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MUDD 21 - City Visions II

Wynyard Axis, Sydney Pedestrian Utopia

Jyothsna Dhileepan + Kimleye Ng + Samuel Osakwe + Sun Yalin The landscape structure plan highlights the need to connect Barangaroo to The Domain across the CBD, create alternative pedestrian routes, create new vistas and create better ground level interaction between the streets and buildings. The principles that underpin this design are connectivity, walkability, urban green infrastructure, identity, wayfinding, street corner amenities, activated public life and creation of active edge uses. In response to these principles the following objectives were used to implement the concept into the landscape structure plan: linking existing underground spaces forming continuity and improving ground level conditions for better movement; strategic planting of trees to improve climate; green

Underground connections

Landscape structure plan

Underground structure plan


infrastructure as wayfinders; wall art; widening footpaths; pedestrian scramble intersections; pedestrian furniture and amenities at street corners, shared zones and new methods to fund and implement the scheme. The two buildings tested under the feasibility analysis had juxtaposing building programs. At One Carrington, the building program was predominately office space with supporting retail uses. For the second site at 304 George Street, the building program was characterised by a majority residential floor space and a supporting retail mix. The team found that diversifying space uses resulted in the greatest viability and the least amount of risk for the developer.

Improving microclimate

Activating street corners

Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  
Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  

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