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Albany NY SEO, Joe Schaefer, Now Offering Local SEO Services Untypical Marketing Helps Local Business Get Found Online Albany, NY: As online usage increases and local search continues to rise, one local SEO consultant, Joe Schaefer of Untypical Marketing, seeks to help local business get found faster and with more frequency through local SEO campaigns. Searches on Google amount to 400 million queries per day (on average). A very large percentage of search engine users are now seeking local business results as their queries are both informational and transactional in relation to finding local businesses during a search. Albany NY has thousands of businesses that Schaefer says “that are under-represented and under-utilizing search as a means to closing more deals and driving more business.” Part of the reason, thinks Schaefer, is that “businesses in the Albany area are unaware of just how many people are looking to find them in search and have little to no idea how to change that.” The Local SEO services that Schaeferʼs Untypical Marketing is now offering Albany NY businesses (and surrounding areas) aims to change that. Not only to help local businesses get found and have a higher frequency of visibility in search results, but to help make the landscape of the businesses online have a higher standard of competition. “With so many businesses having a poor online experience coupled with not getting found,” Schaefer says, “the Albany area can stand to have increased diligence when it comes to web design, competitive products and services and better marketing plans to help sustain the businesses and thus the local economy.” The question arises, ʻwhat does local SEO do for a business?” First, it helps business owners who have a website understand the competitive landscape and how to improve their web presence, not just aesthetically, but transactionally. An SEO will help a website owner rebuild their website so that itʼs optimized for more conversions and sharing on social platforms. Second, local SEO will help the business get found quickly and easily during searches for local products and searches. While the vast majority of searchers donʼt click past the first page of results, getting found quickly on the first page is paramount to getting web traffic and even foot traffic in the door. “Many businesses have no idea how much search is going on right in their backyards” says Schaefer. I hope to educate them and help them prosper and grow online through the local SEO services that I offer,” Schaefer says. Local SEO is nothing new. It has, however, come with a hefty price for small businesses that Untypical Marketing and Joe Schaefer hopes to change. Schaefer says, “This SEO is different. My aim is to create a local SEO strategy through analysis and education that will leave the customer with an SEO strategy that she/he can implement, thus

saving them money, but also giving them the tools to be successful that they can use and build on for years to come.” If the aim of a business is to grow, prosper and have staying power, itʼs important for businesses to stay current with where the customers are -- online. Thereʼs an old saying, “fish where the fish are.” If your customers are the fish and they are online, itʼs imperative that businesses get on the leading-edge of digital technology if they plan to stay in business. “If not,” says Schaefer, “businesses risk giving their customers to the their competitors -- you know, the ones who are using local SEO and digital media to appeal to and retain their customer bases. ABOUT UNTYPICAL MARKETING Untypical Marketing is a small SEO consultancy and web design shop built from years of agency experience with some of the best national and local SEO and web agencies. Owner Joe Schaefer takes all of that priceless experience and translates it into web success strategies for his clients at an affordable, working cost. Located in the Albany, NY area, Untypical has a national reach, but local roots that cares for and aims to work with local Capital Region businesses.

Untypical Marketing Helps Local Business  

Albany, NY: As online usage increases and local search continues to rise, one local SEO consultant, Joe Schaefer of Untypical Marketing, see...

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