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What is the Pre-Medicine Program (PMP)? The PMP is an alternative pathway for Indigenous Australians to enter UNSW’s Medicine program. It is open to all Australian Aboriginals and/or Torres Strait Islanders who are interested in studying Medicine. “UNSW has the largest number of Indigenous medical students in Australia. “If there are any Indigenous youth who want to study Medicine, UNSW is a great place because they’ll give you a lot of support – not only from the academic staff, but also among your cohort.”

Nigel Beetson, 5th Year Indigenous UNSW Medicine Student

Want to learn more about this program? Please visit pre-programs-0 or au/indigenous-entry-medicine

Rural Clinical School Pre-Medicine Program

Who can apply? Candidates who satisfy the following criteria are encouraged to apply for the Pre-Medicine Program. • •

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Overview There are an estimated 180 doctors in Australia who are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, with another 260 in training. To provide the Indigenous population with access to an Indigenous medical practitioner, at a similar level of availability as non-Indigenous doctors to the non-Indigenous population, would require around 1,000 doctors. The Indigenous Entry into Medicine Scheme at UNSW helps redress this imbalance, offering students an alternative pathway into the Medicine program. The scheme is competitive: students who best meet the selection criteria are considered for Indigenous Entry. The scheme is designed for high school students, current undergraduate and postgraduate students, and mature age students. Invitations to an interview are based on the application criteria that follows. Some of those interviewed will be invited to participate in the Pre-Medicine Program (PMP), a bridging program that assesses a person’s readiness to study Medicine. At the conclusion of the PMP, the final selection for Indigenous Entry will be made.

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Evidence of Academic Capability - This may be assessed by looking at: ƒƒ Secondary education records ƒƒ Tertiary academic results ƒƒ Examples of educational attainment ƒƒ Other evidence of the applicant’s ability to succeed in studying Medicine at UNSW Sound communication and interpersonal skills Commitment to and knowledge of community concerns relating to Indigenous Health issues

How are applicants selected?

Pre-Medicine Program (PMP) Candidates who are successful at the interview must complete a four-week residential Pre-Medicine Program (PMP) to be considered for acceptance into Medicine at UNSW. The PMP is held in Sydney at UNSW from November to December 2014. Participants must perform at a level deemed satisfactory by the Faculty of Medicine. Final selection for Indigenous Entry is made after the completion of the PMP.

Candidates are selected for an interview based on:

“UNSW has more Indigenous students enrolled in its Medicine program than any other Australian university.”

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Dr Lesley Forster Associate Dean (Rural Health) & Head, Rural Clinical School, UNSW

Demonstrable motivation to practice Medicine Academic capability, including, the capacity to achieve within the UNSW Medical Program Demonstrable ability to relate to Indigenous Health issues

For more information visit or http://rcs. All applications must be received by 30 September, 2014.

RCS Pre-med program brochure  
RCS Pre-med program brochure  

Learn more about our Pre-Medicine Program, and how it gives Indigenous students an alternative pathway into UNSW's medicine program