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We’d like to warmly welcome you all to a new year with the UNSW Business Society. Whether you’re a fresh-faced first year, or seasoned final year, we’re excited to have you with us, navigating through a sea of job applications and interviews, and into the dynamic world of business.

Throughout your own individual journeys to success, you’ll always have the support of the UNSW Business Society (BSOC). We exist to push you to achieve your best, to offer you more than a textbook or a lecture, and to urge you to explore new opportunities, even if they’re beyond your comfort zone.

You may have heard that the key to success is to work hard and be prepared. You may have also heard that the key to success is to have a clear goal in mind, or even simply to believe in yourself. We’re here to tell you that there is no one key to success. Sometimes hard work doesn’t pay off, but working smart and with a passion does. Sometimes, having no direction at all is better than having a goal, opening up new, and previously uncontemplated, avenues to explore. And finally, sometimes not believing in yourself leads to the greatest success of all, because you’re ultimately forced to step out of your comfort zone – and all success is first born out of fear.

Backed by the UNSW Business School, BSOC is here to empower you to take the driver seat of your own narrative. As a not-for-profit organisation run by students for students, we offer you the quintessential university experience – one that equips you with technical, social and professional skills, and provides opportunities for you to create magical moments from your orientation, progression and graduation. This Careers Guide is just one by-product of this goal. Created by our dedicated Publications and Careers portfolios, with insights from our top-tier sponsors, this year’s guide will navigate you through a range of business sectors, providing

you with tips and tricks along the way. Through this, we hope to connect you to the workplace, to make your journey just a little bit easier, and to help you ace that first, second and third interview. So this year we encourage you to dream. We encourage you to chase after those dreams and to keep an open mind, because you never know when opportunity may knock on your door. We challenge you to build new doors, even when opportunity doesn’t knock. Most of all, we urge you to persevere, because all roads are paved with speed bumps. Drive at your own speed, because success is different for everyone, and we don’t all follow the same timeline. Just remember, no matter where your journey leads you, the BSOC community will always be here to support you. We’re excited to see where you’ll go and who you’ll meet. We know that you’ll all find success, and we can’t wait to see where this new chapter takes you.


Many of today’s graduates are embarking on careers that did not exist ten years ago. When you graduate, I want you to confidently adapt to future careers by having taken advantage of opportunities that complemented your education. Today, you can begin building those opportunities with the UNSW Business Society, the largest society on campus. They created this valuable guide as a tool to cover every aspect of your career decisions, including the practical skills you need, from networking to finding the ideal internship. In addition to this guide you have the

support of so many other UNSW and Business School resources, including Career Accelerator. Make use of these and you’ll find opportunities for networking and career events to personal support from on-campus careers advisors and the invaluable experience that comes from developing your skills through our student clubs. UNSW Business School, one of the leading business schools in the AsiaPacific, has a vision for 2025 in which our students benefit greatly from a career-focused learning experience. This means you’ll have advantages such as mentoring and overseas work placements in addition to developing

the problem solving, technical and collaborative skills required in today’s increasingly complex, connected workplace. Many of the Business School’s 80,000+ alumni have achieved success in their diverse career paths – as entrepreneurs, business leaders or academics. One thing they have in common is the confidence to ask ‘why not’ when it comes to new ideas – and careers. And this guide is designed to encourage you to do just that. It’s never been a more exciting time to be in business, and I look forward to hearing about your success in the future.

It is important to network with purpose. This means having a goal to help you get the most out of networking, and not aimlessly wandering around. Goals could include improving your confidence, meeting a new friend, or just getting yourself out there! Think of topics you would like to discuss and have a few questions prepared beforehand. The best questions are the ones that can’t be answered by just a “yes” or “no”, such as: “What’s the primary role at your company?” “How do you like working for your company?” “What’s the biggest thing you’re working on at the moment?” “How did you get involved in your field?” For first year students, this a great chance to discover the various career opportunities available to you. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about firms in the business industry, and lead you towards a career pathway you may wish to take. For penultimate or final year students, this networking event is a great opportunity to make new connections. It is important to build new connections or ask questions about potential internships or graduate opportunities that each firm may offer.


