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“GRAMMY” LYNN SCOTT: Blazing Fresh Trails


on’t let that word “retirement” fool you: Lynn Scott’s off to Colorado to tackle the world’s longest zip-line, tromp through snow-covered hills and indulge her love of music by buying a baby grand. And that’s just for starters. Her whirlwind energy is certainly no surprise to any of the thousands of students she’s shepherded through TCOM over the last 13 years. “I’m a gold miner,” she says. “Every year, we get more than 3,000 applications and within all that paperwork, there are people destined to be wonderful physicians and practitioners. I like to think I’ve helped a few of them find their calling.”

“She ferrets out the person behind the words and makes an instant connection between what is and what can be. And then she connects with the person in a lasting, positive and indelible way.” Joel Daboub, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Outreach

Two of her special connections, and the source of her “Grammy” nickname, are her “adopted” sons, Jose Meza, DO (‘08) and Rijo Philip, DO (‘12). “We talk all the time, spend holidays together, the whole bit,” she says. “I’ve got two great kids and not one stretch mark!”

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“She is one of those rare people you come across in your lifetime that changes you for the better,” says Dr. Meza. “She saw more in me than just an MCAT score: she saw me. I excelled in medical school in part because I couldn’t bear the thought of letting her down. I’m privileged to be a part of her life!” “Lynn’s heart has always been for her students,” says Dr. Philip, “whether it’s stocking her desk with chocolates, consoling them in distress or having them stop by for laughs. I doubt she fully appreciates the impact she’s had on our lives, especially those diamonds in the rough who Lynn took great joy in finding. She’s a rare gem herself and will be greatly missed at TCOM.” Whatever the future holds, one thing is clear: Lynn Scott’s giving heart will lighten the lives of those she meets throughout all her journeys.

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Walking in their


In terms of keeping costs down for our students, we do a pretty good job,” says Gary Grant, Vice President of Institutional Advancement. “We offer financial aid and scholarships to ensure that nobody is turned away from TCOM for financial concerns. And scholarships make us competitive in terms of recruiting the very best.” Scholarship money at TCOM is primarily donated by alumni, friends and supporters of TCOM and UNTHSC. “Currently, we have 25 funds that award up to 65 scholarships in amounts ranging from $500 to $20,000,” adds Amy Baker, Assistant Director for Donor Relations. “For academic year 2013-14, we’re estimating a distribution of more than $190,000 in scholarships.”

Mike Kennedy, EdD, TCOM Director of Admissions


Every Dollar Helps Build a Healthier Community


t’s a good feeling to be able to say, “I got a scholarship to medical school!” But bragging rights aside, anything that helps lower student loan debt is a real and distinct advantage in a world where education costs continue to rise. Holding back the tide of cost increases requires a lean organization ( ), efficient operations ( ) and a solid endowment ( ). Your check helps keep our endowment base solid, helps students offset the cost of loans and ultimately helps build solutions for a healthier community. You can give anytime, of course, but our Annual Giving Campaign kicks off starting April 2 and it’s the perfect time to demonstrate your commitment to our students and to your community of health care professionals. On their behalf, please accept my thanks for your generous contributions.

2 UNT Health Science Center

“Our alumni understand the challenges facing our students better than anyone,” she says. “Their donations help grow already-endowed scholarships and help new scholarships become productive. That’s a big step in helping today’s students walk in the footsteps of those who went before.”

Keeping Pace with PACE PACE (Professional and Continuing Education) provides high-quality continuing education opportunities for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and other health care professionals. For details about the opportunities below, call 817-735-2539. Alzheimer’s Association Spring Symposium March 28, 2013 North Texas Health Forum “Childhood Obesity: Accomplishments and Challenges” April 4-5, 2013 The 27th Annual North Texas Family Medicine Update April 19-20, 2013

Sp o t li g h t o n …

A Wealth of Resources: TCOM Scholarships • Weldon Eugene Bond, Jr. DO Memorial Scholarship

Colten Luedke, DO

• A.E. Brooks Scholarship • The Larry L. Bunnell DO Scholarship

TCOM 2010

• The MaKasha Colonvega Memorial Scholarship • D.O. / Ph.D. Student Scholarship • Dallas Southwest Osteopathic Physicians, Inc. Joseph L. LaManna DO Scholarship • The Dunlap Family Scholarship • John F. Gaugl Memorial Fund • Elizabeth Reeves Henning Scholarship • The Frederick L. Hill Scholarship for Excellence in Primary Care in Texas • Drs. W.R. & Constance Jenkins Scholarship • Elizabeth Pelsma Levy, DO Award • Jeremiah G. Mills, 1st year Rural Medicine Scholarship • Jeremiah G. Mills, 2nd year Rural Medicine Scholarship • Jeremiah G. Mills, 3rd Year Rural Medicine Scholarship • D.M. Richards Endowed Scholarship • James O. Royder, D.O. FAAO Scholarship • Rural Medicine Scholarship • Dr. C.W. & J. Spellman Endowed Scholarship • Wayne & Norma Lee Stockseth Scholarship • Ray & Edna Stokes Scholarship • TOMA Scholarship for TCOM Students • TCOM Alumni Scholarship • TCOM Memorial Scholarship • Beverly & Stanley Weiss Award for Rural Health • Osteopathic Health Foundation Scholarship • Tom Hanstrom Memorial Scholarship

To make a contribution to, or start a scholarship, please call Amy Baker at 817-735-2445.

