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Cyril Bath Company, in partnership with our sister company ACB France, is the leading manufacturer of specialty metal forming presses, and a contract manufacturer of precision contour parts.

Registered to ISO 9001-2000


Bath Company

Unique in our market, we develop, design, build, install, operate, and service custom designed presses and their control systems. Our comprehensive, technical expertise has made us specialists in Stretch Forming, Elasto Forming and SuperPlastic Forming. Cyril Bath Company also has Contract Manufacturing capabilities and supplies parts to various industries using our own machines and technologies.

:: Over 80 years of Design/Build expertise :: New Generation, Proprietary Software for CNC Controls

:: Control and Mechanical Retrofits :: Serving the Markets of Aerospace, Heavy Truck, Mass Transit, RV / Marine, Material Handling, and Architectural

:: Our Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001-2000

Ongoing Technology Exchange

Innovative Custom Machinery

Efficient Manufactured Parts


Highly Technical Controls, Retrofits & Repairs


➤Engineering :: Finite Element and Stress/Strain Analysis :: Innovative Tool and Die Design :: Specific Process Simulation Software :: Efficient Machine Cycle Times with Repeatable Tolerance Control Engineers track the performance of design changes to the manufacturing floor.



:: Evaluation and Confirmation :: Die design and material specifications :: Part program optimization :: Cross-section deformation evaluation

Typical Control Panel and Cabinet

➤Controls/Retrofits :: New Generation CNC Software :: PLC Control Systems :: Precise and Repeatable Controls for Critical Dimensional Tolerances

:: Windows® based Operator Interface :: Rebuild and Retrofit Existing Presses Main Press Control Screen

:: Complete Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Electrical Rebuild Capability



Stretch Forming is a process of stretching and forming metal sheets, extruded, roll formed, or brake formed profiles around dies to create precise single or multiple complex curves.



Advantages of the Stretch Forming process include: reduced tooling costs, excellent

Stretch Forming is a process of stretching and

repeatability, minimal spring-back, fewer welds,

forming metal using controlled force to create

simplified assembly, and minimal waste.

precise single or multiple complex curves. During Stretch Forming metal reaches its plastic

Profile Stretch Forming

state while being shaped typically at room

:: Extruded or Roll Formed Profiles Contoured

temperature. Because the process maintains

to a Precise Radius

precise stress tolerances, retaining the metal’s

:: Stretched and Wrapped around a Form

integrity, Stretch Forming is ideal for structural

Die Minimizes Deformation

supports, tight radius and seamless parts.

:: Sophisticated Computer Controls provide Repeatable Process

:: Structural Integrity with Dimensional Accuracy

:: Wide Range of Profile Size and Complexity

:: High Performance Steel, Aluminum, Nickel, and Titanium Alloys

:: PS2F Simulation Software

Stretch Wrap Press

V-30 Stretch Wrap Press with CNC Control



L-Type Stretch Form Sheet Press

Sheet Stretch Forming :: Longitudinal – Transverse – Combination T/L :: Fixed or Moving Die Table Extruded metal part is inserted in gripper jaws which in turn are attached to swing arms.

:: Gantry Traversing Bulldozer :: Curving Jaws (Manual or CNC Controlled :: Reconfigurable Die :: Extrusion Jaws

The part is stretched to its yield point.

:: S3F Simulation Software

While stretch force is continually maintained, the part is wrapped around the form die.

When wrapping is completed, the stretch force is released and gripper jaws are open.

FET-Type Sheet Stretch Form Press



Elasto Forming is a high pressure process of forming complex, deeply drawn parts from individual blanks of almost any metal.



At half penetration, pressure concentrates at the die periphery and its shape features (jogglings, corners, etc.)

At full penetration, volume is closed and filled with the pad and pressure is exerted uniformly over the die.

Pressure forces the blank to conform uniformly to the tool.

3850 ton Elasto forming press with multi-tables

Extremely economical for small to medium production runs, Elasto Forming offers shape and detail from a single process, delivering precision tolerances, and excellent repeatability. The Elastomer rubber pad fills the contour of the stamping die, applying uniform pressure to the metal plate, forming deeply drawn parts without the need for a second die. Elasto forming lowers both tool and production cost, while shortening lead times on parts and prototypes.

:: Uniform Tolerances :: Precision Forming :: Low Tooling Costs :: Quick and Easy Die Set-Up :: Low Production Cost :: Prototyping



SuperPlastic Forming and Hot Forming technologies are used to form certain alloys having “superplastic capabilities” in hot conditions. These metal forming technologies dramatically expand part manufacturing capabilities by achieving very critical shapes otherwise impossible to obtain.


Forming Diffusion Bonding and Hot Forming

SuperPlastic Forming, and Hot Forming are technologies used to form Titanium, Nickel and Aluminum alloy parts at high temperature with either gas or die pressure. Elongation of up to 500% is achieved utilizing the material’s superplastic capabilities. The process of SuperPlastic Forming can be combined with Diffusion Bonding to form complex hollow structures.

SuperPlastic temperature is maintained while gas pressure slowly inflates the blank.

:: Deep Drawn Complex Shapes

The temperature elongates the metal up to 500% while the gas continues to inflate the part to fit the die.

:: Extremely Accurate :: Consolidates Manufacturing Processes :: Forms Materials Impossible to Form Under Normal Conditions

At the end of the forming cycle, the part conforms to the die to the smallest details.

1600 Ton SPF/DB Press


Innovative Metal Forming Specialty Presses • Contract Manufacturing


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