VAS that would suit your customers, such as coupons and loyalty cards, and adding these to your wallet, thereby establishing your company in new markets.

How we do the things we do Mobile wallets have two main ingredients: design and technology. Both are equally essential to the success of the wallet. We know that when it comes to a mobile wallet, the look and feel of it are of paramount importance. If our experience has taught us one thing, it’s that it doesn’t matter how amazing your wallet is – if people don’t enjoy using it, they won’t. Our user-experience team focus on the look, feel and usability of the wallet so all our mobile wallets end up as original, intuitive and very user-friendly. Of course if you’d rather, we’ll gladly provide a white label mobile wallet for you to build upon. No matter if we do or don’t help with design, all our mobile wallets are managed through the same framework and platform, and all include a range of unique features. Opposite, we look at three of these that make our mobile wallets stand out from the crowd. If you’d like to hear more about our design or features, just ask. We’ll be happy to tell you more.

• Plug and play payment widgets that support the major payment schemes, such as PayWave and PayPass, ready to be installed giving almost instant access to the existing payment infrastructure • The option of independently developing and creating your own VAS, such as loyalty cards, coupons and tickets through an exclusive software development kit and a marketplace – similar to an app store – where you can pick and choose services • Our secure wallet server that manages almost everything; setting up service providers, monitoring the wallet once launched, helping launch new services, and making sure that things are running smoothly and securely

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Mobile Payments - A Quick Guide  

A brochure we made for the Mobile World Congress 2013 that focuses on our mobile payment products, namely our Mobile Wallet.