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Translation Interviews Video Social Good Summit Ekaterina Paniklova, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Kazakhstan Today we are holding Kazakhstan’s Social Good Summit, as part of a global summit, which is organized in New York these days during the UN General Assembly session. About 100 states host a similar event as we do today, only at a different time. This summit gathers people who care about sustainable growth, environmental security, political progress and humankind’s sustainable development itself. It is wonderful to see young people and volunteers here. We are very grateful to the National Volunteer Network of Kazakhstan, which helped us organizing this forum. The most interesting part is that our discussions will instantly go to the common global platform. Any other country and people from the other end of the world can see our debates, and maybe gain benefits for their local efforts. What is important are momentum, innovations, ideas, and ambitions which we will be presented with today and which, we hope, would be helpful for everyone. I think that Kazakhstan will choose and find, maybe it already has, its own path in achieving development goals. Sabit Naukenov, Founder and Head of ‘’ I am representing my project ‘’ today and will be talking about how digital technologies can make us healthier and improve our lives. I monitor health trends in other countries, compare my work and understand in what direction to move. This approach can result in partnerships between different organizations. Here today, getting acquainted with the other participants while talking about hot issues could also lead to cooperation and invention of something new. For me, the topic of healthcare is important because my project is in this field. Today and tomorrow’s world is, probably, a world in the eyes of those who are able to imagine it as a better place. Manarbek Abenov, Senior Manager at ‘Kazpost’ The main principle of ‘Kazpost’ today is moving away from paper work and manual labor towards an increase level of digitalizing data. Now our task is to offer as many services as possible via the Internet. If today people have to go to Almaty and Shymkent in the South Kazakhstan region, they lose 3-4 days. But receiving a report via Kazpost takes only 5 minutes and paying for post services takes about 5-10 minutes. Zulfiya Abdukhalikova, Head of Astana’s branch of NGO ‘’ This summit is a driver for development, especially for people from the regions who could not be here today. I hope that in 2030 we will be a country developed in all fields. The most important things at the moment are education and improving public awareness about the value of our society. When we feel united and when we hold on to each other, I think that we will not have any problems with development. Arman Suleymenov, IT Project Manager of ‘Interactiv Kazakhstan’ In the past 8-9 years, more than 1038 start-up photograph projects received investments. Photography directly makes our world better. With issues such as cancer, Alzheimer, education in poor countries, we have so many opportunities to solve global problems.

Alina Khamatdinova, Member of the Republic of Youth Politics Council under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan This summit is an exchange of useful and amazing information. Today, during such a small event in Astana, I learned about numerous social initiatives that use new technologies as an instrument to give kindness and do good deeds for our fellow citizens. Just imagine all of this on a global scale. How many things we can learn from each other, how many things we can share, and do something good together as one world. This is not just one person, it is a large group of people around the world committed to positive changes. Every project that was presented today was created by people’s hands and their initiative. This already says a lot. With every issue, people will take action themselves and get engaged irrespective of their government’s efficiency. If people have an open mindset towards themselves and the government services they receive, these services will be more flexible and adapt. If we are responsible about ourselves, our work, our lives, and people around us, then 2030 will be a positive page for Kazakhstan. A new bridge for new discoveries. Daniyar Baybazarov, Summit participant My name is Daniyar, and I work for the social fund ‘Best for Kids’. It is the second time that I participate in the Social Good Summit. I think it is very valuable to know what is happening in our country and with whom it will be useful for us to work with. We are meeting today to inspire each other, to create new projects, and implement them together. By being here, I already got new ideas that we can implement, cost-efficiently.

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As another highlight of its activities in 2013, UNV Kazakhstan co-organized the Social Good Summit in Astana and Semey City (East Kazakhstan...

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