When it comes to networking events, it is key to provide a good impression. By researching the firm, you may pick up on important information that will allow you to better engage in conversation. Networking is about both receiving and giving information. Listening to the people around you builds trust because it actively shows an interest in someone’s opinions and thoughts, allowing you to foster a valued relationship. A good listener actively pays attention to the conversation and responds appropriately with questions, maintaining good eye-contact and using body language and gestures to convey their attention. It’s always a good idea to follow up with individuals you meet at any event. You could send them an email or LinkedIn message telling them you enjoyed meeting them, and make reference to a topic you discussed or an interest you shared, if appropriate. Finally, remember to try and build a valued business relationship by speaking to everyone at the event, as communication is key!

Dress to Impress For any sort of event whether it be networking, job interviews or work always be mindful of the image you project through body language as well as the impact a sharp suit, shirt or blouse has. Most importantly you need to be comfortable in the attire you wear! Fidgeting with your outfit and accessories is unprofessional and shows you are uncomfortable in the situation.

For men

For women

Remember, first impressions are often the lasting impression others have of you!

Business Casual

Business Formal

• Business separates, rather than a full suit. A skirt worn with a cardigan or jacket for example. • Coloured shirts and blouses, rather than collared button-downs. Choose solid neutral colour or muted patterns like stripes or checks avoiding low-cut shirts, plunging shirts or bright patterns. • Shoes may be comfortable flats, loafers as well as pumps but should remain closed-toe. Aim for neutral colours such as black, brown, navy and grey.

• A well-cut pantsuit or skirt suit in a conservative colour such as black, navy or brown. • White button-ups with a collar or conservative blouse. • Closed-toe heels in a neutral colour such as taupe, black, grey or brown. • Neat and simple hair, makeup and jewellery. Depending on event and company, body piercings and tattoos should be removed or covered. • Skirts never more than two finger-widths above the knees.

• Wear collared button-ups in white, blue, or pink. Conservative patterns like checkers or stripes are acceptable, with or without a tie. • Ties should be solid, neutral colours like black, navy or grey or have a simple pattern. • Pullovers and sweaters worn over shirts should be solid, striped or another conservative pattern and V-necked. Aim for colours that contrast with the shirt worn underneath. • Shoes can be oxfords, loafers, or any other comfortable dress shoes in brown or black. Formal boots are also acceptable however avoid sneakers.

• A tailored suit in a solid, neutral colour such as black, grey or navy. • Ties and other accessories should be both modest in colour and style – solid colours or striped patterns in muted or neutral tones. No novelty ties such as poka dots or colour changing. • White, collared button-up shirts or Blue, collared button-up shirts that complement suit choice. • Appropriate accessories such as black belt, watch or cufflinks can also be valuable additions.


An effective CV is one that is relevant and specific to the job. When preparing your CV, make sure you research and understand the position and showcase your achievements.


TO P T I PS : • • •

Be succinct - use no more than 2 A4 pages Use assertive and positive language Ask someone else to read over your CV

Heading Experience Careers History

Personal Profile Achievements

Personal Details Education and Qualifications

A strong cover letter is an employer’s segue into understanding your suitability for a role as well as your cultural fit. CO M M O N P I T FA L LS : Your cover letter should display: • Your motivation to work for • Spelling and grammatical errors the particular firm and division • Imbalance between claiming • Your capability for the role responsibility and identifying shown through your skills and achievements experience • Excessive personal information • Your cultural fit for the (such as race, religion, marital organisation through an status and nationality) understanding of its values • Convoluted formatting

P E R SO N A L I T Y T E STS Personality tests are designed to assess how you operate and are becoming an increasingly prevalent part of the hiring process. They are designed to measure your behavioural style, opinions and motivators. If you wish to get some practice or get an idea of what the tests are like, hop onto https://www. shldirect.com/en/practice-tests UNSW Library has books that contain practice psychometric tests. UNSW Careers and Employment also holds regular psychometric testing workshops.



measures your ability to interpret, analyse and draw logical conclusions from numerical information in graphs and tables


measures your ability to draw logical conclusions based on statements or arguments and to identify the relevant strengths and weaknesses of those arguments


measures your ability to use the English language, understand verbal information and convey information to others in a clear and logical manner

Generally conducted by the HR team, phone interviews can be both scheduled and unscheduled. The questions asked may vary from behavioural and motivational to questions about the relevant industry.

