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We welcomed 2017 with 24 UN volunteers supporting the work of United Nations in Ukraine. This number would almost double during the year; with 45 UN volunteers working in Ukraine in December 2017.


We met with students of the Ukrainian Catholic University to present volunteer opportunities with UNV and other organizations on the occasion of their career day. Six Ukrainian universities became our partners in 2017 to promote volunteerism among their students.

MARCH 2017

Rupmani, a UN Volunteer with hearing impairment, came to Ukraine from India to change the perception of disability among UN colleagues as well as ordinary Ukrainians. 9 UN Agencies in Ukraine partnered with UNV and Rupmani in 2017 to make their work more inclusive through various initiatives and sign language courses attended by their staff.

APRIL 2017

We partnered with UN Youth Advisory Panel and UN Resident's Coordinator Office for the first volunteer-led quest promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Ukraine. Five more SDG quests were organized in 2017 in collaboration with UN and civil society. This included the first inclusive SDG quest in sign language during the International Week of the Deaf.

MAY 2017

We published findings of our research mapping motivation and challenges of Ukrainian organizations when engaging and managing volunteers. Almost 150 organizations based in Ukraine have collaborated with us on the research.

JUNE 2017

We helped mobilize over 500 international volunteers to come to Ukrainian schools as part of the Go Global / Go Camp project. Volunteers worked with Ukrainian children to improve their English as well as other skills such as critical thinking or leadership.

JULY 2017

We launched a training programme to develop social skills of UN Volunteers. The programme included four workshops on leadership, innovation, communication and inclusion as well as volunteer assignments supporting Volunteer Fests held in December 2017. 83 % of all UN Volunteers in Ukraine attended at least one of the sessions and 15 of them promoted volunteerism with youth and civil society during the Volunteer Fests.


UNV joined other UN agencies for the Forum on Youth, Peace and Security held in Kremenchuk. In 2017, we engaged with youth and civil society to promote volunteerism. through over 60 events organized in Ukraine.


We helped mobilize more than 100 volunteers to support "East Expo" as well as 35 volunteers for a Fashion Show featured during this event. East Expo gave an opportunity to small and medium businesses from Eastern Ukraine to promote their products and expand their business opportunities.


248 pages of guide on Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration of ExCombatants were translated into Ukrainian thanks to UNV online volunteers. Over 32 volunteer assignments posted through helped UN agencies, NGOs, but also ministries in Ukraine with various peace and development tasks in 2017, which is 4 times more than in 2016.


We met with over hundred civil servants and civil society representatives working with youth during the national Forum of Youth workers in Kharkiv. UNV is assisting the Ministry of Youth and Sports to develop volunteer management training for youth workers, which will be delivered in February 2018.


We united Ukrainians top-down and West-East for the global celebration of volunteerism during our Volunteer Fests held in 20 + Ukrainian cities. The events were attended by representatives of Ukrainian government, US embassy, civil society and general public and presented UNV/AIESEC "The Young Person's Guide: Changing the World" to advance SDGs through volunteerism.

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2017: The Year in Photos  
2017: The Year in Photos