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2012 | Semester 2, Week 13

Welcome to week 13, the final week at university for this semester. Remember that the Annual UNSW Law Society AGM will be held this Thursday 18th October at 1pm in LAW G04. A new Vice-President (International Careers) will be voted in and we strongly encourage all students to attend. In this last week of university, don’t forget to check out the NEXUS publication available on the law society website at for some information on many opportunities that you may want to think about engaging in next year. Also don’t forget to check out OBITER applications which have opened.

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Derek Lim | The Brief Editor

Sunday 14 October Monday 15 October Thursday 18 October Wednesday 31 October

Anti-Poverty Week commences OBITER applications close 11:30pm UNSW Law Society Annual General meeting, Law Theatre G04, 1pm Launch of NSW Young Lawyers Criminal Law Careers Guide, Law Society, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney, 6pm

UNSW Law Society Publication Contact:

Editors: Derek Lim and Rishika Pai Administration Vice-President: Nathan Huynh

The Brief | Week 13 S2 2012 | 1

NOTICE OF UNSW LAW SOCIETY ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The UNSW Law Society’s General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Thursday October 18 at 1:00PM in the Law Theatre (G04).


The AGM will consist of:



Delivery of the following Annual Reports:  Presidents' Report, which will detail reports from the Activities, Administration, Careers, Competitions, Education, JD, Social Justice; and  The Treasurer's Report

a. Co-President (Male): Nathan Huynh b. Co-President (Female): Kara Grimsley c. Vice President (Activities): Benjamin Heenan d. Vice President (Administration): Derek Lim

BUSINESS FOR THE MEETING e. Co-Vice Presidents (Careers): Brian Lee & TBC


f. Vice President (Mooting): Lyndon Goddard g. Vice President (Skills): Alan Coorey

Motion: THAT the minutes of UNSW Law Society AGM held on 17 October 2011 are accepted as a true and accurate record

h. Vice President (Education): Cecily Zhu i. Vice President (JD): Charles Crane


j. Vice President (Social Justice): Jacqueline Fetchet k. Treasurer: Geoffrey Zhang

b. Treasurer’s Report Motion: THAT the UNSW Law Society’s Annual Reports for the 2012 calendar year be adopted 4. AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION a. Annexed in Schedule 1 of the Notice of AGM Motion: That the proposed amendments to the UNSW Law Society annexed in

l. Grievance Officer: Brendon Green We strongly encourage students to turn out to the AGM on Thursday 18 October 1:00PM in the Law Theatre G04 and have their voices heard, and we hope that those of you who are interested in becoming a member of the 2013 Cabinet will think seriously about putting forward a nomination for this vacant position. Please don’t hesitate to contact anyone from the 2012 Cabinet to ask questions about what this role might entail.

Schedule 1 of the Notice of AGM dated 3 October 2012 be adopted The Brief | Week 13 S2 2012 | 2

CAPS WORKSHOPS – OCTOBER 2012 Week Week 12 & 13

Week 11 & 12

Week 11 Week 11 Week 12 Week 12 Week 12

WORKSHOP/SEMINAR Kensington Campus Mindfulness Meditation

DATE Monday 8th and 15th Oct 2012

College of Fine Arts Mindfulness Meditation Time Management

Thursday 4th and 11th Oct 2012 Tuesday 2nd Oct Friday 5th Oct Tuesday 9th Oct Wed 10th Oct

Postgraduate Journey Preventing Procrastination Improving Mood

Week 13

Exam Preparation/Stress Relaxation & Meditation

Week 13

Exam Anxiety



ROOM Kensington Campus, G027 ground flr, Quad College of Fine Arts Room F408, level 4, F Block Room 2008

1.30-4pm 2-3pm

Room 2008 Room 2008


Room 2008

Thurs 11th Oct


Room 2008

Tuesday 17th Oct Fri 19th Oct


Room 2008


Room 2008



To register, please click here and follow the links: For Students/Workshops & Seminars/Workshops UNSW ANTI-POVERTY WEEK Anti-Poverty Week is a nationwide event that was born here in UNSW around 10 years ago, and we (the Social Justice Project in the Law Faculty) run the events here in UNSW. This year we are running an exciting Speaker’s Forum for the first time, with two politicians

(including the Deputy Leader of the Opposition), an Emeritus Professor and the CEO of Australia’s oldest charity speaking! Anti-Poverty Week will be held from the 14th to 20th October 2012. More info can be found here.