Video interviews are becoming more and more common. Usually completed at a time and date of your own choosing, using a webcam or a device with a front-facing camera and microphone.

Potential questions include: • Why do you want this role and what differentiates you from other candidates? • What is your greatest achievement? • What are your greatest weaknesses? • What is the most important thing you look for in a job/company?

Top Tips • Take notes with a pen and paper, • Prepare a quiet place where you can take a call, • If you are called at an inconvenient time, ask if you can talk at another time and suggest alternatives.

Situational questions are used to demonstrate how you would handle a hypothetical situation.

Interviewers will have a list of skills which they will ask you to demonstrate by presenting a situation in which you behaved in a specific way. The best approach is to prepare beforehand by using the STAR technique to write out a list of skills you think the employer would need. For example, in a customer service role, employers look for teamwork and communication skills, so think about situations in which you demonstrated these skills.

TIPS: • Think about the question carefully before responding - don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat the question or ask for time to think. • Break down the situation in your head and apply a step by step logical process for your solution. • Practice, practice, practice - it is difficult to guess the situational questions that will be asked so the best approach is to practice responding under pressure to a broad range of questions.

Examples of common questions: • Tell me about a time when you demonstrated good leadership. • Tell me about a time when a project you were in charge of fell behind schedule. What did you do about it?

Competency interviews are used to evaluate a candidate’s key competencies, especially where it is difficult to select based on technical merit. Questions may delve into a particular skill or competency or knowledge of the firm and the industry as opposed to questions about industry experience.

An interview run by a partner of the respective firm. Generally these interviews are used to assess a candidate’s personality fit for a firm.


Business School Specific Programs and Courses

UNSW Careers and Employment provides tailored programs, courses, events and services aimed to empower current undergraduate and postgraduate Business School students with the skills to successfully navigate and develop their career path and achieve their career goals. The career support provided utilises strong links with industry professionals and Alumni to offer tailored career development programs and services encompassing:


• Careers Mentoring Program is a 10-week opportunity open to all UNSW Business School Students in the penultimate or final year of their undergraduate degree. Students are paired with an experienced business professional for face-to-face career mentoring and coaching. • Alumni Leaders Mentoring is a face-to-face mentoring program offered to BCom (international) Students to help prepare for International Exchange. • UNSW Business School also offers a range of Internships and Global Programs that allow students to gain work experience as well as immersion into a city of your choice.

Careers and Employment Events and Services • Career appointments offer students the opportunity to meet one-onone with a careers consultant to discuss their career development. • Seminars on topics such as ‘Ace the Interview’, ‘Writing a Successful Resume and Cover Letter’, ‘Navigating LinkedIn for Career Success’ and ‘Applying for Graduate and Internship Programs Online’ are offered weekly through the UNSW Careers and Employment but also through societies and Business School run events. • UNSW Careers online is an excellent tool to find internships, graduate roles and part-time vacationer postings throughout the year.

As of 2019, UNSW has transitioned to a new academic calendar known as UNSW3+ UNSW3+ means 3 x 10 teaching week terms with an optional 5 week intensive summer term. There will be roughly 2 weeks break between each “Trimester” and students will be given the option to take up to 3 courses per a term. To enrol for courses, students choose all courses at the beginning of the year with class time slots open at the start of each trimester. Theses changes means several things for you as a student. You can now graduate faster as it is easier to complete more courses a year; 9 courses

when taking 3 a trimester as opposed to 8 when taking 4 a semester. At the same time the greater flexibility provided by trimesters means more flexibility in your choices when deciding when to take time off for internships, work, volunteering and exchange opportunities. This means you can now better determine how you want to undertake your education. Term dates for UNSW3+ have been finalised for 2019 and 2020.

Things to make a note of! • Make sure you plan carefully what courses you want to do for the upcoming year. • Ensure that the courses you want to do are offered in that specific term. • Make sure you read your course handbook to ensure enrolment into the correct classes.

