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MUDD 21 - City Visions II

Wynyard Axis, Sydney Rubik's Route

Fahim Razali + Ren Yanfei + Christian Vitulli The aim of the design was to improve and create connections between Wynyard Place and Barangaroo. To achieve this, transformative streetscape elements that serve multiple purposes throughout the day and contribute to place-making will be implemented. Secondly, specific street tree varieties have been selected in order to emphasise the unique identity of an area and therefore, assist in aesthetic place-making. Thirdly, a three-dimensional form concept known as ‘RUBIK’ is to be implemented, integrating underground retail corridors at Wynyard Place to surface pathways towards Barangaroo. The three-dimensional elements provide a fluid connection to and from various sites. Finally, intelligent lighting systems, public art elements and a ‘floating’ active park aim at improving the activity levels and experience in the public domain. Following design development of the structure plan, a feasibility study was conducted in three nearby buildings

selected due to potential for redevelopment. The first is Yorkganics, which will include light industry (urban farming) and supporting uses such as an education centre and market place/organic restaurant. The second building is known as Folks on York and is primarily luxury residential with roof terraces and communal space; additionally, it includes a supporting entertainment hub. The final building, One Carrington, has a larger share of luxury residential with retail/transitional space and office uses comprising the rest. Smaller areas of the overall building program were made up of roof terraces and communal spaces. The strategy for all three buildings focuses on sustainable procurement of food, enhancing the CBD’s marketability, and attracting high-end clientele to what will become a destination point in Sydney’s centre.

Landscape structure plan

Proposed Martin Place


Proposed Carrington Street

Sydney CBD existing office space

Sydney CBD existing residential space

Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  

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