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S u m m e r storms are everything together, first the sudden arrival of intensity hits your face like a closed fist, then the calm of smaller drops finds its moment, and after, when the storm is shortly gone, the earth sings, fertile and green. At the beginning the huge storm comes in with Un Tal Juan Pez, dissonance and thunder, winds and hits. With the calm that follows comes peace again. Then the earth sings, from the guts, and it suggests native moments with Mariana P채raway. The afternoon dreams about the night, and the night dreams about lasting forever.

Fh: Soledad Manrique Goldsack

Fh: Luis Guiñazú Fader

General Alvear is a small town in the west of Argentina, a small town where the light blue dome seems to have more cyan and magenta than we are used to see: a different color in the sky. A town where the window bars was just decorative and the children's bikes could rest without danger. That was the time when Mariana Paráway was born, who afterwards moved to Mendoza City, studied music and was member of some bands of the state Prismal and Glamour, energetic rock and punk that succumbed at the first sign of disaffection and the classical artistic habit of patching hearts with beautiful songs. There was where Mariana discovers herself as a composer and in October 28th of 2009 she lets the people discover her in her first solo show. Two years later, her first record “El Tiempo” would confirm that she had not taken the wrong way; 12 songs that would mark her own style and would encourage her career. A year later, in the middle of 2012, her second record “Los Peces” would amaze people and the National Press with another dozen of perfect songs. That new phase needed musicians who joined her in the endless “Pleamor y los viajes de una pez” Tour: Carmen Nicotra (violin, percussion, chorus and guitar) and Ivan Rivas (bass and violoncello). General Alvear, San Rafael, Buenos Aires, La Plata, San Juan, Córdoba and La Pampa in repeated dates, already witnessed of her voice, her guitar and her talent. “Los Peces” earned Mariana to be chosen among the featured artists of the year by the retrospective of Diario Los Andes (Mendoza, Argentina) and the honor of winning three awards in Premios Zero 6th edition (awarded by Revista Zero with participation of 20 journalists entertainment jury of Argentina). Best Folk Solo, Best Clip (Bailar) and Best Band of The Year. This way, Mariana Päraway follows her way, around the world with her songs and painting the musical firmament with a little more of cyan and magenta than we used to see. Giving a different color to the rest of the sky.

Very young was he when h e f i r s t grabbed an old rusted guitar from a moist basement. The place: the “Pampagonia�, the strip where the Pampa meets the Patagonia. He started his musical trip from argentinian folcklore, going from there to heavy metal, playing first in a band in New Zealand and then in one back in argentina wich released one album in 2000. In a sudden change of plans he studied classical music, he graduated as a Sound Engineer in Chile and travelled to Vienna, Austria, searching for his beloved classical music. There, he entered the Latinamerican Choir of Viena and formed a duet with a pianist called Phillip Ternes, from the Music University of Vienna. Un tal Juan Pez is the last creation of this artist, which collects a widerange of stimulus: classic, native, organic, intense. It was born in Spain in 2011 and went on in Argentina, where the first record is being made. The press is kind to him and the public awaits with expectation. He maintains only one constant: each concert is unique, and it changes with the venue.

European Tour 2013  

Tour Europa 2013 Mariana Päraway + Un Tal Juan Pez