• Full time students are now considered based on trimesters! The minimum requirement is 2 courses a term or a total of 12units of credit per a term (one course being 6 units of credit generally). • To check if you make the full timer status refer to UNSW’s online system here: https://student.unsw.edu.au/new-calendarload







Do you want to fill a role, or fulfill your potential? Become a difference maker. Become a Chartered Accountant.

As a Chartered Accountant you could have the opportunity to work in exciting environments across the world – wherever you want to make an impact.*

skills that may set you apart from other graduates, because it indicates to employers that you have the potential to drive business growth and help create prosperity in a changing world.

With a Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA), you’ll learn unique

Don’t just dream of a better future, create it.


*Additional training may be required in some countries. © 2017 Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand ABN 50 084 642 571. All rights reserved. 418-DEC-17




Don’t just dream of a better future, create it. Rebecca Glover is a Chartered Accountant and the Chief Financial Officer of World Vision Australia. We sat down with Rebecca to find out how becoming a CA has helped her to become a difference maker. What is a ‘typical’ day for you? On a typical day, I have a range of conversations and decisions I need to make with regards to primarily the financial management of the organisation. One of the key things that I pay a lot of attention to is understanding what it is that our supporters are interested in funding. What it is that from a field side they have needs in, and understanding how to match those resources that are coming from those donors to those needs in the field. As the chief financial officer, it is imperative for me to be able to say hand on heart that we have done the best we can to make sure our resources are deployed to their maximum effect. What do you enjoy most about your role? What actually brings me a great sense of contentment is the idea that I am using my life as best I can, with the skills that I have, trying to help others. I feel like, in the role that I do now, I am actually using those skills to benefit as many people as possible, and in many corners of the globe. There is something inherently rewarding about knowing that the decisions you make, or the analysis that you’re doing, the report that you’re building, whatever that is, is ultimately to serve others. What advice would you give to students interested in a career in the not-for-profit sector? Get out there and volunteer. It’ll give you a taste of what the sector is actually like. It’s incredibly diverse, and it is very different from the for profit sector, it’s motivated by very different things. The decisions that the organisation makes are based on different criteria. And as an organisation that is there to help other people, I want to employ people who find that intrinsically rewarding. Because to me, this isn’t just any other job. This is a job that other people are depending on us to do our job well. So I’m interested in hiring people who demonstrate that they are interested in helping others too. How do you think becoming a Chartered Accountant has helped your career? I think being a Chartered Accountant has been the key stepping stone in my career. I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to work at the calibre of organisations that I have. I certainly wouldn’t be able to take on this role as Chief Financial Officer at World Vision Australia without having that particular designation. To see the video of Rebecca’s journey, other inspirational CA stories and information on becoming a CA go to youunlimitedanz.com The information in this advertisement is of a general nature only and is not intended to be advice. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) does not expect or invite any person to act or rely on any statement, view or opinion expressed in this advertisement. © 2017 Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand ABN 50 084 642 571. All rights reserved. 418-DEC-17




The future is now Consider a career at Grant Thornton

grantthornton.com.au/graduates Grant Thornton Australia Limited is a member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL). GTIL and the member firms are not a worldwide partnership. Services are delivered by the member firms. GTIL and its member firms are not agents of, and do not obligate one another and are not liable for one another’s acts or omissions. Please see www.grantthornton.com.au for further details. Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

Grant Thornton A future you’ll want to join There is a buzz at Grant Thornton because we are excited about our future. Our team members have a real eagerness to get involved, make a difference, and drive growth at our firm and among our clients. We’re consistently challenging our people and asking them to challenge themselves. Across our network, there’s always a new industry to investigate, a new client group to work with, or even a new service area to learn about. Thanks to our global network, we offer a variety of international postings that can supercharge your career and give you unique experiences. We want to make sure that Grant Thornton is a place where our people thrive and our clients are delighted. You can be certain that we’ll recognise your unique skills and talents and give you the right opportunities to achieve your aspirations and make a difference every day.