NSW YOUNG LAWYERS - HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE The NSW Young Lawyers Committee consists of a diverse and active group of young lawyers and volunteers who all share a commitment to affecting change within the areas of Human Rights. . One of the projects the Committee is currently in the process of undertaking is assisting ‘Save the Children’, an independent organisation that is committed to

breakthroughs in the way the world treats children. If you have an interest in child rights and would like to be involved in helping Save the Children analyse the concluding observations of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and start to plan to put those concluding observations into action, then please contact Nathan Kennedy at

The Brief | Week 13 S2 2012 | 3

The Committee meets on the second Wednesday of every month at the Law Society Building, 170 Phillip Street Sydney. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 10th October 2012 at 6pm. For further information, please visit our website here. INVITATION TO AUSTRALIAN RED CROSS IHL CONFERENCE: TOWARDS ELIMINATING NUCLEAR WEAPONS Australian Red Cross is pleased to invite you to the Towards Eliminating Nuclear Weapons Conference, to be held Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November 2012 in Adelaide. In conjunction with Flinders University and with the support of the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre at UniSA, this high profile conference will advance the debate on the urgent need to develop a legally binding tool to prohibit and ultimately eliminate nuclear weapons, drawing together leading academics and experts from around the world to explore a range of themes. These include:

OBITER APPLICATIONS HAVE OPENED OBITER is an intercollegiate law journal, run by students for students. We are a platform that seeks to set you apart from the crowd. Have your voice heard by your peers, leading academics, and professionals in the legal industry - across Australia. For the second issue, the ‘blog’ will officially go live and print issues will be distributed to 7 law schools in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Work closely with Australia's most engaged and motivated law students as either a writer, editor, designer, photographer, campus or IT officer for our print edition and/or on our online blog. To submit an online application, click here. For more information, visit the applications page on our website. Applications close Monday 15 October 2012 at 11.30pm .

 the

legality of the use of nuclear weapons;

 their

devastating humanitarian and environmental impacts and

 the

role of governments, advocacy groups and civil society in furthering the debate.

The keynote speaker is Judge C.G. Weeramantry, Panel Judge on the 1996 International Court of Justice “Legality of use or threat of use of Nuclear Weapons” Advisory Opinion. To read more about the Program and Speakers and, the very affordable registrations costs and to register online, visit px.

The Brief | Week 13 S2 2012 | 4

LAUNCH OF THE NSW YOUNG LAWYERS CRIMINAL LAW CAREERS GUIDE You are invited to attend the launch of the NSW Young Lawyers Criminal Law Careers Guide!

profiles from 34 organisations including community legal centres, investigators and academics.

The Honourable Justice Ian Harrison will give a brief address on pursuing a career in criminal law.

Come along and pick up your free copy of the Guide!

The Guide is a great resource for young lawyers and students exploring their employment options in criminal law. The Guide features prosecutors, defence, court staff and researchers explaining what it is like to work in their positions. We have obtained

Where: Law Society of NSW 170 Phillip Street, Sydney When: Wednesday 31 October 2012 at 6pm. RSVP: by 26 October 2012

The Brief | Week 13 S2 2012 | 5

The Brief | Week 13 S2 2012 | 6

The Brief | Week 13 S2 2012 | 7

The Brief | Week 13 S2 2012 | 8


First prize: $250 plus ‘the environmental law textbook’ by farrier and stein (5th edition)  Runner up prize: bottle of wine plus ‘the environmental law textbook’ by farrier and stein (5th edition.  NSW undergraduate law students are invited to submit to the Committee an essay of no more than 2,500 words by 5pm, Friday, 19 October 2012 via email to u

The Brief | Week 13 S2 2012 | 9

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William House Eunice Park Co-Presidents Saravanan Somaskanthan Vice-President (Activities)

Shaun Croner Edmund Lo Vice-Presidents (Careers)

Ben Heenan Events Director

Cindy Xian Asia Careers Vice-President

Jessie Holgersson JD Events Director

Joyce Lai Asia Careers Director

Emily Pfeiffer Activites Director

James Healey Stephanie Lee Kartini Saddington Careers Directors

Van Armorta Sports Director

Lyndon Goddard Careers Publications Director

Shamila Vijayamanohr Leah Munk Publication Directors

Greemn Lim Leslie Phung Akshay Rao Preeta Seshachari Chiraag Shah LawPLUS Coordinators

Nathan Huynh Vice-President (Administration)

Simon Cho Vice-President (Social Justice)

Karina Ko Design & Promotions Director

Kara Grimsley Social Justice Program Coordinator

Jessica Wong Raymond Roca Jenny Du Design & Promotions Coordinators

Palak Thaker Emily Burke Verity Smith Will Maher Ava Hurley Social Justice Officers

Jessica Lee IT Director

Phillip Chan Assistant IT Director

Derek Lim Rishika Pai 'The Brief'Editors

For a complete list of executive contact details visit our website: The Law Society is always looking for volunteers and we encourage you to contact us and get involved!

Mary Azzi Non-Corporate Careers Director Louisa Tan Court of Conscience Editor

Rohit Sud Vice-President (Competitions)

TBC Mooting Director

Elena Ng Skills Director

Arthur Wang Jose Brummert External Competitions Directors Thomas Ellicott JD Competitions Officer Andrew Arulanandam Tram Nguyen Lyndon Goddard Hazel Pais Libby Mulcahy Akaash Aggarwal Michael Tran Bob Liang Li Lin Annabel Pang Lisa Nguyen Regan Nathan Alan Coorey Phillip Wong Chira Song Competitions Coordinators

James Skelton Vice-President (Juris Doctor)

Charles Crane Treasurer

Brendon Green Grievance Officer Ashvini Thilakeswaran Secretary Leslie Phung Angela Kintominas Immediate Past Presidents

Broader Executive

Mark Selim Music Director

Claire Li Vice-President (Education)


2012 Cabinet & Executive