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“The course has strong focus on research and innovation. The research environment fostered a different way of thinking and students are encouraged to think innovatively to develop solutions to issues or problems” Chewy Chang, Alumnus

Chewy Chang, Alumnus Master of Property and Development Sustainability Manager, CBRE

What stood out about the program? The program was appealing for its content and was structured in a pragmatic manner that supported both my work and study schedules. It combines past and proven theory with current thinking and approaches to contemporary issues in the property development process. It was great to listen to guest lecturers, who were often professionals working in the industry, outline key issues, approaches and solutions.

Top and bottom: Students investigating a construction site with lecturers and industry professionals. * Note: Some elective courses may not be offered every year. Additional electives may also be offered in a particular semester. Students are advised to contact the Program Director prior to enrolment for information about the availability of courses. # Note: Second year courses are only undertaken by students enrolled in the 72 units of credit (1.5 year) Master of Property and Development program.

Why UNSW Built Environment? UNSW is a truly international institution, reflected by students from many countries and cultures. It is refreshing to listen to their concepts and approaches in classroom discussions but also outside of the classroom when socialising. The transformation of the main campus over the years has also been amazing and reflects UNSW as an institution that isn’t afraid to embrace change. Plus, knowing that it’s the closest university in Sydney to the beaches is a great thing.

UNSW Built Environment Postgraduate Guide 2017