Career Opportunities We offer opportunities for graduates and undergraduates. At Grant Thornton, we give undergraduates the opportunity to get their career off to a flying start with our vacation experience program. Our program runs for four to six weeks, and offers opportunities across our different service lines - Audit, Tax, Private Advisory, Financial Advisory and Grant Thornton Consulting. We are looking for students who are into the second year or more of their university degree to participate in the program. Successful graduates are offered permanent roles as new Associates. From day one, our new Associates are given hands-on experience on a variety of projects – investigating issues, undertaking analysis and delivering real recommendations. There is also the opportunity for our Associates to broaden their skills and perspective through mobility opportunities within Australia and beyond – both with clients and other Grant Thornton member firms. To learn more visit: http://www.granthornton.com.au/en/the-grant-thornton-difference/students-and-graduates/

©2018 Grant Thornton Australia Limited. All rights reserved.



“One of the biggest things I’ve learnt is to be myself”

Megan Mackay Graduate ShineWing Australia is a different kind of accounting firm. For graduates and students, ShineWing Australia represents a chance to be part of a new era in accounting. Here you’ll enjoy a whole new world of thinking, culture and experience, matched with total support and guidance.

Amazing careers start here. Visit shinewing.com.au/graduates to discover the opportunities.








FULL-TIME POSITIONS FOR GRADUATES - APPLY NOW The Boston Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy and transformation. We partner with clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses. Join our team and experience management consulting at its best. • • • • •

Diverse case teams International experiences Personal mentoring Individual trainings, on and off the job Quick learning and personal development

With BCG you will learn how to navigate complexity, draw unique insights, facilitate change, and become a leader responsible for real and lasting impact. Coached by a personal mentor and supported by your team and individual trainings, you will join a diverse group of highly driven individuals from different backgrounds who respect and trust each other. “In my short time at BCG, I have played a role in the redesign of two of Australia’s largest corporations, developed new software for a multinational construction and engineering company that continues to be used by their global leaders and Board, and performed analyses presented to an airline CEO and senior members of a state government. These opportunities have reshaped my problem solving, communication and client enablement skills, ultimately changing the way I approach business problems.” Joshua Glass, joined BCG Sydney in 2018 Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Science, UNSW “We work with exceptional people on diverse and interesting problems that affect businesses and communities around Australia (and the world!). Working at BCG has challenged me to develop how I approach complex problems, use analysis, and communicate findings and solutions.” Joss Kessels, Associate, joined BCG Sydney in 2018 Bachelor of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland.

We are looking for students with outstanding academic records, strong analytical and interpersonal skills, intellectual curiosity, and great ambition. For further information and learn about upcoming BCG events, please visit our website www.bcg.com/careers Mary Katergaris Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist (Associates)

APPLY NOW AT CAREERS.BCG.COM The Boston Consulting Group is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity / expression, national 37 origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable law.





Are you bright, enthusiastic and curious? Do you want to have a positive impact? Are you looking to chart your own course through an extraordinary career? Apply by Friday 1 March www.Bit.Ly/Bain2020_ApplyNow






For 180 years P&G has been working to improve people’s lives in small but meaningful ways with our brands and products. We lead by shaping the future of our industry and we are recognized as one of the most innovative companies globally. Home to some of the most trusted brands like Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Olay, OralB and Pantene, serving 5 billion consumers across the world. Joining P&G means that right from Day 1 you'll have real responsibility and start adding value to our business straight away. We believe nothing beats hand-on experience when it comes to nurturing great leaders. Most of our people started with us right out of university and they've built a rewarding career across a variety of roles. This build-from-within philosophy means we're focused on fostering a culture of coaching and learning to enable your longterm development. We bring out the best in each other when every talent brings their unique self to work and every voice is heard. In Australia alone, we have 30 nationalities working under one roof. Being a force for good, we use our voice to spark conversations in society that can motivate change through both our brands and our people. We make a positive impact in addressing gender bias and leverage innovation to drive sustainability efforts. Do something that matters with P&G!

Learn more at PGCareers.com/Australia







I received on the job training from day one and was the lead analyst for a transaction involving the acquisition of avocado assets as part of the Macquarie Graduate Program.� Read Priscilla’s story at www.macquarie.com/graduates


Where will a career at Macquarie take you?