SAVE TH E DATE TCOM Alumni Round Table April 9, 2013 from 5-7 p.m. – MET 109, UNTHSC campus President’s Invitational Golf Tournament April 30, 2013 – Ridglea Country Club, South (Championship) Course Tee times and reservations: 817-735-2282

As a resident in orthopaedic surgery at Fort Worth’s JPS Hospital, Dr. Luedke is pretty unflappable. But the Bellville, Texas native was shocked to find out he’d scored in the 100th percentile on the annual Orthopaedic In-Training Examination, administered by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). Who scores 100 percent? Everybody wants his or her physician to be knowledgeable, but wow! “That’s exactly what I thought—Wow! I studied quite a bit, but I believe that every other person in my program is just as capable as myself. I guess I had more lucky guesses that day! Honestly, it’s a great achievement but there’s a lot more to being a great surgeon and that’s what I’m shooting for.” How did you prepare? “The test covers every aspect of the field, including areas such as sports medicine, trauma, joint replacements, spine, pediatric orthopedics and so on. There are a number of things I did to prepare for the exam. First and foremost, when you prepare for surgery, you’re preparing for the test as well, although the stakes are much higher. Second, we have a big AAOS review book that weighs about 10 pounds, and I read sections during each threemonth rotation, in addition to asking a ton of questions.” What attracted you to TCOM? “It felt most like home to me. Everyone was and is so welcoming, and I have to single out Lynn Scott in Admissions, she’s the sweetest person there is. I always felt that the people at TCOM had my back and would reach out in a second to help. I definitely made the right choice as TCOM does a great job of preparing students not only for board exams but for the how and why of being a physician. That’s just as important, if not more so, than any test.”

In Memoriam

Eighth Annual Texas Conference on Health Disparities May 30-31, 2013 – UNTHSC campus

Wayne O. Stockseth, member of the board that founded TCOM, passed away on March 11, 2013. He served on the UNT System Board of Regents from 1983 to 1987, chairing the board for the last three years of his term. He and his wife, Norma Lee Stockseth, created an endowed fund supporting the annual Stockseth Award for Osteopathic Excellence as well as the Wayne O. and Norma Lee Stockseth Endowed Scholarship. TCOM awarded him a Certificate for Meritorious Services in 1974 and the Founders’ Medal, the university’s highest honor, in 1980.

TCOM Class of 2017 White Coat Ceremony July 20, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. – Will Rogers Exhibit Hall

Editor’s note - TCOM Alumni Newsletter will present a profile of Mr. Stockseth in our April issue.

TCOM Class of 2013 Hooding, Awards And Reception May 17, 2013 from 3-5 p.m. – Will Rogers Auditorium TCOM Class of 2013 Commencement May 18, 2013 at 3 p.m. – Daniel-Meyer Coliseum (TCU)


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Dr. Robert Kaman:

At the Starting Line

Far left, Heinz Schwarzkopf, TCOM 2015, second place men’s finisher, full marathon Photo credit: marathonfoto

A Stampede of



he weekend of Feb. 22-24 dawned crisp and clear as runners from throughout Tarrant County, the U.S. and nine countries lined up at the Will Rogers Memorial Center for the 35th annual Cowtown Marathon. One of its founders is the Health Science Center’s own Robert Kaman (see story at right). Here’s a look at the weekend’s vital stats: • 26,835 runners • 10,000 UNTHSC-branded lip balms distributed (very popular!) • 393 UNTHSC volunteers • 252 race participants tended to in the medical tent by a UNTHSC crew of faculty, staff and students • 480 blood glucose screenings administered by faculty and students at the Cowtown Health and Fitness Expo • 241 OMT patients screened at Expo • 3 headline stories on local TV news • 2 prominent stories in the Fort Worth Star Telegram

Since TCOM’s early days, he’s been a faculty member. But in 1978, Robert Kaman, JD, PhD, was also one of the founding fathers of the Cowtown Marathon. In a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article (a portion is excerpted below), he reflected on the event’s history and success. Does it blow your mind thinking that something that you created to help promote physical fitness is in its 35th year? “It does. When I have a chance to sit back and think about it, without trying to be too prideful about it, I think it was an important part of my life personally and of all the guys who participated. It’s really a great thing and I’m proud that our institution has remained a primary sponsor.”

TCOM Alumni Newsletter March 2013  

Monthly newsletter produced for the alumni of the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at the UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth, Texa...

TCOM Alumni Newsletter March 2013  

Monthly newsletter produced for the alumni of the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at the UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth, Texa...