A year in the life of a graduate at Macquarie

Priscilla’s story From day one on the Graduate Program I was given a lot of responsibility. I’ve been exposed to everything from funds management and capital raising to deal execution (such as acquiring avocado farms). I studied a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Finance) and a Bachelor of Laws, and was placed in the agriculture team within Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets, a division of Macquarie Asset Management. What I do depends on the project my team is working on, which means that my days are quite diverse. For example, one day I might be building an acquisition model and the next I might be analysing due diligence reports. I am also involved with investor engagement which entails commercial and legal diligence as part of the journey to bring investors into a fund. During the Graduate Program, I was the lead analyst for avocado farm asset acquisitions. That was exciting and a great learning opportunity to see a deal through from start to end. As part of the asset diligence process, I got to visit a couple of avocado farms – and take a few avocados home! My role in this project helped build up some of the core skills an analyst needs: preparing presentations, financial modelling and the ability to engage with stakeholders. I really enjoy the team I work in. It has a flat structure and I’m surrounded by people who constantly support and motivate me, challenge my ideas and encourage me to think laterally. The Graduate Program has also exposed me to activities outside of my immediate team. Through the Graduate Volunteer Network, I did some volunteer work with Youth Off The Streets, preparing and cooking donated food, and then distributing it to people in need. It was a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community, and an experience that I really enjoyed.



All minds Allminds minds All wanted wanted wanted See how far your See how far thinking go.your See thinking how can far can your go. thinking can go.

JoinJoin Us. Us. We’re looking for students all majors backgrounds helpususmake makeaa We’re fromfrom all majors andand backgrounds to to help Joinlooking Us. for students positive impact on clients, customers and communities alike. Our programs,

positive impact on clients, customers and communities alike. Our programs, We’re internships looking forand students from all cater majors backgrounds to helpand us make full-time roles to aand wide variety of interests skills, a internships and full-time roles cater to a wide variety of interests and skills, positive impact on clients, customers and communities Our in programs, offering more opportunities to continuously learn andalike. innovate a caring and offering more opportunities to continuously learn and innovate in a caring and supportive environment. internships and full-time roles cater to a wide variety of interests and skills, supportive environment. offering more opportunities to continuously learn and innovate in a caring and supportive environment. Discover our opportunities

Discover our opportunities Summer Internship Program Full-time Summer Discover our opportunities Internship Program Full-time Corporate Analyst Development Program

Corporate Program Analyst Development Program Finance Corporate Analyst Finance Development Program Investment Banking

Summer May to Aug Internship


Investment Banking Finance Markets Investment Banking


Software Engineer Program

May to Aug

Mid-Jan to Mar-19

Apr to Mid-Jul (Melbourne) Apr to Late-Jul (Sydney)

Mid-Jan to Mar-19

Apr to Mid-Jul (Melbourne) Apr to Late-Jul (Sydney) Apr to Late-Jul (Sydney)

Mid-Jan to Mar-19

*Please check our careers website for exact close dates

Software Engineer Program

Internship Winter Internship

May to Aug Apr to Mid-Jul (Melbourne) Apr to Late-Jul (Sydney) Apr to Late-Jul (Sydney)

May to Aug

Markets Software Engineer Program Application window date indicated in the table above Apr to Late-Jul (Sydney) Application window date indicated in the table above *Please check our careers website for exact close dates

Winter Internship Winter

May to Aug

Mid-Jan to Mar-19

Mid-Jan to Mar-19 Mid-Jan to Mar-19

May to Aug


Application window date indicated in the table above *Please check our careers website for exact close dates

J.P. Morgan is a marketing name for JPMorgan Chase & Co., and its subsidiaries worldwide.

©2019 JPMorgan Chase & Co. All rights reserved. J.P. Morgan is an equal opportunities employer. jpmorgan.com/careers

Here’s how Here’s howyou youcan can go from campus toto go fromhow campus Here’s you can career: career: go from campus to • Attend our on-campus and virtual •career: Attend our on-campus and virtual events to learn more about our events to learn more about our programs and businesses.

• programs Attend ourand on-campus and virtual businesses. • Make a short list more of programs events to learn about that our suit • Make a short list of programs your interests. programs and businesses. that suit your interests. •• Research the application processthat for suit Make a short list of programs the programs you’re interested in. for • Research the application process your interests. the programs in. • Visit the Adviceyou’re Centerinterested on our website • Research the application process for to understand ourCenter interviewing • Visit the Advice on our and website the programs you’re interested in. hiring process. to understand our interviewing and Visit the Advicewindow Centerfor on our website hiring process. •• Apply early-the to understand our interviewing and applications opens soon. • Apply early-the window for hiring process. If applications you want to join a company opens soon. that will • Apply early-the window forthat support and respect you – one If you want to join a company that will genuinely cares about you and world applications opens soon. the support respect you live inand – let’s talk. you – one that If you wantcares to join a company genuinely about you andthat the will world support and respect you live in – let’s talk.you – one that genuinely cares about you and the world you live in – let’s talk.








66 68



Will you wait for the future to happen, or take a hand in shaping it? Discover more about a career with EY www.ey.com/au/betterbeginsnow #BetterBeginsNow

Š 2017 Ernst & Young, Australia. All Rights Reserved. Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. ED None. PH1630026


Do you know what it takes to build a better working world? Better defines the way we work and starts with asking questions like, what’s next? You see, the biggest breakthroughs in the world happen by asking these two small but powerful words. With the world in the midst of a Transformative Age, we need to respond to rapidly changing circumstances. And that’s what we’re all about at EY. We’re looking to disrupt the way things are done. While others may be braced for change, at EY we’re embracing it. That’s how we’re able to inspire our people to harness new possibilities to build a better working world for themselves and those around them. Whether your career lies in providing assurance services to leading ASX-listed companies, GST insights to entrepreneurial start-ups, transaction advice on public private partnerships or managing risk and capitalising on opportunities, you’ll gain invaluable skills, experience and a lifetime of contacts that will set you up for a successful career — no matter which path you choose.

One decision, a lifetime of opportunity Which program is right for you?

High school

Cadet Program

Graduating 2020

Cadet Program

Graduating 2019

Graduating 2018

Vacationer Program

Graduate Program

Game Changers Club Career Compass Program

As a Cadet, you’ll combine work with university studies. It takes drive and commitment, but we’ll provide you with the support you need to succeed. ey.com/au/careers/cadet Our exclusive Game Changers Club will show you it’s never too early to explore how your skills could build into a career as you attend various EY events throughout the year. ey.com/au/careers/game Are you looking for some advice on which direction to take your career? Then apply for our Career Compass Program and discover if a professional services organisation is the right track for you to take.

Connect with us and stay in touch For more information on how to apply, where you fit, how we develop you, life at EY and what makes us different, visit: ey.com/au/betterbeginsnow bit.ly/EYLinkedIn_CareersAUNZ youtube.com/ernstandyoungglobal instagram.com/eyaucareers facebook.com/eycareers twitter.com/ey_careersaunz

ey.com/au/careers/ccp Our Vacationer Program is a great way to experience the working world during your holidays. Show us what you’re capable of and you may be invited to join us after graduation full–time. If you’re a high performing vacationer, you may be selected to attend the International Intern Leadership Conference (IILC) in Florida, USA.

Your journey starts here ey.com/au/betterbeginsnow

ey.com/au/careers/vacationer Join our Graduate Program and you’ll get early responsibility, support and training as you set out to achieve your career ambitions. ey.com/au/careers/graduate

75 © 2018 Ernst & Young Australia. All Rights Reserved. Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. APAC No. AU00003203. ED None. PH1731159.













A ferrovial company.

Join #SpectrumGrad. Shape communities. Broadspectrum’s 96,000 people deliver essential services that shape communities in over 20 countries. We design, build and operate major projects in diverse industries like mining, defense, telecommunications and transport. #SpectrumGrad gives you access to all of Broadspectrum. You’ll work on challenging problems with inclusive teams as you rotate through our industries and regions. With the backing of a strong support system, you can leave a lasting impact on our communities.

Together, we deliver essential services shaping our communities.

About the program #SpectrumGrad is a 2 year program consisting of two 6-month rotations and one 12-month rotation. We have a range of available areas: Accounting Commercial Management Communications Construction Consulting Defence Engineering Finance Health, Safety & Environment

Human Resources Information Technology Legal Logistics & Supply Chain Manufacturing Mining, Oil & Gas Operations Procurement Project Management Property

Do something you’ve never done before. Your rotations will take you out of your comfort zone by giving you the chance to work in corporate environments and on the field. As a future leader of Broadspectrum, you’ll cultivate professional relationships as you work closely with clients and senior leadership. You’ll deepen your knowledge through extensive learning and development opportunities. And you’ll gain hands-on experience while doing meaningful work.

Applications open mid-March. We’re looking for people with an innovative mindset, a collaborative attitude, and a willingness to learn and develop. Find us on GradConnection Learn more at broadspectrum.com





WPP AUNZ is a creative transformation company. We bring together brilliant people with a diversity of skills, backgrounds and experience to build better futures for our clients. We are a leader in communications, experience, commerce and technology across Australia and New Zealand, and home to many of the industry’s most admired and successful agency networks. To find out more about the graduate opportunities available at our businesses, visit wppaunz.com/careershub





GRADUATE CAREERS IN LAW Join our outstanding graduate program with a law degree and potential to succeed, and experience real responsibility, a flexible career path and an innovative, collaborative environment to help you thrive.



Join us as a Herbert Smith Freehills graduate with your degree behind you, but a world of opportunity in front of you. Don't just experience it, be a part of everything. SEARCH HSF GRADUATES AUSTRALIA FOR MORE


BE A PART OF EVERYTHING Join us as a Herbert Smith Freehills Vacation Clerk and you’ll do more than just experience life at a leading law firm, you’ll be a part of everything we have to offer.

Everything about us

With 27 offices around the world, we can show you exactly what a world class law firm has to offer, giving you the chance to work as part of an international team, on high-profile matters, for some of the most significant organisations in the market. Our focus is on the future: the future needs of existing and new clients, the future of the legal profession and investing in our future lawyers. That’s why we aim to attract the best talent from a broad range of backgrounds, ensuring we are optimising our position as a progressive, forward thinking professional services business. At Herbert Smith Freehills, you’ll be given the opportunity to develop the skills you need to help solve our clients’ most complex challenges in thoughtful and innovative ways.

What we look for

We recruit people with the desire and ability to be exceptional, commercial lawyers. This means that we look for more than just a great academic record and strong technical aptitude. We seek people who are curious, empathetic and understand the importance of building relationships with clients and colleagues. We also look for an international mind-set and a desire to work within our global network, not just one office. Complex cross-border deals. A market-leading Disputes division. Worldwide reach. If you’re ready to be a part of it all, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Clerkship program

There’s nothing more important than finding a role and an organisation that’s right for you and there’s no better way to really get to know our profession than gaining practical, hands-on experience. Our vacation clerkships will immerse you in our business, networks and the international world of law. We encourage students to participate in our vacation clerkship program and we fill the majority of our graduate positions through this program. As a vacation clerk, you will be given extensive training on all aspects of the firm, drafting and research skills. Current lawyers and partners will speak to you about what they do and the nature of work in each part of the firm. You’ll attend workshops and presentations that will give you an insight into the depth and breadth of our practice areas and international reach. You’ll be invited to a range of events giving you the opportunity to network with partners, associates and graduates, as well as with your fellow vacation clerks.

Joining us

We offer a range of summer and winter clerkships across our Australian offices. If you have queries about graduate or vacation clerk positions, please visit our website: careers.herbertsmithfreehills.com/au/grads/ vacation-clerkships or contact one of our graduate recruitment team.

Key dates and deadlines SYDNEY Approximate number of positions


Clerkship programs

Summer 2019/20

Applications for all 2019/20 programs open

11 June 2019

Applications for all 2019/20 programs close

14 July 2019

Offers made

18 September 2019

Please note: An application should only be submitted to the office where you intend to start your career as a graduate. Multiple applications will not be considered.

Our global practice groups • Alternative Legal Services (ALT) • Competition, Regulation and Trade • Corporate • Dispute Resolution • Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety • Finance • Projects and Infrastructure • Real Estate

Contacts James Keane Graduate Recruitment Consultant T +61 2 9322 4313 james.keane@hsf.com


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